Believe Mitch McConnell: Republicans Will Never Confirm Another Democrat-Appointed Supreme Court Justice

Believe Mitch McConnell: Republicans Will Never Confirm Another Democrat-Appointed Supreme Court Justice


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In some places this is called dereliction of duty. In other places you could call it blocking the President from fulfilling his Constitutional duty. Or in otherwords, Turtle declares "fuck you and the constitution, we do what we want!"


The "Americans voted for a majority republican senate" bullshit will come out, even though Republican Senators get half the votes that Democrats get


What you mean by half the votes? The GOP gets far fewer than half by benefitting from all the country yokels voting for the GOP - remember each and every state no matter how small will get a vote. Thanks to that stuck up asshole Manchin we are looking forward to a lame duck president outside executive orders and budget re-conciliation. Oh, just for the those that still live in fairy land: the first thing that the GOP will do once the are back in power is to get rid of the fillibuster at the first opportunity. I am sure Manchin and Sinema will vigorously protest such an outrage


>I am sure Manchin and Sinema will vigorously protest such an outrage Manchin will write an Op-ed maybe


“Hey, no fair.” That’ll show ‘em.


I wanted to drop this here to show everyone “THE PLAN.” This was written a couple of years ago, but it applies. [Original Comment ](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/b4wkhu/trump_isnt_smart_enough_to_understand_how_the/ej9lhva/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) This is why Republicans tolerate Trump. This is why they shield him from consequence, refuse to impeach when he demonstrably deserves impeachment, why they bend the knee to him. Whenever you ask, "but how could they... [insert incomprehensible Republican thing here], the answer is because this is what they're doing behind the scenes. They are thinking in much longer stretches of time than you are. They are conceiving of the next twenty years, the next fifty years, and they're using the power they have now to ensure they retain that power then. It has always been about this, the control of the federal judiciary, the one branch of government that they realize is insulated from the will of the public, which largely despises Republicans. Everything the Republicans do - the goals behind the goals - are about protecting themselves from Democracy. Gerrymandering does this. "state's rights" is selectively enforced to benefit them., the propagandization of Fox News insulates them from voter outrage. Voter suppression guarantees fewer votes by people who vote against them. Citizens United enables massive corruption that disproportionately benefits the more corrupt of the two parties. And finally, the grand finale, the theft of the judiciary, who are not elected, who rule for life, and who are largely the most influential branch in terms of controlling and changing culture. Think about what SCOTUS has done. Desegregation. Abortion rights. Equal treatment for women. All the major societal shifts originate at the Supreme Court. Because your only recourse, as a citizen, outside of voting, when the government infringes on your rights, is through the courts. They are the ultimate decider in conflicts between the citizenry and their government, and they cannot be voted out, and you cannot appeal to a greater power than SCOTUS. They, more than any other branch, have a direct, measurable, and profound impact on the course of your life. Republicans know very well that the picture of their party in the near-future is one of total collapse. No one likes them. They're unlikable cretins appealing to fringe minority groups and religious zealots just to scrape together some coalition of voters to retain some power. They'll have fluctuations - they love to tout that Trump did better with Hispanics than Romney - but these are not sustainable fluctuations. They're losing generational battles. Their propaganda network - cable TV and talk radio - has very little sway with newer generations. They will not capture any votes from upcoming generations, and their own demographic is rapidly dying, hastened by their own cruel and neglectful policies. This is all they have left. McConnell sheepishly grins as Trump spouts idiocy and treason, and then gets back to the real work of stacking the federal judiciary. They have now stuffed 20% of the federal judiciary with conservative zealots and counting.. Trump has been extraordinarily active, more so than almost any president, in stuffing judges in. And Republicans own the Supreme Court, once again, thanks to Mitch McConnell's egregiously unconstitutional denial of a liberal President's SCOTUS pick. And they have a good chance to just barely hang on to a Senate majority, meaning they can reject future SCOTUS appointees if a liberal wins the Presidency in 2020 and continue to cling by their claws to their power. McConnell, let me remind everyone, is the man behind Citizens United. His lawsuit, which ultimately failed, was nevertheless the blueprint for Citizens United, which took up the mantle of the work he started to bring it across the finish line: His crusade against campaign finance reform culminated in the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling eliminating limits on corporate spending on elections, which McConnell followed up by blocking legislation to disclose the identity of large donors. Even before that ruling, the spread of big money in politics had done so much to sour the public on government, creating a ripe target for the Tea Party and, later, for a billionaire populist running against “the swamp.” But McConnell is no true genius. He's just a puppet, the public-facing figurehead of the network of zealots and uber-rich who dangle the entire Republican party on strings and make them dance to their whims. Neither he nor Trump are monolithic figures. They're just goons, foot soldiers working for a much larger organized cabal of donors and corporations and organizations. These people all work together. They coordinate, they plan, there is a strategy. They do not give one fuck about legitimate governance or about any of the puppet theater you see on CSPAN or anywhere else. This is not where anything real happens. The real plans are laid in the back rooms of conferences between lobbyists and legislators, in late-night phone calls and behind the scenes. They practice incessant slight of hand to distract you with one foolish bill or one bombastic politician, and meanwhile they break and rewire the country as you look the other way. Right now in this country there is a massive network of conservative lawyers and individuals and organizations whose entire existence is about finding exactly the right case to bring before the Supreme Court to get changes they desire codified into law. And don't think for even one second that people from the Federalist Society like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh aren't briefed in advance. These people were born and raised in this conservative machine. They are soldiers, tapped by the Powers that Be to step up to the front lines of SCOTUS and fulfill their function. The Kennedies of the world make you think they're moderate, but they just vote that way when the case is not essential to The Plan. They are patient, they can wait. And when a case like Citizens United comes along, that's when they strike, because they know the truth ramifications of their decision in that case, because the case was tailor-made to produce that effect. Trump has literally no idea who these people are. He has outsourced all his decisions on judges to the Federalist Society. These judges sit on the bench, waiting for the signal, waiting for the perfect case, and they'll sit there and pretend to be impartial and pretend as though they're the perfect portrait of the neutral reading and interpreting of constitutional law, and then they'll vote in the way that they always planned to vote, for some draconian of byzantine piece of legislation they always planned to vote for, and society will be that much worse for it. We, all of us, need to get wiser and smarter. You need to look behind the bullshit on TV, the surface politics, the lie, and look to the plan. You need to realize what Republicans are doing, how they're doing it, and vote and engage in civic action to disrupt the plan. Republicans don't give a fuck about Trump. He's a flash in the pan. He'll be here and gone one way or another, nothing but a humiliating black spot on the nation, but they'll have used him up and tossed him out and gone on to the next scheme, further enshrining their power in a space where the votes and wills of the people can't touch it. Let me leave you with an analogy. We all know the story of Bernie Madoff. The man who conned the nation, stole billions, and was finally brought to justice for his crimes. But what few ever understand is that it was likely a few billionaires behind the scenes pulling Madoff's strings. These people were getting 20, 30, 40% annual returns on their investments, and were far too rich and savvy not to understand that can only happen illegally. As Madoff describes it, and as the facts likely bear out, Madoff was a toady, a public face enabled by these men to scam millions of people and funnel their money directly into their accounts. One of these men committed suicide, but none of them have ever faced justice. They are rarely named in the Madoff scandal. Trump is Madoff. McConnell is Madoff. They're the ones that take the heat. But they're not the power, they're not The Plan, they're just foot soldiers, they're the right hand waving in your face, when you need to pay attention to the left hand holding the dagger, hidden behind their back.


