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Most of the black queer albums we've gotten before, while amazing, have been dark and brooding (like American Boyfriend and Blonde) so it's nice to finally have a fun pop album about the same topics


Sylvester would like you to listen to the first great black openly queer album.


link please!


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD6cPE2BHic](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD6cPE2BHic) is the song to start with. [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqmCTObkR-S5rt2NcJnPT58QcISoJDFZ2](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqmCTObkR-S5rt2NcJnPT58QcISoJDFZ2) is the disco album that is off of.


OH damn! I've definitely danced to that song a lot. Had no idea it was by a queer man. I need to do much more research into the history of queer pop artists.


thank you for reminding me to listen to American boyfriend, ive been meaning to get into Kevin’s solo music


Really interesting how HHH seems to universally like/love this album while popheads seems lukewarm on it. Honestly, it's a really solid pop rap album. The production is great, lots of sonic variety, well-used features (even if Elton didn't sing 🥲). There were more introspective songs than I expected--which I'm usually a sucker for and these did not disappoint. One or two songs in the middle that didn't really grab me, but other than that I really enjoyed it. I'll need to listen to it again at least once more but I'd give it an 8/10 as of now.


I went to read the thread over there just for some serotonin😭


"Can't call me stupid with this big ol' fuckin' forehead" This is why I love Doja


Am I the only one who hears “can I throat that boy with the gold teeth” on That’s What I Want 💀 Anyways, any bets on which line will go viral on TikTok? I’m gonna go with “breaker breaker, 911 somebody come get this bitch”


Feel like some lines from scoop and dolla sign slime are definitely going viral.


It’s gotta be that *scoop*


My guess is 2:00 of Thats What I Want Edit: or more likely “I like this, I don’t like that”


I'm on my second listen right now and I really like it. It's not a full-on-pop-bangers type of album that I was kinda expecting it'd be based on the singles, but I like most of the songs that a stray a bit off of that. I need a few more spins so I can focus more on lyrics (my first listen is usually sound-drive with stuff in english), specially because some of the songs are more stripped back production-wise so the lyrics hit a bit more. Not my AOTY and probably won't be even after I go through it a bit more, but it's given me a strong first impression, which is great for a debut album. On an unrelated but not really note, I get kinda giggly on how openly queer some of the lyrics are. I'm not that old (26) but it's still incredible to me how we can have an artist of Lil Nas X's caliber be openly queer in and out of his art nowadays. I love that for us.


Sometimes I'm a little shocked when he drops a really gay line, but then I catch myself: lyrics have been raunchy as hell for decades, just not gay. I love it too...


Yeah I was surprised by the number of rock songs. But coming from a black gay guy makes the emo era of the 2000’s seem worth it. What growth in culture we are witnessing.


What was the point of including “the art of realisation”?? Did I miss something? lol


It’s just an interlude to give more thoughts. Each song tells a story in the lyrics abt Nas X, and the interlude just interrupts those thoughts in a less musical way 🤷🏾‍♀️ also just fun transition to scoop


Prelude to Scoop ig


omg I’m enjoying the album but it caught me off guard when I looked at tracklist on my phone and saw how many songs I’ve already listened to and how many songs are left.. these albums with under 3 minute songs fly by so quickly lol


posting basically what i said in the megathread but i rly like this album. it isn't perfect and definitely has flaws but i think its super solid and still good. my faves atm are: thats what i want, scoop, dolla sign slime, tales of dominica, and am i dreaming


Am I missing something? When I open the spotify link I can’t play any of the new songs.


It's probably not out in your time zone yet.


is it midnight for you yet?


