What do you consider the best and worst music video released by your fave, and why?

What do you consider the best and worst music video released by your fave, and why?


Britney Best: Wow this is so hard, but IMO Overprotected (Darkchild Remix). It’s her best choreo, the rain-dancing scene at the end, and she looks absolutely flawless. Plus it covers the media obsessing over her. Worst: Make Me. An okay song with a cheesy video that makes no sense. And before you start talking about the LaChapelle video, uhh that one made no sense either. Justice for Do You Wanna Come Over.


Right. What we’ve seen of the original Make Me is so strange and doesn’t fit the song. If I could have it done over I would cut G-Easy and have the video just be Faith-Hill-Breathe-esque.


YES I completely agree. From what we've seen of LaChapelle's video, it's just a bunch of random scenes? Like, her home had been foreclosed on but she broke in to....dance? And then is somehow dancing in the basement? That tractor sequence seemed very "Work From Home" too. I liked some of the ideas but together it was a mess. Also, I get that product placement helps music videos fund-wise but the narrative was that her home was repossessed, but the television was leftover to solely display an ad for OrangeTheory Fitness, I can'tttt lmaoo.


I'll mention Troye as well! Because he makes absolutely iconic visuals that people don't talk about enough. **Best Video:** [The Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xCMF7jsDJI): WILD, FOOLS, and TALK ME DOWN. Watching this just made my heart hurt again. God, I still remember when this came out. I was a baby gay who hadn't come out at the time, and to this day I feel like I credit Troye's debut album and this series of videos with helping me grapple with the things I was feeling about boys. Just, what a way to come out of the gate - with this trilogy of cinematic, devastating videos that perfectly introduces the world to *who he is as an artist and storyteller.* And I'm definitely not the only queer kid who really connected with them. **Runner-Ups:** So, so many. My My My, Heaven, Bloom, Lucky Strike, Easy (both videos!), even his more DIY stuff from In a Dream EP like Rager Teenager, or his visuals from the live EP like I Could Cry Just Thinking About You doesn't miss. He is so fucking good at capturing feelings in his MVs: heartbreak, longing, euphoria. **Worst Video:** [WILD ft. Alessia Cara](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8G4oaOxyxk). I mean, it's a pretty random suburban montage with some cute grain effects. And obviously pales in comparison to the trilogy version. Also, if collabs count, There For You with Marin Garrix, which is a generic EDM video with crowd shots and stock footage.


Bjork Best: All is full of love - It's a simple concept of two robots kissing but something about the cold futuristic setting juxtaposed with the intimacy between the robots is truly beautiful. Worst: Violently Happy - It's not a *bad* video per se, but she's done so many amazing videos that this one just pales in comparison.


All Is Full Of Love is one of the most artful and emotinally charged video clips ever made imo.


Her video for Human Behavior was _a moment_ of sexual awakening for me 👀


Dua Lipa Best: idk all of her MV's are so good but my favourite may be the Physical video, it has so good vibes and it's one of my favourite Dua's songs too. Worst: Maybe Cold Heart ft. Elton John, I really like the music but the video doesn't do it for me, but it's far away from being a bad MV


ariana's worst music video is put your hearts up and her best music video is god is a woman


i feel like all of lorde’s mvs from melo & sp are disappointing in a sense that they could be way bigger, better, more expensive and overall cinematic so this is a sensitive topic for me lol. lorde is an amazing storyteller but it’s yet to be translated into video


Green Light is a great video imo. While very simple I still think it really captures the essence and meaning of the song. With that said, her videos are very lackluster in general


It's extremely frustrating that she's so fucking creative but the only music videos of hers that aren't boring are Magnets and Yellow Flicker Beat imo. It gets me on my nerves that Melodrama could be one of the greatest visual albums of all time but instead... don't wanna slander her bc she's had enough of that this era but gIRL WAKE UPP what are you doing😩


Imagine if homemade dynamite got a high budget music video…


completely agree. if solar power had a compelling cinematic storyline that really translated this apocalyptic global warming vision mixed with cult elements and celebrity worship it would’ve been so FUN


