Racism in the US military did not exist before Biden took power, GOP senator Tom Cotton claims

Racism in the US military did not exist before Biden took power, GOP senator Tom Cotton claims


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Are we supposed to believe that Noted White Nationalist Tom Cotton is sad that there's racism in the military?


Let’s not forget that he claimed to be an Army Ranger, and that was a lie—according to the Army.


What was it, he went to Ranger school?




Tab, no scroll. Which is still impressive tbf


Can you please ELI5 what this means?


He graduated from Ranger school (which is incredibly tough) which earns him the right to wear a tab that says “RANGER” but wasn’t assigned to an actual Ranger unit, whose unit patch is a scroll that says (for example) “2D RANGER BN.” Being in 75RR is extremely prestigious, while wearing a Ranger tab is simply impressive.


You went from ELI5 to ELIE5 with that…two-dimensional ranger bun? And the 75th rail road? (Second Ranger Battalion, is my real guess, but I’m really not sure about 75RR.)


75th Ranger Regiment!


That’s incorrect. Specifically the ranger course he did, is not the same as the 75th ranger course. It’s a leadership and light infantry course.


Yeah he did Ranger school which earns you a tab, whereas RASP(RIP/ROP) gets you into Ranger batt but is not a tab-producing course, which he did not complete…


Yeah tab is still no small feat. He can say he was an Army Ranger and it’s still on the level. I say that as a former Army Infantryman. Still hate this ass clown though.


Tabs don't mean shit. I've seen tons of complete idiots with tabs. Even more idiots with brass and tabs.


Well those idiots certainly endured Ranger School and I myself did not so I will give credit where it’s due


Yeah well I'm not sucking anyones dick for enduring something THEY signed up for.


Congrats - he passed a leadership course - cuz thats all ranger school is.


No, you see, he played softball for the *Army Rangers*. Right field, batted .207 over three seasons of slow-pitch.


I thought he played softball for the army and drove a Ford ranger?


No, no, he has seasons 1 & 2 of the original Power Rangers series on DVD.


Which he watches on a double din DVD player in his ranger


No no no. You guys have it wrong. He has a collection of the original Ranger Rick magazines.


No he has a tattoo of that lizard Rango on his arm


I’ll have to see this tattoo


And let him explain that Bronze Star he received along with thousands of other deployed military. It had nothing to do with a display of extraordinary courage on the battlefield.


It doesn’t have the V device. Any Bronze star without the V device is window dressing


Excellent point. 👍


Every officer gets a Bronze Star on deployments and every enlisted gets an ARCOM. Just for showing up and not getting in trouble.


On my first deployment it was worse than that. Senior enlisted and up all got a Bronze Star...we were a pogue medical unit. As an E4 it was shocking after hearing what Vietnam vets went through just to get a Bronze Star. The V device means infinitely more.




Yes, Trump is chaotic Evil, old, dumb and racist, can't get things done. He would be a fail villain character. Tom Cotton seems to know what is right and wrong, and does the wrong thing anyway, he seems quite intelligent, and uses all of that intelligence to make sure people that don't share his skin color or party suffer. If Tom Cotton became president, there is a good chance he will build a personality cult like Trump, and also be evil in a way only psychopaths can be. He is a calculated predator. He is someone that must be kept away from power at all times. If he gets into power, American democracy will fail. We know the system was already stressed by the clown that was Donald. It can't survive Cotton. We have to stop this man at all costs.


He’s been saying the same bombastic racist shit as Trump has for years and is still barely recognizable on the national stage. I’m not disagreeing with you on the danger he poses, but he doesn’t have that kind of charisma that appeals to the ignorant and vicious like Trump does.




He has a ranger tab, so it’s pretty difficult to argue that he can’t call himself that, even though I don’t think he was in a unit. He’s definitely lying about this shit, though.


The left has gotten so out of control that they invented racism just to own the conservatives.


Good, I'm tired of conservatives using any old excuse to own the libs, up to and including managing not to urinate all over themselves.


Only if it affects white people.


I think he's praising him


No I think it's more like white folks are being made to feel uncomfortable, and that's racist.


The only ones feeling uncomfortable are the racist.


>Mr Cotton then told the Defense Secretary that the military has “for decades has been one of the institutions in this society where you are most likely to get ahead based on your own performance, on your own merit, irrespective of the colour of your skin or where you came from or who your parents were.” He is really saying a lot more than he thinks here.


