Vaccinated America Has Had Enough

Vaccinated America Has Had Enough


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“Pro-Trump America has decided that vaccine refusal is a statement of identity and a test of loyalty.” Ironic, as many GOP leaders are themselves vaccinated.


including trump


I still don't get how they reconcile their anti-vax attitude with Trump being vaccinated and having tried to claim credit for the vaccine.


Doublethink. They quote 1984, but ridicule social democrats as communists. George Orwell is rolling in his grave.


Doublethink? That's like, at least twice as much thinking as they normally do!


Yeah, but two times zero is still zero.


Trump refused to be filmed getting the vaccination, I'm guessing because he wanted to be able to deny getting it.


He wanted to do that thing dictators do where they get an organ transplant or some shit and then claim it was because of having good genes and "strong blood" or whatever dumb shit he says. Divine intervention implications and something about following the law "very strongly."


I'm betting he didn't want anyone to see his fat, flabby, fish-belly white arm.


> Ironic, as many GOP leaders are themselves vaccinated. Not that they will admit to that fact. Edit: [MTG even called asking her questions about it was a violation of her HIPAA rights](https://thehill.com/homenews/media/564046-greene-reporters-question-about-her-vaccination-status-a-violation-of-my-hipaa)


>Edit: MTG even called asking her questions about it was a violation of her HIPAA rights Narrator: *It was not, in fact, a violation of her HIPAA rights.*


I've just about decided that 90% of people have no clue what HIPAA rights are.


It's kinda like the first amendment. I think the same people claiming a reporter asking you about whether you're vaccinated is a violation of HIPAA are also saying that getting a post sharing misinformation on Facebook is a violation of their first amendment rights.


If they decline to answer that means they got it.


Which is so weird because they could absolutely lie about it.






Well they’re losing ~150 voters a day to anti-vax deaths. That could go on for two years and could get much worse at some points. They could end up losing 100k votes or more by the next presidential election just due to this stupidity. Plus the easiest campaign ever for the democrats - “1M people died due to COVID in Republican districts. Only 200k people died due to COVID in Democratic districts.” And I am not hoping for that at all! I want everyone to get vaccinated. I would just think the party that is putting all of its effort into suppressing democratic voters might think to make some effort to keep their voters alive.


> Yes, I’m very sorry that so many of the unvaccinated are suffering the consequences of their bad decisions. I’m also very sorry that the responsible rest of us are suffering the consequences of their bad decisions. This sums it up perfectly. It's like having a brand new park in town only by the ending of the day garbage is everywhere, one bench is broken and some of the playground equipment is destroyed.


What if we **aren't** sorry that the unvaccinated are suffering debilitating, life-long medical issues as a result of their wilful ignorance, avarice, and thirst for chaos in the name of "law and order?" These are the same people who gleefully declared Obama was a secret Muslim-Kenyan deep state body double plant who was simultaneously the most cunning foe America had ever faced and a bumbling idiot to make Mr. Bean appear a Nobel laureate. I'm sorry they're sick. I'm sorry they're going to have consequences for the rest of their lives. I'm sorry that those responsible among us will have to support them through disability, medicare, and higher hospital bills when they ignore their six-figure costs to ignorance. I'm sorry we have two Americas - one hardworking, responsible, and concerned for the welfare of our brethren, and Republicans. And I'm tired of paying for the latter.


Here’s the most telling bit to me: “Does Biden’s America have a breaking point? Biden’s America produces 70 percent of the country’s wealth—and then sees that wealth transferred to support Trump’s America. Which is fine; that’s what citizens of one nation do for one another. Something else they do for one another: take rational health-care precautions during a pandemic. That reciprocal part of the bargain is not being upheld.”


Reagan's idea of the Welfare Queen was just a racist caricature, but if you want to look at someone living off of the hard work of others, they look like /r/beholdthemasterrace


as a black woman I can't even bring myself to click that link and ingest the ignorance and hatred contained therein.




You did not miss anything. Just a bunch of low IQ rednecks


As a white dude, I thought I could click the link and laugh at some ignorant trash.... I left there sad that I share the earth with those people 😞.


I actually threw up the day Trump was elected, just from what his election told me about the people I call my countrymen. That’s never happened to me because of a feeling before.


If it makes you feel any better, Trump actually lost the popular vote in 2016 by 2 million votes. He only "won" because of the electoral college.


Don't forget the help Trump got from Republican James Comey, who "felt compelled" to reopen case against Hillary for the stupid emails. (his Senior Advisors Jared and Ivanka did the same thing from day one and not a peep from the Trump controlled AG office).


I cried in front of my students when I tried to tell them that it didn't matter that a champion of bigotry and ignorance was elected, they would be safe and loved in our classroom no matter what they looked like.


I almost forgot about this eye popping stat. Counties that voted Biden produce 70% of the wealth of our nation and yet we are decried as the socialists. Well played, GQP, well played…


Conservatives are bad faith actors. Reciprocity was never going to happen.


I dont feel bad for any adult who chose not to get vaccinated and then had the inevitable happen. While we are here I also dont feel bad if you die while: Playing in traffic Running with knives Hunting big game animals Storming the capital Or any other darwin award worthy idiocy you care to participate in.


They lionize stupidity and confuse it for freedom.


Good old American anti-intellectualism but on steroids because of the internet.


It's also been weaponized by the billionaires and their media puppets


> They lionize stupidity And leopardize face eating


You forgot injecting bleach and getting sun on your lungs


I believe the technical term is a "tremendous, very powerful light."


The best yuge photons.


> getting sun on your lungs This will never not be hilarious.


