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Let's hope the GOP really did shoot themselves in the foot and this momentum lasts through November.


> this momentum lasts through November. We need to keep the issues of Roe v Wade and Jan 6th fresh in everyone's minds way past November in order to affect any serious change.


Pretty soon the horror stories will start and it’ll be even more fresh in people’s minds. Botched illegal abortions, murder convictions for miscarriages, Republicans trying to prevent travel for abortions, Republicans trying to make it federally illegal, etc. it’s not going to be easy to forget.


Women dying in hospitals is what's going to cause anger and change minds. I wouldn't be surprised to see some home birthers get arrested as well...


Imagine all the joy of finding out you’re going to be a father, followed by all the pain of loosing that to miscarriage, followed by watching your spouse die from completely preventable causes due to her treatment getting tied up in litigation because someone you’ve never fucking met said “abortion is against my religion.” Do we really have to do this to people in this day in age? It this still how we must *learn* to treat people, by destroying their families?


Honestly? Seems clear that the answer is yes I know I'm stating the obvious, but I can't fucking believe that we are still in the mindset of "if it doesn't happen to me it's not my problem. Oh, my wife died, now it's my problem" Like they can't have empathy or eve fucking think ahead and realize it may happen to them


Many conservatives aren't past the school age stage of morality development.


I honestly think they lack a kind of societal object permanence.


They quite literally think "bad things happen to bad people" and then it happens to them and a tiny little 10-watt lightbulb of empathy comes on. JK, it's not empathy. They continue to vote against others because "I went through it and I'm fine." Does America just have too much goddamn lead in the pipes or is this what decades of Fox does to people? The answer is both, I'm sure.


I blame video games and the schools/s


Most of them are either homeschooled or go to those ridiculous religious schools that teach nothing.


The party of narcissism


That's what it took last time. I was there when Roe was passed in the 70s and I was helping women get illegal abortions in Texas at the time. Roe didn't happen b/c of an activist court the way the right likes to claim it is (most of them having been born after it happened). The court passed Roe because Americans were getting ready to burn the country to the ground if something wasn't done to stop the flood of women dying for no reason while a few crazy religious nuts used procedural nonsense to stall change that was vastly popular at the time.


"The court passed Roe because Americans were getting ready to burn the country to the ground if something wasn't done to stop the flood of women dying for no reason" Our path forward is clear.


That's really been the case for every step forward in civil rights or workers' rights for the past 150 years.


Always, always, it's always a damn fight in America for civil rights.


"Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All the Alternatives" - usually mistakenly quoted as Churchill


Women committing suicide or being killed by their male partners because they can’t get an abortion.


That's one aspect people aren't talking about: people are more likely to be attacked and/or murdered by a partner than a stranger from the get-go. Throw the "I'm late" chat on top of that and I'd be gobsmacked if female murder victim statistics don't rise. Underage births and maternal & infant mortality rates will go up too.


Murder is the leading cause of death amongst people who are pregnant. It’s so depressing


Not to mention, homicide is the number one cause of death for pregnant women in the US. That's only going to get worse.


Then the republicans will blame it on Biden.


Or the fun of a young woman finding out the child she is going to be forced to bring to term will have extremely severe birth defects. Those asshats posting signs about how they want to adopt your baby? Somehow they happily ignore the 400,000 kids in foster care in the US. And few want the full time job of caring for someone who is close to brain dead and prone to seizures.


There has to be economic messaging as well, such as corporations moving out or diverting business elsewhere.


Why would you expect people dying in hospitals to change minds on abortion when it did nothing when millions died of Covid?


I think they're talking about energizing Democratic voters or those who might change stance, not hardline right wingers.


Energizing Dems and independents swinging to Dem will be enough for a big win.


And pushing more cradle Republicans to the left. My husband was a staunch conservative when we got married, a military man. He went from voting third party to party line democrat over the last 8-10 years. He's not the only one.


My uncle, who was a Republican for my whole life, was talking on Father's Day about how he just can't vote for Republicans anymore because of their terrible disregard for women's rights.


It is an historic example, i guess: In Ireland the case of Savita Halappanavar. She died because of a pregnancy that got septic, but was not removed in the needed time because of laws. Ireland revised it laws after that. (Of course to late for the poor woman, but it broke a rather steadfast catholic tradition in Ireland.)


Because a few horrible stories of things happening to attractive white women of reproductive age will freak people out more than millions dying of COVID. It’s awful but I guarantee it.


And religious white women with four kids who are very visible in the church. Let's not forget who it is having their sixth pregnancy.....


Did it do nothing? It’s the reason Trump lost the election.


Seriously. If it weren't for COVID, Trump would probably still be in the white house. If Trump hadn't downplayed, denied, and tried to grift off of COVID he would have SAILED into a second term. Hell, even if he pushed another stimulus check through late October/ early November he would have probably won.


All that stupid fucker had to do was wear a mask on camera a few times then sell bright red MAGA cloth masks to his cult for $15 a pop and he’d have sailed AND raked in cash as well.


