Mississippi Governor Announces Bold Plan To Do Nothing To Stop COVID

Mississippi Governor Announces Bold Plan To Do Nothing To Stop COVID


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"we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas"


[As COVID-19 hospitalizations hit record numbers, Anchorage Mayor Bronson says, ‘I don’t know what more we can do’](https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/anchorage/2021/09/08/as-covid-19-hospitalizations-hit-record-numbers-anchorage-mayor-bronson-says-i-dont-know-what-more-we-can-do/)


“We’ve done absolutely nothing and well fuck we are just out of ideas!”


Not gonna lie, I'm beginning to see that these form of actions are becoming more and more like a coordinated attack to put people into crippling medical debt.... WTF republican


You can’t retire if you never get out of debt…


You also can't take risks like changing jobs, asking for raises, challenging company policy or bad manager behavior, become self-employed.


That's something a bunch of us ran into when health insurance could refuse us for pre existing conditions. Changing jobs could mean not having health insurance.


It's the reason a lot of people who do work refuse raises. They are worried about earning too much for Medicaid or other benefits.


It’s almost like they think slavery is awesome…


It is called wage slavery for a reason.


Yeah but this way they get to keep the wages too…


"Normally doing nothing just works!"


Funny you bring this up. A quote I get reminded often these days _America will do the right thing after they have tried everything else_ Winston Churchill


That was 1940s America. In 2020s America, America *still* won't do the right thing, even after trying everything else.


No, it’s still true, we just ALSO spend a lot of time creatively thinking of additional wrong ways to do things


That's the usual MO. Do nothing and wait for blue state money to bail them out.


You got the wrong state, that's Missouri not Mississippi. (I kid, I kid)


Missouri is just as bad, trust me


“Won’t you think of the children” Reagan Conservatives “Fuck them kids” Trump/Desantis Conservative These people don’t care about anything or anyone. It’s all so senseless and stupid and so many more will die, including children. I thought these people were all about family values? What family value is there in kids dying? Or them being left orphaned? How about grandma dying? Or permanent disability? Oh. But we mustn’t infringe on their freedom to death, disability, misery, and financial ruin. Edit: since I didn’t make it clear, Reagan was also bad. I know. Edit 2: and the indifference & cruelty to the AIDS pandemic is fitting so I’m glad I chose Reagan. Also, don’t @ me about children not being affected. Long term COVID. Their parents/family dying. Financial ruin from funeral & hospital expenses. Kids are definitely being affected! And Mississippi’s governor along with Republicans around the country don’t care about them or the misery and suffering their dogma and lies have caused!




"I am thinking of the children, they are just so darn attractive" - Matt Gaetz


HEY, she was a 17 year old *woman*


You remember her, Tucker? We all had dinner together. You and your wife were there.


I loved that interview for just the raw “Dude, what the *fuck* are you doing?!” in Tucker’s eyes.




From back in March. [A short breakdown of the interview](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyZL0jd175k) [The full interview from Fox's own YouTube account.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQzLCHLle-g) Tucker's "Dude, what are you doing?" face truly is a sight to behold.


Have you noticed that Gaetz was on Fox every other night until this scandal broke? Now Fox is like “Who is this Gaetz?”


Holy hell! What a couple of pedos!


to be fair, that face is very similar to all his other "confused Jeff Bridges" faces.


Dafuq? That's real life?


Yes that really happened, it's worth watching to see Tucker's normally "huh" look transform into a glower. Its not a big change, that's the best part. Just a few millimeters in the eyes, cheek, upper lip and you can tell


*sweats in bowtie*


Just cross out 'issues' and you're pretty much there


> “Won’t you think of the children” Reagan Conservatives Nah. They hate(d) non-white babies with a passion. They gave birth, after all, to the myth of the "welfare queen" which resulted in food access for kids being cut off.


Almost makes you miss Goldwater Republicans, who were anti-welfare but pro-birth control and abortion access (because it meant less brown people were reproducing). At least they were sorta rational…


> At least they were sorta rational… They weren't rational, they just said the quiet part out loud--we hate brown people.


I think you meant that their logic was consistent, not rational.