Thank you! I've thought this for years! You can see the pattern going back to Reagan. But with Trump the GOP dropped the "we are for small government and fiscal responsibility" BS and now they'relike fuck it. Trump is so crazy that anything the GOP does looks rational


For a little smidgen of TLDR, They want control of all three branches of government in order to eliminate any sort of check and balances. AND it’s written down that this is the goal.


Great post! Yes beer judge and Bible lady are yet to have their finest hour.


I love waking up to Manchin op-ed pieces on Sunday’s. /s They are fucking soul crushing.


I just want someone to remind me what exactly West Virginia adds so critically to our country’s engine that one of their Senators can hold the government essentially hostage. Same goes for Kentucky. All the federal government does is send those two states checks to cover GOP mismanagement. I’m fucking sick of it.


Yeah that'd be the majority of the South unfortunately.


With the benefit of 160 years of hindsight, I wish Abraham Lincoln had said, “OK, See ya. Careful of the door on the way out.” Edit- I suppose the warranty expired on the Louisiana purchase. Pity.


No, what should have happened was the Union executing all the leaders of the Confederacy upon winning the war. Plus, outlawing any use of Confederate symbolism, outside of approved museums. Lincoln started the trend of leniency for seditionists and traitors. Look where it's gotten us.


No, he’ll sell his vote to the highest bidder.


He doesn’t care, he will be well compensated


They won't get rid of the filibuster. The GOP's entire so-called policy can be done with reconciliation. Keeping the filibuster in place is their primary line of defense for whenever they lose their majority, since its apparent that the Democrats won't ever get rid of it. The only way legislation is ever going to pass anymore is if Democrats get a supermajority, which looks impossible anymore thanks to the GOP's voter suppression laws.


They’ll get rid of it if they have to and people like Manchin will never be put on the spot because it won’t be up to them- they wouldn’t be the tie-breaking votes in this scenario. Democrats have several “centrists”, Republicans do not. I appreciate that Mitt Romney spoke out against the cult and said Trump should have been convinced (before it was cool to say he should have been convicted) but he’s still the same Ol’ Mitt and he’ll vote party lines from here on out. 0% chance he will vote to end the filibuster.


Say what you want about Mitt Romney. No really. Say what ever you want. Theres nothing there. Our only hope is Jesus teaches mercy and people like me are fucked once they decide "god is love" really means "white power."


Fuck mitt... he is bad as anyother Repub. he talks big and his walk is in step with the rest of the GOP. so fuck him.


This. totally. Remember the shutdown in 2019? The republicans could have easily avoided it by removing the filibuster in the lame duck session of Dec 2018. I recall Trump demanding it get done but McConnell saying fuck off (in polispeak)


Their is a possibility their voter suppression could backfire. The biggest hurtle is the senate and gerrymandering considering the GOP is in good position of redistricting. Not to mention people generally don't vote in presidential elections let alone state and local ones.