Am I the only one freaking out about Life After Salem? It doesn’t even sound like LNX on it. Like wtf was that? Had to double check my phone it was him. Standout tracks on first listen: Scoop (!!!!!) Don’t Want It (!!), Void, Life of Salem (!!!), Am I Dreaming? It really picks up on the 2nd half. I’m surprised how solid this album is. The sound is extremely well done and I found it fresh. I definitely see myself revisit it. I love the themes of stunting on these bitches who never believed in you Edit: I’m relistening to this and the pop rock sound on this is wild. Did everyone (but Demi 😩) revisit their Disney rock memories during the pandemic or what? The production on this is TOP TIER. I liked Take a Daytrip ever since they did some songs with Juice Wrld. This album is way better than I expected. The lyrics are intimate and he isn’t chasing a trend. Only complaint is his vocal style is stellar on tracks like the ones I mentioned and others it is a weird rap thing but eh I can get over it in time.


life after salem is a standout for me too!


The album has its ups and its downs, but overall is a solid debut album. I haven't listened to Sun goes down since its release but the song still gets me in my feels. Can't wait for That's what I want mv in an hour!


that’s what I want is so cute and funky! A true pop bop, I like the album for that track alone haha


That's What I Want sounds like Hey Ya


THAT'S WHAT I WANT sounds like Good 4 U, haha.


Wow, I related to almost every single song. He really brought out the struggle for self-acceptance after growing up in a judgmental and toxic home life. Was not expecting this to be one of my top albums of the year but here we are


**Lost In The Citadel** is the one but the more I listen to it the more I kind of wish it had a Tegan & Sara feature. **That’s What I Want** screams a hit.


I've been listening to That's What I Want for the past month(and felt guilty about it but it was on YT so I figure it's okay) and I've been in love with this song.


I was so taken by surprise by lost in the citadel, I loved it!! I could totally see T&S on that for sure


can we stop having both megathreads and album posts for like every album release? it feels stupid we should just pick one lol


I don’t mind megathreads, but I was confused why there was a one for Kacey’s new album when there wasn’t one for Halsey’s.


IICHLIWP seems like it has been completely overlooked for how much of a punch it packs.


It has an it completely sucks that it has and I don’t understand why


because not everyone likes it but you're not allowed to say it here once popheads makes up its mind on something


Tea though, people have been hyping up how much of a masterpiece it is and how experimental she got and it's like... just another Halsey album? What am I missing here lol.


It’s a great Trent Reznor project but I just can’t get with Halsey as a vocalist over it, she doesn’t seem to be versatile enough to make it work completely. Not to say I hated it but certain songs fell very flat to me.


It's not "pop." (But it's amazing.)


Halsey finally achieved her dreams of not being pop? Omg love that for her


I don't like megathreads, personally. This is pop music! If an album is an event, let it be an event!


Same, megathread is only good for something that’s happening live. And I often find megathread discourage conversation and especially good ones.


Also doesn’t help when they unpinned it immediately after the album came out, so now we get to have the same conversation *twice*.




true, i get it but the comment section ends up being used for the same purpose for both, so I don’t know where to look when I wanna see people’s thoughts/discussion


I really love the variety of sounds he went for on here. It feels like an evolved version of his EP. Lots of bangers on here, this is definitely being replayed a ton of times


I was worried for no reason! I love that you can hear the growth in Nas vocals. I can tell he's been taking lessons to song better. I also love how personal some tracks are and of course how gay they are. A lot of his music hits on the first listening for me and that also applies to the tracks on Montero. I'm only half way through but so far it's a fantastic debut album.


Wasn't a fan of most of the non-single tracks, but Tales of Dominica and Am I Dreaming are incredible. Am I Dreaming in particular is the perfect ending to this album. Miley and Lil Nas X work so well together.


I love that song and was surprised to see him tap into that dark energy that Plastic Hearts had. Great sound for him. I also love that he now has bangers with father and daughter. It almost puts her Bangerz era in a positive light since that opened the door for her to fit in with his sound naturally—although he technically is reaching into her pocket.


Dead Right Now super slaps, been on repeat since the leak, that song is loaded with crack. 911 somebody come get this bitch! Could pass as a tinashe song and I would worship it


Fun important fact: the guy singing at the end is LNX's dad.


Damn, for real??? That's fucking awesome.


Are you sure you’re talking about that song? It sounds just like lil nas x


The background vocals of the older man at the end are who I'm talking about.


I couldn’t even hear it, that’s a cool fact!