I kinda like the Tennis Court’s simplicity. Just her face and a light. but yeah, overall i agree. Even green light isn’t quite up there for me.


i don’t mind the PH mvs too much because she was so young and at the start of her career, i think they’re fine. just wish she stepped it up a lil bit now, so much potential wasted


I’m still holding onto hope that the Solar Power era has more videos (she said it’s a visual album?) and the cult plot thread goes somewhere.


me too omg


Its supposed to have 7 videos total and she mentioned there was a video for Dominoes


Yeah she isn't really a MV artist is she. I feel like she's trying during this SP era though. If anything Moodring is her best music video. Which isn't saying much lol


true. MR is so pretty but that’s like a visualizer for me. she could’ve really played into that satirical bimbofied character, specially since the song sounds so 2000s, she really had so much room to explore… instead she put on that terrible wig and called it a day 😭 im salty because her country is the only one covid free lmfao like girl if you don’t hire a 400 ppl crew to put this together


she had The Shire at her footstep to film MV and yet... 😭


can you imagine!!!!! the royalties must be insanely expensive, that if they allow ppl to film there….. but omg can you imagine?????


Haha am from NZ and we're actually on Lockdown right now! Lol


lmfao omg. im from brasil… we’re on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to properly handling this thing 😩 if u wanna switch just say the word im ready lolll


Trying? Girl Solar Power was her running around on a beach


Britney Spears Best: Toxic Worst: Make me should have stuck with the original idea and concept


Seems like Glory was just actively sabatoged by her team and RCA, smh


We deserved the original one 🤧


idk, I agree that the looks were overall better in the original, but that weird POV scene of G Eazy thrusting was goddamn rancid


We never wanted g eazy in the first place 🤭


Missy Elliott Best - Lose Control Worst - All N My Grill


Lose Control is so underrated.


Charli XCX’s best video is “Gone” - the chemistry with Chris plus the set being so simple with rain wind and fire changing- it felt confined and emotional, just as the song presents itself. Her worst is probably Boom Clap since it’s just a movie M/V, but outside of that, 2099 is her worst. i’m guessing she might not of had a huge budget, but the jetskis did not give what needed to be given. i would have prefered more cgi stuff for such a futuristic video over “troye” doing flips on a ski-doo


The new Good Ones video is pretty great as well


> 2099 is her worst. Meanwhile, as a millennial, the nostalgia of **1999** hits so hard, I have no choice but to love it.


For me its kinda hard to top the Vroom Vroom MV. Although I do love watching christine dance in Gone


that new Good Ones music video is stuff of the early 2010s iconicness. Hope it does well bc its one of the best pop songs of recent


this comment made me realise why i like the Good Ones music video. It's reminiscent of early Gaga videos, and other influences of that time.


Taylor’s best is either Blank Space or Look What You Made Me Do and her worst are Getaway Car and Cruel Summer.


A bit of a deep cut in her videography, but I really really love the Delicate video. Besides the song being absolutely excellent, she looks so free in the video, and I just love the carefree vibes.


I love this video too. Perfectly captures her personality.


yea. most of the scenes were pitch black wtf


I've always had a soft spot for Lover. Such a pretty and warm video to watch


Same!! It's also probably one of her most thought-out videos with the rooms representing her albums theme.


I hate and somehow love You Need to Calm Down lol. So incredibly cringe at every level but somehow I can’t look away


Suits the song perfectly then


My favourite Taylor video is Wildest Dreams. Worst would have to be Me.


I actually love the ME! video. It really elevates an otherwise bland song.




Blank space is so superior!


Wait Cruel Summer has music video??? Have i been living under a rock or somethin?


No. It's hated for being non-existent (like Getaway Car).


I hated the video for Style. So much potential wasted. Blank Space, Shake It Off, YNTCD are my top


I can't be the only one that is obsessed with Style music video and think it one of her best. I understand there lot of potential for storylines or whatever but I feel for the song sonically and even lyrically it fits.


