Free School Meals for All Here to Stay in California

Free School Meals for All Here to Stay in California


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Constructing a robust social safety net is a must for the health & well-being of our nation moving forward.


making sure children don't die of being poor is evil /s


Hey! "pro-life" ony applies to babies before they're born! After that, those freeloader infants are on their own!


This is wise words friend.


I agree but I wouldn’t model any state social safety after California. People are still leaving the golden state in droves.


As someone in my 30s this shit pisses me off. How the fuck isn’t this the standard?


Cost cutting measures, schools all over shifted from actually providing meals to contracting out the work while also allowing the contractors to charge these kids for the food as well.


So are the schools required to provide vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, organic, and gluten free options? That is the main issue I could see with this solution. Some parents may not want their kids eating the free school lunch options.


Sending your kid to school with lunch is and always has been an option.


Even if it’s not. You’re going to tell me a parent can communicate their dietary needs to the school in advance? Lol not you, but you get it


Yes, but my point is that some parents may object to paying more taxes to pay for food that they don’t want their kids to eat.


This is not being funded by a tax increase. The idea that individuals can pick and choose what their tax dollars are spent on is rubbish. It's a drop in the bucket for California's tax base.


I am not saying it is a valid argument. I am just speculating about potential objections.


You're just creating strawman arguments.


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-435198/Parents-protest-schools-Halal-lunch.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2575724/Parents-fury-pork-sausages-banned-school-menu-replaced-halal-meat.html https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/schools-vegetarian-lunches-parents-hungry-meat-environment-climate-change-a9332226.html


Not sure British tabloid stories about religious food choices is particularly relevant. Children who don’t eat school-provided lunch in California already make accommodations for themselves. Allowing all students access to free lunch doesn’t change that. If your point is just “some parents will find a way to complain about anything”, then I don’t think anyone disagrees. It just isn’t a helpful thing to point out, since it will be true regardless.


I was merely demonstrating that my assumption that parents might complain was not some unfounded unrealistic “strawman argument.”


And some parents object to their taxes being used to kill Palestinian kids, or afgan kids still got to pay them


All students enrolled Chicago Public Schools have receive free meals regardless of income for several years now. There are always vegetarian options, all meals are pork free, and ala carte items are available for sale. There hasn’t been any pushback as they seem to account for the major US allergens and religious restrictions.


Good to know.


As a California teacher this is excellent news and about damn time!


Same and yes! It will actually save a lot of money for districts and the state because they won’t have to process and hunt parents down for those free and reduced lunch applications every year.


It works great here in Chicago. Even during the pandemic when the kids were in remote learning you could go down to the school to get enough lunches and dinners to feed your entire family for a week.


California again ahead of everyone else. So proud to live here!


On no the tyranny. Wait no the other thing.


That is outstanding! You see, we can move toward being a civilized society. It just takes practice. Starting with feeding all school-age children is a big plus.


Dude I didn’t even notice we enacted this shit. People act like they’re about to be robbed blind if we enact basic fucking social programs and there was literally no noticeable difference in my taxes


Damn liberals... Feeding children... How dare they?


I went to school in CA in the nineties. High school lunch was taco bell and kfc. I hope that's not what they're still serving. Free or otherwise.


I remember when I was a kid and my parents had no money to pay for school lunch. Firstly I would just starve all day and not eat anything Secondly I used to get made fun of by other kids at lunch for being so poor and not being able to afford lunch


What about all us people who had to pay for school lunches when we were younger? This isn’t fair! /s


Good job Cali…🙌🏾 Our little ones shouldn’t face unpaid lunch balances, or suffer hunger while they’re trying to learn. Good people doing good s#it right here.


Free School Meals for All\* Here to Stay in California \*not including school employees.


Yes because the assumption one makes is that children are the ones who benefit. All children. Not just low income. This eliminates stigma attached to “low income” since everyone gets one it’s no longer something to point out.


I bet most teachers don’t want to eat school cafeteria food every day.


You would be surprised- I know a few teachers who do. They charge us like $4 too. Hell no! I’d rather wait until 3.


Any undistributed meals are put in the staff break room at my wife's school. They're pretty good meals. Not a cafeteria style meal, usually they consist of a single item food like a chicken sandwich, taco, burrito, chips with nacho cheese, etc. They are in shrink-wrap sealed individual containers. The school isn't making them, just distributing them. Not sure if they contracted out or if one school is producing them for others. As a teacher, my wife said she'd rather get help with the school supplies she has to buy on her own rather than a free lunch.


Look, shit sucks, but how many jobs can you list that feed the employees on the company's dime?


Uhhhh… Silicon Valley tech companies have entered the chat.


That’s pretty much it, which I think was exactly their point.


>Free School Meals for All* Here to Stay in California >*not including school employees. "The program ensures that all students will be offered breakfast and lunch at their school, which state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, said is “essential to learning.” Skinner has led the effort to establish a universal school meal program." So, what's the point of your statement? To be cute? To show you don't read articles?


Was to highlight the poor title. Not hard to add "Students" to the headline, to greatly improve accuracy.


Ok, I guess yeah. The verbage does say immediately referring to students, but it could have been added to the title for clarity