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Remember when Bannon made noise about "dismantling the regulatory state"? This is a conservative, Federalist Society, dream for 50+ years.


There have been 3 factions in GOP since decades * White supremacist * Obscenely pro-corporate * Religious fundamentalists Never before have all 3 been so openly united in their goals and shared interests.. and SCOTUS has taken up their cause with open arms, such that nothing is off limits anymore.. we might be living through the scariest times in our history, and Dems are using sticks in a nuclear battle


The biggest purpose of all for this court is to try and cement permanent conservative rule.


The next election will be disputed unless it goes their way in the swing states. This is something the Republicans have already said and they claim to be recruiting an "army of lawyers" for this purpose who are friendly with judges. If their plan works then eventually any case will be judged by these people who can no longer be seen as unbiased. So they give the election to DeSantis or Trump by ruling in their favour and then what? Protest? Maybe something would be possible through Congress but that's if Americans don't give it to the Republicans in November because they've been successfully convinced Biden is responsible for the world economic recession that's on its way. The danger to US Democracy is unprecedented.




It's not just the boomers.


It never was. Fascism always has a strong youth component.


I had to ride around with a twentysomething coworker a few days ago. He was listening to some pop country with lyrics about locking Hillary up. And he brought up the idea himself. A few times.


I wish it was just the boomers. Then our problem would be to simply wait them out, but I don't see why they are so powerful we can't get rid of them. If 'we' was big enough and truly wanted it. I don't mean anything illegal either. The problem is that this mentality of "wait them out" is flawed and in the favor of people we want gone. If you are younger than the boomer generation, you undoubtedly have friends or colleagues who have their same mentality. The "fuck the freeloaders" and "Well hey I don't mean to be racist but..." sorts. I know I do. More than one too. It's not that I hang with these people often, but they on my facebook and I remember how they were in high school. They are still up to their ways. They will support anything they are told by their party. They will mock people who suffer. They will make an exception for their friends and family. It all fits their narrative though. This is problem. We can't just wait. Action has to be take in some form. I don't know how either. I am not speaking from some high and mighty position where I am trying to chastise you. I just know that our solution has to be better than "wait till this one convenient group dies out"


I’m a tail-end boomer (62), and we said the very same thing about prior generations, lol. It’s not a generational problem, it’s a conservative/right-wing/religious/white supremacy problem.


I keep seeing people say a civil war will happen but if the Democrats track record indicates anything all that will happen is some people will march and the politicians will write a strongly worded letter and some snippy tweets.


Turns out constantly taking the supposed moral high ground doesn't work when your opponents are sociopaths


Democrats need to embrace the elements in their party that know how to actually fight. The Simpsons did a good job at poking fun of modern post-WW2 liberals and how summarily they are dismissed in the "real world"...or even how they're mocked by conservatives that run roughshod over their sensibilities. Two of the support staff in my office exemplify this divide within the Big Tent of the Democratic Party. One admin loves to send mass emails about Black History Month or Pride Month while opposing mass transit in her neighborhood. The other worker has gotten into trouble for trying to form a union, but because she's so good at her job she's indispensable to management and still working (while quietly still organizing apparently). The only thing that gives this person away are the Anarchist symbols on her tech devices. Both Democrats, but VASTLY different voters.


The problem is that the leadership and character of the democratic party is strictly opposed to the idea of actually fighting, they are not an organisation that strives to - let alone fights to - actually improve the state of the working class.


If the SCOTUS rules next year for the Republicans that state legislatures can do whatever the fuck they want with extreme gerrymandering and elections, even when it violates their state constitution, and they can overturn elections they lose and state courts have zero oversight authority of this, the American experiment is officially dead at that point. Doesn't matter what Democrat politicians do at that point. It'll be Civil War 2 time.


There is no incentive for Dems to not eliminate the filibuster and expand the court if that happens.


There's no incentive right now and they aren't


Democratic party policy is "they'd never cross that line!... Well okay they crossed it but they would never cross this line further back that we just drew.."


Will it matter if they lose control of the Senate in the midterms?


Yeah, unfortunately, the Gen X politicians, like Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and shit, Amy Coney Barrett, look worse than the Boomers so far. And I'm an X'er (well, a Xennial).


idk McConnell is pretty bad


McConnell isn't a boomer either. He's part of the Silent Generation. Wish he'd go silenter faster tho.


I was hoping COVID would reset congress.


