Barr Warned Trump That He Would Lose the Election Because Suburban Voters 'Just Think You're a Fucking Asshole,' Book Says

Barr Warned Trump That He Would Lose the Election Because Suburban Voters 'Just Think You're a Fucking Asshole,' Book Says


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>Mitch McConnell privately joked that Trump's former secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, denied calling Trump a "moron" because he in fact called Trump a "f\*cking moron." He said that Trump would lose the November election just by virtue of "being Donald Trump," the book said. > >McConnell said that there was "no question" Trump was "practically and morally responsible" for the Jan 6 riot and that his actions were a "dereliction of duty".


Everyone knows/thinks this. They just don't say out loud since they'll lose Trumps base and be called a 'RINO'




>these assholes are weak and spineless. That misses the mark entirely. They don't lack the courage to speak out, they lack the desire to. They are not better people than trump, just better liars.


Right. They actually cultivate the idea that they are spineless, because it lets them off the hook. As if they are being intimidated so its not *really* their fault that they are actively dismantling America to sell off for parts.


Eh, that is how they acted at the very start of his term but not by the end. Or even the middle of it, especially McConnell. He would laugh at being called put for the horrible shit he did, then say point blank that he did xyz. When he was called out by Democrats for leaving piles of bills that needed to be presented to the Senate left on his desk, specifically ones written by Democrats and of a time sensitive urgency for Americans in need in some of them, he laughed and happily took on the moniker of being the grim reaper, where Democrat bills go to die. When asked during one Justice Ginsburg's emergency health-related days what he would do if she passed on so close to the election, he knew he was asked directly because of the Merrick Garland issue. He laughed and said 'We'll fill it." He knew he had unconstitutionally blocked Obama's seat to fill, and doesn't give a flying fuck that the world knows he is a hypocrite. He knows the older people in his state don't follow the thought path and logical trail of how his actions directly affect them. He knows the older voters will continue to vote for him, as they did last election, over any woman or any person of color on those two factors alone. He doesn't bother to campaign because he knows he doesn't have to. He'll just keep winning the state by being an old, white Republican. He knows he is a hypocrite. He knows he is a liar. He knows that every shred of basic decency he had when he started into politics (which is a shockingly fair amount) he had to get rid of in order to get ahead. He stopped supporting abortion rights. He stopped supporting civil rights of people of color. He stopped supporting unions and, as you can read on his [wiki page](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitch_McConnell?wprov=sfla1) he started regularly obtaining earmarks for businesses throughout his senate years until it was finally banned in Congress in 2010. He is well aware that he is a rotten bastard that is directly responsible for the deaths of people who couldn't afford insurance while he continually voted against it. He knows Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist but he and Trump made sure he was pushed through to the SCOTUS without any proper investigation. He makes no attempt to hide his disgusting behavior anymore. He laughs whenever any situation he's done the shady thing in is brought up, he just laughs in the faces of everyone from Dem senators to his own voters. The day that turtle-mouthed fuck finally croaks, the day should be marked on the calendar as an official holiday in which all businesses **must** give paid time off for. It should be celebrated annually like the Munchkins when Dorothy's house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. As an aside, I've read some articles that suggest McConnell's daughters refuse to speak to him, or at the least *about him*, nor does their mother. [Here is a bit about that](https://www.dailykos.com/story/2020/4/12/1936744/-KY-Sen-Even-Moscow-Mitch-s-Daughters-Have-Turned-On-Him-For-Becoming-Trump-s-Enabler-In-Chief) from an April, 2020 article.


RINO used to be reserved for political moderates, but now is just any Republican who refuses to kiss Trump's ring. Regardless of how conservative they are on the issues.


And yet McConnell also said he would support Trump if he was the Republican candidate in 2024.


McConnell, along with the entire GOP, is not going to risk losing the Trump voters, even if they know Trump is a buffoon. Every vote counts!


And yet, Brave Mitch voted against holding Trump to account for it. A vote to impeach was literally the least he could have done, and he didn't do it.


Mitch did what mitch does best....whatever is best for Mitch.


Well yeah, Mitch doesn't have any principles. He doesn't care about anything except making money and being powerful. So of course he's going to lie to get what he wants.


The decisive state in 2016 and 2020 were like 0.6% and 0.7% or something. We very easily could have ended up in a situation where trump never was elected ... or where he was reelected.


