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I’m deeply ashamed that my state elected this asshole to the US Senate, twice.


Isn’t he running again so there’s a chance he gets elected a third time? I’ve never understood why people vote for someone dumber than a brick


Going out on a limb here, but I'm going to say they're even dumber.


scott walker?


He said he wasn’t going to run again, but did. He started his campaign by throwing a judge under the bus and removing a recommendation because the judge was an lgbtqia ally. Then he got a mail truck job for Oshkosh Truck transfer to a southern plant. He was running a campaign throwing poll and election official under the bus that got these poor women death threats. He started his campaign off strong. And Wisconsin loves him. Wisconsin is the Alabama of the North.


Ugh, I remember being at the Russ Feingold election party when Ron Johnson won. Fucking awful…


russ for president! seriously!!! rhodes scholar and a saint as a senator just like bernie.


Go to the polls in November and vote him out


I moved back here from AZ last year to do just that.


I’m moving back from Washington this Fall. Planning to make it just in time to vote.


Gerrymandering. I’ll vote but this man has fucked how effective that is.


Gerrymandering doesn't have an effect on a statewide race like Ron Johnson's Senate seat.


I wish people would stop saying this. Gerrymandering has an effect on every single election, even a presidential. It's the gerrymandered state legislature that gets to set election rules, quantify voting hours, number of polling places, number of drop boxes, etc. Gerrymandering absolutely impacts a Senate election when Ron Johnson's supporters get to just walk in and vote, and his opponents have to wait in long lines only to find that they've been purged from the rolls.


Give it a few weeks…SCOTUS might have something to say about that if they do what I’ll think they’ll do re: that North Carolina case…


deeply ashamed is accurate.


I’m ashamed he’s part of our country




Don’t be too hard on yourself! My stupid state elected Lindsey Graham, again! He is a waste of skin


Wisconsin is so supposed to be a blue state but it’s gerrymandered to hell and back.


This guy needs to face the repercussions of his actions and at the very least take the 5th 130 times like Mike Flynn..


"I plead the 45th." "Sir, that's not valid." "45th.."


This guy spends his 4th of July holidays in Moscow hanging out with Putin.


"Bow to your Sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!"


I get the strong impression that they already are.


Ron Johnson was planning on retiring from the Senate after the January 6 coup failed, but then when he saw no one had been held criminally accountable by the justice department he decided to run again. Garland needed to strike while the iron was hot to force the cockroaches to scatter. Instead, he delegated to congress and dragged all of the DoJ investigations out, which only enabled the fascists to regroup, and emboldened them into doubling down on their plot to destroy US democracy.


Seems to me like Ron Johnson needs to be investigated for a whole bunch of things, not just the 1/6 clusterfuck. Same as the rest of the GQP.


FRJ. I can’t wait to vote him out


DOJ : Oh heavens no! That wouldn’t be polite at all!


You know John McCaine, maybe instead of sitting on your butt and letting Miss Stupid as dirt being your running mate. You should have been doing the push to outst the traitors to get more people on your side and picked someone who had a brain. Maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.


Blame it on a dead guy. That'll teach the repubs.


Why are you booing him, he’s right.


DOJ can’t do that, Ron is just too high up in the power structure.


They are.


He’s on of the “more” guilty. He’s not that bright, so I’m sure he left plenty of evidence


It was a coup. A failed coup. It is still happening.


We won't know what really happened on Jan 6 until Ray Epps testifies under oath


This you? > Day wuz bean opprest https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakoutsReborn/comments/vo4s0d/what_makes_people_so_entitled_to_the_point_of/iedswsi/


That’s a Ron Johnson voter right there.


Nope. We know what happened. Debunked, insane conspiracy theories don’t need to be investigated. “But for more than a year, well before the name Ray Epps was widely known in right-wing circles, federal authorities have had information — from both him and Mr. Samsel — suggesting that he was not a government agent and did not encourage the younger man to engage with the police that day. Just two days after the attack, when Mr. Epps saw himself on a list of suspects from Jan. 6, he called an F.B.I. tip line and told investigators that he had tried to calm Mr. Samsel down when they spoke, according to three people who have heard a recording of the call. Mr. Epps went on to say that he explained to Mr. Samsel that the police outside the building were merely doing their jobs, the people said. Then in late January of last year, in an interview with the F.B.I., Mr. Samsel said much the same thing, telling investigators that a man he did not know came up to him at the barricades and suggested he relax, according to a recording of the interview obtained by The New York Times. “He came up to me and he said, ‘Dude’ — his entire words were, ‘Relax, the cops are doing their job,’” Mr. Samsel https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/05/us/jan-6-ray-epps-evidence.amp.html


Take that conspiracy bullshit somewhere else.