Susan Collins Sums Up Her Scorching Cynicism With a States’ Rights Defense of Voter Suppression

Susan Collins Sums Up Her Scorching Cynicism With a States’ Rights Defense of Voter Suppression


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Senator Collins, furrow your brow and kindly go f%$k yourself. You have no credibility left.


I’m not sure if any of that matters, she just got re-elected. Didn’t she? Not being cynical but we are a broken democracy with zero consequences for anti American policies.


Old angry white woman defends privilege of only old angry whites to vote.


Is she really THAT stupid? Apparently YES.


They actually need her vote against this, so she has to come up with whatever nonsense excuse is necessary to go against this. She is only allowed to vote against her party when it doesn’t matter.


I hope she gets primaried because the nutcase she will be replaced with will lose the election.


Unfortunately she was reelected in 2020, so we've got 5 1/2 more years of dealing with her. Maine really let us down.


She just got 6 more years, last year by a state that went for Biden.


Only because the dem candidate was really weak, and a lot of Mainers fell for the 'seniority' argument in favor of Collins. It was pretty hotly contested, even as far north as we are here.


Lol Collins won re-election by like 10 points. Idk what hotly contested means to you but here we call that a fucking rout.


Poor choice of phrase, I meant there was a lot of discussion & debate before the election, not that it was necessarily a close race in the day. Collins isn't popular, but Gideon wasn't even from here, and Mainers just might be the only people who hate a carpetbagger more than the south.


There should be a Primary Everyone Party. No incumbent seats should ever remain.


No, that's the dumbest shit imaginable


You have a weak imagination, and it says here you aren’t even an American.


That's because I'm not. Welcome to the internet


omg, the Canadians have stolen the Internet. Does this mean we ALL have to be nice now? /s


Turning over the house every 2 years would be fucking stupid.


Which district do you represent?


Pramila Jayapal is my rep and I’ll be happy to vote for her again in 2022.


Why yes! States Rights! In state A only white males over the age of 55 are allowed to vote! Why? Because only white males can comprehend the complexities of determining fairness for the consistency. In state B only individuals who are able to correctly play the 1812 overture can vote, goes to proper breeding don’t you know? Of course this is all tongue in cheek but really…are we digging up this old trope? (Downvote away)😋


I heard that in Georgia in order to log in to a voting machine you have to whistle Dixie.


If you ain’t whistlin Dixie, you ain’t votin.




OMG I heard that as well!


They are a breath away from requiring it LOL


I still can’t believe Maine democrats managed to fuck up in voting her out. I’m so disappointed in my New England brethren.


Morons put someone from away and no inroad into the rural areas up as their leading candidate. Was never gonna happen. The willful ignorance of the party about this state is almost as unforgivable of the willful ignorance of the state itself.


I want to thank the voters of Maine for handing all of us the turd necklace named Susan Collins.


[Susan Collins](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Susan%20Collins) >A cocktail that has been spiked or drugged for the specific purpose of unconsensual sex. Susan Collins is such trash that her name is a slang term for drugged drinks. Mostly due to her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. No one in their right mind would want to associate with her and she's well known to be two faced.


"States' Rights"? States' Rights to do what, destroy Democracy?


Terrible politician. Lacks realistic view of current American politics.