Joe Manchin Says He Won’t Support Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill - The West Virginia moderate is urging his party to “hit the pause button” on its ambitious package of spending on climate, health care, immigration and more.

Joe Manchin Says He Won’t Support Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill - The West Virginia moderate is urging his party to “hit the pause button” on its ambitious package of spending on climate, health care, immigration and more.


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It's not like half the country is on fire and the other half is flooding today. That's sarcasm, obviously. Because that is exactly how the USA is today.


People have to stop referring to Manchin as a moderate. He's a corporatist bootlicker. He doesn't give a shit about anything but his big money donors.


He is a traitor.


Manchin is a typical Dem. Just like McConnell plays the bad guy for Republicans, Manchin plays the bad guy for Dems. It's a role the others are happy to give them, because they themselves can act like they REALLY WANT to tax corporations and fight Wallstreet, and do all the good things, but big bad Manchin/McConnell just wont let them.


He's not a typical dem. He goes on cruises with Lindsay graham.


He must get a lot of money from oil companies.


Coal. His state is deep in the have of coal executives.


We've got a similar landmass and we have a similar problem. All the time. And, like you, the closer our states are to the equator, the stupider they are.


Hawaii: 😡


It's the heat, not the latitude. Coastal California is blue, the interior was red even before it got lit.


Guess his check from Exxon cleared.


WOAH I mean SLOW IT DOWN though don't you know Joe Manchin is perfectly fine? Why should the rest of us be worried about our future when Joe Manchin is fine? If Joe Manchin, who is fine, thinks we should slow it down, well golly heck I can't see any good reason why not! Again: Joe Manchin is fine.


I think the most hilarious thing to notice about him with regard to climate change is that the dude lives on a houseboat. Why didn't the rest of us think of that?


I mean we just need to tip the country west slightly and let the flood waters put out the fire. Problem solved.


Why do they keep calling him a "moderate" - is that a euphemism for corporate shill?


I think it is outdated terminology from when politicians and the public seemed to exist politically on bell curves. Manchin seems to be more of a double agent. And yes, he also seems to be totally captured by coal interests in West Virginia.


He's not simply 'captured by coal interests'; he's also a coal interest himself, making $10k/weekly from part ownership of an especially dirty WV power plant.


[Joe Manchin Makes $500K a Year From One of the Dirtiest Coal Plants in West Virginia](https://www.vice.com/en/article/z3x8bw/joe-manchin-senator-millions-coal-grant-town-west-virginia) >According to his [most recent financial disclosure,](https://www.legistorm.com/memberdisclosure/2814/Sen_Joe_Manchin.html) Manchin gained $492,000 last year due to his non-public shares in a coal company called Enersystems, which [records show](https://readsludge.com/2021/07/01/manchin-profits-from-coal-sales-to-utility-lobbying-group-members/) is a contractor for a power plant in the state’s north that burns waste coal. >Meanwhile, Manchin’s 2020 income [for being a senator](https://www.senate.gov/senators/SenateSalariesSince1789.htm) was $174,000. “He’s making more than twice as much selling coal as he is serving as a representative,” said Jim Kotcon, the conservation chair of the West Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club.


yeah, that ^


I really want to see the day when there's no more coal to dig. The West Virginians will die of a heart attack after blaming liberals.


I’ve had this conversation with people there and they do not understand that it’s a finite resource. Mountains full of stripped mines but nah, there’s totally enough for forever!


I hope they don't keep burning it, there's like a 300+ year supply of it left.


Why are coal jobs so highly prized? No one gave a hoot when the ISP I worked for collapsed because of Trump’s tax cuts directly benefiting Comcast over a local fiber to the home startup and allowed them to put in more 10 gig fiber networks. No one would care if Twitter collapsed, even though they employ a large number of people. I know why Manchin does I mean the general American population. In fact I’ve straight up been given the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” crap after being laid off.


They'll learn to code, get friendly outside help, start hacking, and before you know it the WV/Macedonia axis spins madly.


