21 Republicans vote against awarding medals to police who defended Capitol on Jan. 6

21 Republicans vote against awarding medals to police who defended Capitol on Jan. 6


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21 Republicans who apparently only "back the blue" when they are oppressing minorities.


And claim they hate Antifa. And also claim it wasn't Republicans but really Antifa. And...also refuse to reward the blue for defending the capital against the supposedly Antifa attackers. ...hey, wait a minute


You've gone at least four logical conclusions further than I would suspect most of the party faithful are either capable or willing to go.


Don't forget that they are saying it was Anifa all along, yet refuse to have that investigated. A great "own the libs" moment that they, for some reason, are not interested in.


Of all the hundreds of people arrested and awaiting trial, there are already less than zero signs of antifa. More unbelievable that anyone even tried to bring up Antifa in the first place. The levels of delusion in the Republican Party are out of this world.


Paul Gosar voted no because he openly supports the groups that were attacking the police on that day. [Link](https://mobile.twitter.com/nickmartin/status/1279518788048744449?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1279518788048744449%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-4184493149952535083.ampproject.net%2F2106030132000%2Fframe.html)




Holds up two pictures.... "They are the same photo"




“Racism isn’t something you’re born with… it’s taught” Francis McDormand - Mississippi Burning


He was definitely taught it.


“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” - *South* *Pacific*


so basically an old republican


Feels almost like if Benedict Arnold was just allowed to come to work still...


Gosar the Gosarian, we order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.


Egon, your mucus.


There is no Paul. Only Zuul.


We need to stop pretending this is high spirits and demand every seditionist in congress pay for their crimes.


Well, Paul Gosar's family openly doesn't support him, so there's that.


I just can't take Gosar seriously. That video with all his family members DUNKING all over him is still one of the GOATs


Don't know much about Gosar and his ilk but they need to be taken seriously. After all they can make or break decisions and on the whole that's pretty dangerous. Never thought it would become this bad.. .


>Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Michael Cloud (Texas), Andrew Clyde (Ga.), Warren Davidson (Ohio), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Bob Good (Va.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Andy Harris (Md.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Barry Moore (Ala.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Scott Perry (Pa.), John Rose (Tenn.), Matt Rosendale (Mont.), Chip Roy (Texas) and Greg Steube (Fla.). #Back the Blue* ^^*Certain ^^limitations ^^apply


I’d prefer to never be on a list with Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Ralph Norman from SC pulled a loaded gun on a woman in a restaurant to "prove" that gun violence is a "spiritual issue" and has nothing to do with guns. Our other Republican US House member's brother is the AG and declined to charge him with a crime. South Carolina politics are a fucking cesspool.


He did *what*?


https://www.politico.com/story/2018/04/06/ralph-norman-loaded-gun-507288 I was going to add a quote from the article, but I couldn’t decide which bit to use. It’s all too good…


I love the bit about mental health being the problem… Hummm, wonder how many dollars in mental health program funds he’s voted against?


The excuse would probably be about not having enough money to do so. Then the next day giving himself a 30% salary increase


They never planned to solve mental health problems because healthcare is not the government's problem. Tbh I think they don't actually use the word "mental health" like we talk about mental health. I think when these Republicans say "mental health" they mean "psychos and crazy motherfuckers", and "a lack of morality" they mean "shitty parenting".


But, since mental health is *directly* what he’s blaming America’s gun violence problem on, and that IS something that is governments job to solve, seems like he’d be only too happy to vote for tons more mental health funding, no?


You assume Republicans are trying to solve problems. As far as I can tell they are only in government for power and to be above the law.


You’re assuming that they think gun violence is a problem to solve.


Pulled out a loaded gun “during a discussion with ‘a group of organized anti-gun activists.’” Sounds like intimidation to me.


Sounds like a coward who pulls a gun on people who he knows for a fact aren't armed. Bet he felt like a big boy after that one.