I never heard of that one. Whats up with that?


Trump suggested putting uv light *inside *the body because uv light kills germs on exposed surfaces. It was during the same public meltdown as his 'let's just inject bleach' rant.


I saw clips of the inject bleach but holy shit i somehow missed the UV lights. Im fucking dead, much like anyone who listened to that.


He looked at the doctor in the room and acted like it was the best idea ever. It was amazing. So god damned stupid.


No, but you see, he was just being sarcastic! He even said so, and Dear Leader never lies!!!


can't we just inject the bleach into the lungs, sort of like a "cleaning"?


we cant because the body has ways of shutting that down if its not a legitimate cleaning.


You can hear Trump's suggestions [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxDKW75ueIU). It's his voice and Sarah Cooper is lip syncing along.


Don’t forget the old paper clip in the outlet.


My brother and his wife plus their 4 kids decided to go to a family bbq after a possible exposure and while the person they were exposed to was symptomatic and waiting for results. They didn’t tell anyone that there was a potential exposure with results pending because “it didn’t cross our minds” Every person at that bbq that wasn’t vaccinated got COVID. My sister, a nurse who is vaccinated, told them that she thought that was irresponsible and selfish. Then my brother asked that she please not shame them for their choices. A few days after everyone got exposed my brothers wife liked a post for an anti mask rally in their town. WTF?!


Shame is precisely the tool the public is supposed to use to regulate otherwise free choices. I can choose to wear nothing but speedos and mesh t-shirts. Shame is the only thing saving everyone from that reality. People who whine about shame are the same ones saying i should feel bad for dead morons, and they are wrong for similar reasons.


Don't forget the people who ate aquarium cleaner because it contained chloroquine


Hey: their illness threatens others. Many of my friends work in healthcare. By caring for these people, they risk exposure. And there is real danger in Long COVID, even if you don’t end up hospitalized. My best friend, a doctor, should risk permanent/long-term brain fog or fatigue because these people believe their individual rights trump (pun intended) the common good? My point is, this is not just about them. Just as pollution does not recognize borderlines, a virus doesn’t choose its hosts based on their politics or ideology. The unvaccinated are an active threat to the rest of us. Freedom Without Responsibility is their ethos, damn them.


Their lack of vaccination also hurts the world globally; if everyone were vaccinated already, we'd all be back to normal and can help out other countries to get the shot. Instead doses get trashed because they aren't used.


That one of my friends. Goes into businesses for network infrastructure repair, links his covid exposure to a particular business with an anti-mask policy, wouldn't let him in wearing a mask. Few weeks later he was sick, got it *bad*. He's installing a lift chair for his stairs now, doesn't have the lung capacity for that anymore. Now some of that is on him for not simply refusing that job, probably would've been fired or at least in huge trouble for leaving a job site, but he wouldn't be disabled now either. Had to quit his job anyway, can't be climbing around in attics and suspended ceilings anymore. But, in the moment, that's what the job required.


What the fuck? Wouldn’t let him work wearing a mask? That’s insanity. And probably illegal.


This was before there was a state mandate. Also he can't *prove* that was his exposure, just the most risky thing he did in the weeks prior to diagnosis.


Conservatives create god. God creates plague. Plague kills conservatives. Liberals inherit the earth.


I’d be all for this if they didn’t act as asymptomatic breeding grounds for horrific variants!


This is the real nail that needs pounding. Idgaf about these people that can’t be arsed to gaf about anyone else. However, allowing them to get sick, makes the rest of us more vulnerable to their stupidity.


Dinosaurs eat man


Woman inherits the earth


Paper covers rock.


Rock stars in action movies


I know you are joking but this is exactly why the GOP suddenly got its head out of its ass and started actively advocating that people get vaccinated instead of remaining on the sidelines and flirting with anti-vaxx conspiracy rhetoric. They are only doing it now because they came to the realization that the vast majority of current Covid infections are their voters, which pretty much sums up the mindset of the GOP.


I need to amended this to "Unwilling; but able" in order to knock down the "I know people who are unable to vaccinate, do you want them do die because of geographic region?" Strawman


At this point I'm not sorry except when their kids get sick. I'm hoping all of the anti-vax GQP propaganda backfires on the party and that it helps us take another electoral college win. Swing state voting margins are tight and this only helps. Harsh, but true.


Our kids go to school with their kids, and it's terrifying.


A few months ago, I was PSYCHED at the prospect of getting my 2-year-old back into daycare in September. My wife and I could work a normal schedule, he would get to socialize with some kids, it'd be life-changing good stuff all around. These days, my excitement has turned to apprehension with every new Delta headline. There's no way a 2-year-old can keep a mask on all day. If these numbers start ticking back up, and the demographics continue swinging towards younger people having serious outcomes, we might have to pull the plug on daycare for the foreseeable future. To be SO FUCKING CLOSE to such a big milestone of normalcy, only to have it yanked away and replaced with the familiar feeling of dread...it's doing bad things to my mental state. Goddamnit.


Same, my son is the ONLY one who wears a mask at his daycare. The staff does, but none of the other kids. With the new delta variant we have been debating pulling him out, but its only 3 weeks until regular school starts and we have no option. Also, we are in Texas, so that makes it worse since we have patients running the looney bin.


Working in a school this is what irritates me and has me most worried about the upcoming school year as I am in a state that doesn’t give a shit about public safety.