Being a WV democrat means you love coal. It’s been their thing for decades and it’s what made WV ancestrally democrat


It's cover for being a right-wing conservative that couldn't get elected on an R ticket for whatever reason.


For progressives it is.


When half the party and media establishment have been trying to convince you that Biden is a progressive, then that makes Manchin moderate I guess.


He votes whichever way the Koch Brothers tell him to


*Brother Edit: to whoever reported me for self harm, I'm fine. It's you that I'm worried about.


Is that a new thing now? It's happened to me too over political posts


Funny thing, moments before I got a reply, at least I think I did of someone claiming I'm gonna get blocked for that, like pointing out that there's one less Koch brother is inaccurate.


I get one every Thursday.


And Lieberman


We have lost over half a million americans to the pandemic, the west coast is seeing some of its worst forest fires in its history, and a hurricane that devastated Louisiana managed to carry on- over land- to cause lethal flooding in New York and Jersey. Yet Manchin doesn't want to spend more money because the national deficit suddenly matters more than our collapsing country.


Except everything in the bill is paid for. It doesn't add to the debt. Perhaps his arguments are not in good faith?


They aren’t in good faith. His op-Ed reads like Republican boilerplate. Only complains a OT spending, never talks about revenues.


“Perhaps his arguments are not in good faith” I doubt I will see better dead-panning than this today.


Not to mention that his home state is like traveling back to the 1910s. Its fuckin crumbling, people are uneducated bigots, people are poor, people are sick. Its fucking disgusting that this animated corpse of a man sits there lies through his teeth and gets to take home 200k a year just to fuck over his own state AND the rest of the country. How about if your state is like -100th in education you dont get a vote on shit that affects the rest of us.


For people who think this is hyperbole or mean, it’s not. The level of poverty in rural Appalachia is almost beyond comprehension. I’m talking “5 people living in a rotting trailer home with a tarp for a roof, no electricity and no running water” poor.


America is so strange. I mean that in a sincere way. Such a rich and poor country on extremes I haven’t seen before


It exists elsewhere. In America we are just really good at segregating our poverty geographically so it’s more hidden. If you go to India you’ll see shanty towns with corrugated metal roofs right across the street from 5-star hotels.




Fallout 76's post-apocalypse version of WV is more advanced than the pre-apocalypse version.


The most immersion breaking fact.


it only matters when democrats are in office. that is how the right keeps moving us towards the right and the left well everything they try to fix some of the damage down by the right when they were last in power. remember obama recovering from bush 2 mess. now biden trying to cleanup trump mess and getting no credit or help.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


Cause of garbage human Joe Manchild.


>“hit the pause button” on its ambitious package of spending on things that matter, like saving all our lives, and stop to make sure my billionaire backers are happy. There’s nothing ‘moderate’ about roadblocking your party’s platform. And there’s nothing honest about journalism that avoids simple nouns and verbs to protect the subject.


Can't the Party he's supposedly a member of simply refuse to back him? Why did the Dems even allow him to run as a Dem in the first place?! What Democratic values does he personally believe in and support?


He’s a WV democrat. He believes in coal jobs, unions, healthcare etc.


If you take out 'coal', you have a Democrat pretty much anywhere in the US. His insistance on a balanced budget approach for a bill put forward by his President, his party, is specious and self (read donor) serving. Especially right now.


Not necessarily. He’s also much, much more socially conservative than the average democrat. He’s been a lifelong dem so he still belongs to the big tent party. Also, you may question his democrat values but the fact he supported Obama and supports Biden and consists of the most important vote to make ‘radical liberal’ Chuck Schumer the majority leader is enough proof he’s still a democrat for me.


The problem is it is a balanced budget approach.


Cause otherwise he'd be a Republican. Whether it's him personally or some MAGA lunatic. Wanna know what sort of reconciliation package we'd get passed if McConnell was the majority leader? Look, I hate Manchin and Sinema. Soon as their terms expire, if they both got permanently crippled by COVID I'd have a hearty laugh. But for now we have 50. That's OUR fault. WE let Republicans ratscrew the game. WE let garbage candidates get nominated that ultimately lost. So we need all 50, even the garbage human senators. Except Feinstein. She needs to go soon before California's garbage constitution screws us all.


