How Republicans came to embrace the big lie of a stolen election: The way Republicans have pushed the myth marks a dangerous turn from generalized allegations of fraud to refusing to accept the legitimacy of elections, experts say

How Republicans came to embrace the big lie of a stolen election: The way Republicans have pushed the myth marks a dangerous turn from generalized allegations of fraud to refusing to accept the legitimacy of elections, experts say


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It’s because they believed everything Trump said without evidence. He basically got millions to not believe anything anybody said besides him. That’s how Hitler rose to power and it was remarkable how many in the US are OK with an authoritarian leading. It was honestly shocking and very scary, I never even dreamed somebody could do what he could so quickly in our country.


No mistake that dictators embraced the republican party all of the sudden.


I remember the Reagan days of "better dead than red" and never thought I'd see the day where Republicans would be using the 4th of July as an opportunity to travel to Moscow and kiss the golden rings of those same grifting bolsheviks and murdering KGB now turned grifting oligarchs and murdering FSB.


Now ["I'd rather be a Russian than a Democrat"](https://www.amazon.com/Rather-Russian-Than-Democrat-T-shirt/dp/B07HFTZHL9) is a shirt you can buy.


I don't know man "better dead than red" sounds better to me than ever


Second that


The dems are red to them


and vice versa


And that Jesus hates Democrats and healthcare for all and loves guns especially assault rifles capable of mass killings.


Introducing...Gun Church!! https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3dp8j/gun-church-that-worships-with-ar-15s-bought-a-40-acre-compound-in-texas-for-its-patriots


The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. --Bertrand Russell.




No. This isn’t about intelligence. It’s about fear. The fearful, whether stupid or brilliant, will believe all manner of lies in order to feel safe and affirmed.


> Mac Stipanovich, a longtime Republican operative in Florida who is now retired, said the lies about the election provided a kind of cover for those unable to concede they were a shrinking minority in the population. > “In the past, party elders, party leaders … exploited the crazies in order to win elections and then largely ignored them after the elections,” he said. “What has happened since then is that Trump opened Pandora’s box and let them out. He not only let them out, he affirmed them and provoked them. And so now they’re running wild and they are legitimatizing these delusions.”


I find it interesting what that guy said about the crazy people running the party now.


Reminds me of “[The Death of a Euphemism](https://youtu.be/0dBJIkp7qIg)”.


Sounds spot on. There’s probably still a number of Republicans who think they are still in charge and most of them are just in on the act.


The big lie was that anything that makes Trump look bad is fake news. It's been a loyalty test the entire time and the insurrection was just the obvious conclusion to that delusion.


No the obvious conclusion will be the second Civil war that will result if they don’t get their way and have America permanently under their control by 2030


I don’t think Republicans can “permanently” seize control of the US without it directly leading to civil war. Not with the most populous states in the country being strongly blue.


Be careful thinking that way. Most populous states usually mean the states with the most urban centers or largest urban centers. However if you look at the map of voting districts you will find that the blue regions are very dense population islands in a sea of red. We are surrounded


Those areas are sparsely populated. If they were willing to engage in terrorist activities to undermine urban centers we’d already be seeing it. As the insurrection showed, most of these crockpots back down the moment they find themselves in danger.


Mmmm crockpot stew.


Why I’m no longer comfortable in Cincinnati. Blue dot in an ocean of red.


It can. It just won't be civil war like youve seenn and know it. It wont be the entire country. It'll be one state at a time. And it's already there. Texas has officially become that state.. A few years ago. Texas was known in the world for being hats, guns and BBQ. Now Texas is the state in usa that Americans think of Florida as, as seen by the rest of the world.


If republicans try a civil war. The military will destroy them.


Sadly no. Because the American military while. Being big. Is just not longer able to fight its own citizens.


Maybe it's for the best if the country ultimately splits into at least two parts. As it is, less than 50% of the population seems to be able to block all progress and drag the rest of it down as seen by the last few federal elections and a host of state elections.