This is what pisses me off too both as an educator myself and a dad with a young daughter. I’ll yet again be keeping my daughter home for online class, thank god to be in a city with at least that bit of common sense, and she’ll get to suffer through yet another year of limited social growth because grade schools can’t be trusted. Also it’s super angering that the Vice President of the university I’m employed at has outright declared that faculty are not permitted to require masks in the courses because students want a return to normalcy. While at the same time entirely undermining the universities “vaccine mandate” by not mandating it among staff and faculty (students only), and granting students waivers based on “strong personal beliefs”. Fuck you dude, what if I strongly believe that medically able adults should be vaccinated?


People want to return to normalcy so bad that they're going to put us right back into lockdown mode. Sinusoidal curve ftw!


Latest projections show another peak in October. Shouldn't be *as* bad, but the pessimistic simulations show us at about the same number of deaths per day as the height of last year.


They like to pretend that kids don't die or get sick from this. It's true, it's extremely rare for them to die from Covid, but under 18, over 10,000 have been placed in ICUs.


The new strains will be changing everything.


I'm not sorry. Maybe it's due to the fact I'm so sick and tired of the absolute asinine behavior of the 45 cult over the last 6 years or so, but I have zero sympathy for the suffering brought on by willful defiance and stupidity.


I feel bad for the children and other people who can’t get vaccinated for whatever reason. I do not feel bad for these MAGA c.h.u.d.s who didn’t get vaccinated because they wanted to own the libs. They can drown in their own bodily fluids for all I care.


This is a great analogy...to keep it going: If you throw trash around the park, you get forbidden from using it. If you break equipment, you get forbidden from using it. We need to take a hard line and start making life difficult for people who are not vaccinated. You don't want to get it, that's your choice. But there should be consequences for that decision that mean you don't get to get the full benefit of society. Society is exactly that...a group of people in an ordered community. When a subset of that population refuse to act in the common good, they drag the rest of us down.


I believe once the FDA stops fucking around and approves the vaccine officially, we will start seeing restrictions being put in place for the unvaccinated. I fucking hope so, at least. People who did the right thing are being asked again to be responsible and mask up to protect others who just ignore all the mandates anyway. This shit is getting old.


I hope so too. It will become mandatory for the military at that point. Hopefully all federal employees too. That in turn should make it easier for private companies to mandate vaccinations too. Of course all of those things could legally happen today.


I've got a buddy who is stationed overseas, and according to him "you can leave the base if you're vaccinated" worked pretty god damn well.


The military does have a way of making your life miserable if you don't comply.


I just got an email from my work stating that the vaccine is now mandatory unless you have a medical exemption. If you haven’t gotten it yet, they’ll set you up with a free appointment. If you have had it, they are requiring the paperwork to prove it. If they catch you lying about your vaccine status by providing false paperwork, you’re fired. Can’t say I’m upset by this.


I worked for a large healthcare organization for 10 years before retiring. Flu shots were required, but they allowed religious/conscious exemptions. For the last 6 or 7 years, they changed and flu shots were made mandatory for \*all\* employees--including those of us who worked in offsite facilities at non primary-care jobs. No shot, no job. And I never heard anyone complain. That's makes all of this such bad-faith public posturing. It's selective defiance solely based on politics.


Active military now. We're still not requiring it, but we're *just starting* to see some bases and commanders give the ok to their lower-level leaders to ask for proof of vaccination if they're not wearing a mask. I really wish the CDC cards were credit or business card sized, because it's awkward, but I carry it around in my phone case. With delta, I'm still carrying a mask around, too, and I'm *angry* with the fuckheads that are making that a realistic necessity.


Wish my employer would require proof of vaccination. We're doing honor system. I think that's fine for most of the people at my company, but I'd never trust the word "all"


This has been a constant struggle with my mom. My sister and her whole family are anti-vaxx so I've set the rule that my mom can see my son as long as she hasn't gone to see my sister's family prior. My parents live in another state so it works well when she comes to see us when they get into town and they she can go see my sister's kids to her heart's content. Every single time she acts like I'm a monster for not letting her see my son again after she has been around my sister's family. I've explained it clearly so many times she just cannot get her head around it. It's a consequence. I tell my son that if he does x then y will happen and he seems to understand. I can't believe that a woman in her 60s can't understand as well.


She understands. She just thinks it doesn’t apply to her.


I agree with this. I would be amazed by it if it wasn't so exhausting to keep going through it.


More than anything I’m furious with the asshats that downplayed it. Using the virus as a political tool, getting the vaccine themselves, and only in the last hour, telling their people they should get it. Every time I think about it I want to scream and break things.


These geniuses find it "suspect" that unvaccinated people are getting sick. Take a look at /r/conservative, they want to know what Biden is going to do about all the death - while they scream that he better not enforce anything.


Sigh. It's like a home owner complaining about firemen not putting out a fire that's burning their house down, but the home owner has refused permission to connect the hose to the fire hydrant because it's on their lawn and they "heard that water kills people". The fireman are standing around saying "What the hell do you want us to do if you won't help us do our job?" So the fire burns down the house and then starts burning down the neighbor's houses too due to a combination of misinformation and pure stubbornness.


Damn that’s a good metaphor.


*Insert who shot hannibal meme* Why would Joe Biden do this?


>Biden’s America produces 70 percent of the country’s wealth—and then sees that wealth transferred to support Trump’s America. Which is fine; that’s what citizens of one nation do for one another. Something else they do for one another: take rational health-care precautions during a pandemic. That reciprocal part of the bargain is not being upheld. Liberals forced to help their idiot conservative cousins who spit it back in their faces.