The biggest hurdle is that no one with a brain or skill moves to republican districts so we're constantly held back by the stupidest Americans.


You know what, why are we buying this bullshit anymore


We're not, but Cletus who lives rural Alabama with 2 cows says Trump is the bigliest, so now we have to do what the GOP says.


Since the Republicans have come out and have shown their true hatred of minorities and everyone who are not straight they pissed off a legion of voters and future voters who are fed up with being hated in a country that they are not accepted in and they know their votes and voices have to effect change . African American people died for the right to vote and have been denied opportunities in the workplace and getting educated and places to live and I believe know what kind of power they hold in their hands by banding together and exercising their right to vote.


I don’t think people realize how conservative some portions of Asians and Latinos are. Counting on the minority vote to grab a majority just doesn’t happen the way most would think it does.


That's nice and all, but those pissed off voters need to actually show up and cast ballots if they actually want to make a difference.


How will that make a difference once the GQP puts in its laws saying the Republican legislature has to certify all votes in a state?


In a fair and noncorrupt election system, this is all it would take. The US does not have one of those, it has heavy gerrymandering, disproportionately large representation of rural and low population communities, massive voter suppression and disenfranchisement for minority communities, and for presidential elections an institution that exists purely to add an additional barrier between the voting populace and enacting their will. What's the point of saying stuff like this? Pissed off voters already show up and cast ballots, the whole system ground up in many states is designed to remove the effect of those votes. Voting more won't fix that unless we fix the systems themselves.


> Their is a possibility their voter suppression could backfire That's why they're switching from "subtle" tactics (well, subtle to people who are ignorant or outright in denial), and instead starting to adopt more overt measures, like the "if we pretend to think there's voter fraud, are can just change the results" bills they're pushing right now in multiple states.


It's worse than you think, in 2018 Manchin won his seat with a little less than 300,000 votes, not won by, but total votes..


For perspective, since some people have difficulty picturing numbers of people, that’s about three top-tier college football games. Three stadiums, .08% of the country, effectively voting on whether voting rights and a widely agreed upon as necessary infrastructure plan actually happens for the whole United States


That’s what enrages me. Local yokels literally running the WHOLE FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. My high school AP History teacher sure as shit never touched **this** clusterfuck. Neither did my college History or Poli Sci profs.


That makes me sick to my stomach


Don’t forget to toss in the US still pitching coal at the G7 because it may effect mining jobs in select rural eastern regions. So the planet gets to push on ahead with more coal, because a few WV coal miners want to carry on their great great grandfathers tradition of being a coal company man.


Gawd, me too. It’s basically just wadding up the entire USA and the Constitution, and Joe Manchin and the GOP wiping their hemorrhoid pockmarked asshole with us


And “president” Manchin is deciding to block his own party’s agenda... let’s be real, he’s dictating the shit out of everything right now and fucking democrats for 2022.


follow the money…


He wears the jersey but he isn't on the team.


"half the votes that democrats get" would be a 33.33% to 66.66% divide.


In 2018, senate Democratic candidates won 12 million more votes (representing around 58% of votes cast in the senate races nationwide) see https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/08/democrats-republicans-senate-majority-minority-rule and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Senate_elections,_2018




Thanks for the correction. Frankly it’s absurd considering that 17 million number represents over 10% of the entire USA electorate.




We need to keep these progressive voters engaged, every year. Retired boomers have nothing to do but show up at the polls every year, not just every four years.


It's also irrelevant since a big chunk of the US doesn't have a Senate election in a given year. In 2020, for instance, Republican Senators received about 2 million more votes than Democrats. But some of the biggest states like California, Florida, and New York didn't have elections that year.


That's actually pretty close, I think it was 44% of the population for Kavanaugh despite their majority, and that was before the democrats flipped some seats (in the more populous states)


How can you say such a thing when Republicans got over 8 trillion votes and the Democrats only got 20!




Pretty much this. The reason the Republicans didn't get rid of the filibuster was because they didn't need to pass legislation to meet their goals. The moment they need to do that, the filibuster is gone, and they get a 2-4 year head start on Democrats.


Right. Status quo benefits them, even if they don’t get more.


The GOP won't get rid of the filibuster if they can avoid it because they tend to vote together so they is unlikely to be a holdout like Manchin. They will try to hold on to the filibuster because it is much more a detriment when the Democrats are in power than it is to the GOP. What I do expect the GOP to do is hold up any bills that might need a 60 person vote then force more things into the reconciliation bills. If the senate parliamentarian tries to push back about what bills can be put into reconciliation, Mitch will just fire them until he finds a toady that will rubber-stamp it. All the while shoveling as many far right judges into as many seats as possible so that if the Dems do try to challenge Mitch's overreach there won't be anyone to turn to.


Sort of. McConnell will not bring anything to a vote unless he knows it’s an *election* winner. The Senate GOP does not vote for anything contentious because Ol Mitch has promised that his colleagues will not have a record to defend. That’s it. It’s about winning and winning only. Being an incumbent is absurdly easy when you have no votes to justify.