A lot of the tracks on this album seem more like growers than songs that had me at first listen. But overall, this is a very solid debut album. It really is nice to have such a fun pop album out by a Queer POC artist!!


Reception from hiphopheads vs popheads is pretty amusing


Omg > Never forget Lil Nas X posting Old Town Road here when it had like 4 views and barely anyone seeing it https://www.reddit.com/r/hiphopheads/comments/a31blp/trapcountry_my_new_song_mixes_trap_and_country/?st=jtw67qih&sh=8c5d5c3e


I’m so looking forward to this album. Haven’t heard any songs other than the ones he’s released, so I’m ready for a journey!


overall it's good but i just didn't find any standout that screams "this is my ultimate fave song!!" on here Doja's part on Scoop was way too short, Miley kinda elevated Am I Dreaming, That's What I Want should've been the opening track instead of Montero it feels more euphoric


I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Standouts are dead right now, thats what I want, don’t want it, and lost in the citadel. Industry baby and CMBYN have been on repeat since they came out.


I seriously enjoyed the album more then most people on here seemed to. I didn't think there were any songs that really stuck out to me as bad, and I love the mix of pop/rap bangers like Industry Baby or Call Me By Your Name and the softer more stripped back songs like Void or Sun Goes Down that really allow the lyrics to shine. I thought he got really introspective at moments and I really appreciate that, but it doesn't overall bum me out in the way that a really serious and dark album might (not that I dislike albums like that haha). Overall I was super hyped for this album because I loved the singles and thought his marketing throughout the project was stellar (not to mention I love seeing a successful black gay man be so unashamed and bold), and I think it pretty much lived up to my expectations! Edit: I also love the rock elements incorporated into some of the songs like Life After Salem and Lost in the Citadel, as well as the moodier sounding songs like Dead Right Now. This album honestly has a lot of genre variation and it keeps it quite interesting throughout, while still remaining cohesive.


The Guardian just gave the album 5 stars I fucking called this was going to be well received as soon as I listened to it


From all the albums that i heard this year, its the best one. I did'nt skip any song. I loved it!


As someone who doesn't usually like projects ( the only project I liked this year was tyler the creator's ), this is a good album. I really don't get the initial disappoint I saw in this sub - it's not groundbreaking or anything, but good, a solid 7+ ( 8 for me ). There are a few hiccups - but overall it's good. Great tracks: Montero, Industry baby, dead right now, don't want it, Am I dreaming Good tracks: -personally not a huge fan of "that's what I want" but it sounds like a huge commercial hit. -Scoop is pretty good, sounds like a tiktok smash, but dojas feature feels so tacked on. -I like dolla sign slime, Megan absolutely murders her verse. Lnx gets a bit outdid but he did fine, lyrically he's not very impressive but I love his confident cadence on this track. - One of me is good, no comment here. Same with tales of Dominica. - Life after Salem is fantastic musically, but flounders a bit lyrically. Still a good track. Meh tracks I'm just not a personal fan of: Void, Sun goes down, lost in the citadel. Bad tracks: None. I don't see any critic possibly giving this less than a 6. Imo this album is going to be a commercial hit and people will look fondly back on this era years from now. LNX did a good job with this one, I can easily see it nominated for album of the year and even winning.


> As someone who doesn't usually like projects What does that mean?


I usually don't like albums as a whole. Most of the time they have a few good songs but don't impress me as a collective body of work.


This is a really strong debut. There's a lot of feelings of "this sounds familiar" for me (eg. DONT WANT IT / mockingbird), but it's well done and I'm very happy to have a queer male artist singing queer shit at the top of the charts


This is what I always hoped for and I am so glad he delivered it. We finally have a pop gay superstar and this album is fucking incredible. Void destroys me every time.


