oh really? kim ruined it? was that before or after azealia called them both fat, said kim is fat because of her hormones and has a square jaw, said doja looks terrible, dragged kim for working with abusers yet said that she herself knows for a fact dr luke is innocent and kesha is lying, etc.? i don’t believe a single thing she says lmao


Plus its like the 1000th Azealia collab that’s fallen through. Shea Coulee was supposed to have a song with Azealia and then Azealia just left her on read when her plane landed in NYC.


Didn’t she also take back her Doechii feature and make fun of her the same day that collab was announced? After a certain point, the common denominator is usually the problem.


Imagine leaving Shea on read. How *embarrassing.*


She even had Gaga of all people say she had a bad attitude. GAGA! Someone who notoriously never speaks ill about anyone


That made me look at Azealia’s [song list](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_recorded_by_Azealia_Banks) and, excluding remixes (where she added a verse to an existing song), I count only 8 tracks that aren’t hers where she’s a featured artist. That’s actually insanely low for a big rapper!


> That’s actually insanely low for a big rapper! Ok but we're not talking about big rappers, we're talking about Azealia.


Tbh anyone that tries to work with Azealia gets what they deserve


So she’s really just becoming a worse and worse person?


It's not really a matter of worse and worse. She's always been like this, as long as she's been on the scene. She has serious mental health issues (like Kanye level, without the clout he uses to get away with his shit). She needs help.


I'm always behind on all the drama, but just from the tweet it felt like there was a lot behind that "for whatever reason".


and was consistently transphobic and misgendered Arca


And the irony that Arca still wanted to release the song after that and it was only Azealia holding it back. Mess


That’s incredibly transphobic. I feel bad for all the things Kim has to put up with as a public figure and artist working in a transphobic industry.


That's not even remotely the most transphobic thing Azealia has said, she's tweeted some seriously dangerous conspiratory nonsense regarding healthcare and trans people that I'm not even gonna repeat because it's so digusting... No clue why people always call her stuff like 'shady' or 'messy' when she's just straight up EXTREMELY bigoted.🙄


She actually backtracked on the Kesha thing


I have no sympathy for someone like Kim Petras after those comments she said about Kesha, but that doesn’t mean Kim should be shamed for being trans.


Kesha Heard?


lol. okay azealia. didn't azealia just have something fall through with doechii? classic case of "smelling poop everywhere but not checking your own shoes". azealia stays getting in her own way that by this point, a scrapped azealia collab/feature, nasty mean-spirited lives dragging anyone/everyone and burning bridges long since scorched, being in one-sided feuds and reliving her short-lived time in the spotlight is just another day ending in a y 🤷‍♀️


“You got a lot, but you just waste all yours and they’ll forget your name soon and won't nobody be to blame but yourself” was azealia talking to her future self lol


One of the most ironic lyrics ever written by an artist.


Wasn't that Arca and then she had to go act transphobic again? Or does she simply ruin even more collabs than I already thought... 😅 I honestly don't get why so many people here still give her the time of day... She seems vile


It was both of them.




I'm surprised she gets these collabs to begin with, the way she talks about the other rap girls is crazy


Also her virulent transphobia and xenophobia


Yeah that alone should honestly be enough to make her fade into obscurity, she's been like this for a solid decade. I find it interesting how comically extreme her bigotry is, yet certain users who act all sanctimoniously when it comes to other artists saying something offensive one (1) time and how everyone who supports them is part of the problem will go on and on about how 'Azealia deserved better' and follow her every move, both here and especially over on the shithole that is popheadscirclejerk.


lol Azealia is any word that ends with phobia


That last sentence DAMN


to be fair, doechii’s label wouldn’t allow the azealia collab even though doechii wanted it. then azealia went on a rant …


Azealia x doechii and she ruined it? Oop


Azealia Banks is a prime example of what occurs when you leave someone to their madness


I was about to say this. She needs help!


Literally. It's not even funny or annoying anymore. She needed therapy and counselling like 10 years ago. She really could have been one of the greatest female rappers of the 2010s, but she just kept ruining every chance she got.


Kinda ironic considering the bridge in 212 "you've got a lot but you just waste all yours and they'll forget your name soon, and won't nobody to be blamed but yourself"


TBH she is one of the greatest rappers of the 2010s, regardless of her bullshit, her catalogue as it stands is absolutely impressive for someone who has burned so many bridges


She needs help but she doesn't want help because she still doesn't think she's the problem.


My question is, doesn't she have a publicist??


Would you take that job???


At this stage of the game, I would say probably not. Earlier in her career, she might have. But publicists can’t help that much if you won’t listen to them.


