Ted Cruz Is Strongly Considering Humiliating Himself Again

Ted Cruz Is Strongly Considering Humiliating Himself Again


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“I’ll tell you, 2016 was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life,” said Cruz, describing the 2016 presidential campaign, during which Donald Trump accused Sen. Ted Cruz of election fraud, described him as “very unstable,” accused his father of aiding in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and insulted his wife. For all his embarrassment, Cruz (and the rest of the GOP field) got crushed by Trump in the primary, *and then he shamelessly groveled and worked to get the man who called his wife ugly elected to the presidency.*


> “I’ll tell you, 2016 was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life,” said Cruz damn near unlimited money, and people at events patting you on the back everywhere you go. Even if you don't even come close to winning, it's still fun to live on another person's extremely long dime for 1.5 years.


Ah there it is. This explains quite a bit about candidates with zero chance. Thank you for this. It feels so obvious now that you laid it out


Don’t forget the book deal and the well paid slot on The news talking about politics as the “Former Presidential Candidate…” etc


Meanwhile ol Ted Cruz got the SCOTUS to approve further corrupt measures. While we were laughing that he looks like a blobfish in Sinclair Fox media stories defense of Ted Cruz being made fun of for looking like a blobfish... This happened: >#[The portion of the law that Cruz challenged capped at $250,000 the amount of money candidates could seek from donors to repay personal loans to their campaigns. In his 2018 campaign for the US Senate, Cruz loaned his campaign $260,000 — $10,000 over the limit.](https://keyt.com/politics/2021/06/03/ted-cruz-wins-challenge-to-campaign-reimbursement-rules/) >In his lawsuit, Cruz argued that the law imposed “arbitrary restrictions on core political speech.”




What do you mean? It's not an oligarchy, it's a representative democracy. Except that rich people represent more democracy than you. If you wanted to participate, you should have earned more money. You know, to better represent yourself.


>If you wanted to participate, you should have ~~earned~~ **inherited** more money


That's the spirit of conservatism flowing through you! Keep the money where it is and grow it. Did you know that there's a tax when you die?


I couldn’t agree with you more. There is so much shit this country has done to ourselves, including Native Americans, Blacks, Browns, Asians (Manzanar, anyone?), women, and the beat goes on, but holy Jeebuss! As you point out: 3/5ths bullshit and money is free speech? It feels like a Star Trek episode on a forgotten, dystopian colony




I thought a Canadian born person couldn’t become President


Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States


The technical requirement is that the candidate be a "natural-born citizen." Which means being born in the country, **or** having at least one parent who is a citizen. For Ted Cruz, that's his mom.


Pretty sure both of his parents were born on Gleensax-9 in the Andromeda galaxy.


Yea and I didn’t think an idiot could be elected. The terrible possibilities are endless.


Is it fun? The presidential campaign schedule seems like a miserable two year long trip where you’re on a plane half the time and never actually get to enjoy anywhere you go


A lot of them are narcissists and live for the attention.


Narcissists get *jacked* on the serotonin and endorphins produced from all the attention


> Is it fun? The presidential campaign schedule seems like a miserable two year long trip where you’re on a plane half the time and never actually get to enjoy anywhere you go You've been to a parade before, right? Something cool goes by and you cheer. Have you ever been *in* a parade? You *are* the cool thing going by. From that frame of reference, it's a nonstop cheering crowd for five miles. I don't crave attention in any way, but that was a pretty incredible experience.


Never thought of it like that, nice example!


Everyone patting you on the back except your own kid


Plus, if you are into punishment porn where you are the one getting stepped on all the time, then its like a crackhead in a all you can smoke buffet traphouse.


As a Non-American, how can stuff like this happen and criminals go free? I thought the U.S. was about enforcing the law but the fact that these people including the former president who committed treason is still free. In Japan, this would never happen, and I guarantee you they'll be prosecuted if this happens and be shamed by the whole nation.


Sounds like Cruz has a shaming fetish, and we've just been feeding him by roasting his tweets.


Would explain the incest porn link he posted, I guess.


Weird how that just got swept under the rug after a short while. It should have been career ending.


Plausible deniability. Staffers probably do have access to his stuff. Lemme put it this way. I would not vote to convict based on that alone if it were a criminal trial. But weird how his first instinct was to blame his kids for Cancun and that was shown to be a lie huh?


Turns out Ted likes blaming other people for what are almost definitely his mistakes. I guess he's in the right party, at least.


Oh snap


I just remember that photo of Cruz calling people on the phone to support Trump after Trump kicked his ass in the primaries. Cruz lost to a conman, then became his sycophantic wingman.


