Opinion: Merrick Garland seems to operate as though the last four years didn’t happen

Opinion: Merrick Garland seems to operate as though the last four years didn’t happen


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Obama nominated him for SC because Mitch McConnell recommended him as an "acceptable compromise". I dont know why Biden decided that would make him an AG that would go after republicans. Anyone that thinks McConnell would have named a real "compromise" and not a republican bootlicker hasnt been thinking clearly.


So many people overlook this and think Garland is a knight on a white horse. He is just another maintainer of the status quo.


I wish he could have chosen Preet Barrarah. Such a good dude.


Personally I wanted Adam Schiff, he really showed his prosecuting chops during the impeachment. But I could also see Republicans saying he's a witch hunter


>But I could also see Republicans saying he's a witch hunter So? Anyone who goes after Republican crimes will be a witch hunter in their minds.


Agree. The whole concern with "optics" is absurd when you are literally dealing with people who think Democrats eat babies or some shit. Biden will be the last legitimately elected President we have. And this fuck garland is loving every minute of it seems.


Maybe we need to actually hunt some fucking witches...


What exactly did the pagan community do to you to warrant trying to hunt them?


Its unbelievable how many people wet their pants at what the Republicans are going to do. Although I wish it wasn't the case, this cowardly mindset is regrettably not rare among the Democratic voting base


This. Honestly? Its likely an attempt to "reach across the aisle" again that'll fail. The same way I keep reading these articles about how simena is actually playing some long game and "being obstinate and gathering republican friends" for future votes for Democrat Senate wins. Because right now it doesn't look like it's working out for us in the long run.


No elected Republican thinks democrats eat babies. They’re not stupid, they’re malicious. They think that they can muddy the water by telling their voters that democrats eat babies in order to win votes. And they’re right, they can spew whatever lies they can come up with and voters will eat that shit up - at least enough voters to win their gerrymandered to shit districts.


Who cares what they say.


His district also would’ve replaced him with someone even more progressive.


You say it like it's a bad thing. Adam The Witchhunter Shiff. Sounds fine to me


This metaphor has really run its course and never made much sense to begin with. The witch trials aren’t just a story. People were murdered.


Witches - the magical old crones who eat babies - don't actually exist. "Hunting" them was a travesty of justice. It was a search for something that doesn't exist, and punishment of people who didn't deserve it for no reason. That's what is meant as a "witch hunt." In this case, there are actual witches, who are motivated to make people think that hunting them is illegitimate.


We most certainly could use a Witcher. It’s not a “witch hunt” when there is overwhelming evidence of crime, and corruption. Why should anyone care about what the anti-Democratic, insurrectionist, racists responsible for 600,000 people dying last year care about? We pander to the worst of the country, so they can amass more money and power. They don’t care what anyone else thinks. The GOP is criminal eneterprise, and if the Dems can’t appoint people to hold them accountable, they’re just fascists with extra steps. We needed someone to get us back on track. Not someone that is willing to help the fascists hide their crimes.


I would be thrilled with someone like Schiff.. which is why I knew he would never get the role.


I def watch too much Law and Order cause I forgot Adam Schiff was a real guy lol


He'd make a great AG but he's a political commentator now and would have never made it through the confirmation process.


Oh yeah we wouldn't want anyone who said something inflammatory on Twitter in government /s


I get your point, but Preet himself would agree that you are both understating his current career as well as the role of the nation's AG.


Seriously. I just dont understand how **anyone** can think McConnell's would suggest someone for SC that would **ever** hold a republican accountable. That's pretty much the only requirement for republican SC picks; that they'll always protect republicans. McConnell didnt refuse to hold a vote on Garland because he didnt want him on the SC. He refused the vote because he would have refused a vote on literally anyone Obama nominated.


This reminds me of how both sides were enthusiastic about Robert Mueller being special council for the Russian probe. We all know how that turned out.


With a bunch of people going to jail?


Yeah but also with him not catching the big fish. He deliberately stopped short of reeling it in. He had technical reasons for that, but the problem with those is that they rely on the other side acting in good faith. Does all the blame fall on him? No, it’s beyond doubt that Barr did his best to end the investigation prematurely and spin the results to the point of cover-up. But he could, and should, have played harder than he did.


“Mueller did not use the F.B.I. information as a catalyst for a deeper examination of Trump’s history and personal finances. Nor did he demand to see Trump’s taxes, or examine the roots of his special affinity for Putin’s Russia.” https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/07/06/why-the-mueller-investigation-failed


> just another maintainer Imagine getting ratfucked by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans and then being given a golden opportunity to prosecute the shit out of them while defending the Constitution and not having the balls to do it.


Years ago I was telling people not to bank on rod rosenstein actually doing anything. I pretty much got shouted down because of it. With Garland, I am still debating. I hope he's different but I will not be holding my breath.


exactly. I always thought Garland was going to just be another Mueller. He might do some investigations, but nothing with actual teeth and consequences.


