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The other 408 DID come to make a quick buck. EDIT: Thanks for the awards!


My 2nd generation Congressman is in his 7th term. He also accepts mid- and long-term bucks.


Midterm bucks is a great double entendre


It’s like a double entendre but also not because both meanings are so similar lol


Be careful if somebody suggests to make a backdoor deal.


I'd double that Entendre!


*High fives with a snap*


Probably most of the deals are backdoor deals


Oh America is gettin back doored for sure


1.5 entendres


I used to play slap bass for Midterm Bucks


*whispers* I don't get it


I think Midterm Buck's is a DC gay bar


Mitch McConnell was sitting in the Senate before I was even born and I'm in my thirties


40 years? His state ranks towards the bottom in most categories


I wish I had the link, there's a really good writeup of actual questionable things related to his "election wins". Found the article! I'll also link the media bias report for them which shows their reporting does have a slight left bias, but is highly factual (a better rating than most mainstream sources). https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/dcreport-org/ https://www.dcreport.org/2020/12/19/mitch-mcconnells-re-election-the-numbers-dont-add-up/ His election was done with the Republican favored ES&S machines which don't log everything in a way that can be verified like Dominion does. The same machines that were programed to switch votes, and did so on camera during the 2008 election. During the 2010 election it was found they'd take ballots, but not actually count the vote. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_Systems_%26_Software#:~:text=Omaha%2C%20Nebraska%2C%20U.S.&text=Election%20Systems%20%26%20Software%20(ES%26S),voting%20machine%20equipment%20and%20services. The controversy section details the multiple issues these machines had, and repeated attempts to stop using them that Republicans shut down. You'll notice Republicans love these machines with their history of election tampering and never once brought them up even though it would've helped their claims that ALL machines were at risk, but they only mentioned Dominion's which don't have this history.


Yup. The richest senator is from the poorest state. Decades later, most of Kentucky still hasn't realized how bad he's fucking them.


What about robux?


Believe it or not straight to jail


Driving too fast: jail. Slow: jail.


He also accepts bucks behind his back.


Yeah, 27 is not an encouraging number


Right? Twenty-seven Members is about six percent of the House. The other *ninety-four percent* are going to make that decision.


Plot twist. those 27 ALSO wanted those quick bucks and signed KNOWING nothing would come of it.


Hey everybody, **we tried**




I think the issue polls really well across the aisle and they're thinking about their next election. They figure they can worry about that problem further into their career once they still have the career, and honestly that seems like for once the system is working as intended.


Also, there are more ways to financially weaponize a career in politics far beyond stock trading.


The skeptic in me says this is the perfect bill to support as a person who won’t benefit from it. Because it makes the optics incredible while not having a chance in passing.


Hol up! You feel bad that the younger ones will not get to benefit from insider trading? No one is making them become career politicians. If they want to serve the ppl then serve the ppl. If they want to become wealthy stock traders then step down and do that.


that's the problem. they have no pretense of "serving the ppl" they run for office & become career politicians because it is a ridiculously lucrative career. Between back door deals, insider trading and 1000s of other shady activities they are all millionaires with multiple houses. Also they are exempt from most of the laws they pass.


They already start with a $174k salary for what is essentially a part time job. Add to that fees they can make from speaking and books, and I think they’ll land on their feet. Even an unscrupulous one would still be able to trade on the office for financial gain.


Look at the retirement plan and healthcare too…


A part time job? They only spend a certain amount of time in session but that's because they're supposed to be working with constituents the rest of the time. They spend far too much time on campaign these days but that's a product of the 24 hours news cycle and something they'd rather not have to do all the time. It's not exactly an easy job. It's a high stress job that requires a lot of long hours. They just happen to like that sort of thing and enjoy the power. Your average CEO does less work in a year than a federal politician. I have family that has worked in Washington for decades and had a cousin that interned for two Congress members. It's not a part time job. I hate Congress as much as anyone else but it's a tough job. Much of their job is spent on shit that doesn't provide any benefit, campaigning, back room deals, hitting K street at 5am for their morning blowjob to midnight drinks at le Diplomate where a lot of deals are made.