I love it.I think it’s visually stunning


I really wish Style or New Romantics had a mv similar to Blinding Lights, where it’d just be her vibing in the city lights at night.


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For Billie Eilish: Best: When the Party’s Over. The concept and feel is so addicting and the pure emotion she puts into it blows me away every time I watch it. Worst: Ocean Eyes. It’s the first one, not much going on, but still not bad.


Hostage is still my favorite video of hers, it's what made me a fan


I have been revisiting Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” lately and the random masquerade rose toss-scene always makes me crack up because it is so hilariously cheesy and random, alongside the two close-up scenes of Wentworth Miller that they keep recycling throughout.


I'm pretty sure Wentworth Miller was considered the hottest thing out there during that time.. I think because of Prison Break?


prison break is one of the greatest shows i've heard about but never watched a single episode of. definitely remember hearing all about wentworth miller back then.


Omg the flashback scene? 😭😭 They really put that in as if we wouldn’t remember the original scene from the video that was released only a month or so before 💀


Lil Nas X's best so far is Industry Baby, the naked shower dance is going to be seen as iconic, the pink jumpsuits are fire, 10/10 choreography and visuals. Nas likes all his videos to be like movies and I think this one is his best executed concept. His worst is Holiday, which I was surprised he rated so highly in the Montero show but I think it was one he had a lot of creative control on. I think it relies too much on CGI to look interesting and the weird Santa Claus outfits are not good looks. I really don't know what he was trying to go for with Holiday because the song itself has nothing to do with Christmas and I think that's why it performed so poorly and didn't end up being on the album.


ugh i always forget about holiday, i feel like out of all of his videos, that’s the one that will age the worst


it aged as soon as he hit upload


Yeah that was a weird move for sure. I remember when that dropped, thinking “I think this is the end of his run” but he shot right back up


Artist: Ava Max Best Music Video: *Who's Laughing Now* because it combines choreography, great looks, a variety of scenes, and an actual budget. Worst Music Video: *EveryTime I Cry* because she left us waiting for like 2 months, just to give us a very low budget green screen video.


Rihanna. Best video: For me it's a toss-up between Only Girl (aesthetically), Where Have You Been (girl doing choreo!), or Bitch Better Have My Money (actually has some storytelling). Worst: Kiss It Better. The song is great, but that video was a lot of wasted potential. Generally I'm just not a fan of music videos that are just beauty shots in video form.


i guess technically it's rihanna & calvin harris, but her best video for me has to be we found love! it's so compelling and i love visually how it was shot


I love Kiss It Better’s video. It’s very sexy.


I agree.


I agree! I’ve also never really seen that concept and it was shot in a pretty unique way. Under appreciated for sure


agree. i thought kib's mv paired beautifully with the song. kib is a song that you would expect all the bells and whistles for, but instead we were given a stripped down approach (which while not similar, reminds me janet's *twenty foreplay,* one of my favorites.)


I feel like the Man Down video is underappreciated in general. This Kiss it Better video reminds me of an art installation video you'd see in a gallery because of how it's shot. Can't think of a "worst" video as such, but I've never really been fond of the videos for You Da One, Pour it Up or Needed Me.


We Found Love is her best video


Omg kiss it better is one of my fav songs but the mv was soooo disappointing


The rollout for Kiss it Better in general is disappointing. That song was an easy standout and everything about it got overshadowed for Needed me and even though I like NM just fine, I do not get IT.


Ariana's best: No Tears Left To Cry - no explanation needed Ariana's worst: Let Me Love You - where was the budget? Why was she trying to act sexy on a mattress on the floor? Why did her makeup and her extensions look so cheap? And I won't even get into Lil Wayne being on the track because he literally ruins it.


I see nothing but facts here


She looks so good with the wavy hair tho


“She says she’s single and I’m her feature oh my god” is my fave bit of the track, the way he says oh my god is just so absurdly funny.