> during which Donald Trump accused Sen. Ted Cruz of election fraud Curious...


Didn’t he also accuse him of being the zodiac killer, or was that an internet thing?


Was an earlier meme, apparently. [https://www.vox.com/2016/3/8/11179492/ted-cruz-zodiac-killer](https://www.vox.com/2016/3/8/11179492/ted-cruz-zodiac-killer) ​ It's actually a pretty rude accusation. To the Zodiac Killer.


Unless they are the same person. Which they are.


This guy is probably the most spineless politician in the US Government and the people of Texas keeps voting for him. What the hell do people in Texas see in this tool?


As a Texan, I can't stand the guy, but he panders to all the righwing yahoos in the rural areas and exurbs here in Texas - fucking insane.


He knows how to wind up voters with his tweets about how the libs are going to outlaw hamburgers and BBQ or whatever the fuck. They lap that shit up.


When I read or hear about something outlandish, I check it out. When I read or hear about something believable, I check it out. GQPers never check anything out.


Deference to authority and a similar love of strong authority figures is a hallmark of the conservative mind.


While proclaiming the rights of the individual and the badassness of the lone wolf.


Ted watches reruns of Hee Haw to keep up on how to relate with the rural communities.


Like the hamburgers and BBQ, hence the obesity problem.


I live in one of the big metro areas but my parents live in one of the more modest size towns a few hours away, where i grew up. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of obese people here in the city, but it's just unreal how much *worse* it is once you get out of the more metropolitan cores of these big cities. Makes me cringe every time i go home for a visit.


Yeah, I moved from one of the larger metros in Ohio (middle of the pack nationally, AKA fatter than a MFer on average) to Hawaii (perennially somewhere in the three least obese states with like MA and CO, which is to say 1/4 of adults are obese). About five years after I moved, I took a trip home for my stepbrother's wedding. As soon as I landed, I was like "Wow, there are a lot of fat people here." Walking around I was like "Jeez, can't believe how many people are fat here." Then I went to the wedding about 45 minutes outside of town where his wife is from. Outside of my immediate family, I don't think there was a single guest who wasn't morbidly obese. It literally felt like a horror movie.


That’s America, my friend. We’re not even the most obese state in the union.


What is it about being in a smaller town that drives this?


Driving. In small spread out towns noone is walking 3 blocks for a quart of milk, they are driving 15 minutes.




Yes. I live in Houston and we drive everywhere. This city is not kind to pedestrians. Yet a majority of my friends and neighbors are not obese. Whereas in the town I grew up in, most people are overweight. Very strange.


Didn't some conservative on Twitter say that bidens climate plan would force you to drink "plant based beer" God these people try so hard


Not a Texan (I’m a New Yorker)—After he fled to Mexico for ‘vacation’ during the Texas ‘freeze’ I honestly can’t believe he even has a base of support.


It was us no good city folk who suffered the most, so his base doesn’t care. EDIT: a big chunk of his rural deep east Texas evangelicals aren’t on Ercot’s grid, so were fine


All it takes to pander to right wing yahoos is an (R) after your name.


Well, our Governor pissed a bunch of them off last year with his minimal pandemic rules, so now he's trying to out-Trump Trump to win them back for next year's election - including his bullshit wall idea.


Exactly, Abbott is so afraid of getting primaried by a Q that he's going very, *very* far right to have the Rs' loyalty


He even grew a pander beard. Fucking dork.


That stupid commercial where he wrapped bacon around a gun muzzle was some of the dumbest pandering I’ve ever seen…….and He won anyway. Sigh


He exemplifies Republican hypocrisy about "liberal elites" Guy is an Ivy League educated lawyer but he's different from the other elites because he said so? And people eat that crap up.


[Pandering you say](https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/9xcv0t/more_accurate_graph_of_ted_cruzs_tweets_and_his/)


This right here


The entity known as Ted Cruz is trying to prevent Captain Fascist Dan Crenshaw from goose stepping in on his turf.