He couldn't have blamed COVID on Democatic governors and watched death spread in majority Democratic cities. That was literally the plan - to let COVID run rampant in cities that skew Democrat and blame the governors. He was too stupid to think ahead and when his base started being more heavily affected and wondering why their grandma died but the libs were still living Fox News rolled out propaganda to make sure they blamed everyone but Trump And that was his Plan A to win his 2nd term. Plan B was the Hunter Biden fake scandal and when that failed, as predicted by his former lawyer, Plan C was straight up insurrection. His plan to win a 2nd term never once included being a good president. He never entertained the idea of not being a corrupt piece of shit.


Seriously. In 2020 the Dems won the White House, the House and the Senate. Tough to credibly say that Covid didn't impact the elections that year.


It's not about convincing people to change, the majority is already pretty pro-choice, you just have to convince the swing voters that it's an issue worth influencing their vote when their pocketbooks are hurting, which usually motivates people to vote against the party currently in charge.


Or convince all the people sitting home that it’s an important enough issue to come to the polls and vote about.


They can’t deny the existence of pregnancy, birth, and related complications... maybe? I don’t know, I don’t want to get too hopeful here.


They absolutely can. How is "doctors are marking deaths down as COVID to inflate numbers" any different? The people whose loved ones die of ectopic pregnancies, etc, will know it's real. And most other people will be happy to dismiss, ignore, downplay.


The don't care. A dead woman is just a statistic at best, a sign of God's will at worst. They will gladly sacrifice a woman on the altar of the fetus.


They right isn’t the people who will be the ones who might flip: it’s the independents, and those on the left who might not have voted otherwise.


81 million people is a big number. That was in no small part a result of Trumps reaction to COVID. State and local Republicans are tied even closer to January 6 and abortion access.


They won’t change those minds on abortion, hopefully it motivates the ones that sit out most elections.


They are already happening right now. There was a post on the subreddit for nurses yesterday where the nurse took care of a woman as a team of lawyers and doctors debated the legality of the surgery she needed because she came in with an ectopic pregnancy. This woman nearly died because of this.


I am terrified of this being the new normal for my patients. Never imagined as a GYN OR nurse that this could be a reality.


I can’t even imagine how this ties the hands of a provider. My husband and I are on the fence about trying for a 2nd (we did ivf after 2 miscarriages) and the prospect of being pregnant and potentially needing care for another miscarriage or high risk pregnancy is horrifying. It honestly may keep us one and done.


Were treating ectopic pregnancies even up for debate PRE-roe v wade?


Yes. There are a shocking amount of people that think you can move an ectopic pregnancy to the womb to "save" it. Its an impossible procedure.


Some dumb ass US rep or Senator advocated this recently.


They think that Star Trek science exists while condemning science😫 is evil.


If I were in a state legislature where someone proposed this, I'd just be like: "Get out your phone. This is not 1970. It will take you less than 5 minutes of basic research to discover that re-implanting ectopic pregnancies is not a thing. It should take you no more than 10 additional minutes to learn at least a little about why it is not a thing. Next time, take 15 minutes and look something before you make a fool of yourself. And if you're not capable of that, well, what exactly are you doing here, anyway?" This is probably why I am not a state legislator.


Just like a woman can’t get pregnant from a rape, complete idiot’s.


Historically it was fatalities from botched illegal abortions that caused outrage and changed minds, and I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing these again. It’s one thing to argue about fetus personhood but quite another to see graphic photos of a young mother dead on a motel room floor in a pool of blood because she had to get an illegal abortion since she couldn’t afford another kid. It tends to cut right through the bullshit and focus one’s attention.


What turned the tide in Ireland recently was the death of Savita Halappanavar, a dentist in Ireland. She went to the hospital when she was 17 weeks pregnant and it was determined that a miscarriage was unavoidable. After her request for an abortion was denied on legal grounds she died from sepsis.


The difference is that the Irish actually care about people. Republicans flat out don’t care if people who aren’t like them die. I’ve literally had conservatives tell me that to my face.


19 chidlren were gunned down clutching one another in terror in their classroom while cops outside orevented parents from going to save them and we called it Tuesday. I doubt a woman dying is going to change hearts and minds with these fanatics. Ive come to think thwyd probably revel in it as gods punishment or some nonsense.


Exactly. The Repubs just hand-wave away avoidable deaths like that as “God’s will.” How convenient.


A perfect recent example, yes. It forces the other side to have to defend a needless death. Once that happens enough times, momentum can shift.


Iirc there was one extremely graphic photo of a woman who died from an illegal abortion (I think she attempted it herself at home) that just BLEW UP and really kicked the movement into high gear. For every horrific image of an aborted fetus the right throws on our faces, we need to come back with equally graphic images of dead women, and dead babies who suffered unnecessarily after their mothers were denied abortions for fatal birth defects. Make them billboard size on every road leading to DC. Edit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerri_Santoro She died when she and her boyfriend attempted an abortion in a hotel room. The crime scene photograph was leaked became a symbol and a rallying call.