I already posted a lengthy review in the megathread, but to sum it up here: I really like this album. It has some definite flaws which stops it from reaching true greatness, but it has tons of highlights. The writing ranges from brutally honest to too clunky that it becomes embarassing and the production often just isn't quite there yet but when it does it creates some truly great songs. This s definitely an album lots of people will return to if they want to see some songs that can be the pinnacle of modern pop music, but they have to skip around to get to those highlights. 8/10 for me Favorite tracks (not counting singles): That's What I Want, Tales of Dominica, Don't Want It, Am I Dreaming Least favorite tracks: Dead Right Now, Scoop, One Of Me


I think this post is the one I agree with most so far. Tales of Dominica, that's what I want, and Am I dreaming are probably my favourites of the non single tracks. I think Sun goes Down is probably going to be a special track for me. It's too brief and maybe the messaging could use a little work but it's a such a specific song that I'm glad it exists.


I honestly think this is one of the strongest releases this year. I think the sonic comparisons to Post Malone are accurate, but it makes all the difference that Lil Nas X is a gay black man. His perspective and experiences just make the songs inherently more interesting and novel, while also being so damn catchy!!! I expected only fun bops but he really went more introspective in songs like Tales of Dominica and Void which surprised me. The production is top notch all around. Love the emo pop punkiness of Life After Salem. Scoop is trap pop done right. Just such a good range of genres and production styles. Tbh the Baby Keem last week and Lil Nas this week feel like the next wave of sounds and I’m all for it.


was hoping to like this album more than i did but i liked only 2 or 3 songs :/ i love his personality but his music never really clicks with me unrelated but the way he sings "everything's gonna be alright" in don't want it instantly reminded me of mockingbird by eminem


I mean that part has to be in reference to Mockingbird. Way too similar to be a coincidence


Dude yessssss I instantly recognized that melody before he even said the words, then he said that line and I was like OH YEAH this has to be an explicit reference. I wonder if the themes are similar at all, will dig more.


Did you like the singles going into the album?


i did for a few weeks but got bored very quickly also loved the production on some of these songs and especially the trumpets


> his music never really clicks with me I sorta feel this way, but I think the important thing with Lil Nas is context. When I have my headphones on and play one of his songs, it always feels like a bit of a let down. But when I'm out somewhere and I hear one come on, I always love it. He makes party music. You can't judge how much you like it in the wrong setting.


>He makes party music. You can't judge how much you like it in the wrong setting. Eh, not even getting all "music critique" about it or anything, but that feels like a copout qualifier. A truly amazing album shouldn't have to be context-sensitive like that, IMO.


>A truly amazing album shouldn't have to be context-sensitive like that I disagree entirely. I really love ambient music but I'm not gonna listen to Brian Eno while I'm working out or at a barbecue. It'd be an absolute mood-ruiner


*Ambient 5: Music for Barbecues* *Ambient 6: Music for Workouts*


only song i've heard on radio or partying was call me by your name which is also my favourite by him so idk


I think the album is good, not great but LNX is definetly in my top 5 favorite celebrities right now


I genuinely wish he made great music because I would be his #1 stan if that were the case, but he just doesn't. Sorry. The music itself is an afterthought to the aggressive marketing and attempts at virility. I get it, and I'm all for more Queer representation and trolling the bigots. But the songs just aren't there.


>I genuinely wish he made great music because I would be his #1 stan if that were the case, but he just doesn't I highly disagree. Is he making lyrical masterpieces? No, and that's okay. However, he sure makes catchy asf songs, and those too arguably deserve a spot in the realm of 'great' music.


I like catchy songs too. I just find his astoundingly mediocre.


Agree to disagree then


Have you listened to an I dreaming? It’s a work of art. A simple masterpiece but a beautiful one none the less.


Just listened at your suggestion. It left me feeling like everything else of his, tbh. Another track anchored by very basic melodies and no inspiration beyond them. A shiny package with no real contents. I love all genres, all sorts of lyrics and themes, catchy club bangers and heart-wrenching ballads. Lil Nas X just does not seem to have much to really say.


This and I think his signing is far below just about any other major pop star rn


It's fine if you don't vibe with the music but saying that it's not his priority seems like an unfair claim. There's clear effort put into this album, and I think it's going to go super well on the charts - the singles have already proven themselves. The songs are there, you're just not a fan.


yeah i agree it’s an unfair thing to say. if the music wasn’t a priority he would’ve pumped out a full length album right after old town road


I don't think people will listen to these songs for years to come. Just my opinion.