He’s admitting to systemic racism, but the people that need to hear that won’t.


Conservatives understand that systemic racism exists. They just think that it's a good thing.


Funny how when you break down the military demographics by rank, the higher you go the whiter it gets. It's as if there were something preventing black people from climbing too high.


The reason why leadership gets whiter as you go up the ranks is that a college education is required to be an officer so that’s an outside the military systemic issue.


That's certainly part of it, but the same is true for NCO ranks. The proportion of white people gets larger even with career enlisted.


The data I’m seeing (https://diversity.defense.gov/Portals/51/Documents/Resources/Commission/docs/Issue%20Papers/Paper%2047%20-%20Enlisted%20Promotion%20Rates%20by%20Race%20Ethnicity%20and%20Gender.pdf) show’s that black people are promoted at the same rate to E7, E8, E9 as enlisted as a whole except in the marines. Hispanics are the same except in the Airforce. I think that the military’s promotion systems is (mostly) fair and there may be other reasons (which may be due to racism) why you see whiter faces in higher ranks.


You're right, that does sound like something a person who's unaware of their own privilege would day.


Excellent point


Of course. The entirety of the military just agreed to not be racist at all until Joe Biden became President. Sounds legit.


Can confirm. Been deployed since before Biden’s inauguration and we all decided to be racist on 20 January. We had a whole meeting about it.


An entire meeting?


Well yes, but only after the meeting to have the meeting to prepare for the meeting.


Should've just been a damn email...


Are you kidding? The military doesn't do a dang without at least 3+(n\*x) PowerPoint presentations, where *n* is the number of levels of command above you in your unit and *x* is how many months something can be drawn out until a decision should probably be made.


Oh, I know. I got to listen to it growing up.


This guy Air Forces


And here I thought it was the COVID vaccine. You know, they put Autism in the ones for civilians, and Racism in the ones for Military.


Thank you so much for the laugh!


Did you guys get Chick Fil A chicken and the multiple packets of sauce at the upgrade meeting? And where’s my Soros check for this racist version upgrade? This 5G over here isn’t working. I better go sign up for the booster vaccine now. Oh, and I still will be needing that Soros check y’all got at the military meeting to turn racist.


Can provide supporting fires on this, been in for 10 years. All decided to become racist the moment he was sworn in. New policy from DA was issued at 1200 the 20th. Effective immediately, all active duty service members will now be racist. /s


Can’t wait to see the @DefenseCharts used in the briefing for that meeting!


Biden should just start using Trump's favorite excuse of "they're Never Bideners trying to make me look bad!"


It's the same logic as saying that Covid numbers would be lower of we didn't test so many people. He's suggesting that racism doesn't exist if you don't talk about it.


So my dad who was in the Navy 20+ years starting in the '80s, who is a racist did not exist?


...and my father, a retired Master Sargent, who stared his military career in 1954....doesn’t exist?




You should bring home a black boyfriend, really set the bar high to disappoint him for no reason


Black transgender boyfriend would piss them off more


This is the move…. Heart attack = early inheritance


As was my dad who was a Sgt. In the Marines in the Korean War. No racism here.


Or my flight chefs in 2009 that thought it was the funnniest shit in the world everytime our SSgts and TSgts would make the same "obama replacing the rosegarden with a watrermelon patch" or monkey joke or any of the other sterotypical boomer black people jokes. Guess those didnt exist either.


Funny how in the year 2000 Cuba Gooding Jr starred in a movie called 'Men of Honor' where he spent time in the US Navy determined to overcome racism and become the Navy's first black American Navy Diver, based on the true story of Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Brashear.


Funny how in the year 2012, Cuba Gooding Jr. starred in a movie called 'Red Tails' where he spent time in the US Army, determined to overcome racism and become one of the Army's first black American fighter pilots, based on the true story of the Tuskegee Airmen. ----- **Edit:** Cuba Gooding Jr. was also in 'Tuskegee Airmen' in 1995, and 'Pearl Harbor' in 2001, where he portrayed real life [Petty Officer Second Class Doris "Dorie" Miller](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doris_Miller), a messman aboard the USS *West Virginia*, who manned anti-aircraft guns during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was KIA during WWII, and he was the first black American to be awarded the Navy Cross, which is the second highest decoration for valor in combat after the Medal of Honor.


