Twenty-one Republicans vote against awarding medals to police who defended Capitol during riot | Congressional Gold Medal vote for 6 January police officers overwhelmingly passes House even as 21 Republicans vote ‘no’

Twenty-one Republicans vote against awarding medals to police who defended Capitol during riot | Congressional Gold Medal vote for 6 January police officers overwhelmingly passes House even as 21 Republicans vote ‘no’


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"The Republicans who voted against the bill were Thomas Massie (Ky.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Michael Cloud (Texas), Andrew Clyde (Ga.), Warren Davidson (Ohio), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Bob Good (Va.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Andy Harris (Md.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Barry Moore (Ala.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Scott Perry (Pa.), John Rose (Tenn.), Matt Rosendale (Mont.), Chip Roy (Texas) and Greg Steube (Fla.)."


That reads like a who's who of conspiracy nuts, sexual predators, Trump™ Koolaid drinkers and plain old idiots.


If you hold ALT and type 0153 it'll insert a small TM in proper format: Trump™


ALT + 8645 = ^^^~~TRUMP~~


I'm on a Mac, the ALT key doesn't work "correctly". Thank you anyway.


Apparently the way you do it on Mac is by holding option then pressing 2. Granted I'm a Windows user typing this on my Android phone so take it with a grain of salt.


How about my Commodore 64? I tried pressing down the left pedal, inserting the CompuCube into Slot B, and entering the user code for "TM", but it just booted up Oregon Trail. Now I have 6 rabbit meats and 3 dysenterys but no trademarks.


I tried that, but I didn't get the ™ symbol on my Atari 1040ST. It *did* spit out two more Fatboy Slim LPs though. It's gonna be a good summer...


I’m trying with my USB keyboard to Samsung smart refrigerator, and the LED screen says ‘WiFi Not Connected’. I’m just going to have a Spongebob Push-Up.


Yeah I just tried it on my TRS 80. System crashed and booted to a white screen. Many pixels but no trademarks.


I had a TRS80, "many pixels" is not a term I would use to describe it. Didn't even have lowercase letters🤣 did have 6 pixels/blobs per character in graphical mode IIRC.


It worked! Many thanks.




How do I do it on my windows phone though?


IIRC, on a Mac, it’s Option 2 for ™ (on my iPad right now and don’t have my Mac handy). You can also find it on the keyboard viewer under the Input menu bar icon. You can also create keyboard shortcuts to type them (that’s what I do).


This whole conversation is like the hardest left turn of any Reddit thread I’ve seen.


Turns out he was Mormon the whole time.


Prune this timeline


I learned something today, so I can call it good day. Many thanks.




Really?™ Really™


Just use HTML notation: &tm;


Reddit runs on Markup, HTML's deformed little cousin. Test&tm; is just going to look like I faceblasted my keyboard.


Test &tm; Edit: No worky.


It's actually \™


Actually, it’s >!Patrick!<


Honestly shocked mo brooks is missing here..


As someone from his District, so am I. I am assuming he missed the vote or something but I don't want to waste time looking.


Speaking of idiots, one guy on that list named Louie Gohmert. He asked if the orbit of the moon could be changed.


The really sad thing is that's not even the stupidest thing he's ever said.


So Republicans.


a/k/a some of the basest GQP pols


A confederacy of dunces. And scumbags.


WE now call thse people the "Heart of the Republican Party"


Flavor-Aid. Jonestown drank Flavor-Aid.


And these people are running the country.


>Mary Miller (Ill.), She is the one who quoted Hitler at the rally before the insurrection. Fuckin Illinois nazi got lucky


What was it Jake Blues said? I hate Illinois Nazis. There might be an expletive deleted.


Most of that list couldn’t out think a bowl of jello.


They are sellouts who are brainwashed to "think" they're right.


Normal lime jello? Jello with fruit in it? Or that 1950s meat flavored aspic with ground beef in it?


All jello is abnormal. Lime, beef, Biafra - all of it.


That’s a solid traitors list!!!