Not a maintainer of the status quo, but complicit with the insurrection. Until the Biden administration generates accountability, this administration is but an extension of it's predecessor as a fascist entity.


Merrick Garland's going to hand the keys to the fascists and then wonder...'What went wrong?'


99% of politicians regardless of party want to try and maintain the status quo because of one thing and one thing only: $$$$$$$$$$$$$


Nobody thought garland was a white knight.


It was Orin Hatch, not Mcconnell (just FYI)


This needs to be the top comment. (Although it’s “Orrin”)


Yep. Orrin Hatch saw him as a " [consensus nominee](https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2016/03/16/background-judge-merrick-garland)"


In 2010, to replace the liberal Stevens, when Democrats held the Senate. Of course the GOP preferred Garland to someone like Sotomayor. That has nothing to do with what the GOP would do when Scalia's seat was up and the GOP controlled the Senate.


Mitch must be laughing into his lettuce at how easily he played the Democrats on this one. The GOP would have been perfectly happy with Garland on the court, but they had a say in it, and so pretended he was suddenly unacceptable, and then just laughs as the Democrats waste him on a position the GOP couldn’t prevent.


The only thing funny is how off-base reddit is on this (as usual). The GOP would not have been happy with Antonin Scalia being replaced by a moderate liberal jurist, when they had the power to stop it.


The flaw in your thinking is that Biden wanted an AG that would go after republicans. Biden wanted someone to return to the pre trump status quo and bring back "DOJ independence". Personally I would like them to go after whoever broke the law (and in this case clearly it was the entire trump admin) but looks like the people in charge just want to forget about it all and move on.


I get the feeling Garland is the type of person who should typically be named AG. I agree that Biden wasn't trying to "eye for an eye" and nominate a political hack for AG who would go after political opponents for any explainable cause. ​ Biden is trying to re-establish the norms in government that allowed America to have a function democracy for the past 100 years... Being an Anti-Trump president doesn't mean being a progressive activist president who breaks all the norms he can to destroy his political opponents.... that type of president would just be a "leftist" Trump...


Relying on norms is how we ended up with a fake billionaire using a mob of complete morons to try to murder his own Vice President and a sizable chunk of Congress in an attempt to overthrow the US government in a violent coup. Fuck norms, we need laws, and severe action against those who break them.


The norms will never be reestablished as long as Republicans keep getting elected. Now that Trump has shown them how much they can get away with they will continue to abuse and rig the system


> The norms will never be reestablished as long as Republicans keep getting elected. But Republicans getting elected was part of those norms. Republicans never getting elected again would be objectively better, but it wouldn't be a return to "normalcy." Edit: Not sure why this was downvoted. Maybe the idea is that today's Republicans are abnormal? But the history of conservatism is the history of white supremacy and class war. A history of support for minority rule. These are very *normal* conservatives. It's always been very *normal* to give racists a seat at the table. Often, a majority of the seats. "Reestablishing norms" shouldn't be the goal, is what I'm saying. The old normal was unjust, too.


Garland is perpetuating the idea that bad faith actors in power can destroy and oppress with impunity. Laws mean nothing without enforcement, and between Bush and Trump the message has been loud and clear: we will not hold you accountable for the crimes and cruelty committed while you’re in power.


There was a Nature study awhile back looking into system collapse and cooperation and cheating. The study found that system collapse due to rampant cheating was almost inevitable, even when you punished the cheaters. That the only way the system wouldn't inevitably collapse and people would continue to cooperate was if you also punished those who might not cheat, but refused to punish the cheaters. We're looking at the dissolution of our country here. We can't just "go back" to the status quo, our government has to fundamentally change if we want to get rid of the factors that have led us to this point in the first place. I'm afraid our politicians aren't going to understand that until it's far too late.


> We can't just "go back" to the status quo Not to mention, the status quo was horribly unjust.


Out of curiosity, is it [this](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-23783-9)? I looked for the study yesterday since it sounded interesting, but I had limited time. At a glance, that seemed like a match but I haven't actually had time to read it yet. I agree, though, that most in Democratic leadership seem to be operating under assumptions that can't be relied on - the status quo they want to return to is gone and a new equilibrium can't be established until the destabilizing factors are addressed. It's like going back inside a house that's still on fire - it risks further undermining public faith in institutions because *we can still see the fire*.


I read it awhile back, probably around 2014, so anything later than that is probably not what I read. If I remember correctly the article stated it in terms of system entropy, and that the study's model found increasing system entropy was inevitable without punishing second-order cheaters. And absolutely. Our leadership isn't composed of dumb people, so it's a bit of a head scratcher that they're going about this the way they are. But maybe some potent mix of confirmation bias and denial is at play.


