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What? His comments are ridiculous. Show how _expanding_ voting rights stops anyone from voting. All of the proposed things make it easier to vote and _that goes for freaking Kentucky republicans too_.


It's not that it *stops* people from voting. It's that if you let too many people vote, Republicans won't win. This is akin to being silenced, apparently. What's fucked is they act like they have some superior mode of governance that simply isn't popular but is the most effective, and thus we should all be grateful for their minority rule. Fact is, they have no plan of governance, except to cut taxes for the wealthy, deregulate industry, and stuffing courts with partisan, right-wing judges. Easier to vote = less advantage for Republicans = minority of voters cannot dictate their will to the majority. It's a silence I would honestly welcome, as those loud fuckheads have gotten quite irritating the last five years.


They already killed off a lot of their voters too. Feel like they're finally realizing that and panicking.


I wonder about that, say 400k of the 700k dead voters are Republican, is that enough to change anything?


500 in FL was enough to pick the President in 2000


And in Florida, DeSantis only won by 33000 votes. The state has had 63000 Covid deaths.


Which is why they need to restrict voting to win. They know they can’t win by getting more votes, so they have to cheat.




> Easier to vote = less advantage for Republicans = minority of voters cannot dictate their will to the majority. Some think this is somewhat new, not knowing reich-wingers were openly saying they "don't want everybody to vote" **in 1980, before reagan was elected**. paul weyrich was not the only one nor, I am sure, the first one to say this. But I think he was the first one who said it openly and repeatedly since 1980, noting "As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down." Even if you voted for team (r) this should have set off major alarm bells, as it is contrary to every democratic principles they claim to adhere to. But then again, quite a few team (r) voters were already comfortable (in the 1970s) with the idea of committing crimes in order to win elections.


The demographics that would become (r) voters voted in nearly 100 years of Jim Crow, so they've been loudly proclaiming they don't want everyone to vote for a looong time now.


>What? His comments are ridiculous He's talking about the representation in the State governments and the House of Representatives - Republicans gerrymander the fuck out of the districts so that a disproportionate number of Republicans make it to Congress or state governments than is representative of the constituents in their state. This then "prevents the voice" of those republicans per McTurtle, when in actuality it just brings it to the correct representation.


Gerrymandering just needs to be abolished and illegal. Throw out the Electoral College (what happened to that any way? Wasn't that a major push we should be seeing now?) throw out carefully chopped up districting to squander legitimate votes. Count everyone as equals. There's nothing to be feared from equals.


It will require a constitutional amendment to get rid of the electoral college. Passing a constitutional amendment requires a vote of two thirds of both houses and then approval of three quarters of the state legislatures. Getting it through congress is unlikely but conceivable, state legislatures is a different matter. Republicans control over half of the state legislatures so it's not going to happen in the foreseeable future.


He’s willing to make a 3/5 compromise. I dare anyone to give me solid evidence that the GOP isn’t trying desperately to disenfranchise voters because their archaic bullshit is no longer accepted by the majority of Americans.


this is exactly whats happening. also their voters are dying of covid at a disproportionate rate and boomers are aging into graves. Anyone my age (40) and below is either brainwashed (but still potentially salvageable) or already further left than any current representation


I'm 44. The younger generations certainly don't seem to be tolerant of the intolerant. At least for the mostpart. I guess that's why there's such a push to allow home schooling and private Christian schools so kids won't ever hear anything their parents don't like.


For sure. My kids are 17 and 20 and I raised them right so Im pretty stoked about the future.


I don’t have any kids, but am glad that there are people around my age hopeful for the future.


I got banned at home for talking shit about fallen empires and late stage capitalism lol. Gonna leave the planet off the table for this convo rn too. Im just hopeful that, as a society, we can work toward progress with the younger generations coming up into some power


Late stage capitalism= monopolism. I'm less hopeful than you lol but it's always nice to hear, thank you. I'm still on the fence if humanity is even worth saving or not, the most similar organism to us from a behavior pov is either rats or predatory microbes.


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. I'd rather be Russian than a Democrat. Antifa are fascists. Expanding voting rights stops people from voting. I hate corny metaphors, but modern conservatives have truly gone full 1984. Conservative elites want to re-establish a modern aristocratic class, and conservative voters are a bunch of brainwashed rubes who allow their hatred and fear to warp reality into whatever they want it to be.


