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Dude speaks to activists from his yacht, drives through protesters in his Maserati. The KING of messaging.


He doesn’t care. He’s making money and his donors are being served. Manchin couldn’t care less about his constituents.


His family owns coal companies, and makes millions. Edit: his daughter is also not a good person. Heather Bresch, Joe Manchin’s Daughter, Played Direct Part in EpiPen Price Inflation Scandal https://theintercept.com/2021/09/07/joe-manchin-epipen-price-heather-bresch/ Edit 2: his coal holdings that as netted him millions https://www.salon.com/2021/10/02/joe-manchin-has-made-52m-from-his-coal-company--and-gets-big-donations-from-fossil-fuel-industry_partner/ https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/10/27/politics/joe-manchin-coal-interests/index.html


Did she hike the price 500 times?




They own the country.


The Dems threw Franken out on his ass for sexual harassment, they should do the same with Manchin, for his corruption. Just blow the whole thing up and try to generate some voter enthusiasm for ‘22 to try and secure a larger margin. This corporate stoogery does not suit the Dems’ better angels, just like sexual predation. Someone needs to start a times up movement for greed.


Franken stepped down on his own because he’s a good person who probably felt legitimately guilty of the idea of having made a woman feel uncomfortable even though he didn’t and she was a Republican operative trying to play the me too movement to their advantage. In Joe’s head he thinks he’s doing the right thing even though nothing short of a time machine will ever bring the coal industry back


she was quite literally in on the joke & “fake sleeping” in the picture


Franken should never have allowed that to happen. The photo and the incident are absolutely rediculous and in no way sexual harassment. If i were him id run again. WE need someone like him in the whitehouse and thats probably why he was offered up as a sacrificial goat.


Franken has spoken about being concerned that if he didnt step down that woukd give conservatives cover to elect Roy Moore who was running at the time


And the whole reason Republican dirty tricksters dug up and sat on (until the timing was right) a 15 year old photo was to foment outrage over Dem behavior to normalize Roy Moore's candidacy. Typical Republican smear tactics.


A 15 year old photo that was supposedly staged. Not in good taste by any means, but as far as I have heard it was consensual


If he was a Republican, it never would have happened.


He’s apparently tossing the idea around. And as a Minnesotan voter I hope he does. We need more people like him in politics.


He certainly beats the “Democrat” obstructionists and dinos we have now, with few exceptions.


Wow jail the whole fucking family


Certainly did


Also the company paid 465 millions dollars for cheating the Us government.


...500% 500 times would be $50,000


Wow what a read. It almost feels hopeless to wish for change


He also make million from his coal holdings. Dude is corrupt. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/10/27/politics/joe-manchin-coal-interests/index.html&ved=2ahUKEwi7ttiHr4D0AhUsHDQIHbdnCosQFnoECAQQAQ&usg=AOvVaw27zZJfeK4PCbY3yyB0v49f&cf=1 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.businessinsider.com/senator-joe-manchin-half-million-year-coal-stocks-climate-crisis-2021-9%3Famp&ved=2ahUKEwi7ttiHr4D0AhUsHDQIHbdnCosQFnoECAoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw27s-Bs79BeSJcrifBfv1yz&cf=1


We need to focus on our local communities. These fuckers will become irrelevant as soon as voters start engaging more and rejecting candidates like JM. Of course WV is always going to bend toward conservative candidates, but there are so many jurisdictions that can and should be flipped. Stacy Abrams has proven that with a fuckton of elbow grease and tireless work, we can wrench the country away from these ghouls. It’s a war—we all just need to join the cause.


I'd be worried about their control of the Judiciary & blatant gerrymandering to control state legislatures. This allows them to subvert local efforts in cities aimed at reform, further crush any union/labor efforts, & continue voter suppression. Even if you then win a statewide race they'd neuter the positions power & only return the power once it is back under their control.


They are practically supervillains. His complaints about entitlement were laughable but this is another level. Zero self-reflection.


You don’t get it, let me break it down: politicians/ multimillionaires/billionaires/megacorporations are *worthy* to suckle from the government tit; *you*, wage slave, are *not*. Capisce?


Sociopaths have zero remorse


The Epi-Pen move was just fucking evil.