Half of those people don't follow a second of politics, and take the position of their family/Foxnew/Facebook groups. They just want to own the libs.


They are probably just happy owning anyone tbh


I think this is exactly what is happening. They make people feel powerful because they can make others feel miserable. They have no concerns about right and wrong. They've been brought up completely broken.


Absolute garbage, all of them.


You're missing the radical armageddon lovers they want the 4 horsemen fucking shit up war famine pestilence and death


The nation is being held hostage by minoritarian rule. **The GOP has won the popular vote once since 1988 in presidential elections, despite the 50/50 split in congress the DNC represents 44 million more Americans and DNC districts make up 70% of the nations economic power.** Americans over the last 35-years have made it clear they don’t want the GOP or it’s ideas but DNCs refusal to play hardball, see: the Garland nomination, where the majority is having ideas and laws they specifically oppose forced on them by a shrinking minority. This is why we need the popular vote for presidential elections and an adjustment of how congressional seats are awarded based on the shifting demographics of the nation. We’re supposed to have representative government, not a hostage situation.


- popular vote for presidential elections - reverse citizens united and remove money from politics - end gerrymandering and fairly draw maps in a nonpartisan (not bipartisan) fashion - rescind the apportionment act and raise the number of seats in the house for a more even population distribution between districts. The number of representatives shouldn't be limited by the size of the freaking chamber - 18 year terms for supreme court seats, offset by 2 years with each justice being chief for their last 2 years. This guarantees two supreme court nominations for each presidential term - perhaps goes without saying but the Senate MUST take up the nominations (this will represent the will of the people, as they are nominated by the popular elected president) - slightly alter the makeup of the Senate where more populous states have 3 or 4 senators and Wyoming - for example - has 1 (less confident about that one) - divest from foreign oil (more a foreign policy issue but it effects our economy immensely) I'm sure there's others I've had on that list, but that's what I remember off the top of my head. It's way too long at this point.


Make it completely illegal for anyone elected to be able to accept “donations”, esp once elected. It’d take out half of the people from the situation. Big companies want to donate? Donate to the actual city.


Or receive jobs from industry that lobby them when they leave office for at least a decade. Lot of people have left Congress to no work jobs or boardroom jobs getting a fat paycheck for nothing. Or the paid talking circuit.


Nationalize the oil industry would be even better. Natural resources should be considered public property.


The fact that kids are groomed from like Middle School to become Federalist Society members on the path to positions of power including SCOTUS, is a complete subversion of Democracy. The Kavanaugh hearings and hearing who everyone in his class became boggled my mind at the Nepotism and lack of Meritocracy in the US.


I remember them screaming about the regulatory state back in the late 90’s into the 2000’s, then it suddenly stopped somewhere in Obama’s term. I assume this is when they made a plan to do something about it. This has been going on for a LONG time, and every single Stone turned over reveals the same group of fascists, every time. Go look at who Trump pardoned. Those are the ones behind this.






Clarence Thomas is the wife in The Handmaid's Tale that is going to get his finger cut off for reading in front of his masters after thinking the rules won't apply to him.


**I INVENTED GILEAD. THE SUPREME COURT IS MAKING IT REAL.** I thought I was writing fiction in The Handmaid’s Tale. By Margaret Atwood https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/05/supreme-court-roe-handmaids-tale-abortion-margaret-atwood/629833/ She wrote that on May 13th.


The funny thing is Gilead cared about the environment. We’re heading somewhere much worse.


We're not headed towards Handmaid's Tale, but Mad Max.


Yeah so much for "stewards of god's creations"


The Republicans read it as a handbook.


There's a GOP strategist in MO that has said they won't stop it until they turn Missouri into the Handmaids tale. They've been saying this shit for a while, they want this.


Sigh. As a long-time Missouri resident: I'm sorry. I vote every year in every election and pass out sample ballots and everything, but this state just gets worse with every passing year.


I have a good friend that lives there too, and she's looking at all this in horror just like you. I'm in Oklahoma so we're sliding down that crazy slope right with you.


It blows me away how many people in positions of power are blatantly trying to harm our country, democracy, and our people, yet there is nothing being done to combat these efforts and there are even a large group of people actively cheering them on. I’m even a Christian, but I’m not THAT kind of Christian. I’m the “love thy neighbor” type of Christian and I just don’t understand how people are weaponizing this religion to hurt people. Like how do they think that’s what God wants from them? If Jesus came back today, they’d crucify him again for being a “liberal socialist.” These people are nothing but hateful and contemptuous monsters and we have got to stop them before we lose everything.


