Trump Warned His Backers Would Skip Midterms — New Polling Shows He May Be Right

Trump Warned His Backers Would Skip Midterms — New Polling Shows He May Be Right


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Don't Vote. Don't get vaccinated. Don't believe anything you hear or see. As a winning strategy this just might backfire.


"Choose Life; Choose a job; Choose a career; Choose your strongly held personal beliefs over that career; Choose a traditional family, Choose a big boat; Choose to try to sail it during a small craft warning; Choose horse dewormer; Choose your own reality; choose Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/7c on FOX!; Choose not to vote in elections that will just be stolen anyways; Choose to roll coal; Choose to wrap yourself in a flag while tearing down the fabric of democracy; Choose Freedom!"


This is the political equivalent of "The Aristocrats" bit.


Isn’t it from Trainspotting?


Kind of sad that billowing clouds of carcinogens from your exhaust are a political statement.


Shhh. Let them follow their conscience. 🤨


Yes, shush please. People are trying to do their own research here!/s


Yes, let them follow their science (Facebook, Twitter and r/conservative)📚 /s


These goobers have a political stance that is only as reliable as “the last thing that Tucker told them is what they should believe as gospel”… sure they’ll vote exactly as much as they always do. Trump set record turnout last time which tuned these people into non-stop OANN style “news”, and they’ve been up to their usual gerrymandering and vote suppression nonsense anywhere they get a foothold in the country. I definitely wouldn’t underestimate their ability to be both morons and voters.


They don't need to win though, at least from their perspective. If you ask the QAnon lunatics, Trump is already President after all, and this whole Biden administration thing is some sort of act.


Which is why they all agree he can't run in 2024 because of term limits. Right?


I don't think they believe term limits apply to him. He's President For Life or something equally stupid.


Gonna need you to ground me doc. I’m not flying any more missions


You mean some kind of joke.


Much as I want QAnon to be a joke, it's not. Once a mindbogglingly stupid idea attracts millions of deadly serious followers, it's no longer a joke, however hilarious it may look to those of us who don't believe the nonsense.


Umberto Eco pretty much predicted something like this in Foucault's Pendulum.


Let the show go on.


here's where the problem comes in, in 2024 if Trump runs: If there are enough lackeys in place; winning the actual vote and the electoral; won't mean anything because *his* lackeys are just going to decide, long before anything actually happens with votes; that Trump "wins no matter what and we'll send our own electors". That's at least; one of his "trial balloons". People ARE correct in the assertion that Trump DOES NOT PLAN THINGS. They are correct. Know why? By being a person of **"we will cross that bridge when we get to it"**; this affords him many more "trial balloons" before any bridges are discovered. Him setting out the trial balloons **IS** him seeing WHICH bridges are even there in the first place.


> does not plan things It's simpler than that. He does things this way because he is a fascist. Umberto Eco: > The cult of action for action’s sake. “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation.”


>If there are enough lackeys in place The one problem with this is that you need to win elections in most cases for this to be the case.


Never interrupt your enemy when hes making a mistake


Turn on, tune in, drop out. lol


Maga boycotted the Senate GA runoff race. The neocons only needed 98k to seat Loeffler/Perdue. An estimated 376,000+ maga voters appear to have participated in the boycott. Many progressives will remember [Lawrence O'Donnell's advice](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqRNnIMDkUY) of how to swing a party by proving that your voter bloc was capable of not voting for establishment candidates. Maga has and is threatening to keep following this advice.


People didn’t boycott the runoff. Im from Georgia and most conservative friends just didn’t vote because loeffler was a cartoon villian running for senator


Loeffler and Perdue are neocons, maga is not. Sounds like your friends are not maga as much as conservative.




I keep seeing this claim, usually from questionable sources like this. Conservatives I've talked to seem to think that this is 4D chess to make "the left" complacent and that's why dear leader is saying these things, that Conservatives will still turn out but after months of articles saying they won't vote there will be less urgency for everyone else to show up. I don't really see any other reason to run these stories, so maybe they're onto something.


I for one would feel completely owned if Republicans did this.


I’d never recover


I'd never vote again.


Librul tears, rolling from my eyes.


I wouldn't believe a single poll result that centered on Trump supporters. At this point, the entire cohort is trained to lie because they don't trust pollsters or the media.


I would happily fill a bottle with my tears to give them in exchange for staying home. Can they tell sad tears from laughter tears by the taste or smell?


> Can they tell sad tears from laughter tears by the taste or smell? A good number of them have had or will get Covid by then and won’t have a sense of taste or smell anyway.