It sounds like you don't actually know much about Garland. He's right wing, not even close to neutral. Everything you wrote falls apart when you realize you're saying that Biden is trying to re-establish norms from extreme right to merely right wing.


It's not being a progressive activist to hold people accountable to the law. The Trump administration broke many laws and should be punished. I'm so glad I don't teach government anymore because I don't think I can push the BS that everyone is equal under the law anymore.


We also don’t know how much damage Garland is cleaning up and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m willing to be patient because I imagine it’s a LOT.


Also worth pointing out he was confirmed mid-March. It's been barely over 3 months, and I'm sure some of that is just figuring out what the actual fuck happened in the DOJ over the prior 4 years. I know it is frustrating to wait, but honestly he should take his time, investigate and make sure he has all of the facts straight.


I feel this way too. I'm still hoping that what looks like inaction is just the careful, calculated I-dotting and t-crossing that's required to make damn sure these crooks go to prison for the rest of their lives.


Exactly. I think everything is going to be worth the wait. This kinda stuff takes time.


yeah... and would agree but we were sooo patient with Muller, and in the end it was just bollocks.


Seriously. I'm done fucking waiting. We got 2 years to get this shit back together or we'll all be fucked.


Was it? I thought Mueller concluded that were DJT not a sitting president he had enough to justify an indictment, but Bare got out in front of his report?


So now that Trump's not a sitting president and Garland is the AG, an indictment is no longer justified?


I doubt Garland is doing anything. Garland can’t restore norms of our democracy until the people who broke those norms by breaking laws are held account legally. I hope I’m wrong but Garland so far has shown no fire in the belly about cleaning house at DOJ and holding Trump to account for breaking laws. Garland is another Mueller.


Biden made him AG for no other reason than to ‘own’ the Republicans for not voting for him for the Supreme Court. Now we have a moderate conservative as AG who is not pursuing liberal priorities.


nothing he's done is for or against republicans. The two things people are mad about are basic duties of the head of department of justice. It's long standing policy to keep a high bar to release internal communication, and elected officials have been granted westfall act immunity in the past for speaking on personal matters while in office. Neither are fighting to defend Trump, but to put both matters in the hands of the judiciary to determine where this goes next. While he is the head of law enforcement in the country, there is a chain of command; outside of extraordinary circumstances it's a subordinates job to decide who to investigate. What really frustrating to those of us in the bleachers, is that it would be a huge mistake to let anybody know of an investigation before they're ready to take serious action.


Honestly, given their respective records.. Gorsuch might have been better, which is weird.


Exactly. Joe fucked up bigtime and will probably stand by his mistake.


He fucked up when he decided his administration should stand in the middle of the aisle and let centrists write major legislation and gain power. Bipartisanship stopped existing after CU v FEC. The only reason bipartisanship existed was to win elections. Legislators win elections by having money, they get money by inciting panic in your constituents or passing legislation that parties and candidates could trumpet, so as to win elections. You can't win elections without money, and now that the lid has been off that barrel for almost 11 years now it'll never go back on.


He also believed that Trump leaving office would lead to some sort of moment of clarity for Republicans. He was completely and totally wrong.


Yup, Biden's big dream of being the next FDR while going the course he is on, he will be remembered as worse than Jimmy Carter (Carter wasn't bad, just got suckered).


> just got suckered Jokes on you that's the DNC playbook


There was a primary process where Biden was clearly not a good candidate. Many of us warned about this and tried to get some of the 70% non-voters to help put someone good on the ticket. Same as every election.


People wanted "safe" and that’s what they got. Status Quo Joe is going to go down in history as being the one on watch while our democracy dies, and not doing much to stop it.


It should be Status Quo Joes because it’s Joe Biden and Joe Manchin.


I didn't like the pick but I didn't expect Garland to continue illegal Trump-era policies like insisting the DOJ defend him against sexual assault allegations or try to stonewall about his tax returns. It's kind of nuts.


> Obama nominated him for SC because Mitch McConnell recommended him as an "acceptable compromise". That is completely false. McConnell said nothing. Orrin Hatch did. But never said anything in 2016 about confirming Garland to replace the conservative Scalia, with the GOP holding the Senate. He said the GOP would confirm Garland in 2010 to Stevens' seat, when they did not hold the Senate. > Anyone that thinks McConnell would have named a real "compromise" and not a republican bootlicker hasnt been thinking clearly. More nonsense. Garland was a moderate liberal jurist appointed to the DC Circuit by Bill Clinton.