But but but, Antifa _are_ fascists: they have fascist in their name! /s


how did god take Bob Saget and not Mitch McConnell?


Because God wanted to hang out with Saget. Heaven and hell are still stuck in a stalemate game of “not it” over Mitch.


With purgatory saying "no fucking way".


>Because God wanted to hang out with Saget. Heaven and hell are still stuck in a stalemate game of “not it” over Mitch. I feel like here in the material plane, the U.S. and Canada are stuck in the same game with Ted Cruz.


Literally every time I get a NTY notification that someone died I ask why they're not Mitch.


No shit and he took Betty White instead of Trump! WTF??!!


The Farmer and The Snake - Fables of Aesop. A story featuring Republicans as the snake and Democrats as the farmer. Premise: One winter a Farmer found a Snake stiff and frozen with cold. He had compassion on it, and taking it up, placed it in his bosom. The Snake was quickly revived by the warmth, and resuming its natural instincts, bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal wound. Moral: As he drew his last breath, the farmer said to those standing around, “Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel”.


I always knew this fable as the frog and the scorpion: A scorpion convinces a frog to ferry him across a river. Upon landing on the other side, the scorpion promptly stings the frog. "Why did you sting me?" the frog asked. "It's my nature." said the scorpion


"But now that you have stung me," said the frog, "we both shall surely drown." "Lol," chuckled the scorpion - "lmao"


"Get owned lib!"


"Let's go Brandon!"


"Kek", said the scorpion.




In the version I heard, the scorpion stings the frog halfway across and they both die.


interesting, i kind of like that one better. i could be misremembering it


I think it really makes the point well that the scorpion is willing to die in order to sting the frog. “You knew what I was when you offered to help”


Not so much willing as showing how it simply cannot help itself... biting is it's nature.




Robot chicken: https://youtu.be/hwtQSNEOivk


This is the Aesop version. The modern 1%-er version though, has the Scorpion surviving, of course. That way he can also later sting a bird for carrying him across the sky, and a squirrel for carrying him over land.


The eagle keeps swooping down to bail out the scorpion but not his victims.


If only.


I first heard the story in [Star Trek Voyager](https://youtu.be/l2p8o77xJEI) and Chakotay tells it as a scorpion and a fox.


True to form, she completely misses the point of the parable. "Ah, but *we* won't give them anything until we are already across and safe, we have them over a barrel." I wanted Chakotay to be like "_sigh_ You mean the way the scorpion couldn't kill the fox until they reached the other side? The way the fox had the scorpion over the proverbial barrel, but the scorpion killed them both anyway? I don't think you understood the story, shall I tell it again?"


Lol and I remember it from Natural Born Killers as the story about the 🐍.


I remember it from Reddit, it was a lion hawk scorpo lizard snake.


The story of the Manticore that stings itself while trying to swim.


I love that there is a Star Trek scene for this! And regarding the Borg! just perfect :)


Same idea.




..and he died from a reptile dysfunction.


Ba-boom, tiss! lol




>Moral: As he drew his last breath, the farmer said to those standing around, “Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel”. In other words... "You knew I was a snake when you picked me up."


Also in other words… “keep bitey nope-ropes away from your tits.”


What bothers me about this story and its variations is the way pity or compassion is made out to be the problem. Help the snake; just don't give it a hug. For this to apply to McConnell, though, one would have to have pity or compassion for him. Fuck that guy.


I agree. You can give an alcoholic a job after you met them at AA, but...I wouldn't give him a job as s bartender.


Apathy is causing a huge amount of problems.


One day had Zarathustra fallen asleep under a fig-tree, owing to the heat, with his arms over his face. And there came an adder and bit him in the neck, so that Zarathustra screamed with pain. When he had taken his arm from his face he looked at the serpent; and then did it recognise the eyes of Zarathustra, wriggled awkwardly, and tried to get away. "Not at all," said Zarathustra, "as yet hast thou not received my thanks! Thou hast awakened me in time; my journey is yet long." "Thy journey is short," said the adder sadly; "my poison is fatal." Zarathustra smiled. "When did ever a dragon die of a serpent's poison?"—said he. "But take thy poison back! Thou art not rich enough to present it to me." Then fell the adder again on his neck, and licked his wound ~ Thus Spake Zarathustra (Nietzsche)


Ah, yes, the parable of the Chad Zarathustra and the Virgin Adder


classic Chad-Virgin dialectic


Trump would tell this story at his rallies and cast immigrants as the snake. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/2/23/17044744/trump-snake-speech-cpac


Man I hate his stupid face


Ugly person, inside and out.


