He really loves submerging himself in that pink water, huh? I’m not mad, keeping doing you, Harry


Let the girls know he is FLUID 😉


harry really said 😛 huh


he got a new bath bomb


not sure what’s going on but im into it


The visuals! The bisexuality! We stan!


The bisexuality really jumped out, tbh


I mean wbk but he's such a private guy I didn't think he'd just go for it like this. And on National Coming Out Day too! Good for her.


Can he just come out officially already?


He’s essentially talked about being bi in an interview, I don’t know how much more official you’re looking for!


i am a dumb broke sorta depressed ass bitch and i’ve felt like v glum recently but then today, on my birthday of all days.....harry styles, the only man i stan, drops a song and a fucking MUSIC VIDEO???????????????? a music video in which he embodies a sparkly sexual sex god even more than he usually does?!???? earth shattering!!!!! my entire life has been changed and maybe i cried a lot! i need time and space and a break before he announces tour dates and the ALBUM release date omgg send HEYLP!


Happy Birthday! (Or belated birthday, depending on what timezone you live in) Glad Harry got you what you wanted :)


thank you so much! i truly couldn't be happier or more emotionally unstable :D


Happy Birthday!!!!


Thank you!!!


happy birthday!!! i'm so glad harry blessed you today <3


Thanks so much 💖💖


Maybe the shrooms did have a point!!


i don't know who i are 😔


harry said illiterate bisexual rights!


Now that I become who I really are...


Ariana impact


He’s so attractive The music video was a bit boring since it kept repeating the same scenes but he was eye candy. Overall, the song seems like an acquired taste. Maybe a few more listens and it will grow on me.


Eye candy makes it worth it.


I actually think he's got the best smile I've ever seen. Sigh.


He seemed really proud of the shots of him riding the motorbike backwards, could have used less of that.


The song structure is very unconventional! I love the falsetto and the choir and the shot at the end where he smiles is SO cute! Is anyone else surprised at how pop-oriented this is compared to his first album?


Loving this bi energy. Have just become a fan. The last song on his first album was my favourite. Hope there's more as candid as that on this new one. He is a star.


Harry: exists Me: dead in a ditch


I love this omg? and harry styles said bi rights😭


Ugh he's so pretty


ok first off what a babe (straight male btw but still) the first verse falsetto is hella sexy and sets the tone for the track but then after the quiet like.. anti-chorus we get full bodied Harry and man its just good to hear his voice again. the song structure here is unconventional (like the coda is beautiful but i didnt expect it at all.. its also kind of like a series of hooks and bridges almost?) so it's hard to process the first time around but i think i really like it.


Straight male gang wya


I’m here, I’m not queer, but I love all those here that are!


I am not in this gang but I would just like to say that this is adorable 😭


you’ve got taste! unrelated question but who’s your fave in bts? i’m super interested because i feel like a lot of people who love harry all lean towards the same like 3 bts members but i’m also taking that from entirely anecdotal evidence haha


thanks haha. my bias is Jimin but Suga always kills me though.


interesting! i’ve mostly seen harry/bts stans leaning towards yoongi/namjoon/tae, so you singlehandedly brought down most of my (totally bs) hypothesis hahaha!


i'm here to back up your hypothesis as someone who loves harry styles and whose fave in bts is namjoon! lol


as both a harry and bts stan, my fav member of bts is also jimin!


haha sorry about that, just mark me as an outlier and disregard. suga/RM dont surprise me mostly because i feel like vibe-wise and role-wise in their respective groups (or former groups) there is some crossover.


This is a religious experience. I love the song and Harry is ethereal.


Definitely take the time to listen to the song w headphones on. Completely changed the feel for me. It’s a great track


Omfg I listened to it 30 times without, am now listening with, and holy FUCK


I experienced it playing at a club. Gave me newfound appreciation for the production.


I’m pregnant.


MY PERIOD WAS 14 DAYS LATE AND I AM FCKING PREGNANT. my parents are gonna end me. i’m only 18, high school student and i have no money. i always thought that having a baby would ruin my life but just knowing that LIGHTS UP is the reason i’m pregnant makes me so happy.


I'm heading straight to the morgue because this comment has me DECEASED.