People act like he doesn’t have delicate balancing act to manage. He can’t be seen as “politicizing” the DoJ (let’s set aside the fact that, going back to Nixon, the DoJ has been weaponized by political factions), so he can’t come out swinging against Republicans (it’s going to be against Republicans because they’re the ones trying to unwind all of democracy). He can’t launch broad investigations that could be spun as partisan of his own initiative. And any investigation has to be air tight, which would take longer than 6 months. He’s announced several, high profile investigations already, but to expect the investigations to have begun, finished, and prosecuted within 6 months is absurd. At least give the man more than 1/8 of a presidential term to make everyone happy.




It would also help to consider the mid terms. The post Trump legacy is slowly unraveling, every other week another horrendous revelation. I prefer the DOJ do the investigations with due diligence. Consider the time of mid term election. In 12 to 18 months and with the due diligence, many of these investigation can go public and have a significant effect of those elections. In politics timing is everything. Patience “grasshoppers”, all good thing in good time.


I didn’t want to mention any of that because folks would likely start to accuse Garland and the Biden DoJ of intentionally timing the investigations to coincide with the mid-terms. I think it’s much more likely that karma has excellent timing.


I believe you are right. It will be labeled “political” not matter what we say.


Yes. 100% correct but these guys are not here to actually debate these things based in fact. These are the people who told us "Biden couldn't win" in 2020. Now they are back to try to point out every issue with Biden as an "I told you so" even though they did nothing but undermine his election to stop trump. Biden is of course in a delicate complex position but all these people will ever see is "Biden is just as bad a trump."


Realistically Biden and the democrats have to win every election for at least 4 years to make any meaningful change. That's why Biden isn't doing everything on the progressive check list. He's trying to eat into the center and hopefully win the midterms with his broad economic support for jobs and people.


Yes. Exactly. This is how things work it's not terribly exciting but it's what we need to do. 2018 and 2020 just stopped the raging fire. The next several decades are needed to build back the way we want. But NOTHING progressive will happen if we don't vote in every election.


I guarantee some of these people aren't genuine. It sounds paranoid, but what else would you expect from Russian disinformation than posing as liberals who claim Biden is terrible to try and lower moral and support with the goal of lowering liberal/democrat turnout, further fracturing the country. They know the GQP is destroying the country and they'd love nothing more than to see them take back power and finish off our democracy. No candidate is perfect. They never do everything right, so these trolls jump on everything to try and bring us down. Garland is a good man with a strong sense of justice. Biden didn't and should want a lacky as AG. It's not supposed to be a political posting! Don't fall for it. Stay strong and motivated people! The next couple elections are just as, if not more important than the last and will really shape what this country will look like for decades.


Those darn Russians who are mad that Biden has constantly stated his desire to work with the same party that is "destroying the country." Those darn Russians who are made that Biden's AG has repeatedly defended Trump in lawsuits using taxpayer money. Now come to think of it, maybe the Russians actually care more about standing up to the GQP than many Democrats do


I dont know why you think Biden had any interest in going after Republicans for all their misdeeds.


I mean Biden initially ran as someone who could bring republicans and democrats together, I don’t think he intended for or thought garland would “go after” republicans.


Which after watching the last four years is just incomprehensible. Maybe he’s a bit senile after all. 🤷‍♂️


Wasn’t that Biden’s whole election pitch? ‘Return to normal’ etc? We are getting what we wished for. Exactly like how nobody from the Bush years faced any consequences for their myriad crimes, Biden has continued the tradition of Forgive and Forget.


Yeah, we've returned to the untenable 'normal' that led to the rise of a fascist movement in the United States.   The Democrats are absolutely going to get demolished in the mid-terms and they're going to lose the White House in 2024, and they'll be confused as to why it happened. Just an utterly worthless party.


They won't be confused, they just don't care.


They do care…. About fundraising off outrage.


sad but true, daddy


> The Democrats are absolutely going to get demolished in the mid-terms Going gung-ho on GOP crimes won't win them any extra votes in the mid-terms. You know what will? Infra bills, jobs bills, housing bills etc. Biden has got his priorities and posturing correct.


> Going gung-ho on GOP crimes won't win them any extra votes in the mid-terms.   Letting the Republicans know that they can do whatever they want to try to overturn an election up to and including insurrection without consequence certainly will go a long way towards meaning that those votes don't matter, though.


This. Winning an election won't mean shit in states passing laws that allow the gop to overturn the results.


They are running out of time to get those bills passed. Or at least any acceptable version of them. We will be very lucky if they pass even one of the big bills they're currently floating through reconciliation.


this sounds cynical but they raise more money that way.


stop saying we. I voted for progressives aka Bernie Sanders.... boomers and centrists complained and watched main stream media and pulled back room deals to make Biden the man.


This. it's not like we had any real choice here.


Absolutely. I like Biden but I also remember how highly suspect it was when Buttigieg and Klobuchar both dropped out suddenly and endorsed Biden. Then again, I’m really not sure Bernie could have won the general. Warren was my pick. I genuinely believe she is the best President America never had.


Obama's "we need to look forward" bullshit lives on and will cost us democracy.