Even McConnell's skin hates him and is trying to slough off.


>If Democrats blow up Senate rules, millions of Americans will cease to have a voice in the Senate. Entire states would be shut out. Translation: If Democrats change the rules to what is in the Constitution - i.e. passing legislation with a simple majority, and not a 60 person veto-proof super-majority - then Republicans lose their ability to rule as a minority party.


Wouldn't not blowing up those senate rules mean that millions of Americans already don't have a voice in the Senate?


Those minorities and hippies aren't Americans in his eyes.


If by "blowing up" you mean "remove" that that's not true imo. Things would still be decided by a vote. Losing the vote doesn't mean you voice didn't matter.


> “Entire states would be shut out,” McConnell griped, adding: “This isn’t about new voting laws. It’s about silencing voters who inconvenience Democrats.” Pot, meet kettle.


It's literally about not silencing *any* voters, regardless of party. What an absolute piece of shit. They say "Equality feels like oppression when you run things," and fucking Mitch has obviously spent too much time in charge.




I think this is actually right-wing rhetoric. It's how you get outsiders to come in and shit all over everything. it's how we then don't hold people in power accountable, because they're untrustworthy "in the first place". So, just vote for the one that is the least evil. As opposed to actually identifying people taht want to be in charge to improve the lives of others.


Some people have values and want to improve the lives of their fellow citizens. Those people need power to enact change. They're looking to be public servants. Being in charge is a burden they're willing to bear. Other people just want power and don't care about the people they'll rule over. Those people should not be given power. They're looking to be tyrants. Being in charge is a trophy to be won. How do you tell the two apart? Public servants campaign on policies that will change things for the better. Tyrants campaign on defeating their enemies and winning culture wars. Never trust anyone who wants power to win a culture war and defeat their enemies because they'll eventually turn on you.


It's not even like the pot calling the kettle black, it's like *the color black* calling a kettle black.


Actually, in “the pot calling the kettle black” the pot is black, but the kettle is reflective/shiny silver. So the pot sees it’s own reflection in the kettle and calls it black, when the pot itself is the only one who is black. So it’s an apt comparison


TIL that's what that meant, I thought it was a black pot calling a kettle black so it makes it about hypocrisy, but in your definition it's even more about projection. Thanks for clarifying!


Or in this case the color black calling the color blue, "black"


I don't think Republicans like the color black much...


And the kettle isn't black.


How are voters silenced when they're given access to the ability to vote?


It would silence the republican voters who lose the election via larger numbers of democratic votes. It's totally unfair that majority votes win elections. Obviously Republicans need to change voting back to the old "only land-owning white men can vote". It's the only way to keep their votes from being silenced!


I'm guessing he's saying the rural republican vote is silenced when they're not allowed to shout over population centers. Apparently a vote doesn't count unless it guarantees you get what you want. Ironic.


They want minorities to have a voice, if by minorities we are talking about the less popular political party.


>They want minorities to have a voice Millionaires are a minority... right?


I don't understand why it would be a problem to "shut out" states. If the state doesn't count their voters why would their votes count?


remember what GOP stands for: **G**aslight **O**bstruct ***Project***


G - Gaslight O - Obstruct P - Projection His comment hits all three


Yes, it's about silencing a vocal minority of voters who think that black people and liberals shouldn't be allowed to vote by making sure that they can vote. 🤣


I sure hope Dems have a plan bc this guy would sell his first child, first grandchild, his wife and all the change he had in his pocket (which given his age could be legitimate) for the GOP to take back control of congress..


All so they could sit there and do nothing. I could *almost* stomach the power thirst more if it was so that an ~~agenda~~ platform, or set of policy and investments, could be fulfilled. But apart from tax breaks and deregulation, they just want to break the very government they are an important part of.