If you choose to serve the public, you give up some supposed "freedoms", just like a felony criminal gives up some of his/her "freedoms". The ability to grow your personal wealth while dictating the rules of society should absolutely be cut off.


When I joined the military I couldn't do a whole bunch of shit. Congress and senate should be held to those standards too. Too rich? Get the fuck outta here! Too old, get the fuck outta here!


It took me 26 years to make 100 million! Back off!


The only reason these 27 are coming out in opposition is because they know it has zero chance of passing and are happy to get the good publicity. If it had a real shot at passing and their votes could be deciding they'd suddenly find grave concerns about the bill.




25 dems and 2 GOP. Good on those two GOP to at least sign on to this.


We should know who all of them are: Jared Golden (D-ME) Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Matt Gaetz (R-FL) Mark Pocan (D-WI) Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) Susan Wild (D-PA) Conor Lamb (D-PA) Katie Porter (D-CA) Pramila Jayapaul (D-WA) Jesús “Chuy” Garcia (D-IL) Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) Angie Craig (D-MN) Kathleen Rice (D-NY) Andy Levin (D-MI) Bill Foster (D-IL) Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ) Joe Neguse (D-CO) Dean Phillips (D-MN) Tim Ryan (D-OH) Greg Stanton (D-AZ) Andy Kim (D-NJ) Melanie Stansbury (D-NM) Ritchie Torres (D-NY) Matt Cartwright (D-PA) Haley Stevens (D-MI)


No AOC? Very odd


Agreed. I think she’s actually co-sponsoring a separate bill on the same issue. I’m not sure why she wouldn’t be on both though, because I see a lot of the same names on it. Maybe she disagrees with some aspect of this one, I’d be interested in hearing her response.


And Matt Gaetz is on it?? Edit: yup, brownie points. I should have implied it better but I think we got Enough of the same comment


His family already has money and the bill is popular so this is him trying to say "See I care about my constituents opinions!" I think


Or he’s too stupid to make money in the stock market so doesn’t think anyone else should be able to either


He makes more than Pelosi. His trading is plenty good, or his professional trader his family uses it good.




He dates jr high girls. They're not interested in stocks.


Because he knows stock trading is going nowhere., so why not sign on for the optics of it? Democrats get straight played in everything they do. I’m starting to believe it’s intentional because it’s truly pathetic just how bad they are at their jobs. Republicans run circles around them on a daily basis.


To be fair, it's a lot easier to break a country than to build or fix one. That gives republicans a huge advantage.


He makes his money on Venmo.


Was this a bill in the House specifically, or are there senators signing the bill too?


It’s not a bill. It’s just a letter asking for a ban. It’s literally nothing. Less valuable than the paper it’s written on.


It could be that by becoming a vocal advocate for this early on, AOC would unintentionally alienate potential GOP supporters. I'm obviously not saying it should work that way, but since FOX treats AOC as the antichrist, it makes sense that any bills that want bipartisan support have to do everything they can to avoid any landmines in the US culture wars.


Yep. It's not as if anyone is in doubt with where she stands on this issue, so her name on a non-binding letter to Pelosi isn't that critical.


Can’t go against momma bear


Matt Gaetz - FL Oh yeah. This is ALL about publicity. He wants positive publicity the most out of all them.


Exactly as expected (well without AOC and with two Repubs)


Kind of shocked Matt Gaetz is one of them


Not surprised at all. This has been a topic the GOP could have easily flanked the democrats on to look good for the upcoming election and a few republicans hinted at doing that. Despite the winning strategy it would have been, they are still fucking vampires and couldn't circle the wagons around doing something positive en mass.


Gaetz is surprisingly a fan of taking money out of politics, him and Ro Khanna, a progressive, worked together a lot to try and come up with a bipartisan solution. Check out The Swamp on HBO to see more on it.


Yeah he's still one of the top congressional stock traders though, this seems more likely a cynical move to allow him to throw populist rhetoric.


Mind as well feign bipartisan when it costs you nothing.


And considering the legal hot water he's in, he may be trying to buy some good will from the likely more negative press that will continue to come out as his case progresses.


Probably hints that he knows it isn’t going to pass and then he’ll just tell his supporters it was the dems (which there are plenty of dems who will vote against) and all his supporters won’t even blink.