This. He doesn't give two shits. His own constituents would greatly benefit from a lot of bills he opposes. We have to elect people that care about the people. Unfortunately they can hide like Sinema and campaign on things they take a crap on when in office. Our system is broken.




We are already seeing republicans being pretty brazen in their plans to change parties & run as Independents or Democrats, bleed votes off the real thing. Foul creatures.


and don’t worry, because if you do actually make contact with one of these stooges in public, you’ll be arrested by class traitors for challenging the status quo in any way.


He, and frankly a lot of politicians think they are just an employee of the government and not a civil servant. Oaths are just words that people say to give them cover for the people that believe in them. Like parents lying to their kids about Santa so they can hide reality. Or like Michael Scott screaming “I declare bankruptcy!”


I doubt he thinks of himself as a mere employee of the government like some middling bureaucrat. He probably thinks of himself as modern aristocracy.


How the fuck was this ever made legal.


It was just made legal for foreign entities to fund ballot referendums 3 days ago. https://www.axios.com/fec-foreign-money-referendum-dcc92322-05ad-4093-8bb8-35446ef6c964.html


Yeah, that decision was fucking bonkers. To allow foreign involvement in *any* part of our election process is insane.


That ship sailed a long time ago.


Massive corporations are essentially foreign governments for all practical purposes. They have been in control of our elections for decades. I don't think this changes much. I've always thought it weird how much people wrong their hands over foreign governments getting involved in our elections, while Israel maintains one of the most powerful lobbies in DC and Saudi Arabia is deeply engrained in both of our political parties. The American people are so manipulated at this point that they are barely relevant.


I really have no hope for the US. It is to corrupt to stay here. My wife and I have a 2 year plan to leave this (only legal because the foxes made the rules) place behind.




Sadly, they will bail on all things climate and fuck over the rest of the world like China and Russia. You can run from these villains, but you can’t hide. The grift and self-dealing in the face of this imminent catastrophe make me feel dead inside. How these people look in the mirror and the faces of their grandkids escapes me.


I'm going to discuss the long-term possibility of the same.


What the actual f***???? Does the FEC have its head up its ass??? I can’t even comprehend this.




His order of priorities is Joe Manchin, Donors, Republiqans, then constituents.


You could just remove constituents and be accurate honestly.


Yea these people think he cares about the plebs. He’ll never be around them he doesn’t have to work with them or for them he don’t give a shit.


All he's missing is a coat that says "I really don't care, do u?"


Bonus points if it's a dalmation skin coat.


Have you seen his gorilla vest?


Loves wearin it with his gopher loafers, I hear.




His message is that he doesn't give a fuck about climate change, and he's proud of it. What he is doing is intentional. He doesn't give a shit what regular people think. He only cares about the big donors and his own family fortune.


I think the message now is just making his public life kind of insufferable. I think all of these protestors know he doesn’t care and it’s all about the money for him.


It’s a solid strategy by the left. He’s made himself the choke point of an entire nation, so it’s about time he feels the pressure of having all eyes on him. And the politicians themselves can’t do it (“can’t offend joe”) so it’s up to the protesters.


He used to be a Republican. Probably explains a lot of it. After this term he gets to retire to K Street and sit on a dozen Boards due to name cred and collect the millions of dollars in distributions each year. The Senate will likely be nothing more than a rubber stamp with the Trump logo on it by 2022-2024, so it's gonna be a great experience beneath the floorboards as the Steve Bannon clones go door-to-door looking for the "Libs" to reeducate in the virtues of glorious Trumpo-Capitalism.


No wonder he doesn't want taxes raised on the rich.... Can't have his own taxes go higher, sure does look like he is barley scraping by....


Maserati is a shit car too. Dude doesn’t even have taste.


Exactly what I was thinking. It must've been a gift from his good friends.


How do his hungry, sick, and underemployed who voted for Manchin feel about him?


Poor people in red states feel it's their duty to protect rich people's money.


Only duty in life. This and racism


Well he is a coal company man. If Democrats weren’t such pussies they’d bring it up every time his name is mentioned. It’s amazing any democrat has won an election since Kennedy, as much as they pull their punches.