My friend’s mom and four siblings were orphaned when their mom died from a botched home abortion in the 60s; kids were split up, some ended up in an abusive foster home while the younger ones stayed with their alcoholic dad. Tore their family apart, obviously. Not a unique story for that time, either. This is all such bullshit.


It didn’t even have to be historical, fiction was enough — there’s a botched abortion as a plot point in *Dirty Dancing* (set in 1963) and despite being 35 years old it’s graphic enough to think “what the actual fuck, that was a real thing?!”


11 year rape survivors are already being forced to continue their pregnancies Link to article behind paywall https://archive.ph/IHFe7


>murder convictions for miscarriages, It's already been happening. A women in OK is serving 4 years for a miscarriage. [Mississippi charged a women in the death of her fetus after she was shot by another person](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48789836)


On top of the bullshit in that second story itself, there is a hard 0% chance of the woman being charged if she were white.


Or the biggie: underaged girls raped [perhaps by a family member] forced to carry to term. What god can one possibly believe in where there’s “a plan” for that?


[From r/Texas](https://www.reddit.com/r/texas/comments/vkf4bc/last_month_i_was_refused_a_medically_necessary/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) It’s going to be patient’s having a miscarriage and denied care.


SCOTUS just made moves against native American land in the name of controlling abortions on their land. Too bad media isn't really talking about it or making the obvious abortion connection a focus when they do. Little things like this are bound to keep happening from here on out as they continue to execute this plan they've been salivating over for the last four or five decades.


The wildly predictable thing is when they pin it on Biden and Pelosi because Reasons.


I get shit when I say that I think the reality is thousands of women need to suffer or die and have those stories personally and directly affect their lives if we have any hope of rocking them out of their cult. It's harsh but it's true. Conservatives do not have empathy or even any foresight to see how their petulant fucking electoral tantrum will affect their lives. You can't trust that they're going to be reasonable, functional adults.


Some innocent 21 year old girl will die in an unsafe abortion after she was raped by a church pastor. The right will then demonize her and drudge up her sexual history in high-school and victim blame her. Nothing will convince them.


And 20 years from now when crime and poverty are back at their pre-Roe levels. 1.5 million unwanted pregnancies are terminated each year. For a party that complains a lot about lebensraum and constantly blames poor people for the problems created by their corporate over lords, they seem to really want a lot of extra poor people around.


I was seriously thinking about this angle recently. I grew up around racist, “economically-anxious” white folks. Most claim to be Christian but aren’t, really. And the thought of minorities and “welfare queens” having more kids will boil their blood. They may just share the pro-choice viewpoint for all the wrong reasons — because they don’t want “their” schools and “their” communities full of the people they think they’re better than.


Every time my mind wanders, ever time I wake up in the night, I think about Roe v Wade and how I (a person with a uterus) could be held hostage to my body against my will and I get ANGRY every fucking time and that rage isn’t going away


> I get ANGRY every fucking time and that rage isn’t going away. Even though my wife and I are far beyond the child bearing stage, this SCOTUS ruling has had me upset ever since it was originally leaked. However, it is unhealthy to maintain rage for long periods of time. Rather than just letting it fuel the anger, I am looking for ways to fight against the ruling. My commenting on social media (to let my displeasure with the SCOTUS and the GQP known) is one of the ways that I hope to keep the issues fresh enough to give the Dems a proper chance against Manchin, Sinema and the obstructionist GQP members. P.S. I also plan on donating to Democrats that are in close races that have a reasonable chance of winning.


That’s true. I’m trying to channel it. I live in Michigan so I’ve been promoting the petition for the ballot measure we have available. There’s a chance for us to put reproductive freedom in the state constitution and I hope hope hope we can pass that and at least be a beacon of safety in the Midwest. My somewhat disengaged boyfriend suddenly cares a lot about voting and I *hope* he’s not the only one.


> My somewhat disengaged boyfriend suddenly cares a lot about voting and I hope he’s not the only one. That's good news. I have heard from GQP in-laws who are unhappy with their candidates for governor and US senate (PA). Hopefully they, minimally, will not vote for anyone for those positions. There is an off chance that one or two might actually vote for a dem, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen.


And add to that the Thomas opinion. Far more dems will come out if they believe access to contraception is at risk. Inflation may be high right now but these issues will affect peoples lives for decades. Dems need to drive that home.


Any system of government that requires momentum of public consciousness to effect any real change, needs reforming. A government based on fickle public opinion with long-lasting effects (i.e. 6 year Senate terms on a rotating class basis) is a recipe for an unrepresentative, representative Democracy.


Indeed, but first thing's first.


> We need to keep the issues of Roe v Wade and Jan 6th fresh in everyone's minds way past November in order to effect any serious change. Yeah, like the next 30 years or so.


man I just hope society *lasts* another 30 years.


We need this momentum to last through 2024, really. Not just to beat the Republicans, but in the primaries to clear out the Democrats that aren't willing to stand up and really fight, too.