Holy shit.


I've literally seen the "falling birth rates" arguement used.


He might find out too late that the slope he is standing on is slippery.


Like the gay Republican politician who was called “Pedo” outside his office. Like what did you think would be the end result? Seriously!


I mean look at Ernst Röhm. Close friends with Hitler, until people started getting comfortable the "Jewish Threat" wasn't sufficiently scary enough. Then all of sudden being gay became the next on the docket.


Like the Log Cabin Republicans who got pissed off that the Texas GOP called being gay an abnormal lifestyle choice.


Bunch of fucking brow furrowers living with the leopards that are absolutely going to eat their faces.


You are not “one of them”. You **never** will be. They only barely tolerate your existence because it benefits them. The instant you stop being useful they’ll throw you out and laugh that you even thought you could be equals.


Yeah, 5 of 9. They don't need number 6


Puts Mitch’s evil move into greater perspective.


Ugh. I hate them so much.


A possible leopard might be on the prowl if he is not careful.


Supreme Court votes 5-4 to reenact Slavery. Clarence Thomas: "Wait, not like that! You were supposed to hurt them!"


Today 6-3 to overturn Roe Tomorrow 6-3 to overturn Obergefell. The day after that, 5-4 to overturn Loving. Thomas furrows his brows, but is wealthy/old enough that he can skate by without *too* many consequences. A week later 5-4 to make anyone not whiter than a sheet a slave again. Thomas in shock as he's thrown into a field to work.


They are going after voting and elections next. Look up Moore vs Harper. >The questions presented: "Whether a State's judicial branch may nullify the regulations governing the "Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives . . . prescribed . . . by the Legislature thereof," U.S. CONST. art. I, § 4, cl. 1, and replace them with regulations of the state courts' own devising, based on vague state constitutional provisions purportedly vesting the state judiciary with power to prescribe whatever rules it deems appropriate to ensure a "fair" or "free" election." https://ballotpedia.org/Moore_v._Harper


He would probably wind up like Samuel L Jackson's character in Django Unchained. It doesn't matter that he's a slave, just so long as he's better than all those other slaves.


He already is, at least that's what Jackson himself is calling him...


> A week later 5-4 to make anyone not whiter than a sheet a slave again. No need, slavery never went away. We just agreed to hide it behind prison walls and then throw as many black people behind bars as necessary. 13th Amendment.


Fuckin love it!!! Not IRL, to much to give up to see that POS crater.


He's old as fuck. He doesn't care, and won't live to face any consequences.


Everyone keep saying this but of course he will overturn federal rights protecting interracial marriage. It’s not like if he does that his marriage somehow becomes invalidated. The hypothetical ruling would almost certainly be about whether states can pass laws outlying interracial marriage if they want. Of course he would rule in favor of that. He’s already got his interracial marriage, and his state is not going to pass a law nullifying existing interracial marriages. Conservatives will never miss an opportunity to pull the ladder up after themselves.


He literally omitted the case that covers international from his suggestion of cases to review despite it following the same precedents as the other cases he mentioned.


He’s a hypocrite no question, but he’d argue that he omitted it because Loving v Virgina was decided on equal protection grounds (because race is explicitly mentioned in the 14th amendment), whereas all the ones he’s trying to toss out were decided on substantive due to process and the right to privacy (which he’d argue isn’t explicitly stated). Not that I agree with these tales.


Which does not mean it won't come up later


But you know who didn't omit Loving v Virginia? The Texas Amicus Brief that began the ask for a review of Roe v Wade. So Simple Clarence can selectively read all he wants, he's thrown his hat in with a crowd that's gonna put him to the fields first chance they get. Regardless of whether or not Tommy Boy cites the cases they really want.


It'll be great if the other 5 vote on it against him and he gets kicked off. The irony. No, I'm not in favor of this; I just think it would be a great leopards ate my face moment.


Wait, what happens if they continue rolling back women's rights and Coney Barrett and the other women can no longer hold the job? Then it'd only be Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh, and Biden appoints five new ones.


