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Here's the video. [https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1557546910101250051](https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1557546910101250051)


And the crowd went crazy over it too. Nice!


An actual "and everyone stood up and applauded" moment.


Beto looked like he was ready to throw hands.


He’s not my favorite politician but that dude cares about the people he wants to represent far more than most


He at least seems like a normal dude lol. It's sad how far just appearing as a normal person can go in fucking Texas lol. Source: been in Texas for 17 years


Confirmed, also Texan


He definitely puts in the work. He's all over the state all the time.


Beto didnt even break stride to shut that troglodyte down


When you’re Blue in Texas, you learn to be resilient and bold, lol


I live in Georgia and I tossed Beto ten bucks. I want to see Democrat fucking firebrands. Is there a Democrat equivalent of the Republican money groups that teach poor idiots how to run for school boards so they can fuck over their fellow poor people for the benefit of the wealthy? I'm charismatic, I'm irritated, and I've watched this whole shitshow unfold over the last four decades. I will be your guy. Let's see how far we can push the Overton Window to the left and knock these soft Nazis off the table.


you have my vote, PISS_IN_MY_SHIT_HOLE.


PISS_IN_MY_SHIT_HOLE for Superintendent!


Super Nintendo PISS\_IN\_MY\_SHIT\_HOLE has a nice ring to it, he's got my vote!


PISS\_IN\_MY\_SHIT\_HOLE put up his ten bucks, now up yours.


Yes there is- https://runforsomething.net/


This org is run by amazing people


Reminds of a song: We gonna build new kind of globalizer Without pantzer-foust or a shmiser And may the sound of our contaminated beat Sweep all the Nazi purists off their feet. - Golgol Bordello


Goddamn I hope there is video


There is: https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1557546910101250051


Holy shit this energy is beautiful


The old vet in the jacket IMMEDIATELY stands. Fucking A right.


I have been thoroughly impressed with the number of older vets showing up in support of Beto at these small towns. The older vets can see pretty clearly through the GOP's bull crap, and they underestimated how damage they did to their base with that stunt on the veterans health care issue this summer. These town halls in some of the smallest communities across our state have proven that rural doesn't necessarily mean red...at least based on the one I attended and the others I have seen posted on my local community forums. The turn out has been amazing!


I hate to say it, but the brash attitude is going to attract way more votes than it loses. A lot of blue collar middle Americans liked Trump because he spoke their langauage. They liked that he spoke off the cuff without a telepromter and was willing to shit talk everyone because to them it was authenticity. Democrats like to play the high road and that's not how you get votes. Biden saying, "Will you shut up, man" had more press than anything else he has ever said.


People want to be represented


You stand up to bullies, you don’t let them walk over you. Establishment dems would rather suck up to donors than stand up to bullies which is why so many of us are sick and tired of politics as usual.


It’s an especially good approach right now in Texas where all our top politicians are stuffy conservatives who can’t break out of their suits and ties and country club manners. Try to imagine Abbott putting half that passion into a speech that wasn’t about making more money for his pals. Or even just being in a town hall meeting where there’s no $1000-a-plate buy-in. If Beto has a chance it’s because he’s taking what works from the GOP’s playbook these last few years while the republicans themselves are leaving that to their shock jocks and hoping to coast on the merit of that R next to their name without getting dirty.


The older vets are also the ones feeling the gop cuts and snips on the VA medical care system.


That vet knows what's up.


Because he knows better than most what these weapons are capable of.


[This immediate reaction 😂](https://i.imgur.com/WrcvMj3.png)


The energy is great, but the people on the opposition are so brain washed it won't do anything to them. I talked to someone recently about this and the motherfucker told me guns weren't made to kill others. Then what the hell were they made for? To summarize the conversation he said defense, i said by killing the other person, and we went around in circles because they couldn't comprehend the concept of a gun being used to kill.


Holy shit that was really satisfying


Thank you!


