Obama: Fox News viewers 'perceive a different reality' than other Americans

Obama: Fox News viewers 'perceive a different reality' than other Americans


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There is so much stuff that Fox TV never ever ever talks about. Like Jan 6. They won't even accept an advert from policeman about January 6th


A republican coworker of mine was recently griping about how slow the postal service has become over the last year or so. I explained to him about the shenanigans of the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, and he had no idea about any of it. He watches Fox News and of course they haven't reported any of it.


Don’t worry, half (at least) the people working at the post office know all about DeJoy and still will vote Republican until they die.




I'm fb friends with one. He's only ever worked government jobs but is full q anon crazy. He's a postal worker who sometimes makes "going postal" jokes and also posts his guns a lot. It's something to behold


You really should report him. Those are the type of people who shoot places up


People who believe in q anon are not sane. You therefore know someone who is not sane, who has a bunch of guns, and makes jokes about killing people. You need to report him.


[If you see something say something.](https://www.dhs.gov/see-something-say-something)


Had the same issue with one of my best friends. She used to claim, “If that were true I would have seen it on the news.” The truth was she wasn’t a news watcher but her Fox News loving husband sure was. You get the picture.


my younger brother recently got a case of the ass at me for saying Id like a link to some bit of information he was claiming on FB, and I made it clear newsmax was not an acceptable source because they were proven to be propoganda and lies. He acted like I insulted him personally and wanted to know who had decided they weren't a reputable news source. Im like uhhh... they did when they had to apologize to the voting machine makers they accused of rigging their machines in bidens favor, publicly, and they were sued. His response was 'whataboutism'... cnn was sued, so and so was sued, ect ect for doing something similar. Uh no.. not acceptable and not an excuse for newsmax. This wasnt the first time him and his wife seemed completely clueless about some really big news fact.. because all they watch is newsmax and they dont tell them, and clearly bro doesnt care enough to know because they've decided newsmax is the only truthful network. Willing ignorance, its kind of scary.


> He acted like I insulted him personally and wanted to know who had decided they weren't a reputable news source. *The Bulwark* actually had a pretty good podcast ~~on~~ about Fox News today with Brian Stelter guesting. One of the points he made was that Fox (and other right-wing outlets) have done a very good job of making their viewers feel like an extension of the network and so any attack on the network is perceived as an attack on the people who watch it.


Yep. The ole’ “People who attack us are going after real Americans, like you.”


Right, because by watching Fox News, *you* are the enlightened one. So by dismissing Fox news you in fact dismiss the viewers. Can't have that.


Largely because the rest of us understand that you have to be a complete moron to continue watching such an obvious propaganda machine.


My 15 month old accidentally switched it to NewsMax & HOOLLY FUCK I got through about two minutes of them talking about how CRT is going to make everyone racist to white people. It’s fucking sad that we even have these bullshit networks


Don’t let your 15 month old be indoctrinated!


For about five seconds I was wondering why an outdated monitor technology was going to make everyone racist to white people... Given the Alex Jonesian / qanon world they live in, I can believe there is a conspiracy theory out there... But then I got it.


Same, I was like... What are Cathode Ray Tubes doing, and why is it part of conspiracies? Then I stared at the abbreviation for a bit and came to said realisation


My favorite game is to check out the Fox News site's headlines and see how far down buried the latest right-wing scandal is on the page, if covered at all. So right now while all the actual news sites are covering this Trump DOJ scandal, Fox's top story is 'Biden ripped the GOP and Trump while overseas.' Because that's the biggest scoop right now...


I've been doing this with r/conservative for over a year! I've even mentioned it before. Whenever there's bad news about the republican party or Trump, I go and see how many anti trans posts make it to the top. You won't see the real important issues but they sure complain about trans people in sports. Like A LOT! Of course they always delete and ban whoever posts the negative news 🙄


I was just reading a post over there. Someone was downvoted, comment deleted, but the replies were like "we would never ban people for their opinion!! You're just a r/politics brigader!!" If I hadn't been banned from replying I would have pointed out the irony that they were, in fact, 'silencing any comments critical of the hive mind'


I play that game too. Often there won’t be an article until a day or two later and then it will be an opinion piece that denies or defends the scandal by distorting or confusing the facts


Headline: “Here’s a headline that fits our agenda” Last sentence in the article: “Our headline should be taken with a grain of salt due to additional information or is just flat out wrong, but you probably didn’t read this far anyway!” They do that all the time.