They can start addressing and referring to him as Coal Manchin.


Well the Senate is split (again, thank you Maine...North Carolina...Iowa), so being a huge dick to him is just going to make him dig his blue dog heels in. Biden needs to be more like Trump and start calling Senators that fuck his agenda over by oddly-cringey nicknames. But that's the problem with Joe Biden: he doesn't sense the urgency and his Cabinet is made up of people who couldn't intimidate a ten-year old (I call it Gaetz-keeping), let alone Putin or Xi Poohjing.


His base probably loves it -


Joe Manchin has a base??


The fossil fuel industry is his base.


It's important for him to have a flared base or he could get lost.


He's won 16 years worth of statewide elections


Look, it's a known factor in American politics that the incumbent has a HUGE advantage. Half the reason two thirds of the Senate is STILL boomers is that, unless you get caught fucking a dog in front of an orphanage, anyone trying to kick you out has a pretty uphill battle. A race with an incumbent that's actually COMPETITIVE is newsworthy.


Even then, depends on who it is. I’m pretty sure Gaetz or Cruz could fuck a dog in an orphanage and they will still yell it’s fake news and win. Even if there are 100 witnesses, live Fox News coverage and his mother there to confirm his identity.


Gaetz, it'd probably be getting caught fucking an orphan in front of a dog pound.


This made me think for a bit. If there were a political race between a dog-fucking Democrat and any Republican whatsoever, I would never, ever vote for that Republican.


Wait, I swear I read somewhere that Maseratis are the single most fiscally *irresponsible* vehicle out there. What's Mr. "fiscal responsiblity" doing splashing his cash out on such a vanity? EDIT: LOL! Yep, Masrati is the [Highest-Depreciating brand.](https://www.iseecars.com/cars-that-hold-their-value-study#v=2019)


You can get a used quatroporte (sp) for like 40,000$


And then pay 5k a month repairing the piece of garbage


Maserati is the Italian Jaguar.


Which is quite a feat given that Italy is also home to Alfa Romeo.


How do you get 10 Alfa's to a car show? Start with 20.


Wanted to answer with 10 tow trucks


Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Fiat belongs to the same company


Fiat was sold and merged with Chrysler in 2014. They have a new company Called Stellantis that has Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Peugeot, and Citroen under the umbrella company.


An unholy union


The Pinnacle of reliability.


You know what "Ford" stands for, right? "Fix it again, Tony."


“That’s Fiat, Dale.”


Fix... ^it... ^again...




I've heard the rule of thumb buying an out of warranty Maserati is that you should expect $5K/year of typical maintenance costs, plus set aside $15K on case something significant breaks.


Honestly it's the Salt Bae of cars. They put a lot of work and effort into it to make it very exclusive, but it's mostly for status. Showing off. Reliability and durability are not the main engineering targets.


I never said it was a good idea


There was one of the SUV's that parked in front of a store I delivered to. I watched it disintegrate in one Ithaca winter. Shit like the badges, the wheel arch trim, mirror covers, bumper fillers Worthless automobile


Oddly enough, a Rolls Royce will actually go UP in value if you hit protesters with them.


Fun fact, newer Maserati's have the same buttons and window switches as a dodge dart.


Funnier fact: Not the new Dodge Dart, but the older models. 2018 Ghibli had interior buttons from a 2012 Dart. And it has massive panel gaps to the point where you can see the exterior sheet of metal inside the car, through the panel gap. Fuck Maserati. Even the Quattroporte had an early 2000s monitor with basically no infotainment screen until the late 2010s, when the US government mandated mandatory rear cameras, and they had to include the infontainment system with a touch screen....which they also ripped out of Dodge. And the camera is piss-poor quality, compared to it's contemporary rival BMW 5/7 series which has *360 degree view real-time rendering*, while the more-expensive Ghibli has a Radioshack camera slapped next to the license plate. And it doesnt retract inside the car when not in use, exposing it to outside elements and risk damage.




Fiscally responsible for thee, not for me.


It was a gift silly


Maserati's are just poser ferarri's. You buy one in the hopes that people will perceive that you are in a ferarri. And then your 2 month break in period is up and it takes up permanent residence in your local mechanics 3rd bay until you sell it.