>they just want to break the very government they are an important part of. That **is** their agenda. They're attacking the institutions and guardrails that have held back their attempts to seize unilateral power, like judicial oversight and voting rights. It's all realpolitik. Their only real goal is to use their power to secure more power, and ensure that power can never be taken from them (at least peacefully.) Ideology and principles are an afterthought, because if you're engaging in realpolitik they're not important. The only goal is for each move to increase your power. McConnell and the rest of the Republicans will decide on what exactly they will do with that power later, once their party has complete control and nobody can oppose their decisions. This is exactly what David Frum was talking about in 2018. Republicans know that their principles can't win democratically, so they're trying to destroy our democracy.


True. In 2015 you had 30% of Americans who would support a military coup and in 2022 that number is 40%. You have lawyers arguing in court and on the Senate floor that the president is king and he can break any law he wants while president because he is president. 28 states currently have an open resolution passed for a constitutional convention with just 6 more (although likely more as some will be rescinded) it opens the door for Republicans to rewrite the constitution for the entire country.


> 28 states currently have an open resolution passed for a constitutional convention with just 6 more (although likely more as some will be rescinded) it opens the door for Republicans to rewrite the constitution for the entire country. If that happens, it'll be over and we'll suddenly see an influx of people who understand what asylum really means.


Dont forget Judges.


I'd probably refine it from "want to break the very government" to "are more than willing to break the government if it gets in the way of their goals." Judges are just part of that task list. After all, if you can't yet change all the rules, then change as many umpires as you can, and the rules won't matter so much.


Thanks for that neat turn of phrase, “when you can’t change the rules, buy the umpires”


They’re not buying them, they’re putting in undereducated unqualified people who believe their bullshit in these positions. That’s way worse than buying them if they’re successful.


And endless Biden impeachment trials.


They won’t attempt to impeach Biden because that would make Harris president. Edit: as an addendum, yes they might impeach Biden… they’ll never get a conviction in the Senate. I could see them impeaching him in the house just to rile their knuckle-dragging base.


He'd never be convicted, but they want to get vengeance for Trump being impeached twice. So no real threat of Harris taking over.


And to muddy the waters, make it look like every president is impeached and it's just political theater without substance. They want to distract from what trump did.


Yup they will 100% make a point going forward of impeaching every Dem president.


but they will impeach biden just to tie things up politically for a year or two. they are honestly offended that anyone would dare call the crimes their last president committed crimes. the case was made- both times. the warning was made the first time- remove this president or he'll do worse. he did worse. ​ but they like it. so its "just political"


Speaking of judges - big shout out to my boy Biden! Biden’s had more judges approved than any president, which is fantastic for America. Countering the conservative judicial push is essential for smaller victories.


Do nothing. Lose to Democrats for 2 years. Convince people Democrats do nothing while preventing them from doing anything at every step. Regain power. Repeat.


Ron Swanson is hilarious until he's real.


> But apart from tax breaks and deregulation, they just want to break the very government they are an important part of. How is that not an agenda? It's fucking abhorrent, but it still counts.


They do quite a bit while in power, just not for citizens. They grow they're own wealth on the backs of favors to the highest bidders while also trying to solidify they're dream of a one party state.


> for the GOP to take back control of congress.. He’s probably ok with the current situation since he can still prevent anything he doesn’t like from passing and the Dems get to take the majority of the blame for pandemic related issues. Didn’t they basically do the same thing during one of Obama’s terms (it was either for H1N1 or Ebola) by blaming him for a poor response after blocking pretty much everything he sent?


he doesn't have to do anything, manchin and sinema are doing it for him.


Obama only had 4 1/2 months out of his 8 years with a functional majority in the senate. This is when the GOP realized they could get away with murder- if it was a Black president.


I’m told by informed sources he bought his soul at a black market


Mitch is Republican Party first. Not Republican voters, not the American public. His loyalty to the *party* is absolute. Everyone and everything else can get fucked in his eyes.


Mitch is Mitch first. The Republican Party is a means not an ends. He'd sell them along with his kids the moment they weren't what he needed.


Not his wife - she's the one with the money.


And the ties to the top levels of the Chinese government.


He's literally owned by China.


One can use any DMV anywhere in their state at their convenience to get an ID yet with that ID one can only vote in a designated location on designated days. It makes no sense other than to make things inconvenient. A police officer anywhere in the nation can run my ID number and immediately know my address, age, marital status, etc yet to vote I need to register (with ID) months in advance and then wait in a specific designated line for several hours on a workday. It is bullshit!!!