I check 3 news websites and compare their headlines, fox, cnn, and NY times. If you do it regularly enough you see their patterns and biases (all 3 have em but fox is the worst), but Obama is right, fox News people especially just don't even check anything else.




A few days ago, talking head Gregg Jarrett wrote an article for Fox promoting a criminal investigation of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Despite the depravity of writing such a column which likely further encourages violent threats, Jarrett still has his job at Fox.


> "Be ready," insisted Trump, who is married to former president Donald Trump's second son Eric. "And maybe they're going to have to start taking matters into their own hands." Lara Trump was just on Fox recently suggesting people at the border [arm themselves against immigrants](https://www.mic.com/p/lara-trumps-border-solution-is-for-people-to-arm-up-get-guns-be-ready-81176855). They're going to get more people killed, because surely MAGA folks will know the difference between a Guatemalan and an American who happens to be latino, right? They'll stop to ask, right? Like... papers please, right? This fever dream ain't breaking any time soon.


Imagine an armed, unstable, trigger-happy right-winger with no legitimate authority whatsoever approaching someone and demanding their papers… and this is something we consider an optimistic timeline.


[No need to imagine, it’s who we’ve always been ;(](https://theintercept.com/2019/04/23/border-militia-migrants/) > In the summer of 1986, approximately 20 heavily armed men in military fatigues stepped into the darkness of the Arizona desert. It was July Fourth weekend outside the remote border town of Lochiel and the gunmen were on the hunt. They were the Arizona branch of Civilian Materiel Assistance, or CMA, a racist and anti-communist paramilitary outfit that provided mercenary services to the U.S. government and the death squads it backed in Central America. Carrying M-16s and AK-47s, with Israeli night-vision goggles strapped to their heads, the vigilantes soon found what they were looking for: two carloads of Mexican nationals. >J.R. Hagen, the crucifix-wearing Vietnam veteran who led the operation, would later say that the vehicles came to a stop on their own. Other members of his team disagreed, telling reporters that they boobytrapped the road, tearing the tires of one of the vehicles to shreds before opening fire. It was the latest in a series of escalating CMA actions, which had also included clandestine forays into Mexico. The militia members held 16 men, women, and children at gunpoint for an hour and a half before Border Patrol agents arrived to take them away.


The sane people of America need to buy Fauchi a cookie cake or something. He's gone through so much shit, and he's not a politician. He didn't sign up for that.


I mean, that is a talking point being actively promoted by multiple people at the network/in right wing social media channels. It’s a concerted campaign to shift focus/blame away from Trump. A hacker/disinformation tracker I follow recently posted a slew of evidence showing how inorganically and suddenly the “fire Fauci” thing started; it’s disgusting.


There is indeed a sweet spot for media regulation that cable news and internet media currently does not meet. After all, when's the last time a bunch of people got radicalized by a book?


'The Turner Diaries' radicalized the Christchurch shooter, Tim McVeigh, and the Columbine kids.


McVeigh also had a hell of a run with the guys who eventually became the Sovereign Citizen movement, but that might be a case of similar origin fiction. I'm not specifically familiar with the book in question.


>After all, when's the last time a bunch of people got radicalized by a book? I dunno, how old's the bible?


>In his remarks to The 19th this week, Obama said getting all Americans to "agree on a common set of facts" is vital to upholding democracy. >"Until we can agree on a common set of facts, until we can distinguish between what’s true and what’s false, then the marketplace of ideas won’t work," he said. "Our democracy won’t work. So, as citizens, we need to push our institutions in the direction of addressing these challenges." Obama has hit the nail on the head here. Biden also talked about the importance of truth in his inaugural address. I'm not sure what their plan is though. I'd be good to see some proposals to deal with the truth defecit.


Sadly I remember Obama talking about this more than ten years ago. > ... words mean something. You can't just make stuff up. You can't just make stuff up.


They've been using this strategy for a long time. The Iraq War was completely based on bullshit about the US being threatened by WMDs. The only thing Iraq and Al-Qaeda had in common was the Q. The post-truth strategy just went into overdrive with Trump. Mainstream republicans didn't think they could push it *that* far and still get away with it. They worried if it weren't subtle that it might turn their party into a laughing stock.


I think for a second they thought the same thing about Jan 6 but realized once again it can keep getting pushed.




