Unvaccinated terror: Proud Boys push the anti-vaccination movement into a violent threat The violent, fascist energy of January 6 didn't just disappear

Unvaccinated terror: Proud Boys push the anti-vaccination movement into a violent threat The violent, fascist energy of January 6 didn't just disappear


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We need to stop the spread of misinformation and we need to start a decade ago. This has gotten way too far out of hand, and I'm starting to worry the only way out of this will be violence.


So, you weren't around for the whole saga of adolph hitler and nazi germany. Or mussolini. And unfotunately, there have not been good examples in living history of people getting rid of fascists. Facists will not listen to social denunciation, ostracizing, and even banishment is only semi effective. How this works is that fascists will continuously toe the line, push the boundaries and become more and more aggressive. They will put on pressure, and keep it up like marathon runners. And everytime they push, they will get just a little bit more outrageous. In nazi germany, they were fueld by racism. In afghanistan, they are fueled by religious extremism. In north korea its a personality cult. And for the american taliban its weird mix of all three. How will this go down? The american facisists will keep pushing. And one of two things will occur. First scenario, the facists win. Second scenario, americans wake up and get mad. A massive backlash occurs, and the facists get their war. They lose that war, and their leadership and sympathizers get life sentences in prison. However, so long as the facists boil the frog slowly enough, and don't push fast enough, american outrage will never reach the boiling point. The backlash by all of society will never occur. I want you to imagine what a united states run by a christian theocracy looks like. Are they even capable of mercy or empathy?


We helped inspire Hitler too, not to mention all the companies that helped him.


I went to high school in a town that proudly proclaimed to be a Henry Ford town. I think they still claim it to this day in fact.


You seem like you would be surprised Ford is still a major car company


As a visible minority in the south east US, not really lol


The corporations who run America will never let it boil over into full-out war. But I still believe that if we get enough AOC's, Bernies, Warrens, Abrams, etc in office that we can come closer to an America we want to see. It'll take everyone who believes in it (like me) holding and stoking a constant bonfire under the asses of everyone who agrees with the majority of left-leaning Americans to vote in *every single election*, to run for office and/or support candidates we agree with, to aid the organizations fighting the good fight (like the ACLU), and to support small, local businesses in order to support the infrastructure required to take down this corporate oligarchy and this motivated evangelical *minority*. It'll be a monumental amount of work, but we really *need* people to participate in democracy if it's going to work. Anyway, sorry to just drop all that right here. Anyone can feel free to call me "naive and uneducated" now because apparently it's offensive to suggest that in order to make things better you can't just sit passively at home or beat up Proud Boys in the streets. Qanon and conservatives have figured out how the game is played. They're stacking every office with their people. Now the left needs to collectively get up and boot them out. Biden won't do it for us and we probably only have 2-4 years before it'll be extremely difficult to stop them because of all the laws they're enacting now and will continue to do at increased speed when they're in charge again. If you hate the idea of the future you described, please do *all you can* to prevent it.


Yes . . . School boards are the New Civil War Battlefield . . . Fundamentalist Churches have actively recruited members to run for the positions on school boards to control and shape what is taught to the next generation of American Citizens . . . Birth control, evolution, patriarchy, civil rights, critical race and many . . . many other subjects are in danger of NEVER being taught . . . thus never being learned ! Others like religious dogma are being pushed and if allowed to proceed will push what YOU know your America to be, back to the 1700s with everybody in their place . . .


We’re not left, just normal reasonable folks who don’t trust charlatans!


Ok, that works too. That is 100% better than blind faith in sociopaths and grifters.


This is what I keep telling all my paranoid friend that think we are headed to Civil War II. It’s never going to get real bad because the big corporations stand to lose so much they will never let it happen.


Imagine being such a raging piece of shit that you’re becoming violent over people getting vaccinated to protect themselves and the people around them. At what point is the US going to take off the kiddy gloves and actually take care of this home grown american terrorist bullshit


As soon as it hits their pocket books. Not a second before.