I genuinely believe if Trump handled COVID better he absolutely would have gotten reelected. And that's terrifying


He could have sent everyone one more stimulus check and called it Trump Cash like two weeks before the election and he didn’t do it because he’s a moron. We’re incredibly lucky.


He could have sell MAGA Masks and he would have handled COVID better while also getting money.


Also an asshole: Barr.


But Barr isn't fucking stupid like Trump is.


Which is why people like Barr are the ones to be more afraid of. Trump just gave them the cover to pull off their horrid agendas


The saving grace of Trump is that part of his appeal is that he's actually fucking stupid. He's not like classic "President Reagan, Mastermind" played by Phil Hartman. Trump's ignorance is not an act. It allows him to say absolutely moronic things to his base ("Build the wall", "lock her up", "slow the testing down!", "Stop the steal!" etc.) and come off weirdly authentic because they all believe it. The reason that your Cruzs, your Pauls, your Hawleys aren't breaking through like Trump did is they have some modicum of intelligence and sophistication. They seem a bit phony. When Barr tried to go MAGA he came off as slimy and uncomfortable. They're nerds deep down so while they can parrot the message they won't "break through" like a Trump, a Boebert, a Taylor-Green, or a Gohmert who are ABSOLUTELY FUCKING IDIOTIC enough to believe their own stupid shit. I think of who we've seen so far, De Santis is probably the closest to the Machiavellian figure who is smart but can play dumb (lately I'm convinced he's actually just a bit dull after all). But I think there will come a day when we do get that breakthrough person whose wonky about the Federalist society and Cato institute material but can convince the rubes.


Trump's a big, stupid Rorschach test. He believes in nothing, which means he can stand for anything. On Monday he'll say one thing and on Tuesday he'll say the exact opposite. Just pick the one you like and claim the other one was just Trump being a stupid crazy person. Nobody can build a coalition the way Trump did because actual, intelligent politicians have actual agendas that they want to implement, so you can't just tune them out until they say the catchphrase you like.


Yeah, trump never had an agenda. He was just pissed off because everyone was being so mean to him. I guess his wall was the entirety of his agenda as far as I could tell. And really his being mad at the left wing media machine was more than enough to satiate his base, which wasn’t enough to get him re-elected. I’m curious to see how the future gop runs candidates. They can appease the maga people or they can go back to center. Seems they are kind of locked in to the maga thing.


He certainly had a type of agenda: he believes in Divine right for himself, and in white supremacy, both of which are things he learned directly from his father.


Trump also lacked impulse control


First-hand accounts of people who worked with Hitler say that he was also fucking stupid. His administration regularly got conflicting orders as he would change his mind on a whim. Internally his people were constantly backstabbing each other in order to gain his favor. Still, they managed to accomplish many terrible things.


He got lucky quite often and lots of regular ole conservatives considered him to be a useful idiot, easily controlled. The beerhall putsch should have been the end of it, especially after 4 police officers were killed. Hitler got off very lightly afterwards. ​ If you want to get depressed look up how hard the ruhr-area was put down just 3 years prior to that.


>killed. Hitler got off very lightly afterwards. Kinda like Jan 6th


Still waiting on consequences for that...


Nobody in Washington wants to see a politician experience actual consequences. It would set a 'dangerous' precedent that politicians might actually be held accountable for their crimes.


We just have to keep pushing for those consequences to be a reality, but be prepared to wait. It’s frustrating, but the country (and world) can’t afford to allow these fascists to get away with their actions over the past four years, but especially on January 6th.


As I understand it that depends on how far into the war we’re talking about. Late in the war Hitler was a pretty unhealthy person who was on a ridiculous cocktail of drugs to include meth and cocaine. Earlier Hitler could, at a minimum, be described as “not stupid.” Highly intelligent? I don’t know, but I would feel comfortable saying that he was significantly more intelligent than Trump.


unlike trump, he actually wrote his book


I’ve read this as well. Usually it paints Hitler as a Machiavellian genius, making his underlings having overlapping or contradictory duties leading to lots of infighting to win favor with Hitler. But after 2017-2021, I 100% think it was unintentional and that Hitler just had absolutely no fucking idea what it meant to run a nation. Also meth.


I've heard it's pretty conclusive that Hitler did it intentionally, but he did it because he didn't want any one his underlings to get power-mad and try a coup attempt on Hitler. Doing that kind of shit is good for preserving inner power in Germany for Hitler himself, but a terrible thing to do when you're trying to win a war against an outside enemy because it makes the the inner workings of your government a fucking nightmare mess. By the end of the war, though (1944-1945), Hitler was outrageously delusional and paranoid.


