Olivia Rodrigo Breaks Her Own Streaming Record As “Good 4 U” Posts Biggest Weekly Total Ever On Spotify Charts

Olivia Rodrigo Breaks Her Own Streaming Record As “Good 4 U” Posts Biggest Weekly Total Ever On Spotify Charts


she ended that flop Olivia Rodrigo


Lmao shes an 11 hit wonder, I checked the US weekly spotify chart and her songs were 11 of the top 12, I've never seen anything like it


Literally every other artist: Noooooo you can't just take up the entire top 10! You have to leave some room for other people noooo!!1! Olivia: Haha wheeee big numbers go up


I guess everyone else is pretty SOUR about this situation, huh? 😏


It's brutal out here


they're feeling jealousy, jealousy


i hope she is their favorite crime


Good 4 her


She told the charts “I am enough for you”


It’s as if they’re under the impression that she’s like a damn sociopath


Sorry for nitpicking but did you mean to say "big numbers go brrr"


Big numbers are like big line, they go up and down instead of brrr Album bombs, though, *those* go brrr for sure


Reminds me of when Drake dropped *Scorpion* and did [this to Hot 100 Top 10.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DhrtIKGX0AMYaRK.jpg)


Don’t forget Drake debuted gods plan at #1 and nice for what debuted at #1 right after.


and recently he got the whole top 3 with a 3 song ep. he’s insane.


You're comment just made me laugh so hard and I cannot even say why 😂


Her streaming power is *insane*, good lord


I was just thinking..any artist who gets big in the streaming era will have insane numbers as compared to those from previous eras. Just look at Post Malone, Billie and Juice Wrlds numbers.


Is that because more people are listening, or because we track more data now? We'll never know how many total plays old records, cassettes, and CD's got, but every second of a stream is logged.


Probably an all of those reasons situation: more accessibility, people, and tracking. Although I’d think a song’s replay by individual might be higher in the past if the only way to listen to a song on your own was thru a cassette or record since you had access to way less songs.


Well the audience for streaming is increasing by the millions every month; so naturally more and more people using Spotify or Apple Music will lead to more streams and more of these kinds of records being broken in the future.


Agree. Not to mention her target audience only knows streaming.


Her pure sales are also really solid and I’ve seen people on this sub say her albums are sold out in Target


They are, I actually went to get one and there was only 1 left because the case was cracked.


With a \~2 minute runtime, I pop Olivia Rodrigo songs like small candies. Again and again.


justice for deja vu


I wish she waited a bit before releasing Déjà Vu because I feel like the reason it didn’t do as well was because Drivers Licence was still huge. Déjà Vu is easily in my top 3 of the album so it’s a shame it’s not as successful😭


i agree to some extent. however, 1. imo she needed to release something else quickly to drum up more hype between drivers license and the album release 2. imo it was a great middle ground between drivers license and good 4 u and i think going straight from drivers license to good 4 u would have been kinda confusing


Yeah I can definitely see why it was done from a hype perspective... I’m just salty because it deserves better 😩


Jealousy Jealousy needs to be the next one. I hope she doesn't go for a ballad.


ITA, for me I thought Deja Vu was fine but reminded me a little bit of like When Ava Max went to So Am I, it just felt like it was kinda trying hard to follow up the smash hit with something that has some similar structure points. But I heard Good 4 U and was a little surprised by the bit of switch up in style compared to the first two.


Déjà vu is better than good 4 u (imo) except for that billy Joel line. It’s so fresh. Good 4 u is a great song but I can name a few others it sounds like


I annoys me so much that she acts like knowing Uptown Girl is super niche and quirky. Especially because she also mentions Glee and their cover was my first exposure to the song


plus those Gen Z'ers who weren't even around yet when Westlife smashed with their cover of it in *2001*, including Miss Rodrigo.


Yeah that's my birth year


Lol I don't think she thinks it's "quirky"- it's just something that not every member of Gen Z is familiar with


Sure, but as a gen z kid myself who works in grocery stores and hears Uptown Girl roughly 9 times a day I feel like it's not one that people can avoid even if they tried.


Awful song btw. There I said it, Uptown Girl is cheeks.


olivia rodrigo could do uptown girl but billy Joel couldn’t do jealousy jealousy


Oh I had a different interpretation of that line. Like it's a dig at the girl cuz just knowing "Uptown Girl" doesn't really make you a Billy Joel fan since that's his most recognizable hit


It's my fave from the 3 singles, not gonna lie.