Seriously though, as an outsider it is so weird that one of your political parties lives in a fantasy world worshiping Trump as Jesus reincarnated. The rest of the world sees him for the goof he is and laughs accordingly. Edit: to the "same can be said about Obama" people, no it cant. The level of Trump worship is cultish and fucking weird. Obama was a respected politian and that's it. Not a god emperor, just a guy. If people choose to remember him for more that's because he earned it, not because he whined in Twitter that he needs to be respected because hes "everybody's favorite President!". The level of Trump fetish by dudes is the political equivalent of the bro job joke, but in real life. Grow the fuck up, they're politicians, nothing more.


It’s super weird to see it as an American as well


It's even weirder seeing it up in Canada. Trump flags were flying in the anti-lockdown protests in Toronto a couple of weekends ago. I don't even know why they were protesting the lockdown when we have a timeline set up for reopening which started last Friday and we're closing in on 80% of adults with at least 1 dose.


It's downright terrifying living as a Dutch guy in Alabama.


My condolences for your being in Alabama.


Ha thank you! Luckily my wife makes up for it! And the amount of space I have here is also nice.


....Martin? Is that you? (German guy in Alabama, I feel it's a fairly small circle of foreigners here, so I feel like there is like a 1 in 6 chance you're Martin)


He's actually Hans. I bet you feel silly now eh?


Man..how did you know? Getting slightly paranoid now..


Wow, so you survived the fall from the nakatomi plaza after all? Well I'm glad retired and in hiding Hans can see the threat that the republican party is to us as well.


Don't get too worked up about it. You know the FBI agent tapping your neighbor's phone? I'm his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.


No its not. Kinda wish I was though 😄. Most left after the training program was moved back home.


Join the Alabama Germany Partnership! We're not picky, we even let Danes, Swiss, and Austrians in, surely the Dutch are welcome as well. You can come hang out with the other dozen of us foreigners at a Stammtisch.


Sounds Great! Where are you guys located?


Do you allow Americans? Because I definitely feel like an ex-pat in my own country


I've always wanted to see Australia, even working there would be fine. But getting stuck in Alabama is like having to work in the most Bogan part of Australia.


As a fellow Dutchie in the US I feel you. And I'm not even in Alabama. But the weirder thing I found is that when I started to connect with other Dutch expats in my area, some turned out to be hardcore Trump supporters. The stupidity spreads.


Yeah, I know what you mean. I often think this would never happen in the Netherlands only to open facebook Or watch Dutch news and get disappointed. I tell my American wife all the time that what happens in the U.S matters because I can see the effects everywhere not just the U.S.


I'm canadian and I wish more people understood this..us elections effect the world.


I keep thinking Canada is my emergency back up (my oldest daughter lives there) but in my heart I know if I have to flee the US, we’re all screwed.


Seriously, then when we had right wing politicians acting like Trump, and you call it out as such, They all go "stop bringing American politics here!!"... It's been a trying couple years even in Canada. Trump tried to shit on us on multiple occasions (dairy and lumber come to mind) and these people wanted to capitulate to him completely, even going so far as to say he should run Canada.


For sure :(


Where America walks, the World follows. I cannot stress enough how important solid morale leadership from the USA is.


I couldn't agree more. I wish more americans would see it this way. A lot are proud of their isolated word view.


THIS!! The reverberations of the former guy have put the collective push towards democracy back years, if not longer and it's very upsetting to see the and hear arguments from such ignorant people that he was "for the better of people" when in reality he couldn't have been more of the exact opposite


Weren't you guys close to electing the far right Wilders a while back? Every country has their right wing crazies...


How often are you accused of being a communist?


Not that often, I do get people arguing that my home country is socialist even though I was born and raised there they still tell me what it is like.


People who have never left the county of their birth love nothing more than to tell you what the world is like.


Also, they don’t really know what socialism actually is. Or democracy, apparently.


They know what democracy means! Democracy means you vote, but even if you lose, you just pitch a fit until you win, and if that doesn't work you rig the system so you can't possibly lose next time.


This is true. This reminds me of a co-worker (Frank). As a joke, He would make up stories about the Netherlands while I was standing nearby and people would look at me funny and ask me if he was telling the truth.. I would always tell them he was right! no matter how ridiculous it got.. We had some Good laughs. Sadly he then ended up in jail.


Good laughs indeed. Thanks for some.


So you don't put mayonnaise on french fries?


How did you even end up there? I hope your in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, or B-Ham


Yes, Close to Huntsville. And Huntsville isn't that bad as long as you avoid politics and religion. I got here because I had some military training (Redstone Arsenal). I met a beautiful girl here. We married and she is still my wife. I give Alabama a hard time politicly speaking but it is a beautiful state.