I bought my father a house after his second heart attack so he wouldn't die working. I delayed my own retirement by years to do so. Last year, by my mother's death bed, he blamed me for her death because I helped elect Inslee and Inslee he blamed for my mom not getting checked out sooner for a cough that turned out to be cancer.... Small cell carcinoma from 40+ fucking years of smoking. My mom had stopped smoking 3 times but went back because my dad could never stop. But Yea, it's my fucking fault my mom died. And my brother wonders why I basically avoid my dad since. He can't understand it.


hope that house is in your name so you can sell it when his smoking gets him. Hopefully his smoking hasn't ruined the home value too much


Yep, it's in my wife's and my name. We technically rent it to him for $1/month. His smoking has fucked the house. I told him never to smoke indoors, and we'll, of course he didn't care. So now the plan is to bulldoze the place when he dies and build 3 houses on the giant lot and either sell or rent them.


Your plan is better but there are companies that deodorize the house of smokers.


The house might also just be outdated and due for a refresh. If you combine that with pervasive smoke odor, it might actually make more sense to just start fresh.


This is the case. The house was originally built in 1918, so it's old and small. We could still sell it right now for $325k, but the lot is big enough and we already have permission to rezone to 3 lots that can each support a more modern house that are work $450k or so each.


I have no issue helping them. But when they HATE me.....I have limits, I’m about at the “screw it” level.


I flirted with the "screw them" level for a while. I remember the times when I was younger having fun with my cousins and extended family. They seemed to be good people. Then Obama came along and I found out they were really good at being racist. I tried to accept them and never talked politics, thinking that it would boil over, as people don't always like the president. Then Trump came, and they went from family who I could have a decent interaction with on specific subjects to absolute terrors. They refuse vaccinations, call Covid a Hoax, blame liberals and immigrants for every perceived wrong, and then get mad at me for my beliefs while Im sitting there drinking a beer. Fuck them. They have access to science, vaccines, truth, reality, etc. Im done, and my life has seen no negative consequences from eliminating them.


Your line “sitting there drinking a beer” got me lol. I put up with asshat trumpet family members because I want my kids to know family, but every single party multiple family members feel the need to come push their crazy on me. They literally can’t resist. The funny part is, I’m often over prepared for their crazy vomit because they just bring up whatever the GQP obsession of the week is. Last time i was visiting, my uncle comes over and asks “as an Educator what’s your opinion on critical race theory”?. Not something I’m unwilling to discuss, but I can tell by the gleam in his eye and the aggressive stance that he just wants me to say something liberal so he can regurgitate his conservative talking points. And of course he didn’t even know what CRT is, he just wanted to tell his pathetic story of how he wrote a letter to his local public school demanding they not “teach it”. Lol. I just don’t get it - I can’t imagine the shitshow if I went around the party asking people what their opinion of insurrection is. It’s like they are zombies and now that they are undead they feel the overwhelming desire to drag me down too.


I feel this deep in my bones. I'm a Californian currently living in the south. I don't even wanna tell people where I'm from anymore, it's a shitshow every time. Take it upon themselves to regurgitate every piece of bullshit propaganda they've heard and I'm supposed to sit there and take it because I was raised correctly. 4th of July I hit my breaking point and told some boomer couple I couldn't imagine sharing opinions about somewhere I'd never been, and that it would sure make me look stupid if I believed every rumor I'd heard about *this* trashcan fucking state before I came here.


I’ve literally cut ties with some of my idiot cousins. Life is too short to tolerate the insults against my country and more progressive (read: educated) folks such as myself.


I cut ties with my parents and sister. It was one of the hardest things I've done in my life, but I refuse to indulge them as a family scapegoat anymore. I'm not about to play house as they sling insults and abuse at me.


I’ve been in therapy anticipating this for months now. I’m sorry you went through this too, but am happy that you are enacting the boundaries you need in your life. Love and light to you.


You too, dude. This isn't easy. Feel free to PM if you just need someone to talk to. A few things that may happen when you leave that you may wanna be prepared for: 1) They may try to put you on defensive or make you look bad in public to get you back in the game/fold. They may also play "emotional blackmail" with you with stuff from your past or dependent family members you're not a guardian of that you care about. Don't fall for it. You can't help them if you don't help yourself, and it will only get worse. This is all an attempt to play on fears you may have around being a good person or even more people than just them being lied to, etc. Don't fall for it. 2) Be sure to cut off any financial ties ASAP. Same with any power they have over your living situation. Document any and all financial interaction with them in writing as if you were preparing to go to court. Same with any texts/etc. In a legal sense, treat this like a messy divorce. 3) Flying monkey family and friends. Don't take people reaching out who "just wanna hear your side of the story" at face value. Unfortunately, you can't. 4) Resist any and all urge to defend yourself or talk shit. It will just pull you further in. If you talk shit, it may also get back to them for them to use as ammo. 5) Expect conflicting messages like them telling you how terrible/ungrateful you are/how it's all your fault/you won't own up to how wrong you are but also sending gifts through the mail. Shit like that. Don't let it confuse you, stay on target. Don't let it make you reactive. My sister also mailed me drawings from her children and left them in some of my property when I came to pick things up. Don't assume it can't get VERY petty and hurtful. It might, so be mentally prepared for them to make this as emotionally confusing and traumatic as possible for you. 6) "Family Mobbing" - I didn't know this was an actual term until recently, but I knew what it was really well. They may put on displays of the entire family shunning you at various points in this process. As an example: When I moved out of the apartment I rented from family during all of this, they all pretended to leave and then came back when the movers arrived to stare at me the whole time I moved. They also brought their kids out and made them look at the ground/rake outside. Don't be surprised, especially if you have to pick up things/etc, if they pull a family mob on you to try to break your spirit. They also told me after I left that I was no longer welcome to a family reunion (which I was fine with lol). If you haven't already, I invite you to come check out r/Qanoncasualties. Even if your family wasn't strictly Q, I notice a lot of people having to do this have family with at least similar beliefs. Cut-offs often also follow similar power-play dynamics. I've found it very comforting during this tough time. It also follows very similar patterns you can find on r/Raisedbynarcissists depending on the family. I invite you to check that out, too, if you find it resonates. Edit for others reading: A few commenters have reiterated it, so I'm going to here as well - THERAPY. Please, any way you can make it work go to therapy. If you can find a therapist who specializes in family trauma even better. My therapist has helped me more than I can put into words.