Mitch always said he wouldn't push anything he knew the President wouldn't sign. For someone so knowledgeable about Senate procedure, I guess he somehow forgot that the Senate can override a veto. ...he magically remembered that very obtuse procedure at the end when Trump refused to sign the defense spending bill. Who'd thunk it?


I think Biden would do what Obama should have done and sat whoever he wanted if republicans did this. Just say they didn’t do their constitutional duty to advise and consent


Sadly for some reason only the Republicans can ignore laws, precedents, and the Constitution and that just be normal.


yep. Say, "If you don't hold a vote in 2 months, we will take that as you have no problem with this candidate and will proceed". that's how legal notices are done all the time with name changes, etc. post a classified ad in the paper.


Things are sufficiently different now that they will vote, and will vote against ANY candidate that is proposed. They’ve learned there are no consequences, so what then?


Then they're clearly not participating in a democracy and we just eject them from the country, duh


What Biden should have Harris do is what he personally should have done in 2016-- march into the Senate chamber and invoke the authority as President of Senate to usurp control of the proceedings. Then recognize a Democratic senator who puts forth a motion to consider Biden's nomination. If Republicans object, force them to vote by roll call. Then immediately after the roll call is completed, have another Democrat move to reconsider. Make them vote by roll call again. If that fails, have yet another Democratic senator move to reconsider. Continue doing this over and over again, for days, weeks, until the Republicans are so worn down that they accept that they must proceed to a substantial discussion of Biden's nomination. It can go on indefinitely as long as you have at least one Democrat agree to change their vote to 'no' after each roll call. (Only members who voted on the prevailing side may move to reconsider.) As the ex officio presiding officer, there is nothing the GOP could do to stop Harris from burning up every second of their floor time with pointless repeated votes. The Democrats wouldn't really even have to be there as long as they keep enough people in the building for quorum. (And if quorum isn't present, that still blocks the Republicans from doing literally anything else with the chamber.)


Only problem with that is the GOP would love it. They don’t want any work to get done, and then they’ll just complain to their base that the evil Dems are obstructing them from doing any good work. Which they didn’t do even when *they* had the majority, so…


It's beyond time for Democrats to stop worrying about what the GOP base thinks of them. They're always going to think SATANIC SOCIALIST LIBERAL BABY KILLERS. It's time to go for the procedural jugular and shut this this down.


You forgot “Jewish”.


Anyone who buys into the shit Moscow Mitch and others peddle about Democrats wasn’t going to ever vote blue anyway so their perceptions of the Democratic Party are irrelevant.


> Continue doing this over and over again, for days, weeks, until the Republicans are so worn down that they accept that they must proceed to a substantial discussion of Biden's nomination. So your plan is to effectively filibuster the Senate *for* the Republicans? And you think they're going to get 'worn down' by the Dems doing their job for them? I guarantee you, the Republicans would be more than happy to allow a Democratic-controlled Senate get absolutely nothing done; especially if its the Democrats making themselves look like the obstructionists in doing so.


Context is important. This would be something they'd do if Republicans controlled the chamber.


Who would have thought that the founders had to add a sentence in he constitution saying that the Senate actually has to do its job.


Everyone always talks about lizard people while we've been ruled by a turtle in plain sight for 40 years.


The thing is, McConnell can argue he is doing his duty by voting in accordance with his constituents. They don't want a liberal justice. He believes his duty is to stop Biden at all costs. There is no more "People elected a president in a different party so we should let him enact his vision." There is only "If you're different than me then I take you down." The GOP doesn't have any semblance of collegiality left.


Trump is the symptom of an incurable political STD. He is not the cause


Biden should just nominate 4 justices. Even if they don’t get a hearing, just claim that they can now be seated and sworn in. Then allow them to rule on the case as to whether it’s constitutional that they are or are not Supreme Court Justices.


The sad thing is that would be less of a conflict of interest than most of the justices on the court have right now with litigation before them.


Don't be so Republican. Nominate ten new justices. Who gives a damn what the other nine think.


At this point one needs to wonder what exactly is wrong with Justice Breyer.


Breyer is under the mistaken impression that the legitimacy of the Supreme Court hasn't already been completely and totally destroyed.


The elite live in a complete fantasy world


“Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” - George Orwell


Of course they do. Have you seen Elon Musk? Christ-alive! What a jackass!


Until it's in history book, it doesn't count to them. They don't see the cliff because they're too busy looking back at how far they themselves have come.


Breyer, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Manchin all need lobotomies for thinking they can still play patty cakes with the Republicans in 2021. They’re out for blood and no one cares. Really glad I turned out twice in Georgia only for McConnell to still control the Senate.


They're old. Old democrats, regardless of their political inclinations, grew up during a time when cooperation between the parties was expected. They simply have not adapted - and maybe cannot adapt.