A Finn in DC checking in - not sure what reality is anymore


We've seen tons of trump flags and hats here in Alberta while they are protesting masks and vaccines. It's ridiculous


We've pointed out the biggest idiots for you, so you can avoid them. You're welcome. \-America


Must be the same weird feeling I get as an American living in the midwest whenever I see someone flying/wearing the Confederate flag where I live. I have no idea why people with no connections to those flags feel the need to make symbols of traitors and losers a part of their identity.


I think the trump flag is the new confederate flag.


This is it. 20 years from now people will still fly it. It's really absurd and scary to think that way.


We need to figure out how to extract the Murdoch propaganda networks out of functioning countries.


Arrest the executives, seize the liquid assets, destroy the tangible ones.


Yep. When I was growing up Republicans would still spin everything in a way that made them look good, but it was all spin of actual facts. Now they’ve figured out that they don’t even need that basis in reality.


Weird? It’s scares the living shit out of me.


It's not weird, it's sad and pathetic


Dear God, the talks I've had with European friends make it clear how bad Trump trashed our reputation. American conservatives refuse to see the doublethink of claiming the Euros are all godless socialists ruining the home continent with immigration AND claiming the US is the leader of the free world that everyone looks up to. And they have to ignore every statement and news article about our traditional allies disliking Trump while also saying it's a good thing that Putin, Bolsanaro, and other authoritarians LIKE the man. I dont know at what point they rip the mask off and openly abandon democracy, but Jan 6th was the day it started slipping.


Trump’s presidency made others more aware of our situation, but the start of all this was decades ago. The worst of it is our anti-intellectualism. If you’re trying to reason with me, then you’re the enemy, and I shouldn’t listen to you!!


Welcome to the cult of personality. Next stop: Donaldigrad. And for those who don't go along, sure we can find some corrective labor camps. Seriously though it's legit scary. I have do have some contacts with people on the republican side and everytime I visit them, the choices of news get more and more extreme. For the people I know, Fox New is part of the left deep-state media. Im not even kidding.


I love the “same can be said of Obama” people because they think we like worship him like they do. No, but even his supporters do not idolize him. Nobody is wearing hats and putting flags on their trucks for Obama.


Plus Obama's supporters never tried to overturn an election for him (because he was actually competent and well liked), never built a gallows and called to hang his Veep, and don't go around screaming that he deserves a third term for "being treated unfairly".


It’s like 2/3 of the country just wants to go about their day as functional adults, while the other 1/3 are their screaming toddlers from hell preventing them from effectively doing so


And half of the senate sides with that 1/3.


>Plus Obama's supporters never tried to overturn an election for him To be fair, that's because they didn't need to. Obama actually won his two elections, that's two more than Trump did


>Trump as Jesus reincarnated As a former Evangelical it's so weird to see how the " moral majority, family values, God first" crowd had become so enamored and obsessed with someone so blatantly anti everything they always said they were for! I mean I knew they were hypocrites, but not this big and blatant hypocrites.


Trump literally lived in a tower of gold. He truly is opposite of everything the bible says. He also embodies 7 out of 7 deadly sins. Anyone who claims to be Christian and supports this man ain't no Christian. Edit: if you are reading this and are thinking "I am a Christian and i support Trump" then consider this a wakeup call to how hollow your values must be. Start practicing what you preach more often.


How about the golden idol of trump at the CPAC convention. Last time I checked God wasn't into idols.


There is literally a story about this in the bible (golden calf). Their holy book literally says not to do this multiple times both literally and figuratively. They not only miss the figurative meaning but do the exact bad thing warned in the story!


There’s also the story in the book of Daniel about King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon building a golden idol that he required every government official to bow down to at a ceremony. But 3 men refused to bow and were thrown into a furnace. And God protected them miraculously. I read that story a lot as a kid and decided I wanted to not sell out my beliefs. Which slowly turned me away from the Republican Party up until I finally said “Fuck this” when he won in the primaries. They can have their golden idol.


What I like about that was learning that Trump University scam would hype up that the man himself was coming and then "he had important business" and let the students take a picture with a cardboard cutout. At least the stand in got upgraded for the Republican party scam.


Rural America has been told lies for years through conservative radio and the dark web. They don’t have much to do accept spread conspiracy theories of a subtle government takeover that spurred on a band of brainwashed militia to storm the capital believing they could make a difference and oust the evil democrats. It really is sad how racist radio shows and heresy created the monster with DT as their demigod.