Garland stated last week that the #1 priority for the DoJ is the ProPublica tax report. Think about that. Not anything that happened under the last administration, not the Jan 6th attack on the Capitol, not even the Nixon-like wiretaps on congressional democrats. The richest of the rich had their taxes leaked, and that's #1.


Democratic political elites do seem oblivious to the fact that the next Republican will be as conspiratorial, corrupt, and antidemocratic as Trump, preferring a "passing phase" theory that ignores the lunacy of actual GOP voters.


Thats liberals **any** time they're presented with a choice between fascism or making some actual concessions to the left.


Oh, they know that fully. It's just that they either don't care enough to stop it or are complicit in the corruption as well.


I think many of them have been dyed in their own wool for so long that they may see what the GOP a is becoming to be a problem for other people in the future to deal with. They still believe their colleagues across the isle are decent people that will eventually get back to normal. This, obviously, is in complete denial of reality. Plus I think many also fear that if they grind the republicans up, when the republicans regain majorities, they will salt to Earth. This basically ignores the fact that republicans have been salting the Earth since the day Obama was declared the winner of the 2008 election.


That very well may be the case. I suppose either way, it is becoming increasingly clear that the majority of elected officials in the democratic party are ridiculously out of touch and need to be replaced.


Right there is a complete denial of reality happening with most of the old guard democrats.


If this is real case then we have a serious problem. We need someone in that role to, “get biblical on that ass”. Merrick of all people should be well aware of the tactics of the GOP (win at any cost) and should be more than willing to use the full power of DOJ (in at least the way his predecessor did) to enforce the law…


he was recommended by the GOP. He's not what people hoped he would be.


Liberals love to make heroes out of the worst fucking people: Merrick Garland, James Comey, Robert Mueller, etc.


For real. "Just don't be A COMPLETE shitbag" is all that's needed for liberals to exalt people. Liberals have actually been cheering Liz Chaney because she kind of sort of felt that the Jan 6 insurrection was a little extreme. Same with John "Benghazi" McCain. They were even almost ready to forgive McConnell because he kind of thought jan 6 was bad too. It's ridiculous.


Garland is the perfect example of why Democrats lose. They had a prime chance to make a fundamental change to the court, instead Obama gave Republicans a mediocre middle ground olive branch, they screwed him anyways, and then Dems were told to mobilize so this wet noodle could go on the court, and shockingly it wasn’t that compelling of an argument


It’s not Obama’s fault the senate had majority republicans in the senate and that democrats couldn’t bother to show up for the 2016 election (in three states anyways, stupid electoral college) even while knowing there was an opening seat up on the scotus. But emails I guess. Also fuck Comey - his letter reopening the investigation 10 days before the election is likely what cost Clinton the 77K votes over three states which handed the election to trump. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-comey-letter-probably-cost-clinton-the-election/ At the end of the day it is on voters to vote. Already I see people in comments, after literally seeing a fascist in office, cry about Biden and how they won’t vote dem. It’s moronic. Our country gets what it deserves


>Its not Obama's fault It actually is. He admits to that in his memoir The Promised Land. He basically says that his mistake was letting the Republicans drive the narrative of his presidency and that he extended too far with his olive branches, and it all backfired on him.


That part I agree with. I’m limiting it to the Supreme Court seat. He did try to meet them halfway and he reasonable on everything else and they kept fucking him over. With Trump the mask fully came off - they act in nothing but bad faith


Everyone with half a brain knew they were acting in bad faith at the time.


And he was showing that to the country to get people to vote and then all the full and half brains gave the gop control of the house in 2010 and the senate in 2014. Democrats can’t bother to vote, give Dems barely any power, then cry about how Dems aren’t doing enough. Whatever I’m tired of it. I had hoped Trump was enough to get people to see how delicate our system is. I had hoped seeing 600K+ dead, concentration camps, rampant corruption, and seating a 6-3 radical right wing scotus would do something. But nope. Dems still don’t care. If Biden won’t blow them before Bed every night, then might as well give up and teach Dems a lesson, not by voting in primaries and actually creating a bloc of progressives with real power in congress, but by lettering republicans win and then complaint Dems don’t do enough. We’ll just have to wait until more rights are stripped and people feel the full pressure of the pain of authoritarianism before they’ll care.


