I’m ready for my Wednesday to be ruined by how much I relate to the anguish of Mitski’s lyrics. GIVE IT TO ME.


Wasn't expecting another song to be dropped before the album was released tbh but excited to hear the song!!


In b4 the chorus of “half the album is being released before it actually drops” replies ~~but i really do hate this trend~~ i try not to listen to more than 1-2 songs before an album drops, but it’s been so hard with Mitski


I hate when artists do this. I don't like when a album is nothing but a collection of singles with a few new songs added to it or its a collection of eps turned into an album like petals for armor by Hayley Williams and beach houses upcoming album once twice melody. When a artists does this it makes me feel less excited for the full length album when it comes out. When Beach Houses album comes out we will only have 4 new songs to listen to which is way too many songs before the album is released. I think no more than 3 or maybe 4 songs depending on how long the album is should be released before the album comes out.


I actually think Beach House's approach to releasing a double album as four 'chapters' (aka four EPs that make up one wholistic album) is incredibly smart and makes digesting a double album of 18 tracks a lot easier for casual consumers of music. by giving each chapter its own time to breathe and get its own life, nothing gets swept under the rug and the whole project benefits. plus, each chapter is in order so we're not getting the 'grand closer' second as a single but rather just each section as a whole. it's almost as if we're listening to the album be built and we get to see the vision of the band as each part comes together I think it makes much more sense than 4-5 singles on an 11 song project where they're interspersed throughout the project


Totally disagree with you on the Beach House comment, I've been loving their rollout for OTM I get thematically what they are going for and it's given me time to appreciate each song better.


Ya don’t bring beach house into this 😤🤨🤨 Their album’s slow drip release feels really intentional


lmao yea I legit will go crazy if someone comes for them lol I legit have been obsessing over their new music can't wait for chapter 3 next week.


I wonder if the change to her album rollout has to do with new mgmt


Well she's still signed to the same label as before unless the label wanted to make the rollout longer this time. With the last album, the album was announced with the first single and we only got three songs before the album. Four songs before the album is too much considering how short the album is.


The Only Heartbreaker is the only Mitski song I’ve heard in full but I really liked it!! Does she have any similar songs y’all can recommend?


The singles off Be the Cowboy display more of her poppier side. From her earlier albums I’d recommend Thursday Girl and Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart


Can you love me more 🎶