Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Troopers Resigning Over COVID Vaccine Mandate, Union Says

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Troopers Resigning Over COVID Vaccine Mandate, Union Says


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Good riddance, COVID-spreaders. Try finding another job that pays $150,000/yr. with full benefits. It doesn't pay to be a MAGA thug.


Vaccine mandates for cops are the best way to weed out white supremacists and right wing extremists from our police, without lengthy investigations and challenges. Let them out themselves and fire themselves.


Entire police forces will be weeded out.


We can only hope. One bad apple spoils the bunch.


Excellent plan.


They're gonna feel pretty stupid when their subsequent lawsuits get laughed out of court.


Also, they'll feel stupid as their wives start leaving them (once that sweet, sweet cop salary/bebefit fountain stops flowing.) These MAGA "men" are SO clueless.


Also their "using their power in the department to silence/threaten the wife they abuse" power goes away too.


They won’t be able to flash their badge and say, “I’m on the job,” when they get pulled over for drunk driving anymore. That’s gonna hurt.


Imagine their sacrifice marrying a cop, with an over 60% chance they'll get abused, and now their retirement accounts won't be filled anymore because the baby of an officer (who laughably we expect to selflessly help others lol lol lol that turned out to be) refused basic pubic health guidelines. Losing my entire livelihood to not even own the libs!


I stand by my man. -an abused Karen. ffs


And it's a mandatory vaccination *or* a weekly test...Think about that! This whole thing is a great way to "cull the heard'' Of unreasonable officers.


There's at least the possibility that the SO is just as dumb and shortsighted as the resigning cop.


https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/09/police-officers-who-hit-their-wives-or-girlfriends/380329/ They'll just beat their SO back into the relationship. Domestic violence in police is 2 to 4 times higher than the general population.


150k with only a high school diploma.


*The union, which represents 1,800 members, argued that the state needed to bargain with workers before implementing the mandate.* Sounds like it's about trying to get more money.


So, if I rob a place, and a cop shouts "STOP! Hands up!" then I can reasonably argue that they should have tried to bargain with me rather than mandating stuff, right? Because that seems to be the same logic.


These cops are morons but that logic isn't the same for two reasons: 1. As of now it's not legal to not have the vaccine whereas it is not legal to rob a store. 2. The purpose of a union is to collective bargain on behalf of their workers, and the police are going through the proper channels to do that. You don't bargain with police, though if you want to get technical you would bargain with a prosecutor.


I think you mean it is not illegal to not have the vaccine right now.


Thank you for making the union collective bargaining post. Let me blunt. I am pro union, pro vaccine, and pro common sense. However the union stance here that they didn’t have the ability bargain over a change in the job conditions is right, though shitty because of the circumstances. Reason being is that in order not to be taken advantage of by management, EVERYTHING (I mean everything) must be bargained. The hope would be that their union head would tell them to not be idiots and get vaccinated and we will bargain out of good faith process. This may or may not be happening. This is not only going on with police unions but is going on with public sector unions as well (teachers, maintenance, etc). Your “educated” union members are very largely vaccinated. Your blue collar is a mixed bag. (Deal with numerous union issues in my area of work).


I'm been pretty thoroughly convinced that cop unions aren't labour unions. Their role in breaking up protests of other unions, their role in preventing cops from facing consequences of any kind for any and all conduct. These aren't the types of behaviours other unions partake in. The nurses union doesn't try to protect anti vaxxers, the teachers union doesn't protect pedos. They are just gangsters extracting maximum protection fees.


>It doesn't pay to be a MAGA thug. Was thinking the same thing, good riddance. I bet the overlap between this set of anti-vaccine jackasses is almost a 100% match with Trump voting jackasses.


make it a venn diagram with the third criteria being racist and you still have a circle.


Unfortunately, as the article says, they'll just move to areas that don't have these restrictions.


And **our** communities will continue to protect ourselves **from** them. If these glorified security guards want to "serve" the public, they'll: 1. get vaccinated NOW 2. start wearing masks 3. stop bitching like spoiled, bitter man-children. OUR taxes pay THEIR salaries. **NO MORE FREE RIDES FOR COPS.**


Being a security guard is actually *much* more dangerous than being a cop.


