Country legend Reba McEntire lashes out at GOP fundraiser listing her as special guest without consent | Representatives for Kristi Noem has said there was “written confirmation” despite McEntire’s insistence she refuses to get involved in politics

Country legend Reba McEntire lashes out at GOP fundraiser listing her as special guest without consent | Representatives for Kristi Noem has said there was “written confirmation” despite McEntire’s insistence she refuses to get involved in politics


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If they have written proof now is probably the time to provide it...


Nessie has the documents in her kraken leather briefcase. If you see Nessie, ask her to show up for work


I'll try to track her down, she's owes me three fiddy.


Dammit monsta!


I gave him a dollar.


She gave him a dollah! Now he'll neva go away!


This exact phrase could be applied to Donald Trump...


Time to make a trip to Loch Modon!


Ain't much left of it after the Cataclysm.


She got it off of Hunter's laptop.


Nessie sent the proof to Tucker Carlson a while back but it got lost in the mail. Shame.


I'm sure they have it. Certain. They have written confirmation from Reba McEntire. Not *this* Reba McEntire mind you. They have the Reba who works at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.


Reba Mac n’ Tire


Only at Reba's Mac n' Tire do you get a healthy home cooked bowl of mac 'n cheese while you wait for your tires. Tired of the cheesy competition that leaves you flat? Come on down the Reba's Mac n' Tire and get a tasty set of tires or hop on over to our pasta shop and get a "Fancy Muddy Mississippi".


I just read this in [Betty's No Good Clothes Shop and Pancake House](https://youtu.be/tCp42HcPheE) voice.


>Four Seasons Total Landscaping Gold!


Oops. Their Canadian girlfriend has it at the moment. Wait two weeks and they'll get back to you.


They have it, it's on Hunter's laptop that got lost and stolen on its way to Tucker !


As soon as the audit is complete.


and after they release their healthcare plan!


No need. They said it's true, and for the people that statement was intended for.. that is proof enough.


They'll get that to them in two weeks.


It will be shown the same time Tucker shows us the Hunter Biden evidence.


GQP: We have proof, but you can’t see it. It’s a state secret.


Guarantee they don't have it. GOP always lie.


Once again republicans don’t give a shit about consent.


Fascism doesn't operate by consent.


Noem has Corey Lewandowski as her campaign adviser. It's just part of the playbook. Meanwhile 2,022 South Dakotan's have died due to her ambivalence to Covid. She has sued her own constiuents(using our money) to take away IM22 (legal marijuana) that the people voted for. She is not a public official. She's a grifter using her power for her own political gain. I can not say enough horrible things about this woman. I've been taking notes.


Don't forget South Dakota taxpayer dollars going towards her DC Trump lawyer swamp creature friends in the name of shooting fireworks at the National Mount Rusmore Park this summer.


Or the quarter mil for "expert" consultants on which overpriced plane to buy that she'll pretend is her own property.


>due to her ambivalence to Covid Insouciance, more like.


Common Republican tactic. Make claims. Don't care. Doesn't matter. By the time they are corrected, enough people will have read or heard the lies and not enough heard the correction. They got the benefit they were looking for. Move on to the next lie.


Exactly. They rely on the old adage “a lie makes it around the world twice before the truth gets its pants on” see also Mueller report vs. Barr’s phony summary of it


The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle: it takes at least an order of magnitude more energy to disprove bullshit than to make it.


Also DOS and DDOS. Denial of service and distributed denial of service, but against human fact checkers. Also, Firehose of Falsehood. Spew a flood of lies to overwhelm the public's limited attention span. Also, Gish Gallop. Spew the opponent with a flood of claims or facts, many are often untrue or distortions of truth, to overwhelm the opponent and give a false impression of a stronger argument. ---- The solution is going to be AI. An algorithm could fact check lies and distortions in real-time before the next claim is even uttered. But we're a long way from this.


What sucks is that now all of the right-wingers are going to hate her and talk shit because she refused to go.


They sound like the kind of fans a respectable artist wouldn't want to have, anyway.


This is how fascism works though. She was probably asked, said no, and as a fuck you for saying no they did this. People say they don’t want to get involved in politics and the result is Q anon running politics.


She can and should file a lawsuit.


In most states it is a clear violation of "right to persona". She has clear grounds.


No lawsuit can ever make her whole if the GOP convinced republicans she is evil.


Its Reba McEntire. Good luck convincing Republicans to stop listening to classic country.


The Dixie Chicks might disagree…


Once again, it's Reba McEntire. She's kind of in a different league than the Dixie Chicks were.