Are you sure that was stupidity and not meth?


Why not both?


We should still be afraid of the guy that did more to undermine democracy in the United States than any politician in living memory.


I agree, but that individual would be Mitch McConnell.


McConnell would never have had the stones to initiate a fascist coup as Trump attempted on January 6. That’s what makes Trump so dangerous. He doesn’t care about a single one of America’s institutions or democratic traditions, and would set the US constitution on fire in a heartbeat if doing so would make him king. The other part of what makes him so dangerous is that his inner circle is filled with super villain level political ratfuckers - Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rupert Murdoch, Vladimir Putin. Edit: Stephen Miller, Erik Prince, Betsy Devos, the Mercers. This is like a real life equivalent of Marvel’s HYDRA.


McConnell provided the bridge and the protection to let Donald run free. If I own a bull and intentionally let it into a fine china shop, the destruction it causes is directly my fault.


Mitch got everything that he wanted from the Trump presidency in the form of a sweet tax cut for corporations and 3 SCOTUS noms and numerous lower level judges. It'd be like you intentionally let your bull run free so it would bring you the paper, which it did, but also ran through the fine china shop. And you said "but he does such a fine job at bringing the paper..."


McConnell would gladly do it if he knew it would be successful. Trump's failure was relying on a bunch of idiots without a plan.


There’s an argument to be made that without trump the federalist society and the heritage foundation would have had a golden opportunity to have the constitution overturned via convention. Trump and the resurgence of political involvement from horrified democrats saw a large swathe of convention calls from blue and purple states get repealed or cancelled. At one point, if memory serves, in 2016 they were four state governors/legislations away from forcing a constitutional convention.


Betsy DeVos has entered the chat


I did say "more afraid" Trump is still terrifying in the damage he did despite his lack of skills


Takes one to know one, I guess.


More than just the suburbs




Criminal Fucking Asshole. And not in the Texas kind of illegal as far as Fucking Asshole's go.


Moronic Criminal Fucking Asshole


Moronic Criminal Fucking **Crazy** Asshole


Traitorous moronic Criminal Fucking Crazy Asshole


Rapist asshole, wait that sounds weird, still, captain asshole and son major asshole


I honestly can’t tell if you’re referencing the anti-sodomy law which somehow managed to survive in Texas until the mid-90s.


The anti-sodomy law that was left on the books just in case there were ever a 6-3 right-wing majority on the Supreme Court? The one that is still codified as section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code? That one?


Please expound…


The legislature never repealed it after it was found unconstitutional. If the case holding it unconstitutional were ever overturned, it would in theory be immediately back in force. Same as with all the anti-abortion laws still on the books that are there just in case Roe ever gets overturned.


They REALLY want no right to privacy, huh. I wonder what will happen when we all start spying on them through their electronics and get them arrested...not that I would- but I know tech savvy people angry enough to go after the TX legislators...


They don't want people to have rights. It's much easier for them if nobody has rights, then they just pick and choose who gets to be on the wrong end of enforcement and who is allowed unfettered freedom.


Well yeah. At its core Conservatism is all about the rich and powerful having the unfettered freedom to subjugate whoever they are able to


Can confirm


Yeah but I think the point was the suburbs because they're the ones Republicans count on, without them it's impossible for their party to win an election. Most people in the other groups already thought he was an asshole and the republicans were fine with that, but what sunk him is that a large enough minority (yes, unfortunately still a minority) in the suburbs/rural areas agreed he was an asshole too.


I remember he told the suburbs something about keeping minorities out of their neighborhoods right before the election. Perhaps that was in response to Barr?…..


Probably played a part but they knew they had trouble in the suburbs. "Educated white suburban women" was the swing demographic you heard a ton about leading up to the election and Trump was hoping to provoke the fears that caused white flight to swing them his direction.


In the end, it was the white men, many of them dads and grandpas in the suburbs, who had supported ihim in 2016 that cost him the election. That's one of the only demographics that changed significantly between 2016 and 2020 in swing states, about 5-10% loss of white men in states like Georgia and Arizona, which was huge, because that was the very group he relied upon to build his base of support. Losing former 50,000 Trump voters was the same as turning out new 100,000 Biden voters.