I'm really surprised we've managed to keep it together even this long, it's true, but any split would not be a clean one in any way. This is not a North vs South situation, or East West, this is an urban and rural issue. And it's of critical importance to note here that by "urban" I don't mean large cities, I include small towns too. In the past I've made a more detailed post about this, but long story short here: I live in a red county, but a blue *town*. The number of blue votes in elections lines up about with the voting-eligibile population of the town, we're just way overshadowed by the rest, who largely vote red. Anyone driving through here would see lots of diversity, something like 70% of the town being "minority", because there's zero reason to go off the main highway and get lost on backroads. I do wonder where we're going with all this. It sure as hell isn't sustainable, and as much as I agree with "Well let's put money into education and such," we ain't got 12-16 years unfortunately.


My thought on the 12-16 years is … in 12-16 years, either we'll be dead, or we'll be really glad we put more money towards education and such 12-16 years ago. (And political effort — pay attention to your local school board elections, people!) And if we're dead, we won't miss the money.


Maybe for parts of it, temporarily. I don't think more nations is a solution, just kicking the can some more. They'd still border us and be part of our lives. There'd be increased tension, and when it came to war it'd be easier as there would be clear lines. Plus there's the human rights abuses that would occur in Gilead that I wouldn't want to stomach being partially responsible for. I want to avoid a split in the union as much as Lincoln.


> the obvious conclusion will be the second Civil war After Ruby Ridge and Waco the Federal Government has moved to much lighter tactics when dealing with insurrectionists and violent nutjobbery. I could be wrong but I have a strong suspicion that a line may be crossed and there will be no Civil War II, rather there will be a less lenient application of Federal law. The January 6th insurrectionists intentionally left their weapons at home because they likely are trying to find that line without actually crossing it, knowing that crossing that line will result in not only a significant loss in support but also a real response that is more than a slap on the wrist and court room arguments with possible book deals and the talk show circuit.


Imo a line was crossed and the government refuses to do Anything about it as Long as the terrorists are white. If a BLM protest had tried to break into congress soldiers would have gunned them down. What we learned from okc was to the republicans had a angry base they could convince to vote for them. Your average anti government Militia nut like mcveigh is no longer shouting anti government rhetoric but shouting pro trump slogans. The republicans saw a bombed federal Building and saw a potential Voter base. That’s what changed




It’ll require the mass of Republican southerners in the south to pull their heads out of their asses stop Believing Rupert Murdoch’s lies and actuially stop seeing their fellow humans as sub human for being, black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, gay, trans, or anything other than a white Anglo Saxon Protestant The problem is the republicans have sold a narrative that the most unamerican thing imaginable is equal rights for All humans cause a lot of them don’t see anyone not like themself As a human




Honestly January 6th scares Me because if we don’t actuially make the Republican Party have real Consequences for encouraging this then it won’t end well. We saw what the he learned his lesson attitude got us with trump if the party dosent face Consequences the. This will simply go Down as our beer hall putsch. Instead as our close Call with nazism


What else is left after they have gerrymandered democratic districts practically out of existence and can barely scratch out election wins?


They refuse to certify an election win for anyone that isn't a Republican. There are already laws being passed and mechanisms put in place to allow this to happen in future elections in red states.


Despite what the polls may say, many Republicans know full well the election wasn't stolen. They embrace the lie to help further their efforts to steal future elections.


Yep. You see it in the polls. ~70% think the election was stolen, but a much smaller fraction want the 2020 election being stolen to be a top priority of the GOP. In other words, a lot of them know it is bullshit. If they actually thought the election was stolen and Biden had illegally usurped power, there would be nationwide protests. It would be the most egregious, awful moment in U.S. history. They aren’t acting as if that’s the case at all.