Democrats don't ever vote in droves the same way the Republicans do, because when power is given, its squandered. Democrats are factually incapable of **not** clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. They're historically aligned to that behavior. Even now with a narrow majority, Democrats are weak as all hell. Republicans shame, blackmail, and do everything dirty in the book to get their own to fall in line and vote in lockstep. Of course, Democrats shouldn't resort to such disgusting, unethical and at times probably criminal behavior. But, there's no shaming of failure to hold others accountable. There's no external pressure to get their party to fall in line and vote for things that matters. Voter attention pan is poor in part because one party is downright evil, but successful--whilst the other is *good*, but fundamentally impotent. You can only believe in something for so long before repeated failures drown any hope you have for it. There's many of us who'll keep going to the polls and voting for the change for a difference. But when Debbie Washerman Schulz along with the DNC moved heaven and earth to put an axe into Bernie's rise during the 2016 primary--the vote LITERALLY flipped the other way and people voted in Trump in part because of this. I know several people who were fiscally conservative but socially liberal, who got so fucking pissed by how that went down with the DNC and Hillary Clinton that they purposefully voted for Trump to tear it down no matter the costs--because they had invested in the idea of Democracy and fair play and justice and then the DNC insulted them at a personal level with their play.


If you don't give a shit about actually fixing anything when you do have power why should people try hard to get you it? The democrats always have an excuse for why they can't actually accomplish anything, whether it is whatever senator they have choosen to take the blame that week, or their own self imposed rules. People were very excited about Obaman and haven't been as excited since given the democrates failure to deliver any substantial change.


Obama should have seated him anyway. "No vote? Ok that means you implicitly approve him.". If the Senate refuses to do it's job then you can't let that break the supreme court. The Senate was given the opportunity to advise and consent. They could hold a vote and vote him down. But no vote at all? Ever? Obama should have tried to push the issue. He didn't because he thought Hillary was going to win anyway so it wasn't worth fighting it.


And then the scotus says that’s invalid and now “Obama tried to steal a scotus seat!” Becomes the narrative. You know he tried that with the NLRB arguing about recess appointments and they slapped him down. Hillary should have won, republicans rat fucked that election. And when he didn’t seat one one like that; perhaps voters should have said “hey let’s have Hillary appoint a scotus justice.” All I saw on Reddit was a bunch of fake bullshit about how she’d appoint some conservative person and the scotus doesn’t matter and emails. Well, here we are.


The point of the comment you are responding to is to get democrats unenthused to vote. So of course your response is 100% correct and grounded in reality but that is not the reason that person commented. There is an effort in this sub to tamp down democratic enthusiasm. It is highly organized and consistent over the past few weeks.


I do not think that any SCOTUS pick was going to excite democratic voters to the polls. Many of the democrats that aren't voting are younger people and a SCOTUS pick just isn't going to motivate them. Maybe had Democrats spend decades preaching that we need to overturn court cases then that might have been more motivational. However, that hasn't been their message, so it just isn't going to resonate like it did for the GOP. The GOP that, not incidentally, has preached (literally from the pulpit) that we need to overturn Roe v. Wade and end abortion, etc.


But it didn't even work for republicans. They HAVE preached Judges Judges Judges for decades, then they shit all over hundreds of years of tradition to ram a SCOTUS pick in a week before a presidential election and they still lost by a lot.


I think it very much worked for them. Evangelicals are very big against abortion, so it was a major deal to make sure that "a progressive," wasn't appointed to SCOTUS. So, ensuring that Garland wasn't appointed was huge for them and they came out for that cause. Doing so also meant that Trump got to appoint a massive number of lower court judges that McConnell had successfully delayed appointments on during Obama admin. Then he got 2 more judges, which ensured the court would remain conservative for decades. So, it was very much successful. There is a reason they pushed Barrett through before the election... they were not going to risk that opportunity to replace a liberal judge. Also, even though Democrat numbers were higher than ever... so were Republican ones. So, the motivation was still there.


Yup. And it's why we need to **vote** like Hell in the midterms. Vote for progressives and leftists in the primaries, because moderates aren't going to save us. They'll forget all their promises the second a Koch waves some blood money under their nose.


People have been voting like all hell since 2008. Despite this "effort", we continue to slide into fascism. People are getting *sick* of being told to do something that generates no results. 2016 was that moment. 2024 may become that second moment again.


It’s constant. They can’t win with ideas. They know they are t the majority. Is all they have left - exploit the system and suppress the vote


I don't think it's a concerted effort or anything, some people are just understandably upset that government isn't doing what they want (happens to everyone at some point) and they want to take their frustrations out on someone. Its unfortunate that they don't understand the political process well enough to point that frustration in the right places and they end up looking for easy scapegoats like the most visible politicians.


I am sure there are people like that but there is also a freestanding effort apart from these people. Much of it from the right.


Take the tin foil hat off. The guy had a perfectly fine point that I agree with. I voted D still. Dems just kind of suck too.


It’s on politicians to give people something to vote for. That’s their jobs. Way too much entitlement mentality in this sub


Or, you know, it's supposed to be a civic duty to vote, like jury duty. It's people like you who frame that duty like it's optional that fuel this insane voter apathy. Make Voting American Again...