Exactly that. Same as the kkk and all those other gov backed cults. The Americans thrive on their religious right wing hate groups to the point any other religious right wing hate group gets called a terrorist. The only difference I see between them and ISIS, the taliban etc is the flag they don.


And they tend to be white here.


General strike, all teachers, nurses, doctors, power plant operators, water works specialists, truckers... shut it all down until there is 95% full vaccination. Would that work?


Nope, they’d just call them terrorists and say they won’t negotiate with terrorists.


lol if we manage to organize that we're doing it for more money or the end of right-to-work, not the vaccine


If we do that, the sky is the limit: Healthcare, education, housing, debt relief...if enough of us organize we can demand whatever we want


of course it didn't disappear. it will stay as long as disinformation exists.


of course it didn't "just disappear" I am a bit tired of these journalists stating the obvious and pretend it is some kind of revelation.


And so many others seem to be pretending that it did disappear.


oh man why do they care so much about who gets it and who doesn’t


The Proud Boys don't care. They've just latched onto a cause that draws in the crazies and gives them the opportunity for physical violence, with the support of some media organizations and politicians.


More specifically, they've turned something arbitrarily into their cause with the same tactics, as they've been trained to do by regressives. This has been the long game, getting a fanatic fringe that will adopt any cause as their original crusade, which the regressives in power use to resist every new permutation of change or progress. They can now turn these dogs on pretty much anything, regardless of where it comes from or means to them. They're also completely disposable - when they burn out their usefulness the regressive movement will abandon them. They'll take the bad rep for all of this, and no one will have enough empathy to look closer at how they were manipulated. So the manipulators walk away clean.


This guy histories.


>After the January 6 insurrection at the U.S Capitol, domestic terrorism experts were worried about the potential for more violence. And for good reason. The violence that day and the night before was instigated by Donald Trump and his allies were still continuing to not just push the Big Lie, but float prophetic claims about a miraculous Trump reinstatement in August. Failed prophecies can often trigger anger and more eagerness towards violence. I doubt that hope was far from Trump's mind as he continued to hype his conspiracy theories. >But as the summer wears on, it seems that at least some of the violent, fascist anger that Trump has been stoking for years is now being aimed in a new direction: people who are trying to limit the spread of COVID-19. >The anti-vaccine movement (or, as it really should be known, the pro-COVID movement ) appears to be getting increasingly nasty and violent. Worse yet, the same groups of people, specifically the Proud Boys, a right-wing group who fueled the violence in D.C., are now turning their attentions towards undermining any effort to mitigate people's risks of getting sick. >The Proud Boys are clearly focusing more of their energies on fighting any and all efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Since the group prides itself on a bloodthirsty affect that thrives off targeting ordinary citizens for their political beliefs — you know, classic fascist street gang stuff — that necessarily means injecting the threat of violence into the already fraught debate over measures like vaccine and mask mandates. >As Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast reported last week, before the violent clash in Los Angeles, "members of the far-right paramilitary group the Proud Boys have attended contentious school board meetings about masking in Florida and New Hampshire." It's a real-life example of outside agitators, as Weill explained on the "Fever Dreams" podcast. "I do understand the value of public meetings," but Weill added, "there should be some sort of 'I have a child in this district' threshold before you show up in a paramilitary group uniform." >The result, unsurprisingly, is things are getting uglier and violence is in the air. Across the country, school board members and people who stand up for COVID mitigation measures are being heckled, surrounded, screamed at, and threatened. On Tuesday, the superintendent of a school district in a suburb outside of Austin, TX released a statement indicating that a "parent physically assaulted a teacher by ripping a mask off her face" and another teacher had to endure being screamed at for wearing a mask by a group of parents. In Springfield, Missouri, employees at a Walmart pharmacy were targeted by a man screaming threats that they would be "executed" for vaccinating people — and the man live-streamed his own violent and disturbing behavior on Facebook. Late last month, a breast cancer patient reported being attacked with bear spray by far-right protesters who opposed COVID mitigation strategies at the local hospital.


Honestly just swap only a handful of words and you’re describing the taliban.