There are a lot of people that will eventually end up on the literal chopping block and they will look around wondering where things went so wrong. "But I was on their team"


Don’t even need to get that drastic. Imagine Texas issuing arrest warrants for anyone helping to fund abortion and abortion doctors. Then if you fly through DFW, you’re arrested. No one alive by several generations has experienced anything like what we’re about to be going through with regards to states getting into legal disputes.


We're literally going to see an abortion flavored Fugitive Slave Act.


Every miscarriage is a potential murder investigation. If involved the police will have suspicion that a miscarriage 'death' may be murder. Murder is a serious crime.... so they are going to go through social media, electronic devices, medical exams, statements made to your doctor, look for any history of drug use. Police will be MORE THAN HAPPY to get extra funding to support this kind of work... it is low risk of physical harm to cops and conducted in a nice climate controlled environment.... the perfect job for guys who are tired of the streets and who just want a nice check with overtime. Of course, they will have to get convictions to justify the spending....


Wisconsin has permitted juvenile courts to take physical custody of an “unborn child”—and thereby physically detain a pregnant person— to "protect the fetus." Each year for the past five years, approximately 460 Wisconsin women are put in jail, forced into medical treatment, or put on house arrest due to a suspicion that they are pregnant and have consumed or may consume alcohol or a controlled substance during their pregnancy. [They're also about to make it so you can never vote Republicans out of office.](https://www.npr.org/2022/06/30/1106866830/supreme-court-to-take-on-controversial-election-law-case)


Yep, it's already happening. As of 2021, more than 1200 American women have been jailed for miscarriage or stillbirth. That will only increase now, it's fucking frightening. Makes me glad I lost my uterus to a tumor. I'm terrified for women in the 27 states where this will be the norm.


I know, it’s wild. Free travel was fun while it lasted. I’m trying to find a bank with no exposure to red states personally. Very worried they’re going to start seizing money if they can’t get to you physically.


You’re my kind of cynic!


Unfortunately I’m a realist. Texas and Fl already have the lawsuits. They’re already writing “human trafficking” laws to prevent out of state travel for abortions. The spillover can’t be prevented at this point.


As much as the cops love civil asset forfeiture, there’s no doubt this will happen.


Combining religion to politics will always become a catastrophe. The world already had Iran and Afghanistan as example, and I don’t want US to be the next.


So much for being against the government interfering with peoples lives


He wants to straight up criminalize being gay


Seriously, how do we do something about this? It seems like the only people with the power to do something just fucking don’t, so how do we as people do something? I’ve voted blue my entire life, and while leftists seem to always get the popular votes, voting clearly isn’t working due to a broken system.


My genuine idea is to organize a DC intern strike. I’m an ex intern, and the whole place RUNS on our unpaid labor. If somehow a fund was created to secure some money/cushion or job offers for interns as an incentive (because many would definitely be fired and lose resume experience or letters of reference), I really believe we could grind the whole system to a halt.


I could get behind this


General strike is pretty much the only way now. Whoever figures out how to organize that successfully will be in history books for centuries


Bernie should forget the president thing and just come out and openly advocate to lead a general strike.




That other way is the only way left


Tbh that's probably the only way left at this point. When they won't let us discuss the option it makes it more dangerous. Edit: point proven since the above comment has been removed


Strikes. National level striking is the only way the people can make a difference now. Just not sure it will be possible to organize.


Americans need to take a lesson from France and strike until every little thing is resolved to an acceptable resolution.


I do think a general strike could be effective. But how likely is one to happen in a society that has been engineered to have nearly everyone buried in debt and living paycheck to paycheck? Won't most people be disincentivized by seeing a strike as a one-way ticket to financial ruin, eviction, and starvation?


Which is exactly why they're so eager to give everyone debt these days.


In fact if you avoid taking on debt they give you a bad credit score so you cant even buy a home. Its 100% a trap.


I used to roll my eyes at the French strikes. Man, those guys are lazy - it’s what we were taught to think by the schools and even our parents. But they were protecting themselves and the average citizen from getting railroaded by unabated capitalism. They got it and continue to get it right!


I definitely don't know either. Get involved in local politics for non corporate Democrats or show up and yell at the corporate ones. Join a union if you can. Join the DSA and try to make it a better organization. Voting definitely isn't enough.


Read a history book. What happens when the people have no options left? Revolutions happen


This is happening at a very, very scary speed. They've gone completely rogue even agreeing to hear such a constitutionally blasphemous case.


