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hes 2 for 2 so far for this new album .. hes really back


L’enfer = hell btw


Holy shit this instrumental is hard. I'm SO pumped for this album


A major pop artist directly referencing suicide in the chorus of a song-- can't think of another artist who has ever done this. My (non professional) translation of the chorus: *J'ai parfois eu des pensées suicidaires* \- I sometimes had suicidal thoughts *Et j'en suis peu fier* \- and I'm not proud of it *On croit parfois que c'est la seule manière de les faire taire* \- We sometimes believe it's the only way to silence them *Ces pensées qui nous font vivre un enfer -* These thoughts that make us go through hell *Ces pensées qui me font vivre un enfer* \- These thoughts that make me go through hell


Not to take away from Stromae, but the Weeknd regularly references it in his songs, though generally not in the same way as here ofc


And who can forget the bloodchilling kendrick verses on "God Is Gangsta" aka "U"


Ok c'est incroyable. I have to admit that although I did enjoy Santé, I didn't really come back to it, but this.. this is it.


omg i love it? so happy hes back!


I looove everything Stromae puts out. Also, fun fact: apparently he came to a restaurant here in Bruges! People said he and his girlfriend were incredibly sweet to staff and fans <3




he just can't miss 😭😭😭 what a chorus!!! I'm in love with the production


As a recent popheads subscriber, but a longtime Stromae stan I am deeply comforted that he is getting the appreciation he deserves in this sub.


Goes so hard as always


Why do I imagine this as like what if Kanye West was French and more melodic like this somehow could fit on Life of Pablo somewhere in between Highlights and Ultralight Beam. It’s giving church and menace , piano bars, and I just wish they’d collaborate tbh.


Well I'm afraid all you get is will.i.am absolutely massacring Papaoutai. If you haven't already heard his English lyrics to the song it's really so embarrassing...


*"I think my-my papa caca"* sobbing




Kanye made an official remix for alorse on danse! but i agree, this sounds really kanye like. A real collab would be amazing


So happy to see a belgian artist being appreciated outside our lil country 💛 Wether you like/dislike his style I think you can't deny he is authentic and creative in a unique and special way Also his songs tend to get easily stuck in your head


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