Yeah just found out she’s left her label some years back , that’s probably she became more “outspoken”


Well it’s Azealia so there’s absolutely a good 50% chance this is true.


You’re being *very* generous with that percentage!


Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not even that guy: Azealia Banks: I have something to say


Azealia is so talented but she has ruined quite literally every opportunity or good will someone has given her by being a horrible person and running her mouth :/


She’d be the God of hip-house if she could just stop saying stupid shit for five seconds


yeaaaa definitely kim yeaa.. sad because i love her songs. the voice, the flow, the beats, the style, she got everything. 212 was prophetic: "You've got a lot, but you just waste all yours, They'll forget your name soon And won't nobody be to blame but yourself "


self-fulfilling flopecy 😔🔮


Azalea is openly transphobic. If you were trans how do you think working with her would be? Let’s not blame Kim just because a trans phobe told you to.


I think the comment you’re replying to was sarcastic.


the comment is saying it’s NOT Kim’s fault


Azalea has posted before saying Kim is involved with shady people (true), but she has also posted saying that Kim “looks fat as fuck” from HRT and said she looked “like a hamper.” Azalea is hit or miss with her info and this seems more like a Dr. Luke-ruined project. Kim has been dying to release more music


She is openly transphobic. She should be cancelled.


She’s been canceled


I think society will somehow live on girl


Why is anybody still listening to her or paying what she says any attention?


Sure is weird that Kim would have some kind of falling out with her. Guess I'll take a big sip of my water and look up what Azealia Banks has said about trans people...


Coconut Remix


Why is anyone still giving this f***ing loser attention? She sucks, let's move on.


I wonder how true this is. Kim and Azealia were working together on a song if I remember correctly, and Kim and Doja would be connected by Dr Luke unfortunately. Probably would have been a banger.


it’s been talked about among fans for a while, and [Azealia’s verse](https://youtu.be/C_2DJUzbVj4) was uploaded by Azealia herself on soundcloud


yeah this was common knowledge i thought, it was talked about a LOT a couple years ago ??


ughhhhh for the 500th time i wish so bad her talent could exist in the peacefully in public like that verse is just a thousand times more playful and inventive than anything any of the others can come up with. as much as i like doja etc.


did we listen to the same verse?


Kim and Doja already had an another unreleased song so probably true yeah


Why do trans women keep working with her


Almost all trans people work in transphobic industries and companies. So the music industry isn’t that different. Artists just have to make it work somehow while surrounded by transphobes like nearly all trans people do.


We're used to insults and shit talking, twitter trolls gave us more rights than any government, and 212 was a good song I mean I still wouldn't but I can see it at least


A lot of her stans are lgbt too for some reason


That's not that surprising unfortunately as a lot of cis LGB people are transphobic


Screenshot if she deletes: https://i.imgur.com/umKUDU3.jpg


Was Azealia always like this, or was it a Kanye situation where at first it was just “Oh that wacky Azealia being wacky!” And she just grew increasingly belligerent.


Looking at the replies to this tweet is rotting my brain


i rly dont trust a claim like this coming someone who has said the vile shit abt trans people, even kim specifically iirc, that azealia has lol


People have to stop trying to work with her, she’s not well


I wish people would just stop sharing whatever she has to say. This thread isn't newsworthy in the slightest and only magnifies the harm caused by Azealia to everyone involved. It just feels so fucking hypocritical of this sub to want her to get cancelled and become faded into total obscurity, only to keep bringing her up for the thrill of the cheap drama that precedes her.


I really doubt that Kim ruined it.


Does Azealia Banks get along with anyone?


Banks just stays in the press for something negative.


since when was azealia back on twitter? did i miss something?




Elon doesn’t own twitter yet and won’t for months so no one actually got unbanned nor was there any policy change. People just recreated their accounts and are realizing moderation was never actually that strict.


Ah okay. Though it does beg the question of what Musk plans to change if moderation was never that strong to begin with


Who knows. He hasn’t laid out any plan in detail but said he’d follow relevant laws in response to the EU. It’s hard to tell what he’s going to do beyond filings that make it somewhat clear he’s planning to make money so not just about controlling the platform. Probably worth noting the current stock crash makes this deal harder for him to complete so it might not even happen at all


The my pillow dude made a new account to try to evade the ban and lasted three hours before the ban evasion algorithm got him.


None of that is true. I wish Elon didn't get Twitter either, but spreading falsities like that is not helping


Im still waiting to get my account unbanned. They banned me for quoting someone else… saying it was abusive…


Omg how exciting Azealia announces new mu- oh it’s just more drama


Has Azealia Banks ever stopped to think, "Maybe I'm the problem?"