Being a pizza delivery driver is more dangerous than being a cop.


They can have fun playing leap frog and constantly move while trying to find places that don’t eventually require the vaccine.


I was thinking this, it's a good opportunity to get rid of them.


If the job really pays that much….highly doubtful they’ll resign.


Some troopers make over 300k. They recently disbanded the troop at the airport because they were lying about OT worked. No one was arrested, of course, for stealing.


I don’t doubt it. I do doubt they’ll quit if it means they’ll cumulatively lose a half million dollars or more. Of course, if they’re retirement agar, that might be different. * a few local sheriffs in Virginia have threatened to quit over elections, masks, or whatever. They are almost invariably in their late 50s or 60s.


That's my thought. That's a helluva a good job to quit for this. Especially since you'll be EASILY replaced.


Covid-19 is the top cause of death of police officers this year. Willing to murder Americans because they're afraid of the risk of violent retaliation. Not willing to get a vaccine to eliminate a much larger risk. Losing these officers is beneficial.


>full benefits. Including retiring on a pension after just 20 years.


I just checked the state payroll database. I had to scroll through 19 pages before I found a trooper who earned less than $200,000 in 2020. I’m not sure if they removed the names of the Mass Pike shitheads that were stealing overtime. Kinda weird that you see this kind of attitude from a bunch of guys dressed like German soldiers from the early 1940s.


I agree with you and all, but they don't get paid anywhere near that. [For the average employee](https://www.salary.com/research/salary/alternate/police-officer-salary/ma), it's literally closer to $50k for newer officers and about $80k for the most seasoned officers. But yeah. Fuck em.


Isn’t it all about working the overtime schemes? I live in a state where every road construction project must have an officer present. They just watch Netflix and make time and a half. Not to mention full retirement at 25 years, no waiting for 65 to collect like 99% of other government employees. I think they are VERY well compensated.


Yes, overtime is a big part of it, I've seen officers nearly double their salary with the same amount of overtime I worked regularly with my non-union salary job. Almost always the top overtime earners are the biggest brown nosing Dbags as well.


Some Boston cops pull in over 300K. Dunno about the state police, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them run up BS overtime and special duty pay to get into the same ballpark: https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/more-than-30-boston-police-officers-netted-north-of-300k-in-2020-report/2368433/ There's "official salary on paper" which can seem reasonable at a glance and there's "what they are actually paid."


https://web.archive.org/web/20210918170923/https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/times-watchdog/how-a-seattle-patrol-officer-became-the-citys-highest-earner-paid-for-the-equivalent-of-two-years-within-the-span-of-one/ Seattle PD "Seattle Police Officer Ron Willis was exceptionally busy in 2019 — so much so that he crammed the work of two years into just one. Willis, a 58-year-old patrol officer, made $414,543.06 last year — more than the mayor, the police chief or any other city employee. How? He was paid for 4,149 hours of work, not including vacation or sick leave. That total means he was paid for working an average of 80 hours a week, about twice as many hours as a typical full-time employee. Willis was paid for working between 90 and 123 hours a week for seven weeks straight last summer, according to a Seattle Times analysis of SPD data. On six occasions, Willis was compensated for more than 24 hours in a single day, according to the data. Under their contract, Seattle officers can be paid for more hours than they physically work. SPD, however, couldn’t say whether Willis physically worked all of these hours because it can’t effectively track overtime that is still filed on paper forms. "


Not a chance my guy. Grew up in Mass and it was an annual event to see the top 10 paid city employees and anywhere from 5-7 of them were cops. I grew up in a quiet town and these cops were pulling in 120-160K no problem.


That’s every where. 8 of the Top 10 Highest paid employees in Baltimore were cops. One Sargent made over $300k.


They might be talking about the unreasonable and likely crooked overtime that many officers get to sleep through. My city's police just got busted with an overtime scandal. Lol, you want to see how your tax dollars are being wasted look into the overtime of your local police. Edit: spelling


Overtime. It's always overtime.