Bisexual icon




Whew! People on tumblr pointed out that some scenes he shot weren’t in this final cut, pray for a visual album lads! edit: I kind of wonder why they left in the set up of the orgy shot like instead of just showing it already happening they show him beginning to film it and the actors start to move around him, then the breaking character throughout is a bit jarring?


His hotness makes this song way better and I’m mad about it


oh this is fucking good


How is Harry styles so attractive like always wtf he’s honestly been so blessed I can’t believe someone like him exists


his MIND....... the POWER..........


What a fucking babe


I don’t know what this all means but...I like it. ^^and ^^might ^^be ^^a ^^little ^^wet


The song and video remind me of Perfect Illusion so much! The aesthetic, the Tame Impala mood, how short & repetitive the songs are... I love it!


He’s so fucking hot


Really really like it. Looks like he wants to shine before 2020 gets here soon.


Has he ever talked about being bisexual ? Or is this just an artistic choice


Not specifically - he said that being 'female' was 'not that important' when it came to him finding a partner and 'medicine' song lyrics reference 'messing around' with boys and girls but he's said he feels no need to label his sexuality (at least publicly)


Someone in his Rolling Stone interview recently said he told Harry to "find a nice girl or guy" so I assume it's something his friends know


Harry found that Mick Jagger, that David Bowie, that Jim Morrison that all the pop boys are searching for. He's the last great rockstar and someday the world's gonna admit it, but honestly it's fine they haven't yet. the real ones already know.


or maybe i'm just stupid horny. hard to tell the difference.


I hate this comment


Brandon Flowers too I’m getting a Flowers vibe


Falsetto is my king, anywhere and everywhere.


Thank u for all the dopamine Harry it was much needed


I like aesthetic lighting and sexy white boys as much as the next depressed bitch who still has a tumblr account, but i wish the video had a plot or story of some kind. Also he really thinks he's Elton John doesn't he?


There’s some talk that it’s one scene in a visual album which honestly makes a lot of sense, plus there’s scenes he shot that weren’t in the video


I don’t think everything needs a story, personally, especially when a lot of stories in videos are hamfisted and jarring. A loose progression or development can be nice but real narrative videos aren’t always well done


The video has been out for 11 minutes and already gotten 4x the amount of views Charli's White Mercedes has :(


how is that a surprise in any way though


I mean...it’s Harry Styles.


I mean that's what happens when you move into a more niche style of music


You say that like that’s a problem


I guess I'll have to be the one controversial comment once again. This sub shits on Taylor when she tries to support LGBT+ community and get's really defensive about her pandering to certain audiences. This sub ignores the controversies and queerbaiting from Ariana Grande when it comes to her sexuality in music videos. This sub goes hard on Cardi for her past transphobic remarks despite her actually apologizing while also ignoring Nicki's comments and jabs at LGBT people. This sub barely give praise to the work of actual bi people like Tove Lo who talks about her sexuality on songs and music videos but will praise Charli XCX for days for featuring whatever LGBT artist her Spotify playlist suggests her and now this sub is going hard on the bi representation of this video? Where the fuck were we represented? Cause a guy leaned on his shoulder? Y'all can't call out someone for doing the most while praising someone for doing the least. Look, I get that Taylor isn't part of the community, that Charli does a lot for LGBT artists and that Ariana has a passion for queer people but come on, none of them, including Harry, have actively been part of the community and I know this is a lot for a rant but sometimes it feels like this sub doesn't appreciate actual LGBT artists as much as they do for allies. Lorde, Charli and Carly are the divine trinity here. Taylor, Ariana and Lana have huge support. Camila, Dua and Normani are seen as the next big names while artists like St Vincent, Janelle Monaé or Tove Lo are really appreciated, they aren't near the level of theses others. I'm mad.


yo this is how I feel. Like s/o to Harry for supporting lgbtq but what has the dude ever done to actually suggest he's bi beyond vague lyrics? dude literally has only dated the most supermodely-est of supermodels, and obviously that doesn't necessarily mean he's not bi, but I feel like people are grasping way hard at the bi angle for no real reason. He's always been pretty metro (i say that bc I'm not convinced he's anything but straight for the most part and he's not overly effeminate) and right now he's pretty solidly in genderfluid territory, which just happens to be pretty "trendy" on the social issue spectrum right now. I think he's just playing that up because his fanbase eats it up. Again, s/o to him, but I think it's a PR stunt not much deeper than this 70's free spirit acceptance kindness vibe he's been on for a while.