Right? I liked it way better than good 4 u. Good 4 u was the part I actually stopped listening to the album.


I'm manifesting that this is the very beginning of the return of pop rock.


I've been saying this for a minute now. WHERE'S MY PARAMORE ALBUM guys its your time!


They are writing and recording it now.


i think it is, it’s been due for a while




You mean Machine Gun Kelly’s masterpiece of an album wasn’t enough? I kid I kid ...or am I?


You’re right and you should SAY IT.


I hope so. Dude needs to find his niche and this really ain't feeling like it


Pretty sure this is it. Is it not his most successful album to date and didn't he just win a Billboard award for it?


Not a clue. He looks more content doing this than rap, but idk we'll see. It doesn't strike me as being "right" for his style, just where he seems comfortable. I'll give him a chance. Pop punk has been vibing the past few years and I just don't think he'll affect that much


He like quadrupled his last albums opening week and is arguably the face of the genre right now. He found his niche.


Didn’t he have to leave rap because of that dispute with Eminem? While I wish he embraced power metal instead, I enjoyed his pop punk album.


Idk if that's why he stepped away but I would assume so. Kinda hard to come back after that. I do think something harder like metal would suit him better though.


He lost the hard man image needed for rap. He could’ve gone in a more Lil Peep type direction, but I think he made a good choice, since music is trending towards pop punk now.




paying attention to other music? i haven't heard that much else in the last few years, other than Miley's recent album. i do wish Olivia's album had more of the pop/rock stuff on it because she really crushes it.




It has been bubbling under for a while but the success of MGK's album meant pop-rock was actually profitable again. i think G4U going number 1 means Pop-Rock is an international phenomenon now.


I knew she was 1(1) hit wonder


I cannot even fathom how much her life has changed in a week. Good 4 her, But also probably a little scary and overwhelming, at least I think it would be. Most people get to get adjusted to a raise in fame and the craziness that surrounds it, but she really was just thrown head first into "your life will never be the same"-dom.


The success of drivers license in January was probably the most life changing, I didn’t know who she was at all then suddenly she was everywhere.


She was already a celebrity to some extent though right? Isn't she on Disney shows or something?


Yeah she didn’t come out of nowhere lol she’s been around since 2015 and has faced scrutiny since the start with how terribly Bizaardvark was received (even though in hindsight it perfectly encapsulates Gen-Z post-vine era internet chaos)


Imagine getting scrutinized as a teenager for being on a shitty tv show.


Tell that to Jake Lloyd after The Phantom Menace came out :(


I didn’t know she was in that Jake Paul show, fingers crossed she doesn’t have any sort of friendship with him... I could not look at her the same way if she did 🥴🥴


I mean she doesn't follow him on IG and there are no pictures of them together post-Jake getting fired so I think it's safe to say that she doesn't have a friendship with him.


I also find it weird with the ‘out of nowhere’ talk on this sub. These numbers are crazy for any 18yo artist regardless of how they got there, but she was already famous and working in the entertainment industry, there’s clearly a massive well-funded PR machine behind her. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that or even that it lessens her achievements, but I feel like people are acting like she’s some total no-name uploading her own music online who got lucky


There's thousands and thousands of minor celebrities -- although starring in some tween TV series seem like a popular path to fame, even if it has such an inauspicious name as "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series"


here for theater geeks being successful!! i like her rockier songs, i skip the slower songs. i find her voice much more interesting in songs like brutal and good 4 u. i think its because shes so theatrical (brutal), i love it.


she also seems like a very strong singer so it's exciting to watch her flex that on the fast pop punk songs like good 4 u.


Aren't there only two "rock" songs on the album?


lmao i think so, but there should be more!


It's kinda crazy to think about, but good 4 u is gonna be the biggest pop punk song ever in terms of numbers (if it isn't already).


Don’t get me wrong, the song is a bop but it’s not quite pop punk IMO. It’s more pop rock, like Avril Lavigne.


Avril Lavigne was pop punk on a lot of songs though


I was a teen in the 80’s and listened to actual punk. Using the word punk in any way, shape or form regarding Avril Lavigne is not right. Edited to add: To me, brutal is pop punk. If she weren’t a popstar, I would call that rock with a punk edge. It gives me the same feeling as The Breeders and Elastica.