Let me love you gets a pass from me simply bc of how good she looks in it like it’s insane


For me her best is Thank U Next just because I used to watch most of those movies a lot and she nailed the most iconic scenes


Honestly prefer GIAW to NTLTC, it just seems more like she had a vision and executed the vision, you know? I have to slander the DW video though, like LMLY wasn't great but it at least wasn't a photoshoot


Little Mix: Best video: Move, so simple yet effective. Love the fun, classic feel it has to it. It was also a massive 180 in terms of evolution considering this came only a few months after How Ya Doin’ which is a completely different aesthetic. Worst: Break Up Song (lockdowns fault), this deserved a much better video considering it’s one of their best songs. They sadly released this the week lockdown happened so didn’t have a choice other than to make a home video.


I would have to say I think their best is Shoutout to my Ex. Shoutout is Little Mix in their prime. The looks, the hair, the makeup is all sooooo on point. They seem happy, independent and their strong bond of friendship really shines through. It's also just really pretty with the lavender fields and stuff. I very much agree about Break Up Song but I would like to give honorable mention to Holiday and Word Up. 😂


I actually think Holiday is their worst video. Everything about it is so ugly to me.


Yes that’s a close second worst for it’s awful green screen. At least it had SOME budget unlike BUS 😭


I think Sweet Melody is their best video. I love Move but the Sweet Melody video is the older more mature version of Move video


Sweet Melody is definitely up there for me. I think it would be their best if it was a trio video. Jesy clearly hated every moment of it and it shows on camera, not to mention the controversy of her aggressive tanning and her refusal to take accountability for it.


I think Harry’s best video is Adore You, I love that video. Worst would probably be Lights Up or Falling, both just a bit boring imo.


I went into Adore You think it was trying too hard to be quirky and then got so invested in the story that I cried when the fish had to return home :')


I like Falling, I love the outfit he's wearing - I can't even watch Sign of the Times, such a goofy execution for a song that is more sad than anything


Britney Spears Best: Slave 4 You The song is a pure masterpiece and the music video is iconic to this day. It marked a complete new era for Britney, a change from baby Britney to a grown woman Britney. And then add the performance with the snake to it, it's simply iconic. Worst: Pretty Girls The song and the music video are a joke. Ok I get it, they went for the fun concept. But the end result was ridiculous....i don't know if its her team and her psychotic father who butchered it, but that thing should have never happened.


lady gaga’s best is impossible to choose for me, like, they’re all a 10 imo except for stupid love. between shooting on an iphone for absolutely no reason, the costume that’s a walmart version of brooke candy’s in genesis, that cheap ass looking holographic plastic they glued to her face and called it avant-garde makeup and the scenario… i can’t y’all. whoever was the creative director behind that needs to be caged


IMO her best is bad romance. it blew my fucking mind the first time i saw it and the other pop girls really were shook


Absolutely. I didn't realize I was gay yet, but that video made me feel *things*.


LOL this was me except with Lovegame. Confused the hell out of me


this exact same thing happened to me!! We used to have this thing on our tv at home that had a selection of music videos you could watch. I loved Lady Gaga (I still do) and I played the Bad Romance one a few times and my mom yelled at me because it was inappropriate. I remember being mesmerized...I bet she had concerns lol. I was 12 or 13.


It’s great but so is Paparazzi, Alejandro, Judas, Telephone


paparazzi FUCKS!!!!! omg i love her so much


I remember I actually bought the music video on iTunes when I was ten, I liked it so much. never bought any other music videos bc why would you lol


I love the makeup in Judas, it's incredible


Unpopular but Paparazzi is her BEST, idc if Bad Romance exists. The concept is so dark and bold but presented like a high fashion pictorial, ahh


Marry The Night though you guys!!! That's my most rewatched one.