Matt Gaetz prefers his financial transactions to occur on Venmo exclusively.


He totally misunderstood when he read that Venmo was for minor transactions




That's just stupid enough to possibly be true.


Oh man. Fucking lol


lol holy shit this is good


I'm sorry it's just.. Your username.. Is the raccoon okay? Does it's health insurance cover therapy?


It was already dead, don't worry about it.


And yet, it is full of life.


This is America, it's probably uninsured.


Trauma from being born in the US is a preexisting condition.


That was all posturing on Gaetz part. He makes money from lobbyist. Ofcourse he doesnt care about stocks.


He sees this as something to publicly browbeat Pelosi with


Gaetz doesn't have a huge amount of expenditure while his girlfriend still regularly gets pocket money


Now if he can only focus on keeping money out of sex.


This is much more funny that the "minor transactions" joke lmao


They don't need to. They are banking on a coup d'etat and destroying democracy completely.


Yup, there's still a coup plan going on, in full swing. It's just back to the shadows. They had one public event recently, Jan 6th, 2021, and everyone pretends that was it and they're done. Who's in jail? Which masterminds have been brought to even the first sign of justice? None of them? Right. The Proud Boys, their leaders, and their goons are not masterminds. They were all pawns, always have been, always will be. Not a single leader in the coup has been held accountable in any way. They still hold their governmental offices! 2022 will landslide Republicans into the Senate. 2024 will hand the POTUS back to the Republicans. Jan 2025 will see the beginning of the complete dismantling of our country and the reformation into a fascist cesspool. I would love to be wrong. There is zero evidence I will be.


[deleted] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^0.2869 > [What is this?](https://pastebin.com/64GuVi2F/29897)


All those things are already illegal for reps btw, just a question of enforcement, and greater transparency for that purpose.


Exactly, and tbh it is something I think any common American can, and should agree with. My trump loving relatives sent out mass Facebook messages last year about “let’s stop politicians profiting off of holding office.” I was like fuck yeah, this is something anyone can get behind. Glad to see things that we can be on the same page about. I’d much rather see a divide between the common American and corporate politicians, over the left/right divide we see today.


I’m a right leaning conservative and I completely agree with the sentiment that all our politicians left or right need to be stopped from profiting off a job that’s supposed to help the country not themselves.


This is what I'm expecting, they've already starting to capitalize on Pelosi's original statement on the matter. I assumed that would be the one issue the GOP would jump on for midterms to appeal to those outside their base.


I think crime, crt, and inflation are the three topics the GOP will drill on nationally, driving that Democrats are responsible for them. Corruption is a double edged sword so they will avoid it nationally.


Except they can just bang on the "Biden administration is corrupt!" drums, their base is so stupid they won't give it a second thought.


eh, it's an easy public image move. He's risking absolutely nothing by signing on to this because he knows as well as anyone else it won't go anywhere, and even if it did it wouldn't actually impact him. Removing the ability for them to individually trade stock is highly unlikely to prevent their spouses, and if it did they'd just commit insider trading if they were willing to take the risk to do so... which so many of them would.


Why? He is deflecting from his real crimes


Not like it was [against human trafficking or something.](https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/mar/31/facebook-posts/yes-matt-gaetz-was-lone-no-vote-human-trafficking-/)


Or [revenge porn.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/04/06/matt-gaetz-revenge-porn-bill/) Speaking of which, it is strange that Katie Hill, who resigned due to what she calls revenge porn featuring herself and a congressional staffer, [buddied up with Matt Gaetz.](https://twitter.com/KatieHill4CA/status/1273696328489426944) [Hill cut ties once Gaetz came under investigation for paying "underage women" for sex](https://thehill.com/homenews/house/547285-katie-hill-on-matt-gaetz-i-feel-betrayed-by-him) but it is suspect that it ever happened at all.


I am not a huge Katie Hill fan. She has suspect strategical decisions like the above. I hope she doesn’t run again (though I wish her well with her PAC and other work)


Easy for him, since they're going to seize all his assets when he goes to prison, right?


Makes him look like he got a conscious or something!