My step-dad's new girlfriend said she's a "Reagan Conservative" -- what does that mean, anyway?


Trickle-down economy lover? AIDS doesn’t matter proponent? Who knows??? Funny that conservatives have to go back to Reagan to not feel bad or something


You mean the traitor who made deals with terrorists holding Americans hostage to delay their release and make a political opponent look bad? The traitor who didn't care about AIDS because it primarily infected gay men? Who sold weapons to America's enemies? Who focused the war on drugs at incarcerating black people while using drug money to fund right wing dictators? That Reagan is the good guy?


To quote killer mike's song about Reagan; >Shh, who the f- is that staring in my window? Doing that surveillance on Mr. Michael Render I'm dropping off the grid before they pump the lead I leave you with four words **I'm glad Reagan dead**


You mean the guy who [killed college kids because they turned an abandoned parking lot into a community park](https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/flashback-ronald-reagan-and-the-berkeley-peoples-park-riots-114873/) and said ["If it takes a bloodbath, lets get it over with"](https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/flashback-ronald-reagan-and-the-berkeley-peoples-park-riots-114873/)?


It means she finds trump distasteful but still votes for him.


Now days it means she's a RINO.


Was she even alive back then? Probably just glorifies the 80’s as some great time of Yuppie prosperity.


>what does that mean, anyway? You limit conversations with her to cordial greetings and small talk.


I doubt it really means anything. Which Reagan? The one who was all about a balanced budget, or the one who gave rich people the largest single tax break in history, and tripled the deficit? The one who didn't negotiate with terrorists, or the guy who had "no idea" Iran-Contra was happening -- which is your classic "incompetence or malice" game show. Invoking Reagan is conservative for "I'm one of the good ones" like, you don't have to explain anything about what you believe or why, 'cause: Reagan.


The Reagan that was all about gun control the moment minorities started brandishing guns so he banned open carry in the state of California.


People need to realize that “Republicans being really fucking evil” goes back farther than most think. I believe the southern strategy was when the Republicans decided to win by pushing others down.


“Fuck them kids” “Literally” -Matt Gaetz


It's like telling Gene Krupa to stop going, "boom bam bam bo-boom bam bam!"


Mississippi last in education, tops in poverty Deep red Backward af


Mississippian here. Can confirm your assessment. Things are better in the more urban places like Hattiesburg, the Gulf Coast and Jackson, but things turn real backwards real quick once you leave those city limits.


Know what’s wild? It’s the same in the Midwest. It’s like people outside the cities are proud of their ignorance and resistance to new information. And who says the North and the South have nothing in common? Country folk where I come from are hard working and god fearing and community minded and help each other out. But they are also suspicious of anybody in authority. Which now means they don’t trust science or intellectuals. It’s really sad.


That's really interesting. It definitely seems to be more of an urban vs. rural thing more than a state vs. state thing. I'm willing to bet there are rural areas of New York and California that are equally backwards.


>rural areas of New York and California that are equally backwards The california central valley says hello


Alabama feels your pain.


I’m also a Mississippian and Jackson is definitely not doing too good compared to anywhere else. It’s struggling pretty hard. The other places you listed I agree with though, especially the Gulf Coast.


Gulf coaster here. Love it. So much more diversity and acceptance here compared to the rest of the state. Still not great, but better


Voting against their own interest


Their interest is in making sure nothing with any perception or connotation of "liberalism" or "progressivism" is allowed at any and all costs. And in that regard, they very much vote in line with their interest am


> Their interest is in making sure nothing with any perception or connotation of "liberalism" or "progressivism" is allowed at any and all costs. Oh they love those things. Segregationists were a key voting block that enabled FDR to do the New Deal - which resulted in policies like red-lining black neighborhoods, but gave mortgage subsidies to white neighborhoods. Their problem is sharing progressive benefits with black people. If black people get them equally, then they would rather nobody have them. For example, all those towns that [filled in magnificent public swimming pools](https://daily.jstor.org/when-cities-closed-pools-to-avoid-integration/) once the courts said it was illegal to exclude black people.


The Governor of MS truly did not seem smart enough to comprehend the questions or underlying concepts, let alone respond to them.