Why am I not surprised to see Human Trafficker Matt Gaetz in there? Man, I love my state /s


Boebert, Greene, and "The Dumbest Rep in the House" don't shock me, either. Its like a "who's who?" of GOP traitors and Qcumbers.


So these are the people receiving a special invitation to visit Moscow this July 4th.


Ron Johnson is going to be their chaperone....given his vast experience in going to Moscow on July 4th to work against the USA.


List of people who need to be replaced nicely summed up there.


Ah the moron caucus.


But "Back the Blue" right??


I figured Andy Harris would be in this list...so sad he has such a strong following here in Eastern Shore MD.


Harris represents one of the most gerrymandered districts in the country. Somebody ought to check his EZ Pass and see how many times he actually has travelled to the Eastern Shore.


I can’t believe that my rep isn’t in there (Budd NC, recently endorsed by trump to take Burr’s senate seat.)


Went looking for their explanation. So I went looking for the Rep of [one of the most ridiculously gerrymandered districts in Texas](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/36/Texas_US_Congressional_District_21_%28since_2013%29.tif/lossless-page1-1920px-Texas_US_Congressional_District_21_%28since_2013%29.tif.png), which also pulls a chunk out (the wealthy chunk) out of the predominately liberal city I live in. ----- Found this PressRelease: "WASHINGTON—On Tuesday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement after voting against the Democrats’ politically charged Congressional Gold Medal legislation: “Today, I voted against H.R. 3325 that awards Congressional Gold Medals to police officers that protected the Capitol building on January 6th. I previously voted in favor of H.R.1085 in support of those brave men and women. However, this legislation has since been amended to include events that have absolutely nothing to do with January 6th. Instead of honoring our men and women of law enforcement, Democrats are playing political games with the tragedy of April 2, 2021, when Officer William “Billy” Evans was killed and Officer Kenneth Shaver was injured by a man obsessed with the Nation of Islam who slammed his vehicle into the north barricade of the U.S. Capitol complex. Because this incident does not fit into the left’s narrative, the Democrats and media have been silent about this attack. **I will always back the blue** and recognize the bravery of law enforcement— they are true American heroes. I will however, not condone this obvious political maneuver by the Democrats." > Chip Roy (Texas): Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is a former federal prosecutor and top advisor to many prominent Texas elected officials. He previously served as chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), staff director of Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) leadership office and senior counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In Texas, Roy was the First Assistant Attorney General under Ken Paxton and served as a senior advisor to then-Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). -------------- Chip, you use the word "always", but I dont think that word means what you think it means.


Ah yes. The "shit show" of the house.


shabooya sha sha shabooya roll call


A list of folks who, if history remembers at all, probably won’t be for anything they’d like to be remembered.


Ah yes, glad to see my state (GA) make the top of the shitheads list with 3 entries.


The usual suspects.


Did any of them say why they voted no? Seems like it would be pretty hard to justify, even if the stated reason is complete bullshit (as usual for the GOP).


Guilty conscious perhaps?


The Trumpian Traitor 21


The usual scum


The same 21 fully supported the presenting the [Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellent Champions of Freedom Award given to Donald J. Trump](https://www.politicususa.com/2021/04/12/republicans-are-giving-fake-awards-to-one-term-loser-trump.html) after his historic election loss.


That is so utterly pathetic


Yes, but also smart. If you need to get Trump's approval to win elections and Trump is so dumb that making up an award and giving it to him will make him support you, then this is a super cheap and easy way to win an election. It's lame and pathetic to anyone that can think, but you aren't after the votes of thinkers.


Sounds like a participation trophy, good thing that will cause Trump to not try his best according to right wing logic


Lol that’s *exactly* what it is. So pathetic.


Well, the GQP is all about participation trophies. Source: Confederate statues.


> Source: Confederate, **Nazi, and Trump memorabilia.**


Participation trophies are a long-held tradition on the right. *Rebel flag has entered the chat.*


Dear lord that's a quite the word salad for a participation award


The new award created just for him is the Champions for Freedom award. The redditor added Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence as a Simpsons reference that many people seem to be missing.