Barely. Ted Cruz is probably one of the most hated Republicans in Texas, but sadly not as much as Democrats. But check the trends for our senate races: In 2012, Ted Cruz was elected to the Senate 56-40 In 2018, Ted Cruz was re-elected to 51-48 In 2014, John Cornyn was re-elected to the Senate 61-35 In 2020, John Cornyn was re-elected 53-43 Cruz is clearly 2 or 3 points more unpopular than Cornyn, who is about "Average" for a Republican. That's about as unpopular as you can get with the GOP base and still win your primary. But Both have seen 5 to 7 point drops in *less than a decade*. You want to know why the Texas Governor and the Texas GOP are going apeshit? It's because of that drop. That's almost enough to overwhelm their *massive* gerrymandering (they built about 5 points of "protection" into the maps they drew after the 2010 cycle). Which means their 2020 gerrymandering won't get any better -- they'll have to cut margins if they want to just keep steady, and the trends are going the *wrong way*. They're closing in on the possibility of losing *statewide offices* in the next 5 to 10 years. The vaunted "changing Demographics" Democrats have been salivating over for 20 years has, finally, started to arrive. (Who knew it took a generation? Oh, everyone who was paying attention). The Texas GOP is going nuts because they can feel the noose tightening. Moderate, and lose their base -- or double down to drive up turnout. One loses short term, one loses long-term. And god help the poor little souls -- they're losing the suburbs, the one place they *can't* really play voting restriction games on -- it'd hurt too much of their own base.


This sounds like great news until you remember that Jan 6th almost got Mike Pence's head on a platter. Nobody is safe from qanonesque style crazy. Vote people and be part of your political community. There are no rules with people like Cancun Cruz.


I’ve been playing breath or the wild lately so qanonesque made me think their leader is Qanondorf


> In 2018, Ted Cruz was re-elected to 51-48 I will always wonder how it would have turned out if the election were free and fair.


Probably the same. It was a blue wave and Cruz is unpopular, but not unpopular enough to lose a primary. So 51-48 is *best case* for Democrats -- record-breaking Democratic turnout versus average GOP turnout. 53-43 (Cornyn) is pretty much sky-high turnout on both sides, although I suspect Hispanic gains by Trump in the RGV helped a lot. I'm *not* sure that's a long-term trend. I suspect it has a lot more to do with COVID-19 and stimulus checks -- the lockdowns, mild as they were, got heavily blamed on Democrats rather than "reality" and those lockdowns really hammered the already poor RGV.


> This guy is probably the most spineless politician in the US Government *Kevin McCarthy has entered the chat*


imagining a wrestling match where Cruz and McCarthy lie on the mat inside the ring and Gym Jordan officiates as they each try to whine and cry louder than the other


Why would you watch a sex offender referee two blobfish flopping around an arena?


apparently I hate myself a lot


Cruz would just spend the whole match whining that it should be [Ron Perlman and Gym Jordan](https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/06/ted-cruz-challenges-ron-perlman-to-wrestle-jim-jordan.html) instead of him.


It’s not Ted Cruz that keeps getting voted in, it’s whatever Republican candidate runs for that seat. It could be a shaved orangutan that doesn’t even campaign and it would win. People just vote for the letter next to the name on the ballot. And because of things like gerrymandering and other social issues, the Republicans still hold power over the state.


Man, for the amount that being a senator pays in Texas, I’m thinking of selling out and running for Senator. But after some consideration, I really don’t want to be walking around and knowing that so many people around me look down at me like I’m an immoral moron. Plus I have family and friends that I live and I feel like they would disown me. And my better half will probably leave me too. On second thought, not worth it. I have no idea why he threw his life away as a sell out.


Yeah, I'm surprised no liberals has lied and run for congress as a republican. Just tell the base what they want to hear. Once in just say you had a change of heart


Seems like an amazing strategy but you will burn the candidate after their first term. Most candidates themselves try to get multiple terms from a run and parties like to develop long term candidates as incumbents have a huge advantage over fresh candidates in races. Also, after winning and getting power the candidate risks enjoying the pay and power and just sticks with the bullsh*t to stay in office. The big thing is that the Republican base is very exploitable and the Dems need to really focus on exploiting the weaknesses.


Only need to do it once if you have enough candidates running in different states.


self serving, ruthless and cynical. spine would require some morals he has none.


He’s a blob fish. I finally figured it out today. He’s come from the depths of the ocean. Wish he’d return


Abortion and guns. As long as Cruz supports not terminating fetuses, but does support your right to blast away at actual kids and adults, he will keep getting votes.


He is white and hypes guns. Of course Texas likes him.


He also alleges to be a human being


Really the biggest problem in all of politics is no one ever considers other primary candidates for active politicians. Your choices tend to either be voting for the same person you did before or voting for the opposing party. It makes it impossible to push out ineffective politicians.


Isn't rank choice voting a possible solution to this issue?


Don't forget that he is shameless too!


As a Texan, I do enjoy it whenever Teddy humilates himself.


Cruz is by far the worst candidate the GOP could pick, he’s not even the best candidate they could pick from Texas.


He’s literally the worst candidate the GOP can pick for 2024, he’s not even the best Texan they could run


I mean, if they want to run him, let them. Just an easy win for Dems in 2024 lol.