To be fair the rank and file outside of the squad and Bernie are to the right of Nixon and Reagan.


Agreed. And 'aaaargggh!!!'


I find Sinema much worse than Manchin. Manchin is in a Trump+40 state. Sinema is in a Biden +0.3 state. If Manchin were a republican plant he definitely wouldn’t have supported Obama or done anything else to support democrats. It’s a stupid conspiracy theory that he’s a “GOP plant” that just so happened to have called for and voted for Trumps impeachment, is the deciding vote for maj leader, voted for stimulus, and more. The GOP must really be playing the long game! If they really wanted a conservative senator the GOP could go much further right in WV than Joe “the DINO” Manchin.


I’m increasingly convinced we are living in the little window of time where the pendulum swung pretty hard right and is now just limping along until the pendulum swings hard right again in 2024 and the republicans just completely take over by any means necessary.


Then Democrats have to really consider who should run for President. Biden won because he wasn't Trump and because he's likeable as a human. He didn't win because some segment of the party thinks it's their "turn". This is life - no one gets turns like it's a game in grade school.


Yeah. Plus the voter turnout required to squeak out enough congressional wins. 2024 will require a huge turnout and effort, and an aligned voter base without all that “Ew, I don’t like that candidate, I prefer mine, I’m not voting.”


Anyone who votes that way is an idiot and likely one of those purity angels who demand that every candidate tick off all 137 things on their list of intersectionally intersectional must-haves.


I think you're right. Although I think the Texas abortion court case could really galvanize progressives during the midterms.


Biden was a stop loss, we have a lot more work to do. I’m pretty convinced his win only postponed the Revolution. I’m all about slow pragmatic progress but I don’t see anything significant happening in the US without some large event that results in a better method to represent the majority. The only thing that will change that is a new Constitution and how do we get there?


Hypothetical, that's not that hypothetical. Democrats eventually win Texas and Florida. We already taking Georgia. In a few years time seventy percent of the country will be voting Democrat and the senate will be still be controlled by Republicans and nothing will get done. They will also still control the courts for at least twenty years. We are already a theocracy/oligarchy because this is what Republicans want and they have control and will have control for decades. All they need to do is keep the status quo to win and they can stop all progress. edit: We should just split the country up, let the far right have the lion share of the land, the land they think is more important than people when it comes to government. The left can keep their cities and population dense areas. The right can do what they want in their country and the left can have the democracy our founding fathers created.


Manchin is doing more to prevent this progress than average people even realize. A lot of liberals think “damn it he’s stopping the infrastructure bill from passing.” But the deeper reality is he is reinforcing the idea that “Dems don’t get anything done”, which results in nationwide losses for Dems at the polls. He would do *less* damage to the party if he switched to being a Republican. Given that Republicans will never, ever give up on this crusade to weaponize the Constitution in order to gain power, I’m of a mind that we just let it happen. Maybe that’s what it will take for the northeastern and pacific states to secede. As you say, let the conservatives have their third world country.


If he had switched parties the COVID relief bill would not have been passed in the form it was as Republican votes would have been required.


Exactly this. The brain drain and the job loss in Midwestern/rust belt/deep southern states all but guarantees the liberal people that want a future outside of shit retail jobs or being bought out by factory farms leave for better prospects. Putting more states firmly in republican control. If the democrats were competent they could stop or try to slow this. Reinvesting in communities would help stymie the brain drain. Passing federal anti-voter suppression laws, abolishing electoral college and expanding scotus would all help stop the minority rule theocracy that the GOP has such a hard on for. Imo, the dems are paid opposition, no way a whole ass group of ivy leaguers can be such ineffective, milquetoast neoliberals without realizing how close to losing the balance of power they actually are.


