What is the best way to be stealth?

What is the best way to be stealth?


Depends, if it’s a creaky door you open it quickly, If it’s a regular door you open it slowly.


Exactly what I was going to say


I agree. My fridge.... it's a different story. If you open it slow, it makes a lot of noise. If you open is fast, it makes a lot of noise :(.




Have you tried opening it at regular speed?


Yup..... makes a lot of noise still


I have a solution... just take the whole refrigerator


Try using WD-40 on it :) worked for my front door


If you open it slowly it makes the noise for longer and is therefore more suspicious.


Sometimes doing stuff fast makes a louder noise, like opening a soda bottle, if you open it fast it will make a loud sound, but opening it slow will make a longer sound but it's much quieter


Gotta go fast man, gotta go fast.. Tbh sneaking around around my mother, you learn that if you're trying to tiptoe and be stealthy, you're gonna wake her up but if you just walk around like normal, her mother senses can't tell you're about to steal your phone back from her drawer soooooo there's a lesson for you guys 😌


why did you get your phone taken away in the first place like I'm not one to judge parenting strategies but that seems a little harsh


Hmmmm no idea lol, it's been a while. Most times it's cos I guess I've been using it too much or it's cos this bitch don't like to study 🤷🏾😌 Idk I only steal if I feel slighted for one reason or the other, myb they took it without warning and I had smth I needed to do that day with it, then I put it back probs within the day. Its not a bad punishment lol and it doesn't happen all that often, myb a couple times a yr so tis cool 🤭 I mean I know ppl who have serious ass gadget restrictions from their parents so I'm lucky mine don't go that far 👍🏾


Most parents use much stricter methods here lol, makes me wonder how ur parents used to punish you, just out of curiosity?


ehh I've always been a good kid, never really got in trouble enough for them to want to take anything away


Hehe I used to be like that, and I mean, in some way, I still am... SOMEWHAT 😂 faded overtime for me but I was totally giving off the same vibe at some point lol


If you go slowly they’re gonna have much more time to end up hearing you, if you go fast they don’t have a good amount of time to comprehend what they just heard -person with strict mom


I chose best cuz you gonna assassinate someone slowly or fast? Exactly


Depends on the door


it really depends. Theres no right answer here


slowly and then you suddenly gotta piss like hell


i used to steal food from my friends during lunch all the time. it wasn’t slow or fast. just reached over there like everything was normal at the right time. didn’t even try to hide it. worked 90% of the time.


Doors that squeak: lift up on the handle as you open so that hinges are happy