I had been planning to make a donation to Beto and put up a sign but this sealed it. Just placed my order. I already liked his politics, but seeing him unafraid to confront these fucks here and at the Abbott conference is awesome. Hopefully he is just as fierce once he takes office.


I watched that video so many times, and even if the boomer thought killing or dying in Vietnam was funny, we trade with them now…. It instantly broke my fucking neck from whiplash. It was fantastic. An old boomer laughing about a war that history judged, but somehow Kissinger has not been yet. People that have recently fought wars, including myself knowing, I have only used that gun particular or 7.62 on long range engagement and .50 Barrett in others, it serves no other purpose. Come on, make it as hard to get an AR-15 et al. as it is to drive legally at least, that’s not asking a lot to start with ffs.


Sometimes I forget Kissinger is still alive and then I remember and get bummed


Gosh these comments on twitter of people DEFENDING laughing guy on twitter. They were making fun of him saying something like “he doesn’t know guns” or “that’s not how an AR works” or saw some “Thats out of range”. These people are so damned brainwashed. It was the context of the situation he was talking about you dumbasses. Oh yeah and [the range of an AR 15 is 600 yards]( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colt_AR-15) mother fuckers Edit: welp, I was wrong. That’s the effective range. The killing and wounding range is MUCH further than 600 yards.


I spent years in Iraq/Afghanistan with a similar weapon. I’m absolutely scared of it at pretty much any range. I can’t imagine what those poor kids felt and I’m so sorry it happened.


I remember during Biden's state of the union address when he was talking about the death of his son and then Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene heckled him in the middle of it. I thought Biden's state of the union was decent, but I really wished he sniped back when those 2 seditious fascist fucks tried to make the night about them, which they partially succeeded in considering how many headlines I saw about them afterwards. I mentioned that in a thread about it and got some backlash for it with people saying something along the lines of it would've ruined the moment for Biden since he was talking about something serious and personal. I don't totally disagree with that sentiment, but I feel like people really underestimate how much optics matter. Whether you like it or not, moments like what Beto did here really do matter. Edit: To all the people who have, and potentially will, respond to me about Biden doing the right thing by not saying anything: Do you not see the difference in this thread alone? You're commenting in a thread where the headline is "Beto snaps back at heckler" rather than "Beto is heckled". Please tell me you can understand how much more positive and empowering it is when the narrative is "standing up against bullies" rather than "being harassed by bullies". Narratives like this really fucking matter to an electorate who are ill-informed and largely don't even know what policies their politicians support. I don't like it as much as you do, but that's the reality of US elections.


> I remember during Biden's state of the union address when he was talking about the death of his son and then Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene heckled him in the middle of it. I thought Biden's state of the union was decent, but I really wished he sniped back when those 2 seditious fascist fucks tried to make the night about them, which they partially succeeded in considering how many headlines I saw about them afterwards. The consistent evidence has shown that they're nothing more than attention-seeking morons because unfortunately, due to the lack of intelligence in this country, people like them continue to "fail upwards" through actions like that so it's a learned response that they simply repeat like a simple minded animal with a single digit IQ.


I don't want to hear a single Republican complain about a "lack of decorum" after 4 years of Trump's behavior — Not. One. Word.


But what if Biden wears a tan jacket?


Is he presidential enough? Meanwhile Trump grabbign pussies


"They got what's in the safe!"


And wears diapers underneath disturbingly tight kahkis and white shirts


And cant navigate a slight incline.


It's happening right now, did you see Fox News covering the "dark brandon" meme? The fucking cognitive dissonance


That shit is so funny. Again i want the lefting politicans that the right wing media scares thebworkd about. Same here in germany. "The greens will turn of ALL COAL POWER and put WINDMILS IN EVERY BACKYARD!!!, etc


But you will. Because they will. Because it gets then support, despite not actually carrying about decorum.