On my attorneys advice I support this bill.




Matt Gaetz: why not? because it doesn't ban having sex with underage girls.


He'll take any opportunity to have a talking point against Pelosi


Gaetz is trying to use this as possible ammo, probably feels ignored and is trying to get GOPs attention. Don't expect too much from this scumbag, daddy's big pockets boy.


Matt Gaetz saving his own hide. He's already rich and needs to boost his populist persona for reflection and to gain sympathy for future trial.


There are still 200 dems and 200 Republicans who did not sign this.


Good on everyone who signed it.


Shame on every politician for not backing this. Dems or GOP.


We'll have universal healthcare before this happens, and we're never going to have universal healthcare.


I think it will ultimately end up like Cannabis. States will go first. California is pushing toward single-payer. Every headline on the topic involves "tax increases". Once people begin to understand that the line-item on our pay stubs switches from "Private Healthcare Company" to "Single Payer Program" it's not a big deal. Hell, it should be less for most Americans since there's no lining the pockets of executives and shareholders.


I think the worst part is how people act like a single player system will result in worse healthcare. This is a change to _billing_ and to widening access to healthcare. When you have a for-profit industry that’s controls billing and access, that’s when you get in the fucked up situation we’re currently in. But of course the insurance industry will lobby the shit out of the government to keep the money flowing into their pockets. It’s one of the biggest disgraces in modern America.


> act like a single player system will result in worse healthcare Once you get past the "largest tax increase in history" argument you find the underlying truth. To the privileged, equality feels like oppression. "I went to college, paid my bills, got a good career, healthcare is a privilege I EARNED!" And if everyone has access to the same care, then what did I bust my ass for? Cold, heartless truth.


IMO part of the problem is that we consider "college educated, can pay bills, and have a good career" as privileged! Compared to the ultra-wealthy those people might as well be in the same bucket as the poor. Taxing a guy who makes $100k to buy healthcare for a guy making $20k is lunacy when we could have the 1% pay a FRACTION of their fair share and fund it all! People need to think more in terms of the British class systems; the elite are the few at the top who own the majority of the wealth/property/businesses, the "middle class" are the millionaires who've bought their way into some modicum of power, and the rest of us are working class, because we actually have to work for a living no matter the type of job. Us working class folks need to stop fighting each other and go after the people above! TLDR: Class-wise a software engineer at Amazon has more in common with a McDonalds cook than Jeff Bezos and the sooner we realize that the better we can organize!


“The difference between a million and a billion is roughly a billion”


We tried for a public in Colorado, but maybe a few years too early. It got shot down.


It went down *hard*, too - I think it was something like 15-20% in favor. It was a sad day for ColoradoCare suppporters.


Yes, because there was no incentive for people with insurance from their work to vote in favor. People don't vote altruistically, we need to bribe people to do the right thing. I think a better bill would be one that said "you can choose to take the public option over your employers insurance, and if you do, they have to pay you their cost difference".


Pelosi’s role in this is very damaging. It gives the opposition a legitimate claim to a talking point that should be the Democrats’.


If democrats are so anti-gun, why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot?


Because if they didn't shoot themselves in the foot constantly, there would be change. Change which would empower the masses and not the elite. And most Democrat politicians don't *actually* want that. The main difference between Republican and Democrat politicians, is that Republican politicians ***hate*** the poor, while in contrast, Democrat politicians don't give a ***fuck*** about the poor.


I’ve always said that the Democrats *claim* to care and make promises that would be beneficial to the masses, they just don’t do a damn thing when they’re actually elected. Republicans just don’t give any pretenses of caring at all.


Good cop bad cop is our two political parties.


Solving the problems would be bad for them politically, in the long term. The Democratic strategy comes down to convincing people that they are the only option to solve class issues, racial issues, identity issues, etc. So people who otherwise might be conservative but in suffer those problems might still vote democrat. The moment those issues go away, those people stop voting Democrat (unless the party completely overhauls their strategy). And so despite the GOP generally being a shit choice as well, having a platform that isn’t wholly dependent on this kind of thing puts them at an advantage.


I was in the democrat’s party website and they had a wall of text blaming trump for several things (many of which I can agree with) and in one of them says we don’t have healtcare because of him LMAO, like they’re doing anything to change that.