I see your point but to be fair the "I mess around with boys and girls" lyric isn't that vague


Surprised I had to scroll down so far in this thread to see someone say this, but I agree 100%. Harry can have two dudes barely brush up on him (and spend the rest of the video surrounded by a tidal wave of women) and he’s a “Bi Icon!!1!”, but Taylor had a video full of actual LGBT+ people and used it to bring attention to the EQA and she’s a pandering leech. OK.


i do think st vincent janelle monae and tove lo are appreciated, but they aren't as popular in the mainstream so they dont get as much attention


I mean, is Charli, Carly or most of popheads favorites? I don't think the problem is mainstream success. It just that it feels like the queer representation and support from this sub comes mainly from straight people. Comparing Tove and Harry. Tove has music videos with both men and women as the lead interested. Tove is the one who writes and released music talking about her relationships with men and women. Tove is the one that's actually putting herself out there and I don't see people referring to her art as bi representation. Harry's song doesn't talk about bi relationships, Harry's music video doesn't showcase bi relationships, Harry himself have talked about being bi other than two very ambiguous lines. Maybe I'm just sick of bi people being unappreciated but it's so fucking rare that it sucks.


charli and carly didn't have a majorily lgbt fanbase to begin with, but they released songs that the community picked up and loved (vroom vroom + EMOTION album), making them a huge success in the lgbt fandom, so they adopted it. i do think some lgbt artists get a lot of support tho. hayley kiyoko is called the lesbian queen, and troye sivan is almost mainstream now


I'm talking more specifically about bi/pan artists.


The song is reeeaaally interesting. I feel like I need to repeat it at least like 15 times before I really know how I feel about it. The video gave me anxiety lol. Like claustrophobia vibes.


what a HUNK erguh song is good but not life-changing. hoping it'll be like last time where the first single wasn't the best. would like to hear a song that shows off his voice more


omg sex god... i am into this


He's a sex god? I can't wait to see him on the next tour. YAY HE'S BACK!! I love the groove in this lead single.


Haven’t really listened to much of Styles’ previous solo music, but this really caught me off guard... so completely different to anything his ex band members have come out with. It gives off Bowie and Tame Impala vibes has a beautiful somber quality that’s quite emotive, and yet the gospel lifts it up. The anthemic strength of the chorus is very powerful too, if as the rumors say, it might be to do with coming out/ bi- sexuality. A very impressive song that sounds like a instant classic and so mature for someone so young.


I’m trying *really* hard to not read too much into the lyrics but whew! I love the song!


I.............................................. ugh \*heart eye emoji\*


harry is going to make me lose my mind i stg


ok hear me out like they look sweaty, half shirtless, like.. imagine the smell. idc idc, after hours of shooting it must smell its like 30 people


Lmao. I love this video and this song has some elements that are just beyond what I thought any modern radio artist was capable of. I'm used to everybody sounding the same by trying to sound different. Harry is a different one...I like it. That said, yeah, I'm sure it smelled like farts and sour feet in that pile of people.


... this is boring? was interesting in the first 30 seconds, but goes nowhere with any of it. talking the vid.


He looks more like a man than a boy in this. Kind of reminds me of the interview Niall did with Zach Sang, where he says that his first album was more of a boy and now he feels like a man (not an exact quote, but you get the idea). I enjoy the song. Nothing groundbreaking, as other people have said, but I will listen to it and put it on a playlist. Definitely got some Elton John vibes from the song and the video. Also, I see people mentioning bi-sexuality and an orgy scene. I'm assuming the orgy scene is referring to the part where there's people all around him touching him and he's shirtless. I'm not really seeing the orgy thing. It seemed more like people who are high and listening to music together/dancing. And where does the bi-sexuality come in? I'm old, so please help me understand, youths.


Hm I'm not feeling it whatsoever


This reminded me a lot of the slave4u video. They same type of vibe. Trying to shed an old image. That 'dirty sweaty' look. But this could have been much better. But I am happy we will be getting more music from him


The bi-anthem we needed!


Wheres the mayonnaise....?


All over the Top 40 charts.


Lol its a reference to when everyone thought he was filming a mayonnaise commercial in Mexico rather than an MV


Lmao Ohhh. Btw this new video made me so depressed. I wanna be beautiful with swingy hair like Harry Styles. Sigh.




not at all