There is a strategic way to stop this. Just literally move people to low population states. Wyoming is low hanging fruit. You get some “Free State Project” like they did to make NH red and do it to Wyoming with Democrats. Base it around Jackson and Yellowstone where there are already a lot of democrats, for Wyoming anyway. You don’t even need to move there to claim residency, just have your “primary residence” there. The real problem is democrats don’t do strategy whereas Republicans will move Heaven and Earth and they can do that because they are confident that they have a right to this entire country, why don’t we?


Have you moved there yet?


I wish I knew. Watching the movement conservatives go from fringe far right to taking over the gop from warhawk neocons scares the shit out of me. Especially when I thought the warhawk neocons were as bad as it could get.


Iowa lost a seat in the last census (2010) and is slated to lose another in 2030. Iowa is in this trap. Republican economics is a wealth transfer to the richest which is strangling economic opportunity to grow. Thus, the downward spiral. Iowa is not alone in this.


Idk of the ones that lost seats this time only Ohio is solidly red. Cali, NY, PA, MI are either blue or toss ups. And tbh fam, I live in ny and it's pretty fuckin deliverance 20 miles outside of NYC and the capital region.


Hell Staten Island and Long Island are problematic as fuck. Enclaves of racists in segregated communities in NYC too. It’s like anywhere with out decent public transit is power terrible.


If Democrats take Texas, Republicans aren’t going to be content with the Senate. They are going to ramp up the Terrorism.


It may end up this way or you will never have evolution or progress due to these dumbed down states.


I hate that we consistently get pulled hard to the right ever few years then take baby steps back to the left only to get pulled further right after Dems don’t do enough. Dems act like a fucking church mouse not wanting to disturb anybody, then Republicans come in and Leroy Jenkins us all further right. I don’t know how to fix it.


How to fix it and consistent participation from the left at election time. The real issue is anytime they think they have control, they let go of the reigns and guess who is there to yank them away?


Republicans are in a good position right now, so I can definitely see them getting the Presidency back in 2024.


What’s the platform? Pro pandemic Pro insurgency Pro corporations writing legislation Anti choice Anti environment Anti voters


"COVID wasn't as bad as all the cowardly libs said it was. I led the charge to man up and take that hit in order to keep America Great, and that's why I, Ron DeSantis, am the right man to be the next President of the United States" Or words to that effect. It'll be bullshit gaslighting, but when has that ever been a hinderance to them?


The "good position" is about the structural advantages they have in the electoral college, Senate, and (with redistricting completed) House. Democrats literally need to exceed Republican votes by 4+% in many cases just to survive, and that's best-case. In 2020, [anything less than the approximate 3.8% victory margin for Biden would have resulted in another Trump presidency](https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/advantage-gop/). The Senate somehow gives the 1.6 million people combined in deep red North and South Dakota four total senators, while the 39.5 million people in deep blue California get two total senators. That means when you compare a North or South Dakotan to a Californian, and they have 4,938% more representation in the Senate. Add all of that to that their already stolen Supreme Court seats, and you have a recipe for a bloodless fascist government takeover with no recourse in court.


They don't need a platform. Trump won 2016 because they got enough Democrats to stay home.


They don’t need a platform. If three or four republicans make it to the polls on Election Day, the republicans win. Even if 300 million democrats also make it to the polls.


Same platform the dems used in 2020. They aren't the guy that's fuckin up right now. Afghanistan really blew up in Bidens face. The lack of getting any effective legislation passed besides that 1st reconciliation bill are gonna fuck the dems. No infrastructure, no voting rights, no UBI, no GND, no eviction moratorium. That's gonna keep alot of people home. And once the gop takes back the house we're gonna have a frivolous impeachment over some shit if not more.


All of their voters are dying tho?


This is legit the only thing that might prevent it. A million people in the south dying of covid could unironically flip Florida, lock GA blue, etc. And at this rate by 2024 it'll probably be far over a million. It's not at all an exaggeration to say COVID is now a Republican disease. The South and rural areas will probably get ravaged for years since they won't vaccinate


Yeah, no. Presidents rarely lose re-election and Trump did because no one liked him except for 30 or 40% of the country. He also lost the popular vote but still won because too many people decided to stay home or vote third party. Unless Joe Biden's approval rating in November 2024 is 30%, he's winning again. Especially if R's nominate Trump again or another quack like DeSantis.