Hell they can even run you license plate number on a car you own.


Right! Republicans act like it's so hard to figure out who people are. There is no reason why everyone with a valid ID (military, passport, state) can't show up at ANY voter location in their state day of and voter. Registration deadlines, assigned polling locations, restrictive ID requirements, etc are all ridiculous..


My question to them is, how did we verify before photo I.D. existed? They act like there are all these modern problems, but our voting system worked fine (if quite exclusively) for over almost 100 years before the invention of photo identification, and that's not even when it gained widespread use. Honestly, there's no reason why you can't have a registry, people show up and claim they are them, sign something, vote, and if a conflict arises it can be resolved using signature checks. Instead of randomly checking for shitty signatures, you wait for a conflict (two ballots from same person). If the signatures match, you subpoena and check with the voter. If between the two ballots one matches and the other doesn't, go with the one that matches (and investigate who committed fraud with the bad signature, maybe put video surveillance outside of polls, have ballots time stamped). And that's all just likely unworkable bullshit pulled from my ass, I'm sure the experts can do much better. But this all ignores the modern argument against ID laws: mail-in ballots. Who needs ID when you can just mail the ballot and have us send it back? This hyper concern from the right over election integrity is just another form of defamiliarization. Right-wing media has taken innocuous processes that have occurred hundreds of times over most voters lives without batting an eye, and they've harped on them to the point where these processes become mysterious and unfamiliar. At this point, right-wing voters could be convinced that American Football is a communist conspiracy. Their brains are fucking playdough for media to mold at their will. Rupert Murdoch will die a happy, rich man.


Once an officer found me parked in front of a driveway that was covered in snow (I live in the south and I did not think to make sure there wasn’t a driveway under there jfc) anyway this dude ran my plates, got my picture, found me in the coffee shop up the street and addressed me by my name and told me to move the car. If that’s fine, I don’t see why we can’t just vote wherever.




> It makes no sense other than to make things inconvenient ...and that is precisely the point!


Whenever you hear a conservative screaming, "One person, one vote!", just respond with, "Oh good, so you think every citizen should have easy access to cast their vote? Cool! Me too!"


And I applaud their push to eliminate the electoral college.


>One can use any DMV anywhere in their state at their convenience to get an ID Unfortunately, the DMV is not always conveniently located in certain parts of the country nor is it staffed sufficiently to conveniently get an ID. While it may be convenient for you or I the same cannot be said for everyone, everywhere.


I think his point is that getting an ID from the DMV is easier than voting, and your ID give the state an almost instant ability to look up your identity.


Oh, I agree. But the right often uses how easy it is to get an ID as reasoning for voter restrictions while purposely trying to make it more difficult in certain areas to get an ID.


The Right talk about ID a lot but if you look at the laws they put in place ID is an after thought. They move registration deadlines, limit polling locals, restrict early voting, reduce voting hours, change recount standards, etc.


The next appointment at my DMV is several weeks out. They have consolidated the small, convenient locations into these megaplexes that book up way in advance. Strangely, none of them are close to public transportation. It's like they don't want certain people to be able to walk in and get an ID


>getting an ID from the DMV is easier than voting not necessarily, if you live paycheck to paycheck and don't have any bills of your own, you can't prove residency or pay for fees easily.


Some states for obvious reasons make it very difficult to do but technically an address is not required to get an ID. One can get a federal ID with a birth certificate and Soc Sec card. This is why Conservatives are insistent on specific types of IDs. To keep homeless citizens from voting. Of course having an ID is critical to accessing services that assist homeless people and help them transition out of homeless. Voters get to decide what those services entail and how well they are funded.


Yes, that was exactly my point.


Near everything we do is convoluted, which is a pretty strong marker of corruption, both political and moral. Better functioning developed nations have centralized, automated and universalized so many basics that are labyrinthine or cost prohibitive in the States. There's no reason for most people to manually file taxes, navigate health insurance or register to vote. The complexities around finding childcare are also insane in a country where both parents are expected to work long hours -- a society that cannot meet the basic needs of its young is not an advanced one. We treat our citizens well insofar as they are consumers and that's about it.