Just like all his other re-elections should’ve been, right? lol, they’re going to vote for him. In fact, he could probably leave for Cancun and not come back until the election, and still win.


I think the fact that D's hate him as much as we do will cause R's to vote for him just to fuck everyone over.


Problem is it appears he enjoys it too


Ted Cruz's sexual kinks are off topic.


I mean we know he pisses his pants on purpose because he likes the warm wet feeling between his legs, but I don't think it's sexual in nature.


And he's definitely not humiliated by it


I have 3 very reliable sources on that, as well.


An oldest, a middlest, a sweet baby brother?


He seems like the kinda guy that likes getting his balls stomped on while he wears women's lingerie. Just a hunch.


The concept of shame is a massive blind spot for this individual..


i actually like tom cruz


He said he "had fun" running for POTUS in '16. Translation: He made money.


Ted Cruz's humiliation fetish is *almost* as widely-known as the fact that he pisses his pants on purpose because he likes the warm, wet feeling against his leg.


Which of his fetishes is more widely known? The humiliation one or the incest one?


You have to have shame in order to be humiliated.


I heard Ted Cruz was the "mystery" guest on Bezos' upcoming flight, something about returning Cruz to his "people".


Bezos and Cruz on the same fountain of fire blasting into space. How do you disable the guidance system? Asking for a friend.


Ted Cruz is one being and not several


He’s ready to humiliate his wife and kids again.


Plus Texas, the United States, men, Cuban Americans, the south, and the human race... Basically everyone whose dad didn't kill JFK.


He's gonna blame his daughters for losing the presidential election, and go on the record saying trump was right, Heidi is kinda ugly. I owe him everything.


You’re assuming Ted Cruz has any shame . The dude has no shame .. so the dude will always put himself to be humiliated as long as he keeps raising money and stay politically relevant ... humiliations has no meaning to someone who has no shame ...


Considering he got caught trying to ditch his state during the freeze, supported the insurrection, and loves kissing Trump’s ass, no one should vote for him in any public office again.


is this the guys with the ugly wife and father that killed Kennedy? according to dim don that is.


When does he not humiliate himself?


And 2024 just keeps better and better /s


When things start going downhill. The weasel will just blame his daughters


Jokes on us. He's into public humiliation.


"Does anybody know what flavor of shoe DeSantis wears?"


Doesn't Ted Cruz humiliate himself just by existing?


Ted Cruz seeks new man to call his wife ugly, satisfy his public humiliation fetish


What was the Al Franken quote? “I liked Ted Cruz more than anyone else in the Senate, and I fucking hated Ted Cruz?”


It must be a day ending in "y".


Wake me up if he does anything admirable.


Good night, sweet prince.


Ted Cruz is a gut maggot that threw his own children under the bus when grilled about escaping to a vacation paradise while his constituents froze to death. Never forget that. Pretty much all you need to know about the man.


No amount of humiliation is enough for this doughe bag


Ted Cruz can’t be humiliated. He lacks the self awareness to notice.


He's not going to get very far. He is hated by the left and is too establishment for the Trump voters. His only core voters are the Trump voters who think Trump was too open about his racism and wish he would have done a better job keeping it veiled under coded language. Romney has a much better chance as a Republican, because there are plenty of more left-centrist types who find him tolerable, and that's a bigger chunk than the "we want Trump but with fewer usages of caps lock on Twitter" crowd.


He’s the Sue Heck of politics. Except it’s not inspiring or even laughable. It’s just pathetic. To be honest, even if he was a decent person. With a decent platform. I still wouldn’t vote for him. He never defended his wife against Trump. And then he just went on and kissed Trumps ass like nothing ever happened. He’s a spineless, bearded, fat weasel. Go away Ted. You can’t sit with us.


Ted (Rafael) Cruz's steps to success: 1. Say/Do something stupid. 2. Blame your family. 3. Blame the democrats for something. 4. Repeat step 1.


I wasn't aware he had stopped humiliating himself.




Our nation is screwed up. This traitor tried to overthrow our government and instead of being in jail he is out free to continue to try and destroy our country


I thought he was born in Canada, can he really run for president? Is there some loophole?


Being born in another country to an American parent only disqualifies you if you're a Democrat, and also born in Hawaii and not another country.


> “I’ll tell you, 2016 was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life,” Cruz added. Same Ted, Same. I too had the time of my life seeing you do nothing to defend your wife and dads honor


Obligatory [“C’mon, TED.”](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mH4yj6YwA2g)


Who will cuck him this time? No, really, who will insult him, his wife, and his dad to later have his dick sucked by Ted?


>who will insult him, his wife, **and his dad** I don't think the dad thing was taken or meant to be an insult.