I'm a Christian. I got involved in politics because I believe immigrants, the sick, the incarcerated, minorities, and LGBTQ people matter. We are supposed to be loving and protecting these people, not adding to their problems. It will always be a mystery to me how anyone from any faith could worship a man like trump.


I’m a conservative Christian, but have never supported Trump. I’m very happy Biden won the election instead.


Dude banged a porn star shortly after his third wife gave birth to their kid. Can't really understand where they feel like he's representative of family values.


because christian men are morally bankrupt and would bang a pornstar immediately after their wife gave birth in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.


A lot of Christians think they have a direct telephone line to God and believe they will be forgiven for whatever they do.


C'mon, Jesus explicitly said, "And thou shall instruct thy legal counsel to payeth off thy pornography star mistress."


"I cannot heal thy leprosy, for that is communism."


I can't believe they don't realize that the [mark of the beast ended up being cheap red nylon trucker caps](https://www.benjaminlcorey.com/could-american-evangelicals-spot-the-antichrist-heres-the-biblical-predictions/)


Thanks for posting that. Benjamin Corey did a great job putting that together.


The amount of hypocrisy the evangelicals have when trump is concerned is mindboggling to me.


The amount of hypocrisy the evangelicals have ~~when trump is concerned~~ is mindboggling ~~to me~~. FTFY


Trump is the kind of dude that gets places like Babylon destroyed by gods wrath.


Evangelical hypocrisy is so common these days it's basically just a given at this point. How they think they can say anything critical about anything is such hypocrisy considering the clown they've been praising and making excuses for and blindly following the last 5 odd years. Just imagine for a minute if Obama paid off a porn star while Michelle was home with a baby. Hannitys head would damn near implode on air. Look at the fuss they kicked up over Ebola, 1 death, but look how pathetically low they stoop to somehow justify 500k deaths under Trump. Imagine if Obama couldn't recite a single passage of the bible and called Second Corinthians 2 Corinthians. They'd be calling for hos resignation and all sorts. And those are just 3 measly things, yet they have the gall to criticise and moan about things. Unreal hypocrisy 24/7.


It's one of the reasons I will never respect them again.


A lying, cheating, adulterer with delusions of grandeur no less. If there was ever any doubt about the religious right being naive this seals the issue.


A boomer coworker at my previous job had a framed picture of Trump at his desk. Like next to family photos. Rarely have I been so creeped out.


That is really weird.


I work in a lot of different courtrooms in Tennessee... at one, the court clerk had a life-size cardboard cutout of Trump next to her desk (totally against the state court rules). She absolutely wouldn't shut up about trump, and this was months after the election.


My motorcycle mechanic had to fire a guy for being obnoxiously pro-Trump. Like to the point where it was annoying coworkers and clients.


I love all the memes about “remember when everybody drove around with the Obama flags and wore their Obama hats and screaming?” Nope, cause it’s not a fuckin cult.


As someone that drove in I-95 through three southern states this weekend and saw two giant Confederate flags and one shipping container propped up on big concrete pedestals with massive "TRUMP 2020" signs on the sides, it is really, really weird and really, really unsettling. These people are fucking bonkers.


Trump flags are still waving everywhere in rural Ohio. It’s crazy I don’t remember once seeing someone with a Biden flag in their yard or on their car. Just the Trump crowd following their orange leader to their death. But the Democrats are the sheep right?


Lol the Q mantra is, 'where we go one we go all'. That's literally what fecking sheep do!!


The best part is they use this as “proof” that Biden couldn’t have won the election, because we don’t masturbate ourselves with Biden flags therefore he couldn’t have been popular enough to beat Trump. They can’t comprehend how bizarre their behavior is because conservative media spends 24/7 normalizing it to them and assuring them they’re right.


This is true. I was driving down to Virginia a couple months ago and passed through Ohio. I accidentally got off the highway and ended up in rural/farmland part of the state. It only added an extra 10 minutes to my trip so I figured why not? Let me tell you, Trump 2020 signs were still EVERYWHERE. This was like end of March.


Living in Wisconsin, in Manitowoc (don't expect you to know where that is) there's a giant shipping container that reads "God sent Trump to save America. We are Blessed." I almost didn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I can't believe people believed that to begin with, much less after any of the million idiotic things the man has said over the last 4 years.


Place in Wisconsin that dealt with that Steve Avery thing is how most people know Mantiowoc County now.


