Katie Porter asks whether fellow Democrat Joe Manchin cares more about corporate donors than helping Americans

Katie Porter asks whether fellow Democrat Joe Manchin cares more about corporate donors than helping Americans


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Manchin has made it clear he would sell us all as food to a zoo to bolster his political career.


He's doing it to bolster his personal wealth, not his political career.


What’s the difference if politics is your career?


His income from his senatorial position is a drop in the bucket compared to his income from the coal power plant he owns and his family investments in dozens of companies. His daughter is a major shareholder and executive at a pharma company. His gig as a senator is his side hustle.


I am convinced when the congress goes on ‘summer vacation’, most spend all of that time traveling and setting up those backdoor revenue streams.. i hardly think they are sitting by pool not plotting how to grift more wealth off the backs of their constituents.


Agreed but Mylan let Heather go a long time ago.


Yeah with like a $20 mil parachute. She will be ok for a long time even if her MBA is fraudulent


And his daughters


> to bolster his political career The man is 74 years old. What does he have left to aspire to, besides retirement? What kind of career is he looking for at his age? JFC, I just hope I can tough it out until I'm 65 and I can retire, whilst others I work with can retire at 60 and are looking forward to it. Normal people would be happy to be retired at 74, especially if they had the pension**S** & benefits manchin has already coming to him. He should not be hurting for money, has a comfortable retirement in his sight, so why doesn't he choose to finish his career on a high note and just do the right thing (i.e., vote with other democrats to improve the lives of their fellow citizens)?


Bernie's 80. Feinstein's 88. Lots of older people shudder at the idea of retirement. He thinks he can sell out the country for a little extra change for his home state.


The Democratic Party has made their constituents FEEL like this bill will help Americans. This is a simple movement of our tax dollars into silos the GOV wants the money to go to. This is not a bill that supports the little guy.


Katie Porter is fucking amazing. Surgical with her shit. She doesn't play the political games, and she hasn't got time for anyone else's bullshit. She's a rare breed.


We desperately need more representation like her. She’s a savage beast and I love watching her shred these con artists.


It’s what a politician should be. Hard to believe it’s so fucking rare.


She and AOC need to be president and vice president, in whatever order.


Pure rock star!


One thing I love about this is Katie Porter flipped a red district by fighting for regular people while Manchin, who some people love to claim is the best the Dems can do for WV, cowers to corporations.


It’s still very red here. If conservatives put up a candidate that could match Katie’s rhetoric, we would move back. Katie is a rockstar though. I’d say it’s closer to a purple district.


Look, I don’t really like Manchin, but it’s not even that he’s the best we can do there. It’s that he’s ALL we can do there. If he’s voted out or retires that seat is going to a Republican guaranteed, and until we have at least one more dem we need him


Biden should tell Manchin he is going to declare a climate emergency and remove subsidies for oil and coal unless Manchin gets on board with the 3.5T. He should actually do that anyways but that'd scare his donors


I mean all Machin has to do is call the bluff and if he does it then Manchin can swing it to his voters as WV being punished. Or he could just change parties and give the majority to the republicans


Well being nice to him hasn't worked in the slightest. So the options are: Let Manchin bring everything to a halt and get nothing done, or instead do something different an hit him as hard as we can. Worst case he does what he was going to do anyway and do nothing.


DOJ should go after Manchin's daughter for price gouging Epipen. Maybe if she was rotting in the same cell as pharma bro, Manchin would understand he's not in charge and better do what he's told.


Absolutely. His whole family is corrupt.


Pharma Bro never did any time for his price gouging on medicine, it was defrauding investors that proved a bridge too far. It's cool if you put life-saving medicine out of people's reach, but don't you dare swindle rich people out of their money.


The goal like every democrat ran Whitehouse is to appease conservatives, which will then, shockingly, cost 2024.


Gotta keep chasing the invisible pink unicorn of the 'undecided' voter and the magical leprechaun of 'moderate republican'.


And gods forbid they do something crazy like implement policies and messaging that addresses systemic issues that could energize the disaffected 1/3 of the country that can't be bothered to vote. Clearly the more important goal is to bring the least crazy people from the batshit party into the fold so the Democratic party can skew even farther to the right from the center than they already are.


Sure, let's just keep sliding further right every year, that'll keep democrats competitive!


Eeyup, and then they wonder why young people, leftists, LGBT, minorities, etc. won't show up for them in many areas. If your offerings are far right extremism and far right but they'll tweet #pride then for many what's the difference?