I understand your opinion, my problem was the assumption that he doesn't put music first. Just seems unnecessary and unfounded to say that. Anyway I hugely disagree, but I guess we'll just have to see how the songs perform. Either way, even if the songs aren't instant classics that doesn't make them mediocre...that seems like an odd bar to set.


It is my opinion that the music is not the priority. It does not seem so to me. It is okay for people to not perceive things the same way as you.


But...you can't possibly know if the music is his priority or not? Do you hear yourself? This doesn't even have anything to do with the music itself. It's just weird.


No, you're just upset that I don't think the same way about this music that you do. It's okay.




Based on my own observations, I feel more effort is being put into the things outside of the music than the music itself. If the effort was being put into the music, it would reason the music would show it. This is purely subjective, yes, but not an absurd thing to say.




I don't know. It just seemed unfair to claim that with certainty. That's all.


Lil Nas X literally has spoken about putting a lot of work into this album. Some of y'all just wanna bash him for nothing


Honestly, this album starts of good and only gets better.


Favorite tracks: Call Me By Your Name, That’s What I Want, One of Me, Lost in the Citadel, Tales of Dominica, Life After Salem I thought this album was really good! The lyricism was really strong in my opinion and a lot of the songs were catchy. It had more rock vibes than I expected tbh but I guess that makes sense considering that his first hit was a genre-bender. But where was Elton at?? Lmao anyway I think he’s a real popstar and this is a strong debut.


I'm really liking it! There's defs some filler, the Elton John (it's just him playing the piano), Doja and Megan features are pretty underwhelming, but I love his pop punk songs. "Lost in the Citadel" is my favourite I think. Pitchfork is probably going to tear this album apart though.


I’d be surprised if it gets anything less than a 7. It’s the ideal Lil Nas X album IMO. Concise, a mix of introspection and fun tracks, and above all, it’s catchy. I could see them being critical of some of the musical choices, but this is a good album and I’d be shocked to see them completely miss the mark.


dhsdkfjhksdjrfhkds "JUST" Elton John playing the piano 💀


Four five seconds featuring Paul McCartney vibes


I think it’ll be a high 6/low 7. It’ll definitely be higher than his EP score.


Scoop’s beat is fucking nuts. Take a Daytrip did their DAMN thing LNX and Doja slid on it like ice. Doja got another hit like it’s nothing damn


A whole ass masterpiece


Yeah I like this quite a bit. I live blogged a lot of my thoughts to one of my closest friends but my summary is - it’s good! I had fun with it, and I was also touched by a lot of the sadder songs on the back half of the album. On first listen, my favorites of the new tracks are that’s what i want, scoop, lost in the citadel, dolla sign slime, don’t want it, and am i dreaming - but as a warning, the latter two are much sadder than the others I mentioned. I believe lost in the citadel is getting pushed soon and uh… yeah, they’re right to push it, it’s 100% my favorite of the new songs.


I really loved this album overall. I have Dead Right Now, Don’t Want It, Life After Salem, and Dolla Sign Slime on repeat


Popheads is nuts as always. I truly don’t feel like we listened to the same album. This was my top album of the year in a snap just because of what a special, trailblazing album it is. Like, I have never heard something so explicitly and honestly queer from something this mainstream. I get how people can have technical criticisms like songwriting but the way this sub is acting it’s like a Disney channel star wrote it or something. Like y’all. Let yourself enjoy the cultural moment. This is a big step for us queer people 😂


I admire LNX for going this direction. It seems like there was a moment there where he could have chosen to be more reserved and not to open himself up to the homophobic maelstrom he’s faced but he didn’t. He chose to be authentically himself and it feels like a real watershed moment in mainstream pop because of it.


Totally agree with you. Was shocked to see on here that people aren’t loving it so much and expecting critics to tear it apart. I’m expecting it on year-end lists and a locked AOTY nomination.


This doesn't necessarily mean much, but The Guardian already gave it 5/5 stars.


