Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck appear to have heated discussion inside car

Probably arguing about what to eat


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My husband and I got a camera doorbell and holy hell it can make anything look bad. like just eating hot dogs on the porch bullshitting can look like we are in a “heated discussion” I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that kinda stuff.


Lol. My dog thinks my husband and I are getting a divorce every time he tells me what happened on “Too Hot To Handle”. I’m sure we both look LIVID.


We got HEATED over a season of Love is Blind and my cats were so upset. All we wanted was for one of the guys to be less creepy!


My husband said the other night that LIB is stupid and when I said he’s watched every season he doesn’t get invested until the end. Then the episode ended and he said “well we gotta keep watching.” That was episode 3 of this current season. SURE babe you only care at the end. Sure.


Omg which guy 👀


Girlll JP obvi


It could be Uche too 😩




How's many guys said that they were looking for women who were mentally stable? Red flag City


HE ISSSS I do not like that man


Omg, has he been canceled yet?


LMAO I don’t think so but it seems to be heading that way? Dude is super creepy


Oh this was a few seasons ago, but we hated the guy who tried to figure out how much all the women weighed!


OHHH that was Shake!!! From season 2 lolll yeah he was a freak too


I screamed at him, too.


My son hearing my husband and I having a discussion about literally anything. Which is weird because we don’t really fight, especially in front of him.


And you know that how?


I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that they're being facetious.


These are some of the faces I’m making when me and my bf are arguing about how much we can spend on groceries for the week.


Same lol. I have a screenshot of my dude and I going in for a kiss. It looks like he’s choking me and I’m yelling at him. It’s hilarious.


As a Hispanic woman, I could be telling someone a joke or updating them on a tv show and from afar it would look like we’re on the brink of a nasty fight.


I have hella RBF and if you papped me conversing about a grocery list with my husband, I would probably look inches from homicide.


Whenever I've seen those real sleezy tabloid magazines about celebrities possibly being high accompanied by non flattering "proof" photos, I've always wonder how many of them are just mid blink.


I also think that photos of celebs giving someone the side-eye” just happen to be them looking around the room and caught at an unfortunate moment


Omg yes. Add my doorbell cam catching me casually walking in the front door, looking like I'm about to murder someone, but that's just my face. Haha.


God, right? My boyfriend and I were once intensely gossiping ab someone while out with friends and my roommate later told me she was worried we were fighting






Your flair 😂 one my favourite quotes of all time.


Never gets old.


Is your flair when New York flipped out thinking one of the dude's died lol?? That shit was so funny


It absolutely is 😎


Well, she actually prefers Starbucks, that’s the real problem here.


I’m currently in the northeast, no joke there are Dunkin’ Donuts on pretty much every block here.


So jealous there’s barely any on the west coast


There's none at all in my state 🥲 the nearest one is at least 450mi away I think


Jesus I have 5 in a 2-3 mile radius of my house … I’m in the northeast though about 20 outside Boston I don’t like Dunkin’ myself though


He’s just like me fr




That could literally be Ben telling a story about how a barista was rude to him and Jennifer getting mad on his behalf.


Yup like he's telling her some bullshit that happened


I remember a while ago they were caught having a “heated discussion” or something on a red carpet. There was almost immediately a longer clip released that showed the moment in full context and they were not even in the slightest having a tense moment.


She’s from the Bronx. He’s from Boston. Both cities known for their quiet, calm, laid back communication methods.


I snortled at this comment


Snort + chortled? That's a pro move right there.


I’m talented, what can I say?!?!


Isn't chortled already the combination of chuckled and snorted lol


I chorted, which is less ladylike, but more fitting in heated conversations.


I came to say this! On the east coast we talk heated! This could literally be “Britney vs Christina” and they’re both on their sides making faces.


I was going to say the sameee thing. I’m a recent transplant to Boston but I was like, has the photographer never seen a New Englander tell a story? Because that is just how they talk.


Hahaha yes, I, the daughter of a man from Dorchester, understand.


Ikr, people ask me if I’m mad, and I’m like, no, I’m Cajun & Sicilian, hello


When I moved to Staten Island from Maryland, I had to get used to things like my roommate asking, aggressively, "Yo, you want any of these fucking cookies I just bought!?"