Almost like people should stop voting based on party lines and or maybe look into third parties


Tried ranked voting in mass. Ballot initiative soundly rejected by the people


Eh, might be more illustrative of the power of propoganda and marketing, not to mention the ignorance of the average voter. Not sure exactly how to solve one before the other though.


I specifically remember one of my friends complaining about how nothing ever changes, yet he voted against ranked choice voting.


3rd parties only make sense for house members and below. Until we have something other then first post the post voting, the senate and presidential elections are a fixed two party system. Especially the presidential seat. Not having a 3rd party president in over a century is now by design after gerrymandering. House and local elections are fair game though.


Well we tried saying that a few years ago being told biden and pelosi are the best we could get


They’d actually have to work...imagine that.




Watching him get booed for it after all those months was pretty fucking golden though. Just read his reaction…. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump


Imagine keeping a leader with this kind of vulnerability hanging over her head. Her greed has overwhelmed her judgement.


Every time I see Pelosi come up lately it takes me back to last October or so of a 60 minute interview she had. When poised the question of how she has planned on training underlings for power her demeanor dud a complete 180 from 5 seconds prior and was on completely defense and dodging the question like it was an attack on her. Pisses me off these elders don't see the door in front of them is one that needs to be left open and not shut behind them for others to follow through.


"The hand that reaches from the grave to grip your throat is the strong hand you want at the wheel" - Nancy Pelosi probably


Dude I saw that and I absolutely did not like her after that question. Like dude you’re EIGHTY years old. Why is this such a hard question?


Typical boomerism. Selfish and entitled with little regard for what kind of mess they leave behind for the next generation


I understand what you're trying to say, but Pelosi Isn't a boomer- she was born in 1940. 81 years old and still stuffing her coffers at the expense of the citizens she swore to protect.


It’s funny that they call them the silent generation when they all can’t seem to shut up


Maybe they just want everybody else's silence?


Pelosi and her husband increasing their net worth to over $100M using all the insider information she's had access to via her time in Congress, and then watching as she nears retirement and pulls up the ladder behind her to prevent future Congress members from doing the same thing... Yeah, that's some peak boomer energy right there.


She bought a retirement home in Florida. Less taxes, more freedom.


They're gonna represent us from beyond the grave!!


Imagine being 81 and still holding onto power and still working to enrich yourself when you’re already “worth” $100M. Why the fuck won’t these geriatric assholes retire and allow leadership who will actually have to live with the consequences of their actions?!


Maybe she assumes she can take the money to hell with her.


I think this is their retirement hobby...


Because there's nothing left for her but the accumulation of wealth and power. Gaining wealth and wielding power are the only things she's done for decades. She doesn't know *how* to do anything else, and she *can't* stop. Power corrupts, and she's been well corrupted for a long time.


It's only weird if the rest of them aren't doing the exact same thing. The vast majority of our legislature on both sides is extremely corrupt and this is one of the biggest ways they line their pockets.


The Democrats chose to elevate a very public advocate of public corruption as their leader in the House. It isn't a Democrat talking point because the Democratic Party chooses public corruption over ethics and proves this fact by promoting those who keep the corruption going. It's damaging because it highlights the institutional corruption of the Democratic Party.


This is why she never should have been Speaker again. Dems just need new leadership.


The Dems are just going to pick another person like her. Among corporate Democrats the only other name they have floated is Clyburn, who himself is a huge money in politics guy.


Clyburn is owed the favor for endorsing against Sanders as well, same as Kaine’s VP slot was the payoff for giving Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the chair of the DNC.


Dems need a complete reset and anyone who thinks that rhe current Democratic Party of the USA is actually going to help anyone is delusional. They pretend to give a fuck and then not do anything about it. At least the Republicans openly admit they don’t give a fuck about poor people so you don’t feel like you’re being lied to.


It's an odd issue. The right would usually burn Pelosi at any chance they get. But it's not like there are a little of GOP lining up to oppose her. Nothing unites a divided congress like naked self interest.