And if he’d been white it’d have been the Medal


Good point. Maybe one of us will be President some day and we can rectify that oversight.


Good movie. True story, so good point


Oof. Is that like law enforcement didn’t murder black men before there were cell phones?


Then my experience as a Latino in the army as part of the 10th csh, didn’t exist.


Gracias por tu servicio hermano, Boricua para siempre


And I will say thank you for serving with me as a naval officer, in English, not because I think it needs to be said in English, but because I think it needs to be said in every American way possible. Anyone that wants to say it should be able to say it in any way or language they want.


This dude is from the most racist states in America. I was station there for 3 years. Fcku Arkansas.


Said the ['Fake' ranger](https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/tom-cotton-army-ranger-school-1118418/)


Stolen Valor, what a piece of shit


Why do Americans elect so many Nazis? It's shocking.


Germany went through denazification after WW2. We in America pretended to be perfect, even though Hitler stole a bunch of his ideas from U.S.


Our industrialist built his war machine and then came home and tried a business plot. ​ When that didn't work, they started selling the same "privatization" the Nazi's used to revamp their economy after WWI. ​ Our wealthy stole some ideas from him as well. You are witnessing the fruition.


Germany suppressed their nazis post WW2. Big difference. Turns out naziism has been spreading for a long time among law enforcement in Germany same as here.


We literally imported them! 📎


Tom Cotton, himself a racist, was in the military. P.S. Fuck Tom Cotton. Traitor.


Army officers didn’t disgrace themselves until Trump became President….


That's a bold strategy, Cotton! Let's see how it turns out.


this is the dumbest shit ever uttered by a man since gomert asking to move the moon. I am losing my mind


No friend your mind is sound, it’s the republicans who’s lost what little mind they might have had.


Tom Cotton says lots of stupid shit


Wasn't the military fully segregated until 1947? Now call me old fashion but that sounds pretty racist


the military was never segregated by skin color nor was the Federal Government s/


Arkansas, you okay?


Navy veteran. Tom Cotton is a fucking moron. That is all.


ww2 https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4021/4249551244_5d70c47bcd_b.jpg


Not to mention that the Pentagon building was built with twice as many bathrooms than it needed for the building occupancy because Blacks and Whites were segregated for pissing.


Agreed I never heard any racism when I served. Not one bit. /s


5 years active duty in the Army taught me that the military runs on racism while pretending to forbid it.


Veteran checking in, yeah it fucking did.


Gee, glad we cleared that up! /s


I thought no one was racist until Obama? ​ ​ /s


thanks, Obama! Wait.


He’s a cottonmouth alright


"wasn't being acknowledged" is not the same thing as "does not exist".


Cotton clearly forgets about the segregated military. It's weird too because the GOP is always bringing up past shit in an attempt to disparage the Dems.


Who gives a fuck what this stolen valor Nazi fuck has to say? He's an unrepentant liar and racist.


The immortal Harlem Hellfighters have just entered the chat...


Tom Cotton has always been an offensive tool who knows nothing of history. Racism has always been in the military. It started out as blatant segregation. I am so tired of people like him.


Racism in the US military has existed for as long as the US military has been a thing. Someone take away Tom Cotton's microphone.


This is the same individual that proclaimed slavery was a necessary evil ,interesting.


As someone who has been overseas on military orders since 2019, Tom Cotton can fuck right off. It’s been an issue since the beginning of time, notably the Tuskegee Airmen incident. Fucking ignorant bastard


How are these people in these positions being so freaking stupid.


They aren't. Everything they say is in bad faith. They are spreading stupidity and bigotry amongst their constituencies ON PURPOSE.


Because they know that their supporters don't care what they say as long as it supports their narrative no matter how dumb it sounds.


they arent stupid (generally) they just know how to get support/votes/secure post-governmental jobs


It's like saying the military didn't exist before Biden.


This guy gargles with cow patties. The bullshit coming out of that sewer pit is so blatantly stupid. Even faux news and Kayleigh McEnany with tucker Carlson can’t air the stink off this one.


Everything coming from Cotton is questionable! Ugh.


This guy's a real dickhole, isn't he?


