McConnell calls for US airstrikes to stop Taliban advance

McConnell calls for US airstrikes to stop Taliban advance


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We've been air-striking caves and hills for 20 years. Over a Trillion dollars, Mitch. Kentucky could have progressed out of the stone age with that kind of funding.


Maybe that’s what he’s worried about. The taliban take over and make Kentucky look bad.


He's afraid of Kentucky voting machines getting a paper trail someday.


Yep, it sounds good in theory and indeed we're still trying to provide air support, but there's simply no afghan army to support, there's no moral, no cohesion, no political will behind the afghan army. The soldiers are just there for their next meal or to steal weapons or to get money to get high, they're not there to fight, not there to coordinate airstrikes, not even close to being able to stand up to the taliban. Game over, man.


An old reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_j8W-SDefU&ab_channel=MoviQuotes


I was skeptical at first about the pull out since Trump first announced it and then when Biden went through with it. But after seeing how easily the Taliban are taking the country back over after 20 years of funding and training we gave the Afghans, we would have to stay there another 100 plus years just to delay the Taliban another week or two. There’s nothing we can do, we can’t stay there indefinitely.


Yup a lot of the afghan military has immediately surrendered or just abandoned there post they did not even pretend to try.


They're either well aware they have no chance or they aren't actually on 2 different sides.


> they aren't actually on 2 different sides. Yeah...I bet it was just the best job they could find for many...


From everything I've seen/heard, the afghans arent willing to fight for their freedoms so by conceding territory or running from fights, they are choosing Taliban control. Up to them really. They have weapons and a huge number advantage. They are just too scared or don't care enough. Not our problem


I've fought there, I've lost friends there and if your not going to fully commit to occupying that country then airstrikes aren't going to accomplish anything. The war in Afghanistan was a failure from the get go. Its time to walk away. There's nothing more we can do. Afghanistan is a terminally I'll patient and its time to notify its relatives.


Exactly. They’re not a nation. They’re a bunch of tribes that live close to each other. It was the same in Iraq. You can’t bomb a national identity into them. And you certainly can’t bomb an idea (religion).


Real change in countries have to come from the bottom up.


You’re absolutely correct. In my experience there is no want for change. At least among the majority of men I interacted with.


Do you think it would have been fruitful to dissolve Afghanistan and redraw the borders according to these tribal divisions?


Sadly no I don’t think that would really help. You have a group, the Taliban that wouldn’t respect borders either way. And when I say tribal I mean like this village is one group, this village 5 miles away is a different group, then this village 10 miles away is another group. Most of these people are relatively self sufficient and don’t really need to rely on a centralized government. Think of it as a shit ton of people totally cool living off grid for the most part. Power is unreliable in most places, etc..


That has got to be the most illuminating description I have ever heard about the place. I wish someone would have just said that decades ago to the American people. ('shit ton of people totally cool living off grid for the most part.') Thanks


Very well put.


> Afghanistan is a terminally Ill patient and its time to notify its relatives. Except the parents are batshit insane and will NEVER pull the plug, because "God will save them" or "holding out hope for a full recovery"


I guess that is why they say Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires


Nah...time to quit. Enough is enough.


Sure Republicans. The answer was so clear I wonder how come it didn't work for the last 20 years. All McConnell is doing is trying to create another Benghazi things. Fuck these people


Did Mitch have anything to say last year when Donny Trump was negotiating directly with the Taliban? If Mc Mitch wants airstrikes, he should go over to Afghanistan, fire up his blimp, and drop some TNT bombs.


Or when he invited the Taliban to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11 at Camp David?


How about he invite his Chinese compatriots to come try to run the place?


No. Full stop.


Even Gerald Ford knew that such an air campaign with no ground forces was futile. McConnell knows this, too. It's just political theater for his stupid supporters


Seriously it is just so McConnell and republicans can start hearings on the new Benghazi


Tell me you want to look like you're doing something about the Taliban without actually doing something about Taliban.


We learned nothing from Vietnam. Kabul will fall just like Saigon did. Air strikes won’t change anything. Corporations don’t always win


Oh fuck no. Just got back from deployment about ~~two~~ three weeks ago, and I have no fucking desire to head back over there any time soon. Why can’t we just fight Puerto Rico or Guam or Samoa or the Virgin Islands or something? They’re so much closer.


Fight our own territories?


If we’re going to pour trillions of dollars into a third-world economy, let’s make it one of **our** third-world economies.


But why would you want to FIGHT our own territories?


How about we drop McDonnell on the Taliban?


According to Afghan culture sex with men or boys is not "gay" if you don't fall in love. So Mitch will fit right in.


McConnell can suck an egg.


Would that accomplish anything but killing more people and risking more American lives? Well, beyond further enriching the people making the bombs of course.


A bit late for that...




We wiped out 95% of the existing Al Queda operatives who were alive after 9/11.


The only people that benefit from our occupation of Afghanistan are the military industrial complex. Our occupation predictably strengthens "resistance" and we've made the situation worse not better. It's like using opiates for pain - temporary relief but if the underlying issue isn't addressed then you simply need more and more just to keep things under control until withdrawal becomes a huge issue all on its own.


And then if we do it, he will say Biden is a war hawk and constantly getting involved in the middle east instead of putting America first. Shit is just so predictable at this point.


FTFY - McConnell call for one last pay day for defense contractors before exiting Afghanistan




cui bono?


We should conduct airstrikes to destroy all of the high value military assets we gave to the Afghan government; fixed and rotary wing aircraft, ammunition stock piles, armored vehicles, bunkers, etc. The Afghan government obviously is on the side of the Taliban so we should deprive both of the sophisticated weaponry we gifted them.


These people don’t care about Afghanistan! They care that there weapons stock cash cow ran out. Now we need to make the news really sad and act like We care so the people here don’t complain when we fire tens of millions of dollars of missiles at our imaginary enemy. Then somebody has to make more missiles. We never wanted to fix Afghanistan. It’s just a good place to deposit used military artillery


Fuck Moscow Mitch


This is the natural outcome of repression. We are seeing the 'BLM movement' now in Afghan.


um no, the Taliban is disgusting and going to slaughter innocent people, how the fuck can someone compare them to BLM?


They're just returning to their natural state configuration. Two decades of occupation and hundreds of thousands of dead, tens of thousands of those civilians even in the most conservative estimate, accomplished nothing. BLM is not analogous to that.




This is laughably wrong.