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We urge MTG to leave Congress to avoid another coup.


We urge her to leave the planet to avoid another fragrant bowl of gazpacho served in a peach tree dish


She can MAGA by leaving the country and staying away for good.


“We don’t want her” -the rest of the world


*except Russia. They love her and Trump down there.


Only love them as long as they can make waves in the US, she‘s not worth much to them if she‘s in Russia


True but once their usefulness is done they don’t need to be around anymore and the cycle continues to the next brain damaged loudmouth


I mean they payed for them gonna get as much use outta them as they can


*paid* I’ve been seeing this and “boarders” instead of *borders* really frequently for some reason... 🤔


That's not new. No xenophobic anti-immigrant Facebook rant is complete without the required spelling, "boarders".




Don't forget...cooked by jewish space lasers!


Ironically gazpacho is a cold soup and isn't cooked


poor guy pulled a 'Rimmer' (gosh I hope one person gets the reference)




If you're in trouble he will save the day. He's brave and he's fearless, come what may. Without him the mission would go astray. He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer. Without him life would be much grimmer. He's handsome, trim, and no-one slimmer. He will never need a zimmer. He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer. More reliable than a garden strimmer. He's never been mistaken for Yul Brynner. He's not bald, and his head doesn't glimmer. Master of the wit and the repartee. His command of space directives is uncanny. How come he's such a genius? Don't ask me! Ask Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer. He's also a fantastic swimmer. And if you play your cards right Then he just might come round for dinner.


Smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakfast.


I did, you’re fine.


heck yah, red dwarf was/is rad. new seasons are confusingly excellent too!


Smeghead :)


What a idiot 🙄


I hope you were going for irony...


I still say Magic The Gathering in my head every time I see that. Though Magic has more strategy in its weakest cards than she'll ever have in her life.


Same. It's always a huge contrast in my mind to think sophisticated and intelligent card game with a woman who claims Jewish space lasers started the California forest fires. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest that anything remotely intelligent that she says is something Putin told her to say.


Thanks to reddit, I always think Perjury Trailer Queen now


Let's not taint (M)agic (T)he (G)athering by including this dumpster fire with the same initials.


Just call her Gangrene. She's part of the rot in the system.


MTG is a threat to the United States and to democracy.


Any interaction with her needs to start with why she asked for a pardon a few days into her tenure. That is the only footing she should ever have to stand on so long as she lives.


This and ask her every single time she's interviewed if she's ever accepted foreign donations?


Sounds like putin could exploit her easily enough


Do you think he hasn't already?


She’ll probably answer with “I’m sorry. I don’t recall.”


Would it surprise anyone if she turned out to be a Russian plant?


I mean, she won bc her opponent dropped out due to threats, right? Or am I misremembering? If I'm remembering accurately that does seem like a very KGB approach to getting someone to leave a political race.


>she won bc her opponent dropped out due to threats, right That sort of downplays it. My understanding is the harassment from it was so bad it caused issues in his marriage so he ended up divorced and homeless, having to move back in with his parents in a different state.




I’d be surprised if she wasn’t in some way beholden to Russian.


That seems to describe the majority of the GOP at this point


I’d be surprised if she wasn’t in some way a plant. She has the IQ of a fern.


She's a Russian house plant at best, but unfortunately this one consumes oxygen instead of producing something useful.


[The KGB called it demoralization](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX3EZCVj2XA), and they've been trying to fan flames of anti-American dissent in this country since at least the 1940's. Characters like MTG are the 'useful idiots' who breed chaos and doubt--weakening American society and making it easier for Russia to become the dominant global power. I'm not saying the KGB/GRU is directly involved with MTG and other politicians like her, but it is 100% in line with Russia's geopolitical strategy to promote her via social media manipulation, botposting ('shilling'), etc.


Every time I read those initials I have to remind myself we are talking about the politician and not the trading card game


Tell us you are Putin's puppet without saying you are Putin's puppet


KGB standards are slipping. They used to like "useful idiots" now they are accepting regular idiots.


She probably more useful than most. She had ZERO responsibilities in office since she had no committee assignments. She can dedicate 100% of her time pushing conspiracy theories and propaganda. There is nothing stopping her from going whatever the hell she wants.


The online meddling feeds her the talking points, she's just a mouth piece so how the shit is she in office? I call bullshit.


People are giving conspiracyish answers. The correct answer is that her district is populated with morons.


