Dianne Feinstein Is an Embarrassment

Dianne Feinstein Is an Embarrassment


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Carper, Coons, Feinstein, 3 senators from SOLID BLUE states with horrible voting records. https://progressivepunch.org/scores.htm?topic=&house=senate&sort=tilt&order=down&party= if there were ever targets ripe for primaries in the senate, these would be it.


I campaigned for Alison Hartson in SF during the 2018 primary. I went door to door all over the city and almost everyone I spoke with LOVED LOVED LOVED Dianne Feinstein. I think largely because she was the first woman mayor of SF in the 70s and broke new ground for women in politics in CA back in the day and she's been riding that wave of goodwill ever since. She was a neolib back when that was the best democrats could hope for but by today's standards, she's pretty much a republican.


Just going to remind everyone that as mayor of SF, [Dianne almost single-handedly ruined the entire Night Stalker investigation](https://www.sfweekly.com/news/yesterdays-crimes-how-dianne-feinstein-tipped-off-the-night-stalker/). She's always been a hack with poor judgement.


People should remember she only became mayor after the Moscone Assassination. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscone%E2%80%93Milk_assassinations Then as mayor, revealed very pertinent information regarding the night stalker and helped him cover his tracks.... https://www.distractify.com/p/night-stalker-dianne-feinstein Been a POS longer than I've been alive.


this lady used to hang the confederate flag in city hall to woo southern democrats to favor her in national politics, back when the democratic party demographic was a little more racist.


No way. I gotta see this. Proof?


https://abc7news.com/dianne-feinstein-confederate-flag-elementary-school-richard-bradley-feinsten/10138792/ https://lawandcrime.com/politics/feinstein-once-pushed-for-the-prosecution-of-black-activists-to-keep-the-confederate-flag-flying-in-san-francisco/ https://www.sfchronicle.com/oursf/article/When-a-Confederate-battle-flag-flew-in-front-of-11956809.php https://sfbayview.com/2019/04/its-true-as-san-francisco-mayor-dianne-feinstein-did-repeatedly-fly-a-confederate-flag-in-front-of-city-hall/ And thats nothing, compared to that racist "tough on crime shit" where she would attack opponents for not supporting the death penalty. There is a very infamous ad she ran, that would put that willie horton ad to shame. People seem to forget the 80s were a very racist time in america.


What a fucking piece of shit. Thank you for showing me this. I am speechless. .... what a slimy political hack. As a native to the Bay. I am ashamed.


Used to brag about how she was the only democratic candidate for governor, for the death penalty, bashing opponents for opposing it.


Yea that’s pretty horrible. Just read one story about an innocent man getting the death penalty and you should be against it


feinstein is an embarrassment of in the senate, but this misrepresents the chain of responsibility that lead to the flags twice replacement, the history of it being hung in the first place, and who actually ordered it be removed (her!). I wish Feinstein and other dinosaurs could be criticisized for their actual obstruction of legislation and good politics as opposed to untrue retellings of history popularized by leftist meme pages


As a Californian I want to see Katie Porter as our Senator replacing Feinstein. Feinstein has always been too conservative for California.


I think that Rep. Porter would be a great Senator. I just worry that her district would flip back to red unless there is a good candidate that the Democrats can run to replace her. I lived in that part of Orange County for a while, and it's a mixed bag for sure.


Senate and then the White House!


Katie Porter is a superhero


Barbara Lee.


The DNC puts you on a burn list if you primary one of their candidates, ask Sarah Smith who tried to primary Adam Smith. She can't get any political resource to work with anymore and it ended her career in politics.


The DNC is the biggest enemy the democrats have.


Never forget that a previous DNC chair got fired for getting caught rigging the 2016 primaries for Clinton and then immediately got a consulting job for Clinton's campaign. Iirc she also won one of her state elections in Florida against the guy who uncovered GOP attempts to rig the voting machines when they hired him to tamper with them. He exposed them, but no one did anything about this attack on our democracy so he took matters into his own hands and ran for office only to lose to the DNC candidate with all the resources behind them.


DWS fricken supported a Republican candidate over a Democrat, in Florida, 2008. Can you imagine if one of the Squad did that?


“No one did anything” is the democrat autobiography. Wish they’d just put forth anything resembling action to back up their facade of caring.


“No one did anything” might also be on the tombstone of American democracy at the rate all this shit is goin......


>Never forget that a previous DNC chair got fired for getting caught rigging the 2016 primaries for Clinton and then immediately got a consulting job for Clinton's campaign. . A bunch of Democrats had no problem with it, calling it a non-issue. It's the reason Clinton lost the presidential race


"We can't let Nancy get rid of Trump he's the best thing we've ever had for our fundraising!" \-The DNC 2018 paraphrased.


She beat another dem in the general thanks to the state's top-2 primary system. Dude was a highly ranked state legislator, and now his political career is pretty much over.


[Kevin de León](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_de_Le%C3%B3n) I hadn't realized he was on the LA City Council now until just now. He went from being a President Pro Tempore of the State Senate to running against Feinstein in 2018 to nothing until winning a special election for LA City Council in October 2020.