Independent did also


I just saw that Line of Best Fit did as well. Good for LNX ❤️


This, Billie and Olivia’s are pretty much solid. Drake or Kanye? Tyler? Kacey? A wildcard nominee or more?


Think there’s too much controversy around Drake or Kanye. Morgan Wallen would have had a shot without his controversy because Grammys gonna Grammy. Kacey’s getting less acclaim than Golden Hour which doesn’t count her out but I don’t see her getting AOTY but definitely country album. This is what my list would be (hopefully not biased): Lil Nas X - Montero Taylor Swift - Evermore Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever St Vincent - Daddy’s Home Possible inclusion of Justice - Justin Bieber, Clairo - Sling, Lorde - Solar Power, Lana - Chemtrails


honestly though. im 23 and it's still WILD to me how a person who talks so openly about gay sex is getting the entire world to watch him. 3 out of the 4 videos of this era ~~(still love you, sun goes down)~~ has had explicit gay scenes and that couldn't stop him to get this big. i get it, some people may not enjoy the album because it's not their thing, but if you don't think lil nas x is getting his spot in the queer history books then i just don't know what to tell you


Honestly maybe I'll get my driver's license just so I can listen to this in a car with the bass up


Considering he said he wanted to work with Nicki Minaj and Drake I take it that could be a hint of something to come?


But is this consider a rap album?


I think he and Doja are erasing the line that Drake occasionally steps on. The presence of singing outweighs or equals the explicit rap which pushes them out of the rap label. I guess we’ll see how these rockish songs are received because if they blow up he’ll get the pop branding.


I would consider him a pop artist along with 7 ep, like The Weeknd or Michael Jackson.


Does anyone else notice the sound engineering problems when transitioning into/out of INDUSTRY BABY? It’s at a completely different volume than the rest of the album.


I’m having the same issue! Are you on Apple Music or a different streaming platform?


Apple music!


I wonder if it’s an issue with Apple Music only, or a platform-wide issue with the sound engineering on that one track?


I have YT Music too and just checked, sound is fine there.


Tim Cook pls fix this thnx


I have so many opinion on each song, but to avoid anyone the hassle of reading them I really like a lot of what’s going on here


Truly a stellar debut, I feel like he knows what he’s best at and still occasionally strays the line to give us some unexpected bangers. Not a single skip for me.


> Am I the only one freaking out about Life After Salem? It doesn’t even sound like LNX on it. Like wtf was that? Had to double check my phone it was him. it's like a slowed down Take What You Want by Post Malone lol


Of course it comes out when I have an ear infection and can't hear anything. Was looking forward to this damn.


that’s what I want is such a good song and sooo catchy I love it


ok wow i’m sorry but this album is literally a masterpiece. someone said that if you like planet her then you would like this album too and i totally agree! but wow i’m at a loss of words especially because of all the songs from tales of dominica onwards which are a lot more introspective than i thought this album would get? overall i think that this may grow to be a no-skip album (i need to give it a few more listens) since there’s not a single song i don’t like the one thing i was a little disappointed by was doja’s verse on scoop BUT i also have insanely high standards for doja’s features and i’m sure it will grow on me


LNX & Doja need to do more collabs


Overall I think the album is ok. A couple of standouts, no songs that were really awful, but most were somewhat forgettable. Definitely a step up to me (as someone who hated his EP). His visuals are for sure where he shines so I'm looking forward to more MVs.


Don’t Want It and Tales of Dominica are my favorites. The album’s really good imo


This is the same situation to me as Planet Her, where I’m just genuinely surprised popheads doesn’t universally love this album. Anyway, this is for sure in my top 10 AOTYs. It’s fresh, catchy, diverse, funny, emotional, and so refreshingly, explicitly gay. This release is just a huge moment and I can officially say Lil Nas X is one of my favorite artists now! Favorites: That’s What I Want, Am I Dreaming, Dead Right Now, Tales of Dominica Least Favorites: One of Me, Life After Salem Score: 9.1/10


lost in the citadel is on repeat forever


Uneven but some great highlights here and there, I especially loved Life After Salem. The folk ballad with Miley Cyrus is also pretty nice, would've never imagined it


It's aight, just mostly generic pop music with a few standouts that'll probably be on the radio for a while.