Favourite is Telephone (which she allegedly hates lol) Best is Alejandro (story telling, visuals)


I figure she hates all her videos from The Fame Monster. The first one I remember her talking bad about is Alejandro, she hated that the director wanted her to be pale. Then she hated Telephone because there were too many ideas happening. I want to say she hates Bad Romance too, not from the making of it but because fans keep asking for another Bad Romance. Though, I figure all 3 are hated because of fans. They keep wanting vampy, campy, trampy Gaga. When she wants to be more...Trashy. The last video she tried to replicate her old videos is GUY, except she completely missed out on the vampy. She was only campy tramp. I could go on and on about this, but basically she "hates" the Fame Monster era for being the most controlled by the industry. She had to fight for it to be released as a stand alone EP, fight for the cover, fight for the singles, basically fight everybody except the fans. And she doesn't despise it all, I'm sure she'd retroactively say it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Still, it's not what she considers her best or most pleasant moments despite how much everyone LOVES that stuff. Like people were really hyped to get a vampy rock Gaga, basically this [AHS: Hotel promo.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUJjGJqvlf0) And tbh, people would eat that shit up if she did do it full on. Instead she did Joanne and then did dance again with Chromatica. Though, maybe she just hates doing whatever others want and is like "You'll get what I give you and like it, bitches."


Telephone is just so, so good. It's so satisfying to watch


She hates!? What's the tea???




Stupid Love and and Million Reasons are her absolute worst videos


i forgot about MR lmao… i still to this day don’t quite understand joanne, i have no idea what she was going for in general


> what she was going for her aunt


The Joanne era was a fever dream




>she would "die" on stage while playing the piano or get some model to vomit on her HELP THIS IS WAY TOO FUNNY AND WHY CAN I ACTUALLY IMAGINE HER DOING SOMETHING LIKE THE VOMIT THING


She literally did have someone vomit on her on stage LMAO


> they’re all a 10 imo except for stupid love because stupid love is an 11 right? right???? in all honesty stupid love is my **favorite** mv of hers and she's got some really incredible ones, the aesthetics and concept are just perfect and i really wish she could have done more with the chromatica universe, i was so pumped for it :(


Bad romance is the most iconic, but I won’t let anyone tell me her best video isn’t John Wayne it’s pure insanity in the best way


Stupid Love with all that set but still can't compete with the Edge Of Glory which I argue is her top 5 despite being so minimal in comparison to her other mv.


I LOVE the Edge of Glory mv.


I like to pretend the the Stupid Love Music Video doesn’t exist


Artist: Katy Perry Best: California gurls Worst: Birthday, Swish Swish


I think SS was bad at the time bc it was very in your face with all the references at the time but watching now I can appreciate it as sort of a time capsule of pop culture


Completely agree with her your picks for worst videos.


if there was one insignificant thing i could do while time traveling, i would tell katy perry *not* to release the official mv for birthday. she had successfully toed the line between fun/serious concepts but katy did such a disservice for birthday with that joke of a mv. it ruined birthday because it wasn't the kind of song for slapstick, and it's honestly just creepy and unnecessary on so many levels.


Swish Swish is iconic.


Best: God is a woman Worst: Dangerous Woman


the dangerous woman a capella mv kinda shook me tho, i think it was right there when i started to really pay attention to her


God is a Woman deserved better than that obvious reach to go viral by way of the groundhogs. It's terrible and totally detracts from the song.


Panic! At the Disco: Best - Girls/Girls/Boys or Build God Then We’ll Talk are both pretty iconic (at least for patd fans) and reflect the somewhat debauched nature of both songs in a playful manner. Worst - I’ve always had it in for the L.A Devotee music video. It’s my favourite song from that album and the video absolutely nothing to do with the song. Perhaps it’s because I built up an idea of the MV in my head and cannot accept anything else, but imo it’s just weird for the sake of being so.


G/G/B 😍


Beyoncé's best - Single Ladies, I know it's her most popular but it made such a simple concept not look cheap or low budget but classic. worst - Love on top, unlike above the simple concept looked low budget as if a youtuber did a cover. edit: she also cut the song short.


I literally didn't even know the original "love on top" was longer until I downloaded the album like when that second verse came in I was ⁉️. the video treatment it got is so evil especially cos I still think it's the era's best single 😭.