>I don't think the dad thing was taken or meant to be an insult. Right, because he was being accused of helping to assassinate a Democrat, and that's worthy of praise in Republican circles these days. [https://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/05/trump-ted-cruz-father-222730](https://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/05/trump-ted-cruz-father-222730)


Oh, Trump was complimenting his father for assassinating JFK, got it. That Trump, always so generous with the compliments.


What, he isn’t at the moment then?


The Willam Jennings Bryan of our times.


His wormhood is now central to his political identity, and the sad thing is it’s working for him somehow.


Conservatives can rally behind a spineless coward with the best of them. Ted is their mirror reflection.


“Cruz could of course just stay in the Senate and get embarrassed that way” 😂


Naw, he’s considering humiliating his wife again.


I almost feel sorry for Texas. Almost as much as I feel sorry for Kentucky and Montana


Ted Cruz? The guy born in Canada?


He’s gonna release the tape of trump fucking his wife while he watches?


Best thing about the Canadian born Cuban-American, Ted “Cancun” Cruz running for office is seeing what the Lincoln Project is going to do to him.


Apparently Rafael, a Canuck, enjoys his father and wife being humiliated by his opponents.


Every time he opens that swollen grease trap of his he embarrasses himself.


At this point I’m pretty sure he has a humiliation fetish


That would imply that he is capable of feeling shame or any number of related emotions. There is no evidence to support that assertion.


Vice - always coming in with the spiciest titles for their headlines. \*chef's kiss\*


@tedcruz eat this (\_(\_):::::::::::::::D~~~~~~


One of these days Ted Cruz is going to rip his face off to reveal himself as Ashton Kutcher doing a long con intro of Punk’d.


The man didn't even defend his wife from being called ugly nor his dad being called the zodiac killer. And he would defend Americans?


This guy is a masochist


Historically, being righteously humiliated has never really made a difference in his approach to being in office. Grifters gonna grift and running for an office he can't win is a good one. If he scores a "WTF??!!? WHO won??!!?" ala Trump, he gets to be POTUS. If reason rules & he loses, he's got all those sweet sweet donations from little old Texas grandmas who think he'll protect them from Antifa.


At this point I think Cruz is so repressed he actually gets off on humiliating himself....


You can’t humiliate yourself if you have no shame!


I had to check. Yup. This is the title.


Just came here for the laughs. 🤣


This article has no information , IMHO


Fast forward to the next election and Ted “the zodiac” cruz is the next president


Cruz wasn't born in America.


Let the [’shopping begin](https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/607945082600008714b40c19.jpeg)!


I had no idea he put so much thought into it.


They make good money and they get to keep it either way.


That thing's existence is the humiliation - and Texas, you share that shame.


it won't even qualify as a low point for him, he's done so many epically stupid and shameless shits that failing the GOP's primary is just whatever. the real low pointis for everyone who would vote for him, but then again, this is true of every conservatives candidates at every types of elections.


The title sound like The Onion.


Canadian Born Rafael Cruz rejected by family units again. Ingest lead particles for sustenance fired from bacon wrapped firearm. EOL.


This man is really, *really* delusional. He has no charisma, and everyone but his corporate donors hate him. Even they only tolerate him transactionally.


Perfect headline.


Every time he speaks or shows up in public he humiliates himself, so this isn’t new for him.


I feel like this is a new type of humiliation kink or fetish, politicians running for office knowing they will be humiliated and mocked for months and months until they drop out. Bet he gets a stiffy during public debates, that’s what the podium is really for.


Haha he needs to go ahead and sit down!


He reminds me of a muppet character, I just can’t remember which one.


He humiliates himself every time he opens his mouth.


well he sucked enough of insurrectionist cock. he needs that vote, because he already has every R vote. so it’s happening.


Well I guess trump's @$$ has lost its flavor.


Anytime this loser talks he humiliates himself. He really should plea the 5th and never talk again.


Ted Cruz cannot be humiliated. He called 2016 the most fun of his life and he isn’t lying. He got a lot of attention and power and that’s all his reptile brain is able to register. Shame, embarrassment, guilt, all require some kind of idealized self image, an image of you that you could have been if you hadn’t made bad decisions. Ted does not have that.


How does his wife feel about it? Is she up for being publicly insulted some more only to have her husband eventually kiss the ass of the guy doing it?


Look how easily Bush Jr was manipulated by the rich and powerful. They could offer Ted a third as much impetus to do their bidding. He'd wag his tail, and they'd get even more of our dwindling nation than they asked for. A Republican majority Congress would just pat him on the nose and pass him the pen.


🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 he does it so often, it’s second nature


Every breath he takes is an embarresment