I don't pretend to know what the big cheese upstairs thinks, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say The Chosen isn't someone who has burned through three wives, was caught running a scam charity and scam "university", makes fun of disabled people on stage, and called poor nations "shithole countries." But that's just one Redditor's opinion.


As an American, I can say it is beyond weird that such a huge amount of people think so highly of Trump. I would laugh but since this is happening in my country, and our very democracy is slipping away, I simply can't. It's not funny 😭😭😭


I share an office with one of these people. He is incapable of saying anything even slightly negative about Trump. Only watches OAN. And every democrat is a liberal sheep according to him. It's honestly exhausting..


It's infuriating!! It's also sad. But mostly infuriating.


I’m with you, sometimes I feel ashamed to just be American anymore. Fourth of July feels different, the flag looks different, everything changed for the worse over the last 4 years. I know we’ll go through ups and downs in life (personally and as a society) but good gravy am I ready for some brighter times.


My sentiments exactly. Do you remember when he hugged the flag on stage? What an asshole.


The flag hugging was real life imitating parody. Even more bizarre is that Republicans were totally ok with it.


Republicans have a very adolescent view of patriotism. For them, it's all about symbolism and pageantry. There was a song by a band called Live from the 90s that had the lyrics, "I talk of freedom, you talk of the flag. I talk about revolution, you'd much rather brag." It's why Republicans get all poopy pants over a football player kneeling during the national anthem but they couldn't care less about voting rights being suppressed or sacrificing for the greater good during a pandemic. Republicans whine about virtue signaling, but they're the biggest virtue signalers on the planet.


I like the description of that type of patriotism as adolescent. A lot of Republicans I've encountered have a view of the world that is very simple and that has been shaped mostly by bumper sticker talking points. When he brought up Colin Kaepernick, I told my Trump loving financial guy that I thought that voting was more patriotic than standing for the national anthem. You would have thought that I was burning a flag right there in his office. I actually think it's a nice custom when people stand at the beginning of a game. but no one should be forced to do it.


More than just ok with it, they thought it made trump look endearing and sincere.... BLECH! I don't envy that flag


Remember when Obama not wearing a flag lapel pin was the big controversy on Fox News? Hannity probably aged 7 years because of it.


I voted for Obama twice but I sure as fuck don’t worship the guy. He’s a great man that’s for sure but he’s not perfect and he was a good president but not great in my assessment.


Yes, but you're a sane person with a perfectly healthy view of political figures.


Yeah, normal people don't worship politicians. We don't even really like them. Normal people understand they are supposed to be like our employees, not our cult leaders.


> I voted for Obama twice but I sure as fuck don’t worship the guy. how do you explain the obama signs in your yard and the obama flags on your car and the fact that all your clothes have obama written on them? oh wait, nobody who voted for obama ever does any of that because it's dumb and creepy as fuck.


I can honestly say Obama did what he thought was best for America... consistently.


I live in the northern part of San Diego, and still, to this day, there's a booth right off the freeway exit, selling Trump 2020 banners and flags and Fuck Biden flags. These people cannot let go of their false god. It's insanity. It's scary, stupid, dangerous, moronic insanity .


I think the best way to illustrate the issue is when a "democrat" criticized Trump for his expansion of and obscuring of the drone Program and somone said "But Obama did it first" the response is usually " and it was bad then too." In the reverse its always screeching about how you hate our troops amd trump is doing it right. Or some other rage filled deflection.


It’s super fucking weird living overseas and then coming back and your family is apeshit for Trump.


I remember back in 2015 watching the Donald subreddit form...it almost seemed ironic at first. Then it got dark.


> The rest of the world sees him for the goof he is and laughs accordingly. Republicans believe he is respected worldwide and the belief he's ridiculed abroad is just mainstream media lies. It's a very simple belief system. If it fits your beliefs it's correct and anything that doesn't fit your beliefs is fake news. You don't look into the source or try to find if it's a misleading headline or a soundbyte taken out of context. You just say "fake news" and move on with your day.