> She's kind of in a different league than the Dixie Chicks were. I would point out that the Dixie Chicks are, to this day, the best selling female band in America… claiming Reba is on a different level, is meaningless if you are unable to articulate how Reba’s success insulates her in a way that the Dixie Chick’s did not.


Yeah, but. Besides a handful of gays, they are the bulk of her audience.


She doesn't need them, though. She's got enough money that her grandkids are all going to be rich, even if she never sells another album.


Not to mention residual income from her award winning TV show


Which was actually pretty good.


It did have good depth, the youngest daughter leaving Reba for the dad later in the show despite Reba doing her best was rough. Also, Van was the best


I never saw the show, but was that Scarlett Pomers character? If so, there were some real life circumstances that had her leave the show for a bit. She was a great kid actress who did a wonderful job on Star Trek Voyager.


Yes that's her, in the show reba saved up for her to go to Europe and ended up having to spend money on her older daughter and Kyra moved in with her dad cause she was tired of feeling left out


I like to call this the DoorDash special, when you claim association without ever telling the other party and let them take the heat for it.


If that’s the case progressive groups should try this tactic occasionally. “Jon Voight will be at our new Climate Change conference!” “Kirstie Alley to headline in support of women’s choice!” “Chuck Norris to be the guest of honor at our hometown gay pride parade!” Boy it’ll be more fun than I think any of us think to watch hard right Repubs try to boycott everything in existence. Edit: fixed formatting


TBF, progressives don't need to lie. They've got Willie Nelson on their side. That was hilarious watching rubes flip out when they realize that Willie has been a bleeding heart liberal since his career began. I mean, that kinda goes for most 'good' country. They either stay out of politics, go liberal, or just spend time bashing the authoritarian butt lickers on the right. The ones who pander to right-wing culture all make terrible music.


>The ones who pander to right-wing culture all make terrible music. This is true for all genres


It's just true for art in general. When you pander in the vain pursuit of fame and wealth, you make shit. Bar none. Respect to those who were brought into the limelight to make that pandering crap and rebuked it. I mean fuck, Miley Cyrus is the last person I'd want to give props to but she's been a G at toeing the line between commercial success and doing wtf you want.


Lady Gaga is one worth praising in that regard. She basically got shunned by the pop music industry for not wanting to fit their mold after her first couple albums. Kept going doing her own thing though.


I was super disappointed when Jon Shaffer got arrested at the Capitol in January. He’s a helluva rhythm guitarist and has made some fantastic music.


>I was super disappointed when Jon Shaffer got arrested at the Capitol in January. *checks Wikipedia* "He is the rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter of the Florida-based heavy metal band Iced Earth" Ah "Florida Based"... that explains it.


🎶red solo cup🎶I fill you up🎶with shitty music...


Your last point is something I was just thinking about yesterday. Toby Keith would have been a one hit wonder nobody if he didn’t produce a deluge of 9/11 inspired songs. His music sucks anyways, but because it was talking about putting a “boot in your ass, it’s the American way” and lynching “unamericans” the right made him a star. Now he continues to pander by making his restaurants gun friendly.


Same for that “facts don’t care about your feelings” fascist rap shit.


I can see the headlines now: "Artist Reba McEntire BACKS OUT of commitment for Republican event over fear of being CANCELLED by the RADICAL LEFT."


Yup, this right here despite a long history of not performing at these things.


So basically this was extortion


This is exactly why she stays out of politics. She knows how crazy a lot of her fans are. One misstep and she is the next Dixie Chicks.


She'll be canceled, just like the Dixie Chicks


As a left wing guy from the south, I'm glad they've found a new voice recently


I think The Chicks cancelled Dixie.


And by McEntire making an issue of it, the fanbase will turn on her. And the GOP knows it. It doesn't even matter that she's in the right and even whether she's on their side, she'll be a pariah now. I don't think people realize how far out of control this all is.


She'll be fine.


She's a survivor.


What was the benefit? To attract more people to the event i suppose. But wouldnt the lack of her being there be taken poorly by those who attend? I guess they could blame her for pulling out even if it wasnt true but that seems like an iffy strategy when you consider they are showing up because she will supposedly be there, and she has a big megaphone she can avail herself of.


Any one want to bet they don't have any proof?


Of course they have proof! Do you think they could just attach a picture of it to the tweet claiming they have proof? That kind of thing takes a technical genius! /s


I hear baron is good with the cyber.


they have the best proof! so much proof, it'll make the supreme court cry! big, strong generals are coming up to them saying, 'you have the best proof!', everyone is saying it!!!!


They’re going to release the proof in 2 weeks.


They actually sent the proof to tucker but the mailman lost it.