Imagine what would have happened if Trump had successfully stolen the election. Massive daily protests and work stoppages for months and months. It would make the Vietnam protests from the 70s tiny in comparison. This is what republicans would be doing if they really believed that trump won. But they can only muster watching Fox News and not getting vaccinated.


I'm worried we won't have to imagine, in 2024. Or even 2022. New laws are already on the books.


It'll be one, then the other. The house could very easily go red in '22. Trump's half-assed census stopped counting people when they had shifted more seats to Texas and Florida. Roberts' Supreme Court has made their official ruling on voting rights: "Voter suppression? Ridiculous levels of gerrymandering? Those sound like words you just made up. Case dismissed." So yeah, I get that Dems are fighting everywhere to keep people engaged and get out the vote, but the odds are steadily being stacked against them. Manchin's love for the filibuster means all the crazy voting laws red states are legislating now either stand as is or are at best tied up in the court system for the next few years. In the Senate the Dems would should have the advantage to pick up seats - there are more red seats up than blue and some are going vacant - no incumbent advantage to fight. But again: how much suppression does it take to keep a red seat vs. flip it to blue? And on top of everythign there's no Trump in office to motivate massive blue turnout with his daily idiotic tweet storms. So let's say the House flips red, and maybe the Senate. Then the GOP runs Trump again in 2024, because their base will accept nothing else as long as he's alive. No matter the outcome, we're in trouble. If Trump wins? Here we go, rocketing towards full fascist rule for four more years. It will be a crime spree the likes of which the world has never seen. If he loses, the House refuses to certify a Democratic winner because they sure as hell aren't going to back off on their big lie in 2024 if they didn't after January 6th. Since the House is red in this scenario, the Speaker (McCarthy, presumably) becomes President by default and probably finds some way to put Trump in charge again - possibly by naming him Veep, then vacating the office. And there it is. American democracy is done because the loudest fattest orangest con man ever just can't accept that he's not universally popular.


> It would be the most egregious, awful moment in U.S. history. While they’re trying to brush over the most egregious, awful moment in U.S. history. Even worse, it’s hard to see how the Democrats aren’t letting them get away with it.


They’re doing everything they legally can. The same safeguards that stopped Trump from just taking over are also holding back Democrats from going after Republicans any harder than they are already. Be patient. Cases are being built. If charges haven’t been announced before the midterm start to panic.


I haven’t heard this enough. Like if they actually thought it was stolen you think they would just say so on a polling question or be all in an organized rage like Jan 6 x100


Yep. 2020 was just beta testing.


Should say ‘ refusal to accept reality ‘. This whole group, has attempted to change reality all along, pick a topic.


My dad: Well, you and I just live in two different realities. Me: Yes, we do. That is correct.


Republicans are waging war on democracy


Republicans have to destroy our country in order to save it.


The BIG LIE is designed to start a civil war. It might not happen right now but the same lie could be used again in 2024 to spark violence like Jan. 6 or worse.


Let me be honest with you, I used to be more conservative, (I’m ashamed to even mention that) and none of these “gun toting, red blooded Americans” are competent enough to start a civil war. Most of the “militias” are just a bunch of old guys that sit around drunk, shoot things, and share their latest not-so subtle AOC fetish. I really don’t think that it will ever spark into a full scale war, regardless of what they say. It’s all talk and no action, they could be easily wiped out by the military, which is basically just as divided as the rest of the country. All that could really happen at this point is smaller insurrections and riots that would be fizzed out relatively quickly until they figure out how stupid they are.


Nobody ever thought they would invade Congress to murder the VP and members of Congress, until they did.


True. That’s why we need defense against these things. The sad part is that they are so stuck in their ways any sort of conservative censorship, even if it’s inciting insurrection or violence, they call it 1984. It’s impossible to argue with most of them reasonably.


The thing I find most unnerving about the claims about fraud and illegitimacy of the election from Republicans is they seem to think that the vote totals for Trump's loss is fraud/illegitimate and yet all the other elections on the SAME ballots that had Republicans winning were all totally legitimate. That Republican supporters seem to be completely unaware of how ridiculous that is seems rather disturbing to me.