Literally. You couldn’t be more wrong. They take it in. Legally and illegally. [source](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonherald.com/2021/01/06/2020-massachusetts-state-police-payroll/amp/)


Thanks for this. Shirtcliff Joshua State Police Trooper $ 165,986.52 $ 91,121.70 91K base salary but with OT he gets 165K? Did the guy work 24 hours a day 7 days a week?


Wish I could get paid overtime. I'm salary too but for some reason I don't get compensated for my extra hours.


Join a union


The MA state troopers stole so much money in OT that they had to disband the troop that oversaw the airport. This was just in the last year. The graft is unreal. Nobody got arrested IIRC. A couple retired and moved away.


A few years back a cop in our town was let go because he was caught putting in for more hours than there are in a week. Literally claimed to be working more than 24 hours a day.


It's that as basic pay, on top of that they get overtime after something like 38 hours a week and night differential, if you've been in 6 years you are almost certainly clearing six figures especially for state troopers.


Just because they don't want to get vaccinated doesn't mean they're MAGA. Or thugs. #They're certainly stupid and misinformed. They also *likely* are Trump supporters...but we can't blindly assume or disparage them as MAGA. Just like they can't blindly assume protestors are "rioters and looters". Don't bunch everyone into political groups based on because it further separates the sides which makes working together for the countries mutual benefit impossible.


There is a strong correlation between not wanting to get vaccinated and being identified as maga or a thug


"Well, AkShUaLly" posts have a highly valued place in the dialogue. Just ask Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!


They don't get paid close to that. Especially in Boston


Yes. They [do](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonherald.com/2021/01/06/2020-massachusetts-state-police-payroll/amp/)


Good. You don't want cops who can't follow simple orders meant to protect them and the community they serve.


Cops seem dead set on protecting and serving the coronavirus.


Weed out the cops who think "officer safety" is only to justify their heavy-handed policing.


Person of Color that's killed no one = "I had to take the shot, I feared for my life" Corona Virus that's killed MILLIONS = "I won't get the shot, I refuse to live in fear"


Did you just say “weed”? I’m gonna have to ask you to step out of your car…


A surprisingly easy way to get some of the bad eggs off the force.


Right they must not care about others lives. Also they are just lazy and don't want to work, that was the rights talking point a month ago.


The union *claims* that's the case. Police unions are also claiming that police have been quitting "in droves" because they're demoralized. Labor statistics proved that's a [big ol' lie](https://www.themarshallproject.org/2021/09/01/police-say-demoralized-officers-are-quitting-in-droves-labor-data-says-no). Police unions claiming police are quitting is just a way to try and get concessions from the municipalities, nothing more.


If too many police quit, that's a wildcat-walkout-work-stoppage and that's illegal for the union under Federal Laws... and various state laws. Municipality need to break out the union busting stick. It's the perfect opportunity to rewrite reasonable police union contracts.


Might I recommend while you do that, make court settlements against the police come out of their pension funds. As their pensions dwindle, they might be a lot more agreeable to weeding out their own before it costs all of them their retirement.


So, they are refusing to comply?


Might it be described as resisting?


lol that was good


Maybe we should lean on them to comply


Put our knees on their necks until they stop resisting the vaccine?


Don't worry. Nature will choke them out on our behalf. "STOP RESISTING.... your covid shot."


They will be saying “I can’t breathe “ as they’re being but on a ventilator


Betting there’s an overlap between the antivax officers and the MAGA/racist officers. Good riddance.


100 percent overlap


So long fuckos! Public service means doing what you can to protect the public against diseases too. Good riddance.


Quitting over a vaccine mandate? Good luck getting unemployment! It's about 1.1% of the state troopers; The COVID lethality rate is higher so they're actually doing Massachusetts a favor by not being plague vectors.


"THERE ARE LITERALLY DOZENS OF US!" -Resigning State Trooper, in cut-offs


Beat me to the Tobias reference damn it!


Now you went and blue yourself, and you have something of a mess on your hands.


Well… bye.


Serving and protecting the community is obviously not that important to them, good riddance.


Cops become cops to crack skulls


A bunch of people refusing to do their part to protect public health and security quit in lieu of being fired from their job...which is to protect public health and security.