Unfortunately you will because republicans don’t think rationally, they don’t let sense get in the way, facts don’t matter to them, oh and history never happened


I mean... Seriously... Wtf is wrong with that guy laughing? Psychopath


It wasn't just one guy but [a bunch of "counter-protesters"](https://twitter.com/BetoMedia/status/1557554522268094466) that showed up to troll the event.


They look exactly how I expected them to look. Good job to central casting.


Knew it was the guy in the leather jacket. It was hard to tell but this absolutely confirms it. What a fucking chode...why even bother to show up this thing just to be an asshole? Get a hobby bro.


Unfortunately, that is their hobby.


These people pretend that all gun massacres are "fake news" intended to impose gun control. Psychopaths.


You can thank Alex Jones for that


Alex Jones is nothing but an attention seeking narcissist. He’s also about to be a much poorer attention seeking narcissist, and forever stained with “his phone records went to the January 6th Committee”.


That is how they can ignore reality and pretend real life doesn’t exist. They have to laugh because the alternative is that they admit they had a temper tantrum about a few months of carryout food from Outback and they NEED to believe crying about that is equal to being drafted and forced to die storming the beaches of Normandy. The softest most whiny pathetic fucks our country has to offer


I love that he just slammed the OFF switch on his political filter and answered that clown’s shitty moment immediately and without calculation.


More democrats need to do that, frankly




Been saying this for awhile. Time to fight fire with fire with these idiots.


Came here to say the same thing.


I love Biden’s “will you shut up man”


The funniest thing Biden’s ever said was after his victory speech when the BBC asked him for a word and he said “The BBC? I’m Irish!” and kept walking. Lmfao


Mumbles: *"Stupid motherfucker"*


Is there any other way to deal with these asinine trolls.


Nope! Call every single one of them out! Every! Fucking! Time! If they can be caught on video, in a moment where bull shit won't help them and they cannot support their fucking stupid opinions, that lack any amount of LEGITIMATE evidence, then at least some will wake up. Not all unfortunately, but expecting rational thought from those who have never ONCE shown they even know what it is, IS foolish and we need to stop coddling them and allow for them to feel as foolish as they deserve. I don't give a damn about your feelings if they require others to be subjugated at your whims based on nothing but hate and stereotypes. If you fall in to this category and are stupid enough to voice it, you DESERVE all the ridicule you get. So fuck off and hide in your bunker while we live healthier lives in your absence.


Fuck their feelings.


"But that's cancel culture!!" Damn right, Skippy. Society doesn't want people with abhorrent views to be part of society. We've tolerated them for far too long. No one's going to throw you in jail for being a terrible person, but it's high time society excises them from social gatherings.


They love cancel culture when it's 10 year old rape victims and the doctors who saved her. Also any TV show with a POC or LGBT+ person because that's "woke"


I think Beto’s political filter is just plain broken. It’s at least authentic.


“He talks like one of us”. He’s also not orange


He's also coherent.


And so are his ethics.


He actually has ethics.


Voted for Beto in 2018 for senator and will vote for him again in 2022 for Governor, hopefully he can unseat Abbott.


He's also not overtly evil


He’s a politician, so obviously there will be things he does purely for political points (not saying this instance was, just in general), but damn, the way he’s running his campaign is impressive and seems to be really targeted at truly understanding people no matter what their political background is. From everything I can tell, as a non-Texan, this guy is the real deal.


It's refreshing to see someone with the balls to stand up and speak out.


Imagine laughing at dead kids and taking yourself seriously. Fucking twat of a person.


The only thing that would get him crying is if his guns are taken away. 19 kids lives taken are funny The gun nuts are in a death cult


Children died, and this person laughed. I'm with 'no fucks left' Beto on this one. Bout time we take the gloves off.


I respect a politician who can curse when it really is appropriate.


Even if it’s not cursing, stop trying to pretend you’re in Sunday school. Even the “will you shut up, man” line at the debate landed so hard. It was a real reaction that a majority of the country was feeling at the time.