Weird: >What did Americans think of Hitler when they first met him in the 1920s and 1930s? You write that some of them burst out laughing at his shrill voice and jerky hand movements and refused to take him seriously. >>That's true. In fact, some of the first people who met him did take him quite seriously. Truman Smith, who was a junior military attaché in the 1920s, came away from meeting Hitler and said, "This is a marvelous demagogue who can really inspire loyalty." It was the same with Karl von Wiegand, a Hearst correspondent who was the first American journalist to interview Hitler back in 1922. He was struck by Hitler's oratorical skills and his ability to whip people into a frenzy. >>Then you had this period after the Beer Hall Putsch where Hitler came out of prison and a lot of people had forgotten about him. After the Great Depression hit, suddenly the Nazi Party became a major contender for power. Yet you had Americans meeting Hitler and saying, **"This guy is a clown. He's like a caricature of himself."** And a lot of them went through this whole litany about how even if Hitler got into a position of power, other German politicians would somehow be able to control him. A lot of German politicians believed this themselves. - [Early Warnings: How American Journalists Reported the Rise of Hitler](https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/03/early-warnings-how-american-journalists-reported-the-rise-of-hitler/254146/)


Despite what the right likes to claim, our level of “worship” of Obama was negligible and never met their level of hate for him. The problem is, they can’t imagine support that is both real yet critical of mistakes. So the fact that we didn’t burn effigies of him like they did means we were as slavish in our devotion as they are in support of their Golden calf, no matter how many times we objected to the administration’s actions.


> "same can be said about Obama" Good god no. I've never seen a politician worshiped like Trumps fan club treat him. I hope to never see it again, its disgusting.


As a Canadian, it's basically Ralph ~~Whigham~~ Wiggum chuckles...i'mindanger.jpg While we may laugh, this has been shown to be deadly serious.


Can confirm. Am foreigner living in US. GOP is a circus. Except the circus is filled with some horrible fucking people. And their propaganda methods are straight out of 30s Germany. It's insane.


And the GOP used to say we worshipped Obama as a god-emperor. It's literally like an alternate universe where up is down.


That's a very nice way of saying they're in a cult.


The scary thing is the far right think Fox is too liberal.


Just replied to someone above you, but ... [This](https://www.patreon.com/posts/52459012) has a somewhat different theory around optimizing their intake for maximum dopamine triggering.


Can't we give them a less harmful dopamine hit? Like fentanyl?


Good question. That would be a panacea. Or as Huxley put it, the *Orgy Porgy.* I'm holding out for Candy Crush.


Fascinating. Thank you


Brilliant read, thank you


I got think it’s like if you got a batch of real good crack from ONN then the crack they are smoking on Fox doesn’t get you as high anymore


They gotta get their crazy fix.🤣


Now that I've stopped laughing, it kinda makes sense. It explains the paranoia and conspiracy theories.


Or [addicts](https://www.patreon.com/posts/52459012).


How about we start calling "perceiving a different reality" something else? Like "reading bullshit?" "Alternative reality" still calls it reality and "fake news" still calls it news.


The word for perceiving a different reality is "delusion" And the word for fake news is "lies".


That is true. Because they are fed lies and nonsense.


They also just lack the ability to detect basic hypocrisy. Fox mocked Michelle Obama constantly on her appearance/clothing but cried foul at other news media condemning Melania’s “I don’t care, do you” coat. They also praise trump, the successful businessman, while saying they prefer simple man “joe the plumber” over “coastal elites” like Obama.


Tan suits and bicycle helmets are what I remember. This is what Fox cares about.


They can detect it just fine. We know because they invariably latch onto the slightest hint of hypocrisy from any Democrat. It's that they don't care when their own team does it.


Damn those coastal elites from *checks notes* the midwest!


Pretty sure he grew up mostly in Hawaii. Pretty sure that's not considered "coastal" either, even though it's the "coastiest".


Isn't Hawaii pretty much all coast?


Governed in Illinois though which was my point.


I find it absolutely bizarre that the Fox News brainwashing can basically override people's memories and learned thinking processes. For example, Trump has 40+ years public appearances, and interviews. He has made it abundantly clear what kind of person he is, a narcissistic bully, a coward, a cheater and a tasteless wannabe playboy, who got where he is with his father's money. I clearly remember reading news articles about his failed casinos and the Trump University lawsuits, years ago. How can a cable news channel tell me to forget this stuff? Why would anyone with a minimum amount of work experience think that he would be a good boss? Would anyone want to have Trump as a boss at work? No? Then if he cannot be a good boss, why should he be leading a country? How can any person who went through the school system not recognize that Trump is a despicable bully, and shouldn't be in charge of anything bigger than a used-car dealership? Why would any Christian look at serial adulterer Trump and think: "Yeah, that's the kind of character that I want my leader to have"? How can Fox News erase peoples memories, override their basic life experiences? The permanent onslaught of right wing media has cost the US so many things that are perfectly normal in many industrialized countries, like: - mandatory minimum vacation times - maternity leave - 35 hour work week - universal healthcare - taxpayer funded higher education and most recently the lifes of 100000's citizens. If basic public health measures hadn't been politicized, so many lifes could have been saved. If the brainwashing continues, then parts of the US are going to turn into North Korea, where people are dying of starvation but still think they are the Best Korea.