It has been going on for 50 years. This is just the culmination.


yeah, this has been a long time in the works, but now that the stops have finally been pulled a whole people that weren't paying attention (or voting, apparently) are shocked by it 🤦‍♂️


100% agree. When you have a SCOTUS Justice making comments about how he's going to enjoy making liberals suffer, whose wife by the way was involved in an illegal effort to attempt to overturn a legal election, yet this so-called 'Justice' not only somehow was allowed to be confirmed by Congress at the time but is also not resigning from the Court at these revelations, but isn't being *asked* to resign? Yes, there's a systemic problem there. That's not even beginning to address the utter and complete *farce* that was the so-called 'confirmation' process for Kavanaugh and that crazy-eyed religious extremist Barrett. We do not, in any way, shape, or form, have a 'fair and unbiased' Supreme Court. I don't think we have had that for decades and decades, they've just been laying in wait all this time for the right moment to strike.


Clearance Thomas was a sleeper cell.


I've felt outraged, sad, hopeless, etc from politics before. But I always thought that no matter what, the really bad stuff can always be reversed. This is a different feeling. This is scary. This honestly feels like the end of our democracy. I can't believe I said that. I really can't.


If Moore v. Harper goes in favor of state legislatures, it is the end of our union. We need to be spreading the word about what a dire situation we are in. It will be the end of free and fair elections. Republicans will be able to hold on to red and swing states indefinitely.


I have been. Everyone collectively has pretty much said oh well, what can we do about it? The worst part is, they're right. Realistically there's nothing we can do. We just have to hope Dems get the numbers to abolish the filibuster and stop this from happening. I'm scared.


I’m right there with you, brother. What we are experiencing right now is, without hyperbole, something out of 20th century fiction. This is actually terrifying.


This fiction? > If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever. George Orwell, 1984


The supreme court is no longer a judicial body. The six conservatives are acting as a junta.


The Republicans knew it all along. Trump was never the end goal, or the Senate. Just the means to an end. They’d never be able to take over the country using the Presidency or Congress. The Supreme Court was the weak link. Lifetime appointments, no chance of removal without an act of god, little chance of gridlock with a majority, no transparency, and the power to dismantle and reshape anything that stands in their way. All it would take is a little time to get there. And now that we’re here I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do.


You're supposed to do what your Bill of Rights was written for. Mostly the second part.


There is a pretty quick way to Remove them without an act of god but mentioning it would get me banned 😶


Kavanaugh and ACB were placed on the Court because they were underqualified partisan hacks. EDIT: Scroll to 5 minutes in [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na86vb-z_7M&list=PLhyg5hj7I21i1Aqcaym9TRFrpWjPN9_ms&index=13) regarding Trump picks. Sheldon Whitehouse has a series on YouTube called ["The Scheme."](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyg5hj7I21i1Aqcaym9TRFrpWjPN9_ms) His take on [Roe](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFqpMDF6eYI) proved correct.


>Kavanaugh and ACB were placed on the Court because they were underqualified partisan hacks. You are exactly correct. ACB was a federal judge for 2 whole fucking years before being nominated to the SC. She was appointed a federal judge by Trump.


That presentation is what made me respect Whitehouse. He knew what was happening, had the recipts, and no one listened.


No one in Congress on the Republican side cared. People listened and McConnell didn't care


Thomas was famously under-qualified but his brilliant if not genuinely indignant race-card response to Hill’s testimony cemented his seat.


Well, they weren’t elected and they are subverting the will of the people. Hard to argue she’s wrong.


The RIGHT is absolutely disgusting Doing exactly what they condemn the LEFT is doing to them. POS…all of em




The left is going to have to get much harder going forward.


DROP THE FILIBUSTER AND EXPAND THE COURT. problem solved if not for Manchin and sinema. There was a time when there action wasn’t just political suicide but literal too.


So what you are saying is buy some guns? Got it.




>On Jan 6th if the United States generals supported Donald Trump, democracy would already be dead. Well may have been some 'generals' like Michael Flynn's brother, 4\* General Charles Flynn who lied about being involved in the phone calls that delayed/determined to send National Guard to help the Capitol police.


I used to post on a far right board and after the failed coup they openly bemoaned Trump not putting enough of “his” generals in.


Countries always turn out great when military leadership is chosen based on loyalty to the supreme ruler, right? Right?!


Seems to me that if Justices are appointed with the “consent” of the Senate, and they lied to the Senate during their confrontation hearings, and consent obtained by deception is not (negates) consent, then there is a colorable argument that the Senate has not consented to the current Supreme Court. Therefore, it is illegitimate.