I saw that and I nearly fell out of my seat laughing


The fact that the now-POTUS, the *career politician* that has been greasing hands and building connections for *decades* with people that really don’t deserve his patience snapped and literally told somebody to shut up really speaks volumes of how much of a fucking child Trump is. His behavior on that stage was a disgrace. He never let Biden get a word in edgewise and it was all buzzwords, false accusations, interruptions, and plain insults or jabs at his son. The sheer childish behavior that we saw out of Trump seriously defied imagination, and it honestly made me sick to my stomach considering he was running for another term as President.


AND the fucker knew he was COVID positive during that debate


Trump was probably hoping Biden would get COVID from him and die so he wouldn't have to go down the "overthrow democracy" path in order to stay in the White House.


He was absolutely hoping that. I don't know if you remember, trump's family and entourage arrived "too late" to get tested and they sat unmasked for as long as they could. It was absolutely an attempt to get biden and his team sick


And his cult members *loved* it and thought that was winning a debate.


You should see r/conservative - they're going absolutely apeshit over the raid, demanding Garland be arrested, asking for a 'super FBI' to police the FBI, calling for an end to search warrants. It's fucking hysterical. Haven't been this happy to go on conservative since the Congress polling results came out.


> super FBI You can't be fucking serious


They've decided that the proper answer to the conundrum "Who watches the watchmen?" is to have another group of watchmen.


Their answer to gun violence is more guns. What were you expecting?


About as funny as when Herschel Walker said we should create the “Federal Bureau of Looking at Young Men Who Are Looking at Women, Who are Looking at Social Media”


Ugh just went in there and saw endless panic over a routine IRS job listing for its Criminal Investigation special agents (who carry guns). They honestly think 80,000 new IRS agents will all have guns and come ask who you vote for and then shoot you if… well let’s just say they are projecting their own fantasies, about what they would want if the parties were flipped. It’s frightening. (IRS CI historically could only train about 260 new people per year, so that’s their max annual hiring. The training takes a long time and diverts time from their seasoned folks, so it’s “expensive” to hire a lot of new agents.)


They are quite literally the *dumbest* animals in the universe.


These are the people who will not, not for a second, consider that the reason the FBI raided Trump, the SDNY are investigating him, he was impeached twice, and did I mention *the FBI carrying out a no knock investigation of his house*, is because Trump could possibly have done anything wrong. No, it's all a massive conspiracy from the President, the Attorney General, and the head of the FBI Trump himself appointed, on down. They also believed Trump was going to uncover and prosecute a massive paedophile conspiracy. That didn't happen. Yet their faith remains unshaken.


What’s scary is if the pedophile ring he was supposed to break up is like every single other thing conservatives won’t shut up about then we know it’s really them doing it


Yeah I saw one of the standard issue GOP rodents on TV the other day making the argument that it was completely unprecedented to have the last president raised by the FBI. That this is the first time it’s ever happened. Motherfucker it’s the first time it needed to. Trump’s criminality and contempt for the law is why a raid was needed.


It wasn't a no knock. It was a very routine and low key execution of a search warrant. Trump is the one calling it a raid.


His base has probably never seen a proper debate, ever.


Are you telling me that Ben Shapiro Gish galloping an unprepared student in a YouTube video isn't a proper debate?


Fucking aquaman


To those dumbasses that is exactly how someone with their level of intelligence would “win a debate,” just yelling over someone.


>His behavior on that stage was a disgrace. [Not to mention he was likely spitting COVID at Joe](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/dec/01/trump-tested-positive-covid-before-biden-debate-chief-staff-mark-meadows-book).


The other thing about this incident that was gross was all the pundits afterwards acting like *both* Trump and Biden were acting shamefully. Their bullshit pearl clutching does as much damage to this country as those traitors on the right.


