10 years ago today, LMFAO released the music video to "Sexy and I Know It'

10 years ago today, LMFAO released the music video to "Sexy and I Know It'


Humanity then has never reached this peak again


It’s true I fear…




and that Redfoo is Berry Gordy’s son lmaoo


Redfoo went out with Victoria Azarenka the tennis player as well for a bit.


I always thought they were just friends or something, that's kinda weird.


Same here. That fact made this song and music video look a lot weirder.


Quavo being Takeoff’s uncle teas


I mean, all three of the Migos are within three years of each other. By family generations it's layered but they're all of the same general age demo and grew up as the same generation. LMFAO has an 11 year age difference. Which also isn't so bad, but is enough to mean the elder was of legal drinking age while his nephew was in fifth grade.


TIL Migos are related


There's a lot of people more than 11 years older than their youngest sibling.


Correct. My oldest sister is 15 years older than me


i did not know this 😭😭😭😭 tf


"Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!" Has there ever been a more poetically beautiful line in the history of songwriting?


Yes, the following lines: "Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots, everybody Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots, everybody"


Let me counter with: "Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, stop"


Also: "Ass, titties, ass n titties Ass ass titties titties, ass n titties" And repeat


I’ve got y’all beat with: “poopy-di scoop, scoop-ditty whoop, whoop-di-scoop-di-poop”


I still maintain the fact that they made the BEST party music. Like even if you hate them, there's no denying that song will get everyone hyped af at a party.


I’ll be 80 years old in a nursing home and you better believe I’ll start shuffling on my cane when Party Rock Anthem comes on


"Shots" but it's about getting your yearly vaccination shots lol. Wait...that song could've honestly been re-released as a covid vax anthem now that I think of it.


At least Juvenile understood the assignment and gave us "Vax That Thing Up"


That song sounded the best when I was 13 and had never had a sip of alcohol. But me and my friends really liked to pretend we knew what the hell it was like.


it somehow got even more relevant this year. LMFAO really got the vision


[“You know what to do with that big fat butt”](https://youtu.be/hiP14ED28CA)


You wanna talk about Camp?


I was in goddamn middle school when this banger came out and the kids wouldn't stop playing the video on the big ass wall-touch screen. Lots of suspensions were handed out that year.


> the big ass wall-touch screen Are you talking about a smart board? Or did your school actually have touch screens?


i just remember this and party rock anthem were the songs everyone went crazy for at the middle school dances




I think Friday came a year earlier?


Nope it came out 10 Feb 2011 😭




They say while living 2021


I fucking miss party rock and the shitty dance music craze of the early 2010s. Maybe it’s cause I was only 13-14 around that time but this kind of music was so much fun


It’s not just you, it really was an era


It’s occasionally called “Bloghouse” and proliferated around mashup culture from MP3’s, Serrato, and music blogs. Worth looking into more. LMFAO was the tail end of it but they would be seen at legendary parties in LA at places like Cinespace and LAX. This is where Steve Aoki took off.


Their stuff would absolutely pop on Fortnite if it existed then


Shit man, I’ll take that shitty dancing over the tik tok shitty dancing.


Nah, I was in late high school/early college during the first half of the 2010s and this brand of shitty EDM was awesome. Just shutter shades, glowsticks, tacky brightly-colored clothes, and molly everywhere. Everything that aims for pure manic fun these days is dripping with irony (see hyperpop) and everyone’s trying to be cool so there’s not much room for unbridled goofiness.


I went to LMFAO's wikipedia page the other day and discovered that they are respectively the son and grandson of Barry Gordy. Yes, that Barry Gordy, Motown Records Barry Gordy, this fact has been haunting me since I found it out and I needed to share it


LMFAO are also related, through Gordy, to former US President Jimmy Carter! Carter and Gordy are second cousins, which makes the members of LMFAO a second cousin once removed and a second cousin twice removed (yes, I did have to google a chart of how second cousins vs third cousins vs once/twice removed works, and I’m pretty sure I got that right)


First, second, third if both go up and down the tree. If one keeps going but the other stays still then it’s removed.


Yeah y'all wanna talk about random 17 year-olds being industry plants, LMFAO came from music industry royalty lmao


This has blown my fucking mind. It explains so much!