I feel seen. In March of 2020 I cut ties with my mum after she spent weeks spewing Faux News lies to downplay the virus, all to serve trump and his incompetence. I was forced to extend an olive branch after a couple of weeks but that didn't continue in May of 2020 when I caught her in a couple of additional lies, specifically related to her support of the orange fascist. That was it, I took what few possessions I had at her place (I visited for weekends/holidays regularly) and took off, telling her I wasn't tolerating a fascist cult member anymore. She's attempted outreach like 7 or 8 times since, including trying to force her way into my locked door just a week ago, to which I was forced to call the cops on her. She had no problem bitching about Obama for 8 years straight, then silence with the incompetent dipshit who was too lazy to do the damn job. Fucker just watched TV all day, and acted like a spoiled brat on twitter, but heaven forbid that she acknowledge this fact and actually do the bare minimum to get rid of a dangerous, anti-american fascist that had no business being in the Oval Office. Give me a fucking break. Everything you typed is exactly how everything has panned out for me.


I'm so sorry. It's amazing, completely different people and yet similar experiences. You're not alone. Remember that. I know this is really hard. It takes everything in you to keep going, but you have much company in spirit. Not everyone will understand, but a lot of people will. We are here for you as spirit family because our blood family is shit on a stick lol.


This is great advice. To add to this, be prepared to enforce your boundaries when family members inevitably try to get you to "talk it out" or pressure you to repair the relationship because "family". It can get awkward, but it's worth politely holding your ground. Had to cut ties with one parent, and the other is miserable but unwilling to throw away a 40 year marriage. It can be difficult to navigate when parts of the family want to keep relationships intact, but (for me anyway) it's very worth calmly maintaining space while keeping the peace with others. Highly recommend therapy as well. Best of luck to anyone else dealing with this too, take care of yourself. It gets better. 💚


YES! Oh my god, yes to therapy. I'm in trauma therapy right now. One of the best decisions I've ever made.


Shit, y’all still talk to blood relatives? What’s that like? lol


I have no issue helping them, but at some point it’s like arguing with a toddler about wearing a seatbelt. It’s really not up for debate, they need to wear the damn seatbelt, and Ive grown so very weary of the diplomatic approach.




Heck, I get all tense when my husband starts the car without putting his seatbelt on first. That's how hard my Dad drilled it into us. And I'm 55!


My blue state is usually number 44 or number 45 on the list of states that draw federal money, while red states like West Virginia and Kentucky are numbers four and five. They trash on Illinois, saying it's got high taxes, yet fail to neglect how much we subsidize these other states so they can slash their taxes. I don't know about you, but I am fed up with subsidizing these red states. I would love just once to cut them off and see their entire system collapse because now they don't have the federal teet to suck on.


I live in Kentucky. We’ll do things like elect Andy Beshear….and turn around and re-elect that malevolent turtle. I don’t want to leave my home, but I am so, so tired of the idiots.


Our state sure loves the Cares Act money but screams about any federal liberal idea.


That’s the thing…they talk about secession…liberal America would ****ing CRUSH conservative America in a civil war, if only by sheer economic dominance. They NEED us, rely on us, far more than they’ll ever admit


Ironically, or not so ironically, that's why the North won the first civil war. All the slaves in the world couldn't compete with mechanization and modernity. The conservative stronghold of the South hasn't changed much. They're still way behind.


It just goes to show the power of propaganda, even when it comes to life/death situations for their own personal health. People are willing to die over propaganda, and the republicans are watching and learning. If people are willing to accept and believe the propaganda to this level, what is next? There is an unacceptable amount of people in this country who fall for, believe, and will die for such propaganda. Such misinformation and propaganda is a threat to national security.


40 years ago Republicans were cutting the seat belts out of their own cars to own the libs. Something is wrong in GOP land.


Not to make you feel old (I am), but that was more like 60 years ago...


States were still enacting seat belt laws well into the 2000's. I think there is one state that still doesn't have one for adults.


I just saw a “click it or ticket” sign **today**. Who the eff is still driving without a seatbelt!?!


"Seat belts are more dangerous than car crashes." - Anti-maskers, probably.


Anti-seatbelters (?) do make this argument, cherry-picking accidents where people have been hurt by seatbelts while ignoring the clear and abundant statistics on how overall they dramatically reduce risk. It's remarkably similar to the antimask and antivax arguments.


The argument I've heard is very similar - seatbelts cause more injuries in accidents than not wearing one. Which is true. It's just accidents that would have resulted in deaths, are instead injuries because of seatbelts. I would rather be injured than killed. But that may just be me...


It's like saying our military is a shambles because so many people get wounded in action, not realizing that 50 years ago those wounds would've been deaths.


When soldiers are given helmets, head injuries go up.