Single Ladies video is definitely iconic but Apeshit, Hold Up, Partition, and Sorry are my fave Beyoncé mvs


I never thought of Love On Top in the way you described it but it absolutely does look like a “professional” YouTube cover 🤭. I also wish the outfits were…better.


besides the song being cut short, i still love the video for love on top despite the cheesiness. i know it looks like a youtube cover but beyonce just sells being in love for me and the energy is so high energy and infectious. i wish she had kept it to the one outfit in the beginning instead of all the changes + the lights, because that's when it starts to look kinda janky lol.


Katy Perry - Chained to the Rhythm and Birthday. I'll let you guys guess which is which (shouldn't be hard xD)


I love the spacey-'50s style of Chained to the Rhythm. I actually think all of Witness' visual art (album art, videos, tour, etc.) should have been in this style tbh.


Megan Thee Stallion Best: “Thot Shit”. The production value, the choreo, the entire theme and message. Just a complete 10/10 and an elevation of Megan’s visuals. “WAP” and “Body” are close second and thirds for me. I still cry inside thinking about how we never got a Savage Remix music video, I just know it would be my favorite from her. Worst: “Movie”. It was just so boring to me, and felt like a scene out of P Valley. I’m not gonna go too hard because I don’t think it was really an official single, but it’s the worst out of the newer batch of Megan videos. I know she previously had lower budget videos in her mixtape eras, but I’m not gonna count those since she was nowhere near as big during Tina Snow and Fever eras. The Runner ups are “Hot Girl Summer” and “B.I.T.C.H” tbh


mariah carey best: Fantasy remix mariah carey worst: I don’t 😬🤐


I love Mariah but I would love for her to steer away from mansion music videos because 2005-forward she’s just always in a different house 😫


Kesha is my fav, and her music video for “Praying” always takes my breath away. The visuals, the vocals, the story behind the song, it’s incredibly emotional and chilling to watch. She’s such a beautiful soul and I wish the music industry didn’t leave her behind. #FreeKesha Worst music video by her would probably be TiK ToK. It’s my favorite song of all time, but you can tell how naive she was at the time, plus Dr. Luke is in the party scene at the end and it’s just so manufactured and creepy. You can watch the “Praying” music video here: https://youtu.be/v-Dur3uXXCQ


It's probably nostalgia but I LOVE the TikTok video. It's just so ...2009. like, she was my hair and outfit inspiration when I went to the club for 3 years. What was going on behind the scenes is terrible, though.


Im from where she recorded praying, my fave since!


Taylor’s best is Blank Space, no competition there. It tells a story and it’s beautiful and relates to the song, easily my favorite video of hers. Runner up would be Wildest Dreams probably. I have a soft spot for The Story of Us too, but I don’t know if I’d call it her best. Taylor’s worst is probably Change. It’s just kind of boring and when you put it up against her other videos that have these amazing stories and intricate shots, it’s just like … there. Even White Horse and Everything Has Changed have a storyline to them, so Change is just boring, and it isn’t even a live performance. Honorable mention for The Last Time, which you probably forgot has a music video, but it’s like, what if we made the video for Red just more boring? The only thing that saves it is the fact that we don’t have any other good quality Red tour content.


I honestly love the Honey video from Mariah (this thread is slowing turning into a Mariah thread 😂). After hearing all her stories about her liberation from Tommy at the time, you can see that she is so free and carefree and looks like she is having the time of her life! I really love the concept and the setting too, it’s easily my favourite because of how happy she is. For the worse, the Auld Lang Syne video is so cheap and corny, I am almost convinced that someone paid her to do it


Both versions of Honey are so good, and it still looks good to this day. Although I do love the added narrative intro of Mariah suggesting her captors chew some gum. 💀 Auld Lang Syne I unironically love because of how chaotic, simple, and chaotic it is. It’s such a cheap video and I can’t help that Mariah actually kept a straight face in this. Like there’s NO way she actually thought that would be good. 😂


Auld Lang Syne is very elementary school me learning about PowerPoint transitions and effects for my first ever presentation


Dua Lipa. Best one, Break My Heart, loved the transitions, creativity, 10/10 effort. Honorable mention to the Levitating animated MV. Worst one, Levitating featuring DaBaby. It feels like they didn't even try and wtf was that TikTok elevator? That's not even putting the in hindsight, terrible feature (y'know because he's homophobic, but they didn't know that back then).