Embrace?? Let us cut the bullshit - this was planned. And although they didnt actually steal the election, they have plenty of room and freedom to spread more lies and enact voter suppression laws. The failed terrorist attack on Jan 6th gave them plenty of time to plan for the next few years... and actually be successful in their next attack.


We have the exact same amount of time to plan and execute an overwhelming defensive counterattack.


If you are a Republican voter, and you believe the election was stolen, why would you ever vote again, especially if your vote can just be stolen? Wouldn't you be more likely to just stop voting, since it doesn't matter who you vote for?


> Wouldn't you be more likely to just stop voting, since it doesn't matter who you vote for? They're going with another plan. They intend to stop democrats from voting.


Correction: they refuse to accept the legitimacy of elections they lose, and trumpet elections they win as examples of complete fairness and openness. This is fundamentally no different than what other authoritarian regimes do.


While they simultaneously say that democrats want communism and to enslave and kill conservatives. It’s absolutely insane when they claim to want “limited government.”


Judge people by how they accept defeat more than victory


It’s not just the big lie, they attempted so many nasty ways to overturn the will of the people. The trump family, with Covid, go to the debates without a mask. I assume they wanted Biden to catch it and die. Trump tries to get Ukraine to falsely accuse Biden of illegal doings, Trump tries to convince states to falsify election results, the big lie, court cases, tries to get congress to not certify the election,and when that all fails, they storm the Capitol to overthrow the government.


They know they're lying, and they know what they're going to do already. These lies about Democrats' election fraud are accompanied by the dehumanizing lies of Qanon directed against the Democrats. This looks like a typical fascist buildup to a coup and purge. Trump wanted the planned fascist Republican dictatorship for himself, but was unable to organize effectively enough to pull it off on 1/6. The rest of the Republicans - in Congress, holding positions as judges, holding offices in different States, and in place spreading propaganda from Fox News, One News Network and Newsmax - are still moving forward with coup preparation.


Always been my opinion as an outsider looking in. Trump was / is a willing participant, too big of a grift opportunity to give up, but he is literally the dancing talking clown thats needed to create the misdirection efforts so the real nefarious persons can continue working mostly unfettered out of the main spotlight. He’s the magicians scantily clad assistant here, drawing everyone attention away. Trumps playing a role, being fed the general narrative to follow while egged on and supported by ‘yes men’, Q, fox etc. Trumps been incapable of seeing he’s being played as a fool because he is so narcissistic and so blinded by the money grabbing potential. As long as his bubble keeps being inflated by yes men and the likes of Q & Fox, and as long as these people will keep believing in the narrative enough to send him money, he won’t stop but regardless of Trump the grander plan will continue wether or not he is in the picture, the bulls out of the pen at this point. Trumps been a mocked pseudo celeb and a known financially inept con man for decades who’s now playing in his biggest role and found his biggest con game. We can all speculate at who’s directing the stage, who the costars are but again as an outsider looking in, trump rising to the Oval Office is all very ... peculiar.


I mean everything that has happened here happened in Ukraine years ago. But I'm a crazy person when I point that out.


Another big lie is that this is all about Trump and not what the Republican party has been building to for decades. We are very lucky that it was an ignoramus like Trump who showed up at the right time and not someone of average or above intelligence.


This. Trump is a gift that we should be exploiting every goddamn day. We should paint him as a ridiculous buffoon, a liar and a cheat loud and clear at every possible opportunity. That means every conversation, every encounter with a supporter and every time you have anyone's attention in the matter. Let's get serious, the country is in jeopardy by people who think they are right and are in fact completely wrong. We have to win this or we lose the democracy. First we destroy Trump, then we destroy the Republican mindset of blind loyalty and power projection that created him.