Yeah, this to me is closer to Avril’s pop rock stuff like “complicated” and “Girlfriend” rather than like “Sk8r Boi”. Which is not at all a bad thing! I’m super happy we’re getting this sound in a top hit regardless lol.


I really don’t know that most people will label this pop punk. I mean some may, but that just feels like wanting it to be that rather than actually being that


Yeah if any song is close to pop punk on the album it’s Brutal tbh


It reminds me a good bit of Thnks Fr Th Mmrs and that's a pop punk song, so I consider Good 4 U pop punk as well. With that being said, both songs I mentioned lie more towards the pop side of pop punk.


Eh, that song is a legitimate pop punk song. Good 4 U is at least a couple degrees separated from that


it's one of my least fave songs on the album :(


why are you being downvoted for stating an opinion smh


This is a thread celebrating its success so it's not surprising that people saying they don't like will get downvoted for that.


Isnt every thread about her celebrating her success? Anyways, stream brutal lol


Why would I stream the worst song on the album




smh my head


Brutal is much closer to a pop punk song, even though neither of them are. ^^^and ^^^it's ^^^also ^^^better


I don't think I am her target group so I can only assume that she has an incredible (viral) marketing campaign - to be clear I don't think that's a bad thing. She wouldn't have THAT much success if the music wasn't good (I think it's a really good debut album) and connected to a broad audience. Congrats to Olivia!


One other thing that she or her marketing team did really well are the merch. Everything seems to be worth getting and really on brand.


Same not her target group either, but she is so very good and adorable! I watched her perform on SNL she was great!


I knew this album would do well but I had no idea it would do this well! I imagine she must get a lot of support from the Swifties too!


I've become a convert. At first I thought this was just another "my boyfwiend weft me" album but I decided to give it a chance and listen, start to finish. Turned out liking it a lot.


It still very much is that though.


Yes but it's also very catchy and pleasant. I love *good* sad bops, just tired of all music being sad bops lol. Julia Michaels is another artist who turned me around on this.


Ok I need to clean my house so I'm going to play it for the first time now. Your impact 😩


it’s really incredible to watch her just absolutely dominate the industry after one hit single. so happy for her and her music is incredible! she’s very deserving of her success.


Is she cool?


As Apple rolls out the new streaming quality format in June, I'm very much interested in listening to Olivia's album anew in that new audio quality to see if any nuance or quality can be noticed. I don't think it will affect her overall numbers but hearing her music at it's 'best' audio quality is something I am looking forward to.


It's also on Tidal on master quality, best I can say it's excellently produced, but there's not really much difference made by the stream quality.


Do it on Spotify — check out your settings and adjust quality


Spotify does not have lossless audio, which is what they're referring to.


Yea only 320... but Apple is going lossless??




good 4 her


i dont get it. her music is nothing special


I think the key factor in her music is relatability. I see a lot of comments both in tiktok and twitter on how the situations portrayed in her songs are so relatable. Some even describes the feeling of having a good friend telling her story with sincerity and vulnerability that they felt affected too.


yeah, I haven't had the chance to listen to the entire album yet but from what I've heard it all just feels very... real? all the lyrics feel like they're describing something that really happened.


Yeah she's able to draw the listener into her world and make them feels what she feels. That's a pretty good talent. And she nails every damn bridge on the album.






I'm not sure they've been entirely starved, considering Billie Eilish's streams have been through the roof since Ocean Eyes. But there would probably be a better argument for a pop girl whose so blatantly targeting her audience instead of the alt leaning stuff Eilish has been putting out.


This is kind of what I meant by my comment, people obviously love Billie but despite being a teen and a pop idol she’s not really a “teen pop idol” in an archetypal sense. And people hate on the archetype, but there’s a market for it and it’s been starved.


Idk why the main criticism I see is people surprised an 18 year old highschooler isn't breaking boundaries She's palatable to the GP and a pretty good story teller. That's pretty much what matters


She reminds me of maybe like a... new generation Taylor Swift? I can really see this from her.