"Guns aren't the problem, but they are a solution to other guns, which aren't a problem" Hmm


“Rep. Norman’s behavior today was a far cry from what responsible gun ownership looks like,”


What would've happened if someone else had pulled out their gun the moment he pulled his? That would have been a reasonable reaction, right?


> "I’m not going to be a Gabby Giffords,” Norman told the newspaper. “I don’t mind dying, but whoever shoots me better shoot well or I’m shooting back.” Heartless bastard.


Imagine being so accepting of gun violence as a major issue in America that you've resigned yourself to the likelihood of dying from a bullet.


I'm from the UK and didn't know about Gabby Giffords. I just looked her up and read with utter horror what happened to her, and the other victims that day, and then about her incredible recovery. The absolute ignorance on display in this flippant sentence is unreal... she is one of the very few people that have survived being shot, she wouldn't have been able to shoot back despite not dying... qnd she has made an astonishing recovery but has had to work harder than most to do things that this idiot takes for granted, like speaking...then this is the stuff he comes out with. I know there are more reasons, and more nuanced reasons why this sentence is utterly disgusting but even literally it doesn't make sense. I'm sure he's never put even an ounce of effort into trying to empathise with people whose lives have been irreparably damaged by gun violence. The whole argument he's making is fucking stupid... You take his gun away and he's basically admitted that all you have left is a pathetic old white guy who is scared of other people.


Isn’t pulling a gun on someone a criminal offence in the USA? I’m not from that country so I’m not sure


Just conservative things <3


roy moore type of shit.


As someone from a conservative state yeah basically that sums it up XD


Welp. Ya learn something new that sounds like a fucking article from The Onion every day, I guess.


When bizarro world jumps the weird al skit shark on the movie UHF.


Please Democrats use this powerful messaging opportunity to undercut the association a lot of moderates have about Republicans supporting police officers


They don’t care, and will never see anything outside of Faux News.


Billboards. Maybe not as effective as TV, but they're relatively cheap and fucking everywhere. Plaster their districts with aggressive billboards. You may not immediately convince anyone, but you can plant the seeds of doubt in peoples' minds and cultivate it over time. "Why won't Thomas Massie support America's law enforcement officers?" "Why doesn't Lauren Boebert appreciate the bravery of American police?" "Why won't Matt Gaetz #BacktheBlue?" "Why does Louie Gohmert hate cops?" Republicans would do (and have done) that without shame, but democrats have for some reason decided that that sort of mudslinging is beneath them, and that instead taking the high road is an effective counter to it. It's not. You can't turn a gun fight into a pillow fight.


Exactly this. Play their stupid game, their way, and get the results we NEED.


>Play their stupid game Better yet, double down and use their vileness against them. The Billboards should be placed in home districts with pics of the rep next to Matt Gaetz. "What do these two have in common? They don't support the officers that saved their lives." The first sentence should be massive. No rep wants their picture next to Gaetz's in comparison.


Hold on there... They may also not see it in their Facebook bubble.


Zuckerberg can guarantee this


It is literally designed to ensure they don’t


Fox is too mainstream. Were talking newsmax and oann for the televsion.


Fox is the gateway drug to the extra fucked conspiracy theories.


It won’t work. Republicans don’t actually care who is a cop or not or who supports cops. They care about who supports Republicans. As far as Republicans are concerned the cops that waved terrorists in deserve medals and the ones that tried to stop them are the enemy.


They care about white identity politics. Cops who get in their way of that goal are traitors to them.


this is the answer


Same with veterans.


Of course, the point is the break the association in the minds of moderates and independents, who generally like Police even if they want the institution to be reformed


They want to pretend that the insurrection never happened. So by pretending it never happened they have to say “Why should they get awards!!?? They were only escorting tourists!” Or some BS to keep their “it was just a tourist visit” narrative. Even though they said it was BLM or Antifa at first. They keep changing their story I’m surprised the gaslighting has worked this well for this long.


My theory is that people want to think their supporters are deluded or stupid \[which, fair, they are\] but are actually fully aware of the reality that they are racist terrorists.