The truth is constrained by reality. It is quiet, narrow, and boring. Lies are unconstrained, they can be whatever they want. They can involve aliens, wizards, or supposedly magnetic forces that defy actual physics. They can be interesting, frightening, aggravating, or any combination thereof. Lies can be bent to be more convincing than reality. They can take any shape. They can even blatantly contradict themselves, with the proper application of timing. Once a set of specially designed lies has taken hold, it can become far easier to convince someone of a new lie that fits perfectly within their fantasy framework, and far more difficult to convince that someone of a simple, obvious truth. The crux of the issue is that it is very profitable for a small handful of immensely wealthy individuals to manipulate the public. The age of information has been perverted to the age of misinformation for nefarious purpose. The Hannitys and the McConnells are millionaires because they are funded by billionaires. A prostitute sells only their own body, but these villains sell the bodies of hundreds of millions of Americans. The even greater insult is how cheaply they sell out our $20 trillion strong economy.


Lack of critical thinking skills! They are the perfect viewers for Fox. How Tucker still has a show is beyond me.


Because Tucker tells them what they want to hear. “It’s everyone else who is wrong and you are the victim”


I don’t why but now I’m just imagining Tucker Carlson holding someone and saying “It’s okay little snowflake. Cancel culture can’t hurt you now.”


[another theory](https://www.patreon.com/posts/52459012) suggests something like "if you stop accepting this crap, you'll lose all your friends" might be the stronger motivation.


I replied similarly a while back on a similar thread of 'why don't they just leave?' Because their entire support/friend structure will immediately turn on them. That is why getting out of the Religious/Conservative bubble has the best success as a teenager/young adult. You are probably already going to be going through a lot of changes, meeting new people, getting a job... and the brain is still maturing. If you are still inside the bubble in your 30s it is very difficult to get out and it will involve a very high social cost.


Groupthink on the level of *Invasion of the Body Snatchers.*


The Reactionary Mind is a perfectly valid dissertation about why you cannot argue with an actual animal. Like if you sat down a real chimp and tried to reason with it, you would face all the difficulties outlined in that book for the same reasons. You really are dealing with people that are running on their instincts to survive from one day to the next. The faculties to engage them with reason simply aren't there and all they're doing is watching your movements for threats or a challenge for status within the tribe.


Wow, this is incredibly well-written. This is spot on.


Just call it what it is, insanity.


Today's Fox TV stories:. Inflation! How high will it go. Somewhere a school schedule labels days off as simply "days off". Biden vs Putin, uh oh Pilosi vs Omar, no action! Critical Race Theory. Fight! Left asks justice Breyer to retire! Crime is up. Cops are sad. Bloody summer coming. Southern Border! Let's go look Virus lab leek. CCP has destroyed evidence by now. Global minimum tax. Bad! Good! Everyone's quitting their jobs! A lot of Fox TV is pure filler like the last


….and he’s right. Remember that study that found that Fox News viewers know less about current events than those that don’t follow news at all? (Am I remembering this correctly?)


Fox News viewers are gonna be outraged he said this, but he’s right. [Here’s](https://www.businessinsider.com/study-watching-fox-news-makes-you-less-informed-than-watching-no-news-at-all-2012-5) a business insider article about that study There’s also [this pew research ](https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2017/10/05/4-race-immigration-and-discrimination/) and studies on the differences between the [conservatives and liberal brains](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/conservative-and-liberal-brains-might-have-some-real-differences/)


Thank you for finding the source article!


I think the word you're looking for is 'delusion'. Reality implies truth.


One where billionaire tax and bank fraud Donald Trump is a hero of the working class and Obama, raised by a single mother. Grandmother …. Is an elitist.


This implies that it is one of many possible realities. They perceive a fantasy that Fox News and right wing media have crafted for them, all while the rest of us have to live in the real world.


ain't that the truth. that's a major reason why they think the last election was stolen. these people get their erroneous views validated every day, for years on end. they get shocked and bothered whenever Democrats win anything. they truly believe that it can't be possible. my main source on this? relatives, sadly.


Fox News viewers perceive a different reality than other Americans. That is not an opinion, that is a fact. And I would stop short of calling Fox News viewers "Americans" as they clearly have nothing but disdain for the United States.