Its scary that Republicans would rather play make believe than join the rest of in reality and try to actually fix the problems plaguing the country. I’m genuinely worried these dangerous idiots will show to my door one day with their guns in support of overthrowing democracy in favor of a Trump dictatorship.


Name a time since 1980 when Republicans haven't been anti-Democratic POS


Critically examining election results should be done with every election—it should jest be the law and we should have experts conduct these analyses. But repeatedly telling obviously lies without a shred of evidence in order to sow doubt in our elections system is basically the best kind of terrorism you can engage in, since it encourages others to lash out while you stay at home sipping champagne. It’s dangerous, and something needs to be done about it.


We grit our teeth through 2000 and 2016 but Republicans cry wolf this time around because if they don't then conservativism will go from being on life-support to being dead on the floor.


Republicans know that if they don't rig elections that they're a dead party. The stunts they kept pulling last year made the closeness of election very peculiar. We've seen Lindsey Graham give the game away. Democrats should audit EVERY STATE that the GOP won/kept even a senator in. 3rd parties and progressives should also call for these when facing Democrat neolibs or conservative Dems. I think the GOP is doing the most rigging and voter supression, but it's not limited to one party. Anyone found "cheating", should spend no less than 10 years in federal prison. People need to start caring about our democracy again, as false election wins give a mirage of a country that just isn't true, and that perception turns into reality, which makes us feel worse off. I'm tired of it.


It’s a nationwide phenomenon of group mental illness, starting at the leadership level, and supported by the marks (their constituents) who continue sending money to hear their leaders disparage others and commits open acts of cruelty to their glee and joyous laughter. It’s quite something, what they did, played on every fear and negative emotion, made them addicted to it. Of course, if they stopped doing it, and went back to regular “news” without the crazypants stuff, their constituents too would settle tf down. But there’s less money in that.


How can they lie to themselves? Must be liars


They know the facts. They know the truth. They're all playing characters on a very dangerous stage to try to get what they want. Everyone gets punch drunk with power, but the same power will turn against you when it's abused. Look at all the leaders in history that abused their power. It didn't turn out very well for them.


The GOP are afraid of losing the 15 million voters who are loyal to the former president (tfp). Led by Moscow Mitch the GOP will do anything tfp tells them to.


They have been embracing lies for years and years. Nothing knew; just the next extreme. DT's presidency was based on lies.


The infuriating part of it all, is according to people I know that still believe the big lie, the burden of proof is on the other side. They accept the lie without any substantial proof and that anything supporting the legitimacy of the election is a lie. The damage has already been done and we are at a point I feel is past the point of no return in American politics. This country is done


They're building resentment in their base so that when they steal elections going forward, their voters will collectively say "well you did it first so serves you right" without any care for the illegality of it. They'll be *happy* their team is stealing power. Trump did it for himself, but the party has co-opted the lie for the bigger picture. Hell, the Supreme Court stealing the election for Bush in 2000 was - while largely just unknown - still seen as payback for election shenanigans by Democrats in the previous decades. Republicans love to be aggrieved and utilize it as excuses for why they can break the law.


They are Criminals. Embracing the Big Lie gives them the support of 74 MILLION idiots and thugs, including the majority of Law Enforcement. They are perfectly willing to trigger a full blown Civil War in order to retake and keep control.


                                                                    ^^^— *no shit!*


If the GOP win any major elections, they will tell us we don't need elections, they already have the president .


When bitchers and moaners lose...


The reason Republicans are able to get away with this is because conservative voters are the stupidest and most easily manipulated dregs of human society. They're the Frankenstein's monster result of the Republican mad science experiment that is the intentional dismantling and sabotaging of US public education.


Far right media has little else to cling to. Their attacks on Fauci have fallen flat. Gaetz is about to be arrested. MTG can't stop saying bizarre, crazy stuff. And "critical race theory" is just utter nonsense that no one really understands. They are going to ride the "stolen election" crap until they can find another sellable conspiracy theory to peddle.