Rich guy wants you all to go fuck yourselves.


Fuck Joe Manchin.


Remember when we were celebrating that democrats finally had control and could pass some legislation? Well, turns out the rich people and corporations still have control and they will prevent even a single dime from being spent on the peasants. Jokes on us, yet again. We lose even when we win.


Back in November I had mentioned how 48 democrats and 2 independents isn’t really a majority and all I got was downvotes. We’ve been living that reality since we won the Georgia Senate seats in January. Take home is some democrats are always going to be turds, you need a larger majority to get things done.


Without even taking Manchin into consideration, one of those two independents is Angus King who is a centrist.


It seems King is still farther to the left than Manchin. I don’t recall him killing any bills like Manchin has.


Yeah he’s an actual pragmatist it seems, but he still votes against most progressive legislation.


The Democrats should buy their own Republican, or two.


This is why "vote blue no matter who" is stupid. This keeps happening. I'm not sure how you expect anything to change when you all keep voting for this party.


The other party was not and will never be better, so it was a win regardless. We need them to produce an actual viable candidate to promote real competition. As long as they do not provide that, our best option is the lesser evil, which will always be democrat over republican. There is not and never will be a chance for a third party as long as we do not have a ranked choice system. Any vote not for a democrat is a vote FOR republicans no matter what. Our best chance out of this mess is that enough progressives win running as democrats to do anything, or republicans completely 180ing and offering someone that can seriously compete against democrats, forcing them to try harder too. The first option is more likely but wont happen in 1 cycle.


It wasn't a win. If we were to draw a historic parallel we're at the part where the wiemar Republic is limping along before the nazis regroup after the failed beer hall putsch. That small window of opportunity to crush the moment is closing and the opposition party is doing next to nothing even though it'll mean their heads.


>I'm not sure how you expect anything to change when you all keep voting for this party. It’s the one choice on the ticket with the potential for change. The alternative is the political front for white-right terrorism, where they’re *all* in the pockets of the billionaires. You want a third-party alternative? Great. Start about 25 years ago, and make sure they’re insulated from Putin.


RIP Greens. And don't even bother with the libertarians. They're just failed Republican candidates.


Guess which party wouldn't have installed Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, though? Like, you only have to go to yesterday to find why you got to vote Blue no matter who.


Guess which party is refusing to pack the court? It really seems like the Dems are okay with letting this happen.


Is that even realistic right now? What are the political requirements for packing the court?


Congress passes a bill increasing the number of supreme court justices. It's happened several times over US history and the last time it was done the reasoning was to increase the number to equal the number of federal districts, which has since increased to 13 from 9. This means that we have what's needed in the house, a simple majority there, but we need it to get past the Senate, which is unlikely.


So Congress would have to pass it. Does that seem possible with this Congress?


In the house, yeah, but I don't see it happening in the Senate until the fillibuster is gone. That was why FDR's court packing failed, he tried to do it himself without Congress.


Well I would rather have a failed state then a fascist one


The problem with that logic is that you end up with both.


The reality is there's no alternative. Not on the national level. Maybe if we vote 3rd party downticket, state and local, then give it some time. For now, it's red or blue. That's what we have to deal with.


But we can vote libertarian. Who want to get rid of child labor laws and age of consent.


Libertarian is never an option if you want reality based legislation. Just white upper class men not wanting to pay taxes.


Sure, but in 2020 what were my options? Trump or Biden Failed state or fascist


I'm not talking about Biden vs Trump. I'm talking about people who encourage voting for an incumbent during a primary merely because they have a better chance of winning. The point is that we often have a choice of someone who is blue, or bluer.


Voting for the GOP=EVIL is way worse


How does this apply at all to Manchin or even Sinema?


