13 Things Trump Got Right

13 Things Trump Got Right


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I hate the name "Space Force." It's what a 10 year old would come up with. EDIT: Also breaks Rule 2.


It's kind of a strange list. Like.. >Dramatic reductions in the burning of coal This is literally an example of a Trump policy failure, as his policy was to do the opposite of this. So, good for Trump, he failed to implement a stupid policy? And I'm not sure how that's "getting it right". He just failed at the wrong policy.


It's the Atlantic, the whole article is them making fun of trump and saying good things happened in spite of him


Yeah, economics did that, not Trump.


Yeps, that wasn't by intent. He was doing that cold miner impressions during his campaign in '16. And with doing that, he was selling a fairy dream that he could make/keep coal competitive with gas, wind and solar instead of helping those regions out by starting to shift their economies to more sustainable industries...


Come 2022/2024, the GQP will use this as a talking point to attack Democrats by comparing stats of coal jobs during Biden's term to the *beginning* of Trump's term or earlier.


And one article that got everything wrong!


December 2020…timely


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>Civic participation The United States has historically been characterized by lower levels of political participation than other advanced democracies. Trump fixed that! By being a loathsome, grifter president, he singlehandedly got people to vote him out. Not that Trump would accept the will of the people or anything.


WTF: >Trump also brought long-delayed justice to Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani, author of so many acts of terrorism. Again, experts feared that the killing of Soleimani would trigger the direst consequences. Instead, the Iranian regime itself halted the cycle of retaliation after its own reckless mistake brought down a civilian airliner over Tehran airport, killing all 176 passengers and crew. I guess, I mean civilians deaths aside if absolutely ignoring the largest missile strike on US forces in history resulting in 110 casualties is how you get things "right": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation\_Martyr\_Soleimani Also file this under Trump didn't get what he wanted, which was to go to war with Iran or at least massively bomb it.