>their job...which is to protect public health and security Nah, it's not. Their job is to punish and protect (property). But still, this is a net positive for MA and society.


Throwing away your cushy salary and pension to own the libs. Super smart move.


Good now we can hire some sensible first responders who care and work for their community, its time to clean house.


This is crazy. Do ya'll know what the number 1 killer of cops in 2020 was? No surprise, but it was COVID. And not by a small amount. 60% of all police fatalities in 2020 were from COVID. More police died from COVID in 2020 than died overall in any other year. The biggest prior year was 2001 where 243 officers died overall (72 from 9/11 attacks). In 2020, thatss how many died from COVID.


Good riddance. And as my granny says: *Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!* And in case you are thinking I'm too unsympathetic to these alleged public servants: [Data Shows COVID-19 as Leading Cause of Death in Law Enforcement This Year](https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/coronavirus/data-shows-covid-19-as-leading-cause-of-death-in-law-enforcement-this-year/2737304/)




Will the right complain that they just don’t want to work and are lazily trying to a handout? This is what conservatives say about everybody on the left


Lol good


Who wants asshats like three to protect them?


That first line of the article. "The State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM) said..." They committed to run with the association with a certain animal there and decided to own it huh?


Maybe this will clear out the bad apples.


Unintentional police reform. Nice!


So they’re defunding themselves now. Ok.


Great! Now more job openings for returning Afghan vets.


Bye bye! You're not a martyr, you're a bunch of pricks who didn't belong on the force. Should we thank them for outing themselves?


Good riddance.


Some of those who work forces, want the paste that's for horses.


Glad they're helping to defund the police


Rare occurance that average IQ jumps this much among police


Will be replaced eventually.


Using the word "dozens" paints a more dramatic picture than it likely represents. It could be as few as 24 employees. That hole shouldn't take more than one graduating class to fill and won't even be noticed by the public,


very arrested development of them


Who knew it was gonna be that easy to clean up the police forces around the country. The officers should take their own advice and comply with orders from their superiors. Let's take a moment and recognize that Police Officers are resigning because they have to be vaccinated against the #1 killer of cops in 2020 an 2021.


People are really cutting off their nose to spite their face these days aren't they?


Good. Hopefully they are ruined financially.


Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out cowards. I’m sure there are plenty of young men and women that will happy to take your $100K+ a year job. There is probably a job lickin boots at Mar-a-Lago. Make sure you get paid in advance. **Bye**


ok. Next.


Good! These are many of the same assholes who beat people, plant evidence, shake down dealers and are generally the bad apples we hear about so often. Make no mistake they are one and the same. Good riddance!


Fine by me. I hear McDonalds is hiring.


Lol dozens


Bye Felicia!


In other words, police chose to resign rather than FOLLOW THE FUCKING LAW. So sad to see them go *tears*


Good. Weed out the low IQ morons that probably shouldn’t have been cops in the first place.


Police officers responding to "Defund the Police" chants and signs from protesters: Haha, not afraid of them. It will never happen. Police officers responding to vaccine mandates: I quit. And don't "tread on me with forcing me to get the jab".


So, they will get police that protect, Nd dont infect. Good news!


Good. This is a great way to thin the herd of the dumbest among the force.


Probably not the types to be police officers in the first place. No sad loss.


Well this was a surprisingly good way to weed out some of the right wing crazies from the state police force.


Literally dozens...


Better they resign than "To Infect and Serve Covid"


Peace out fascists.


The great MAGA purge begins. Good.


*Are you still a cop*?


Good riddance I say.


ok? hire more officers with higher IQ's....might help with the whole perception with police there.


Good. If they’re not man enough to take a shot in the arm, they aren’t man enough for a badge. Half of them probably subscribe to extremist memes, the other half want to.


They shoulda just complied...


awww...thoughts and prayers


I don't care. I won't be pressured by their personal desire to infect other people who they are paid to serve.


Won’t somebody think of the speeding tickets?


Good less pigs crushing black men into pavement


Cool. Members of the public have a right to expect law officers no to breathe plague in their faces.




Good. Hope they quit; they are WAY overpaid.