That's your fault for thinking either party represents the interest of the peasants.


To bad we can't 'hit the pause button' on floods, tornados, hurricanes, derechos, heat waves, freezing weather, infrastructure falling apart, a pandemic, crop destruction due to enhanced climate change, the list goes on Joe ....


I hope progressives stick to what they said and insist on the passage of the $3.5T reconciliation bill before allowing the shitty bipartisan bill to pass. The survival of our species is literally riding on it because we have to tackle climate change and there's no way the republicans or moderate democrats are going to do that. They'll watch the world burn while stuffing their pockets.


Passing that bill in the end won’t do anything for climate change, we all have to change together or nothing will change at all. And unfortunately much of the world isn’t ready to change


Individualizing climate change is a red herring.


Every problem is solvable. It just has to start somewhere....We could start the snowball.... ​ Complaining and doing nothing is just asking tor disaster.


What's that? Republican Joe acting like a Republican again? Who woulda thunk it?


Sure would be nice if we could have Democrats in our Democratic Party.


This guy is a secret republican.


Not particularly secret


The pause button that was only installed after pouring billions into corporate pockets last year?


Manchin is *not* a "moderate", he is a **centrist**. Can we drop this farce that his stance is anything more than performative bullshit?


He's currently an obstructionist, holding up several centerpieces of his own party's agenda as outlined in their electoral platform and their first major pieces of legislation. He sponsored the original FPA for petes sake. If the party leadership doesn't find a way to either neutralize him or bring him along, it will turn off so many voters, centrist and progressive alike, that the GQP will effectively win again. Personally, I would quietly sic some state's attorney general on his daughter for her shady deeds and see if that doesn't bring him around


Why is it always wait for the problem to actually happen then try to solve it before it does.


Money Manchin strikes again! It would be more efficient if the Democrats allowed, say, a quarter of a billion to bribe this rotten bastard. It'd sail through then and they'd still come out of it with more money than he wants them to have. It's not like he cares about morals or ethics, he'd have no problem accepting it.


He's consistently refused to budge in exchange for getting more money into his state. He's stupidly powerful right now and he uses it get a whole lotta nothing for his constituents.


What an asshole


He’s not a moderate. Don’t call him that. He is on the far side of right.


He voted for the American rescue plan. That isn’t far right. You could argue he’s centre to centre right


Not from a Canadian perspective.


I’m British. He isn’t far right well not economically anyway, that’s reserved for people like Milton Friedman, there’s no way someone who passed the American rescue plan is far right


Maybe not for the British he’s not far right but for a Canadian he is definitely far right. He would never be classified as moderate.


And don’t forget he demanded and received lots of concessions.


Canada seems more and more appealing every day. Want to sponsor an American family?


One of the largest upward transfers of wealth in recent history that he demanded be further means-tested so millions who got checks under the Republican bill wouldn't under that one? That's pretty right-wing


You mean the stall button


The pause button? The whole movie has been stopped and restarted a dozen times at least. Can we please get passed the beginning credits and start to really do something. I really dislike this guy, Republican in sheep's clothing in my book.


This was always going to be his play. Now that his surrogates in the House failed to stop the bill, he has to do it himself. He’s bought and paid for and no amount of pressure or shaming is going to stop him from cashing those sweet, fat checks.


US is burning or under water how much longer should people wait?


Cool. Then the bipartisan plan won't happen. That was a waste of a fucking summer.


Stop calling him a “moderate”


Either Manchin simply does not comprehend what is going on in the news, or his state's economy depends on his not understanding what is happening.


Daily reminder thar we should have never stopped tarring and feathering these fuckers


Does this guy even have friends in Washington?


Dems need to pick up seats in 2022, so that this guy can become irrelevant.


He’s a paid representative of the Captains of Industry who are choking the Earth. Systemic stupidity ensures he’ll be re-elected.


Can we all realize now Manchin is a traitor?


Seems like Manchin doesn't want to support anything they put forward. The Republicans must be loving him and Sinema.


Stop calling him a moderate.