The point is not to sway the die hard Republicans. The point is to make the current Republicans unpalatable to conservatives. You don't have to turn the entire base to become Democrat supporters, just turn enough to walk away from Republicans.


Republicans do not care about police.


As long as the police are hurting the right people. This was not one of those instances. They care about the police in the same way they care about the military: an extension of their ego. Some instrument that imposes their perspective on "the bad people". I'm Canadian, but I grew up in the US, and I remember watching the lead-up to the Iraq war. I remember the government of France trying to protect American soldiers from being sent off to die for an obvious fabricated lie. And I watched these people respond to that by attempting to _cancel the term "french fries"_. Leave aside the utter brainless stupidity of the idea.. but what was clear to me at that point was this: "Our boys in uniform" is a phrase to them. An abstraction. Not actual men and women who have lives that matter. Many of those being their own children (Republican supporters have a lot of their kids in the military). Imagine that. Sending your own children off to die for a lie, alone in a foreign desert, a foreign government caring more about their welfare than you do, and spitting in the face of that foreign government because you resent them for trying to convince you not to use your own children as cannon fodder.


Yes thats true, but they claim to because it helps them politically. The point is to undercut that


And…they don’t care about being undercut. They undercut themselves all the time, no? Trumpism does not help them politically, it is less popular than it is popular. Trumpism is instead something they hold onto that makes them fewer and weaker.


More people need to realize that conservatives really don't care about any of their talking points or being proven wrong. They'll simply deny any proof presented to them, no matter how ridiculous they look. Their denial of the Capitol riot and the hours of footage really should've been more of a wake up call for America. Rational discourse with these people hasn't been an option for a very long time.


Same thing with the unborn, vets and seniors.


That message has been there all along, Republicans ran on “no socialism” and have for a long time. They’ve been promoting defunding the police and many other things


>They’ve been promoting defunding the police and many other things Yep. While Democrats have been yawping about defunding the police, the Republicans have actually *acted* to defund the police. [First in D.C. last year](https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/12/23/republicans-just-voted-defund-police/) and [again last month](https://www.vox.com/2021/5/22/22448803/capitol-police-security-january-6-bill), and at the state level as well [in Arizona](https://www.azmirror.com/2021/05/19/the-gop-agenda-reward-the-wealthy-and-defund-the-police/).


But the Dems want to redirect some of the police funding to social services better suited to mental health and community. That's what "Defund the Police" means to the left. To the right, it's just the idea of cutting the police budget for the sake of cutting the police budget.


Yeah we had one of our nuttier conservatives in the UK (I won't even name him because he is such a massive [email protected]) claiming the England football team want to defund the police because they are 'taking the knee'. Aside from being disingenuous horseshit, the Tories have been defunding our police for the last fucking decade!!


I’m actually surprised that Clay Higgins from Louisiana is not on this list.


He was actually quite vocal in the Oversight hearing that he wanted to get to the truth of Jan 6th no matter the consequences to his peers ... that really surprised me


It’s upsetting that there wasn’t this kind of conviction in the senate when it came to the bipartisan committee on January 6th.


Is his vote recorded on the matter?


Good point. 427 out of 435 representatives voted. I [checked ](https://clerk.house.gov/Votes/202187) the official record, yep it appears he did in fact vote yes on it and also surpassingly so did Mo Brooks who was one of the speakers at Trump’s rally and is currently being sued over that by Rep. Swallwell.


I think it’s weird that Kinzinger is one of the ones who didn’t vote at all. He was pretty forceful in his criticism of Trump after the insurrection happened.


From a quick look at his Twitter, a chemical plant in his district exploded yesterday, so he might be back in Illinois.


Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for the info!


This is the list of what’s wrong with congress.


Not an exclusive list by any means but certainly a starting point of what's wrong with Congress, especially on the House side.


I'm surprised to not see Nunez on the list


He's more about actual treason, not so much insurrection.


He likes to betray his country in a more civilized fashion.


Yeah my damned state is in that list three times. Fucking Jody Hice. I hope he gets blasted with this during his upcoming campaign for GA Sec of State.