It really boggles the mind. To get to the political level of Biden or Pelosi, you have to be savvy and you will have survived your fair share of backstabbing and irreconcilable blood feuds. But maybe there’s some survivorship bias where people who pass all those obstacles think that they can beat all future similar opposition by repeating old strategies? Establishment politicians also surround themselves with young staff, at least at the secondary level but maybe don’t listen? Or there may be some “rock and a hard place” lock-in when looking at constituents. Centrist Boomers like my Dad still believe in the status quo but also will swallow the Fox News narrative when/if Dems go too hard. Regardless, **several** former democracies have fallen to right-wing oligarchies in the 21st century and we’re definitely on that pattern (although the US must be doing something right to not have fallen yet…) I think it plays out a lot like this: The right wing decides to consolidate power through populism, cronyism and by discarding the rule of law. Centrist liberals are taken off guard by the change and can’t adapt in time to shut down the Zerg Rush of illegal and norm breaking strategies from the right. (Especially including building ethics-free right wing media monopolies.) Eventually, the far left is further radicalized in reaction to the ever expanding right and what they see as the stalled center and the far left breaks away from the liberal-left coalition, but this totally ensures victory for the right. And once the newly lawless right has power, they rewrite the laws to ensure that they can’t be booted ever again by any means.


They already did it in Missouri. Second issue: The voter suppression laws that are being passed; they know they’re unconstitutional. They aren’t meant to be permanent, as they expect them to be challenged. They aren’t permanent laws, just laws that work long enough. Of course if the goal is achieved, then the laws can get ignored and stay on the books, “just in case”. Edit: clarified two separate thoughts and spelling. Kind of.




Insurrection comes with the penalty, by law, of being barred from federal office for life. Democrats are so fucking complicit with it that they handwave it away so the insurrectionists can continue to insurrection from places of official authority.


>I think it plays out a lot like this: Reality is a bit less favorable towards liberals. Generally liberals often belong in right coalitions more than left coalitions, because they agree with economic policy of most conservatives but really hate the economic policies of social democrats and socialists. Here in Sweden liberals have always been allied with conservatives. This election we formed a centrist coalition government of centrist social democrats + liberals, in order to keep the neo nazi party out of power. Now the liberal party are breaking the centrist alliance in order to try to form a government together with the conservatives + former neo nazi party. So the issue isn't as much that the crazy far left are abandoning the left, as much as it is that liberals already de facto stood to the right and would much rather deal with the regressive social ideologies of the far right than make any concessions for the lefts economic policy.


It’s not their age that’s the problem. It’s their employer.


If you want to say dems control the senate you’d have to believe joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are actual democrats which is definitely a stretch. To get anything substantial done dems needed more than this razor thin “majority” in congress in 2020


What really gets me is, the democrats DON’T have 50 seats. They are a Coalition, of 47 seats, 2 semi-Democrats and 1 Independent (Sanders). Just call it a coalition government.


Theres actually 2 independents


Angus King (ME) baby represent!


We are appointing liberal judges, if we didn't control the senate that wouldn't be the case.


I think by the first full week of July we'll be in a position to know who on that list really wants bipartisanship at any cost, and who only wanted to be "caught" in attempted bipartisanship.


Why that timing?


The Supreme Court term ends late June or early July. If Breyer was going to retire, he’d do it between then and October when the next term starts hearing cases


What about the first week of July? It seems everyone’s showed their cards by now and democracy is as dead as guys who wrote the constitution.


Because while everyone following along politics on at least weekly, if not daily, basis knows the Senate GOP isn't negotiating in good faith; the vast majority of likely voters, much less eligible voters **do not** follow politics that closely! Therefore there has to be an extended period of mostly performative haggling before these people can be convinced that Democrats are willing to be reasonable, while the Republicans are being unreasonable. Otherwise, they will think the Democrats are the ones being power hungry and reactionary!


I shit you not: If Breyer refuses to retire while the Dems hold the Presidency and (very narrowly) the Senate, and then he dies when the GOP controls, and his seat then gets "McConnell'd" like RBG's seat... I am fucking done caring about national politics. It simply will not be worth it anymore. I'll worry about myself and the left can keep on losing & losing and I'll just be rolling my eyes. Breyer is a selfish jackass if he refuses to retire under Biden. And SOON. Like it should have been done the day Biden was sworn in. Any of these old Democrats (either Vermont one, eg) could die tomorrow. God, the Democrats...


Older Democrat here. I’ll give you one guess what’s going to happen. But, please... don’t give up hope. The old guard Democrats are absolute fools, but the younger generation sees Republicans for what they are. Give up hope on the old fools, but keep fighting alongside the young Democrats. They’re actually a pretty bright group of courageous people. I’m hopeful when I look at them.


Eh, Democrats and Republicans are working together to ensure all peaceful recourse is exhausted.


Dems are sooo dumb. I just want to scream in their faces GET RUTHLESS.


AT this point the GOP openly abdicated its duty to do what is best for the union and devotes all his energy purely on the establishment of a single party state. Mitch better hope that hell is only a fairy tale


As old as he is why is he still so obsessed with being a hater? He’s about to die


I completely agree. Why wouldn't he just retire and enjoy his few years left. On that note, Joe Biden is in a similar situation and should just go for broke. Ram everything through, executive orders all around.


Some people are just addicted to power


I don't think Mitch knows the meaning of the word "enjoy".