All this requires a significant enough part of the Senate to want to do anything. As it is, this won't go beyond a few fiery speeches. Either way there's not enough time before November, when the Supreme Court will vote itself back into unlimited power.


People don’t seem to know the SCOTUS schedule. They will be out of session now until October, they issue decisions in June 2023. So there IS time to demand a political solution to their partisan hackery, just barely.


The supreme court was one reason the old school Republicans didn't go along with the coup. They know they've taken over legally and they don't need Trump at the helm. With the administrative state dismantled they don't have to worry about pesky democrats trying to make government work if they ever take the Whitehouse again.


And they had started installing the federal judges (of which there were hundreds) prior to Jan 6th too. They had multiple plans in place to take the country over. Why the fuck can't the democrats even come remotely close to matching this sort of ingenuity? It's like if all the villains in the DC universe existed, except there were zero heroes.


So when do we take to the streets?


It will be a slow process of tightening the noose. The ruling to allow states to choose their victor will lead to a Republican president being chosen. They will find a way to do the same for Senators and House Representatives. They will gain full control of all parts of government this way, which will be the green light to pass laws the clamp down upon protests, jail dissenters, and suppress political opponents. To get the military in line, all they need to do is pass laws that will allow them to hand pick the generals who are in charge so that they don't have to worry about a military coup. By the time society decides "okay, now is the time to revolt!", it will be too late. I think the only real hope we would have is other countries deciding to cut off trade, just as it has been done with Russia, in an attempt to force America to sort itself out.


Time to work on moving away for college kiddos. Except in another country, because this one's going straight to the shitter.


America has become a global example of how not to do democracy.


I blame the electoral college. We're not a direct democracy due to its existence. A vote for the president shouldn't be more valuable because of where it was cast.


I blame the senate. It isn’t representative of the electorate. Nothing is getting passed legislatively and they blocked the confirmation of a judge. Until the senate is fixed nothing else can be fixed.


I blame the whole system. It was entirely too easy to game. The electoral college gives rural states more power than their population warrants. A few smart sociopaths saw a way to weaponize this and succeeded. And now it's too late, it's the constitution blah blah blah The SP justices have lifetime appointments with no oversight. So people are...stuck with them. No matter what they get up to. And there are too few of them, so it can be tipped to extremism with \*cough\* two or three appointments. There is no easy way for ordinary citizens to enforce accountability for unsatisfactory representatives. We can recall them, but it's a whole deal. Most people just get stuck. So there's no agility when, like now, Congresscritters and governors start to go rogue. Term limits term limits term limits Two parties. So we're always teetering on the edge of minority rule. In Europe countries have multiple parties so they have to form coalitions. It's much better for keeping things balanced, nobody's frozen all the way out, nobody's pulling a Sinema. It just seems like our system is easily toppled by a single, or a couple, of individuals. Hell, we're living the reality of it. It's an expensive lesson.


Again, Republicans did that.


As a European, that electoral college seems very twisted.


As a European as well I think the two party system is to blame, here where I live parties are forced to work together to gain a majority.


The two party system is a direct consequence of the First Past the Post electoral system.


This is a great take. If the USSR and CCP are examples of failing at communism, the US is more and more becoming an example of a failed attempt at democracy.


The Federalist Society is drunk on power and slapping it’s dick on the table. All they are doing is speeding up the courts demise.


Other countries use military coups. This one is using a judicial one.


Democrats: "Oh we couldn't pack the Supreme Court, that would be unseemly." Republicans: "Fuck the constitution, we will deny the President his selection of Supreme Court Justice, just because we can!" Democrats: "Let's have hearings and prosecute the small fry and let the big fish go. Wouldn't want to appear 'politically motivated'." Republicans: "Your guy won the election fair and square? Fuck your Capitol and your peaceful transfer of power!" Democrats: "Oh we can't use the 'nuclear' option of restoring the filibuster to the way it was, just to save democracy." Republicans: "Freedom of choice? Fuck you, your children will bare the children of their rapists. Glory be to God!" Democrats: "There is a whiff of a hint of a possible rumor our person did something slightly distasteful? Abandon them! Run away! Run away!" Republicans: "Oh our guys have been plausibly accused of sex trafficking, and or bribery, and or sedition, and or rape? No problem, we will brag about how clever they are and vote them back into office." Democrats "We are going to be polite and reasonable and respect our time honored norms and standards." Republicans "We are going to burn this place to the ground!" Democrats: "Let's be civil. Please?" Republicans: "CIVIL WAR!"