Wow, Cotton is trying to challenge Gomert for the title of dumbest man in congress


U.S. Marine here. 110% there is racism in the military. That is all.


Funny, here I thought Harry Truman faced resignations, political opposition and spending a lot of capital to integrate the armed forces by executive order in the 50s. But there was no racism before Biden? I’m not sure that’s right.


Bless his heart, that boy is outa his Cotton Picken Mind.


I sincerely hope his name is actually Tom Cotton


Having clicked on the link, I have found that his name is indeed Tom Cotton. From Arkansas. It amazes me that a person from that place, with that name, can make such a statement, and not....just.... curl up into a tiny ball and “POP” out of existence.


ikr (fart, giggle)


Ah so the racism is real now, I can't keep up.


Followed by “I’m not racist either, I own a colored tv”.


The mistake is in believing these people actually are professing their real beliefs and understanding of things. This is a show. They are generating soundbytes.


In other news, gravity did not exist before Newton invented it.


Yes, racism in the military is totally new thing, invented only months ago. Don’t you dare look at those history books!


So, is he just gonna ignore the 4 years of Trump presidency like it never happened?


no... he is going to ignore most of US history. like they all have to do to keep getting elected.


Makes sense since most of the people in his state are not very bright if they keep re-electing him.


of what?


I’m trying to say racism increased in the military ever since that orange buffoon became President.


Just like Obama caused racism. That’s a bold claim Cotton!


How is there no punishment for saying things like that as a government official?


When on makes a claim, one would normally be expected to PROVE said claim. I’m sure many JAGs have adjudicated at least one hate crime.


Behold, a Tom Cotton. A man with brain fully made with soggy cottons.


It is amazing how people in such positions can make dumb statements and feel no repercussions. It’s even more amazing that those people can look on the mirror without vomiting. Truly psychopaths.


The first time I saw racism up close and personal and recognized it as such was in basic training. It was '92, Ft Dix. Tom Cotton is a disingenuous, traitorous bafoon.


While deployed in Iraq I heard some of the most racist shit spewed by active duty, guard, and reserve folks. Our NATO counterparts weren’t any better either


Same... There are definitely racists in the military.


Idiots are attracted To Arkansas


More bullshit from a pedo loving Republican. How about he go hang out with Gaetz to get some perspective.


From someone that has been in the military, racism is everywhere there just like any other place. In boot camp there was a kid in my company that committed suicide after how bad the drill instructors treated him over his skin color.


Fix my robocalls, Tom.


Isn't that because they weren't looking for it?


Lol.. that comment is insane! Did you watch the insurrection? Some military personnel? Nothing is perfect. This man is as dangerous as Donald.


Has this guy never watched a war movie before? Jesus, just watch Tuskegee Airmen.


Yeah. Ok. I guess no one was getting raped either. Right!


The way Cotton treated the Defense Secretary was just awful.


now this might shock people but... Hear me out... Republicans sometimes say things that are not 100% true at times. ​ No really. Sometimes they lie. I mean this guy is an idiot but he's likely lying his ass off here.


As an Arkansan, I'm sorry. Trying like hell to vote this disgraceful individual out, unfortunately it would seem I'm in the minority. A lot of us hate him, a lot of us hate our state's politics in general. We're trying, but damn it's hard.


I'm with you. Feel exactly the same way living in Texas. There's a lot of us here who want to get better people in place, but still just not quite enough to actually do it.


This dude has lost his ever lovin mind!


Tom Cotton is a fucking cherry.


Increasing, my dad served and racism is the sole reason he only served 8 years instead of going for the full 20. Being in an active war zone isn't what he talks about when recounting his time in the service. Its that the military is full of some of America's worst people that bothered him. But I guess draft dodgers and people who never served would know better than those who have lived it.


Oh boy, this lying needs to stop being okay.


Every single military suicide as a direct result of racism...doesn't exist. These 4,500,000 google results for [The Suicide of Danny Chen](https://www.google.com/search?q=Suicide+of+Danny+Chen) are reeeally peculiar, then. Also the notorious practice of putting black soldiers first in the line of fire during the Vietnam war, didn't happen. Erase all non-white military experiences...