Nobody ever got to be the governor of Mississippi thru book lernin'


They're about a generation away from watering their crops with energy drinks


It's what the plants crave!


It's got electrolytes!


Go away. Batin'


I like money


Welcome to Costco, I love you.


As a Mississippi resident I rented Idiocracy for a little comic relief. The accuracy was both hysterical and depressing.


dont let them or the depression take you down, hope for the best prepare for the worst. I just look at it as : risk your life saving a drowning person, you want them to live and so you stick your neck out, possibly end up going down with them.


I’m going to be proactive and both hoard and invest in gatorade. This is the investment opportunity of a lifetime.


I’m not crazy about Gatorade, but I must say this lime/cucumber flavor is the bomb!


Have you considered taking your governor’s stapler and moving his office into the basement


Isn’t this the guy that said his people weren’t scared of Covid because that means they “get to meet Jesus.” ??


Yes. He’s a daily humiliation.


Awful fact: women in MS gained the right to vote in 1984.


They only abolished slavery in 1995. And they even fucked that up by not filing documentation right for the ratification of the 13th, so it didn't get finalized until 2013. There's no shortage of awful facts when it comes to Mississippi.


They’ve had good ones before. Gov Winter for example. Not likely to recur any time soon though.


Simpsons " elected to lead not to read".


Republicans like incompetence from their political leaders. It advances one of their core tenets.


Don't pretend that these guys are just too dumb to understand what they're doing. They know, they just care more about pandering to the base than actually doing any good.


As a Missouri native, I can assure you that sometimes they really are too dumb to understand. Mike Parson is quite possibly the stupidest person ever elected to statewide office in Missouri history. He's a genuine dullard. And Missourians don't seem to care; for many, it's a check in the positive column.


Also Missouri native, can confirm we are no better than Mississippi these days.


He started off by saying that MS legislature is part time, and that he wondered if the US would be better off with a part time congress. He said this in response to "In all due respect, Governor, your way is failing. Are you going to change anything."


If the MS legislature were in session now, they’d have to reckon with the initiative 65/medical marijuana/ballot initiative process issue, which Tater will do anything to avoid, because 75+% of residents want medical cannabis and ballot initiatives, and he doesn’t.


It was followed by Tapper's only great response in the whole interview: "Better off than *what??*"


He understood enough to blame Biden that it’s impacting red states now


you gotta play the hits !


There's a reason the phrase "thank God for Mississippi" exists when lists of bad things ranked by states are published


[Tate “I’m a math guy” Reeves](https://www.magnoliastatelive.com/2020/07/14/coronavirus-herd-immunity-numbers-just-dont-add-up-mississippi-governor-tate-reeves-says/) At one time he said some reasonably sensible things. Those days are long gone.


Maybe people were telling him to say those things.


Maybe all these GOP governors thought they could end the precautions once things were getting better last spring but then delta happened and vaccine hesitancy happened and they are forced to either double down or take the political lumps for changing their messaging


The fact that anyone should take political lumps in response to changing strategy in the face of changing circumstances is proof of how stupid the electorate has become.


Man republicans are still whining about a misquote from fauci from like 18 months ago when he asked Americans to reserve the very limited supply of masks for healthcare workers. No one ever said masks were bad, except for morons.


Imagine taking political lumps for trying to keep people safe. Hell, that’s why Newsom “re-won” CA. I want to be able to crash my car without waiting 5 hours for an ambulance and bleed out in line to enter the hospital. The overflow deaths are insane. Hospitals and insurance companies need to kick the (witting) un-vaxed to the curb.


I don’t know much about him, but the picture alone tells me he’s not the sharpest bulb on the tree.


He looks like a stock photo of a member of the DUP in Northern Ireland


Let Peter Griffin be!


God, his interview on CNN was cringey. Rather than answering a question, he went the whataboutism route of trying to call out Democrat-led states that also had bad numbers. In his rambling, he apparently forgot that the governor of WV was a Republican. Gonna make things a little awkward next time they bump into each other at a Trump ball-gargling convention


> In his rambling, he apparently forgot that the governor of WV was a Republican. Easy mistake to make. Justice has spent the last month or so yelling at everyone to get vaccinated and telling them that they’re idiots who are going to wind up in body bags. Not very Republican of him.