Not just through 2024. The two oldest justices are republicans. It’s entirely possible they could retire or die within the next decade. Sustain the momentum and this could be a 5-4 liberal scotus.


There is historical precedent to this happening in California. The GOP has always pandered to racists, anti-government cranks, and religious wingnuts. They do so because these groups don't demand much. Indeed, many of them are "single issue voters", something almost unheard of in Democrat's base. You just support their 1-2 extremely unpopular pet issues and they will vote for you forever. This frees Republican politicians up to focus on serving the wealthy. However, when most of your base is crazy people, sometimes the true believers take over. This famously happened in California in the 90's. Far right elements took over the party there and pushed anti immigration (and other) laws so extreme that the backlash made them an afterthought for 30 years now. Within 2 election cycles the state went from reliably Republican to deep blue. I don't think Republican politicians meant for this to happen. Trump himself is unhappy with it. They miscalculated and put too-extreme justices on the court because the base demanded it, and now they can't control the monster they've created. And instead of destroying the democrats, it might just turn on them. Now for my pet theory: If the Supreme Court keeps passing wildly unpopular legislation, I fully expect Republicans in congress to turn on Clarence Thomas. None of them have forgotten what happened in California and they would take a 5-4 court any day over that. Especially because they can negotiate with dems to have an enlightened centrist as a replacement. 1. He has a lot of baggage with his wife and past accusations. The messaging for the base is already there. 2. He wasn't nominated by Trump. They can say he was a bad judge "appointed by RINOs" and the base will eat it up 3. He's black. This is arguably the biggest reason the base would be fine with impeaching Thomas. The number one predictive factor for voting Trump is "racial resentment" aka white grievance.


Appreciate this write up I like this theory and great recall on the California change. I didn't even think about that.


They forgot that in order to boil the frog you have to turn up the heat SLOWLY... They just cranked it up quick. I keep saying my biggest hope is that they are relying too much on Gerrymandering, and that these unpopular decisions drive a shit ton of leftists to the polls and the Gerrymandering backfires on them spectacularly. It's either that or we're totallyf ucked.


A lot of hopium in this analysis. 1. Demographic shifts were just as big of a part of the California shift. 2. The extreme elements in the party are just as prevalent in congress as it is in the Supreme Court, and have shown absolutely no evidence of "big tent" strategizing and appear to focus their entire energy on "owning the libs". I think it's more likely their strategy is closer to "make things so terrible that Democrats flee battleground states." The time for the Republican Party to create a strategy to appeal to a broader swath of voters was 10 years ago, now it's just trying to squeeze as many votes as they can before demographic shifts eat the party alive. The heads of the party knows this and has to double down over and over, because they can't just try to undo 10 years of extremist rhetoric and actions and expect voters to forget. They are in a vicious cycle of continuously doubling down, because that's the only exit in the room. 3. There's no way the base will allow them to impeach a Supreme Court justice during a Democratic president, are you kidding?


> And instead of destroying the democrats I think they'll destroy the country before they allow the monster to destroy the Dems or themselves. If they cant have it, nobody can seems to be the motto


Imagine what would happen, gasp, if more and more Republican woman either need access to an abortion for themselves or their daughters for any reason, and find out that it's denied to them. And once they start getting hospitalized, because it will happen, and it actually affects them, only then will they decide that it wasn't a good idea and that it was supposed to hurt the right people, not them specifically.


I think far too many white women in red states think “oh, I’ll still be able to get one if I really need it.” They are going to find out otherwise. That’s why, even if it’s true, I don’t like when people start saying “this will be hardest on low-income POC…” Don’t give Karen ANY reason not to be afraid for herself or her daughters.


I agree. It’s one thing if it’s a planned abortion, where you have time to potentially take time off work (assuming you can do that) and travel to a state where it’s permitted. But what about when you have an emergency while pregnant and end up in the ER in Louisiana or Kentucky? If it comes down to a choice between an abortion and dying, you can’t just nonchalantly self-discharge and take a trip up to PA or NY to get the care you need. That’s not withstanding that these states will probably require doctors or hospitals to report when someone is in a situation that needs an abortion and tries to self-discharge or might attempt to leave the state to seek care, so that they and anyone helping them can be prosecuted.


It’s always never an issue for them until it’s an issue for them personally.


Well there are going to be a million more reasons for you to vote between Roe and November. They're just getting started.


Contraception, gay marriage, native rights (today!!!), women’s/minority votes.


The right to privacy. They're going after the right to privacy so they can document and regulate everything you do in life.


The power of the EPA to regulate carbon emissions too. The ruling on that is expected soon and I’m sweating.


Tomorrow. I’m very nervous, as well. Given how this entire SC term’s rulings have been playing out, I’m bracing for and pessimistically expecting a 5-4 split decision that effectively neuters the EPA powerless.


Sodomy as well. Thomas specifically mentioned that ruling.


Like the fact that if Republicans gain enough seats they'll likely codify abortion ban into federal law?