"Keep yapping, man, *see what happens.*" I'm half surprised trmp didn't stumble the fuck away in fear.


I really wish Trump had to debate Obama. Obama would've demolished Trump. He would've had the whole country collectively laugh that clown off stage.


I watched that debate. My father watched Pakistani news channels react to it. It was \*that* viral. Trump showed just how much out of his depths he was.


"keep yapping, man" is super underrated


My aunt the retired parochial school teacher liked it. Of course, she’s a liberal, so I knew she’d support Biden, but I was a little surprised by how much she seemed to feel satisfaction over it


After four years of listening to that fat bag of farts screeching on a daily basis it just felt so goddam good to have someone in authority tell him to just shut the hell up. It was like an orgasm.


“When, inshallah?” had me giggling. He won Michigan at that moment


Correct and Beto was 100% there. I had a science teacher in middle school that had a "profanity speech" he felt he had to give every year to his 8th grade class. He said profanity isn't something magical, or forbidden, or even taboo...it had its place in every day conversation as a type of mid sentence exclamation point on steroids. It had no part in most formal conversation but it had an ability to make itself heard in a way that could emphasize injustice. That man was a legend to me and his point on profanity still stands to me today.


The way I got a kid to chill on cursing too much was to ask him if he’d ever heard a nun curse. The reason it would be powerful is that it isn’t used until it is needed, and then it has all the stored power from not using it. Curse when you need it, and it’ll shock like a nun cursing. Oddly enough it worked, beyond me that the kid would listen to that all things considered.


That was the point really...it was a part of speech unto itself that if used too much lost all power. Late at night so I apologize if I have little nuance and detail in my posts.




You've got my vote.


The Stewart method


Republican pearlclutching on the horizon.


They’ll have zero issue with some rando laughing about a school shooting, but ‘oh my lord can you believe the nasty things Beto said?!’


Oh. No doubt. Fucker Carlson and Sean Manatee will probably be broadcasting their "disgust" of beto's language tomorrow.


>Sean Manatee I have a whole new thing to say.


Just in case you missed it. Patsy Bologna


Gotta upvote Sean Manatee even though it is disrespectful to manatees.


They'll say people running for government positions shouldn't say stuff like that. All while defending Republicans for doing worse.


They can get fucked with their pearl clutching. CPAC had a marquee on the main stage that said they were all domestic terrorists and I think we’ll all be okay if we started treating them that way. No rights, no home, no hope, no problem.


I had to look that up. Holy shit those people victim complex hard. In the dumbest, least patriotic ways possible.


Too busy being mad about the FBI.


Right??? Give them a dose of their own shit


Such a tragic issue and this moron laughs.Good job Beto.


Can you guys in Texas like… vote for him? Pleaseeee


After 10+ years of paying taxes, I finally became a citizen. Hell yeah I'm voting against fascism.


Hey, seriously: congratulations. And good on you for sticking with it, it's a long process. Happy voting!


In the 2018 Senate election against Ted "a real human being" Cruz, Beto won the vote amongst people who had lived in Texas 10 or more years. I'm sick and tired of the "don't California my Texas bullshit". People who have lived here for decades are extremely sick of the GOP


THE STATE OF ANN RICHARDS. Bros, do not forget, Texas is the state of the most badass Democratic governor who has ever lived--and she was a short, white haired, old lady, drawling, cussin' force of nature.


We had he better care under her too! Single men and women had health care. Moms had better access to food for their kids through a well funded wic program, and could qualify for pci childcare. We actually had planned parenthood’s providing contraceptives for free. Schools were better funded. I miss her.


When I visited Boise, ID, all the worst of the worst loudly GOP I met were Californian transplants and were generally shittier than all the people I met from Idaho. I know Idaho has massive problems. But that really surprised me. Also made me sad for the folks in Boise who were getting their voting overtaken by those people.