MJ's best is obviously thriller but I don't like you are not alone's music video. It's just... not interesting and cringy as hell. Good song, awful video.


Lorde! She doesn't have a lot of MVs, so this is easy. **Best Video:** [Green Light](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMK_npDG12Q). Fucking iconic music video that shows her very best visual instincts - the image of her dancing in that club bathroom and dancing on the sidewalk are forever embedded in my mind as a portrait of explosive devastation, and sets the stage for the entire era beautifully. Runner-Ups: [Team](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2JuxM-snGc), [Royals \(Original Version\)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFasFq4GJYM) **Worst Video:** [Tennis Court](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8Ymd-OCucs). Does this even really count as a music video? Nowadays, this would be a meh-looking backdrop for a lyric video, lol. Also, the single-shot close-up MV has been pulled off much better than this. **Bonus Video:** [This fan-made video set to Ribs with Ian and Mickey's gay love story from Shameless.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzTG_MpwCWk) One of my favorite videos on Youtube.


ive read somewhere that the Tennis Court MV was supposed to be a part of a transition but they scrapped the whole original TC idea and just went with this.


imo Yellow Flicker Beat is her best video and Tennis Court is not the worst


I watch the Ian and Mickey edit way too often


Same. The part where they're laughing with bloody faces after the fight and the song goes "and laugh until our ribs get tough" is just, ugh.


Janet: Best - Lord this is almost impossible to answer but I’m going to go with When I Think of You. My answer will prob change in 30 mins time though. Worst - Nothing - Janet you a queen an icon and a legend but this video was not it and I think you know it.


lol for a second I thought you said nothing as if she has no bad videos.


Which ironically would be true if it wasn’t for that video 😂


Ciara Best - Ride or Level Up Worst - Never Ever


Madonna’s [Like a Virgin](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s__rX_WL100) will always be the *best* to me, even if it isn’t considered as iconic as Like a Prayer’s video Objectively I know there are “worse” in her catalog but [I will never not hate this video](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdz2oW0NMFk)


Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal is an absolute masterpiece to me, song and video (Moonwalker edition). You Are Not Alone, on the other side...


No one has yet mentioned in my head as Arianas worst music videos- it seemed so nonsensical and random for a song that deserved so much better


Agree. I think no one mentioned it because we forget it exists as an mv


Katy's best video would probably be Bon Appetit. Say what you want about the song but the music video is STUNNING. The colors, the cinematography, the themes of sexualization in the media industry. No pun intended but its the chef's kiss. Her worst would probably be Birthday. The entire video is just straight up creepy and it fails to be humorous in every way possible. I appreciate the makeup team's ability to transform Katy into those different characters but holy moly. They were all so disturbing that I can even rewatch the video again. Any time that video would be recommended to me, I have no choice but to decline. Plus the song gets interrupted CONSTANTLY throughout the video and its wildly annoying.


TIL that the cake decorating thing was the Lyric Video for Birthday and not the actual video. I never got why everyone hated it. I legit thought people hated cake decorating that much. I want to go back to that innocence.


For ari - Best: Thank U, Next Worst: Dangerous Woman


Rihanna you da one. even the clockwork orange ref video couldn't save how boring and lackluster it was. i was so disappointed that the bulk of the video was in black and white for such a bubbly upbeat song. my sis really could have done better. ​ honorable mention : Rihanna "Te Amo "


One Direction's You & I video was dire which is sad because the song is so good


Night Changes is probably their best video. You & I is truly awful. Like a special effects test scene that never should’ve seen the light of day.


Kate Bush: Best: This Woman’s Work. I literally cry every time I watch this. Worst: Them Heavy People. Just cheesy and dated.