This sounds like a nobel peace prize you could buy on Wish.




Omg, that's too close to the truth lol.


"We have novel prizes at home." Nobel prizes at home:


It that an actual name of an actual award that actually exists?


> This award is presented to conservative leaders who have worked tirelessly to create good jobs, protect the values that make our country great, and stop the Democrats’ socialist agenda.” It’s as insane as it sounds.


Sounds like an award that the 5-member Conservatives Club at a liberal arts college would give out to the member who most needs a resume booster.


They literally just made it up to beg daddy trump to love them.


Yup. Which is insane. I get the stupid populace believing their cult leader, god, messiah will get “rEiNsTaTeD” as president. But these people are supposed to be leaders. I guess leaders of stupid don’t need to be smart 🤷🏻‍♂️. I just keep hoping I’m wrong.


That sounds an awful lot like a participation trophy given to losers.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrxPpjBASPA One of the classic Simpsons episodes.


That's quite the gala, my work would have just put a 2 liter of generic soda pop cola in the breakroom


Trump And Pences Excellent Adventure In Freedom


And they talk about our generation getting participation Rewards


Donald’s participation trophy!




you've... won - yes, that's it - won the first annual... Montgomery Burns... uh... award for... outstanding achievement in the field of... excellence.


Yeah, seriously though, why did they vote no? Who are they pandering to in this case and should this be cause for concern or are they just grandstanding to attract attention?


Their listed reasoning was because of the wording which framed the event as an "insurrection"... which it was.


Only one of them used that weak-ass excuse, throwing in a "it might be bad for their (court) cases" as if he doesn't want those guilty to be punished.


By definition that's what it was. "a violent uprising against an authority or Goverment" Police were beaten, windows shattered, the building violated.. The traitors flag hung up in the capitol.. The only reason no senators were hurt was because of the Valor of the few there to protect them long enough to get into the secure safe room. And they don't want to award thoes who protected them because they don't want to define the action as what it was. It's outright disgusting but not at all surprising. Nobody on any political side should be agreeing with these traitors.


and it is a crime even if, for example, the people funding and planning the insurrection were not physically in the Capitol Building. Like certain generals, police officials and GQP politicians. Garland disagrees however, so nothing will be done.


I love that argument, only because in every context it's a hillarious sounding one to try to make. "Yes I sent a mob to kill you.. But since I myself wasn't there, and the mob missed their shot. No murder or crime was committed!!! You can't arrest or charge me!"


Bin Laden should have used that defense.


Nahh we should only recognize those policemen in defense of the capitol from a large gathering of tourists.


The Republican that barricaded the door shut to keep the insurrectionists out recently compared the insurrectionists to a tour group. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/05/18/clyde-tourist-capitol-riot-photos/%3foutputType=amp Yes, you should be concerned. The experts were warning that the USA was turning fascist under Trump. The GOP has only become more extreme since then. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/authoritarianism-experts-say-time-running-out-americans-to-stop-trump-2020-2%3famp


> Who are they pandering to in this case Trump, obviously. These 21 politicians see a much different future for America than most. They're either looking for favors, or fear retribution from Trump. They are all weaklings bending the knee to a wannabe king. I truly believe it's that simple.


Their base, the same people they'll pander to when it's time for re-election.


Because they hate democracy.


The Republicans who voted against the bill were: Thomas Massie (Ky.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Michael Cloud (Texas), Andrew Clyde (Ga.), Warren Davidson (Ohio), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Bob Good (Va.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Andy Harris (Md.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Barry Moore (Ala.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Scott Perry (Pa.), John Rose (Tenn.), Matt Rosendale (Mont.), Chip Roy (Texas) Greg Steube (Fla.).


How the fuck did Idaho miss the list for once? I am so confused right now


Same feeling when I didn't see Mike Lee on there.


Mike Lee is a Senator. I guess we’ll have to wait for their vote to see.


This the house but I'm surprised to not see burgess, or whatever his name is on the list.