[Well, there are some exceptions](https://www.thecut.com/2020/10/mitch-mcconnell-unleashes-terrifying-ghoulish-laugh.html)


He is cancer in human form…just blindly eliminating anything in its way just because. It’s really more anarchy than anything else at this point


GOP is so jealous of CCP.


You can watch this is real time. Go to /r/sino and check out their comments for protestors. Now go to /r/ActualPublicFreakouts and check out their comments for protestors. [Surprise!](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/480/271/851.png)


That sub needs to be banned


All the "justice" subs are like that. Buncha gleefully vengeful psychos who found an outlet to feel righteous about their guilty pleasure.


I wish I hadn’t looked 😞


But then where would I learn what the latest dog whistles were? Where would I get my daily "Imagine if the races/sexes were reversed?" Where could I see grown adults coping so pathetically over the fact they couldn't mod publicfreakout? I live for the; >You'll never see this on /r/PublicFreakout +803 >>You mean this top post right here [Link](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/)? -105 That place is like where lies and reality just blend together until it's one steamy pile of shit, it's truly magical to behold.


I used to go on there and try to engage with the people there. It's like trying to criticize Trump on r/conservative.


It’s funny, I subbed to it when it was first created. Because I loved the idea. r/PublicFreakout had been boring me with the constant reposts. But then as r/ActualPublicFreakouts grew and I navigated the comments, I realized it was just a cesspool of the far right. The mods are even worse. I couldn’t unsubscribe fast enough and I hope it gets banned at some point for the hate that it cultivates.




He'll be replaced by someone just as bad. The day the Republican party dies, then perhaps we can breathe a sigh of relief.


The Republican Party isn’t going anywhere until the democrats actually start standing up to them. They’re letting the minority rule instead of getting it done 51-50.


How can the filibuster not be unconstitutional when it puts undue burden on, if not de-facto supersedes, the President's Article II powers to appoint Supreme Court Justices?


McConnell found a loop hole. It said that the Senate has to meet to approve a Supreme Court Justice. He then decided to just never meet. That way the nomination was in limbo and never voted upon.


I'm arguing that choosing not to vote is unconstitutional. The appointment is subject to the consent of the Senate, not the consent of the Majority leader. They must give or decline their consent, they don't get to opt out of that clause.


It does not explicitly say they have to have a vote. It's a loophole, and the Supreme Court would have to rule on it. Yes, the same Supreme Court that they used this to put a person on the court. It's not unconstitutional until the SCOTUS says it is because as written, it was assumed that they would hold a vote and it's unthinkable that they wouldn't.


If the Senate refuses to act, the President should take that as a sign of consent and appoint his or her nominee via executive order. Then let the Senate file suit if they so desire. Play offense, not defense.


Yeah that darn constitution assumes the elected officials work in good faith.


> the Supreme Court would have to rule on it. My point is that if they block a Biden appointment, he should take it to the SC.


Maybe I'm a naive idiot, but I'd think even conservative SC justices would not be in favor of refusing to vote on a SC appointment.


Agreed. The Senate refusing to act at all is neglecting their constitutional duty.


The entire republican approach to governance for decades has been to refuse to enforce laws they don't agree with, to hold up appointments to key positions or to appoint people to agencies specifically to undermine their missions. The R's have been increasingly brazen about this, and the media haven't been very good at exposing this fact, even though the primary constitutional role of the executive is faithful execution of the laws. SCOTUS knows they are a minority party right now and would only do something about this if there was major pressure or negative consequences for not doing so that outweighed all the perks of flouting the laws. Considering their lawmakers are solely owned by corporate interests hellbent on deregulation at any cost, the likelihood of this happening is exactly diddly.


Trump would’ve won if he got only 45,000 more votes in key states. If we were facing his second term there is no doubt in my mind that Republicans would control every branch of government until the republic itself falls.


Then the conservative court will just say, "Nah, were not going to take that case."


They only need four of the nine to agree to take the case, so it's really about whether Roberts chickens out.


He might not *want* to take the case in the name of democracy. He knows that on issues that can fundamentally alter our democratic structure through SCOTUS judicial law, it’s better to leave the issue unresolved than let his more extreme conservative peers resolve the issue.


I still don't understand how did filibuster change from having to talk for many hours about nothing only for the vote to happen anyway after they done talking, to merely saying the word filibuster and it magically stopping all legislation


The old men who made the rules decided they didn’t want to stand anymore


“I declare filibuster!” “Hey. I just wanted you to know that you can't just say the word "filibuster" and expect anything to happen.” “I didn’t say it. I declared it.”


Would really cut into the six hours of fundraising they do each day


It was a consequence of other rule changes around the filibuster. Specifically the problem at the time was that filibusters of civil rights legislation in the 60s were holding up *everything else*. You see there was a requirement that the senate could only deal with one matter at a time, and so until everyone had finished their talking filibuster of, say, the voting rights act, literally *nothing* else could get done. No court appointments (even minor ones), no other matters of senate business that would take a few minutes or an hour, but were important to keep the wheels of government moving, nothing. So they changed the rules to allow the senate to deal with multiple matters at a time, shelving one temporarily to move to another and so on. The unintended consequence was that since a senator couldn't be actively talking to filibuster a bill and also voting on some other matter at the same time, the requirement for a senator to be actively speaking continuously to filibuster a bill got dropped. At the time they didn't foresee it ending up with the situation we have now -- filibusters were only used as dire measures of last resort, and they couldn't really imagine it being used routinely.