Lana Del Rey's Best Video: Born to Die. The visuals and storytelling are draw dropping. It inspired an entire era of whistful romantic tragedy and I don't think anything can really replicate it again. Worst Video: Ultraviolence. She's literally just walking around in a wedding dress. Where is the vision?


The Man has to be Taylor's worst video since she started going pop. It all feels very amateur. The music doesn't always flow with the visuals. The shots are very basic. And the concept was too on the nose.


Lana Del Rey Best : Ride Worst : White mustang


BTS Best: Blood sweat and tears, the song the mv are just iconic for making BTS what they are and influencing K-pop Worst: No permission to dance,i mean I don’t need to explain.


I wish BTS would do a concept like Blood Sweat and Tears again, it was actually interesting and had such a good aesthetic!


Permission To Dance MV is like a mix between a reject Big Time Rush MV and a flash mob video that is advertising the city it is filmed in.


BS&T is such a beautiful music video. I just... they're all so gorgeous, and the fashion choices are incredible. I love it.


Beyoncé and I'd say best; formation, but this applies to the whole 🍋 film, the cinematography is next level and mind blowing, every single aspect of it. worst: love on top or dance for you (both magnificent songs) but 4 is when she wanted and started to do her own thing and got into directing her stuff as well, the result was these messy music videos, extremely tacky, poor taste and the cinematography is awful, very amateur and all of them are giving low-cost, this is my first album or self-released,. She learned her lesson and self-titled music video were next f*** level directed by legends (not her lmfao)


Formation and all of Lemonade really sort of pushed everyone else to do these grand, cinematic music videos. I like Dance For You and I like the style and motivation behind it, but Love On Top is very lacking to me. It was also nominated for Best Female Video at the 2012 VMAs lmao.


The Countdown video, though? So many references and popping visuals. I personally love it


The best is "Fighter," and the worst is "Your Body." "Your Body" is one monster of a pop song, but it was just presented so lazily with the video—in my opinion, anyway.


Who we talking about


Christina Aguilera.


It's not pop but I have to go with Muse. Best one: Knights of Cydonia. A beautifully crafted story. Worst one: the lyric video of "Psycho". They didn't even have all the lyrics in there, just key words.


Harry: Worst-Sign of the Times: Only thing I can say about it is he looks pretty and the video is calming. Best: Adore You- I cried at the end. I also want to give a mention to TPWK: Love the video and it's nod to Old Hollywood. The directors of the video said that is what they were aiming for and mission accomplish.


Lana Del rey Best: Ride is obviously iconic but her National Anthem is also very good. Beautiful portraits of Americana Worst: That trio music video she did for NFR. Like I wish she would give us at least something on the visual front that she would do during the BTD era


Mariah carey hateu! Such a beautiful song but she didnt even include the 2nd verse on the video… was it the budget ma’am??


😭😭 There were other contenders for worst. I just didn’t go with this because I figured she was at least at a nice beach LOL.


I think the reason for the second verse being omitted was that the radio version of the song omitted it, I guess to make the song shorter and more marketable? So the music video followed the single version, not the album version. The video is awful though lol


That video needs to be scrubbed from the internet. And they should've released the remix instead as a single because it SLAPS.


Beyoncé’s best: Find Your Way Back. It is just such a beautiful visual and I love the song so much. Beyoncé’s worst: probably Sweet Dreams. I think all of the videos from 4 are very uniquely videos from 4, whether in a good or bad way (I guess I mean low budget). It’s a shame because that album is so great, but it was her first post-separating from Matthew and starting Parkwood, so I get it.


Hate to break it to you but Sweet Dreams was from I Am… Sasha Fierce not 4 😂


Sweet Dreams is so weird because the song is great and then the video looks like *I* made it on a green screen. I don't even know how to use Photoshop!


Taylor Swift: Best - Wildest Dreams and Blank Space Worst - ME! and The Man


>ME! and The Man the man is called Brian Urie from Panic! at the Disco


I like Brian Urie but he’s no Peter Stump