She ran unopposed, guy got death threats from Qanon


Regular idiots *with seats in Congress.* Which makes them pretty useful, no?


Oh I know. The joke was there so I took it.


Great Val-U Brand Tulsi Gabbard


I remember when Reddit actually had kind of a hard-on for Gabbard.


Some of my friends did too and I was like "this lady is compromised af" I didn't want to be right. But here we are.


How much of a closet criminal do you have to be for foreign intelligence to blackmail you into treason? Seriously, I am one of the biggest pieces of shit I know, and I would rather confess to all my crimes/sins than face blackmail.


In all seriousness.. what is the best alternative explanation for her saying something like this? Why why why why why would supposed die hard "American Pateiots" advocate just rolling over and handing world power to a shitwad like Putin?


There’s a saying, “If someone’s behavior doesn’t make logical sense, follow the money.”


> There’s a saying, “~~If someone’s behavior doesn’t make logical sense,~~ follow the money.” FTFY


The alternative is that she gets her information from memes. Which were created by Russians. She is doing their bidding but is too stupid to realize it.


this was trumps plan if he won a second term. or was able to be successful in treason. but yet hes still running around despite even new crimes. is the american justice system dead for the rich and are the people really just this stupid?


Am American, can confirm that the people are really that fucking stupid.




Trump has the benefit of due process ... and the sheer audacity of what he tried on Jan 6th. There is a suspension of belief still - that such an act just isn't possible, and will not happen again. This is the great advantage of his side - not being taken seriously enough. The Nazis were also seen as a gaggle of headless ruffians who will not be able to govern and can be easily controlled. Look what happened.


Cool then they can arrest for one charge then tag on the rest as more evidence comes to light. There's no reason to watch him commit crimes for the last 6 years and keep hearing "oh let's just wait for report or let's just watch the panel". This is not acceptable governance of poor people and would not happen if he were.


Yeah, someone needs to take a look at her bank account. See how many rubles have been going in.


As if leaving NATO will prevent war with Russia. It would actually accelerate confrontation with Russia almost immediately after we jump out of NATO and NATO collapses. She should stay out of foreign policy and stick to what she's good at, verbal domestic terrorism.


Pretty sure her knowledge on foreign policy is enough to fill one of those “peach tree dishes” she’s always talking about


Why is anyone giving that nutbarette a news cycle over every moronic thing that falls out of her mouth?


* A group of scientists hold a news conference to discuss a new chemotherapy protocol which has statistically significant outcomes and extensive research indicating a reduction in patients during therapy through selective avoidance of T-cell lymphocytes. * A sitting US representative gives a news conference at which she will contradict herself, the constitution, and call for violence against US citizens. Which one of those is going to have the street outside completely blocked by news trucks?


You kind of nailed it perfectly and I hate it.


Because our media and citizens are addicted to drama instead of actually solving problems.


Pretty sure she's doing what Russia wants.


Pretty sure she's on Russia's payroll


I wonder if she and Tulsi Gabbard are paid out of the same Kremlin slush fund.


Georgia: the Peach Tree Dish State


Why do you think her Russian handlers told her to say that? They are smarter than a sack of doorknobs


Imagine the damage to America's reputation for *generations*. If America withdrew from NATO to avoid war with Russia, the chickenshit reputation would NEVER go away. Any Senator with half a brain would know never to suggest such an incredibly bad move.


France *still* gets shit on with white flag memes for world war 2 despite being one of the continental super powers for hundreds of years.


France spent the interwar years being super fucked up. At least they sort of had an excuse for their piss-poor performance in WW2; they hated Germany's guts and would have liked a redo. Rather different than this case, where MTG and the other compromised people want to roll over *on purpose*.


France was actually fairly similar. In their case, Pétain, Laval, and others essentially took over and formed the Vichy government. The French leadership left and assisted the Allies from exile. But the ordinary people, those who became the Maquis resistance fighters? Tenacious and hard fighters, and a key element in D-Day.


If I'm not mistaken they also helped in Africa as well. I believe the FFL is credited with taking out 50+ tanks in one battle without losing a single man.


If Trump were to will it, they'd all fall in line. That's what's so scary about the 24 election.


Trump suggested getting rid of article 5, which is virtually getting out of NATO. So yeah, 24 is scary as shit.