Redfoo ranted about MJ years ago idr what he said tho


Can I share a secret with you girls? I used to have a big crush on LMFAO 🙈 Something about how laid back, but douchey, they come across and how confident tgjer music was that I found them so attractive, but specifically Red Foo (the shorter thick one). He had a nice smile and lowkey because he looks like my ex-brother in law who I got along with really well and this is embarrassing so lemme stop now 🥴


this is so cute and nostalgic <3 you reminded me that I had a huge crush on Travie McCoy circa Gym Class Heroes


my 13 years old gay ass was feeling some type of way with all of that wiggling


Dude I’d still get with Redfoo, no question.


lmao idk if i’d call it a crush exactly but i def thought they were the coolest guys around. i remember party rock was my ringtone and set it as such i had to text a number with a code to get it ❤️ anyone remember those


Ugh I miss how happy and silly and just plain *stupid* the early 10s could be.


Real tennis fans remember when Redfoo was dating Victoria Azarenka and attempted to gain a wildcard into the US open


wasn't she in his music video too 😭 I'm pretty sure that's how I learned who he was


Omg yessss. Same I remember being curious about the guy in her box with the huge afro.


Ooh boy, I was in college during this era and this song was *everywhere*. I didn't even go to that many parties, just small groups of people hanging out most of the time and it was still played to death. This and S&M by Rihanna were probably the most played songs in my social circles.


Pop culture was SO fun during LMFAO’s reign. Throwback to their AMA performance with Bieber! I love them, idc what anyone says. They just wanted to party rock. Edit: I mean seriously, just watch [this performance](https://youtu.be/HnhGU-J5MxE) to see what a fun time it was and how awesome they were. I miss the early 2010s sm.


didnt they perform at superbowl with madonna as well? like just that one line.


i miss the summer eletrohits 2010s vibe so much lol. it was camp. now that ppl are posting lil facts about them i thought i could bring it up how they plagiarized their [album cover](https://f5.folha.uol.com.br/humanos/1108834-semelhanca-estranha-entre-albuns-de-dupla-americana-e-e-o-tchan-faz-sucesso-na-internet.shtml) from brazilian band “é o tchan.” or took inspiration, or maybe even a coincidence… but i like to think it was plagiarism because i love é o tchan






I. AM. NOT. A. WHORE. ..... But I like to dooo it


If only they had known at the time how "Wiggle wiggle wiggle" would be perceived radically different during the pandemic, gave me uneasy vibes while in CVS sometime back in 2020. Regardless, this song fucking slapped imo and the music video was funny at the time, has that real early 2010s feel to it (gee, I wonder why) during that brief period of time where music videos tried to go viral via humor These guys went on an indefinite hiatus back in 2013 (or? maybe 2014) and said they'd be back but tbh I can't see how they could survive in today's musical climate. I'd still wanna see it, though.


RedFoo became a judge on Australian X Factor during 2013 and 2014 and tried a solo career (with some success, helped perhaps somewhat by his appearance on X Factor AU, 2013's 'Let's Get Ridiculous' went #1 for a week and IIRC kept Miley's Wrecking Ball off the top spot on the ARIA Singles Chart). (EDIT: it actually interrupted Katy Perry's run at the top with Roar also). He was also dating Tennis player Victoria Azarenka (as RedFoo has a background in Tennis and couldve went pro as a career apparently).


The closed up crotch scene really made my 11 years old self felt something. Little did I know that it was a BIG hint that I am a bisexual man


Omg same, actually I remember my 10-11 year old self googling something like "sexy and I know it crotch" after watching the video a few times and finding gay porn on Google images... Not LMFAO causing my sexual awakening 😭


Omg that's so 😭


Drake and Future didn’t even come close to scratching the glory of this musical juggernaut right here, Way 2 Sexy could never


Amazing. Pretentious r/popheads can't even deny their impact.


this song came out when I was ten and my brother was eight. every time someone came over to our house my brother would put on a show where he would come out in two pairs of underwear, dance around for a minute and a half, and then at the point in the video where the dude rips off his speedo to reveal another speedo, he would take off one pair of underwear to reveal the other pair 😭 I was sooo embarrassed but my parents thought it was hilarious


I remember this song stealing two weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 from “We Found Love,” which was *massive*.