NYT Headline- Did Republicans Overplay Their Hand? The media says this about Democrats all the time when we wanna pass things like universal Pre-K


The difference is that Republicans will shrug off a couple bad news cycles, then the media will be right back to “WhAt AbOuT HuNtEr’S lApToP?!?!?” And the entire cult of followers won’t care that they’ve been hoodwinked again. Republicans could take their firstborns as sacrificial offerings to the almighty Reagan and these people would still vote GOP in November. Meanwhile, Democrats have to scrounge and plead for just barely enough votes among their own party members to pass a watered down version of the actual reforms we want, and then still get punished in the next cycle anyway.


Well let's not stop talking about it then r/welcometogilead


The good news is they lost one of their major campaign points that attracted a sizable portion of their voter base. Bad news is they have fields of corn and dirt that carry as much weight as major cities when it comes to voting.


I sincerely hope the economy doesn't take a massive shit, or if it does, I hope the outrage over Roe will override the economic woes.


These polls are generic. Need targeted polls in swing and red districts and states to see if it really will make a difference.


538 still shows Republicans with a slight advantage https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/generic-ballot/


The real kicker is to see if this stokes younger, more progressive voters that usually don’t bother to vote to actually do so this time. There’s multiple generations of potential voters that have only ever lived with bodily autonomy who have just been slapped in the face.


It weights the polls from last few weeks. There's only been 3 post-roe, and public opinion is swinging against them. Check back in 2 weeks. I think, and I've thought the whole time, that this is going to DESTROY the reds in November. Republican party wins by convincing Democrats not to vote. It's how they've run for over a decade now. This is doubly true in mid-terms where Democrats notoriously show up even less. They've given a very apathetic base a reason to go to the polls like no mid-term ever before. This could completely decimate them, even turn into a blue wave like 2018 if we get some decent news on gas prices or inflation by November. This should galvanize Democrats to vote even more. There's a real possibility of 53 D senators which would open the floodgates.


The fact they even had a lead is telling, but I’ll choose to be optimistic.


Economics will always have a with a heavy weight and dems are "in the driver seat" right now, whether the blame is appropriate or not.


I can’t get over seeing that image of the Supreme Court with a giant barrier erected around it. They knew what they were doing was against the will of a majority of people in this country. It’s like, if I were to go into the middle of a busy city square, erect an impassible barrier around myself, and begin to viciously insult every passerby directly; knowing in advance that what I was about to do, would draw the ire of nearly everyone around me Seeing that fence around the Supreme Court is a dagger thrust into a major organ of democracy.


My dad always said that republicans would never ban abortion because trying to ban it is the only policy they ever had and banning it would destroy them. I hope he was right.


Republicans are going to outlaw abortion. I hate it, but it sure looks like what’s developing if they take back the House & Senate this year and likely WH in 2024.


If they get the WH, and both chambers of congress in 2024 it's game over. There won't be another real election ever again. Say good buy to everything we have progressed in the past 100 years.


Support is good, but VOTES are what we need


I'm really, *really* hoping that voter turnout will be gigantic. Loss of abortion rights impacts literally every single person who is capable of having children. One little "oops" with your preferred birth control method, and you could be forced to have a child against your will by the government. That's not an exaggeration, that's literally just true. And I think the psychological impact of losing a preexisting right is going to rattle a lot of people, especially when it's something with as huge an impact as "taking away your personal right to choose whether you have a child or not." I can't see the loss of Roe being good for the Republican party's prospects, because it's only a victory for religious fanatics and hard-line conservatives. For moderates and undecided folks, suddenly the republican party is the party of forced childbirth. To me, the prospect of being forced to have a child is infinitely more horrifying than having to pay higher gas prices, which was the main talking point republicans have been using to attack Biden, etc... Republican extremism is now creating bigger problems for the country than the problems they've tried to blame Democrats for. Long and rambling reply but basically, I'm really really hoping this is a major turning point. Republicans already lost by investing so much in Trump only for him to lose against Biden, and doubling down on the most wacky far-right crap is self-sabotage for their party.


Generic polls are a pretty good indicator


Polls can also change quite quickly. Case and point, this situation. Case and point, Hillary’s emails. Democrats need to show that they do not have full control of the government (they don’t) and the amount of power they do have, they are using it effectively and popularly (remains to be seen).


I mean, that’s what the poll is trying to gauge.


SCOTUS has the lowest approval rating of any *branch* of government in U.S. history. Prolly time for Dems to start putting Court reform out there. Literally no better moment to prime that pump.


Balance the court! This SCOTUS is compromised and will continue to strip us of rights. The only solution is putting them back IN CHECK! Ya know, with some Justices to BALANCE the court.


13 justices for 13 Federal circuit courts makes sense, but Republicans will just add or remove however many justices they need to protect their interests. There’s not really a civil way out of a conundrum driven by a Republican Party at war with modernity. They’ve distorted the system too much with their zealotry.