Uh Oh, Tommie just showed just how clueless and stupid he truly is. I guess this Republican idiot knows nothing about how blacks were treated in the military in WWII like loading ammunition ships working as cooks and their total segregation in the Seabees and the Air Corp( Tuskegee Airmen). Clearly Tom Cotton is an idiot!


I'm a veteran, that's bullshit


The GOP claims a lot of things, they tend to be false


Does anyone take what he says seriously? Besides his mom?


Go to the sight www.theusmarinesrape.com it’s about 10 years old but somewhere on there it talks about how they ignore racism and rape.


people will really just say anything, huh


Too bad he can’t talk to my dad who was in from 1939-1975.


Cotton is wrong - it wasn't even hidden in 1968 when I arrived - there was a lot of talk about equal opportunity etc., etc., but that's all it was - talk - when "Project 100,000" went into effect all Minority records were coded for inclusion marking minority troops prime to be worked out of service all earliest convenience


Lol does that include the segregated military?


What he means is no one looked for it.


Obviously never watched “Glory” with Matthew Broderick…


Sounds like the same logic of stopping Covid infections by stopping the testing.


Retired from the Navy, I can tell you racism was there in the early 80’s and still there.


*looking at historically segregated units* *looking at bases named for confederate generals* *looking at black Medal of Honor winners who weren’t recognized until 1997* Could… could Tom Cotton be wrong?


I hope Tom cotton’s daughters if he has them, date and marry black men. The look on his face would be priceless


did he just hatch? or is he that dumb?


Tom Cotton seems like a person who has had massive head trauma and is still suffering the effects. This poor man needs to be escorted back to his home state and replaced by somebody with more object permanence.


I retired from the military in 2020, after 20+ years of service. The Untied States military is a cross section of US society. If the US has a demographic, so does the military. In my experience, while frequently given briefings and classes against racism(under all Presidents), I noticed that from the time President Trump took office, it seemed as if closeted racists, transphobes, and homophobes all felt more comfortable voicing their bigoted opinions without as much fear of reprisal.


A racist senator named “Tom Cotton” is proof we live in a simulation and the simulation is fucking with us to see if we notice. Next we will vote for Evil McRapeface as president and be totally surprised when he comes out as an evil rapist halfway through his dictatorship.


Racism is when you make people aware of racism.


That's another fuckhead who lives in denial and out of touch with reality


this slitheen looking fucker can go to hell


Came of age in the 80's, so racism was around in its way. My parents did not espouse the ideas and went about raising me to respect human beings. I joined the USAF at 17 needing my parents signature to do that. In my 4 years of service I met many active duty members who subscribed to the tenants of white on black/brown racists. I also met people who went with black/brown on white racism. I learned it really goes both ways. I also learned what a sad reality we as just americans we face. The politics continues the divide, the people who "still" live that way, the way of division, disgusts me. WE need to be better. Skin color is just the tip...


This country desperately needs Critical Race Theory in schools.


I mean it should be obvious what he's doing. He's suggesting it's an issue they made up as a distraction and an excuse to give themselves something to do the way the GOP actually does on its own issues.


Tom Cotton is so racist that he keeps asking congress to track down his runaway slaves. Tom Cotton is so stupid that he thought Delta Airlines was a sorority. Tom Cotton is so stupid that when he went for a blood test, she asked for time to study. Tom Cotton is so white he thought Malcolm X was a porno. Tom Cotton is so stupid that he took the Pepsi challenge and chose Dr. Pepper. Tom Cotton's so dumb that he got locked in a grocery store and starved! Tom Cotton is so stupid that you have to dig for his IQ! Tom Cotton's so dumb that when she saw the "Under 17 not admitted" sign at a movie theater, he went back to congress to get 16 friends. Needless to say he did not get to see the movie as he has no friends. Tom Cotton is so stupid that he tripped over a cordless phone! Tom Cotton is so stupid that she sold his car for gas money! Tom Cotton's so stupid that it took him 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes! Tom Cotton's so stupid that when I said it was chilly outside, he ran out the door with a spoon. Tom Cotton is so stupid that that he tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order! Tom Cotton is so dumb that he thinks Fleetwood Mac is a new hamburger at McDonalds! Tom Cotton is so stupid that he bought a videocamera to record cable tv shows at home. Tom Cotton is so white, he uses cocaine for makeup.


Cotton is what is stuffed between those guy's ears instead of a brain. His voters are even worse.