Heh.. the [governor's office website](https://governor.wv.gov/Pages/default.aspx) in WV is just like Hey how about getting vaccinated! No? Not interested? What about this nice vaccine instead! Hey check out this new lottery, just need to get vaccinated to enter! Holy shit people just get vaccinated already. Good on him.


Lol you weren't kidding, that site just is a bunch of links on how to get the vaccine in different arrangements.


The list of prizes they're giving away is insane: Luxury High-End Sports Car, Custom Fishing or Pontoon Boat, $150,000 toward the Wedding of your Dreams, Free Gas for 10 years, WVU Football or Basketball Season Ticket Package for two, Marshall Football or Basketball Season Ticket Package for two, 2021-2022 Season Passes for two to a Ski Resort in West Virginia, Premium ATV or Side by Side, Top of the Line Zero Turn Lawn Mower That is the most WV list I've ever seen. Only thing it's missing is a Tudor's gift card


Goddam, maybe I'm living in the wrong state...all I got was an easily-accessed, free shot of not-going-to-drown-in-my-own-lungs-alone-in-a-hospital-bed. What a rip-off.^/s


I keep kicking myself for getting vaccinated when I was first eligible. I wish I had held out for the Applebee's gift card.


Fancy like. Ugh, that commercial is everything I hate about my state.


I want to cut my ears off every time it comes on during commercial breaks in college football games.


I also hate that commercial and I can’t believe that the song is actually real, like not made for the commercial.


Lol. I love it. No matter what you may have gone to the website for is irrelevant to them unless you’re vaccinated. If you’re going to have a one track mind I’m glad it’s on trying to save lives.


Any clue on what babydog is?


The governor's bulldog.


the [governor’s dog](https://twitter.com/haleighhoffman/status/1398113249963528194?s=21)


I also appreciate that it’s optimized for mobile


He can't afford for WV to not get vaccinated. The bulk of the state is elderly and/or overweight, both of which compound the covid


FYI WV residents, Jim Justice is giving you a $100 tax bond for getting your shots. This applied to all adults over 18 when I saw the announcement earlier this year. It was retroactively applicable to already vaxxed. I thought it was a great idea to get selfish morons to go get their jabs. I haven't followed up on HOW it's going to be disbursed, for me it's my social duty and I'm ambivalent to getting a Benjamin over it. However, I have a non-zero success rate with getting young adult West Virginian's to the clinic.


At the beginning of the pandemic WV governor was personally reading the names of the dead on TV.


Also an easy mistake to make because Justice *used* to be a Democrat.


But then switched parties at a big Trump rally. The guy is weird.


Which is strange, because on a fair few issues he's *still* left of Manchin.


Every time Manchin is brought up, I need to tell this story. He once came to my high school to campaign and said he was going to create a three letter word, J-O-B-S, jobs. I will never stop facepalming over it.


Do you think he made it up on the spot or stayed up late working on it?


WV is politically odd. It’s voting heavily GOP but that may be largely because GOP runs on distrust of government far harder than Dems would ever run on distrust of big business and no one is running on distrust of Big Religion but they should.


>he went the whataboutism route of trying to call out Democrat-led states that also had bad numbers. The overwhelming majority of those numbers are from back early when we didn't know how to stop it, like with NY/NJ. Before we had a vaccine, before we had good treatment protocols. A lot of people died in those states because it hit early and hard (NJ being the most densely populated state isn't good for an easily transmissible respiratory disease...) Now we do. We have vaccines. We know how to stop spread. We know how to treat it. ***And Mississippi just blew right past them in numbers!!!!*** *In spite of all that knowledge that people died for a lack of*, they refuse to put even the slightest amount of effort into it. It's fucking sickening.


The difference between being hit by lightning and killing yourself by driving drunk.


It's like driving drunk when you have a sober friend willing to drive you home, hand you $100, and buy you a raffle ticket.


He also failed to realize that Democrat led states also have plague rat Republicans in them actively defying any sort of health measures that those governing bodies attempt, so it's a moot point on his part


Like Pritzker is over here trying his damndest and I still am in a minority of mask wearers at the shops. I took my kids to an *urgent care clinic* and there was these couple of dick noses checking in at the same time. People can't even do the bare minimum.