Add a little salt just in case.


Don't do that. Don't give me hope.


Don't worry. Polls have been totally accurate.


This, but unironically.


This, but ironically


People are making fun, which reminds me of all the reasons why dems lost in 2016 and why republicans continue to harm this country daily even with a democratic president and congress. This is a highly motivated, politically active, angry mob who, by foregoing voting, would be declaring they no longer have faith in the system at large, and it would provide the backdrop they need to really kick the war into high gear. This is a precursor to something none of us should want to see, but something that republicans seem intent on bringing to fruition.


These people are already gone though. Have you tried having a rational discussion? They don't sway with fact... They actually don't have the ability to discern fact from fiction, and are so intellectually dishonest, that they then declare no one can know anything for sure but they know Donald trump is the good guy.


Conservatives talk about how democracy is built on 3 boxes. Soap, ballot, and cartridge, and if the first 2 fail that they are ready to use the third. I do fear you are right that they will use an election loss as an excuse for more violence.


They already did that. It went terribly, they failed at every objective, and now they are facing both social and legal consequences for sticking their necks out. These people aren't loyal to Trump, they are loyal to the thrill of the anger they get from their TV or Social Media. As soon as the right-wing propaganda networks tell them to drool over some new sycophant, they'll forget Trump. Just like they forgot about Building the Wall, or Locking Her Up, or any of the other anger fads they've moved on from.


It doesn’t mean that a handful of idiots won’t try to kick something off, fully believing that they will just be firing the opening shots of civil war 2.0. Them accomplishing much has pretty low odds, but I could certainly see a spasm of violence from a handful of idiots. Remember that Oklahoma City was 2 or 3 guys. 9/11 was 13. It doesn’t take many people to cause some mayhem.


Are you suggesting we bend our politics to cater to a handful of violent idiots? Remember that letting these loons approach power cost us more than a 9/11's worth of deaths daily for months. Scattered violence is preferable to a viral pandemic.


No, but I am pointing out that the odds are that as conservatives believe less and less in voting that they are going to resort to violence more and more. Think of 1/6 as a practice run for some of the more hardcore crazies. It is something we as a country do need to pay attention to and be prepared for.


What does that look like to you? Fear mongering to defend Trump in Reddit comments doesn't seem like it will help much.


How am I defending Trimp?


Your first comment in this thread is sharing conservative ideology, and everything after it is "be scared". By lionizing the extremists, you're projecting more power on Trump than he has or deserves. If you're not trying to do that, don't waste your time pitching his ideology.


The fact that I understand the bullshit they believe isn’t defending them. It means that I do t have my head up my ass and I try to understand the lunatics that want to ruin this country.


They already had their perfect "backdrop to kick the war into high gear". We saw what their high-gear looked like on Jan 6. A huge throng of people standing around hoping to watch it happen, and a few hundred paintball cosplayers storming the building to accomplish nothing. Since then, Trump's support group has shrunk, his diehard fans are dropping like flies from Covid, and even his own party is starting to speak up against his return. The next year is going to be full of the Democrats in campaign mode grilling Trump and his associates through the court system. We're watching a bad tyrant go through the aftermath of losing their shot at power.


I think many of the proud ones would be surprised how many don't show their guns off for street cred.


“The war”? Is that like Jan 6 part 2 meth head boogaloo. The people who do not support Trump, vastly outweigh the people who do. There are exactly 4 maga houses in my little neighborhood of about 30 houses. So, what are those 4 fuck nuts going to do when the war starts. I personally will be shitting in 4 bags, lighting them on fire and leaving them on 4 doorsteps. Ringing their doorbells and inviting them outside to talk.


Oh no not another capitol “takeover”. Whatever shall we do? /s


They've been radicalized by facebook algorithms, its too late to save them.


Why even bother to vote if you want to make America great again? The libs will just steal every election in some confounding, impossible to prove manner not leaving so much as a fiber of bamboo behind. It's hopeless, so I guess we're stuck with a flawed system that still uses the fair and accurate counting of votes to determine the winner of elections. But until they fix that, just stay home if you want to ever see someone truly great and totally suited for public service like a narcissistic bloviating reality tv host slash lifelong compulsive lying grifter in office again.


Don’t watch polls, vote.


Trump has taken the GQP's voter suppression tactics to the next level. I fully support this latest endeavor!




It’s been so long since anyone’s predicted or projected anything good, we’ve lost the words for it.