THIS. And you’re like “uhhh what?” “THESE COOKIES YO! THEYRE AWESOME!!!” “Why… why are you yelling?”


And when I moved to DC from the midwest people asked me all the time why I was so perky and cheerful. Which was hilarious because in the midwest I was basically considered Daria


Yeah, this is usually the case. It’s happened several times now when still photos have been pulled out of context from very normal videos. The same thing happened a couple of months ago when they were filmed talking in their car. The Daily Mail said that they were arguing but when you watched the video, Ben was very clearly telling a story while Jennifer listened.


Same thing at some awards show. They cherry picked a clip that looked like she was annoyed at him then when you saw the longer clip it was obvious that he made a dumb joke and she pretended to look annoyed then they both laughed


That’s kind of what it looks like. Maybe not exactly that but he looks like he’s telling her a story and she’s listening. Also, I’ve noticed that as I get older, my resting face looks increasingly pissed of. So maybe there’s a bit of that.


“Last time I *ever* go to Starbucks!”


Jen, this is why I *always* go to Dunkin’


LOL. Barista? He’s at the Dunks drive up. He’s not getting anything from anybody barista. Lol


“And then someone said there shouldn’t be a Dunkins on every corner.” “WHAT?”


She just looks like she's listening and the pics aren't filtered, so we're just seeing her regular face. Ben could be talking about a cool bird he saw, who knows.


This is absolutely the face I make when my husband starts telling me about how he saw a hawk last Tuesday


Me too, because between Tuesday and Sunday I’ve almost certainly heard about the same hawk 3 times already.


Rip for those of us living in the foothills of the Rockies. That’s not dog poop! That’s best poop! Wait, maybe it’s Bob cat? Patrice had a big Bob cat on her doorbell over the weekend…. 🫠🤍🤍


Me when my dirtbike mechanic ex husband told me yet another story about a bike needing a new carburetor (its always the carburetor)


“And I swear to you, the bird looked BLUE”


And the bird was all like - Dunkin coffee just isn’t that good.


This is Ben Affleck. I think we can all rest assured that he’s almost definitely talking about a cool bird he saw. And Jennifer is asking him specific questions regarding plumage. ![gif](giphy|2g7dWlLwENbUc)


LMAO what is this from?


I’m not sure! I searched “Ben Affleck Phoenix” and “Ben Affleck back tattoo” and came up empty- but this was the most fun one that did exist, so there you are. It looks like Ben Affleck being surprised, then amused (and like a bit of an affable doof throughout) at an awards show.


If her expression is negative it could just as well be bored. Like okay yeah I get it it was a really great bird you've already told me about the bird I don't need any more cool bird details and no you don't know as much about birds as you think you do you're just making stuff up can we please get out and go to Target


Her brows seem completely relaxed to me. She doesn't look mad at all


I agree, but also Botox keeps that smooth.


Oh true, but it should still show some muscle tension regardless right?


The headline is such unhinged clickbait - “heated discussion inside car after his intimate moment with Jennifer Garner”


Right? Maybe she is mad about Jennifer Garner. Highly doubt it but hey it’s a possibility. She could also just be listening intently to an animated story. Maybe she’s concentrating on a particular point he brought up about a topic that’s important to him. Or maybe people have a range of facial expressions and we cannot possibly deduce emotion from two frames.


And since when does two adults being friendly in a car equal an “intimate moment.” These things are written by people with the maturity level of a ninth grade pervert who doesn’t understand dating yet. Not to say that I was the most mature 14 year old ever, but I knew that a boy and a girl could be in a car together without necessarily having sex. But if Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck smile in a car with their daughter, it’s clearly “intimate” (I know there’s emotional intimacy, but that’s not what Page Sic and the Daily Asshole are ever implying):


Ben and Jennifer seem to have a healthy coparenting relationship. That naturally lends itself to being friendly towards one another. I swear, if two exes smile at each other they’re “intimate” but if your expression could be in any way construed as less than thrilled, then it’s “a tense exchange” I swear they’re the kids in middle school that would say “I saw Tommy sitting next to Susie in math class. He asked her what she got for number seven. I think he has a crush on her”