It literally is optional. One of your options is to abstain to voice your lack of support of both candidates. Jury duty is mandatory without an excuse. Voting has never been designed to be as such. Give people a reason to vote and they will vote. Tell them they need to vote because they need to stop the bad guys, and eventually they get jaded


How do you ever expect to be represented if you don’t participate? Just because you don’t always get your way doesn’t mean you stop voting.


Sure it does. I throw my support behind candidates I feel represent my interest. If someone doesn’t I don’t vote for them. I make it very clear who I vote for and why.


Democracy is a good enough reason. The issue is too many people feel disillusioned. That's not the fault of voting. It's the fault of evil people who are trying to usurp power away from the public by lying about the voting process. My point is that the lack of civic education has led to people thinking voting doesn't matter. They're wrong. And we need to fix that. And my criticism was focused on the argument that it's politicians jobs to encourage people to vote. I would argue it's the public's job instead.


This is ironic. Entitlement? Entitlement is thinking in a system with two parties representing 300+ million voters that politicians should have to suck your dick every night and agree with every single one of your policy positions, otherwise you won’t vote for them. Ridiculous. In a democracy, the burden falls on the voter. You can vote in primaries to pic. A better candidate but if your candidate loses, suck it up and vote in the general for the person who will at least partially advance your interests. Voters in this country are lazy, spoiled and entitled. “I don’t actually want to do any work, or vote in primaries, and if someone doesn’t have my exact 100% view then I won’t vote for them and the resulting fascism isn’t my fault!”


Yeah it’s entitlement. People vote on their own interests. It’s a Democracy. In a democracy, choosing not to support anyone is an option. That’s why voting isn’t compulsory. The burden of winning an election is on the candidate, not the voters. The voters only job is to vote for what they feel is their best interests. If a candidate fails to win, yes it entitlement to shift the blame to the voters. It’s entitlement to act like people owe your preferred candidate a vote. Now maybe you are comfortable propping up a two party system and getting shitty candidates who have mediocre track records that end up losing down the road to Republicans because people lose faith in them, but that’s your problem. Maybe look in the mirror and reflect on why your party is in a constant ping pong of power with the other side and can’t maintain power and enthusiasm. That’s usually the fault of the politicians. I’m fine with mediocre politicians losing and the party having to figure how to gain back voters to win. It leads to a stronger candidate and party and ideally superior policies.


The absolute first thing garland should have done while in office is get rid of the stupid memo that presidents cant be indicted. Its an undemocratic, fascistic piece of garbage crafted by a different criminal president. The fact that he didnt do so instantly was already troubling. At this point, im just praying that hes choosing to remain silent because the investigations are going and not because hes a spineless coward.


Not surprising considering his position is supposed to appear as non-partisan. Doesn't mean he's ignoring the issue.


The article says he directed the IG to investigate the issue. That's how the issue is supposed to be dealt with.


A president’s first Attorney General is not always the best one and sometimes needs to be, um, reimagined.


System protek system


Garland was the wrong pick. He’d rather the DoJ rain corrupt than hold Republicans accountable. Biden should ask for his resignation and put someone in who will actually work towards justice.


Sally Yates could have had us on track by now. Garland is the absolute wrong person to clean up the criminality trump left behind. Also, Garland seems afraid to do the job right. he’s Mr. Rogers and we need the terminator.


Garland is no Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers was willing to stand up and fight for what he believed in.


We know he's tough on IRS leakers! Meanwhile, Trump is thumbing his nose at the world.


Garland wasn't brought in to clean up Trump's criminality. He was brought in to disrupt domestic terrorists.


Both he and Jerry Nadler are so milquetoast it hurts the party. They act like sternly worded memos and conferences are what to bring to a disinformation battle against democracy


I had wondered why Schiff wasn’t given the AG spot. Then the shit with him being part of Trump’s horseshit surveillance came to light. If he’d of taken it, and then gone after Trump, the GOP would’ve cried that he should recuse. That said, we still need an AG with the sack to actually take Trump and his cohorts down. Can we summon RFK?


Writing the history for someone who has been in office for less than three months seems a bit premature. Considering the damage done to DOJ by the prior administration, Garland has a lot of work to do. Fixing a department the size of DOJ is not something to be accomplished overnight.


Holder in 2009 failed to hold any of the W. Bush administration accountable of their crimes and Republicans learned they can get away with any crime so long as it's big enough and political. Now in 2021 Garland is doing the same thing. Failing to prosecute Trump and his administration of criminals will lead directly to the end of Democracy as we know it.


Merrick thinks he is honest and serious... he forgets that the other side is not, even though he is not in the supreme court because the other side is not...


Well he was a centrist Obama appointee, Fox news might call him a radical lefty, but he probably just wants to maintain the "status quo", in the middle.