Sure, it was Kim and not the serial bridge-burner.


oh she's just never subtle








🪞 ~~I generally have anti Kim feelings but I don’t buy this, especially since Azealia was openly transphobic to her~~ Also a snippet of this did leak (i think of a kim and doja part), if you know where to look you can find it


lmaooo spoken in true Azaelia fashion


the [song](https://twitter.com/kyalanikova/status/1522891687370145798?s=21&t=CuIvPR57JS73G3_lX0Q7ig) in question sounds like a bop. hoping the full thing gets leaked 🤞


Let’s stop giving this woman the oxygen. She lacks the talent to still be relevant.


She lacks common sense, empathy, rudimentary social skills, cultural competency…. But not talent.


One good - not great - album in 8 years doesn’t make her talented in my book. She talks a big game and throws plenty of shade at others. That’s all she does. Very much over it at this point.


lol that was the best album by a woman in rap since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.


I get that Azealia stans kinda have to exaggerate how great her output is so they don't look like clowns still supporting someone who's been this openly bigoted for about a decade but let's not go overboard now alright


I'm not a stan, I don't support her or listen to her music. I'm just giving a opinion on what is one of the most interesting, versatile and effective albums in rap. I can recognize the wrong she does and the harm she has caused while also recognizing her talent the same way that I do with Kanye West, Dr Luke, Nicki Minaj...


So all the critics who praise her are her "stans"? Also would you call Donald Glover a "stan"?


If they unironically claim 'it was the best female rap album since The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' then yes lol. Lots of killer albums have been released since then, and by female rappers who aren't even bigots too believe it or not.


I mean it did get better reviews than most of female rap albums since The Miseducation


The claim was that it was the singular best since The Miseducation, not just better than most other female rap albums since its release. If we're really gonna go by review scores then literally the first person I thought of looking up, Missy Elliot, already has more than one albums that are better received than BEWT. Calling it the best as if it was some objective statement is just silly. But whatever you guys wanna go with. I should know better than to argue with Azealia Banks stans of all people


>The claim was that it was the singular best since The Miseducation, not just better than most other female rap albums since its release. Semantics >If we're really gonna go by review scores then literally the first person I thought of looking up, Missy Elliot, already has more than one albums that are better received than BEWT. And i thought about Nicki and Kim first. Guess what? Their albums were reviewed worse


goofy take


She is extremely talented


She is... But her horrible personality outshines it unfortunately


Exactly. The ratio is way off.


At being a gobshite, sure.


If someone's personality not good for you, that doesn't suddenly make them untalented lol


I didn’t say she was untalented, I said she lacks the talent to still be relevant. She’s more renowned for being problematic than she is for being a pop star at this point. She’s a black hole of charisma. I want more from my pop stars. I expect more. She doesn’t meet the baseline.


>She doesn’t meet the baseline *Alexa, play Big Big Beat*








>She lacks the talent And yet she released one of the most critically acclaimed debut albums of the decade. Are you sure you're talking about this Azealia?


Yeah.. and it was 8 years ago. I don't agree that she lacks the talent but she isn't relevant in any shape or form in 2022.


Well, they were talking about her talent








I want Azealia to succeed so bad but she won’t take her head out of her ass ever


well... if you cant see the booger...


Sad she still rather burn everything down and blame others for her own mistakes instate if getting much needed mental health help.


Maybe it really is just a case of musical taste differences and not every one is beefing? Same thing happened with pharrell ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌


I mean, people are pissed off about Doechii collab fallout but forgot that she was literally gave her verse for Mallrat which is a name that literally came out of nowhere (and Pitchfork literally wrote a review for this song but mostly focus on AB's verse as if she is the main artist and not Mallrat). I think at this point she dgaf about the collab will make her redeemed in public's eyes, but the collab that makes herself interested


When did Azealia get back on Twitter how did I not hear about that . . .


Azealia needs to chill


Unpopular opinion but it seems like Azealia really just dgaf about how many "bridges" she burned to redeem for the public. People are pissed off the Doechii collab fallout or Arca canceled song now but forgot that a week before she literally gave a verse for Mallrat which is a name that came out of nowhere (and Pitchfork wrote a whole review for this song to focus on AB as if she was the main artist and not Mallrat). And recently she also teased a collab with Rochelle Jordan and Farrah Faux, until now all of them are still on good term. I think Azealia just collab for her liking and own interest instead of something to make her being likeable back by the community


Azealia sounds like a stupid whore


Lady gaga and disclosure are the two scrapped AB feature tracks I would love to hear


Who tf azalea banks


Just release the song without her and it will be a banger either way. Edit; I meant without Azealia, not Kim