And yet 7 million more people voted for this douche bag in 2020. I cannot process this. Where did he scrape up those voters? SMH


Bigger turnout. Biden - 84 million vs Trump - 71 million. Clinton - 66 million vs Trump - 63 million. More people saw it as an actual, 'holy crap this matters!' contest than the people in 2016. Plus there's population growth, too - there were [11 million more registered voters](https://www.statista.com/statistics/273743/number-of-registered-voters-in-the-united-states/) in 2020.


Yes. He also asked suburban women to “please like him.”


Big Jeb Bush energy there.


This just seems like Barr leaking to try to redeem his own reputation. It just doesn't ring true that he, or anyone, spoke to Trump that directly. Barr executed his marching orders without fail.


>redeem his own reputation. I remember smug and smarmy Barr sneering at Kamala when being questioned. He didn't seem so remorseful then.


Or when corporate media pretended he'd be an honest actor as he was confirmed.


Barr is a corrupt POS but he's also DC GOP royalty. If anyone in that administration had the ability to tell that to Trump and get away with it, it was Barr.


Trump also owed Barr, badly. Barr basically took the Mueller Report out into a bath and drowned it, and killed off any other chance of an independent investigation into Trump by the Justice Department. He also systemically executed all his orders to bend the needle in the 2020 election toward Trump. It's just even with all that advantage Trump couldn't overcome the two biggest issues of the election: - More people in America hate him than love him - COVID And Barr, as much of a fuck as he is, drew the line at actual sedition and overturning a valid election. So now he's trying to get back in his old circles and rehabilitate his image.


> COVID That wasn't something Trump failed to overcome. It was a gift to him. When COVID first started Trump's numbers increased and it was very likely going to do for Trump what 9/11 did for Bush. All Trump had to do was Bush's "Now is not the time to criticize the president" and then let the experts do their thing. But Trump decided to do the equivalent of the "Mission Accomplished" picture before the first tower fell, and then retweeting "Jet fuel can't melt steel beam" tweets


100% accurate. His highest approval ratings ever came in mid-late March 2020 when he was talking about being “at war with Covid” and “we have to win this war”. If he would’ve kept his focus on it, not used it to anti-Chinese dog whistle to his base and had been dogged but realistic in actual treatments and solutions as opposed to insane quackery, he would’ve coasted to reelection. Of course, this would’ve required him to be a different human being, soooo oh well.


All true, there are no winners here. The quote could still have happened as reported, though.


Barr knows where *all* of the bodies are buried within the GOP, going all the way back to the 80s and Iran-Contra. Absolute masterclass hatchet man, almost impressive for its Disneyesque villainy.


He was done after those covid press meetings when he acted like an idiot without flicker of empathy at a time the nation turned to him for leadership. But I think the first debate is what really did him in with suburban voters. I remember that debate and the reaction to it afterwards, Republican commentators were speechless, unable to defend a president who wailed on stage like a mad banshee. People sent in their mail-in votes right around that time and he never got the chance to recover from that because he got covid like a dunce and missed too much screen time to project a more sane image.


I still remember a caller on CSpan afterwards, "undecided" but was apparently going to vote for Trump afterwards....because Biden talked too much and didn't let Trump speak enough. You could tell she was already a Trump supporter, but running with that as her narrative was hysterical to me. They literally added a mute button to the debates because Trump wouldn't stop babbling and interrupting.


That was my favorite part, aside from “~~Just~~ Will you shut up, man.”


Yeah, my father-in-law’s favorite line now is “Remember that time Joe Biden told Trump to shut up. And then took his job.”


>And then took his job Brutal. Hadn't really thought of it that way. Trump must hate that guy!


Dey terk er jerbs!


Yup. You can also add "And threw him out of his government provided housing and took away his government provided food! And now that Donnie has to sleep at his place of work!


Took away his Diet Coke button too!


Just shut up man was a great quote. Along with SNL "People don't just want to see Biden Happy, they want to see Trump sad"




Now I’m going to go watch that debate again.


I didnt even get through it the first time, not even with breaks and youre gonna watch it AGAIN?


Same here, but we can now look back and laugh at the idiocy of it all. It wasn't so funny when we could have been punished with a second term. I shudder just to think what the pandemic would look like under 2,3 years under Trump.


And also “c’mon man”, “you’re the worst president we’ve ever had”


It was beautiful really


It was ["Will you shut up, man?"](https://www.wsj.com/articles/will-you-shut-up-man-11601507345)


I won’t vote for Biden because he just disrespected Trump by telling him to shut up, I want my president to have some type of class. -my idiot co-worker the next day


Think of the allocation of brain resources required to maintain this cognitive dissonance and then think how far your co-worker could actually go if they freed up those resources for something else.