Some of the big Democratic states were also hit very early. New York and New Jersey got hit by the initial wave when there were extreme mask shortages and no vaccines so a lot of them died early on. Since then the deaths in red states climbed and Mississippi now has more dead from covid per capita than any other state. While not all deaths were avoidable many, if not most, could have been avoided with more masks and higher vaccine uptake.


Yup. The state with the most amount of Trump votes was California. We don’t really have many blue and red states, at least not by percentage of population.


The Trump ball gargle is widely known as panacea, it cures all ailments…join us….JOIN US….won’t you gargle the withered yet sacrosanct testes of an incontinent diaper deity?!


The Republican plan to turn the south blue through attrition. It didn’t have to be this way. :(


Maybe they really are the party of Lincoln? Just not the way they think they are.


> Maybe they really are the party of Lincoln? Just not the way they think they are. I mean, they sure are doubling down on killing secessionists who are a threat to America...


I have to wonder, so many of the elections in florida have been razor close, and yet 1000s and 1000s more unvaccinated (and thus statistically republican voters) are dying there. Just how many old, white republicans are dead out of the 51k already dead in the state?


As a Blue Alabamian in Huntsville, I’m all for this!


And [Florida and Alabama](https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/us-coronavirus-deaths-by-state-july-1.html) have death rates even higher than Mississippi.


Hey, DeathSanta is reeling in lots of profit so he is fine with everyone dying.


Why be Governor of Florida when you can become president of the United States! gotta earn them votes


Intentionally killing your own constituents, in order to appeal to your voters. DeSantis receives plenty of absolutely justified criticisms, but we really do fail to, as a society, to acknowledge just how vile everyone who votes Republican truly is. I’d argue American conservatives have always been amoral, hypocritical, anti-intellectual, anti-democracy, fear mongering, and downright hateful; but American conservatives, post 2015, are an entirely new breed of evil. Nazi level evil. They want this.


Considering how purple Florida can be, 350 fewer Republican voters a day ([Democrats get vaxxed, Republicans don’t](https://www.pewresearch.org/science/2021/09/15/majority-in-u-s-says-public-health-benefits-of-covid-19-restrictions-worth-the-costs-even-as-large-shares-also-see-downsides/)) is quite the gamble.


I mean, there are a few decent never-Trumpers here and there, but let's be honest; they're basically Democrats who like guns and low taxes. Democrats have become the "everyone who isn't fucking nuts" party, which is why getting anything done is like herding cats, because they have both progressives and conservatives to deal with.


Mississippi's "do nothing" plan is probably better than Florida's "help the virus any way we can" plan.


Well, that's because doing nothing is actually a step up from actively working to help Covid spread and kill people.


apparently when he was 10, he said to himself “ya know what? i really like this haircut. i’m gonna keep it for the rest of my life.” and so he did.


He looks like Peter Griffin.


I see Gaben


I see it too but I hate to disparage Gaben's good name like that.


He looks like someone who'd come 5th in a Bill Gates look-a-like competition


I’m from MS. That hair cut belongs to your average college educated, white, conservative, fraternity guy. They had it in their 20s and so being afraid of change, stuck with it forever. You see a guy with that haircut, you know what you’re dealing with. Edit: My typos are highlighting my Mississippi education.


You can apply that across the entire SEC.


Pretty much spot on.


Tater is a fucking toe with a wig and glasses.


It’s a common look around here in ms among old white middle to upper class men.


The frat boy cut. Works OK for 21 year old college kids rocking pastel shorts and boat shoes. When you're a fat, middle-aged man, it makes you look like a Peter Griffin man-child.


FUCK and you know WHAT>? TATE REEVES is fucking vaccinated. HIS FAMILY IS VACCINATED. His office staff IS VACCINATED. I think like 98% of the legislature is VACCINATED. But they tell people that its a HOAX?????? the only ones lying here are the mississippi GOP.