The Taliban is not pro COVID, to my knowledge. They also know how to win a coup, unlike Antiva.


The Taliban has been historically antivax, and they've already banned the covid vaccine in parts of Afghanistan. https://www.codastory.com/newsletters/american-antivax-taliban/ And as a result, American antivaxers have been vocal in their support of the Taliban, with some of them saying - including crazy psycho Lauren boebert - that the Taliban is "making Afghanistan great again".


Good to know.


How about we stop calling them proud boys and start calling them exactly what they are, Trumps 1st Diabeetus Battalion with a side order of US gravy seals


How have the proud boys not been designated a terror group yet in the US? They've been declared as such by the Canadian government without creating as much chaos as they are doing here. Edited typo.


Honestly, my assumption is their proximity to the military and law enforcement. Not to mention they're predominantly white men, I imagine that's a factor as well..


Maybe that's a good nickname for the extreme GOP-- AntiVa


This should be a eye opener for every one in every country. America really needs to work on its education and also it’s policy and misinformation’s.


It’s only going to get worse. Tomorrow Pfizer will be approved and vaccine mandates will likely spread through the country like wildfire. Anti-vaxxers will find it much harder than ever before to fit into society - well-deserved, of course, but obviously they won’t see it that way. We’ve seen these people commit murder over being ordered to wear a mask or be vaccinated, or prohibited from something unless they did so. Now imagine that tenfold, or more. We already have people marching through the streets protesting in some areas, and these protests often turn violent. Also, next month, the vaccine will be mandated for the military. Considering how much vaccine resistance the military have, and what these anti-vaxxers are like….could we see a military coup in the near future?


Stats on military resisting the vaccine (at least at rates higher than the general population)? My base is in a deep red area and is 70% vaxxed. You’re going to see a lot people talk a big game, try to get religious exemptions, and ultimately kowtow when they’re staring down an Art. 15.


Maybe it's time to stop allowing threats of violence to prevent us from doing the right thing. We have people quitting jobs, dropping out of elections, etc. due to threats. We have _supposedly_ many Republicans in Congress who _supposedly_ don't believe the shit Trump says, but they go along with it due to threats of violence. The success of violent threats is encouraging more violent threats, and it has to stop. I think you greatly underestimate the loyalty of the military and their dedication to duty, so no, we're not going to see a military coup over a fucking shot that millions of people have already taken, and has world-wide scientific backing.


This is going to take a deft hand. Biden's going to need to bring his A game for this one.


All Biden has to do is not fold. We can do the rest.


Why would we need to put this all on biden? Are we not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? As such, should we not all denounce this accelerationist behavior.


This is a complex issue. Lot of precedents could be set in a lot of areas.


Don't hold your breath 😂


When I see 500 covid deaths in a day, I now know that likely 400 of them would side with the fascists when it comes down to it. A stitch in time saves nine, right?


Ironically if you said only Democrats could get the vaccine they'd want it. They're like children.


Trump so should have done this his last month in office. Said the vaccine was exclusive to trump supporters cause he got this vaccine out when no one said he could but his true supporters always believed in him.


Proud boys are Trump’s brown shirts: Orange shirts if you mind


Proud boys are nazi brown shirts. They should be labelled as a terrorist organization and hunted.


Part is completely nuts but (IMO) part is “planned anarchy” at the behest of right wing interests who are bolstering anti-science (probably for traditional Big Oil, Big Ag, etc..). If the kooks can be convinced *their* lungs won’t dissolve in the face of this, what else will they believe? It is starting to backfire amongst the broader business community though. Mississippi, a red state anyway it’s sliced, just reminded folks in that state they’ll need to self-isolate 10 days if having COVID … or face up to 5 years in prison and/or a $5000 fine. https://www.foxnews.com/us/mississippi-orders-coronavirus-infected-people-to-isolate-at-home-or-face-up-to-5-years-in-prison Also even Trump just tried pushing the vaccine to Alabama Republicans and got booed .. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-booed-alabama-rally-after-telling-supporters-get-vaccinated-n1277404 Have a feeling this anti-vax/anti-mask anarchy is actually resulting in bad blood between potential Republican factions (on top of other political events).


