Missouri AG slams mask, vaccine mandates as part of "dystopian biomedical security state"

Missouri AG slams mask, vaccine mandates as part of "dystopian biomedical security state"


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I get that the GOP abandoned their hollow embrace of fiscal conservatism long ago. But the party of “free markets” is now going to abandon that ideology as well? Businesses have the right to enforce certain prerequisites as a condition of employment. If you don’t like it, you have plenty of freedom to get a job elsewhere.


There was never an ideology beyond hate and fear. If there was any left after Eisenhower it died when Nixon became president.


They sure love allowing companies to not hire or even fire people for using weed, for example. Their stupid logic hurts my brain to even try to square up


Or gay


tbh, I hope they end up being reactionary enough that they slingshot around to supporting stronger unions for "freedom" reasons smdh


I guess wanting to live is too much too ask?


This is the worse pandemic in 100 years. 70 years ago the polio vaccine was invented. I don't know if they had antivaxxers back then but the Jonas Salk who discovered it gave it away for essentially free and people couldn't wait to take it. We've had vaccine mandates for school for just as long. Vaccine mandates are as American as Apple Pie and these politicians today are either deliberately lying or just don't care and want the pandemic to continue. Grow up. Being a patriot means sacrificing. Sacrificing the extremely extremely extremely rare side effect, in exchange you won't die from a disease. Pretty good tradeoff in my opinion.


I was little but I remember the polio vaccine and how relieved and happy everyone was to take it!


I was little too, and I remember lining up at the courthouse in Los Angeles with a bunch of other kids and their parents for the sugar cube that held the vaccine. The line was long, and yes, parents were relieved. I also remember having kids in my class with braces on their legs as a result of polio.


Antivaxxers were around then. I saw a cartoon showing all the antivaxxers walking off a cliff. Each one had a silly reason why they weren't getting it.


Businesses discriminate against LBGTQ+ folks and that's ok because of "religious freedoms". Businesses "discriminate" against me for being an anti-science moron and now it's a dystopian fascist state.


Morons. Exactly where did he do his medical training?


A biomedical security state sounds pretty cool tbh


Sounds like the birth of a new genre.


There's already a name for it - it's called Public Health


If things keep going the way they’re going, it just might be a necessity. It sounds a hell of a lot less dystopian than a future where the GOP is in power.


It sounds like the plot of an alternative timeline if Umbrella Corps won in the Resident Evil games.


>Eric Schmitt vowed on Thursday to fight against vaccine and mask mandates and criticized employers who are requiring employees to be vaccinated, saying fear is a tactic "tyrants" and "dictators" use. Oh you mean tactics like, I dunno... lies about elections, attempting to invalidate the democratic process and restrict access to the ballot box?


TIL we've been in a dystopian biomedical security state for at least 115 years. Since vaccine mandates were litigated in 1905 as part of the Polio epidemic. https://www.history.com/news/smallpox-vaccine-supreme-court Note -- its literally the history channel.


Our history may have been quite different if George Washington hadn't made a really strategic decision to inoculate troops against smallpox during the revolution. https://www.history.com/news/smallpox-george-washington-revolutionary-war


Pro-life, amirite?


Viruses are people too my friend.


These darn experts trying to keep people alive. That's what Hitler did! Wait.


> Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt vowed on Thursday to fight against vaccine and mask mandates and criticized employers who are requiring employees to be vaccinated, saying fear is a tactic "tyrants" and "dictators" use. > About 52 percent of Missouri's adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and the state's lottery program appears to be an effective incentive, helping to drive up inoculations. However, the concept of vaccine requirements still faces pushback, with several health care workers walking out of their jobs in protest and state senators looking to ban businesses from requiring the shot as a condition of employment. > "Americans shouldn't have to live in some dystopian biomedical security state and I'm going to do everything I can as Attorney General to protect the rights of individuals," Schmitt tweeted Thursday, adding the hashtags "NoMaskMandates," "NoVaccinePassports" and "NoLockdowns." > Earlier in the day, a reporter asked Schmitt for his thoughts on whether it was a "sane" thing to use fear of losing a job to motivate people to get vaccinated. Schmitt responded that "every tyrant and dictator in the history of the world" has used fear to "accumulate, aggregate and maintain power." > Schmitt added that he believes people can decide for themselves whether to get vaccinated, noting that America is the "freest country in the history of the world." He vowed to do "everything I can to protect the rights of individuals in the state" while attorney general. Jesus Christ.


>About 52 percent of Missouri's adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 I'm honestly more surprised the number is 52 percent..


St. Louis City, Kansas City and Columbia are areas that are still pretty democratically leaning. I’m not surprised by those numbers. It’s the hillbilly backwoods idiots all over the rest of the state that are the problem.


Freedom to die from a preventable virus... Go America!


Freest country in the world he says?


15th in the international ranking if I remember correctly


Let's grab some beers, drink them in the public park, and talk about how free we are until we're arrested for drinking in public.


Not just in the world. In the HISTORY of the world.


That's one of those "Where do you even start?" pieces.