Exactly. This is one of those things that has always made me feel bad for certain famous people. I’ve never understood why the media follows Ben and Jen And Jenn so closely- I don’t find them as a couple boring but I also don’t give a shit about seeing them walk in gym clothes or knowing 3 new things about them (such as: they went to dinner, they wore jeans, one of them had salad- these are truly things they write about every time Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez go out and if baffles me, but it must sell) every day. I find the normal coverage of them boring, personally, but it’s fine if people like it and they don’t feel harassed. But the desperation to get a photo in which they aren’t beaming with joy, or a photo in which Affleck and Garner aren’t glaring at each other (I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them glare at each other), then imply all sorts of insane shit based on it is gross. If they have some huge beef I’m sure we’ll all know about it (or honestly, I would be fine not knowing about it because I can’t imagine surviving without privacy and don’t want anyone else to have to) soon enough- the scramble that they go through to get a photo (in which everyone is making totally normal faces and acting like people in a car, basically) is pathetic and it makes me feel badly for these folks, but high is probably silly, but I still do. Having weird paparazzi folk and people who can’t write or report but insist on pantomiming a trashy attempt at “journalism” has to be a bit annoying. I mean, I’m sure I would just write it off because it’s not true and only trashy morons write/believe it, but it’s got to be a bit trying when it’s always targeting someone in your family. It was annoying in middle school and it’s probably a bit annoying at 50.


Another headline in the suggested links of this article: "Ben and Jennifer Lopez cozey up at flea market after his intimate moment with ex Jennifer Garner." It's literally just SEO bullshittery.




I really don’t even think they’re arguing, they’re just having a normal conversation. Ben is very animated when he talks and flails his arms around a lot so people often thinks he looks upset when he’s not. Separately, why have the media been so on their case recently? This, trying to stir up drama about Ben giving Garner a ride. It’s all so silly.


It’s not recently. The media is treating them like they did in 2004.


Media saw how much attention saw how much attention Ariana Grande and Joe Jonas have generated and are desperate to create relationship drama wherever possible now lol


Just because someone isn’t grinning the exact moment paparazzi takes a photo doesn’t mean that they’re arguing or the discussion is tense lol I look like this 😐 99% of the day, it’s just my face


What this article is *really* saying is that women should always look at men like Michelle Duggar looks at Jim Bob while they're talking. Who owns Page Six?


Rupert Murdoch and a conglomerate that also owns FOX


Well there ya go. Now it all makes sense.


Ah Page Six, where would we be without its clickbait headlines that have nothing to do with what really happened. I have had more heated discussions with my bf when we can't find the remote.


Exactly I look like this when my boyfriend suggests the same damn place to eat again


Someone says this comment every time photos of them “arguing” comes out but I’ll repeat—they’re not arguing, he’s just from Boston and she’s just from the Bronx.


They're probably arguing about what coffee shop they should go to. He wants Dunkin Donuts and she wants Starbucks.


At this stage she must know that’s a fight he won’t give ground on


Why do u think she has that face? She knows she lost


This might not even be an argument. It reminds of me of JLos music video featuring Ben. Where they depicted how a photo will look like something bad but in reality he was helping her take something out of her eye. And if they did argue. So? Couples fight.


She’s fixing her contact lens & the paparazzi flipped the story! I literally came here to mention that scene lol


I've often been drunk at house parties at 3 in the morning and got something in my eye and decide that the closest group of people need to hear me explain every detail of the Jenny from the Block music video while I rub my eye


![gif](giphy|wzxK9cmYgIPDy) they don’t even look like they’re arguing, just looks like Ben’s talking and Jennifer’s listening. even if they are that is definitely not a ‘heated discussion’.


Married couple has row. Big fucking deal


he probably wants dunkin again and she wants to use olive oil for her skin.


Clearly this is a Starbucks Oleato crossover event


Oh no! A husband and wife having an argument! This. Never. Happens.