Thanks. Edited.


I could only make it partway through their first debate because I cannot sit and listen to Trump being allowed to just spew lies, but that segment was so great. And it's funny, because in that instance it was just a person telling the President of the United States to shut up. Yes, Biden was running for president, is an established politician, has a long history in politics (so obviously that changes the context), etc - but he wasn't holding office at that moment in time. So to have an "average Joe" (heh) telling the President to shut up was beautiful.


It was nice to see what we used to be told in civics class -- that the President is not a king, and is just a regular person like the rest of us who has responsibilities and should not be bowed down to -- put into action.


In that moment, Biden spoke for the world.


I seem to remember a lot of the "undecided" voters who called in were obviously already dedicated Trump supporters.


The fake ass troll pretending to be X but clearly having no real idea what X people think is very common. As is the white nationalist with a black person avatar to defuse accusations of racism on twitter.


*As a black man*...


Just like /r/walkaway, I can’t believe they’re still at it


How is that sub even still around? It's full of anti-vax, Covid misinformation.... JFC


They are SO heavy handed about it too. Biden used a dinner fork instead of a salad fork?!?!? No limit to democrats depravity!! Like damn tone it down a little so it isn’t obvious


Same thing with the Zoom calls a lot of stations were doing. The undecided voters, 99% of the time, were clearly MAGA heads that thought they could be more influential by pretending to be undecided but leaning towards 45. It was always so fake. With comments like "I dunno, I'm still undecided... But I felt Biden just came off as loud, rude, and childish. 45 showed a much more clear leadership and strength as a president. He was clearly the adult in the room."


It's always obvious, it was in 2016 too. Iirc, red-sweater-guy did a reddit ama and it quickly became apparent that he followed a lot of right wing subs. It's just easier and more accurate to write them all off as embarrassed Republicans and leave it at that. "Undecided" actually just means "I haven't yet decided how I'm going to justify my shitty unpopular ideology."


Ken Bone, the OG Milkshake Duck!


Yeah I thought it was quite strange how dumb and biased all of the "undecided" voters were.


It's because, by and large, they weren't undecided. They were MAGA heads that thought they could sway the undecided vote by pretending to be one.


I mean it’s basically taught to them to do that by campaign strategist. You even see it on Reddit the centrist subs get filled with MAGA.


I mean, really. If at that point one was still undecided, they ought to be dumb.


It's like selecting the jury for a high profile case that's been discussed ad nauseam in the media. They can only select from the smoothest brain individuals who don't receive news from anywhere lol


"What would you tell to scared Americans?" "I'd tell them you are terrible."


That was like one of the pitches that they throw during the home run derby. Total softball. Instead of hitting the ball, he ran to the mound and pounded the pitcher with the bat and then shit himself. On live television. What a fucking moron.


It's terrifying how easy it would have been for Trump to stay in power. All he had to do was present a passable impersonation of a leader during the crisis, and he would have been untouchable. Just let the experts take the lead and leach off their success -- it's literally the easiest course of action.


And, really, it’s the only course of action. I’m convinced that every single President we’ve ever had would have let the pros do their thing from the start. We got the one President who wouldn’t.


I remember the overwhelming sense of dread I felt when covid started popping and thinking about who our president was


9/11 and COVID were disasters that could be used to unite a country easily behind a leader. How many horrible leaders have to lie about something like that? Trump got one in his lap and he blew such an opportunity it’s insane that thats what happened! He really is an idiot.


It wasn't that simple of a situation. The main thing Trump had going for him going into the pandemic was the economy. When it all started the stock market tanked like it hadn't since the great recession. Trump hedged his bets that it would blow over soon and did his best to minimize it to get the economy back it order. He lost the bet. That's when his narcissistic personality disorder took over and wouldn't allow him to admit that he was wrong. The first error was a political miscalculation. The second error was pathological.


Yup, all he had to do was talk about how it's us against the virus, we need to come together and fight the common enemy, etc and he would have won in a landslide. And every one of his advisors knew that, because even a 6 year old child would know. But lucky for us, Trump is dumber than a 6 year old child.


Thankfully Trump is literally incapable of letting anyone else have the spotlight, let alone get any kind of positive credit. Even if those people work *for him*. The only way he'd be happy with a solution to covid is if he could personally take credit for every single part of it. He's too stupid to realize that people would attribute anything good to him even if he has no influence, like has been happening with presidents and the economy for decades.