But the real problem here is the discordance between precedent and the conservative SCOTUS. Dems add for 13 justices and the Reps will respond with some sort of fuckery to undo it or pack it further. What we've seen repeatedly though is how reliant the Republican party is on the electoral college and unfair districting through a myriad of artificial grass-roots campaigns [https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/how-the-gop-gave-itself-a-ten-year-advantage-407234115988](Rachael Madow) ran a good segment on it back when they took things into high-gear with "Project Redmap" leading up to the 2010 census. This is the shit that needs to be quashed. Christofachism is simply not the popular majority in our country and if we push for more representative democracy through fairer representation, we can make sure that not only do these ideas not end up in national catastrophe (1/6), but also that leaders such as Sanders aren't considered "far" left.


The only way to fix the problem is for the party to become unelectable by democracy. And if that's not possible than something about trees of liberty. That's how this sort of thing shakes out. I am confident in the voting part saving us actually. Most Americans are good people, but they don't all vote due to some disillusionment. Mandatory voting might not be a bad idea. Idk, I'll have to search my soul for an answer on that one.


Two more senators. That means a successful November.


Wow. This is seriously promising. I thought it would be some really incremental change but check this out: - NPR/Marist 48 Dem 41 R (D+7) - Morning Consult 45 Dem 42 R (D+3) - Yahoo/YouGov 45 Dem 38 R (D+7) Fuck yeah! Please god let these margins hold(they won’t, not at this level at least). Can you imagine if dems managed to actually pick up seats in mid terms? And fuck me this could be HUGE for the senate.


Imagine 52 and they can tell Mancin and Sinema to fuck off.


That would be a glorious day!


Meanwhile no red state will be flipped because if Dems win there the Republican legislature will simply throw away the vote with the support of SCOTUS.


How can any child bearing age women vote GOP? Do they hate their private parts?


A lot of GOP women support policies that would ultimately force them out of politics and “back to the kitchen”. Like Boebert saying churches should lead the government. She thinks they’d listen to her? It’s insane.


They're the ones pushing out like 10 kids to keep this nation as white and Christian as possible.


Yup - you are 100% correct. As a woman it's incredibly depressing and disheartening to know how many women support this heinous ruling.


Not only the ruling but the social implications that it represents. It reeks of the “white replacement” bullshit that they’re trying to combat by forcing white women to have babies. They don’t care about the collateral damage that women of color will sustain— in fact these fuckers are HOPING that POC will die from it.


they are hoping to keep funding the Private Prison complex


The hilarious irony of this being it guarantees more minority births. Because that's who gets the most abortions. Because "white replacement" is not and never will be a thing, because... that's not how genetics or demographics work. Part of this is playing off of social progressive circles talking about a "coming white minority" without really any basis in sociological/demography science or talking about human phenotypes as if the end result of populations mixing is just blending phenotypes together into a homogenous soup without any basis in the science of genetic inheritance. Neither of those scenarios is realistic, social progressive media sites have historically liked to talk about them as inevitable, and social conservatives find those scenarios horrifying. Which is great for the media sites' engagement and clicks, and awful for... anyone else.


That's why I always hated when the abortion debate was framed as one between men and women, like it was just men who were pushing to control women. There's definitely some of that, but the debate has always been between Christian fundamentalists who think abortion is a sin against god, and everyone else who doesn't believe that. There are plenty of women in that former camp and plenty of men in the latter. The debate is religious in nature.


> The debate is religious in nature Which of course is such bullshit in and of itself. The Bible is filled with killing, it's hardly pro-life. It clearly says that life begins at breath multiple places and has a recipe for abortion. They are such lying hypocrites it's shameful.


Yep, and the religious right didn't used to care about abortion as an issue whatsoever, even after *Roe v Wade* was decided in 1973. [The leaders of the religious right simply used abortion to try to consolidate a political base because the real thing they were trying to fight against the fact that white only, segregated religious schools were going to lose their tax exempt status.](https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133/) They needed to rally people to endorse their racism, so they fished around for an issue they could use to unite the religious right into a political force, and abortion became that issue.


At that rate, they better watch out or they'll get caught in this web they created where they'll need an abortion for a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, or other prenatal issues... I'm sure we'll start hearing about those soon enough.


A family member of mine is so proud of herself for "debunking" that "treatment for ectopic pregnancy is abortion" tweet by pointing out the **real** treatment is Salpingectomy or Salpingostomy, not *abortion* .... These people have absolutely no idea what they're talking about


Redefine abortion to placentectomy.


No we need to reclaim our language. Abortion is a medical term. It shouldn't invoke emotion any more than other medical procedures do. They have redefined it to mean "baby murder" which is why they get caught up in medical terminology because they don't realize these specific terms fall under the abortion umbrella. They genuinely don't fundamentally understand the word But also yes it's not realistic to reclaim so we should just call it that lol


Just like “CRT” means “teaching kids history” or “grooming” means “existing as a queer person publicly”, and “communist/socialist/liberal” means “anyone who I disagree with politically” They’re now trying to do it with “insurrection,” making it just mean “large protest” It’s a tenet of fascism. Language means nothing anymore. Truth is no longer truth. If they allowed the truth, they wouldn’t have any followers left


The church pews are looking empty and the Army is having a hard time recruiting. They've been falling behind. Trying to increase production!


