Opinion: Blame GOP elites, not the grass roots, for the party’s descent into madness and sedition

Opinion: Blame GOP elites, not the grass roots, for the party’s descent into madness and sedition


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Can't I blame both? I blame the rich, corrupt, and well-educated people *more*, of course, but it's not as if the voting base is solely made up of people who never had a chance to learn that they or their party might be wrong or flawed.


Right, like grown adults bear zero responsibility… no. You don’t get to support a white supremacist who attempted a coup and then try to abdicate responsibility…


Yes, yes you can, but then you are smarter than the Author.


I would think there is enough blame to go around.


This headline is stupid as shit. Everyone affiliated with, supporting, endorsing, donating to, volunteering to, or voting for Republicans or conservative causes is all responsible.


Grassroots... there ain't no roots in astroturf


But the astroturf does explain the rug-burns on their knees


Why can't it be both?


Reply to author: we have met your "grass roots". You're full of it.


I'm good blaming both, thanks. The Party of Personal Responsibility™ has plenty of responsibility to go around.


Blame the elected politicians, not the people that support, elect, and enable them! 🤡


>Yet even with his repulsive toadying to Trump, McCarthy may not be the worst offender among Republican elites. It is hard to go lower than Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas. They seem to be in a sick competition over how many of their own citizens they can kill by catering to anti-scientific prejudices. >Abbott made a strong case that he was the leader in this ghoulish contest by trying to ban all coronavirus vaccine requirements, even in private companies. But DeSantis might have surged back into the lead by appointing as Florida’s surgeon general a fringe physician, Joseph Ladapo, who questions the efficacy of covid vaccines. Last Thursday, DeSantis stood by as Ladapo went down the rabbit hole, complaining about people “being forced to sort of put something in their bodies that we don’t know all there is to know about yet.” >Mock the Republican grass roots all you like. But the real problem is the complete abdication of responsibility by Republican leaders. Rather than trying to restrain the zeal of their most fanatical followers, they are amplifying it. Blame the party’s elites, not its rank and file, for its descent into madness and sedition.


Nope you GOP regulars don’t get a pass. You were mostly silent for this shit show .


Yeah, because it’s the “elites” showing up at school board meetings screaming about masks and CRT


¿Porqué no los dos?


Uh, no, the Grass Roots are bat shit crazy.


Oh, there’s enough blame to go around. The leaders and the base can share.


There's enough blame to go around. No need to be conservative with it.


I blame the vast majority of them for standing back and standing by as the party has increasingly gotten more extreme. Sure, a hand full of them have come out and said "This isn't the party I joined" but it really is such a small portion. Most of them have just watched as the shitshow happened, or encouraged it.


No, no no. This opinion is just fundamentally wrong. At first, in 2016, we actually believed that the Republican mainstream plugged their noses and reluctantly voted for Trump, secretly wishing that they had Reagan, or even Teddy Roosevelt back. This has been profoundly disproven by the past 5 years. Republicans in 1980 plugged their noses and reluctantly voted for Reagan, all the while wishing he was Trump. Trump is a far more accurate representation of the moral core of the republican mainstream than Regan or Roosevelt ever were. We cannot solve misidentified problems. As long as we see Trump as a con-man who infiltrated an unsuspecting republican mainstream, we will never be able to address the underlying causes.


Just FYI: the Republican grass roots would happily lynch teddy roosevelt today. And any mainstream Republican who thinks they would support him or holds him up as a Republican hero has no idea what he did as president.


Who are these supposed "grass roots republicans"?


Morons who watch Fox News and read Breitbart.


Sure, but I mean I think this is possibly the first mention I've seen of Republican Grassroots since the Tea Party movement...


We’re going to have an interesting few years ahead as the grass roots remain loyal to Trump and the party elites look for their next presidential candidate.


Truth! None of them will stand up for what is right.


No blame Americans for they're overwhelmingly poor critical thinking skills and the decline of education. Blame evangelicals for ruining education in the south. If we had the rank the dumbest people in every culture, then evangelicals would be at bottom.


I blame Reagan for trashing the fairness doctrine. Prior to that, lying, unrefuted in the media had consequences. Return the cranks to relative obscurity. They NEVER turn out to be right.


Oh? And are the elites the ones who vote for these assholes?


Now now … regular folks can be Q-maniacs too! Don’t be so elitist!


Get rid of em, buncha corrupt mo fos


There is a metric fuckton of blame to go around here but …maybe, just maybe the so-called grass roots shouldn’t be so goddamn gullible enough to swallow this stuff without a thought in their pea-sized brains 🤔