It’s scary how he legit had it in the bag. Don’t say anything shitty about Covid, mail out maga masks for everyone and his approval ratings either stay the same or jump up a little. It was literally put on his lap and as always he shits the lap. That our country could want such a person as our leader says a lot about how shitty this country truly is.


Struck out swinging during tee-ball


Trump's entire presidency was him shitting his pants, grabbing a handful of it and just chowing down, and then raising his fists up triumphantly while Republicans cheered wildly as if it was some kind of heroic act. Absolutely bizarre and insane people.


Unbelievable. All he had to say is some shit like, "we will get through this together."


I never thought someone could be so stupid to miss such an obvious chance to pump up their leadership abilities and tell the nation we're gonna get through this


You can’t pump up something you don’t have.


Perfect opportunity to try to lean into the flag and say something along the lines of "America can beat anything and we're going to beat this together."


That's literally all he had to do for the entire pandemic. "Americans are the toughest and together we can beat anything. We've got the best doctors in the world, and I personally brought in Dr Fauci, and we're gonna be done with this thing in a month because of my great decision making and leadership." People would have eaten it up and he'd have won a 2nd term handily. Instead he got in a fight with everyone, split people up over every issue imaginable, and ultimately lost. The fact it was even close is worrying, but also shows if he had done even slightly better with the pandemic he would have won easily.


Trump has done a lot of terrible things. But somehow I feel like this is the one that really demonstrates who he is. Like, he complains constantly about how unfair the press is to him. And yet when he got this question that is legit "here's your opportunity to make your own positive soundbite, it's impossible to screw this one up" and he goes with... a personal attack on the person asking him this incredible softball. If he's just said something as simple as "I'm in charge and I'm doing everything I can to get it under control ASAP" I think it's about 50/50 he would have been re-elected, even if *everything* else had been the same.


What would you tell the average American who is scared right now? I say you’re a terrible reporter. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/03/20/trump-message-to-americans-coronavirus-presser-vpx.cnn


Bizarre, it’s a total softball question! Just say anything halfway decent! “We’ll get through this” or “I’m working on it night and day” or “Just make sure you do X and Y and listen to us for updates and we’ll be OK.” Anything!


That debate was the most shameful thing I had ever seen. Even in conservative circles people were blown away. That was a major factor in his loss.


"That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck."


"C'mon man." -Joe Biden, and also America


The thing that amazes me is he received even MORE votes in 2020 than in 2016. It’s depressing.


Yet he lost by a huge margin. Most people *really* don't like him. And his delusional base in currently succumbing to covid at a ridiculously disproportionate rate.


>Most people really don't like him. Yeah, elections are frequently won on turnout, but when the things you do to motivate your base have the side effect of motivating your opponents even more, it's like selling a product at a loss and hoping to make up the difference in volume.


When you tell your base voting is a waste of time because it's rigged, it's not great for turnout.


even if he had the screen time he still wouldve looked like an idiot. Even when healthy he cant reign it in.


remember when he was discharged from the covid hospital and his plan was to climb the steps at the white house and open his shirt to reveal a Superman logo?


I mean I know, he was still horrible in the second debate but at least he managed to be more contained. The first debate literally drove suburban women to the exit ramp, it was a shitshow by any standard.


I still can't believe it never crossed his mind that literally just yelling over the top of everyone else with a mic including the moderator was a great idea for someone with a reputation for being a crazy asshole. 45 really was a world-class own-KoolAid drinker.


Also wasn't it pretty likely he had COVID-19 at that debate?


Classic Trump. The pandemic and those press conferences were his golden ticket to an easy second term. He botched the first lap of the race by ignoring covid but he managed to pull himself together when he started those press conferences. Put Pence in charge of the response team, got Fauci and Birx involved. Stood back and let them do all the work while he looked like a genius. But then like classic Trump he just couldnt let anyone else have the spotlight and once people started praising Pence and Fauci. Well, Trump couldnt let that happen, he stepped in and turned those press conferences into his own personal rallies. No more talking about covid. It's now about how unfair the media is to him and whatever nonsense. Then they sidelined Fauci and Birx kind of took over his role and managed to flush her credibility down the drain. Then they kind of just stopped those press conferences because it made Trump look insane. Fast forward and the pandemic is clearly not over by the fall. Trump comes off as a deranged man in the debates. And as my father said who supported Trump, "he's now pissing off people that once supported him". He had the chance to lead this country through the pandemic and be listed as one of the greats. Instead he just pissed it all away.