I've read speculation that if trump had won, he would have given NATO the one year notice that the US would leave in Jan/Feb 21 and be out by the time Putin wanted to invade Ukraine. It really makes you go "hmmm." Edit: https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Withdrawal_from_NATO


Considering the first thing he did when news broke of the invasion was to praise Putin, anybody who thinks he would have responded any other way as president must be delirious.


It's not like he was having private conversations with Putin while in office or anything... https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/10/04/trump-has-spoken-privately-with-putin-least-times-heres-what-we-know-about-conversations/ Oh 16 times by 2019


I remember after he said he trusted Putin more than our intelligence agencies he met with Putin privately and had the interpreter tear up the notes. I'm sure that isn't the only time that happened.


Didn’t he eat them? (seriously)


If Trump were in office, Zelenskyy would’ve been dead by April and the huge material support from US would have never happened. Heck, it could be argued Trump would’ve simply ignored the situation entirely.


Gets Russias help to win in 16. Promises to pull out of NATO in 21 (if he gets a second term of course). Loses because he didn't cheat hard enough/his insurrection fails. NATO becomes stronger than ever. Now all that's left is for this treasonous ex president to be convicted and jailed..


What’s there to speculate my dude? It was a campaign premise leading up to the election in 2020. Trump was promising his constituents we were leaving NATO if he got re-elected and telling them it was because it was sales and we were the only ones paying our fair share. Dude has been trying to get Putin’s pat on the butt for decades…


They have the same handlers, that’s why they fall in line so fast


The irony is the GOP are usually the biggest chicken hawks when it comes to confrontation.. they're always complaining about the Democrats being too soft on foreign policy.


That's not irony, it's projection.


I thought Trump was the dumbest person I've ever seen, and that the US would never vote in a person as dumb. Yet, here we are. When a complete and utter nitwit tries to play on Geopolitics, but looks like a 3 year old smashing legos.


Russia should leave Ukraine to avoid war with NATO.


It's what Russia is telling her to say.


Exactly. They know they’ve been exposed at this rate at how inept their military is, so they so desperately want the US out of NATO. It’d be their only hope to wipe out anything that’d keep them in check


It would be much harder without the US…. But if russia can’t win against Ukraine, how would they fare against the European component of NATO?


Sweden Finland and Poland would be a triple combo slaughter of Russians.


This is purposeful not ignorance. She acts dumb but the GOP and Russia are in bed.


No, it's actually both. She's purposefully stating this because that's what she's being told to say. But, she's still ignorant to the impact and an idiot. She's every bit as dumb as she sounds, and maybe even dumber than that.


Verbal? Pretty sure we’re still waiting to here her whereabouts during Jan 6th’s attempted pipe bombing: https://twitter.com/drgjackbrown/status/1539811248136548354?s=21&t=abKd5Lm8g__hf4J1_M06hQ


She did ask for a pardon.


There are plenty of NATO members who could collectively take on Russia. It won’t suddenly collapse without the US. However, they would experience a drastic decrease in military might.


I think the issue is, without America, NATO could take on Russia and win. However without America, Russia may think it stands a chance. And the real power of nato is being strong enough that no one even dares attack.


Screaming in her co workers mail slots like a crack addict.


She is so obviously compromised. I just don’t get how people don’t see it.


Wonder who is giving her those talking points to begin with? Surely whoever is sending the check.


This isn’t that fucking hard to comprehend either. Look at how Russia is struggling with one small country on their border! Russia does not want to fuck around with NATO. As much as they are waving their nukes it’s all a fucking bluff. The reason Ukraine was attacked right when Biden stepped in was because Putin knew the chances of Ukraine joining NATO was higher. And Putin fucking knew that if Ukraine did join NATO he would be just a wicked old piece of shit saber rattling behind his nukes and everyone would quickly realize there wasn’t anything more he could do that didn’t involve total global annihilation. That is why he attack when he did. Trump wasn’t going to be there to order ours troops to help Russia do anything and this was his last chance. That cancer can’t eat him up quick enough. Long live Ukraine and fuck Russia and fuck Putin!


Man, I remember in school when they made treason out to be some big deal that they'll hang you for and shit. Kind of like how they said Pluto was a planet.


I’m 46. My whole education was a lie.


Yeah. I feel the same. Gen-x and they lied to us. I always thought there would be some kind of Justice, well there is but not for our oligarchs.


I’m a Gen Z kid. This fucked up political system is all I’ve ever known.


