GOP election chief who rejects fraud claims up for fed job

GOP election chief who rejects fraud claims up for fed job


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Unfortunately the R brand is forever tainted, who can trust a party so tuned to outright sedition not to bait-and-switch any R actor now who might be pretending to deride Cheeto Benito? >Beware and be wary The 6th January Republicans treasonous plot For I know of no reason The GOPs treason Should ever Be Forgot


There is a reason why she was the only Republican to hold a statewide office in Washington. Washington has one of the best voting systems in the country and she had a heavy hand in making it so. She is old school Republican, like Eisenhower old school.


That's good to hear, let's hope she lasts in that toxic cesspool


WA state voter here. I tend to vote D 90% of the time, I voted for Kim twice. She has great character and doesn’t take shit from the likes of this ass clown. [Culp](https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/former-gubernatorial-candidate-loren-culp-drops-election-fraud-lawsuit-after-washington-state-threatens-legal-sanctions/)


Please stop writing that "poetry."




I don’t like it, but I see the reasoning behind it. I think it’s flawed, personally, and I’m also really getting *really* tired of seeing Republicans posted to sensitive security positions while that party is actively engaged in a fascist GOP coup (Big Lie anyone?). The reasoning since it’s the same bullshit for the past 20 years: Republicans are more likely to accept the judgement of other Republicans and less likely to make arguments for partisan enforcement of the law. The idea is to give confidence in the validity of elections by ensuring bipartisanship in their administration, ostensibly. The massive, gaping flaws in that reasoning from a few angles: 1. Qualified Democrats are being discriminated against. Republicans NEVER post Democrats to sensitive posts. If Democrats are also nominating Republicans, the result is functionally even more partisan than if Biden just nominated someone from his own party. 2. Republicans don’t care about the party of the official if that official is making a judgement they don’t like. A RINO is worse than a Democrat to them. The GOP cares about party loyalty above all else. GOP officials doing their jobs are getting just as many death threats from Republicans as Democrats doing their jobs. 3. We need to be able to trust appointed officials. Republicans in government are literally directly linked to an organization that attempted to overthrow the government on Jan 6. 4. Olive branches need to come from the Republican side. I’m not sitting down at the table with people who support the Jan 6 insurrection and sedition. Disagreements are fine. Choosing to side with the party of sedition and autocracy is not acceptable. The GOP has explicitly refused to govern. The egregious obstruction of the part of Mosciw Mitch isn’t just “Republicans being Republican”, not after Jan 6. It’s impossible to ignore that the obstruction is part of a political strategy to install a Republican autocrat by undermining Democratic governance. This is not just policy disagreement, it’s a strategy to make an existential problem for the Constitutional Order worse. This is not time for politics as usual until politics as usual loses the element of extremism and fascism that has gripped the GOP.


You’re obviously not familiar with Kim Wyman or her record here in Washington State. https://crosscut.com/politics/2020/11/how-republican-kim-wyman-keeps-winning-blue-washington-state


> Clayton, the director of WSU’s Foley Institute, characterized Wyman’s brand of Republicanism as “about as moderate as they come.” But he said it still may be difficult for her to transfer her statewide success as secretary of state to a more overtly partisan position, like that of governor. > I don’t think it would transfer over,” Clayton said of Wyman’s winning streak as secretary of state. “I think it works in that office because the expectation of that office is that it is not engaged in substantive politics.” I’m prefer competence. I *like* elected officials who are competent. I wish more competent Republicans would take their party back from the extremists. That NEEDS to happen. Until then, being a Republican needs to be disqualifying in the mind of the electorate until they abandon the fascist, seditious wing of their party. If they cannot get elected without that wing, they do not deserve to hold office. But, sure, they deserve to win and if there’s a Republican who is good at her job like she clearly appears to be, then they should keep doing it.




Republicans? At the rate this administration is going you'll get your wish


Take the only honest Republican in the entire state out and install a scoundrel?


Seems like any other Republican winning an election might be a tall order.


Great another person that doesn't know cybersecurity.