Yeah, a major crisis in an election year is normally a boon for the incumbent. You've just got to show empathy, compassion and leadership and people will instinctively want to rally around the incumbent.


He lacked all 3 of those since the very beginning. His shot at the presidency should have been over when he made fun of a disabled reporter in September 2015.


Remember when he toured a cdc lab in Atlanta? Great chance to talk up our medical experts and make people know that we got this covered. Nope. Had to make it about him and how these scientists can’t believe how much he knows and how he could have been a doctor. Just fucking stop. Unbelievable.


It is *insane* how absolutely fucking pathetic he was.




Right 😒


And how many people see that and still say they want more of it


What a huge opportunity he pissed away. He really was the dog that caught the mail truck.


Lol, Trump was never destined to "be listed as one of the greats."


One of the greatest assholes of all time.


Trump was my spiritual and moral awakening to the truth that there are truly irredeemable men who, if they disappeared, the world would improve overnight.


He was my spiritual and moral awakening to the truth of just *how many people* support this kind of BS. I knew there were racists and truly wicked bastards out there, but I didn't realize there were so *many*. I miss the days of my ignorance when I believed most people were good.


He was my spiritual and moral awakening to the truth that the american justice system is a joke. Laws don't apply to people with money and/or power.


I would say on top of this it showed that laws are just words on paper. If they're not enforced they're meaningless. It really opened my eyes to how shaky the social contracts we all make are.


There's a lot of them. They just tend to be recognized and ostracized and live in relative obscurity or if there's a good enough reason, at least can cobble together a semi-functional personality because they need to survive. The only reason Donald Trump did as much damage as he did and showed no, even token, effort towards acting like a human being is he had money and resources to insulate himself from the consequences of his actions. If Trump had been born a poor or middle class kid, he'd probably be a second rate used car salesman in some backwater or selling precious metals at a mall kiosk. Because that would be about the only job he'd be able to get and keep. And he'd still probably be divorced a couple of times too.


>had money and resources to insulate himself from the consequences of his actions. Republican and conservatives and their families and cronies are generally insular, it's the poorer folks who think 'same team' because the right play them into thinking they care about their needs and desires. The wealthier can afford to be insular; the people they represent cannot and yet struggle to see where the divide really is.


Every human being improves the world once, but some can only do it by dying.


I know it's for voting purposes, but a significant portion of the entire planet did. That's why people literally danced in the streets he was just *that* fucking bad and conservatives still refuse to acknowledge it. Oh well, anyways.


> conservatives still refuse to acknowledge it A widespread belief among conservatives is that Obama damaged the US's reputation internationally and that Trump restored it. They live in a completely different reality.


People thinking Trump isn't full of shit made me question the average eq (let alone iq) of my fellow Americans. Like do they watch satirical stuff like the office and always sunny in Philadelphia and just assume everything is literal and without subtext? Like are they laughing along with the writers, or are they just watching normal humans do normal things? Watching trump talk for 30 seconds should be more than enough to realize that he doesn't know or believe what he is talking about. He is pandering and ignorant hate incarnate.


There was a subset of conservatives that thought Stephen Colbert's character was sincere.


Paul Ryan said Rage Against the Machine was one of his favorite bands lol


I was at a smoke shop a couple weeks ago and the owner was complaining about PC culture and what not, and said "you'd never see Archie Bunker on TV today." I just kinda stared at him for a few seconds then said, "You know Archie Bunker was a joke character right? Thay he was literally being made fun of?" He blinked and said, "Really?" So no, I don't think a lot of them understand subtext or satire.


This will never not be funny to me. Pretty much the only time in my life that the US was not the butt of every joke was under the Obama years. Maybe Clinton but I was too young to give a shit about US politics at the time. Like do these people think we Australians respected the intellectual titan that was Bush Jr.? Let alone Trump?


Bush jr is a genius compared to trump


In my very liberal part of my very liberal city, there was literally a day long party at a huge local park on that Saturday it was finally announced.


The weather was so unreasonably nice that day.


I'm in Chicago, and when the news broke that the race had been called for Biden, you'd think we had just ended WW3. Dancing in the streets, every car honking, strangers on the street high-fiving, people blasting party music from their windows. It was unlike anything I've seen before and I was here for the Cubs winning the World Series.