Turns out you get a bunch of homecoming second runner-ups and give them power over people, they’ll all end up using it for themselves


>Golden's letter implicitly references Insider's "Conflicted Congress" investigation, which has found that dozens of members of Congress and nearly 200 senior congressional staffers have failed to comply with the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, a 2012 law designed to combat insider trading by requiring timely disclosure of stock transactions. 27 write a letter while more than 200 profit from it. The maths of the end result seems pretty straightforward to me. And that's not including people like spouses


You're misreading those numbers, if I recall correctly. There were like 25 congress people on that list of 200, the rest were staffers.


"Hey hey hey, this hasn't been 'a quick buck.' I've been at this for *decades.*" - Nancy Pelosi, probably


I think this is a great idea! I'm glad to see that there are members of Congress who are thinking about the best interests of the American people, and not just their own financial interests. I hope that Pelosi and McCarthy will listen to these representatives and bring this stock trading ban to the floor for a vote.


If there's no way of convincing them (and their spouses and children) to divest when they get elected, the alternative should be something like this: You can keep trading individual stocks, but any trades you, your spouses or children do must first be recorded and made public, and then wait for 48h before they are carried through. Can't be insider trading if it's all on the outside by the time their trades go through. I would still prefer forcing them to divest, but I could live with the above, as it would completely negate their "insider advantage".


This is why I say, no incumbent gets re-elected. We have cause to be disappointed with the running of our government. It is not a Democrat/Republican thing. Partisan/Bi-Partisan be damned. We are the victims in this.


*the next article* "27 house members promptly told to 'fuck off' says the members of the house making millions off of insider trading."


nah, they wouldn't be so bold and demeaning to them. They'll just smile, pat them on the head, and ignore it.


> "More important things to work on now."


>406 members of Congress neglect to sign letter asking Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy to bring stock trading ban to the floor Fixed that for you


27 out of 435? I'm thinking that this is gonna be a big no.


That’s not how this works


Do not think Pelosi has made a quick buck, she has been on the long haul.


Wow, 27 out of 435!!!!


Congress persons should not be allowed to trade stocks in the exact same way referees should not be allowed to bet on games they preside over


“Then you’re doing it wrong” - Nancy Pelosi


For those keeping score. This is 27 out of 435, 6.2% of the entire House.


Congress should be banned from owning individual stocks but should still have access to index funds. When you restrict a public servant's wage or access to the ability to invest then the only people in those positions will be the independently wealthy. We already have too much of that, we don't need more of it.


It'd also be nice to see their index trades in real time, not 30 days removed.


Really interested in why some names I trust, such as AOC and Ilhan Omar seem to be missing?


Golden doesn't like AOC, so he probably didn't ask for her to sign it.


That's possible. I guess the important thing is to judge a politician on their voting record since it is impossible to know for sure why some signatures are absent here


The stated job is to serve the country, I’d wager that at least 60% of them came to make a quick buck.


Nancy Pelosi is 81 freakin years old and has enough money to retire 1,000 times over. Why is she dying on this hill?


"We came to Congress to serve our country, not turn a quick buck!" ~Citation Needed.


So an overwhelming minority.


Pelosi should bite the bullet and just publicly oppose it so the GOP will get behind passing it


Dan Crenshaw will be devastated by this


Great now get lobbyists and campaign money out of government while you’re at it…


27 out of 435 signed the letter. Let that sink in


2 Republicans


They get paid 180k to be a talking head for their district and most of them aren’t that good at it.. getting elected is in itself making a quick buck


*Only* 27 House members signed on to the letter That's a really sad sign The fact that it's not the vast majority already says everything we need to know about how likely a bill that will stop them from trading stock is likely to pass


Proud to see that 5/28 of the representatives hailed from my home state of PA!


If you hold stock in a company you shouldn’t serve in the Congress. There’s no way to be unbiased when one of your interests is your own pocket book.


Fucking absurd that it was ever legal


I wouldn’t be surprised if **only** 27/435 house members cared more about serving their country than making a quick buck.


Term limits is the only solution to this shite.


Only 27 that is sad


Pelosi literally has talks with Facebook and is making money from investing in them.


Pelosi Official Response: “I came for the money.”


We need to get rid of both Pelosi and McCarthy.