Democrats: “We need to reach across the aisle and have a strong Republican party.” Republicans: “We literally sent an angry mob to murder all of you.”


She's not wrong. What's happening is that the Supreme Court does not make laws they just dictate what the law means. What they are doing is taking laws that do not have a clear definition and defining them the way they want, essentially using their power to make laws. Now with the filibuster they know that the senate does not have what it takes to change anything so they are getting away with everything. Now is the time to do away with the filibuster, because if they don't shit is about to get way worse.


Everyone keeps talking about the filibuster, but even if it’s gone don’t we need Manchin and Sinema to play ball? Like wouldn’t we still be fucked?


Yes and yes


r/law is completely blowing their stack. This is really serious. We can't survive without a judicial branch to check a dishonorable legislative branch and then possibly an executive one in 2024 and these justices are intentionally destroying the entire institution of law


Understandable, if this shit doesn't freak you the fuck out you don't fully understand the implications. This could literally lead to the end of American democracy.


I don't fully understand the implications and I'm still freaked the fuck out.


They have until about September to do something, or else they will lose the House and/or Senate and everything is over. Everything. Democrats will not win a single national election in a non-blue state. They will not win another presidential election and the second a republican ascends to the governorship of a purple state, their goal will be to do a DeSantis/Abbott to the state and turn it completely red. Democrats and democracy are done come September, if they don't do something BEFORE Sept. 1st.


I was just thinking that biden will be the last Democrat president.


How are we genuinely expected to work and continue on like this is normal. Every day we get closer to a(nother) coup or civil war and there are still so many ppl who are just *”meh”* about it???


It's the desperate hail mary of a dying religion trying to recoup its control over civilization.


The Supreme Court is corrupt and gone rogue. The Founders totally fucked up and let them have way too much power. There needs to be far greater limits & restraints put on which cases the judges can rule on. I think each federal court district should elect from their judges a "Supreme Court Judge". These judges would not rule on any cases at all, but they would set an agenda to be put before the "Supreme Court of the United States". Judges of these cases would be taken at random from all federal judges. These judges would have to take public oaths to judge each case base on the US constitution, the relevant state constitution, and to judge based solely on the Rule of Law. The elected Judge Officials would then have to vote on whether they believe the judgement was legally valid & consistent with the laws of the land. They must unanimously vote one way or the other. Failure to reach a consensus means immediately removal and special election of new Supreme Court Officials. Legal questions shouldn't change if the laws don't change. Law needs stricter set of definitions so there is no ambiguity in laws.


LIFETIME APPOINTMENTS! IN A DEMOCRACY! The problem should have been obvious from the start


The senate itself is a glaring issue. Even back then they had to work with idiots to get everything passed.


The founders didn't make the court very powerful at all actually. They only have as much power as Congress gives them. Judicial review isn't in the constitution. Congress could simply outlaw judicial review and move the court to an advisory position. If the court doesn't like it, I'm sure Congress could just ignore them exactly as they did during Reconstruction. Not like this is a viable strategy right now, but the point stands that the framers didn't intend for this much power to be in the court.


> In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make. You are correct. I'm not aware of congress every regulating what cases the court can take. Seems kind of dumb Democrats haven't used this power of congress.


It's pretty telling when stating the obvious becomes an act of courage.


Yea at this point all these headlines are the fucking same and its a giant fat "we know, and unless we start dragging politicians in the street theres nothing we can do"


I mean she isn’t wrong. Someone once said, “the actions of a government should never make the news”. The Supreme Court has made the news like everyday for something new for last two weeks. That is not good, can you even remember the last time the Supreme Court made the news before this court?


I remember Obergefell. I was in middle school for that. I also remember Gorsuch’s 2020 opinion on Indian Reservations. Plus the one that gave like half of Oklahoma to several different tribes (those were different cases, right?). Every summer SCOTUS makes the news. It’s just not normally this much bad news.


No, the judicial coup was when McConnell refused to vote on Merrick Garland.


She is the only “Democrat” right now speaking the truth. And definitely the only one I’ve seen with any urgency. We need more progressives now!