Conservative Crisis Management Steps: Step 1. Do nothing, wait for it to blow over. Step 2. If Step 1 does not work, or pressure increases to take action, find scapegoat for problem. Step 3. Point out anyone who's situation is worse than yours, applicable or not (i.e. the 'Starving Children in Africa' defense) Step 4. Attack any solutions others are attempting to apply to the problem. Step 5. Return to Step 1.


Don't forget, beg the Northern states to bail them out.


Step 5 should be "Well its too late to do anything about it now"


This was a horrific interview. Why would Reeves and his people even agree to book this? He had nothing, and he’s not a good bullshitter. This was only ever going to go one way.


Hubris. He honestly thinks he did a good job and it was out of anyone's control. He mentions personal responsibility. But he does not mention his responsibility to protect the citizens of his state.


He absolutely adores attention and regularly berates the local media for not covering him enough. Problem is, he’s so full of nothing that there’s nothing to cover because *he hasn’t done shit*


> he does not mention his responsibility to protect the citizens of his state His voters are actually okay with this. I'm not sure what the fuck they think the role of government is in the world but they believe he's doing a great job. Hop over to r/mississippi and check out any of the hidden replies on a COVID thread and there they are. Or on r/Conservative where apparently the role of government is to funnel as much taxpayer money into private industry as they can and fuck their constituents. As long as a few liberals and Democrats die they honestly don't give a single fuck how many of their own die.


It was only horrific from one point of view. To 30% of Americans he's just "keeping it real". They really, and I mean REALLY don't want socialized or government sponsored medical care for poor people. It's been one of the core republican beliefs and they're completely fine with people dying due to that, even if it's their own supporters. That's why you hear the deaths described in ways that absolve them of any responsibility: "Jesus called them home", etc.


The bot just barely missed one of the most interesting points in the article: > A few months into the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that the COVID crisis could cause a similar level of devastation as the 1918 influenza pandemic... Coronavirus really isn’t like the 1918 flu—it’s actually worse. The U.S. this week is expected to surpass 675,000 COVID deaths, the number of Americans that died during the influenza pandemic of 1918 to 1921.


Depends on what you mean by “similar level of devastation.” We’re there with respect to raw number of fatalities, but not deaths per capita.


It will take years to fully understand the deaths per capita (and similar statistics) caused by COVID-19. The excess deaths in the US due to COVID-19 are probably in the millions right now and, as the last few months have shown, we are not at the end of this pandemic. Plus, we still don't fully understand the long-term effects of COVID-19. Regardless of how you compare the two pandemics, it is embarrassing that we are doing this poorly 100 years later given our significant increases in medical knowledge, technology, and infrastructure.


We can argue about the per capita losses etc etc. and the impact on a society. But the most annoying detail of this pandemic compared to the Spanish Flu is that we now have the understanding of genetics, a real time global communication network, a global network of scientists working together, far better communication channels between governments, high potential AI computing to make predictions and of course a far far better healthcare system (at least in most of the so called first world countries). And we have medical history which teaches us what went wrong in the past. And still we fail in some regions and repeat the same shitty mistakes. This is so disappointing. We could have ended this pandemic this summer with an outstanding victory of science developing a number of very good vaccines in record time.


> we now have the understanding of genetics, a real time global communication network, a global network of scientists working together, far better communication channels between governments, high potential AI computing to make predictions and of course a far far better healthcare system (at least in most of the so called first world countries). And we have medical history which teaches us what went wrong in the past. Yeah, but I saw a meme on Facebook


Oh, in this case, I am obviously wrong. Always trust the source you trust. And Uncle Billy, the family hero who once drunk a bottle of self made whiskey without getting blind, is always right. /s


Pretty sure Fauci was talking about raw numbers. Even the most dire predictions at the time weren't predicting a 1919-level per capita death rate


Hey let's watch each other die, because doing something means that government has a purpose and individuals have a responsibility to the larger society.


Really stop and think about it. We're a out to exceed the deaths of the 1918 flu... With all of our modern medical technology, the late availability of the vaccine but it being available and knowledge we gained from past events (masks, hand washing, distancing). Even with all that in our favor, were still doing worse than 1918 because a massive number of idiots are taking offense to attempts at saving lives... Darkest timeline.


The population was smaller then so it's not a 1:1 comparison. We're still doing shittier than we should be though.