It's more like refusing to accept reality. It's psychotic. Take some Olanzapine already.


In short it’s not that all actually believe the lie, they don’t accept that they lost the demographics game to so they no longer care to play.


Every single thing the republicans ever complain about we eventually find out that they were actually doing it. I think that several of the down ballot races in certain areas were fixed.


That's because the only reason republicans win elections is because they steal it like in 2016 when Trump colluded with Russia. If republicans win in 2024 we should absolutely have an audit of every state they won.




We have proof the 2016 election was stolen, unlike Trump and the Republicans. They have absolutely no evidence the 2020 election was fraudulent.


There is no proof it was stolen. There was proof of unprecedented foreign power collusion but when you said it’s stolen - people tend to think that implies the votes weren’t counted correctly. Which isn’t the case in 2016. If you’re more precise with your language, it will be tougher for people to dismiss your point


I can tell you didn't even read the Mueller report. It is an empirical fact that the 2016 election was stolen.


The Mueller report showed nothing of the sort.


Then cite anything in the Mueller Report that proves that.


People voted for who they wanted to be president and Trump won. You make a shitty point. 90% of the voting population is misinformed on many subjects. American news broadcasts are often wrong. Yes, Russia meddled. Can you prove that people who voted for Trump would have voted any differently without Russian meddling? You can’t. By your logic all elections are stolen or fraudulent.


stolen implies that it was taken from the dems by force when the dems rolled over and let orange high treason have it.


It was stolen and you know that, but you are being obtuse. How can you still support Trump after what he did on January 6th?


accusing me of supporting trump might be like accusing the sun of being cold. I literally said orange high treason what more do you need? I'm stating that the dems did not attempt to stop him(his criminality is obvious before he announced candidacy...) or run a compelling counter candidate cause the party as a whole is just as corrupt.


> There was proof of unprecedented foreign power collusion If you cheat in an election and win, what would you call that?


Can you definitely say that level of collusion rose to levels of significance to affect the electoral outcome? Can it be proven? I’m kind of disheartened how it appears to be okay legally or made to be so by the executive branch.


> Can you definitely say that level of collusion rose to levels of significance to affect the electoral outcome? The cheating proves it. If you could win on your own why would you need to cheat? What *else* would the standard be? Shouldn't cheating invalidate a win, by definition? What other penalty for cheating would make sense?


Isn’t there always a threshold of significance for it tho? A difference between cheating and cheating the election. Should AG Barr have been able to said he found one single piece of voter fraud for democrats thus Biden’s win should be invalidated? Or should he only say such a thing if it crosses the threshold of changing the outcome of the whole election?


> Isn’t there always a threshold of significance for it tho? Elections are really important. Like, extraordinarily important to the legitimacy, stability, and continuity of government. Why would we permit even a *little* cheating to succeed? > Should AG Barr have been able to said he found one single piece of voter fraud for democrats Voter fraud is a crime committed by a voter, not by a candidate. Why would that constitute "cheating"?


I’m guessing it would be argued that democratic state lawmakers who laxed some rules for the pandemic voting would be considered the cheaters. Idk we are just disagreeing over definitions rn, agree to disagree?


>We have proof the 2016 election was stolen, Ok BlueAnon




Did you even read the Mueller report?


I did not and I won’t because I’m lazy but you seem very sure that the election was in fact stolen and I’d like to know about it. Can you give us a tldr?




You still believe the lie "Trump colluded with Russia"?


It was literally proven lmfao


It’s not been proven conclusively that Trump himself colluded with Russia, but they definitely interfered on his behalf and his campaign was definitely involved. Even the Republican-led Senate admitted as much.


Yep. "We found irrefutable evidence of Russian meddling," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement, directly refuting President Donald Trump's repeated assertions that Russian interference was a "hoax" perpetrated by Democrats."


If you can get people to believe that there is a Sky Wizard judging all of their actions, you can get them to believe anything.