Fuck matt rosendale. Sleazebag that moved to Montana and doesn't represent a single person's interests other than his own. I fucking hate this state


Sone I've not heard of, but also pretty much who you'd expect.


Yeah Gosar, Biggs, Boebert, and Greene helped plan the insurrection. Those Capitol officers got in their friends' way.


Holy cow. I was just thinking, “Damn it, I’m going to have to send a strongly worded letter to my congressman again.” and he’s not on the list. I’m actually shocked.


AKA The Sedition Caucus


They're fine with backing the blue... Into a corner and then beating them to death.


Massie is a constant embarrassment.


>Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who voted against both versions of the bill, said Tuesday that he’s concerned its use of the term “insurrectionists” to describe the mob that stormed the Capitol could impact ongoing court cases. He rejected the notion that the Jan. 6 attack amounted to an insurrection — which Merriam-Webster defines as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” He gave a reason. It's a dumb reason but I like to see at least their reasoning.


It was insurrection


User name checks out


>which Merriam-Webster defines as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” Storming the Capitol, equipped to detain, chanting for the death of the #2 person in government, publicly declaring they were revolutionaries and building a gallows. They literally spelled it out so clearly a toddler could understand. But they were 'tourists'.


He always gives a bullshit reason. He ALWAYS goes the worst direction and always spews some bullshit that will satisfy his libertarian cult voters.


For once, my state isn't doing the stupid thing. Edit: John Curtis (UT-3) didn't vote so I guess we're not off the hook.


Of course Matt Gaetz. The discovery part of his trial is going to be interesting because I’m sure once his phone is seized they’re going to find some shit about Jan 6th he does not want getting out. Edit: If he ever gets a trial because apparently you can pay a bunch of women for sex (one of them a minor) on Venmo and still be a sitting, active member of the Congress of The United States of America.


Well, the smoking gun of evidence was a few months ago, the emails. Nothing is going to happen to this idiot, guaranteed. People say, oh they need a good case takes time to build one, but this is bs. He fucked a minor and admitted it in emails, not sure what other evidence everyone's waiting for, but I think its safe to say, he's going to get away with it, still even has his job. I'm not holding my breath anymore either.


And Pensacola will reelect him, because they would rather have a pedophile than a democrat, for some fucking reason.


Because the democrats are satanic pedophiles. None of that fancy pedophiling for me thankyouverymuch. Plain old pedophiling was good enough for my father and his father before him and is good enough for me. -Pensacola apparently.


"Better to have 1000 innocent children raped by a republican than 1 innocent child raped by a democrat"


For child fucking reasons*


The GOP doesn't care about sex scandels with minors, as long as it's not gay sex. The crime that Geatz committed that has the best chance of being prosecuted is the multiple counts of identity theft, one for every fake ID created using a actual persons ID numbers.


>The crime that Geatz committed that has the best chance of being prosecuted is the multiple counts of identity theft, one for every fake ID created using a actual persons ID numbers. Wait. What the fuck. How is this the first I am hearing about this? Who's ID numbers was he stealing and what for? Can you link to a source?


>An employee at that office reportedly arrived on Monday morning to find driver licenses scattered on the desk, instead of in a disposal basket. She told her boss, who asked Greenberg what had happened in a text message. The text, which the Daily Beast said was dated April 16, 2018, was shared with federal investigators last January, the outlets reported. >“Did you happen to visit the Lake Mary Office on the weekend?” the message read, according to the Daily Beast. >“Yes I was showing congressman Gaetz what our operation looked like,” Greenberg reportedly replied. “Did I leave something on?” >It’s unclear if federal investigators have access to that surveillance footage — Seminole County officials told the Daily Beast and the Orlando Sentinel that surveillance video is deleted after 60 days. >But the reported nighttime rummaging through seemingly discarded ID cards fits with existing allegations against Greenberg. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/reports-gaetz-caught-on-surveillance-vid-with-alleged-sex-trafficker