He would have to change parties for that which he’s obviously unwilling to do despite siding with republicans in all the major things.


There's already a republican in his seat.


Laughably incorrect


Well that's me told.


As someone who left WV (and voted for Manchin in 2008, 10 and 12) Manchin is still a solid democrat. He’s an old school WV democrat but that still puts him to the left of any GOP senator. Also, wait till you see who replaces him when he retires or loses in 2024.


I don’t agree with Manchin on many things either, but lots of people don’t comprehend how fucked WV is. I won’t be surprised if the state legislator who stormed the capitol wins Manchin’s senate seat. At the end of the day, Manchin still votes for Chuck and a dem majority.


Not when they need him the most. The filibuster is going to cost Democrats the election.


Well, you’re talking to a dem who wants the filibuster to remain. If you want to remove the filibuster, dems just need a bigger majority. Look at Sinema, arguably worse given she reps a Biden state. Manchin would likely be killed by a mob if he returned to WV after abolishing the filibuster. He’d need refuge in DC or something. I’d much prefer blaming someone like Sara Gideon who couldn’t win in a Biden +9 state than someone holding a Trump +42 state and voting for Chuck as maj leader


It doesn't matter who you blame. Voters just see inaction. Democrats aren't going to get a bigger majority if they don't use the one they have now.


How do you know dems aren’t going to get a bigger majority? That sounds pretty absolute. In 2022 we got 2 states (PA and WI) which Biden won. Just flip them. If dems can’t do it then we don’t deserve the majority.


He makes the whole party meh


That seat has actually been held by a Democrat for over 70 years so it's not a foregone conclusion that a Republican would win if Manchin retires.


Lol you must be joking. Even Manchin is going to get blown out in 2024 because of high turnout.


But he is a republican. Are there no real democrats in your state?


It's west virginia so... no


You might be right, but you might not be. I think this argument underestimates the popularity of progressive — and even full-on leftist — ideas with the overwhelming majority of the electorate, Democrats and Republicans alike. The fact is that Republicans are going to call every Democrat a communist. Fanatical Republican voters believe Joe Manchin is a communist, regardless of the fact that those of us in the real world know he’s quite conservative. I don’t believe that running an actual communist would be meaningfully different to those voters.


Regardless of there being a D or R next to his name, what's the difference between a conservative and corporatist dem and a 'moderate' republican? Not much at all from where I'm sitting.


This is a point people aren’t really getting. Last numbers I saw said that Manchin voted with the Dems roughly 70% of the time. If he’s gone and the GOP gets that seat, it’ll be 0% voting with the Dems.


That 30% is pretty fucking critical though for things like the infrastructure bills, voting rights, and the like. It really doesn't matter if its 70 or 0 if as a result of his inaction that 30% causes the Dems to lose their majorities.


What exactly are those 70% votes? If half of those are naming post offices who gives a shit?


Well, last I checked, he voted yes to the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure plan. And maybe a post office appointment too, I dunno. The point is that those folks saying there isn’t a better option from WV are likely right.


Katie’s district is not red lol. Clinton won it and Biden won it by +11, DOUBLE DIGITS. Trump won Manchin’s state by +42 then +39. That’s pretty much Wyoming.


He cares more about his corporate donors, Sinema is same way.


As smart as Katie Porter is, YES Katie, he cares more about corporate donors than helping Americans! He is loud and clear by his actions.


Yes, yes he does.


Lots of dems don’t even like the fantastic Katie Porter, She raises questions about who’s lining who’s pockets


We need more people like her. I could watch her grill folks all day .


She’s a winner and the answer is yes. Look where his daughter is.


Get this woman in front of the Dem Party.


In fact, the leadership doesn’t like her and is playing games to keep her off key committees. This isn’t a both sides argument (vote blue every time) but it does show how Dems are their own worst enemy and centrists will do everything in their power to keep the “upstart” progressives from real power. EDIT: [Maxine Waters doesn’t like that Porter shows her up](https://prospect.org/politics/why-katie-porter-not-on-house-financial-services-committee/)


I agree there is no comparison between both parties. Dems need to work on cleaning their house up from these “centrist”


Then democrats would mostly just be White college grads. Even Stacy Abrams is fairly centrist compared to progressives in NYC or San Francisco. She said so herself.