Apparently like 10% of the nation does not: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seat_belt_use_rates_in_the_United_States


I really don’t understand people feeling bad for not feeling sorry for these people or hand wringing trying to find compassion. It’s okay to not feel bad for people who are selfishly hurting others because of their ego. Our choices have consequences and these people chose to risk death (and public health for those who aren’t allowed the vaccine) despite having a solution. You don’t have to cheer their deaths, but anyone beating themselves up for not feeling sorry needs to let that shit go. You don’t owe them anything.


“Biden voters generate 70% of the nations wealth…” Leaving that here.


But...I thought they were all freeloaders who didn't have jobs! This doesn't fit my MAGA narrative!


I also like the point they make right after that: >and then sees that wealth transferred to support Trump’s America. Which is fine; that’s what citizens of one nation do for one another. Something else they do for one another: take rational health-care precautions during a pandemic. That reciprocal part of the bargain is not being upheld.


My father has always been Republican as long as I’ve been alive. I’m now 30 and pregnant with his first and likely to be only biological grandchild… told him he can see her and be part of her life if and only if he cuts the crap and gets vaccinated. He showed me his vaccine card this week. I cried.


I've read so many anecdotal stories where the ending to this story has gone the other way. It's fucking sad.


Im basically on that other side with my in laws. I’m immunocompromised and in laws refuse to get the vaccine and said if I caught COVID and died from being in close proximity to them that it’s “God’s Will” and He intended it as such. So we’ve cut them off entirely.


Hey, if they ever give you shit about not seeing their son/daughter because of you just send it back: your choice was Gods will. So was ours


My son is 16 months old and my folks havnt met him yet because they won’t get the shot - pretty sure they think I’m the asshole for not letting them see him.


I hope you know that you are 100% right in this, even if they don’t. Amazing that anyone would think to risk your baby’s health or life like that, and hard to trust such folks ever again on other matters.


What the honest fuck is wrong with Republicans


You are absolutely not at fault here. Do not allow yourself to get gaslighted.


It’s all fun and games until the olds can’t see their grandkids. That’s why the over 65 crowd is so vaxxed; yeah, it’s more deadly for them but they don’t want to miss out on the grandkids.


I think the big part is that older people are going to the doctors more for other reasons and actually having a conversation with a professional about the vaccine. According to a doctor from another article I read when she asks covid patients if they talked to a doctor about the vaccine they have all said no.


Why talk to a doc when you've got an chain email with links to youtube? /S


Yesterday, a conservative CNN commentator just blurted it out: >"Why the hell should vaccinated people have to *struggle* to accommodate anti-vaxxers?" It should be the other way around. Get the anti-vaxxers out of our way. * Don't let them steal normalcy for good citizens. * Don't let them destroy the economy for good citizens. * Don't let them keep killing Americans. Push the anti-vaxxers to the periphery of society. They can easily rejoin with zero effort.


This exactly - make it onerous to be willfully unvaccinated.


I like the way the NFL’s doing it: don’t want to get vaxxed? Totally fine. But: -you must get tested twice a day -you can not leave your hotel room on road trips -you can not bring family with you on road trips -you can not practice with the rest of the team -if a game is canceled due to a covid outbreak, the team who is infected will forfeit the game and no one gets paid for that game -etc. etc. Sure, it’s totally your right to not get vaccinated, 100%….. but this is the consequence of that decision. It’s a pain in the ass and theirs a TON of social pressure to get vaxxed.


This is how I look at it as well. Setting the current situation aside, I don't think that any government should be able to dictate that we must inject ourselves with something on a conceptual level. But I 100% support the "actions have consequences" side of it. Many public schools won't allow kids in who aren't vaccinated (not for Covid, but other vaccinations), and the Covid vaccine should simply be an extension of that. Like you said, if you don't want to get vaccinated then that is your right - but you're going to face the consequences of that choice.


A lot of cruise lines are doing this. They can't reject unvaccinated people because Florida, but they can increase prices and give discounts to people who price they are vaccinated. They can give vaccinated people wristbands, and give people with wristbands access to the whole ship, while people without wrist bands can only go certain places at certain times. They can require constant covid testing and travel insurance for anyone without proof of vaccine. The whole goal is to deter antivaxxers from even boarding the ship because that's the only way they can operate safely. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-07/on-cruises-that-allow-them-the-unvaccinated-are-second-class-citizens


Not only is it the only way to try to operate safely, they can run into tons of legal trouble with countries they dock at. The Bahamas requires vaccination proof or testing (PCR within 3 days) to enter the country. So it would be on the cruise ships to check before allowing people to disembark, if they let one person slip through and the government catches them, they could hold the Cruise Line liable.


It’s just been maddening. Excuse after excuse. First it was “fake”, then “just a flu”, then it was “don’t worry Trump is gonna get a vaccine” now it’s “we can’t trust the vaccine”. Pure lunacy. It’s been almost two years of Russian propaganda making the Trump cult pout. It’s like trying to drive the car with a toddler screaming in the back


More like the toddler has one hand on the wheel.


> It’s been almost two years of Russian propaganda 5 years of conservative propaganda has conditioned Republicans to mock anyone who attributes something to a Russian active measures, [but you are 100% correct, and underselling it by decades, in fact.](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/13/science/putin-russia-disinformation-health-coronavirus.html)


>Experts list many reasons for the vaccine slump, but one big reason stands out: vaccine resistance among conservative, evangelical, and rural Americans. No no... there's really just that one reason, and I think the experts are pretty unanimous, it's all because of Trump supporters.