Here are their names: **Alabama** * Barry Moore **Arizona** * Andy Biggs * Paul Gosar **Colorado** * Lauren Boebert **Florida** * Greg Steube * Matt Gaetz **Georgia** * Andrew Clyde * Jody Hice * Marjorie Taylor Greene **Illinois** * Mary Miller **Kentucky** * Thomas Massie **Maryland** * Andy Harris **Montana** * Matt Rosendale **Ohio** * Warren Davidson **Pennsylvania** * Scott Perry **South Carolina** * Ralph Norman **Tennessee** * John Rose **Texas** * Chip Roy * Louie Gohmert * Michael Cloud **Virginia** * Bob Good


Ah, Mary Miller. The batshit crazy lady who famously said ["Hitler was right."](https://www.bnd.com/news/politics-government/article250501879.html). And whose husband was [part of the capitol insurrection](https://newschannel20.com/news/local/rep-mary-miller-speaks-out-on-backlash-her-husband-faces). Great job Republican voters, some real winners you keep electing.


They are writing a dark page in history, that's for sure. But then again, who wasn't.


Thanks! Pretty much the usual suspects plus a couple I never heard of.


Mary Miller quoted Hitler at the rally before the event in a statement that started with "Hitler was right" and he husband recorded a video that day talking about how they were in a a war against "Democrat Terrorists." Good times.


Im so ashamed of the southern end of our state for electing her, but, it's par for the course I guess.


Bob Good? More like Bob BAD


Scott Perry? More like Scott BAD. Am I doing this right?


Nailed it.


Basically the QAnon candidates who will be the majority voice in the GOP within a decade or two. When they won't need to send their rubes after Congress and can just "disappear" or poison the ones they want silenced.


The QAnon members are some of the dumbest people in existence. Highly unlikely they could successfully pull off any sort of political assassination.


Hey, if Andy Harris is on a list then you know it's a rogue's gallery of awful.


Press have one task and that is to ask each and everyone of these members to answer one question. What are your reasons for voting against this. Do not let them off, force them to answer, if they do not answer, shame them, shame them some more and give them no more air time.


They'd probably be political and say they felt like it was too political


>Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who voted against both versions of the bill, said Tuesday that he’s concerned its use of the term “insurrectionists” to describe the mob that stormed the Capitol could impact ongoing court cases. He rejected the notion that the Jan. 6 attack amounted to an insurrection — which Merriam-Webster defines as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” > >“I think if we call that an insurrection, it could have a bearing on their case that I don't think would be good,” Massie said. > >“If they just wanted to give the police recognition, they could have done it without trying to make it partisan, without sticking that in there,” he added. yup being political and saying it was too political


“an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” Isn't that literally word for word what those people did though?


"I believe these people were there to in fact, HUG Mike Pence. These waters are already bloody because of the capitol police, lets not muddy them as well by making these folks out to be monsters." - Republicans, probably.


Hug, hang? Practically the same thing.


Both words do begin with the 8th letter of the alphabet. Not that I am implying anything.


Well according to the GOP, breaking into a Foot Locker (BLM protests) is insurrection and the government should use the Insurrection Act and get the full force of the 101st airborne to subdue the protests. (Tom Cotton) However, when rioters attacked the capital to try and overturn the election based on conspiracy theories it wasn’t an insurrection. Despite causing all members of Congress (who weren’t in on it) and the VP to flee and hide while they ransacked and stole anything NOT nailed down, it was “like any other tour” given. Right... 👍


I still can’t believe there’s a well known racist literally named ‘Tom Cotton’. It’s so on the nose; I’m starting to think those ‘we are living in a simulation’ people are right.


I read your comment too quick and thought you'd written "on the noose". Which I'll be using from now on while referring to these idiots.


The Republicans seem intent on killing your country a little bit more every day. It's death by a thousand cuts (although it may be more accurate to stick an 'n' in the middle of cuts). If I was American I would be planning my political asylum application right about now because one half of your country has apparently lost their fucking minds.