> Even Stacy Abrams is fairly centrist Regarding Abrams in particular, I can confirm. I live in her former state House district and was never a big fan of her for exactly that reason. However, that doesn't prove that progressives are "mostly" white. In fact, I think characterizing the issue as a racial choice between diverse right-wing liberals and "mostly white" progressives is disingenuous, at best.


That's a rhetorical question


He makes more money annually from coal than he does by being a senator. Clearly he has a job and a side hustle.


Yes and they pay him and his family enough to make sure his moral compass stays in the bottom drawer at home in perpetuity.


Manchin has been posing as a Democrat for years. Now that we need him, his true scumbag persona has come out. Get rid of this guy! Democrats the time to end the filibuster is yesterday. Time is slipping fast!


Actions speak louder than words. I guess it was a rhetorical question.


What words has he ever said that suggests she is wrong?


Joe Manchin replies "yes" to fellow Democrat Katie Porter's question about caring more for corporate donors than helping Americans.


Calling out the problem children by name. This is why I respect Katie Porter. While I cannot vote for her, she'll always have my small dollar support.




Porter for president


He insists on being the fulcrum, let's test his balance.


Can he just fulcrum off?


He cares more about corporate donors, so long as they continue to pay him. His stance is solidly in the fuck the voters category


The answer is apparent based on his actions. Manchin does not support the ideas of democracy.


Porter 2024


I wish there were Robin Hood hackers who just steal money from these political thiefs and leave them penniless.


“fellow democrat” lol


Manchin is a criminal. He knows that he is untouchable as long as he holds Schumer hostage, and he does not care who knows, or who it hurts.


if she has to ask, she knows the answer....


Should keep asking him every day.


Answer: Yes, he does.


Love her


That's completely absurd! The answer is yes, of-fucking-course he does.


Yes. Yes he does. But it's not just Joe Manchin. He and Sinema have been chosen as lightning rods. But rest assured, if both of them changed their minds, our corporate Dems would find another way to sabotage their purported agenda. They have no intention of passing any legislation that displeases their corporate donors.


As an outsider I don't understand how Manchin (and Sinema) can even still be called Democrats. Like at what point will they get booted from the party?


Katie porter is my political idol


Katie porter always has it right. I’d hate to be on her bad side.


Of course he cares more about his corporate donors. The average American can’t afford to donate large amounts of money to his campaign.


Probably, with at least 70% of all elected officials having corporate hands in their pockets. Late stage capitalism, end stage democracy.


Please, please, _please_ let Katie whiteboard tf out of Manchin. Please!


I might actually pay to see her and her whiteboard!


Where is the fucking whiteboard?


Morgan Freeman: “He did”


Joe Manchin is NOT a democrat.


Please! Thank you, Katie Porter! This is what had to happen! Stop living in fear of Joe Manchin! Call Him out! Make Him really explain Himself


The answer may surprise you! It won’t, but it may!


Telling the truth about bum Manchin


manchin cares about his red state very trump voters who are not progressives. like any senator he represents his constituents and not katie porter. this eat your own bullshit is so old. No one farther to the left can win in West Virginia. Without Manchin then we would not get any judges nominated since republicans would block all of them. We would not have gotten the rescue plan either. the fringe is so annoying. They come from safe districts and states where their races are non-competitive. Then go off on the ones in very competitive states and districts. A kardashian could win in Katie Porter's district.


> A kardashian could win in Katie Porter’s district In Orange County? You don’t have a clue, do you


>the fringe is so annoying Remember you said this when Republicans run the country permanently in 2024.




Just like. Exactly. Enjoy 2024.


the sky is falling people on the left are just like the crazies who think that biden is giving them probes with vaccines.


Exactly the same, not a single difference Democrats are doing this to themselves and will only have themselves to blame when this card house collapses


> manchin cares about his red state very trump voters who are not progressives. Nope. The only time he stands against major democrat policies, they're ones supported by a large majority of his state. $15 min wage, higher covid relief, voting rights, the infrastructure bill... all majority support in WV. Many very large majorities. He does represent his constituents, but those are his donors, not the general population of WV.




I think Manchin has already answered that himself.


Yes, the answer is yes...


Rhetorical question I guess. 🤷‍♂️


This was a rhetorical question, right?




Did she ask that about tester, sinema and the others caught on hot mic with Exxon lobbyist?


It has become apparent for months this guy cares more about money than party or country.


Why is she even asking that question?


He does. Why do democrats think this line of attack works.


Manchin is in the wrong party.


Yes, duh




Does it matter really…how many viewers are actually watching