Speaking as an older millenial - yeah, politics have definitely gotten weirder and weirder. But there are a lot of things that are better now, like tolerance and acceptance for people who are different, minorities, LGBTQ etc. The world feels like it's teetering on the edge, but if we do all say the big goodnight, at least some of us got to feel a modicum of acceptance and freedom before it all went to shit. The left-right divide feels huge now compared to the 90s. But it ain't all bad. Just my two cents. Like I said, older millenial. Probably lots of folks older than me with more perspective. edit: after reading some of these responses, I should probably clarify that I'm a trans woman, but not American.


Gen X, here. There was a time when it wasn't quite this egregious. When the most controversial thing that could impact a political was being caught with a dead woman or a live boy.


Wow, so you don't even know what you're missing.... Let me tell you something. Back in the before time, the long, long ago, there was this thing called voter apathy. Everyone said it was bad, but I miss it so much now.


The headline should really say "MTG announces to the world that she's a Russian agent."


These Republicans of her variety are sympathetic to Putin and the Russian regime. They admire the autocratic, Christian (although orthodox)Church sanctioned, conservative, anti media, anti democratic heavy handed rule. They would happily prefer to appease Putin to take Ukraine as they are anti progressive Europe. Even some MAGA sycophants wear shirts stating rather Putin before Biden. She struggles, when questioned, to firmly support Ukraine. We all saw how Trump drooled over his meetings with Putin. It's very clear indeed.


These are Far Right nationalist not conservatives. GRU backs them because they want America Alone.. to piss away all US hard won soft power, to abandon allies and ignore atrocities.


At this point, the Far Right Nationalists have the GOP by the balls.


The Republican party isn't hostage. They chose this and continue to choose this because this is who they are. American Nazi party.


Correct, if there's 1 nazi at a table with 9 other people...you have a table of 10 nazis.


6 years ago it would be inconceivable that a republican would call for the US to leave NATO, let alone during a moment in time when Russia is actively invading Ukraine simply because they aren't in NATO (yet).


7 years ago GOP candidate Mitt Romney called Russia the greatest threat to the US


And everyone fucking laughed at him. Also, that was 10 years ago*.


Well he was wrong. It was ourselves.


Yourselves funded with Russian oligarch money and addiction to troll farm narratives spread online.


Marjorie Taylor Greene urges U.S. to leave League of Nations to avoid war with Germany.


So basically MTG betrays her oath of office again, and offers to appease a genocidal maniac, betraying not just her oath of office but the principles this country stands for. It can never be forgiven. Ever.


>Article III, Section 3, Clause 1: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, **or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort**. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. I'm just saying...


Canadian here, I don’t really follow American politics at all but anytime something crosses my path it’s this lady and she seems like she’s bat sh%t crazy.


Yeah, sorry about that... I think your giving a bad name to bat shit though.


Guano has verifiable uses, something I have yet from her.




Does she even know what NATO stands for.


"Not Another Teen mOvie"


Jakey, Jakey. Bout to make a big…mistakey.


MTG urges people to stop thinking so she doesn't feel so alone.... What is that hollow sound asks MTG...


*Damn, yo! That is whack!*


She doesn't recall


"I dunt know, but it's sum liberul, groomin thang, I'm shurr."


Seriously. She is so sad


Marjorie Taylor Greene urges U.S. to leave NATO to lose war with Russia...


This fucking traitor might as well be taking orders directly from the Kremlin.


The world's foremost military not keeping them in check will certainly keep them in check.


So if Ron Desantis wins election in 2024, or the Republicans gain a veto proof majority in 2022, USA will be led out of NATO. Gotcha.


We absolutely cannot lose this November 8th. I don't care if we have to bribe the non-voters with snickers bars or something.


I am hopeful that the SCOTUS rulings will push enough young people and independents to vote D who wouldn’t have otherwise. We just need a good turnout and I think appealing to emotions is going to be the most effective tool the dems can use


No, you don't “just” need a good turnout. It's past that point. Voting is necessary but insufficient. You need to volunteer with a campaign. You need to help people register to vote. You need to help get people to the polls. You need to get civil disobedience queued up so that the Republican state lawmakers know that the instant they try to override the election results, the state grinds to a halt, and it will not be tolerated. Stupid antivax convoy fucknuts in NZ and especially Canada were able to hold parts of the capital cities hostage for weeks and they were a much tinier minority than Democrats (and even Republicans who believe in the preservation of democracy, though at this point I don't know how they can call themselves Republicans anymore) are.