As the toxic mentality of COVID-19 deniers/anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers largely overlaps with the portion of cops that shouldn’t be cops…this is a good thing.


don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, swine.


Here is the chance for those who hate police to apply for a good paying career with great benefits and make a difference.


"I don't wanna follow the law, nor do I wanna protect and serve the community" says law enforcement.


Good. If they're so invested in a stupid notion the Commonwealth will be better off without them. The vaccines are proven to be safe and effective. I bet every one also voted for Drumpf and actually believe he won the election. If so, they're unfit to serve.


Dozens out of how many? These articles all sound impressive until you realize it was less than 1% of the force and that their absence will literally mean nothing but a harder time for a scheduler for a couple weeks until they come crawling back with less pay and less seniority.


They're self-selecting the ones who should not be State Troopers


Huh, I guess that's one way to dismantle the police.


Ok, bye


Good. That's one way to weed out the bad cops.


They got tired of playing let's invade Poland cosplay.


So much for public safety. God riddance.


They’re giving up some sweet pay and benefits to own the libs. Excellent!


Gotta love it when the trash takes itself out.


Isn't Covid the number one cause of death right now for cops?


Thank god. I’m so sick of dealing with anti-vaxx, anti-mask cops. Ignoring covid lawbreakers, refusing to mask up for traffic stops, intimidating citizens that talk back - the police are absolutely one of the reasons this pandemic has drug on so interminably.




State troopers to their pensions: "later nerd"


Aren’t they supposed to “protect and serve “ the public?🤔


And nothing of value was lost


What's the problem?


I have as much sympathy with cops who refuse to follow the law as I do for medical personnel who refuse to practice what they preach. Good riddance.


Good, fuck em. Fuck cops in general.


Good riddance.


This is a great way to get rid of white supremacists in the police. White supremacists and anti-vaxxers have a lot of overlap.


I bet you the venn diagram between the chowdaheads who won't get a shot and the ones with police brutality charges is a circle. This is low-key a brilliant way to get the worst cops to quit.


Dozens, hardly a story


Bye bye now where else are you gonna find a job with unlimited overtime making upwards of $300,000 a year


Dozens? So like 12-24?


Hey look. The boys in blue are turning Bluer. Maybe we'll see less cruelty and unnecessary violence.


I’m gonna assume they were some of those ‘bad apple’ cops that have been making the “good apples” look bad.


“Dozens” you say? I’d venture there are “hundreds” willing to take their place.


Good. If you won't do something this small to protect the public, you are no friend of the public.


Maybe they can get jobs driving the whaaaambulance.


Dozens of *job openings*.


The swine flew.


Ain't having that protect and serve crap.


Okay bye bye!


Might end up with less violence towards minorities as part of the bargain




Girl, bye.


lol, "dozens". So not really all that significant a number then. Bye Felicia.


This seems like a great way to clear the worst of the worst out of our police forces without so much as mentioning police brutality.


Good. That’s one way of separating the wheat from the chaff. Cops who are in the profession for all the wrong reasons vs cops who work to serve those communities they are sworn to protect.


Well, guess we found an effective way to rid the bad apples and the plague rats at the same time! theyrethesamepicture.jpg


Zero Fucks Given.


Governor of Massachusetts fired a lot of police officers in 1919. Early 1980s a President of the United States fired more than 11,000 government employees who would never hold a federal position again. That governor? Calvin Coolidge, a Republican who would become president. The president who fired 11k? Republican Ronald Reagan. Firing striking employees is apparently ok with Republicans because government employees by their mind cannot strike or act contrary to putting the health and safety of the general public first. Absolutely makes sense to quit. They know that disagreeing with protecting the public good can result in job loss. Good luck finding another job.


Damn that sucks. Where is Massachusetts going to find more racist white people to become cops?


Dozens? You don't say, that'll show 'em.


Antisocial policemen, sounds like good riddance.


Good riddance, not like they did anything but be oppressors anyway


Buh bye


Good. Go work at tractor supply co, or wherever it is you backwards fucks came from.


Dozens you say? Buh bye


Yeah well, bye then.


Fuck em