They got away with blocking Garland & they switched their reasoning for Barrett and the majority of citizens of this country didn’t blink an eye. In fact, McConnell & the GOP have obstructed every piece of Dem legislation since 2010 while manipulating & distorting the rules or changing their meaning to suit their purposes. Crickets from the majority, especially those with greedy/racist/privileged blinders on, while the MSM pretends that what GOP is saying could possibly be true, acts as if there is no hypocrisy in anything McConnell does & repeats GOP claims about Dems. Ex: During Obama’s term, McC not only blocked Garland, he blocked 100’s of Obama’s Federal court appointments. During T’s presidency, McC filled all of those seats - many with far right judges. Near the end of T’s term, McC said he was very proud of his obstruction because he knew all the appointments confirmed by GOP would make the courts conservative for next 40 yrs. In other words, he’d “packed the courts”. Did MSM discuss this at length? Talk about the hypocrisy? Analyze the impact? Explain why some of these appointments were extreme? Absolutely not! But when McConnell claimed he was afraid that Biden would “pack the courts” if he were elected, what did the MSM do? It hounded Biden & his spokespeople about whether or not he would do this. Even then, they did not mention McC’s hypocrisy. It may be more subtle than the lies that we find on Fox or in social media, but this type of reporting has an impact on the knowledge base of independents & moderate Dems in particular. We need a renewed stronger Fairness Doc, since Reagan stripped it during his presidency.


Not only far right judges. Far right judges in their 30s.


If this wasn't obvious in 2016 then you're naive.


I'm not American, just following along for the insanity. Why is it that the Republicans seem to constantly play hardball while the Democrats are playing t-ball? Whether they are in power or not.


Because it's easier to destroy than it is to build.


If this theory were true, then Democrats would be equally good at being obstructionists, but they're not. When the GOP gets power the ram shit through. 3 SCOTUS seats in 4 years. Massive tax cut for the wealthy. The list goes on an on. The problem is Democrats still want to play by the rules and the GOP burned their copy of the rule book decades ago.


The theory is true, the reason why Democrats aren't obstructionists in the same way is that Democrats by and large want to build a functional state with something resembling proper and respectable governance. Like you said yourself, the GOP burned the rulebook, the Democrats want to make the rules work. One destroys, the other does not. For Democrats a Pyrrhic victory would be antithetical to their ideals, while Republican victories are Pyrrhic by design.


I legitimately think there’s a fundamental personality trait difference between republicans and democrats. Republicans would watch the world burn if they caused it. Dems would be like ohhh noooo let me help, if that’s okay?


Almost like being unapologetically callous goes hand in hand with fighting progress that levels playing fields.


100%. They’re scared of change


Mainly because republicans don’t fundamentally change anything. It’s a lot easier to stonewall than it is to attempt to legislate.


Their change comes in the form of entropy, letting everything else crumble as they hang on to their gains.


Except for abortion rights, trans rights, freedom to protest, the right to vote. Other than that, you're spot on, the republicans don't do anything. If that's not doing anything, then what the fuck do you call what the democrats are doing?


The big problem is that the Democrats represent a lot of vaguely similar groups, whereas Republicans just represent one very unified group. If Republicans do something shady, they can rely upon the fact that they won't lose many (if any) votes because the only thing that matters is *winning*. If Democrats do something shady, they can easily lose half of their constituents in the next election, because liberal voters care about being *right* (for their particular value of "right"). As such, Democrats can't cut corners or play by their own rules, while Republicans are under no such limitation.


I think if democrats started playing fire with fire with the republicans they wouldn’t lose votes. Then letting republicans walk all over them loses votes imo


It's not hardball, they executed the umpire.




Mitch is weak. He is not the source of this, focusing your ire on him is part of their ploy. Its a distraction. Mitch would not be able to do this without the right wing media farming "grassroots" support among the right. He would not be able to do this without most of the other Rs also being bought, their campaigns paid for by a decidedly small amount of people. He is nothing without the ultrarich. We need to keep our eyes on the ball - this is the cause of the ultrarich, not freedom of thought from R politicians - they have none. Lobbyists craft their bills, right wing media craft their talking points. The Rs are weak alone. But the ultrarich is paying for all of this, they are pushing this regressive, divisive agenda. They are traitors to America, impeding anything that does not help the ultrarich more than anyone else. The ultrarich are the ones doing this. We need to keep that knowledge front and center. They love the profits they can steal, but they hate America.


The problem is that the 'ultrarich' are virtually untouchable, and work more behind the scenes than a public figurehead (puppet) like McConnell. I'd argue that our focus shouldn't be on Mitch, the ultrarich, or any group of people - instead it should be working to reduce the impact of disinformation channels used to control Republican votes. In a scenario where more people see reason, and how awful Right wing agendas have become... it's only a matter of time before the stalemates are broken by seats being swung away from the Right. I just don't see another way, given how each side is playing it out.


I look forward to shitting on his grave, hopefully sooner than later.