My aunt's husband died of covid Wednesday. They have been very anti-vax, Trump won, full Q nuts. When he got sick, tested positive for covid, they laughed it off. "Oooh, scary covid! I've had worse allergies." then the hospital. She has to get vaxxed to visit. lots of hopes and prayers. Then ventilator. Coma. Death. It took weeks. Aunt is angry, confused. The same day, Fox starts telling them to get vaxxed. She is sad, and enraged. It is all hitting home that- like EVERYONE has been telling them for a year- fox lies to them based on their republican agenda. Now she has to deal with that betrayal along with the unnecessary and preventable death of her husband. Yet she still reacts with anger and hate to "liberals", anyone who was not 100% with her the whole time. It is going to take a long time for them to come down from that artificially induced rage platform.


It will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. To see a loved one die from a disease that could have been prevented. A sad story. Don't be that person people. But if anyone is to blame it is not liberals who want people to be vaccinated but the Conservatives who have deceived her. Why would you be angry at the people who wanted her husband to get that vaccine that would have saved his life.


It’s still mind boggling to me how much of an unforced error the GOP handling of the pandemic has been. If Trump had responded to the pandemic seriously from the beginning, it would have finally let him be the wartime president he so desperately wanted: an unambiguously evil opponent (the virus) to rally around. In all likelihood he would have sailed to re-election. But instead he prioritised keeping the stock market elevated; it seems almost insane to reflect upon. All this vaccine hesitantly and mask hesitancy and conspiracy theory bullshit can be tied to one man trying to keep the market protected, and then doubling down to avoid admitting he was wrong. You can’t bullshit a virus.


Prior to all this i used to be of the opinion that while i tend to swing more Democrat, both sides are as bad as each other. After watching the Trump years, and particularly his handling of the pandemic it is clear that the Republicans are just completely incompetent.


When I was a teenager, I think if someone had asked me I would have given a very “both sides” response to political questions. It just seemed like a reasonable stance for political questions which I wasn’t really informed about. It feels very… fair. But in the past decade or so I’ve actually been paying attention to politics, and talking with more informed people. And it’s made me realise that, while the Democrats have problems (some serious), the Republicans are functionally a saboteur party in the US. They fight against education, healthcare, labor/ human rights, infrastructure, climate change legislation, and democracy itself. There’s a reason the Russians have been so eager to support them, and it’s not because they love America and want to see it flourish.


As someone who’s loved politics my whole life and got two degrees in it, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for wanting to become more informed and engaged. We need more people doing it. It’s hard, you get frustrated and mad and confused throughout the process but it’s worth it to be able to help other people better understand and engage themselves.


The Republican party had always been and will always continue to be the great anchor holding this country down from achieving greatness


Seriously, I think if you are intentionally unvaccinated you shouldn’t be allowed to receive Covid treatment in hospitals. The advancement of modern medicine has greatly interfered with Darwinism. Let these people die if they want too be idiots and put the rest of us at risk.






I am very much feeling the same way. You've articulated it beautifully.




The unvaccinated can go fuck themselves they’re the ones dragging this out


These are also the same losers that threw temper tantrums and refused to wear a mask last year. They tried to overthrow Michigan over a fucking mask. You think these people, who are afraid of everything, will suddenly become brave enough to get a little ouchey shot in the arm?


Their refusal to mask and distance got a lot of people killed last year. America has one of the highest COVID death rates per capita of any 1st world country. Conservatives deserve no sympathy. Edit: for clarity and correctness


It’s baffling how Republicans are willing to let this happen. They need these votes, instead of people dying. You’d think they’d want to save their seats. I drive for Uber here in NJ, and people are starting to get nasty about the masks. Anyways, I don’t feel sorry for people who don’t believe in science. I feel for the kids, they have no choice rn. But those dumb ass adults who can’t read a legitimate article on how this works deserve what they get.


I always wanted a "**NOT ONE RED CENT FOR TEXAS**" option on my income tax forms.


Add Florida too


A bill that mandated spending a minimum of 60% of a state’s federal taxes in that state. Spin it as rural areas not supporting those liberal cities and watch the chaos.


Honestly I feel like my empathy is being used up entirely. I’m fed up with stupid people doing stupid things and then dragging everyone else with them. I half wish the worst would happen to them only because I honestly don’t think they’ll learn otherwise.


Yeah, I'm seeing this among almost all of the otherwise genuinely nice kindhearted progressives I know. I can't count how many times in the past few weeks someone in hushed tones has said something like "I know it's terrible, but I just don't care if they get Covid anymore." Personally I don't give a fuck if they get Covid, hit by a bus, OD on opiates, or get brain cancer. They are harming responsible people for NO FUCKING GAIN. I could almost understand it if they were getting something from it, but their idiocy is hurting them more than me. But the fact that it \*is\* hurting me has made me completely incapable of feeling anything for them at this point. Fuck 'em.


Yup. "Oh well" is my main thought anymore anytime I see these stories of unvaccinated people dying from Covid. 'We didn't think it would happen to us', 'We prayed so hard for 'x' to make it through', blah blah blah. Oh well. I'm over it all.


At this point I save my empathy for those who are at high risk. They want the vaccine but can’t get it. I feel for those people. The people who haven’t gotten vaccinated because they think it’s fake or are too lazy to get it, fuck em.


Should have long ago made a public health requirement to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to group together. Just more coddling of those who act in purposeful bad faith to the clear detriment of public health. If you cannot protect society, you should not be allowed to participate in it.


*Pro-Trump America has decided that vaccine refusal is a statement of identity and a test of loyalty.* Yet these people are also first in line to praise trump for Operation Warp Speed….can’t have it both ways


>can’t have it both ways I see you're unfamiliar with "pro Trump America's" mindset. Cognitive dissonance is their life.