That's interesting, and further confirms my take, that Texas has become a destination state for disaffected conservatives from elsewhere who are actually much further right than most average Texas conservatives. Most of the right leaning transplants I know or encounter are much more politically rabid than the right leaning Texas natives I've always been used to. The modern Republican party is so much worse than it used to be. While I never liked it, at least they weren't so obsessed with destroying the country and democracy and rejecting facts. Most native Texans are moderate, right leaning Hank Hill types. Not Alex Jones/Roger Stone/Marjory Taylor Greene lunatics. It's unfortunate that party politics for so many is ride or die and (R) on a ballot is guaranteed votes.


Florida sends its regards. The Northeast keeps retiring its evangelical trash to us but the people who aren't just here to die can't stand the modern GOP.


I mean this in the most pleasant way possible: Every house needs a trash bin. By concentrating americas greying evangelical trash in Florida, you’re taking the hit so that the rest of the country can be cleaner. Remember that they had to move *from* somewhere as well. Margins in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. are all improved for the better when these old, white, jesus-y MFers leave. So, thank you for your service. Collecting demographic trash is a filthy job, but somebody’s gotta do it. You and Arizona have been doing heavy lifting on this front, and we’re grateful.


Voted for Beto when he went up against that shithead Cancun Cruz and definitely will against Abbott, the biggest fucking hypocrite that has made Texas less safe and less affordable to live in with policies that make Florida jealous.


At our town hall, at one point Beto said "now I'm not saying Greg Abbott is evil..." and I couldn't help but laugh. I'm so fucking sick of the corruption and hypocrisy. Some of Abbott's policies just seem like cruelty for the sake of cruelty.


It was pretty cool when Beto called out Greg Abbott in that press conference after the shooting


I joined Beto’s campaign within 3 minutes after that presser


Me too. First time I’ve ever donated to a politician. Ever.


[Link to video](https://twitter.com/AmoneyResists/status/1557551686754910208) of the moment it happened. Incredible. We don’t necessarily need more vulgarity in politics… we need the clarity, urgency, and righteousness that Beto just unleashed.


That was swift and effective, not too big an emphasis on the mother fucker, just right to the point


It was perfect.


And them he just goes back to what he was saying. Didn't let the fucker derail him.


I love the moment before he calls him out. Like he heard what the guy said, thought about it, and responded. I think that’s what my mom meant when she taught me to think twice before doing something. Beto was like “should I say it…? Yeah, I’m gonna say it.”


That was possibly the best mother fucker I've ever heard in my life. So damn smooth, quick, and crisp that it takes a second or two for it to even hit you. That was a beauty


Wow. That was amazing. The crowd reaction was instantaneous.


I would cheer too. It's so refreshing to finally start seeing assholes like that called out.




Yes and no. Native Texans go both ways, with a lot coming up on the liberal side. Transplants are more likely to be conservative. (This info was from like 2018, may be old now).


Texas is a massive state with millions of people in it! There's definitely enough democrats to fill an auditorium The major population centers are full of liberals, they're just so concentrated that they don't win statewide elections.


OG Ann Richards Dems in Texas. People still remember her. >"Let me tell you that I am the only child of a very rough-talking father. So don't be embarrassed about your language. I've either heard it or I can top it."


So was it the ancient old dude that sits there stoic, the bearded guy in front of him that gets up at the end, or the girl holding the Abbott sign?


And then everybody clapped. Because fuck yeah, they did.


God I really want to see the clip. Proper words to shake the public into realizing what these people are laughing at. When the recording comes out, it has potential to be the drop of the century (if drops are still a thing the kids are doing these days)


It’s on Twitter https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1557546910101250051?s=21&t=u5l1xiig9RPcVLmI4a3hgA


Love the clapping old military vet just in frame. When the old dog approves of your "mother fucker", it was a good one.