Well spoken. When you look at the relative ease at which developed countries are able to navigate the above items it becomes increasingly clear that we are in fact not a developed nation as such. Wealthy, yes for a few, developed no. Everything we have is pretty subpar. Infrastructure, healthcare, childcare, education, you name it is well behind most European nations


Some DMV locations are only open one day a month. And an hour from many of the residents it serves. So yeah- it’s a poll tax.


I suppose the problem then would be that different precincts may have different ballots due to city/county lines, state and federal legislative districts, school districts, etc. How do you get the right ballot at a different precinct? Seems like solid reasons to use electronic voting machines or vote-by-mail.


Everyone should be mailed a ballot and then submit it in person with ID at the location they choose. There are a lot of solutions. Problem is Republicans don't want solutions. Republicans want obstacles.


There is more on the ballot than just the federal stuff. Ballots go all the way down to local district offices, so ever district has a different ballot. That’s why the restricted locations. Now, if it’s all computerized, they should be able to look you up and generate the correct ballot on the fly for your address, but computerization of the voting system is controversial already due to security. The other issue you bring up is voter ID requirements, which are also controversial and almost universally opposed by Democrats. In lieu of that, you have the archaic register-in-advance system and then the poking place has a list of people like bouncers at a club. Personally, I think advanced registration is more restrictive than ID, so I’d rather see efforts to make ID’s easier to get to solve the barrier issue there and then do away with registration, but not everyone agrees with that. I think these are things that can be solved, but even without partisanship they wouldn’t necessarily be easy.


It also makes no sense why the opportunity to vote should be less in one state than in another. If Oregon can figure out how to let everyone vote by mail, then why can't South Carolina? Are the Carolina's so much more stupid than the northwest? Is there any legitimate reason for your rights to change so much just by crossing a state line? Speaking as someone from South Carolina who has friends in Washington, yes. Yes, we are.


The solution is to make mail-in & drop-off ballots the standard. Fill it out and deliver it at your convenience. Hell, eliminate in person voting at this point. It's a relic of the past and only hinders the system. Next step is figuring out how to make it digital securely. I know pretty much nothing about blockchain, but maybe that's the solution. No idea.


Mitch McConnell. Age: 79 years. Me: waiting patiently.


It’s always cockroaches like this that end up living way beyond any reasonable amount of time someone can tolerate them


Doubt McConnell ever writes his own Twits or read the replies. That’s a job for the despicable staffers that would work for an a-hole like him.


>The top Senate Republican on Monday suggested “millions of Americans will cease to have a voice in the Senate” Over the last 3 senate elections, each party received the following votes: Democrats: 141,552,752 Republicans: 115,364,239 And so, despite having only 45% of the votes, Republicans manage to have 50% of the senate seats. That 5% represents 12 million democratic voters whose voices amounted to nothing. Mitch McConnell can go sit on a cactus and spin.


Ultimately the voters of Kentucky are the ones to blame. Both the voters who actually showed up at the polls to vote, and the registered voters who blew off election day.


Man...anyone else notice how much more frequently the Tuckerbots and McVeigh Wannabes pop up in comments these days to defend anti-American actions?


Why this guy is still in office when 99% of the American people truly have hate for this guy, blows my mind. We have no voice. I’m sorry for every veteran prior and currently. This country is dog shit. The trend if it continues and I’m sure it is going to is going to destroy our country. We’re a joke. This guys a bigger joke. I know my comment has not much to do with this article but I cringe and get filled with hate everytime I see this assholes face.


Because a majority of people in his shitty state either like him, or their districts are so thoroughly gerrymandered that it doesn’t matter what they want. But, most likely they just refuse not to vote Republican.


You also forget the tribalism as far as some people are concerned democrats are the devil. It doesn’t matter if Mitch McConnell went into the senate and made a speech about how he is true villain all along people would still vote for him because they would think democrats would do worse.


It's incredible from a non-American perspective that this thing is allowed to speak. That his party is engaging in rampant monstrous voter suppression is a well-known objective fact. That they backed would-be murderers to get into their workplace and try to take control is fact. That they never do anything other than lie and gaslight is fact. So why is the turtle still in the room? Why is it still getting paid? It's a glitch in reality.