The only reason I remember this song is it was one of the first Todd in the Shadows [videos](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeePrAEOM70) I watched


10 years? Christ I'm getting old.


i literally had no clue until like 5 days ago that they broke up in 2012. was it big news? i thought they were just taking a long break lol


All my college buddies knew the choreography back then. It was like the straight Single Ladies


Omg I’m old……


ngl that was the perfect era to be an undergrad. Really fit the 4Loko college party vibe (along with the funding cuts, pepper spraying, occupy movement...) Truly iconic.


omg the iconic running man though... EVERYONE was doing it


My unironic favourite genre of music is trashy early 2010s EDM


As much as I love early 2010s pop music, I don’t miss these kind of gimmicky songs at all! I’m glad they never ended up being too relevant (as hard as Australian media tried to make RedFoo happen!).


Looking back, this was a hit on it's own time. Make a song like this today and you're a laughing stock.


Totally agree it was a product of its time. I think if any of these kind songs from the early 2010s (including what does the fox say) were released today, they would have the “It’s every day bro” treatment. Where kids may be into them and get a lot of YouTube views because of it but they wouldn’t be actual billboard hits or be played on radio like they were back then.


Idk though I think goofy songs that lean into their ridiculousness still get played on radio and blow up. I feel like Drake's recent Way 2 Sexy is kinda in the same vein.


Way 2 Sexy is being played on radio and doing well on the charts because it was made by Drake. If a lesser known artist released the song it would not have been taken seriously IMO.


Kind of? But, I guess the reason for that is that it is Drake and not because the goofy song is catchy. LMFAO built their entire discography with gimmick songs. Drake was always looked up to.


A lot of music is definitely still as gimmicky now, if not more. Just look at tik tok lol


they were huuuuuuuuuuuge but for a very short periof of time


Yeah I know the Sorry For Party Rocking era was huge. I was in middle school at the time and their music would be played every day with people trying to learn to do the shuffle dance. What I meant by “they never ended up being too relevant” was that they didn’t have continued mainstream success with other albums.


Every time I hear one of those songs I just think about the time he got bottled at Coogee for trying to steal someone’s girl 😂


It was gimmicky junk like this song and several others that killed off electro dance after 2013. The market got flooded with so much trash


I was just thinking about them the other day. They dropped two hit songs and evaporated


i went to my first "party" during this era (i was a young teen) and i only remember trying to "shuffle" to this song and Party Rock Anthem. embarrassing, will try to forget now.


Forgot about this song


I’m old


God I’m so old


This was one of the better club/edm records from that era. I knew they weren't going to last ( they are related related Barry Gordy so I knew this was just something to do for fun lol cause money ain't the issue ) Miss the fun of these guys! ( Kesha too now that I think about it )


Feels odd that this song were featured on Grey's Anatomy considering Grey rarely features this kind of song.


Honestly, a cultural reset.


They truly are the worst thing in music in last 20 years and are the best example of nepotism allowing no-talent hacks to become successful.


I feel old now




I was an angsty teen during the EDM boom of the early 10s and I hated that with every fiber of my being. Still do. This song in particular still makes me groan.


Chad LMFAO vs Virgin The Beatles


Industry plants for real


I still cringe with embarrassment when I reflect on what this did to dance music… made it all about image rather than the artistry. I have shit tons of house records in my physical collection where you couldn’t pick out the artists faces if they were standing in the queue at In-N-Out. Electro dance pop ran in contrast to the anti-conformity ideals of house and techno, and it was so divorced from the roots that the sound was totally unrecognisable


I hate that song and every song by them I’m sorry. I hated it when i was 14 and I hate it today. Not y’all downvoting over an opinion about a silly song lol


I won’t downvote you. I was 24 when this came out, and had the same dislike. If it come on at the club - I’d walk to the bar, toilet break or sit down.


I was 22 and had to hear that shit 5 times a day in the restaurant I worked at


LMFAO and Kesha were crucial to my early/mid 20s hoe phase


Words can barely describe how much I hate this song. It’s the textbook definition of trying to be edgy in middle school. It wasn’t edgy. It was lame and the awkward dancing at my 8th grade swimming pool field trip is forever burned into my memories.


Lord I forgot how insanely homoerotic that video is 🥵