West Virginia must be doing incredibly well as a state for its Senator to be driving that kind of car and living on a houseboat... right... right?! Oh, you mean its bottom 3 of GDP per capita in the country? Hmm.


And West Virginia uses the highest Federal welfare per capita of any state, while its Senator tells the rest of the country that the middle class cannot have social programs or it may adopt a "welfare mentality". Manchin is a hypocritical, parasitic, corporate bootlicker.




>He's honestly perfect for his voters here in WV. They're the kind of people who yell at someone for paying with a SNAP/food stamp card while being unemployed and having had used them in the past. We grow garbage people over here. This is what the rich want. They want us turning against each other. They want poor vs poor, middle class vs middle class, and all other permutations. That way we don't unite around our common causes and enact real change. ​ This is the entire reason for the culture war. ​ So no, I don't think WV grows garbage people. I think the monied families of parasites, such as the Manchins, abuse and gaslight people to get what they want. It behooves us to find the solidarity wherever we can and shake them out of it. It is the only way forward short of a violent revolution which will be good for exactly nobody (well, except the fascists since they aren't even being punished but I digress).


Saw a state legislators car today, it was a rolls Royce, considerably nicer than a Maserati.


What state? If it’s Texas that’s fucked up, can’t even get a reliable electric but let me find out our senator has a Rolls


"He faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. Prosecutors want to seize a Maserati GHI, a Porsche Cayenne, over $66,000 in jewelry and over $12,000 from Sorrells’ bank accounts." https://www.courthousenews.com/former-dallas-superintendent-admits-to-taking-bribes/ The former head of Dallas County Schools. If someone in the school system was able to funnel off enough for a Maserati, there's no way there are senators without Rolls.


Wouldn't mind having a scrap with either


Dude went from his yacht to his Maserati


And here I am trying to figure out if it would be smart to spend $5 on Taco Bell tonight


If you're really in a bad way you should be able to get a free Doritos loco taco through the app because of the World Series promotion today.


My man Ozzie Albies feeding America.


This guy Braves


Jesus fuck this is where we are, eh?




Literally bought myself a Beef burrito, add beans: 1.89 Free Doritos locos taco: free. Cheapest most filling meal I’ve had in a while.




That is kinda sad, and terrible. Don't get me wrong, I love the old double decker taco supreme,. But $2 for dinner shouldn't be the most filling meal you have had this week. People need to rise up, and demand change. A nationwide full labor strike would stop the corporations in a week, or less. They make money from your labor.


Bro, Ozzie Albies got you free tacos froM Taco Bell tonight. Get in there!


It’s never a good idea bro


Guy doesn’t even have good taste for good quality. Maserati’s are garbage “wannabe Ferrari” owners with Chrysler parts in them. I’d expect nothing less but for Manchin to drive such a piece of garbage… fitting


I'll never defend anything Masarati, but atleast Ferrari builds the engine 🤷‍♂️


Story aside, that is the perfect car for him. A cheaply built Fiat that is overpriced and uses ancient technology (compared to economy cars today). The perfect car for someone who sold his soul and wants everything to fall apart.


True. A Maserati is the car-idiot's idea of a premium car. My wife's former boss had two and it was hilarious watching a 400 lbs tub of lard trying to climb in and out of those the things.


Hmm… yes and no. The best (and probably the only good) thing about modern Maserati is their glorious Ferrari-built engines. The rest is mostly cheap Fiat/Chrysler parts with more expensive leather. Build quality, reliability, resale value, etc. are all crap. If you truly appreciate Ferrari’s powertrains, Maserati is quite a bargain, but you lose out on the prestige and quality of a proper Ferrari. Honestly, if you can afford it, either go all the way to Ferrari or get other better built sports cars for your money like a Porsche. I would take a Porsche over a Maserati any day!


It’s literally just a marketed brand name so people can say say “I own a Maserati” and anyone that know shit about dick knows they’re overpriced junk.


Every time I see one on the road, I laugh. Get an Audi or a BMW, anything other than a Fiat-Chrysler (or I guess Stellantis now...).


did Audi's and BMW's all of a sudden become reliable?