I'm betting the climate part is the one his "constituents" have a problem with...


His party, the republicans, already hit the pause button.


he is a money hungry coward.


Stop calling him and those other rotating villains fucking moderates already, they are conservative


I guess things that are good for the masses are bad for business


It's been on pause since Trump, so if we push the pause button again it should start to play. Maybe that's what he means.


Why Joe? Why?


If only his and Sinema's votes were to become redundant after the next election!


Lets face facts here. As long as we have a 50/50 senate, we’re stuck. No bold legislation will pass thanks to sinema, manchin, and more importantly *the democrats they represent*. Keep pressing, but this midterm election we must elect more progressive senators and house members.


Dont you know he's loving being the media darling.


So, who actually believes this asshole is a Democrat?


Oh, he's a Democrat. It's just that he is also a conservative first and foremost.


The planet is dying, our country is dying, and our people are dying. Yeah, let's be stingy about how much we're willing to spend on basic countermeasures.


A DINO if there ever was one! What can the party do to pressure and undermine him?


Almost nothing. If anyone takes his seat it's basically a 100% chance it goes to a right wing Republican. So any attempt to undermine him in his state is likely to backfire for a decade or more.


Wait until he realizes the inflation is related to natural disasters choking our just in time supply lines.


This guy is a fucking piece of shit joke.


To appease manchin democrats should agree to tax the rich more and eliminate the conservative infrastructure bill. Let him write an op-ed about why that's bad.


It seems a lot of folks on this sub don’t want to understand that ‘all politics is local’ (Tip O’Neill). Joe Manchin is just a reflection of the people in his state and their position on issues. If your Senator didn’t reflect the majority opinion of your constituents, you wouldn’t be very happy. His state has gotten redder every election cycle. If he votes with the far left of his party he’ll be gone next election cycle. And his successor will certainly be a Republican. The left ought to be at least a little grateful they have a Dem in a bright red state. As far as whether or not he should be called ‘moderate’, I think it’s accurate, as his positions are pretty much in the political center.


“hit the pause button so the fascist white supremacists have more time to complete their takeover” -Joe Manchin, a fascist white supremacist


Ok do you even understand what fascism is at this point? How is joe manchin comparable to Mussolini?


We don’t need another multi-Trillion dollar omnibus Package. Make them individual Bills and hold Congress accountable.


Can we stop calling Joe Manchin a moderate… he’s not. He’s a conservative. He’s a conservative who happens to find that having a D in front of his name gives him more power, so he’s going to keep it that way.


"First, I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;" - Martin Luther King Jr


Money for military contractors and not for the citizens. Greedy old decrepit fuck


Bought and paid for by the Koch family


It's bizarre watching this from Canada. Your "democrats" are similar to our Conservatives, whereas our "Liberals" who form our federal government would line up with AOC or the "extreme democrats." Similarly, though, the further right on the political spectrum in Canada, the more you will find uneducated, ignorant, white racists.


Ok, if you’re as high profile a congressperson as manchin, and you make a claim like this, you should be required to have some sort of town hall and explain to your constituents why you are or are not supporting such a significant piece of legislation. Because, I’d love to just ask him, why? As a constituent, not a reporter.


Why is there a bandaid on his head? Also fuck Joe. There’s nothing else to say. He doesn’t like progress, he likes hoarding money to then no-so-sneak-blow it on corporations under the not-so-sneak-cover of bailouts when these issues inevitably become too big to ignore and much more costly (profitable) than 3.5tril. The real issue is the number is too low for the corporations we’re gonna have to pay to fix this.


He's a certified prick


Can they not kick him out of the party just before the next election so an actual democrat can run and he can be run as an independent or Republican?


Fuck your pause button


Just switch parties, Joe. FFS.


Fuck Manchin


Somebody pinch the fuck out of this guy. I can’t say anything really violent and I don’t want to but this dude needs to wake the fuck up.


Immoral coward.


Of course he wont


I guess those Exxon lobbyists who call him several times a day were successful.