There are real human beings that call themselves Proud Boys… think about that There’s no way we’re not living in some shitty fiction


That's why we've all been screaming that the FBI needs to actually do something about this and bring the hammer down.


>The irony of all this is that the best way to make this problem go away is to do the very thing that the anti-vaxxers hate most: [Impose as many vaccine mandates as possible, in every way possible](https://www.salon.com/2021/07/27/a-mask-comeback-is-not-enough-to-sway-trump-voters--its-time-to-start-imposing-vaccine-mandates/). One more reason for vaccine mandates.


If only we could pay our tax dollars into a fund for a group of law enforcement officials who could arrest such people.


Wait, now we *like* the police? I thought they were all bastards


you missed the irony. We know the cops are on your side.


What color is the sky in your world? How do you all not see the lies? Idiocracy is happening now


What color is the sky in Republican Mirror world today? Orange?




Being against mandatory vaccinations is not being anti-vaccination. Hell the sign in the pic of their headline even reads No Forced Vax. This whole article is a lie and people just keep on believing it.


Um no one is being "forced" to get the vaccine. Is the government coming door to door to mandate that everyone in the household get the shot? No. And they never will. And no, people going door to door and *offering* the vaccine where it might not normally be accessible isn't the same. "Forced vax" is not a thing. Private businesses, public schools, govt jobs and spaces, etc have every right to mandate the vaccine in order to utilize their services. Don't like it? Then don't work there, do home schooling, etc. Society functions by us working together to do the very best we can to ensure the safety of the population at large, especially with situations where people gather, during a global *pandemic*. This is what it means to participate in a community. We do what we can to keep the most at-risk people safe, and we respect scientific fact and experts. Their expertise and guidance during these things is the entire reason for their profession in society in the first place. If this is for some reason too "socialist" or "communist" of a concept (it's not) well, no one's forcing you to live in society, and the woods are right over there And it's also not just the government that wants people vaccinated, it's the *majority* of the people in this country. Mandating masks and a safe vaccine in order to enjoy certain conveniences and privileges of society wherein you'll be coming into contact with other people during a pandemic isn't some nefarious, malicious power grab. It's common sense and necessary. Don't like it, don't participate, and stop pretending that the authorities will ever be "forcing" you to vaccinate.


If im right, you aren’t reading the article, which explains what the proud boys are doing, and showing evidence. There are videos of them hitting people with water bottles, kicking people in the face, and plain beating people up for not having the same beliefs as them


Also edited clips aren’t video. Seeing a 9 second video doesn’t give you the whole story. It’s all just sad editing to push the 🐂💩


I mean a clip of someone beating someone else up is still someone beating someone else up, is it not, or you’re saying that it’s fake?




Oh please daddy don't get rough with us!




Antifa doesn’t really exist at the scale of the proud boys and BLM is a protest movement for civil rights. The proud boys are getting violent for what exactly ? What’s their big crusade? Stop vaccines from saving lives ?


Stop mandatory vaccines. Also if the COVID vaccine was saving lives why did Massachusetts have an issue with vaccinated people being hospitalized? Why are they giving out booster shots with the vaccine only being available for less than year?


So you are advocating violence based on claims we started it?


Yeh that kid looks real violent to me 🤦🏻‍♂️


By that "logic" one picture of Hitler just petting a dog means the Holocaust didn't happen.


Why mandate vaccines? If you think these people are crazy for the views let them “die.” Why fight “misinformation?” It doesn’t effect any of you that others think differently. You want your vaccine, go get it. You want your mask, wear it. But mandating it will place this country further and further into a divide. A divide that has a whole lot more red than blue.


Why are seatbelts mandated? If you think these people are crazy for the views let them “die.” Why fight “misinformation?” It doesn’t effect any of you that others think differently. You want your airbags, go get them. You want your seatbelt, wear it. But mandating it will place this country further and further into a divide. A divide that has a whole lot more red than blue.


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