I wouldn’t really call her a good storyteller. Her songs are super relatable to people, but that seems to be because she basically just says things in a way that their teenage self would’ve said. Her lyrics aren’t really clever: they’re just verbatim for what a dramatic teenager would say. I guess that rings true for many, but it’s like endearing amateurism over anything else


Personally, I do really find the bridge of drivers license to be really well written. It's hard to be so specifically illustrative and so relatable at the same time


I feel like deja vu is an excellent example of why she's a good storyteller. Or in good 4 u, when she mentions getting him a therapist and crying on the bathroom floor. Those kind of little details is where a lot of the appeal comes from. Especially when the context of the album is a big part of the buzz


It's watching reruns of Glee, for me


I don’t really see the cleverness personally. It just feels like someone writing exactly what they feel without any real complexity or depth or use of literary techniques. She’s super relatable, I get it, but that comes off to me as the result of feeling like the exact thoughts someone going through her situation would have


>I don’t really see the cleverness personally. It just feels like someone writing exactly what they feel without any real complexity or depth or use of literary techniques. *cough* taylor swift *cough*


Also guilty, yeah


I think it is a bit confusing because there are other 18 year olds just as talented, if not more I guess it's lightning in a bottle


Revolutionary music is almost never at the top of the charts.


You might be downvoted but I low key agree. I think she's very talented and her music is good but I also have no clue how it's as successful as it is


exactly my point. i think she's extremely talented but her music is not revolutionary or different than anything that's been done before. the scene has seen better and they didn't get this recognition. maybe people just want pop rock back so maybe thats my answer.


well to be fair how much “revolutionary” music do you usually see at the top of the charts?


thats a point


You’re just setting yourself up if you wanna find something revolutionary at this age and time when pretty much all types of sound have been explored. Her music just isn’t your type most likely but a lot of us are really digging her album to say the least. These numbers are not without reasons.


the mouse owns us all


I actually agree. I'll always love a nod to Avril's masterpiece Let Go (I said what I said) but after listening to good 4 you and driver's license I genuinely don't see what sets this girl apart from so many others. I'm not saying her music is bad, but is it record-breaking, one-of-a-kind? Definitely not in my opinion. Did she have a large following beforehand or something?


It's a very successful TikTok marketing campaign.


Record-breaking isn't a matter of opinion lmao.


What I meant was "is it, in my opinion, so unique that it warrants being record-breaking?" I'm not acting like I don't acknowledge the existence of numbers lol.


Uniqueness and record-breaking have never went hand-in-hand so I guess I just don't see where you're coming from.


You're right. Maybe "boundary pushing" or "original" is a better way to put it. Just to be sure, I'm not saying all music has to be either of these things to be good but I'm just noticing a discrepancy between the amount of praise this project is getting versus how original I personally find it.


maybe you’re not the target audience




it’s not just that, they’re also constantly pushing her at us. i barely can get on socials without seeing a think piece on her


Maybe because she's the hot thing right now so you can't really escape her


i’d argue she’s not the hottest thing out right now especially since i can only name two of her songs (no shade) i see her name more than i see it associated with any song other than drivers license


Maybe because you're not the target market.... The charts said otherwise...


maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️


i agree. her voice is really good, she’s talented, but the songs are nothing special. i dont get the hype. i wish more unique music would top charts but instead its the same stuff over and over


Does all music need to be something special? Things can just be good without being groundbreaking.


I mean, you don't have to get it. The rest of us do. Sometimes you just want a fun pop song to sing along to and not have it be ~deep~ or meaningful or special. I can't think of any big name stars like Biebs or Ariana who put out something I would consider "special", but that doesn't matter, does it. Other people love it, so here we are.


I agree, I see nothing noteworthy about it


I can’t relate to thinking that her stellar pop songwriting is something so easy or unremarkable. Could not be me.


i think what she’s bringing that we haven’t seen in a long time in pop music is the ability to put strong emotions behind the well crafted lyrics. so many good pop songs these days just have good vocals and good melody. When you listen to her song, you can totally tell that she wrote this, the emotion and experience can be felt. paraphrasing a vocal coach reaction to the live version of “enough for you” on youtube, you can clearly tell Olivia wrote this song sang this song while bawling out to it during her break up. you can feel the emotion and history in this performance. if her songs makes you feel something, this is how music is supposed to be. pop songs today have been missing this for a long time now. edit: try watching that live version. if you still feel the same, then her type of music probably isn’t for you and that’s normal






That is such a great accomplishment! I am so glad that she managed to achieve this!


And it's her debut album.. Disney is still producing musicians lol


Even though it's a rip off of Misery Business, I'm so so happy this song is big. I want pop-punk to come back.