I love how vulnerable he was willing to here with some of his lyrics. The whole album just had this really triumphant feeling to it. You can tell he has been out running getting labelled a one hit wonder and he should feel proud of what he’s managed to curate.


Chorus on Don't want it = Chorus on Eminem's Mockingbird


The melody of mockingbird is just Hush Little Baby lol


Only had one listen so far, and I like it. But my biggest takeaway is that the bangers all end too soon. Lil Nas X has sold me on almost every aspect of his artistry, with the *big* exception of this idea that a sub-2:30 track is anything but an interlude. I can't think of any argument for the single version of "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" being on the album instead of the extended version from the video. What exists of "DOLLA SIGN SLIME" is sick, but the fact that it just ends after the Megan verse is weak. There should be another verse there. I know that it's streaming-era strategy, but that's just the thing. It's a victory of strategy over art, and I don't love seeing it on the *album*.


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Not sure if it's just me but the beat for Scoop sounds almost exactly like the beat for Spoil My Night by Post Malone


Did Scoop sample Spoil My Night by Post Malone? I do like the song but the entire time I couldn't help thinking that it sounds familiar.


really enjoyed most of this album. i added scoop, that’s what i want, lost in the citadel, tales of dominica, don’t want it and life after salem to my playlist


This album the definition of empty calories.


I don't see how someone could listen to dead right now and think this, even if you don't like the song. Even the singles themselves. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding this comment.


Some people are saying 'gEnErIc MuSiC' and I'm genuinely confused as to why - how many mainstream artists of today are making stuff that even sounds like half of the album? The most generic song on there is That's What I Want, and even that is a really fun bop


Yeah I don't get it either. When was the last time you heard a full on brass section in a rap song? Or a rock song that sounded like Life After Salem?


Yeah I'm honestly really confused too. There's nothing on the radio that sounds like the majority of this album. I think a lot of people must've come into it already ready to dislike it because I don't understand that critique at all.


Exactly. My guess is that a bunch of people see him as a 'gimmick artist', so their subconscious is primed to devalue whatever music he puts out. Could the album be better? Sure. But to say that there are only a few good songs on it or that the music is generic is quite a stretch. IMO it's a great project, and quite different from a lot of mainstream stuff I've listened to.


Literally. The singles have been amazing and so distinct. The lyricism in CMBYN blows me away. It's just so...wow. What song on the radio sounds like that, period? And Industry Baby is a BAWP. I love Sun Goes Down, legit makes me cry most of the time. And the 'Dead Right Now' snippet I put on loop for literally two hours as soon as I heard it. I was literally hooked within 5 seconds. However you feel about him or his music, he clearly puts a ton of thought into every single word he sings or raps. Let me shimmy out of this sub before I listen to the album so it doesn't put a damper on my anticipation and hype tbh


People can dislike stuff sincerely. The vast majority of people when they actively listen to music want to enjoy it. I think people should be able to express liking and disliking art/music without someone attacking them.


I'm not attacking anyone for not liking something - I'm questioning this specific critique. This is a subreddit to discuss pop music, if we're just going to fiddle our thumbs about it then I don't know why we're here. It's just healthy disagreement and discussion, that's all. And if you already doubt someone as an artist, you're going to be biased against their music.


You may dislike an artist but a good song is a good song and I don't see people dislike music for the sake of it. You may not like an artist overall aesthetic (sonically) and as a result may not like their music in general but there may be a song you like. People are at liberty to listen to something and their own opinion about music. Indeed this is a sub for pop music discussion but I have seen (and have had my own opinions) downvoted even though they were sincere. There are people that are invested in who an artist is. So how do I or anyone else make a point of my disliking aspects of an singer's artistry if people deeply identify with said artist so much that they are willing to overlook some of the faults of the music itself. And if any criticisms of what he does as an artist or the music he makes is ultimately met with the "it doesn't bother me Y U MAD?" It doesn't really lend itself to conversation. It's okay for people to like stuff and be able to look past the shortcomings of a work but at the same time it's equally okay for someone to dislike something even if there are legitimately good things about it.