That's what I get for reading while only half awake, lol.


Haha, well he's one of the usual suspects, and I also wouldn't put it past him to sneak in to the vote just to vote no.


I know. I had to go back and read it again to be sure.


I'm happy NC didn't make the list. Was Madison Cawthorne out sick?


If he way out sick I hope he stays that way for a while. Little shit gobbler isn't qualified to work at a gas station let alone in Congress. I'm forever disappointed by other people in my state. How could they possibly vote for *that*.


Thin blue, lying about giving a shit for police officers.


> Barry Moore (Ala.), Any relation to noted hero of pedophiles, Roy Moore?


Mostly former confederate states here…… hmmm weird.


I count at least one pimp and one complete nut head in this list.


Surprised Mast did not make list


Nice to see Indiana not being stupid for once!


So much for Blue Lives Matter


"We meant when you're shooting brown people!"


*Any people who aren't white republicans






So does that mean the socialist Antifa Dems “backed the blue” more than the law and order Republicans? It’s almost like Republicans say a bunch of shit that they don’t actually believe!


Are there any law and order Republicans? They seem to favor lawlessness over everything, otherwise djt would already have been behind bars. Only in America can you stage a violent coup leaving several people dead, and still walk around like a free man.


Insurrection caucus.


Yep. It is literally a list of traitors to the nation.


Far from exhaustive, though.


What confuses me is that many Republicans who voted yes to this, have also stated that the insurrectionists were just walking around taking pictures like tourists. If they were just tourists doing no harm, why do the police need any medals? So which is it? Were they tourists or insurrectionists?


How dare you apply logic to this situation.


Yeah, I know. It’s one of the reasons why I’m not a Republican anymore.


Trying to follow the reasoning of a lunatic will make your head hurt from the inside.


It's a victimless crime among the GOP base. Honoring cops even as they know their allies tried to murder them. Never underestimate how much contempt they hold their voters in.


And so many Republicans say that the insurrection was a BLM/Antifa plot, but refuse to investigate.


Funny enough the dumbasses who voted no were staying more consistent with their narratives.


They still waive confederate flags. They ain’t with intelligence.


_Twenty-one Republicans_ is a terrible name for a band.


I dunno, all their friends are Heathens and they are definitely taking it slow


Riot? What riot? -Republicans


Oh those were just shit-smearing murderous tourists who built a gallows and wanted to hang the vice president, that's totally normal tourist activity.


Guess blue lives only matter when convenient.


Alternate headline: Twenty-one Republicans not even going to pretend they’re not still salty over failure to overthrow Constitution


Fuck you for protecting us from the violent mob we incited!


It’s because these were the 21 who were hoping these rioters would have broken in and actually lynched Pelosi and Pence. Isn’t it obvious? They are mad these police officers did their job and protected the people they have an irrational fear and hatred of.


Anxious to hear what the "Blue Lives Matter" conservatives have to say about this.


"Who cares...there *was* no insurrection, anyway." - those guys, probably.


So they ‘back the blue’ but only when it’s a white supremacist symbol hiding in plain site and don’t care about actual officers kinda thing


Blue Lives Matter! (unless we are trying to completely erase a particular crime from history."




Nah, it would require them believing the attempted coup was a bad thing, when they actually believe it was a good thing and are just pissed it didn’t go as planned.


Is there any pictures/footage of those 21 republicans shitting themselves on the 6th when the dipshits made it inside?


To anyone who hasn't figured it out, all the talk from Republican's about supporting the police and the thin blue line is BS; they use law enforcement and the military as pawns to keep the nation divided.


You become a police officer, do your duty to the point where ppl want to award you, and then your country’s senators sell you out.. talk about a slap in the face


In the GOP that’s how careers are made.


I was going to say that it’s a sick joke, but it’s not even that. It’s just disgusting that our politicians punish first responders for doing their job to their highest ability and sacrifice.


That’s some clown sh!t right there! Vote them out! Protect our democracy.