He’s not wrong. I live in the suburbs and think he’s an asshole. One of the beliefs I grew up with was that the president should care about being president for ALL Americans, not just the nazi sleeper cell-americans.


But Trump saved the suburbs from ~~black people~~ some vague threat. I know, Godzilla.


Let's be real here. Trump would probably srart saying he was in control of godzilla this whole time or some other nonsense.


"It's just a lizard. More people die every year from iguana attacks. Godzilla is, well a lot of people don't know this, but I call him 'The Japan Lizard'."


One of the greatest Godzilla experts came to me and said "Sir, thank you for managing Godzilla. You did in one day what we couldn't do in 20 years." Many people have said I'm the smartest Godzilla expert. Many great people. Great, beautiful people said that.


"Godzilla is so big. I walked out on the street and I said to myself, wow Godzilla is big. This is a big, big lizard, folks. Believe me. This is one of the biggest, listen to me, the biggest lizards, folks. You can trust me on that. I wouldn't lie to you. I never lie. Big lizard."


"Godzilla is only as deadly as the common cold."


"He's rounding the turn, like a miracle he'll be gone any time now. "


If there's one key thing I hate about the Trump administration is that truly repugnant people like Barr and Spicer and Michael Cohen end up looking magnanimous after they leave and tell the truth. These people enabled the "asshole" (Barr's term), and helped him in every way they could, right up until it profited them to abandon him and become a "hero of truth".


Sadly, this is a big reason why he lost. I say sadly because the line isn't at helping Russia destroy the US. The line isn't at using taxpayer money to enrich himself by doing things like re-routing the Air Force 1,000 miles just to make them stay at his hotel. The line isn't lying constantly, endangering the livelihoods of millions. The line is him being a whiny baby and writing mean tweets (which tbf should also disqualify him, I'm just upset the other things don't). I used to think that most voting adults knew what was going on, and had rigorous standards for what they'd accept from a politician. I guess the Bush administration should have shown me otherwise, but somehow I still had hope. Boy, was I wrong. Around 40% of voters will accept absolute lunacy and idiocy as long as it's from their side. Most of them are even fine with him ignoring and lying about a deadly pandemic. I guess we should be thankful that a fraction of those are turned off by his boorish behavior? But then again, he *gained* votes from 2016 to 2020. It's just that his assholishness was enough to motivate some non-voters to show up.


Completely agree. It shows the power of propaganda, especially on Facebook which is incredibly fertile ground for misinformation from China, Russia and Iran to divide Americans, in addition to the misinformation from our own home grown crazies. I was shocked the margin of victory in the popular vote wasn't 12-15 million.


Umm excuse me, I’m an urban voter and I think he’s a fucking asshole.


Rural voter here, some of us also think he's a fucking asshole


Right but he was already losing the cities.


>"They don't care about your fucking grievances. And it just seems that every time you're out there, you're talking about your goddamn grievances." Even if you could convince him that was true, he could never keep them to himself. Whining, grievances and punching back is all he's got. He has no other skills or interests. He squandered good will every chance he got because he doesn't care about good will, he cares about whining about the secretary of state that called him a fucking moron. Everything else is boring to such an entitled brat.


Trump \*is\* a f--king asshole.


And that's part of his appeal. Trump is an ugly reflection of the voters that support him. He was always just a symptom, not the disease. With a rational voting public, he never would have survived the primary, let alone win the general. Though at least he was only able to do that once, and squeaked by at that. Still, the fact that 74 million Americans watched the dumpster fire of his time in office and said, "Yeah, more of that" is pretty depressing.


Tbf, if you listen to any of his supporters, they live in an alternative world. According to whatever news sources they pay attention to, and the constant bragging he does, then he's fucking awesome. It just so happens that none of it is true, that's all.


Well to be fair the sources that they listen to are never “news”. the shit they listen to is something along the lines of a toxic twitch chat filled with 13 year olds


I'd like to think that most of his voters simply voted Republican no matter who is running. It's too scary to think 74M people actually wanted him to be President.


Yes, suburban voters are correct.


Ich bin ein suburbaner


And suburban voters were correct.


The pandemic was Trump’s grand and final opportunity to get reelected, and he failed. He has enough supporters that I honestly believe if Trump had chosen to actually be a president and lead this country through one of the greatest health and economic crises it has ever seen, he would still be in office today. Instead, he chose to continue his divisive and destructive non-leadership, casually suggesting injecting bleach into our arms might be helpful in fighting the virus instead.