I don't know how anyone could have watched 8 years of Obama and think he out smarted Rs and McConnell. They put his agenda to almost a complete halt. I mean the most obvious elephant in the room is that Garland isn't on the SC. Check out this thread: https://twitter.com/AJentleson/status/1403133540359979012?s=19


A number of people invaded the capital building to hang/lynch elected officials under the direction of Donald J Trump, but let’s go back to “normal.” Good luck! 🤞🍀


Again, no urgency from the Democracts side. One of my biggest issues with them. We're going to keep slipping next time a Republican is in power.


This is how fascism takes root.


He’s been on the job for THREE MONTHS.


Yeah. The rush to give him a pass/fail grade is absurd.


People seem to think the AG can just act without evidence that can be proven in a court of law.


We need a strong leader in that position...not a slow thoughtful middle of the road judge.


A lot of supposedly good people are. And it's not just the last 4 years... go back a decade plus. It's been bad probably even longer. But I feel like things really took a turn with the creation of the Tea Party circa 2009.


Should have picked Doug Jones...


Absurd. He obviously loved the past four years and is helping the GQP seditionists run out the clock.


Just because Biden and Garland don't tweet there thoughts every 25 minutes doesn't mean that nothing is getting done. I think people might be used to the constant leaks to the press during the Trump administration, so things seem to be slower because there is less noise. Maybe things are quieter at the moment because more people are back working within the system, hopefully the kind that brings some justice. I hope I hope I hope.


I know he probably thinks its the higher road to do his job as the law dictates -- but what is the point when bad actors use that to their advantage? Honorable, but someone speak to this honorable fool.


If the modus operandi of the GOP is “Gaslight, Obstruct, and Project”; then the DNC is “Distract, Normalize, and Conceal”.


Because he's part of the problem. Anyone surprised he's helping cover up predecessor's crimes? Corrupt helping the corrupt


It's not political to go after criminals. They just happen to be the red guys


Opinion: The Washington Post gives way too much space to the rambling opinions of attention-seekers when accurate reporting is still something they haven't fully mastered.


After 4 years of the DOJ being heavily politicized, I can understand an approach of moving forward. But pretending the last 4 years didn’t happen is now how you move forward. You’re head of the Department of *Justice*. If crimes were committed, bring them to light and bring that justice to those criminals.


It’s 1 big club, and we ain’t in it. The oligarchs protects each other. The illusion of a 2 party system has been destroyed by this pandemic/ Trump


We’re sleepwalking towards the death of our democracy and Biden, and the AG aren’t doing anything. It’s pathetic


Just another old white guy, lol.


They all do- we need young people in leadership roles now


People forget, Obama promoted him as a centrist in attempting to appoint him to the supreme court. What else would a centrist do?


“They haven’t unfucked all of the past 4 years in 4 months, so they’re all losers who pretend it didn’t happen!”


Remove him! There’s no time to be wasted!


It’s almost like the democrats haven’t taken anything seriously in at least 30 years.


He is, as we’ve always known, about as unbiased as a human can be. To a fault. Same type of demeanor Mueller had. It’s a belief the system will survive and take care of itself regardless of who is attacking it


Or maybe he operates as thought the last 50 years happened, Trump used the system that was in place, he didn’t set it up which says a lot about our system.


I understand the desire to make the institutions look normal and functional, but you can't go through a major organizational crisis like the last four years and just try to pivot back to doing things the old way like nothing happened. Feet have to be held to the fire. Wrongs have to be writed. There has to be accountability for the people who thoroughly violated the system and institutions you supposedly love. You have to draw an unquestionable line. That's how you restore the institutions. Not by just trying to push past it. And yes, ik, optics. They're gonna accuse you of being political anyway if you're doing your job because there's no way they don't get caught up. If it's between being called political and being called ineffective, I'll take political all day. All that said, it's only been a couple of months so I'm willing to see how stuff goes given time, but this isn't the most positive start.


Maybe people should see what the full picture is before leaping to conclusions? Just because something doesn't happen immediately doesn't mean it isn't happening.


Yes but there is a concerted effort to try to get democrats not to vote in 2022 if you have not noticed.


Guess you missed the announcement last week of beefing up the civil rights division and adding a bunch of lawyers and investigators tasked solely with ensuring voting rights. But sure, he's just sitting by letting it happen or something.




Yet was "liberal" for the Moscow Mitch


Duh. He’s there to preserve the empire


He's pretty useless, no surprise there.


But think of all the bipartisanship appointing a republican to AG generated! Totally worth it!


Joe Biden = Neville Chamberlain


People voted for “back to normal,” they got “back to normal.”


The most bizarre disappointment. If Nazi Germany were just allowed to resume all normality, including their military after WWII. There's a level of strangeness, where you know it simply has to be due to something you are not privy to.


Is radical centrism a thing? I feel like it should be a thing.


Wait you mean the moderate republican judge is defending republicans? I'm sooo shocked.