Mitch McConnell has done more harm to the United States of America as leader of the GOP in the Senate and it's time to put an end to the GOP's 26 years of "our way or the highway" approach to government. McConnells latest rant is just more of the same from this hypocritical obstructionist. Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison hit the nail on the head when he said, “Americans lost their voice in the Senate when McConnell denied Pres. Obama his constitutional right to appoint a Supreme Court justice & when you eliminated the 60 vote rule for lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court." It's time to end McConnell's reign of terror on the American people and start to once again get something done for the American people in the United States Senate.


Mitch is the scum of scum, the lowest of the low. I will actually celebrate when this old bastard takes his final dirt nap. He is, and always has been, a serious danger to this country. Fuck Mitch McConnell, fuck the entire McConnell bloodline.


Whichever city hosts his grave is gonna make billions from tourism. Could get a bit smelly though.


If you hold a piece of lettuce out in front of Mitch his tortoise mouth can’t help but try to gum it.


I kind of wish someone would do it


We should all send him a box of lettuce.


Mitch McConnell will turn 80 next month. Why does he care about the next election? What can he possibly want more from life that he hasn't already received?


> What can he possibly want more from life that he hasn't already received? Slavery. His primary goal is to bring back the Confederacy and their goals.


Just a reminder, you can demand a federal owner ballot if you’re a citizen and the place you live disenfranchised you.


Do you have more info on this?


Turtles can’t cry


Disenfranchisement is what has kept conservatives in power, of course they’re fighting for it.


He’s literally just a bag of skin. He’s basically a ball sac.




Bless your heart. He knows what he’s doing. He always has a backup plan where he’ll come out on top. Why do you think we are where we are?


I am really really looking forward to the day that Moscow Mitch passes away. They better cremate him or keep the location of his grave a secret.


If his gravestone is not behind armed security it will become a biohazard hot zone from the amount of people spitting and pissing on it.


McConnell has made it his life’s work to support and make it easier for officials to collect legal bribes. His work has effects and will affect our politics for years, he’s been nothing but objectively terrible for this nation. He doesn’t give a fuck about democracy, it’ll take years to undo the damage hes done


If you want to make sure this fucking asshole dies without ever being majority leader ever again, join us over at r/votedem to start volunteering and organizing to elect Dems up and down the ballot. This year alone, we have good opportunities to elect Dem senators in places like PA, WI, NC, OH, and FL.


All this does is cements how stupid he feels his supporters are. The man literally did exactly what he is accusing democrats for thinking about doing. The motherfucker is a true piece of decrepit shit!


Boy, covid had a big opportunity to help humanity but decided to skip this guy.


Cockroaches are pretty hard to get rid of sometimes.


Pan’s Labyrinth pale man. That’s all I can see.


Man that picture looks like the melting face scene from indana Jones


A great joke I heard about him was he’s micro-dosing Ark of the Covenant.


Mitch and the GOP just don’t want certain people to vote in large numbers… anyone with brown or black skin, for example. All rather ironic as the continued efforts of the party to spread covid continue to succeed and kill large numbers of their already declining voter base. But what about Hillary’s emails?


Let’s silence Mitch


Irony is the other thread in Redditt about McConnell, blocks VRA simple majority vote..


I remember a quote by one of our founding fathers, Walt Jr. "Why don't you just die already?"


Odious, detestable man.


Every day he looks more and more like a room temperature un-cooked piece of chicken. Is he on collagen injections 24/7 now or what?


“How dare you call out our blatant attempt to cheat?!?”


Just not by anyone he'll listen to. These articles about tweets are pointless. Flair ought to be required so we could stop wasting our time "reading" them.


Turtle tears


That's code for, "the gop will never win an election again if we can't rule from a minority position, cause our platform is massively unpopular"


If the will of the people with fair and total access to voting for all leans Democratic then what's the freaking problem really? It's not like Democrats won't throw them bones. It's not like all Republicans will become poor and die. Jeezus. All this stress for what so they can not have social programs.


*turtle tears


McConnell was shedding tears because if the gop can't silence the black vote they will lose 2022.


He just looks ridiculous with those little round glasses and turkey wattle.


they didn't hang the turtle moinker on him for no reason, he really does look like one.


Im around poor republicans at work and these guys are beyond stupid gullible idoits Gestapo AM raido has them completely brain damaged and McConnell doesn't give a damn about them he will only listen to the 1% these poor idoits actually think that they are on the team. Let's see if any of those poor republicans ever get invited to the Country Club. I bet my Social security that they never will