Trump said if all of the voter fraud that caused him to lose the election doesn’t get fixed, they shouldn’t vote. Since this voter fraud he is referring to is fictitious, it’s obviously not going to get fixed. If we follow his reasoning here, why would he run in the next election? If he thinks there’s no point in voting, there’s certainly no point in him running


It's all so the GQP falls in behind him. "If you do not do what I want, I will make sure you do not win." It's like the kid taking his ball home because no one will "let" him get a goal.


I get that, but they can’t do what he wants. He wants them to fix a non existent problem. The audits backfire, the lawsuits fail. My point is I think he’s going to end up taking his ball home


I am good with that, I am sure Biden will pop home and get his ball.


I'm not sure he wants to run or needs to run, but all he really cares about is Fundraising. He'll "run" if it means 2x or 3x in fundraising. If his Maga Sheep ever figure out that he is just emptying their wallets and using the political donations for "his billionaire lifestyle", maybe they'll wake up. Of course, Trump only needs to insult them, call them Losers and cowards for complaining about donating to him, and they'll fall back in line. The biggest legal threat to him is most likely the tax shenanigans he pulled with his tax returns, so it would be helpful if the Manhattan DA's case started to get real for him.


Don’t threaten me with a good time Don’t vote pussies


Isn't this the same group of voters who made polling 2016 and 2020 so difficult? Ignore this crap, don't get complacent, make sure you vote, encourage others to do the same.




With any luck this will counter the insanity going on in the Senate.


Don’t get complacent. Vote and keep voting. We need to pump the numbers in Congress.


When something ridiculous like this happens I like to do a little thought exercise where I consider the following: “what if this person (Trump, in this example) was a genius?” The point is to come up with an intention or motivation that would result in Trump’s best interest. With this one, all I can think of is that Trump wants the Democrats to take control in 2022. It’s pretty reasonable to assume that he doesn’t care about anything except himself, so it doesn’t actually matter to him if climate policy, or canceling student debt, or [insert boogeyman policy here] gets passed. In fact, he could be trying to sabotage the Republicans in 2022 so that those very things happen, just to get his base angry and motivated to vote for him in 2024. Trump isn’t on the ballot in 2022, so the only thing he cares about in the ‘22 elections is how it can help him in ‘24. Anyway, that’s just a hypothetical for how encouraging R’s to skip the midterms *might* (but probably won’t) be a good move for him.


It’s a show of force by trump to scare the GOP into thinking they have little power over their constituents and thus have to bow down to him. He’s going to encourage his supporters to vote in the next few months and spin the usual election conspiracies and narratives of “if’s and’s or else’s” to then bolster his claims: “If we win it’s bc we fought the hardest and if we lose it’s bc they cheated.” Democrats need to get ahead of his narrative and start telling it like it is. The reason Trump has as much power as he does is his ability to spin, control and evolve a narrative plot line. And his supporters eat it up bc they aren’t ultimately here for the facts or the truth they’re here for the drama, excitement and fantasy of it all that he can let them believe they’re taking part in. You’re not fighting a politician so much as a story teller. You can’t beat him with facts. You have to beat him with narrative flourish and spectacle.




As a lib, I feel very owned.


POLLS DON’T MATTER: end of article.


No way Trump’s not the nomination after this - not that he wasn’t already going to be.


It'll be awkward if this is how the Democrats maintain their Senate and House majorities, along with expanding them, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if this is what ends up happening.


Well, that’ll show us!


Perfect. These MAGA patriots who stay home in 22 and 24 are the REAL heroes.


I hope the Great White Voting Sit-Out starts this year with municipal elections. Mama has a small town council she'd love to swing blue.


Trump needs our support in this.


Trump surely is the Shepard of all these sheeple


Vote Less. Pray More.


God's will is unfallible. If God wants Trump to be president, He will make it so. So, no need to vote for him, God will take care of it. In fact, voting at all is really just saying to God "No, I know better than you." Pray, don't vote, Republicans!


Complete nonsense, they are going to show up in force. Just look at November, so many thought surely this guy is such a fuck up his numbers will suffer and he got MORE voters than the first election.


Go Donald! Keep it up!


I mean, if they really want to stick it to everyone, they'd stop voting for the next 20 years. Better yet, if you really, REALLY want to stick it to the GOP, vote Democrat down every ticket for the next 20 years.


Tell your GQP friends not to vote, because remember, Trump is still president anyways.


They don't need to vote. Look outside they already think they won. They just hope to pull more people into their alternate reality.


It's a trap! Go vote!


please let it be so.