Audis have been reliable for a while now, they're among the most reliable brands out there. BMW is much better than it was but not at the top of reliability


*laughs in bmw repair bills*


The guy driving a Maserati gets to decide if you get paid leave for 4 whole weeks.


Meanwhile he gets 12


Lets be real... politics isn't a job. It's wining and dining, getting your dick sucked and sucking dick, dinner parties, golfing, and just generally hanging out with lobbyists and shit.


Most senators are millionaires, IIRC. They don’t get into it for the money, time off, or pension.


They might get into it for the money, but not for the salary.


Most, yes, as in there may be 3 out of 100 who aren’t millionaires.


american politics is awesome. a dude with free healthcare, guaranteed paid leave, free private transit, and more gets off his yacht, into his maserati, and tries to run over protestors on his way to vote down bills that want to give the working class the very things he gets everyday as a senator


You forgot the most important thing. He spends most of the year on PTO(paid time off).


It makes me want to eat a tide pod


Makes me want to watch him eat a tub full.


He drives a Maserati? How much does he make?


[About half a million a year, from his kids selling coal](https://readsludge.com/2021/07/01/manchin-profits-from-coal-sales-to-utility-lobbying-group-members/).


Add another $174,000 for his salary as a senator.


And stock options?


Where the majority of money is made.


Yeah, a lot of these assholes hide behind their "only X amount per year, fully taxed" salaries while inexplicably owning homes and vehicles that would have taken them hundreds of years to afford on such a salary. In actuality, their spending money comes from vast amounts of hidden wealth that they leverage for credit, which they pay zero tax on. Then they take out loans to pay off their loans until they die, all tax free.


Manchin founded the coal brokerage Enersystems in 1988. Though he no long has control of the company since he went to office he still earns 500k a year from the dividends.


i lost my license, now i don't drive


But does his Maserati even do 185?


*I got a mansion, they tell me it’s nice*


[It'll keep floating when I melt all the ice.](https://twitter.com/jbendery/status/1442659969367740416)


It’s hard to handle this fortune and fame


I love when the oil companies call my name.


>I love when the oil companies call my name. When you hit the bricks, new whips, money ain't a thang


[It depends](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maserati_Quattroporte#Specifications_5 ) on whether he got the highest trim with a 3.8 turbo or the standard 3.0 turbo. The higher-spec one tops out at 203, while the entry-level trim is 168. Actually, Joe Walsh's Maserati [couldn't do 185](https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/joe-walshs-maserati-couldnt-do-185.7075938/), but it looked way cooler than Manchin's. Apparently, [that's how high the speedometer went](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/hovb4j/til_joe_walshs_maserati_5000_gt_couldnt_do_185/), which is probably where the lyric came from.


Uh oh here comes a flock of wah wahs


Jokes on him… Maseratis are absolute trash. Their vehicles are unreliable and depreciate even faster than German luxury cars.


People like Manchin are so rich that they don't care about depreciation. It's negligible to them.


simple, just get a new one...on your senator's salary. Fuck I'm so tired of this shit.


He brings in 500k a year from the coal company he founded. We could save billions by means testing public servant salaries.


Senators make at most 200k - the rich senators aren't rich because they are senators. They are rich because they come from money and used that money to gain power to protect their wealth. The problem isn't that senators make too much money (although 200k is a bit up there) - it's that too many rich people have been allowed to become senators without divesting themselves of other means of income. The billionaires are running the country. We need to stop that.


They also get to do insider trading. It's easy to turn a 200k salary into hundreds of millions when you setup positions based on headlines you're making.


I’m learning a lot of things about these Maseratis today and none of them are good.


>“We blockaded Joe Manchin’s car and he tried to run us over" He didn't try to run them over FFS. There are reasons to dislike Manchin, but not for this. These people are assholes. The activist recording it even stated that his car was "slowly pressing into our people protesters".


Man I had to scroll so far to find someone saying this. It literally says “we blocked his car and he tried to run us over”. You stood in front of his car and he tried to very slowly get away from the mob of people harassing him.


Comparing Bernie Sanders who rides the Metro to Joe Manchin driving a Maserati is what pisses me of the most about the Democratic party. Manchin is most definitely not working for your average American.


