Colorado Secretary Of State: Mesa County Clerk Allowed ‘Troubling’ Security Breach In Elections Office To Happen

Colorado Secretary Of State: Mesa County Clerk Allowed ‘Troubling’ Security Breach In Elections Office To Happen


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The fraud is coming from inside the house.


>Peters, a Republican, is attending a conference this week on unbacked claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.


Oh yeah, no conflict of interest there.


So once again, any evidence of potential vote tampering is by republicans. There is no justified reason to turn off the security cameras unless you planned to do something wrong


> Griswold, a Democrat, says the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s office directed staff to turn off video surveillance of its voting equipment prior to a May 25 voting machine update session, thus making it unable to verify the chain of custody of the machines. Damn


Why am I not surprised. . .hometown is always doing stupid shit


"Allowed?" More like conspired to arrange.


Jena Griswold is the worst person to pick a fight with over ballot integrity and voting security. It has been her whole legal career thus far.


So when do they realize we need all new voting machines? I’m guessing there is a huge panic about 3-6months from the next election. They will try and rush some bullshit or better yet, they won’t change a thing. These are 100% compromised and may as well been in Russia for months. We need new voting machines in all states across America with uncompromised systems. We need to start that process now and we need to consider the ones out there are already compromised.


lol theyre attack on domino is to get rid of these machines. they dont want paper ballots. they want the machines they use in red states where they can erase the data after a rep cheats in the election like kemp did in 2018. or how mitchs voter data doesnt add up to his polling data. this was projection on domino because of this how they have been cheating.


Dominion perks their ears.


I read a headline only a few weeks ago basically saying Dominion is having to replace their machines for that reason.


Tina Peters, the County Clerk, should be charged and forced to pay for new machines.


"Allowed"? She IS the security breach. Her job is to protect the machines, and she ORGANIZED the breach.