Yes they wanted to overthrow a democratic election and detain / possibly kill certain elected legislators they didn't like. It was a failed coup. Treason. In their eyes, the election wasn't fair / they were trying to get the "real winner" into office, but...there's no evidence to support that view, so they might as well have rushed Congress to get anyone who didn't win the election installed as POTUS. It's still a coup, even if they were just so misled that they didn't think it was one.


Possibly kill? Fuckers brought flex cuffs and built a gallows. They would have slaughtered half of our elected leaders if they had the chance.


They were there to kill democrats. The republicans mostly don’t give a shit.


Sure acted scared at the time though. Safe at home now, they’re sure they imagined it.


Except for Pence.


And Pence. Though pence has said him and trump just “don’t see eye to eye” on the events of January 6th.


I still can't believe Pence didn't push for 25th Amendment. Fucker sent a lynch mob after him and he *still* backed him up. Long term, the 25th Amendment would have been great for the party. History is going to roast these assholes on a spit because they were too spineless to stand up to a brazenly treasonous, unfit President. Forcibly removing him from office would have let the party move on to battling Democrats without the lead weight of Trump holding them down.


The fact that some people died in this insurrection and they're still downplaying it leads me to believe that if a democrat was killed they would still downplay it, too.


Seriously, how could that bill be worded without including some form of insurrection? The police get medals for..... showing up to work on Jan. 6th?


“Capitol Police are to be awarded medals for being warmly embraced on January 6 by a peaceful crowd seeking a VIP tour of the Capitol Building and personal meetings with lawmakers. One officer was hugged to death by visitors while others were presented with gifts of serious injuries in thanks for their service to the country.”


“Yeah I agree they deserve the medal” “For what?” “...this press conference is over”


"We don't want to call their crime what it actually is because they might get in trouble." -The party of law and order.


"How dare you put into writing the definition of what we did and now condone".


Partisan? Do these conservative nutjobs realize one of these guys' targets was Mike Pence, a hardcore conservative?


“If we call it an insurrection, those who participated in revolting against the government might look like insurrectionists”


They got one of them... >Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who voted against both versions of the bill, said Tuesday that he’s concerned its use of the term “insurrectionists” to describe the mob that stormed the Capitol could impact ongoing court cases. He rejected the notion that the Jan. 6 attack amounted to an insurrection — which Merriam-Webster defines as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.”


I love how they added M-W definition lol


I've done the same when I was a reporter. There are times where you have to drop the objective facade when someone is lying to you - and the American people - in such an egregious way.


If the person you're reporting on is quibbling about the definition of a word, I don't see how quoting the most-referenced dictionary in the US is in conflict with objectivity or impartiality. If they want to talk about the connotation of the word, and how it didn't *feeeel* like an insurrection, fine, quote them, and then quote the people who were getting beaten and stabbed with flagpoles inside the building. You've still done no harm to your impartiality or objectivity as a reporter.


There was a school of thought in my time that the reporter couldn’t inject themself into a piece like that, just report side A then quote side B. About a decade in I saw the folly of that. A lot of modern journalism has dispensed with that, but not always for the better.


Liars are not deserving of respect. If someone tries to bullshit you or straight up tells you a verifiable lie, a reporter should always point out the interviewee lied and provide the contradicting evidence. Decorum isn't worth a shit if all it does is provide cover for liars.


Modern journalism still does it way too much. They rely on the "both sides" rhetoric far more often than is reasonable in order to make it look like there's a real debate between issues when one side is always, intentionally, objectively wrong. Good for ratings though 🙄


I just sent a email to my congresswoman to ask her what in the actual fuck she is thinking.


"I wanna be on the TV!"


I’m assuming my prick ass rep was in this fold, and plan to do the same. Just looking for a list to confirm. Assholes everyone of them


You really think these people care what other people think? Gozar had his whole family in ads for the person running against him.. they have 0 shame now and never will and they will keep getting re elected on the backs of the morons that support them unfortunately.


“Why do you hate police?”


What is going to happen instead is that they are going to only go on right wing propaganda safe spaces and complain that they are being unfairly attacked by the 'librul' media. And that is the extent a large chunk of the country will think about it.