*"You can't Shipping & Handling the truth!"*


The proof lives in Canada, you wouldn't know it.


They probably got a different Reba McEntire that owns a garden supply store.


Lol. I actually find this to be believable.


Let's see how fast the 45 cult turns on Reba. (Some) of them still want to 'cancel' Dolly Parton for not being loyal enough.


Imagine being upset at Dolly. How miserable of a person would you have to be?


Dude, they absolutely hate Tom Hanks now for no real reason.


Well, "no reason" isn't correct. "No truthful reason" would be. Q-folk believe Tom Hanks stays youthful because of the adrenochrome (or whatever) extracted from children. He's part of the global elite controlling their lives.


Which is funny because he’s not even youthful looking. Like, he looks good for his age, yeah, most celebrities do because they can afford expensive care and hygiene shit. But he still looks noticeably aged and older than he did when in Forrest Gump and Joe vs the Volcano, unlike Tom cruise who still looks 25


Tom Cruise only looks 25 in his movies because of visual effects de-aging him. He works it into his contracts.


Well true, but, I don’t keep up with a lot of celebrity stuff, where I see most of them is in their movies, which is why I think it’s worth noting that even in his movies Tom Hanks is still older looking


Fair enough! I only learned about Cruise's visual effects rider recently, but it explains so much.


So the real secret to youth is Scientology?!


Tom doesn't actually look that young. Makeup and special effects. Honestly.


I always think it's funny when they make that accusation about Biden. How the hell could anyone think Joe Biden has access to the fountain of youth?


my co worker will occasionally bring up tom hanks and the Oscars and how that somehow makes him a pedophile. Long story short, I don't understand it and i don't really care enough to go through the entire thing yet again


I haven't even heard about the Oscar's thing, I always heard it was he was on Jeffrey Epstein's plane's flight logs. (which he wasn't)


lol it's not even that, they said he was a pedo because [he was given greek citizenship](https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/08/tom-hanks-didnt-become-a-greek-citizen-because-hes-a-pedophile-qanons-never-tire-of-being-wrong-a-look-at-a-usa-today-fact-check.html).


It’s wild that these people are capable of holding titles like “coworker”


From what I read it has something to do with how he is always posting pictures of gloves on Instagram. I have no idea why that makes sense to them but it does for some reason.


Dude, I've seen that crackpot "theory" in the wild! Apparently he's openly bragging/taunting us with all the child kidnappings and murders he's doing because each glove belongs to a victim. It's the only thing that makes sense to them, because how else are you gonna see *that* many orphaned gloves? It's apparently super obvious that this is what's happening, and we're all idiots for not being able to see whats right in front of our face. Sadly, this is not the craziest conspiracy theory I've heard from these people.


One started in on that whole spiel with me, and I called her a fucking idiot and said that was the stupidest shit I'd heard that week. She didn't like me after that. I only had to deal with her that day, because she was taking her third vacation in as many months, and someone had to fill in for her because the mine she worked at had several people down for covid.


You have to be some special kind of trash to hate Dolly. They even love Dolly in the hood.


Yup. Quick newsflash: anyone who is widely popular among conservatives but doesn’t get into politics is because they themselves are not conservatives and are simply protecting their livelihood. This applies to actors, singers, athletes, etc.


So not because of her vaccine promotion?


Well, even Loretta Lynn promoted getting the vaccine and her audience is ultra conservative. Didn’t seem to bother her any.


Noem is a criminal.


One of these stars should accept and then go on stage and just tear apart the republican cult propaganda shit for an hour.


Johnny Cash did it. [The Time Johnny Cash Met Richard Nixon](https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/30142/when-johnny-cash-met-richard-nixon) >Nixon thought he’d break the ice, and asked, “Johnny, would you be willing to play a few songs for us?” If he’d left it at that, things might have gone differently. But Nixon added, “I like Merle Haggard’s 'Okie From Muskogee' and Guy Drake’s 'Welfare Cadillac.'" Both songs were satirical expressions of right-wing disdain (though Nixon probably missed the satire) - the first for Vietnam protesters and hippies, the second for poor people who cheat the welfare system. >“I don’t know those songs,” Cash said. “But I got a few of my own I can play for you.” >With the leader of the western world held captive, Cash launched into “What Is Truth?” a song that championed the idea of youth and freedom, with a pointedly anti-war second verse. Nixon sat listening with a frozen smile. >Cash continued the assault with “The Man in Black,” a song that explained how his fashion preference represented his solidarity with the oppressed, the sick, the lonely, and the soldiers (“Each week we lose a hundred fine young men”). >Cash then capped off his mini-concert with “The Ballad of Ira Hayes,” about the plight of Native Americans, in particular one of the soldiers who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. Hayes returned home to be decorated, but couldn’t deal with the guilt he felt over surviving the war when so many of his friends didn’t. He drank himself to death.