Like what they read on the internet


The GOP care about only 2 things MONEY and POWER. They cheat or steal to get it!!!


If they don't want to be part of America they can leave.


Bunch of sore losers.


I would almost say it's a good thing because telling people that a landslide election can he stolen is a great way to encourage people not to vote but at this point, being a Republican requires so much cognitive dissonance that realistically none of them will notice.


It’s a convenient pretext to pass all that voter suppression shit. Republicans are evil but they’ve also got smart people that recognize an opportunity when they see one. And the rubes believe it so it makes it easier to stage a coup later on


They will never accept an election if they lost fairly but will accept an election if they won by cheating


Every election is fraudulent if you didn't win. This is a dangerous path for usa. Free speech is fine. But you simply cannot allow especially politicians to spread anything they like. By American laws politicians are even more protected by the first amendment. It needs to be reversed. They need to be held to far higher standards. Because the bar was damn low already. And Trump brought a tunnel drill.


Experts say? You would just have to not be a moron to say this. That's how low the bar is.


“Experts say” Still haven’t figured this out I see


What's your argument here? They quote individuals in the text.


morons on parade


It was proven though that Russian assets hacked the election


Donald Trump lost re-election on Nov. 3, 2020, by over 7 million votes in the popular vote and by 306 (Biden) to 232 i(Trump) n the Electoral College. Period. Trump’s deliberate, despicable downplaying of the COVID pandemic and callous indifference to hundreds of thousands of deaths (*It is what it is.*) was an outrage and helped generate the largest voter turnout since 1900. After Trump lost the the popular vote in 2016 and never sustained even a simple majority job approval rating, the results absolutely make sense. Moreover, every attempt to “prove” Trump “won” has been thrown out of court—including by the solidly conservative majority U.S. Supreme Court—or thoroughly debunked. Sidney Powell, a lawyer/conspiracy theorist who prominently promoted the “massive fraud” nonsense admitted—after being sued for defamation by a voting machine company whose reputation she had impugned—that she had been lying the whole time. Believing that Trump “actually won” is not rational and not supported by a shred of logic or evidence. Trump’s insistence on promoting this hogwash directly led to a mob of his supporters storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in a deliberate, unprecedented, violent attempt to overturn a free, fair election and usurp the expressed will of the American people. The Arizona fraudit is one of the most transparently hyper-partisan, Keystone Cops, zero credibility, loony conspiracy theory driven boondoggles in history. It epitomizes just how crazed and irrational Trump partisans have become. Joe Biden is the duly elected, 46th President of the United States. There is no way under any circumstances that Trump will be “restored” to the White House before Biden’s current term ends on Jan. 20, 2025.


"Hillary Clinton dismissed President Trump as an “illegitimate president” and suggested that “he knows” that he stole the 2016 presidential election" Cool story, bro. We're you concerned she was spreading false information that may damage the integrity and morality of our country? Lolol I'd guess not.


Aw man, I know, right?? And no one remembers how 2 months after hillary lost, she riled up all the angry antifa's to go chant about hanging the vice president and smear shit all over the walls and beat the willies out of some cops in the capitol building. Wait, she didn't do that? That was trump 4 years later pushing a bullshit lie with zero evidence, being laughed out of every court in the land all the way up to SCOTUS? Well shit, maybe your whataboutism isn't working here. Better try harder.


You are aware that Russia interfered on Trump's behalf and were supported in this unlawful interference by Trump's campaign, right?


Yes, what about this two year old article? You are quoting the writer of the article, not Clinton herself. When asked 'why are you still an issue with Trump, and his supporters three years after the election?', this was her answer. [Clinton was asked whether it angers her that none of the current Democratic candidates invoke her on the campaign trail while Trump’s rally crowds still break out into “lock her up” chants. “No, it doesn’t kill me because he knows he’s an illegitimate president,” she said. “I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories — he knows that — there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did.”](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/hillary-clinton-trump-is-an-illegitimate-president/2019/09/26/29195d5a-e099-11e9-b199-f638bf2c340f_story.html) This was three years after the election, after more information was available. Trump has been claiming election fraud, with no proof, since 2016, because he lost the popular vote. Edit: Nowhere in the article does she say that he stole the election.