Here are some questions to ask any right wing people you know. I thought it was Antifa disguised as patriots that stormed the Capitol? Shouldn't the officers who defended the Capitol against radical leftists receive recognition? Why would Republican members of Congress vote against this if the previous questions are true?


It's a good list but let's be honest. They know what it was. Even the people replying here with the gaslighting and whataboutism know they are lying. That's why their logic doesn't even add up but they don't care. Their only mission is to muddy the water and confuse people on the fence. Don't waste your time and energy trying to convince people who know they are being dishonest. Work in the people who aren't braindead/brainwashed. Cheers.


21 actual traitors and coup supporters it appears. So nice they are acknowledging their involvement in the insurrection so publicly. Republicans never cared about "blue lives" as made very evident here.


"Doesn't look like anything to me."




It was always a slogan for white supremacy


Dog whistle


> train whistle FTFY


Fog horn


>Fog horn Leghorn.


I say, I say, I see what you did there.


But, but, I thought— never mind.


My only surprise comes from not seeing Gym Jordan's name on the list.


Gym Jordan is a calculating piece of shit. There’s probably a twisted strategy my brain cant understand because I’m not evil to the core like Gym.


Man, if it was democrats chanting "hang Mike pence" you'd never hear the end of it from repubicans


>Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who voted against both versions of the bill, said Tuesday that he’s concerned its use of the term “insurrectionists” to describe the mob that stormed the Capitol could impact ongoing court cases. He rejected the notion that the Jan. 6 attack amounted to an insurrection — which Merriam-Webster defines as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” I think the Treason Caucus might just be more worried with how such a characterization might *affect them* after their involvement comes to light.


Conservative support for cops has always been coded language for suppressing minorities.


So, openly traitors then?


“BuT We ArE pAtRiOtS!”


If you draw an extra line on the P and rearrange the letters, you get traitors. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!


Treasonous slimeballs.


Here are the names of the republicans that opposed the bill. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texa Rep. Bob Good of Virginia Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania Rep. John Rose of Tennessee Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana Rep. Chip Roy of Texas Rep. Greg Steube of Florida


I’m guessing some of them were in on it. Kind of weird to give your opponents a medal for thwarting your plans.


Deny them security.


Wow. Suprise level: None.


I'm surprised, I really thought Gym would be among the 21.


This is the thanks for those who risk their lives to save the lives of Democrats and Republicans alike. There’s no shame in this party.


Evil is like that.


Here are the 21: Lauren Boebert of Colorado John Rose of Tennessee Andy Harris of Maryland Thomas Massie of Kentucky Bob Good of Virginia Louie Gohmert of Texas Barry Moore of Alabama Ralph Norman of South Carolina Matt Rosendale of Montana Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia Chip Roy of Texas Paul Gosar of Arizona Andy Biggs of Arizona Warren Davidson of Ohio Scott Perry of Pennsylvania Matt Gaetz of Florida Greg Steube of Florida Andrew Clyde of Georgia Jody Hice of Georgia Mary Miller of Illinois Michael Cloud of Texas


Of course the three stooges voted against it. Qbert, Gaetz and MTG


Republicans orchestrated the insurrection. It started at the Trump rally where Trump rallied the crowd to attack the Capitol building. Those Republicans are most likey against those officers because they helped stop their coup.


> The other Republicans who voted against the bill were Reps. Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Michael Cloud (Texas), Andrew Clyde (Ga.), Warren Davidson (Ohio), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Bob Good (Va.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Andy Harris (Md.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Barry Moore (Ala.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Scott Perry (Pa.), John Rose (Tenn.), Matt Rosendale (Mont.), Chip Roy (Texas) and Greg Steube (Fla.). Talk about dipshit central here^. All the usual suspects. What an abhorrent bunch of idiots.


Republicans...the most anti-American, inbreds.


The party of the thin blue line, law and order, and police brutality.


Traitors all… in plain view.


Damn, they are evil pieces of shit.


I did nazi this coming.


Why is this political party allowed to continue to exist?