These are people who unironically play the Fortunate Son at their rallies. This will go right over their heads.


It's like when Paul Ryan ran for VP and said Rage Against the Machine was his favorite band. If there was a physical manifestation of what RATM was against it is Paul Ryan. Republicans truly don't understand irony.


I used to work with a guy who was the biggest racist you've met. He even hated white people who weren't Irish. He liked RATM. He obviously didn't listen to the lyrics or saw a picture of the band.


> If there was a physical manifestation of what RATM was against it is Paul Ryan. Tom Morello agrees: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/tom-morello-paul-ryan-is-the-embodiment-of-the-machine-our-music-rages-against-246033/


That’s OK; they hire people like Roger Stone who do understand it, to bilk their electorate


Born in the USA is another popular one that they love to play without understanding it's meaning. If you ever want a hilarious read, check out the Conservapedia (yes, conservative Wikipedia is a thing) lists of "liberal" and "conservative" music. It's absolutely ridiculous. Some highlights: The BeeGees' song Stayin' Alive is promoting pro life values, literally staying alive. They think "Can't Hurry Love" by the Supremes is promoting abstinence from sex. Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is a pro-christian song because it mentions King David. Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" is attributed to refusing to end the Iraq War. Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" is anti-union, forcing workers to rely on prayer. https://conservapedia.com/Essay:Greatest_Conservative_Songs


I hope nobody hurt themselves with all the reaching they did for this list. (Who am I kidding, I hope they sprained something or gave themselves a terrible headache trying to make these songs "conservative".) ​ ETA: The more I read, the stupider it gets. Yes, lets include all sorts of Country music, Christian music, etc. Oddly, Handel's Messiah is included as the only classical entry. Classical music is a treasure trove of music about God, Jesus, etc. they could have a way longer list.


Well they'd actually have to know another language to know what is being said.


lol at symphony of destruction Also, imagine being so patriotic that you need a list of approved songs to listen to that are supposed to remind you of how great America is. These dipshits really don’t see their own irony


It's so funny. Check out the entry on Springsteen's Born in the USA in the list of "debatable" conservative songs at the bottom. It says something to the effect of "this *sounds* like a Pro-America song but some of the lyrics are questionable." I can just picture a conservative squinting suspiciously, thinking hmmm....can't tell if I'm allowed to like this song or not.


> Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is a pro-christian song because it mentions King David That's the funniest fucking thing because, uh, Leonard Cohen was Jewish. That was kinda an important theme to a lot of his music. One of his songs was literally a translated and adapted version of the Unetanneh Tokef. Pro-Christian? The man was a [Kohen](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohen). Ha. Anyways, thanks for updating me on Conservapedia's bullshittery.


Yeah that one really made me laugh. Anyone who knows anything about Leonard Cohen knows that he was Jewish and had a lot of themes about his feeling surrounding Judaism in his songs. And Hallelujah was clearly a meditation on love and loss, but the shallow conservative who wrote the article is basically like "King David! Psalms! Pro Christian!" There's much, much more idiocy in the list, and the "liberal music" one is just as funny, but the above were my favorites.


Tell them lynyrd Skynyrd and creedence Clearwater revival sang about gun control (Saturday night special and run through the jungle) and watch their eyes question their reality before they double down that that's not what it's supposed to mean (despite the artists words).


I find their love of the Rage Against the Machine to be pretty hilarious. And let's not also forget the time Republicans invited Stephen Colbert to roast Georgie Dubs, not realizing his character from The Colbert Report was satire.


Fuck yeah, Johnny


What a legend!


Johnny Cash’s album Bitter Tears has an interesting backstory to it. Couldn’t go get radio play because it was supportive of Native Americans.


TIL The Ballad of Ira Hayes was a Johnny Cash song. I know it from the cover by Townes Van Zandt.


I read flags of our fathers and Hayes’ story line was absolutely heartbreaking. They all suffered but as an alcoholic from a family of alcoholics his experience really resonated with me


When he got home he went to the barber shop IN HIS UNIFORM. Barber refused to serve a Native American.


>Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand >Workin' in the dark against your fellow man >But as sure as God made black and white >What's down in the dark will be brought to the light >You can run on for a long time >Run on for a long time >Run on for a long time >[Sooner or later God'll cut you down](https://youtu.be/eJlN9jdQFSc)




This crowd carrie's nooses and zipties. Best not to risk it.


Who is Carrie and why does the crowd have her nooses and zip ties?


Jesus take the zip ties.