I think the whole idea of Republicans and their vaccine hesitancy is to throw a proverbial wrench into the gears of Biden’s plan to get as many Americans vaccinated as possible to try to achieve herd immunity. Then they can point and say: “look! Biden failed in his goal” and then use that as a talking point. They’re literally cutting off their nose to spite their face. Truly mind-boggling


I’m angry at them. We are so lucky to have the vaccine widely available and other countries would give anything for it. My husband and I spent a year staying in the house. We were in the first group able to get the vaccine and we got it. We thought our nightmare was over. Who ruined it? The ones who refuse to be vaccinated! We looked forward to going to the movies and other things we used to do. Now I’m afraid to go out again. My health is crappy and even a light case would probably make me pretty sick because Delta is so strong.


This is the political party that attacks gay and trans people, denies medical and climate science, worships fascism, claims racism doesn't exist in America, makes mask mandates to protect people a partisan political issue, claims their political opponents are pedophiles while doing everything they can to elect actual pedophiles like Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, and Roy Moore to political office, and so much more I could make this 10 paragraphs just discussing how much evil they are responsible for. I'll tell you what, let's make it a federal mandate that everyone who died without a vaccine who wasn't immunocompromised receives a "sorry for your loss card" with a message that says "thanks for doing the one thing you could do to improve the world: die." Republicans are evil and their suffering at their own hands amuses me. If you have even a shred of compassion for these monsters just consider how many people are **dead** and not just from covid19, but from lack of accessible healthcare every year at the hands of these people.


> Yes, [the anti-vaxx community] have been deceived and manipulated by garbage TV, toxic Facebook content, and craven or crazy politicians. But these are the same people who keep talking about “personal responsibility.” In the end, the unvaccinated person himself or herself has decided to inflict a preventable and unjustifiable harm upon family, friends, neighbors, community, country, and planet. Well put.. hypocrisy is not an alibi.




Reminds me of the story i saw on CBS nightly fucking news the other night. Guy in hospital with Covid says he STILL won’t get the vaccine. Doctor is interviewed right after and says: “how does he think he got treated? Plasma from people who go the vaccine.”


As a healthcare worker, we are put in an impossible bind. We are still obligated to provide care for those who did not get vaccinated. This degree of exposure can put even those who are vaccinated at risk. I am sad and ashamed my fellow Americans care so little about their “Healthcare Heroes”.


Thanks for fighting the impossible fight. It would seems easier to accept if they were only hurting themselves, but the fact they are hurting so many along with them (including the very people trying to save their lives), is ridiculously infuriating. They love to call everyone sheep not realizing they are lemmings.


Yesterday the Florida Governor vowed freedom from mask mandates in schools, meaning my 8 year old can’t go to public school this year. I’m not going to put her in a situation where teachers and other students are trying to lure her into catching coronavirus and she has to say no. That’s… a really nightmarish thing for a kid, I think. And the lesson that your teachers and most adults are absolute morons isn’t really a great lesson for kids to learn, psychologically speaking. I had adults kind of fall apart around me as a teen and it caused me to pretty much hate everyone in authority. And if the whole world was full of people like me, well, that’s not good. I think this will have a serious impact on our societal collapse in that everyone is showing their morals on their sleeve to everyone else. I know who the bad people are now, and it’s a LOT of them. Mostly smug white people, it seems. I don’t know why it’s just they’re the ones who smugly flaunt their “freedoms”. If they get sick and die I don’t care anymore but they will spread disease to innocent people and hurt them maybe my own family. Fuck those people. I didn’t get the virus and I didn’t spread it to anyone. I refuse to participate in this idiocy. But what do I do now? I guess I have to pay for a private school that requires masking.


As an essential employee who has worked through this entire thing, I have no compassion left. I had coworkers who threw temper tantrums about wearing masks and many who proudly flouted the rule when work put it in place. I had listen to endless Facebook propaganda fron those same coworkers. I have a medical history that put me at risk of increased death if I caught the virus and it enraged me to no end to see how little some Americans care for others. I didn't see my family for a year and a half. I didn't go anywhere (including the gym) that wasn't absolutely necessary and even then, I tried to be on and out as quickly as possible. I did everything I could to avoid catching, waiting for my turn to vaccinate. My workplace had probably a dozen people who had it and I had to pray and hope the entire time I didn't accidentally catch it. My supervisor got it that first February and everyone saw how he had to deal with long haul Covid (and I had to constantly and gently remind people of this at work). My eye eye doctor caught it and he ended up hospitalized and almost died. I'm done. Mandated the vaccine. Require proof of it and make it impossible to do anything if you are not vaccinated. I'm done picking up the slack of others, doing my part while others refuse and throw temper tantrums. This last year and a half has killed my patience of dealing with those who choose to be willfully ignorant and unrepentantly spiteful.


>Experts list many reasons for the vaccine slump, but one big reason stands out: vaccine resistance among conservative, evangelical, and rural Americans. **Pro-Trump America** has decided that vaccine refusal is a **statement of identity and a test of loyalty.** What an terrible hill to *literally* die on. "Yep, I'm a fucking moron! Whad'er you gonna do about it!" Next week "Please, please give me the vaccine." as the doctors intubate.


>Next week "Please, please give me the vaccine." as the doctors intubate. [This guy] (https://youtu.be/6mG37KkzTF8) literally was intubated because he didn't get vaccinated and said afterward that he would rather go through that again than get the vaccine "because that's their agenda".