Women are some of the most adamant anti-abortionists. They either 1. Sincerely love babies and are uneducated or brainwashed to honestly believe that babies are being murdered 2. Were brought up believing that their only purpose in life is to have children, and are resentful or bewildered that other women are able to choose differently or 3. Both or somewhere inbetween those views. (Or 4. They’re rich white supremacists who laws don’t apply to, but my answer was more to explain why the average anti-choice woman would vote for something that seems to punish themselves.)


One of my family members claimed the "1%-3%" of medically necessary abortions is a lie because, and I quote verbatim, "they're not 'abortions'. They're called that but the difference is that the baby is not intentionally killed" They are genuinely brainwashed to the point of fundamentally misunderstanding what abortion is But these are the same people that think "if evolution real why monke still exist" Is a massive gotcha so ya know...


Close colleague of mine is a woman who's anti-choice. She's Christian, obviously, but just total lack of reflection. She can't imagine someone with circumstances different than her own and can't imagine herself ever being assaulted or making a birth control mistake. She is also overflowing with misinformation about the nature of abortion procedures, fetal development, rates of rape, causes of rape ... it goes on. Basically she doesn't live on planet Earth and so indulges in fairytales about cute babies being born into loving families 100% of the time.


After working as an election judge yesterday, I have to say it was pretty staggering just how many women 18-30 that I saw voting Republican


I am constantly shocked how often college educated white women swing towards the GOP. They were one of the groups that went for Trump higher than expected in both elections.


Many vote the same as their spouse. Manly likely against their first choice.


I mean every day the supreme court seems to be handing out near-psychotic rulings left and right. In just the last week they've allowed prayer in schools, shot down some gun control of sorts (I'm not sure the specifics for this one). Just today I believe they are allowing the guy charged in the flint michigan crisis to go unpunished... Soon they are also going to rule on whether the EPA can actually regulate carbon and you can guess how that's going to go. They're more or less making their own momentum here. I still wish we would protest as long as other countries are willing to. Days to months to years until we are heard out.


Reminder Republican ideals: anti-choice, anti- healthcare, anti-education, anti-voting - ⁠You don’t control your own medical procedures. - You don’t get access to treat your medical conditions. - Your children don’t get access to critical learning skills and books that contain differing views are banned. - You don’t get to vote unless if you can wait 12+ hours in line if you live in a census identified poc voting area, you weren’t purged from a voting registration even though you registered last year, and if you do vote, the state officials get to choose the winner regardless of the popular vote. No evidence needed just claims of fraud.


If you don't want to live in a white-male-dominated theocracy hell bent on stripping the rights away from women, gays, brown people, interracial couples, etc., rights that took hundreds of years to obtain - then you have little choice but to vote democratic. I know the economy isn't great right now, I know inflation sucks, I know gas prices are ridiculous - but these things are GLOBAL right now; and these things will rectify, eventually. But hard earned freedoms, once they disappear, they are gone forever. I mean forever.


Abortion rights preferences don’t differ between men and women. This is a white evangelical Christian problem, and it holds as true for women as men https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2019/08/29/u-s-public-continues-to-favor-legal-abortion-oppose-overturning-roe-v-wade/.


Abortion rights are just the beginning, and sadly the majority opinion in America does not seem to matter right now.


That is certainly good news amidst a terrible situation. We need to carry this momentum, but also be wary and vigilant of the apathy campaigns that are in certain areas in the media and online, including reddit. It's a massive difference between holding a party accountable/criticizing leadership and the straight-up cynical, self-destructing narratives I've seen on here. - "Voting isn't enough/don't ask for our votes." Sure voting isn't enough, but luckily fighting for our rights isn't something where you have to choose one action. Voting is the **bare minimum** and the easiest way to yield tangible results. Voting is something you do for yourself more than anything else. People wanting others to vote doesn't inherently anyone a victim or any such nonsense. About ~50% of registered voters participate in midterms. If that were even a few percentage points higher, it could be the difference between keeping both the Senate and House. Additionally, even if you hate Biden and somehow reason the ludicrous idea that all Congressional democrats are just as bad as Republicans, it's still ignoring what is arguably the most important aspect of midterms: STATE RACES. Now that SCOTUS has tossed much of this to the states, the results of governors and state legislature races in 2022 is literally the difference between *millions* of people having their rights protected or not. Furthermore, state officials are the battlegrounds of the GOP's efforts to dismantle democracy right now. 22 people running for secretary of state (the state's top election officials) are 2020 election deniers. The candidate running for PA governor is straight-up campaigning on overturning his state's results. Lastly, midterms are about local and county positions. Your local school boards, police forces, sidewalks, city parks, social projects, etc... There is really no good rationale not to vote unless you have been suppressed from doing so. And I have a feeling I know which party would be making that happen.


It's not just Roe vs Wade. It's also the Jan. 6 hearings. Both of those are significant contributors to the decline of the republican party. I'm looking forward to seeing republican tears in November.