She is one of the most effective Democrate out there. She is not afraid to speak the truth, I hope she runs for president one day *"If the president and Congress do not restrain the Court now, the Court is signaling they will come for the presidential election next," Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) tweeted in response to news that the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Moore v. Harper—a case involving the dubious right-wing "independent state legislature theory" (ISLT)—this October.*


will we have a country left for her to run for president for


I’m not from the us so sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can all these laws be changed without everyone voting on it? Isn’t that the whole point of a democracy? How do these judges have all this power?


Not at the rate things are going.


In October of 2024 she will just squeak past the age requirement and be eligible.


She is 100% correct. McConnell is the true coup mastermind


The Federalist society is. They are the ones who put every single on of these corrupt supreme court judges in place


No, that's a short sighted partisan I'll analysis. The problem is deeper, this isn't caused by a few bad individual actors; this is the logical outcome of the federal government being captured by private interest. Theocracy is just the best narrative way to hook folk to vote their little democracy and representation away; campaigning on corporate control and worker suppression isn't that enticing.


Handful of private interests pulling the strings in the shadows = the true Deep State


AOC is one of the few representatives that actually seem to have any fight in her this last week her and Warren a handful of others thats it.


The Democratic Party leadership needs to stop moping and get angry. They need to take a lesson from the GOP leaders and start pushing the envelope of where they’re willing to go to get the agenda through.


She is exactly right. The right complained for years about legislating from the bench and judicial activism, but they arent complained now that the SCOTUS is remaking the country in their own backwards image. USA circa 1855. They have done so much damage and injustice in 30 days. And further divided the country. We will have to live with this mess for a long time.


Hey Everyone!!!! Did you all know that our elected representatives can impeach a Supreme Court Justice? The people we put into power can ACTUALLY EXERCISE THAT POWER. They aren't doing it. But they sure sound angry anyways. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/03/29/clarence-thomas-congress-fallout-00021167


They can't without some republicans getting on board. More than a few, actually. They aren't getting on board. DOJ could likely absolutely slam his ugly, brainwashed wife straight into prison though. Maybe we should start there.


lock her up?


Lock her up.


They can’t without the votes… You need more than a majority for impeachment


But you can't get votes if current republican legislatures just nullify election results Check mate


It's a complete soft coup years in the making. There are Republican maintained artificial seat caps in the House to keep more populous states from getting proportional representation and gives less populous Republican stronghold states a disproportionate say in what even makes it to a vote. This comes in handy when, say, you want to ignore established procedure and steal a Supreme Court seat in broad daylight. The same Supreme Court that then approves partisan gerrymandering, but only when Republicans are doing it. This ensures that Red states keep Republican super majorities in their state houses even as their population centers grow and move left. Then these states enact draconian voting restrictions and their legislatures seize complete control of the Federal elections, giving the Republicans control of the electors no matter how the public votes. Seem like something the Feds would have a problem with? They may not get a say, because that exact case is headed where? You guessed it, the Supreme Court.


This is a constitutional crises because the US legislature is unable to deal with the problems of the 21st century. The executive branch and Supreme Court have been acting in its place. I wouldn’t say it’s a coup. But the legislature is weak and needs to step up.


Soooo…we’re fucked aren’t we? Nobody important is doing anything they should be doing? At all?


We're about 2 or 3 steps away from a complete (and legal) breakdown of our democracy. The SCOTUS just decided to take up a case that will determine the legitimacy of something called "independent state legislature doctrine." If this doctrine is supported by SCOTUS, it means that state legislatures can completely ignore the will of the people in a federal election and send their own slate of electors to D.C. The end will look something like this: * Step 1: SCOTUS supports the independent state legislature doctrine in the upcoming Moore v. Harper case next session. * Step 2: Republican controlled state legislature decides to ignore a democrat majority of votes because of "fraud" or whatever other nonsense if they even decide they need a reason. They then choose their own slate of electors and send them to Washington. * Step 3: The US House of Representatives, because of a Republican majority or a mind boggling Democrat desire to stick to their high road moral superiority and thereby do nothing, decides to certify those electors and the election is stolen in a completely legal way. I am not optimistic.


Absolutely. This US Supreme Court with these six conservative judges are out to shred the constitution with their own interpretation. These people lied under oath at their hearings and are now behaving like they are entitled to whatever they want. Reform must be instituted to bring this illegitimate court into normal course. They sound like they are protecting their owners that put them there, it is so blatant.