I feel like half the songs are really emotional and sincere. I don't understand this critique.


The whole album is sad as fuck. I feel so bad for Lil Nas 😔


You heard dead right now and am I dreaming and still came away with this take?


Wasn’t expecting a lot even though I love how this dude does his marketing. What an album though I can’t believe I ended up loving it as much as I do. I had only listened to like 2-3 of his songs before and i have been missing out lol. Tales of Dominica and the Salem song are probably my favourite. I didn’t dislike any as such but I know I’ll be forgetting like 3-4 songs soon. Solid 8 from me honestly.


I'm kinda disappointed to say that.. I don't love it ? It kinda feels inconsequential and very forgettable, by track 12 I hadn't even realized so many songs passed.. ironically enough I do think the slower, pop leaning songs are far better than the trap ones but even then, both sides of the album really blend and feel too similar... yeah idk I kinda got bored.


I don't know what you guys are on. I'm halfway through the album, and so far it's mediocre at best. The singles are definitely the best songs. I love Lost in the Citadel, though.


Eh it’s ok, not what some critics are hyping it up to be. A lot of the tracks are too short and heavily rely on the chorus. A lot of the tracks have basic production as well, also lil nas x music is literally the black gay version of post Malone.


okay I love this album, but I think the album opening songs should be switched around. Dead Right Now or Industry Baby should’ve been the opener 100% and Montero (CMBYN) shoulda been either before or after the Megan feature.


several of the non single tracks were forgettable, but overall solid effort. You can't deny what an important moment this is in queer history, so even if he releases trash I'll support him bcuz maybe he'll be the gay nicki (without her baggage ofc).


I really really wanted to like this but it's falling flat for me. nothing's really catching my ear at all :( hopefully it'll grow on me


Very, very mid. Nothing left a very big impression on me, and most of the beats felt very generic. CMBYN was like a massive breath of fresh air, but nothing else measures up. I wasn’t expecting anything above average, but even so this really feels like a swing and a miss. On the Fantano scale, I’d probably give this a decent 5. Not good, not terrible, just… mid.


Will most likely not be listening a second time. The production to me seems cheap, disjointed, and unaware of what it wants to be. That's kind of been the vibe the entire era, and maybe it's just that it's uncomfortable because it doesn't fit neatly into the established genres, but it's also seems haphazardly thrown together without much intent. I don't enjoy it. Lyrically, I was surprised at times, especially on Dead Right Now, and I have to appreciate the vulnerability in those lyrics, but I was very disappointed on the majority of these songs, especially the choruses. Scoop, Dolla Sign Slime, and One of Me had some of the laziest choruses I've ever heard, saying the same phrases over and over, to what end? Meg's verse about being her own genre of porn saved that song, though. Had high hopes, thought it had great singles, but I hope he continues to develop as an artist and build a better foundation beyond his clear knack for marketing. It's a 4 from me.


So ...is it good ? From 1-10...rate it honestly...


I’d say like a 7? I enjoyed the album quite a bit. There are more hits on this album than the previous singles, IMO, although there are a few songs I don’t like as much. This is a good debut full length project. He’s got room to grow for sure, but this shows off a lot of his emotional range, charisma, and ability to make a good pop song.




Personally? I give it an 8.


a solid 6




I'm giving it a strong 7.5


7 really fun but super bloated Edit: way too many songs, I'm not talking about length. Bloated like a thin person after a full buffet.


How?? It's a 40 min album...


Too many songs. Doesnt matter the length.


What songs do you believe should be off the album then?


I give it a just listen to it out of 10


Love this! Honestly, That's What I Want is the only one that doesn't stand out to me that much. IMO it's the worst on the album but none of the songs are bad


I really enjoyed one of me but it kind of feels a little out of place in the rest of the album.


Where did it go? Almost all the songs are blacked out on Spotify now


my top 5 is that’s what i want, dead right now, void, sun goes down, and montero