Don't count on anything. Vote. Vote like your life depends on it.


Because it does.


Don't forget the primaries!


Let's not forget that of the 1 million+ Covid related deaths in the U.S. the numbers did and continue to heavily sway towards Conservatives. I would not be surprised that the numbers were high enough to turn some red districts purple and some purple districts blue.


We need to be looking at taking a supermajority in the senate


Let's see if it's enough. If this isn't a wake up call, I don't know what is.


The GOP plays the game much better than the democrats do, generally. Or at least they did as long as the cynics were in charge of things. As the true believers take over the party and continue to enact policies in real life like this that are hugely unpopular, I think they’re in for a rude awakening. There’s reason to think that the economic issues they’re counting on to carry them through the election will be improving by then. If the democrats can put together some smart messaging about Jan 6th & Roe, they could actually eke out a win.


I also think a lot of the laws they are passing in red states and the decisions the Supreme Court is making will come back to bite many Republicans in the ass. Anti protest laws in particular are going to be really annoying for them in certain states if they lose power.


Youre assuming equal enforcement across demographics, which lol


Don’t believe polls. Vote.


Sigh...why did it take DISASTER for people to suddenly starting supporting Democrats?


Apathy and laziness. Most non-voters can't be arsed to do the right thing until it's way too late.


>"I do not think [trump]'s enjoying the moment as much as many of his supporters are, to be honest with you." Because he's worried about political fallout? Sure Because he is going to have a harder time getting abortions for his mistresses? Almost definitely


This is def positive news, but let's see how the number go as we get more polls.


>Although indicates that the ruling on Roe might spur greater Democratic turnout, **Democrats have historically ranked abortion relatively low on their list of policy priorities**, rendering the potential electoral impact of the ruling unclear. That's because there was never a rogue court that was willing to actually overturn it. Things change and the fear of losing a lot of other rights, in addition to every woman's bodily autonomy, is very, very real now.


Polls aren't elections. Polls aren't voters or votes. YOU must go out there and make it happen.


Not surprised. Even my small business conservative friends are pretty creeped out the state may force their daughters to have kids no one wants.


LFG! If the Democrats can quit squabbling for long enough to win a few consecutive elections, things could actually change for the better.


Agreed, but it has to more than just “a few consecutive”. We get complacent when things aren’t on fire, and that’s when Republicans regain power.


There is a propaganda machine really gearing up on reddit to convince people that voting is pointless. Nobody should listen to them. That's how we got here.


This. Of course voting alone won't instantly fix all of the problems that America has accumulated over hundreds of years. It requires long-term commitment to undo the damage largely brought by not voting consistently for the right people for too many election cycles and let a fascist death cult run roughshod over too many people. And Dem politicians and voters also need to realize that state and local elections are at least as important as federal elections because state legislatures hold tremendous power in the American federal system and take those downballot races seriously.


It's been running full speed for months already. This board's comments are now astroturfed garbage compared to even 5-6 years ago. Every single thread is full of this junk. And I say that as a hardcore Sanders supporter who campaigned for him twice in 2016 and 2020.


>LFG! If ~~the Democrats can quit squabbling for long enough~~ people get off their arses and actually **vote** in large enough numbers to win a few consecutive elections, things could actually change for the better.


They don’t have a choice. They need to hold a majority in the Senate for the next 10 years for even a chance at fixing the USSC.


Voted red candidates m, but upending Roe vs Wade is religious dogma. I’m voting for pro choice Dems state and federal now. Going to research the candidates and pick the closest blue to my views


I was one of the passive moderates in the last two elections. I thought that both parties were awful and didn’t represent me. But this is too far and it has motivated me to stop sitting on the sidelines. I don’t love the democrats, but the republicans are actively try to take away freedom and democracy. I’ll be voting all blue in my state come mid-terms.


Roe is just the opening act.


Wait until Texas outlaws BJs.


They're working on it. It's not just BJ's, technically "sodomy" is any form of sexual contact that isn't specifically P in V. That means no hand stuff, no mouth stuff, no boob stuff, no butt stuff, for men or women. This all coming from the same people who'll continually rant they want the government out of their life.


Im glad that people are motivated. My initial worry is that people would feel so defeated that they would just flock right to the reactionaries and demagogues. Hopefully this can convince people that the republican party is a fascist mess.


Doesn't mean shit unless you actually get out and vote!


Great but need to build momentum. You need a generic ballot with a 10+ advantage to overcome GOP gerrymandering.


Trust no poll. Don't let them influence you. Just vote.


If it’s not the biggest turnout ever, we’re fucked


I’m a Dem. But the Dems never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity


I am still convinced Republican officials never wanted this overturned so they could keep their base voting them in for it.


I’m very hopeful this is the case! This is a very unpopular decision and *should* have broad ramifications in election season.


Tough to vote for the candidate of your choice when your city is gerrymandered into a rural district


Wonderful. Now register to vote and make damn sure you get your ass to the polls.