The GOP needs to be destroyed and its ashes scattered across the cosmos.


The cosmos? Just flush that shit down the toilet where it belongs.


I moved to Canada four years ago, so you would think that would give me some distance and relief from what's going on in the US, but no.


Sadly, our countries are so closely tied together there is no escaping the constant barrage of US Politics


I once looked forward to eventually yeeting my US citizenship into the Pacific, but no. Instead I'm going to hang on to it until I die so I can keep voting for Democrats...at least so long as the US keeps having elections.


I'm shocked that the person who kept stabbing me stabbed me again after saying he was going to stab me! Who could have possibly seen it coming?


I'm so tired you guys...


Me too. I'm pretty sure that's the goal on some level.


That is absolutely the goal


Well then... Republicans must never be allowed to control the senate again. Make DC a state now.


They have all the power they need to control the senate right now and they are doing just that. Turns out they needed more than just those two seats in Georgia to truly take over the senate. So long as North Dakota's 700K people gets just as much representation as California's 39 million I see mostly gridlock for many years to come.


I think gridlock is the best we can hope for, and not regressive minority authoritarian rule.


Then 2022 is gonna be a rough one.


Gridlock, it’s not gridlock because when the GOP takes over and realizes it’s one of their last times to actually hold power legitimately, they’ll make sure they don’t ever leave. The walked right up to the red line with Orange Cheeto and stepped their tip toe over the line just to see what it felt like. They won’t be so shy next time.


This. The fact that this isn't being treated like the end game (at least from what we can see) is really concerning. No, we don't want the Capitol investigation to appear partisan, but likewise we need to not shy away from prosecuting Republican senators and congressmen who are found to have played a role in it.




The political wing of white supremacist terrorism is not a partner in democracy.


He just admitted that the SCOTUS is no longer a legitimate branch of government. He may as well state the Senate is no longer a legitimate branch as well.


*Or judge of any other kind.




Charming. And clearly illustrates why America is a failed state.


All thinks to unbridled free speech for broadcast networks no matter what.


So when do we all acknowledge these people are actively at war with the majority of the country?? Things will get worse long before they get better unless people stop being apathetic and nice.


Every American, regardless of their political leaning should be outraged by this. This obstructionist ideology is toxic. This pendulum can (and eventually will) swing both ways and all we will get as a result is a fucked mess. Every day that goes by, I am more and more convinced that we as a nation are past the point of no return with this shit. Our divide is so great that it (seems) impossible to overcome by civil methods. For the sake of my children who will eventually have to deal with this mess, God help us.


It’s not only this. They are going to refuse to accept or acknowledge any democratic wins especially a democratic president. They have officially rejected democracy


Why is he even still at all relevant? Come on Dema, stop this madness and shut these fuckers down!


Republicans have a defacto Senate Majority. Joe Manchin is not on board with any hardball initiatives. We need to expand our majority in the Senate if we want to shut Republican shenanigans down.


Democrats aren't willing to hold the American public hostage while Republicans are. As a result Republicans are at a huge advantage when it comes to their opposition. Democrats are extremely reluctant to cause government shutdowns, withhold money from states, defund programs, etc. All this touch tactics required to pushback against Republicans (and assholes like Manchin) are all universally off the table. Democrats free hurting average people in the name of partisan victory. Meanwhile Republicans will gladly feed souls to the pit for any reason.


Negotiating with Republicans is a waste of time. Get rid of the filibuster.


If they are unwilling to participate in our democracy they should be excised from it.


When he shifted his reasoning from "This is about a principle" to "Well, we had the majority so 🤷‍♂️" he made it very clear that Republicans not only plan to not appoint Democrat judges, but are going to refuse to do anything bipartisan ever again.


Biden was Obama's VP. He knows this. Any dem talking about "bipartisanship" is out of touch with reality. They're running out of time to get the country back on track. It's amazing they're trying to cooperate with the same people that constantly lie, and sent a violent mob against them. The GOP is telling everyone they're never going to cooperate with the dems. The only people that don't listen are the dem leadership.


Unfortunately the only way to prevent McConnell and Manchin from blocking a Democratic agenda is to win more Senate seats, and retain our house majority.


Well the turtle bastard did say bipartisanship is dead. For him, it really never was alive.


I’ve read nearly every comment in every thread as of when I’m posting mine. And what I mostly found were some really fantastic ones, from people of many political affiliations and stances. I feel like it’s given me a better sense of our government overall, though I’m obviously taking everything as it is: anonymous comments online. But I have a few questions. What do we do about all of this? As ordinary people living in America, what should we each be doing to fix our country? Not the politicians, they’re of no help. Us. I’m truly curious as to what you all think we should do.


I hope this turtle strokes out.


Since they are openly admitting that they are never cooperating... why again are Democrats wasting time trying to win them over?


This is exactly fucking it. Old Turtles here just goes straight out and says it, gives up the gameplan and meanwhile fucking Joe Manchin is like oh well we gotta cooperate. I am so 100 percent sure that the midterms will go tits up, and no matter if the Republicans legitimately sent a piss stained pair of underwear to the presidential race thanks to all the gerrymandering etc by then they could just say they won. Can someone please tell me it won't be like that?