Nah fuck that. They're terrorists. Why should we change when they're the ones who suck?


I would instantly buy several albums from a star that did this, even if I hated their music.


Dammit, every single time South Dakota is in the news, it's always for the Gnome fucking something up. Can't there just be a single good thing happen in my state?


Don't despair. The Standing Rock protests and subsequent cancellation of the pipeline are at least one reason to be happy about your state.


“Gnome” almost spit out my tea


Without consent... Seems like a common theme for these people.


Correction, Riba Mack & Tire.


Reba McEntire: Total Landscaping


I got a set of radials from them last year. Good people


Live news conference will be right out front. Snow tires half off!


Surprised Kristi doesn’t have a machine gun in her other hand. Do ridiculous pictures like that actually motivate that base and make them think ‘yah man, she’s cool’


SD resident here. A good chunk of our voter base is stupid enough to fall for that.


For some reason, yes.


Me: Mom, can we get Reba for our rally? Mom: No, we have Reba at home. [Reba at Home](https://i.imgur.com/kfnGlwg.jpg)


Aww was hoping it was a link to the incredibly weird SNL sketch where Keenan Thompson is playing Reba. "I'M REBA!"




I was expecting a link to the reba tv show box set.


Hahaha! Isn’t Reba’s sister a conservative Christian singer? They should just get [her!](http://www.susiemcentire.com/about/)


Also why is Gov. Noem having a fundraiser for her campaign outside the state she in running in?


She is running for national office, even though she denies it.


2024 is gonna be another Republican Klown Kar primary, but this time none will able to criticize the others because they have no actual policies other than "I love Trump!" and "tax cuts for the wealthy!" and "we're not gonna take yer gunz!" They're no longer allowed to have any differentiating goals. Can't fucking wait.


Fundraiser to be held at McEntire Rebar and Cement Co.


Why does the GOP have so many problem with women and consent?


Republicans hate both


Update to this story. The written document proof, was just found with Hunter Biden's laptop /s


Wait. Republicans lied?


Crusty Gnome back at it again. Oh joy.


Somebody pulled a Four Seasons landscaping and booked Reeba MacIntyre


Kristi Noem is a monster.


Just like the GOP to lie and use someone's name without their consent.


Lie. Lie. Lie. That’s the modern day GOP


$10 says someone trolled them hardcore and made them think they were talking to McEntire.


Consent really isn't their thing.


Hey, some Kristi Noem staffer wrote it down so that was the "written confirmation" and it must be true. GOP members do not let any trivial things like the truth get in the way of getting more money from idiots that believe their lies.


Kristi Noem is an idiot


When a country singer says they don’t want to get involved with politics, it means they don’t want to piss off their republican fans.


Reba should counter with "Good news! As part of being in the event, the organizers have agreed to make the event free and refund everyone. This was all verbally confirmed and will be in my rider." Just cause a bigger shitshow.


Republicans sure love celebrities for people that say they don't.


There's an easy an infallible way to determine the truth when two people have conflicting stories. Is one of them a Republican? That one's the lying sack of shit.


She did attend Pompeo’s “Madison dinners,” which were political events funded with money appropriated for diplomacy.


There is a possibility Noem was scammed by someone pretending to be McEntire


Then her campaign can prove or disprove it by releasing the "written confirmation".


They're working diligently to create that evidence right now.


Word on the street is that it's on Hunter Biden's laptop.


They need a backup story.


The lying GOP strikes again.


GOP: act first, apologize later.


More like "apologize lol".


The GQP LIES about everything- including who likes them


Promise Reba, send in Trumps COKEHEAD son.


It would've been great if a guy dressed in drag went as Reba.


>written confirmation Given the low IQ and lower morals of Noem and GOPers like her, they're probably pretending the written invitation they sent counts as the "written confirmation."


Is this why the convention I go to says they book Elijah Wood every year? And every year, he “backs out” last minute.


Oh come on! You're telling me the GQP lies? No way!


Well if there is one thing the GOP doesn't know it's consent.


GOP and not asking for consent. A tale as old as time.


Reba almost has to take sides because Democrats almost by definition don't pull these underhanded stunts.


Oh man, a republican says they have proof. where have we heard that before...


She is responsible for plenty of her own right wing bullshit. Remember her comments about the Dixie Chicks? Too bad for her


That was a pretty lame attempt at humor at an awards show. It was probably a scripted line and wasn’t derogatory of the Chicks.


All the country music stars are afraid of being cancelled like the Dixie Chicks, the only brave performers.


Really? Because we have had Dolly, Garth and now Reba speak out either against members of the GOP or in favor of Democrats. Those are some pretty big names