When yoy just throw around terms like "mother fucker", I could imagine any old-timer seeing it as flagrant, but when the offensive term is so accurate (likely to a litteral degree) no one can deny the resonance. Good to see. Shame it needs to be seen


Oh damn! Crowd goes wild! Thanks for the link. Amazing that dude had the nerve, but then a politician says a naughty word and he just starts shaking his head...wow. what the fuck


Okay that was pretty enjoyable. I hope that person felt as small as he is.


He probably went home and beat his wife and then fell asleep on his lazy boy watching Tucker.


As a Millennial and part of the generations currently trying to have kids and buy houses and deal with the enormous pile of shit social, economic, political, and ecological catastrophes the previous generations created and then dumped on us, If you don't know when and how to cut your shtick and drop an f-bomb appropriately and in context I don't have any goddamn time for you. People who are obsessed with style are hiding a significant lack of substance. If it's "the principle of the thing", and the principle is that swearing isn't appropriate ever and overshadows a man literally laughing at babies being blown apart while their parents fought police to try to save them, then you have bad fucking principles. Swear words aren't obscene, slurs are. Motherfucker isn't obscene, but laughing at murdered schoolchildren absolutely is. Substance over style or fuck off. I'm tired of bad principles masquerading as superior moral standards. Edit: Hammered this one out at 5am before going to bed for the night (nap for the morning?) so missed all my principles masquerading as principals. Thanks for pointing it out.


Right on


Trump obliterated the cordial standard. Beto exercised that new found freedom perfectly. Who laughs at the slaughter of innocent children, he needed to be called out.


Mineral Wells is my hometown. I’m saddened that anyone there can make light of the tragedy in Uvalde. Good on O’Rourke for calling the person out on it.


What I love about this is that it was probably someone deliberately trying to get a rise out of Beto and make him look bad. Instead, he got a rise out of Beto and boosted him 5 points in the polls.


They think they can be crude and that will make them cool. Source: Trump


You can't bait someone who can weave out 'motherfucker' so well. They'll take the bait and then the pile right out of your hands


Hmmmm…I like this guy (Beto, not the monster off in the corner).


> While discussing some details of the tragedy, somebody in the crowd laughed, prompting O’Rourke to swiftly turn around. What kind of POS laughs during that?


People who watch Infowars and think it didn't really happen.


Probably, but at least there's video: https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1557546910101250051


That right there is the voice the Democratic party needs to adopt. Stop trying to reason with the unreasonable. Stop being civil with the uncivilized.


Damn right. Be civil, be eloquent, be knowledgeable about the issues, but be ready to thrown down when it's called for. A loud minority thinks they get to dictate to the rest of us. Fuck that.


We've been coddling ignorance for generations, hoping that it would wear itself out, but that shit ain't been working. Hyperbolic maybe, but I think civil discourse is dead and we're all just pacing through the funeral procession.


Oh shit. More of that please.


He's damn right.


For some reason this made me cry happy tears. Finally, someone running for office telling these assholes to shut the fuck up.


You have to be all kinds of evil to laugh at such a tragedy.


It takes a sick motherfucker to laugh at the death of a child. Good on him for calling out the bullshit


I would vote for Beto! There’s something wrong when it’s illegal for someone under 21 to buy a handgun or even a beer, yet they can legally buy an assault weapon at 18.


If you watch the video, it shows you how authentic Beto's reaction is. He didn't hesitate to say it. If Texas can get this guy elected, he's going to be a hammer. This is the kind of Democrat we need to take on state capitol overrun with shit stain republicans like Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton.




Sadly, I think how much of a "shit human being" one is and how much empathy one has are strongly correlated with political orientation.


This is the Democratic Party I’m here for. I’m so tired of taking the high road with these stupid fucks.


A friendly reminder that the incomparable Anne Richards was once governor of Texas. Bring back that same energy!


How sick does a person have to be to laugh when someone is describing the gun that slaughter children


Damn, he really WAS in a punk rock band.


We need more like him in politics