To be fair, she was probably the most unlikable democrat candidate there could’ve been. Just imagine what would’ve happened if the Democrats hadn’t put up a figure hated for over 30+ years in politics. Just saying that the Republicans capitalized on bad ideas.


What does any of that have to do with him still riling his base up with 'lock her up' five years after the election? Bad idea or not, how are the Republicans capitalizing today on something that happened five years ago? Why isn't she in jail like he said would happen if he was president? He had four years.


It doesn’t matter. She was disliked by the majority of an entire political party BEFORE running. It was the best chance for someone like Trump to win


she conceded the race the next day.... and also she wasn't sharing false information The FBI has confirmed that Russia was fucking around with our elections. Thev Robert Mueller report goes into detail about how the Trump organization and the president himself had contact with the Russians that they repeatedly lied about. now you seem to think that because his corrupt justice department didn't file charges against him that it means he was innocent.... edit: also I'm about fucking done with Republicans insisting that their lies are the same as actual true things that have happened.


Republican accusations are always confessions.


And it was proven the Russians worked with Cambridge analytica and data from the Trump campaign to target false ads to ‘persuadables’


Well the news source is a blog and the title states “experts say”. So it must be true.


So your attacks on the left for #notmypresident were fake? Got it, hypocrite




>Fucking love that victim card The new GOP slogan?


Hey I am a Republican and share many of the party views but I don’t believe the election was stolen. It is what it is and I accept it. Trump has polluted the party and become a cancer on the party. He should be the first person to settle Mars. 😁 I don’t hold many democratic views but I respect them. To the Democrats I say you also have some undesirable party members but you don’t want to be judged by those member’s behavior. I would often cringe when Trump made some good points in a speech but at the end just had to say something to insult someone. He needed a sock shove in his mouth at some point in every speech. He is an intelligent man but has not realized in a lifetime that you do not get people’s commitment and support with insults and threats. To President Biden I say get your act together to stop the illegals pouring into the US at the Mexican border. You complained excessively how Trump mishandled the problem but your answer is to do nothing. It has become a source for illegals from all over the world to enter the US. We have to have organized legal immigration. Is that such a hard thing for our government to handle?!?!


BERNIE SANDERS WAS ROBBED...TWICE. Fuck everything else. Thank you 😊


Nah this election was rigged


Trump's lawyers didn't present evidence of fraud or allege it in court. What evidence do you have that they didn't have?


He really really wants it to be true


The proof will be in the pudding when the audit results are released.




>It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out. Carl Sagan


There is zero evidence that the election was stolen. The people making the allegations went to court multiple times and didn't present enough evidence to convince any judge. Instead of accepting that they lost (the election and that court cases), though, they just kept insisting that they had super-secret evidence that they could only show to the Supreme Court. Except it doesn't work that way. You show your evidence to the first court to go to. You don't withhold evidence in the hopes that you'll go to a higher court. All they really had were allegations based on Internet rumors and conspiracy theories - no actual evidence.


Being open-minded is one thing; refusing to accept the truth in the face of overwhelming evidence otherwise just to maintain the appearance of "open-mindedness" is another. You know the TRUTH. It has been PROVEN. Over 60 lawsuits were given proper examination from judges across the political spectrum and none, ZERO, of them proved remotely credible. To continue to doubt the results at this point only perpetuates the Big Lie and is as "culty" as it gets.


There were like a hundred lawsuits buddy and a bunch of recounts already. If that doesn’t convince you that Trump lost maybe nothing ever will. It’s pretty sad..


You're literally part of the problem.


If a far left opinion is posted on here the mods ban it