Oy to the mother fucking Vey. So much to fucking unpack here. First if he objects to using "Fear" to control what people do or don't put into their body then I've got some shocking news about the war on drugs for this guy cause at 35 I still remember how in public school multiple times my education was stopped so a cop could come in and tell me all the bad things that would happen to me if I ever smoked pot, did coke, or in my teens roll some E. It harried between how I'd get hooked and never make anything of my life dying a junkie in the streets or I'd be caught by the cops and locked up for years and when I got out nobody would want me due to the scarlet A of being an ex con. Next the military for years have required vaccines for all soilders. And healthcare workers even those not directly doing health care but in positions where they interact with patients and front line workers have been required ti get multiple vaccines to stop spread of pathogens they could come in contact with. This is nothing new. On other businesses compelling reasons since you want to prevent spread to customers and employees. Requiring a mask for service is no different than requiring a shirt. Finally no fucking way is the US the most free country ever. The list of current countries and historical countries with more freedom is endless. I mean we had to fucking fight a civil war to end slavery and say that black people deserved equal rights legally as white people when most of the rest of the western world did it legislative (and if we are being honest 150 years later black and brown people are still second class citizens primarily due to race). Hell we still had laws on the nooks in the early 2000s making anal and oral sex illegal. Most free country my recently douched and bleached ass.


Why are Republicans trying to kill off their own supporters?


Now let’s here him argue against seat belts laws


I personally hate traffic lights. I think observing them should be optional.


I'd rather hear him defend drunk driving laws. My body, my car, my choice, right?


Team COVID sure is getting pissed off lately. [This is fine.](https://datagraver.com/corona/#/?regions=us:hex1B5E20,missouri:hex4C053C&logScale=false&perCapita=true&cutYaxis=true&cumulative=false&types=1&mappingType=date&mappingMaxDays=990&mappingStartNumber=100&mappingNumberStyle=absolute&mappingEventType=lockdown&mappingDate=2021-6-1&graphSetting=Smoothened&description=Tool%20for%20comparison%20on%20Covid%2019%20development%20for%20each%20country.).


Missouri AG is confused.


Another Ranch Covidian at work. Fucking assclown.


In other news, Missouri announces War on Seatbelts, Driver licensing.


Most American's have over a dozen vaccines since birth. Imagine how stupid someone has to be to think one now with almost 700k dead and wearing a mask to protect yourself is the government controlling you. I'm fine with these people denying reality and dying off. Even their savior Trump said it was "the worst plague in 100 years" and to get vaccinated.


He says with his MMR vaccine running through his body Fucking clown


I wonder who helped him spell dystopian.


Whatever. What you FEEL is not a fact


Yes! This!! Feelings are not facts and opinions are not facts. If you believe in lies and act upon them you suffer from delusion. The GOP will die of delusion.


Does Stupidity kill more people than Covid-19?


Its worth noticing the kind of fantasy these people seem obsessed with.


So what’s this clown’s take on abortion, then?


And he became a medical doctor when?


We’d still be fighting smallpox, measles, TB if this kind of leadership existed in the past.


And I guess the Victory Gardens were part of a "dystopian nutritional security state", huh?


Conservatives are so predictable. These are the sane people who said rock and roll is the devil's work, by the way.


Please allow me to introduce myself…


Remember when the Republicans were all about “dying for the economy” a year ago? I mean the economy still needs its blood sacrifices, guys. Why should you argue how the death blow is delivered? And while we are on the subject of dystopian biomedical security states, perhaps we could talk about health insurance shackling workers permanently to shit-hole dead-end jobs?


By the way, he got himself vaccinated.


That’s fine. Any request for federal resources to help Missouri combat COVID should now be filed in the nearest recycling basket.


If he's appointed he can be arrested.


Sounds like a traitor to me. Kill it with fire.


So much for the free market ideals and that private companies should be allowed to do whatever they want.


Either they believe this shit, in which case they are insane and unfit for office or they are just pandering to the base, in which case they are lying sociopaths. And unfit for office.


Boy have we got some news for her about the actual dystopian security state


I will get downvoted and I should be. This just sucks. Right now we need these precautions while we wait till this virus mutates down to actually being just the flu. I hope it will happen eventually. I know it can go the other way too. It can mutate to something worst. We could have tried to vaccinate out of this but that's not happening. So now we have to just vaccinate, herd stupidity and hope some good therapeutics come out as well.


Virology is not my area of expertise but I don’t think there is any reason to expect there is a tendency for less virulent and/or deadly strains to arise, or to become the dominant strain. The danger of ‘herd stupidity’, as you put it, is the possibility of more virulent and deadly variants occurring. The delta variant is an example of this. Even more worrisome is a variant arising that makes fully vaccinated people sick or die. We are very lucky that effective and safe vaccines could be created so quickly, but it is possible that a new mutation could render current vaccines worthless and we would be back to square one. The longer we see high infection levels in the population, and the more people that are infected, the more likely it is that we will see a mutation that bypasses the vaccine or is even more deadly. Herd immunity through infection is like playing Russian roulette.


My PhD biologist son agrees. We buggered this up terribly and now it's a painful walk thru disease and death.


Further proving that Misery loves company (the delta variety).