Why is it only the Southern Republican governors that are so atrocious at this. Florida with DeSantis, Texas with Abbot, Georgia with Kemp. This is ridiculous.


Because Reconstruction failed. Most political power in the South comes from institutions that started during slavery to keep whites in power, and those institutions were never replaced.


This is the guy that said a few weeks ago its fine Covid is killing people in Mississippi because "they believe in Christ," and "when you believe in eternal life you don't fear death." This is what we are up against.


Those are also the same type of people who think they can “pray the gay away” from their kids, and think that their “prayer warriors” will help cure Covid while Jim Bob is sucking on a vent.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/09/mississippi-governor-announces-bold-plan-to-do-nothing-to-stop-covid) reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot) ***** > A few months into the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that the COVID crisis could cause a similar level of devastation as the 1918 influenza pandemic without sufficient government intervention. > The continued drumbeat of death is even more maddening, given the availability of free, life-saving vaccines that we did not have in the pandemic a century ago. > "In the midst of a pandemic that has already taken over 660,000 lives, I proposed a requirement for COVID vaccines, and the governor of that state calls it a 'tyrannical-type move,'" Biden said last week. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/ps068b/mississippi_governor_announces_bold_plan_to_do/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~599245 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **pandemic**^#1 **death**^#2 **More**^#3 **vaccine**^#4 **Reeves**^#5


Governor Tater looks like the hillbilly that emerges from the bushes after you pull your kayak to the river bank for a rest.


"You sure got a pretty mouth."


Y'all think the state of Mississippi wants him to do anything about it? See, y'all don't understand Mississippi. Those of us from there and left (and will never ever fucking go back) understand this completely. Mississippi wants to Mississippi. They don't care who it hurts or what the consequences are, they are going to fucking do what they want to do and if you don't like it you can leave, and that's why just about everyone does....


Mississippian here and I agree with you. I also agree with the sentiment that you pointed out. Excellent observation.


I was in Jackson, Mississippi for 2 years. I felt like the headline every night was about "how does Mississippi retain it's young talent?". No one ever had an answer because no one seemed to understand the problem (or didn't want to understand the problem).


Can we kick Mississippi out of the union? It doesn't add any value to our country and is a constant embarrassment. We forgave it for participating in a war because it didn't want to stop owning black people. Then we tried for 160 years to help it get its act together. Mississippi is like your drunk cousin. You give them money when they lose their job and a place to crash when they get evicted. Though at some point you need to realize that you're just enabling their bad decisions. The only states that would object would be Louisiana or Alabama because one of them would become the worst state.


Bill Gates meets Peter Griffin


“How can someone with glasses that thick be so stupid?” -Bart Simpson


At this point, I have no sympathy for that 98% of people that are dying because they chose to: 1: believe it was a hoax, and/or 2: believe it was real but manufactured in China as a weapon, or by the US government as a weapon, but then to refuse to wear masks or social distance because of 1? 3: refuse to get vaccinated because of 1 and/or 2 4: refuse to get vaccinated because they believe the vaccine was not tested thoroughly, even though it was proven safe and effective to prevent COVID 5: take ivermectin because 4, even though Ivermectin was not tested thoroughly, and showed no prevention or cure for COVID 6: do their own research


Fuck this half melted lego man looking prick


"It's a bold plan, Cotton, let's see how it plays out."


I love the stubbornness. They will die to prove a point that no one will remember. Keep croaking!


That’s what Mississippi’s Governor looks like? Well that’s their first problem right there.


Right? Peter Griffin lookin’ ass


GOP elected are actively hostile toward all the public health measures proven to slow and stop the spread of contagious respiratory diseases. Surprise. Their states rival 3rd world developing nations in terms of infection rates.


God demands a sacrifice!! Mississippi "We will heed you, dear lord"


We have done nothing and we are out of ideas! - GOP


The Republican Southern Strategy was to create an electorate that were dumb as rocks. It succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. The problem is, their politicians are coming from that same pool of idiots, and it is really starting to show. When a crisis arrives that requires moderate thinking skills, having a herd of dullards is not the best thing for the GQP. If Brawndo existed, Mississippi would be watering their crops with it.