How do you vote against awarding the fucking officers who protected you when protestors and rioters stormed the capitol? Like honestly, how is anyone okay with this? How is this not political suicide?


They want the American people to forget about Jan 6 so badly. Absolutely shameful. This tactic only backfires and makes them look even worse


Republicans are trash


bLuE LiVeS maTteR!!1!


Aren’t these the “Back the Blue” and “Blue Lives Matter” folks!?!?!?


Checks list Checks out it is the douchebag caucus


What can one say about the Republican vote -- it is a triumph of the will.


Blue lives matter! Am I right?! Fellas?


So much for Blue Lives Mattering huh? Guess they only support cops when they shoot black and brown people.


>Thomas Massie, defending his “no” vote said: “I think if we call that an insurrection, it could have a bearing on their case that I don’t think would be good. If they just wanted to give the police recognition, they could have done it without trying to make it partisan, without sticking that in there.” > >Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia told the media that she also objected to the use of the word “insurrection” in the bill. She said: “I wouldn’t call it an insurrection.” No follow up question: "If it wasn't an insurrection, then what would you call it?" What would they call it? "A peaceful protest that got a little lively." or "An Antifa false flag operation." What would they call it if the exact same thing happened, but the perpetrators were BLM adherents?


I don’t get the logic behind thinking it was a setup to make MAGA look bad by antifa or BLM… to try and stop any process to get the guy they voted for? Just simply to make maga look bad? I don’t think they really need help.


It's just a way to give their tinfoil hat wearing base some more meat to chew on while deflecting any sort of responsibility.


A story you wont see on r/conservative and r/republican.


The amount of posts I see saying “I bet Jan 6 won’t be investigated because the liberals won’t allow it to be known they helped” is staggering. Yep, those dang libs were definitely the ones who voted against an investigation.


So much for blue lives matter, eh Republicans?


Because it would be an omission that jan 6 was in fact a riot/coup, duh ofc they are gonna vote no


Jail them. Clearly unfit.


This is terrible.


So, they don’t “back the blue?” Are they not thankful for their service?


Low IQ party strikes again!


But I thought the GOP backs the blue? Guess not


That 9/11 commission they established for the investigation of the 6th should definitely investigate into all these people who voted against this also.


This was and is not a riot, it is domestic terrorism. Kudos to those cops for being real Americans in the face of literal fucking terrorists storming the Capitol.


Personally I find it amazing at how thoroughly Trump has captured the party that these 21 are willing to forego the typical unwavering GOP support of the police in order to service one man. Not the good kind of amazing mind you.


So I guess capitol police now know who not to protect.


Its kind of telling that none of the republicans batted an eye when Trump gave "Gym" Jordan a Medal of Freedom but here the people who literally protected them from a mad mob calling to kill them don't deserve it. Sounds about right though, Diddle Kids = Medals & Awards Protect America = Kick Rocks and Suck Dicks


I can just see these 21 names and faces in living color on the wall of their locker room with a big red sign above that reads "Do Not Protect".


I don't see why this is even news at this point. Republican elites don't care about anyone except themselves.


Ungrateful **** suckers


These Republicans would prefer awarding them medals for dereliction of duty?


They need that gold to make a Trump and Buffalo Boi statue to fantasize over.




Those 21 names should be well remembered by police officers, should they ever have to make a decision, during the unavoidable next capital riot, about who to protect and who not. Unavoidable, because there aren't any real consequences except for some foot soldiers of whom there are millions.


Very cool. Very legal.


Whatever happened to "BaCk ThE bLuE"?


Like what's even the point of voting no? Usually you know, politicians will vote no to show they are taking a stand on an issue. What's the issue here?


But, I thought blue lives matter? Guess not.


You just can't change some morons.


So help me if Andy Biggs gets re-elected...I'm going to have to do nothing, because quite frankly I don't really have an option to go anywhere else but Az at the moment and he's outside my district!!!!


Did Gym Jordan actually vote yes? Must have sat this one out. Not like he was busy covering up athletes getting sexually abused or anything.