But but berni two house argument from people supporting a guy who owns a literal fucking golf course and skyscraper.....fuck i wish our population would have some self interest over memes and catchphrases


and one of those houses was from his wife's parents estate


Tbf I hardly hear this argument from Republicans I know in person. Most of them respect the fact that he's genuine though they think he's an idiot. OTOH I hear this argument way more from liberals supporting HRC and other well off Democrats.


I have worked with many republican gentlemen that won't even let you finish your sentence before firing off that argument. But thats anecdotal and during the election I had a few that definitely preferred him over Biden if it came down to it.


not a fan of this dude but this is silly. you can't stand on someone's car and say they're trying to run you over. he's barely moving


He is just driving what everyone in WV drives. My fam that lives in Pliny has 3 Maseratis. They use one to mow their lawn.


WV has the lowest cost houses rn. That car probably cost more than most houses in his state.


https://www.zillow.com/wv/home-values/ Average home value in WV is $120k~. https://www.maserati.com/us/en/shopping-tools/configurator#bp-levante I'm not car guy enough to tell which model of the Levante that is, but if it's anything other than the Trofeo you're wrong, and it's it's the Trofeo you're right. Either way it's too close for comfort.


Pliny the elder?


Beep beep! I only break for coal rocks!!


Oh, does he not like his job affecting his daily life? Crazy, because his job affects my daily life too.


"Out of the way! I need to get this $120,000 Fiat back to the shop!"


Didn't even have the sack to *buy American.*


The senate is mostly made up of selfish greedy corrupt assholes to get rich and pass laws to stay rich. Dissolve the senate, most of them haven't represented the interests of the people who elect them to office in years and hold far too much power.


Ironic…. CharCOAL grey Maserati.


I'm honestly surprised that he doesn't drive a coal-fired steam engine everywhere.


Okay, real talk. He is *not* trying to run anyone over. He’s inching along because that’s the only way he can get out of that situation. Given that he’s a senator, he must understand the very real threat of people potentially wanting to kill him, especially after the shit he’s been pulling. I have more reason to be angry with Manchin than most people, but let’s cut the melodrama - he’s trying to get out of a shitty situation the best way he can. He’s only human. Also, fuck Joe Manchin.


My thoughts exactly. I had to roll my eyes when the woman recording the video said, "This is Joe Manchin inching his *car* into our *peaceful* protesters." She tried so hard to make him sound like the unreasonable one in that situation, and it just didn't work. That said, fuck Joe Manchin.


“Our nation cannot afford climate change mitigation, paid family leave, medicare for all, higher taxes on the rich, or so many of the high cost progressive programs. We need to run a lean government devoid of waste and inefficiency. *Now get out of my Maserati’s way, peasant.”* -Joe Manchin. God damnit, now I understand how the french felt in the 18th century


>God damnit, now I understand how the french felt in the 18th century Someone did the math and the disparity between the classes is *WORSE* than it was for the French Rev.


Everyone should be looking at the French Revolution right now. The parallels are scary.


Makes 174k/yr and has a net worth of 5mil, owns a yacht and a Maserati? *Nothing strange to see here* 👀.




I rarely see footage like this, so maybe this sounds dumb: Does he really try to run over them? It doesn’t really look like this kind of recklessness. That being said, I appreciate the protestors' way of carrying their anger in person to his personal space without being violent. EDIT: Looks like the site changed the headline


No he doesn’t at all. The security guards literally push them all of out the way and the car drives by.


Got no love for Manchin in the slightest but I don’t see him “driving through”protesters in that video. That language makes it sound like he ran them down which is not what happens in the video. Looks like they blocked his car from leaving, he kept his hand on the horn, and, eventually, the crowd dispersed or was dispersed by security.


who does he think he is, Donald Trump?


Manchin hails from West Virginia. A state who’s economy hinges on the coal industry. Why do people expect him to vote as such to compromise that ? The people of WV depend more on coal than any other state.


The Republican who narrowly lost to him in 2018 is probably kicking himself for not calling him "Maserati Manchin." I'm surprised West Virginia even has any places that would know how to service a Maserati.


Did uh… you watch the video before choosing that title lmao