Right?! My husband does this thing where he talks incessantly while driving. She looks like me getting annoyed bc I just wanna scroll through my phone and listen to music instead of hearing about college football lol. Like leave me alone and drive the car 😂🤷🏾‍♀️


Yes! This is me with my husband talking about martial arts in anime while driving. Drive man. Just drive 🤣


Am I missing a video or something where hands are being thrown? This literally looks like a normal discussion. He’s talking and she’s listening. What am I not seeing?


Page Six is just being dramatic


I can’t stand her but all couples get into arguments this means absolutely nothing. They probably aren’t even arguing.


The way the media constantly makes it look like they hate each other makes me root for them. I barely know anything about either of them, but they’re my favourite couple after Hailey and Justin, another hated couple that I don’t know much about but love them just because everybody tries to discredit their relationship lmao


This doesn’t even look heated ?


Honestly I probably look like this 24/7 and I’m out here just living my life


It’s one thing when celebrities invite paparazzi attention. But a personal conversation in the car should be just that! It’s not like we have any idea of the context, or ever will.


It's nice seeing her actual face without a billion filters.


This is probably exactly what my partner and I look like when we’re in the car bitching to each other about work. The facial expressions show you’re listening lmao


Bull shit


When Boston meets the Bronx.


If you’ve seen ben’s interviews, he’s very animated so this ain’t nuthin lol


Couples fight, including in cars. Not really news


Me and my husband talking about literally any movie or book


"No Ben, we're not going to Dunkin again today"




So “messy” 😅 my partner and I are dramatic and flamboyant, so there’s a lot of faces and arm waving when we argue. Our pap pics would give peacocks squaring off lol.


Paparazzi are scum


Jenn wanted Starbucks and Ben had to let her know that shit isn’t gonna fly. Dunkin Jennifer, get it the fuck together


They literally have a whole music video from 20 years ago about paparazzi taking photos of them and inputting out-of-context narratives.


Paparazzis and tabloid media deserve death


My husband and I also had a heated discussion in a car today. Stars! They’re just like us!


They’re probably just complaining to each other about the paparazzi lol


This is nothing. Love how women listening inattentively but not in a gooey loving way is always seen as a negative. That’s the whole idea of that, resting bish face. No big deal. I love my resting bish face and I think it’s time we claim it and the word back from stupid media outlets like this


I see no wild gesticulations. Just stern-looking faces. They could be talking about how they wasted money on a new rug because they don’t even like it that much.


“You don’t understand, they put munchkins in the drink! They’ve never doubt that before!” “I do not want to talk about Dunkin for more than 10 minutes a day. You have to stop.”




Even if this is an argument, it’s a) none of our business and b) not an immediate sign of divorce. People argue and it’s not always the end of the world.


Tbf this is more or less how it looks when my husband is telling me something negative that happened that has nothing to do with us fighting. I get heated on his behalf (or on behalf of whoever was wronged in the story). And he’s a very passionate storyteller, so… yup, probably looks a lot like this 😂


There was a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode like this where Larry and Cheryl were pretending to fight and everyone thought he was abusing her. Stuff always looks way worse without context. Also, like, people in relationships fight. It happens. Doesn't mean it's all crashing down or anything.


These pictures don't prove anything. But even if they were having a 'heated discussion', they're a married couple and sometimes even the happiest of married couples have heated discussions.


OMG people have to mind their own business.


Creepy and pathetic. Be better, paparazzi mags.


She looks controlled annoyed. He could be just ranting annoyingly and she’s patient and there’s no conflict here


Married couple being a married couple


She looks hungry


Why are Ben, JLo and Garner literally always being photographed? Is everyone in this “family” in cahoots with the paparazzi?


These three always get clicks. Garner is hugely popular with middle America and pap shots of her sell magazines and generate traffic. Ben and JLo are pop culture icons tbh and their pictures always sell.


Yes it's very odd


Jennifer Garner did say back in the day the paparazzi would only harass her because she was married to Ben. So it kind of revolves around him.


My theory is the paparazzi and mags want there to be drama amongst them, and want to be the first ones to report the drama to the masses. They like the drama surrounding the 3, because of the fact Jen Garner is Ben’s ex, and JLo was with Ben once before, and JLo’s been married 4 times already, so the paps/mags are waiting for this marriage to end too 🙄 They just want to create drama where there is none.