I don’t care what political party you favor, but when someone tells you you should leave your DEFENSIVE alliance to reduce the probability of war you should laugh in their face. That’s like saying you need to take off your bullet proof vest to reduce your chances of getting shot by the angry guy with the gun.


So we all get that she's a Russian asset, right? And half of the GOP for that matter, at least. Are we just not supposed to say it out loud or...?


Sedition wasn't enough now she's going for treason


Thanks compromised russian asset


They really are working for the russians


What valid reason could anyone have to legit want to leave nato other than being in putins pocket?


Marjorie Treason Greene calling for the great strategic decision for the US to abandon it's allies to appease her foreign contributors. Backstabbing your friends might be normal for Treason Greene, but it wouldn't be viewed very well by any US ally.


What the fuck is wrong with the republican party??


Major Traitor Greene


But I thought these colors didn't run?


She never saw that demonstration of breaking a pencil easily and then trying to break a handful of ten pencils, has she?


Russian Asset


How about, no, you dirtbag Russian asset.


That’s what Putin wants the U.S. to do. Can you imagine saying something like this in the 1950s? America back then would let your ass have it to be scared of the communists, not being patriotic enough. Now, the GQP do Russian bidding, take their money, and call themselves patriotic.


Julia Davis @JuliaDavisNews · Jul 1 Yet again, Marjorie Taylor Greene's comments are being used by Kremlin propagandists on Russian state TV. State TV host and State Duma member Evgeny Popov is interpreting her statements to mean that she wants Americans to help Putin win in Ukraine. https://twitter.com/JuliaDavisNews/status/1543101593452683264?s=20&t=RHeRO0QbvsWhv41Bko5OwQ


everything that comes out of her mouth reminds me of a bad taste dead baby joke


Woman is a traitor yet she’s still walking around.


This is why Putin waited until after Trump. If we were in Trump term 2 now this would be our international policy.


Republicans are pussies.


They are russian puppets.


Everyone supporting this monstrosity is mean spirited, short sighted, and stupid or intentionally working for the enemies of the US and its allies. It is one, the other or both. No sane person could see any other options.


“We can avoid war with Russia by leaving and probably destroying the defensive treaty our nation spearheaded to avoid war with Russia.”


I’m sure Donnie mr nato sucks would have said the same if they could have kept him in power


So she is confirming she is a Russian asset ?


When did the State of Georgia become so pro Russia?


They love putin


GOP being shills to Putin example number 30000


Every single politician that has publicly supported Russia has been on their payroll. The FBI needs be looking into MTG because she is the mimeograph of the NRA and 2016 Trump campaign, both of which are clearly guilty of taking foreign money in order to influence an election.


Tell Me you are a Russian Asset without saying you are a Russian Asset


She takes money from Russia and says what they tell her to say.


She’s a special kind of stupid.


How in the world does she still have a job? This is the dummy that said Jewish space lasers are causing forest fires.


Frak you Christofascist traitor BIATCH. She would be saying let's not defend England to avoid war with the Nazi regime of the time... As if that would stop them from attacking us. She just wants the tip of Vlad's clit


Looks like Putin has found a new willing mouthpiece to represent him in the US Congress


A whole party.


I see. She is on the Russian payroll.


US: lobbies for the creation of NATO to build a counter alliance against potential russian aggression Also US: lets leave said alliance out of fear of potential russian aggression I swear, MTG is a walking pro-abortion argument


Every Republican was in on this collusion except for a few. Why aren't they arrested?


Like — Martha Stewart went to prison real quick. Yet with this amount of evidence for ALL of these players, they have yet to be charged. Unbelievable.


Gee… I wonder where her campaign contributions come from?


She should live in Russia … She’s a traitor as it is ..


Hey Taylor Greene, did Putin find you on the same site Cruz found Boebert?


Stop giving this rodeo clown any attention.


A rodeo clown performs a useful function and saves lives. She's more of a carnival sideshow. Once you see it, you want your money back.


Come one! Come all! Come and see the Missing Link!!


She's a threat to national security and American hegemony. She has needed to be thoroughly investigated after the Arbury incident. What's taking so long--I don't know.


They should consider it if she knows, without looking it up, what NATO stands for...


Wow. Very scary. I knew she was clueless but wow.


The one time, I as a female, suggest another female should be seen and not heard lol...