I was shocked to learn earlier her and Leah have had a falling out it seems. I couldn’t imagine being with someone like Ben when she seems like such a type a. He seems like a dude who makes you become his mother. You just know he’s the type you have to check bank, cell, and whatever else type of accounts to make sure you aren’t about to be humiliated.


If looks could kill XD All I'm thinking about is that pic of Ben smoking.


That looks like my husband and I when he’s venting about what a dick his boss is.


I have the worst resting bitch face I’ve ever encountered, I’m sure if I were a celebrity, the paparazzi would spin it like I just hated being around my husband, or something.


![gif](giphy|QgejSvXmwpvnW) They are a married couple. I am sure that every single couple has had arguments.


They just have neutral human faces on instead of paparazzi smiles, this conversation could easily be something like: "I'm really craving butter chicken but I feel like it gives me acid reflux every single time" "Mm, ya.."


"Married couple have argument" I am riveted I tell you, riveted by this shocking development, I hope they keep us updated.


This entire article is a reach lmao they literally just look like they’re in the middle of a normal conversation neither one of them look “angry”.


I have to make it a point to smile every time I see someone or else I look extremely pissed. Jennifer probably has that, too. I sometimes rant to my children about idiots driving around us, I’m sure to passersby I might look like I’m yelling at my kids, when in reality we are making fun of the idiot who did a wheelie in front of us.


Dude is out all night fighting crime. She has a reason to be upset


heated barbie v. oppenheimer debate caught on camera


Clearly she said Krispy Kreme is the superior donut.


They said the same thing about Megan and Justin Timberlake. Without sound we’ll never know the context and therefore can’t make assumptions


My husband and I were out at a restaurant a few weeks ago and when the server came over he mentioned he was sorry to interrupt what looked like a serious conversation……we were discussing The Great British Bake-off, so not really.




I think jlo has a resting bitch face.


Married couple has discussion More at 8


Wait a long time couple having an argument in their car? That never happened before!


I’m sure they’re fine. Couples of all backgrounds have heated car arguments.


I have resting bitch face so I always look like i want to kill you.


It’s like people are hoping they break up or something. Sad.


They don’t even seem mad to me!


She’s pissed he got in that ice spice munchkin latte




Maybe just leave them alone


This hardly looks “heated”. It looks like they’re just talking about something, or he’s telling her about something. Not everyone smiles or looks super happy all the time. Just because they’re not smiling doesn’t automatically mean something is wrong 🙄


What a pisstake man. I hate to criticise this sub as I’m on it but fucking hell every tiny human interaction is microanalysed and seen thru a microscope even when it’s not deep at all, what a nightmare living thru that having complete strangers act like they no every detail of your life


Everything with this seems staged. There are celebs who are super famous and live in LA but we never see any photos or videos of them but it just so happens that every 5 minutes there’s a video or photo of these two. They need to stop. It’s a bit obvious what’s going on


I bet me and my mom's recent conversation looks the same way - I'm Ben, venting about my next door neighbors and their lack of boundaries, and Jennifer is my mom, annoyed that she has to hear this vent for the 200th time.


![gif](giphy|lT2UTn8OKChnW) That’s because his heart belongs to the real jlo


I don’t care about either really. But I hope they are endgame just to shut up the kind of people who commented on this article. (I mean the Page Six commenters not here.) And I’m sure they fight all the time. But they are smart enough to not do it in public.


Daily Mail comments are even worse (no surprise there). Proper conspiracy theory stuff about these two.


He always looks stressed


you're all cockroaches that feed the paparazzi just btw




She’s gonna make him start hitting the bottle again.


Hennifer hlopez


He’s saying just because you’re jlo and you’re hot as hell doesn’t mean you can fart in the car all the time like that.


Those Taco flavored kisses are wearing off


Why is Ben Affleck always getting caught in cars


I’m just saying. No man looked happy with her. Not even will smith can hide his anguish


Ben always looks miserable. I think she’s probably controlling


This sub is something else.


No u


She looks like a warpig


It’s nice to see her not photoshopped to the hilt. She looks great.


Fuck off with this type of “news”


Me and my RBF could never be famous like damn