Sinema and Manchin


Medical advances have allowed one generation to stay in power while two generations have wallowed in the political basement, imo. I feel like my generation, Gen X, have yet to reach the upper tiers of government because our parents and grandparents are still alive and functioning physically, but all well knowing that mental decline is still occurring. Maybe Im jaded or totally wrong. Feinstein cant even remember what she ate this morning.


Fellow Gen X here. The Boomers haven't/won't leave and the Millenials are reaching an age where they rightfully expect to be asserting some power. Gen X is caught between two massive, socially-dominant generations and we're likely going to get squeezed out. All we might be remembered for is our cynicism and '90s grunge music, lol.


By the time the Boomers are done Gen Z will be squeezing out us millennials too.


I'm fine with that. Gen Z is the most progressive generational cohort. And they are rabid for change.


The amount of people I talk to under 30 who absolutely despise capitalism in its current form is staggering


That’s been true for a long time.


I like how Millennials are now only over 30.


Boomers used to be Hippies who said the same thing. People live long enough to see themselves be the villain they used to talk shit about.


The hippies were a very small minority of Boomers. Hippie culture wasn't the dominant culture. Nixon didn't win because hippies did a 180 in their beliefs to support him.


Yes, the “hippies” were small subset of the young back then. One writer from the era described his conformist sisters as “Clairol brained”. They were typically on cottage cheese diets and looking for Mr Right.


This has been historically true. History will tell if the Zoomers will be different.


It always reminds me of the interlude audio clip from an old movie, in [this song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03cMRqeeFkk): "If you're not a rebel at the age of twenty, you got no heart. But if you haven't turned establishment by thirty, you got no brains." Of course, I wouldn't say it so plainly about every single person in the world. But in large part, it is historically true, as you say.


I can't believe I can't find the quote, but there's an old adage, something like "Only fools are young Republicans or old Democrats." In my experience, this seemed to always be said by older conservatives to discount the opinion of young liberals though.


Pretty much exclusively yes. It's pretty nonesense to use the hippies as an example for it though. Hippies were always a tiny minority of boomers, that's why they were a counterculture. This idea that boomers were this bohemian generation and then they flipped is ahistorical.


In my experience, the truth usually lays somewhere in between. In this case, beyween really old, weslthy super-conservatives who got theirs while impoverishing others and despoiling the planet and very young poorer ultra-liberals who want to change everything overnight without understanding the complicated political undercurrents or the vast total cost of doing so.


Very true but we'll see how time and events impact that generation. Thinking has a way of evolving and the Boomers and Millenials were both supposed change agents in their youth too. Gen X as the generation living longest in the Boomers' financial and social shadow was basically cynical at the same juncture in their lives. I know I sure was and still am. I'd like to see real change in this country so I hope you're right as decisions made by the Silent Generation and Boomers greatly impacted me negatively in a financial sense as well as an environmental one where I live.


I've met enough zoomers to be slightly horrified at the thought. Especially when it comes to things like tech policy, they're barely more competent than boomers when it comes certain aspects of technology.


For real dude leftist Zoomer tiktok is hungry af. I’ll be content if gen X/millennials get skipped for a more liberal generation. Time to get something fucking done!


Good luck - I sincerely hope you do actually change the world. It needs it but it'll be the heavy lift of all heavy lifts. I was born in 1971 when The Lorax was published and oddly enough it remains my favorite book from childhood to now. My part of Pennsylvania was logged, mined, quarried, polluted by the cement/steel/smelting industries and now is being paved over by Amazon warehousing even as it gets hotter snd our remaining woodlands fill with invasive plants and insects. It's gotten expensive to live here and I can't afford to buy a house as out of staters with more money continue to flood in despite me working fulltime. Long story short, it eould be great if Zoomers do all of this but they should not assume all Gen X/Millenials made out on the System or stood in their way to change it. Some of us paid the price longer thsn you've been alive.


That's true from what I hear. On the bright side at least your generation is well-known. Gen X is barely mentioned in a lot of those cliched generational conflict articles, lol.


Consider yourself lucky. The millennials are just ruining everything, apparently.


Pray I do not ruin more.


But have you ever *tried* avocado toast? /s


Yeah it does seem like a lot of people have completely forgotten there's something between Boomer and millennials. 🤔


Trust me that’s a good thing. I don’t like being put in a box with a bunch of mouth breathers. Or people assuming things about me because of my age. Stupid comes in all ages and generations. I don’t like how people talk about age like it’s a race or ethnicity or something. Respect to the people who don’t give a shit about this stuff and treat anyone of any age with class.


Agreed on the respect thing. Treating others with class seems to be impossible for many people in our society.


Xennial / "geriatric millennial" here. At least you have a generation to commiserate with 😂


So true. That's kind of a weird generational twilight zone, lol.


Flying under the radar is our providence.


As a very early millennial, I thank your generation for 90s grunge and gangster rap. A much better gift to us than the shit shower the boomers continue to rain down on the economy.


Well, we did what we could, lol.


And Ted Cruz. Gross.


Some things are best not thought about.


Lol. Gen x here too


Greetings in shared obscurity, lol.


What’s grunge music?


Early to mid-1990s rock originating in the Pacific Northwest. Nirvana was a well-known example. I vaguely remember plaid flannel shirts associated with it, lol.


Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and my personal favorite Soundgarden. Close your eyes and blast Black Hole Sun and Heart Shaped Box! They’re incredible.


Gee, wonder why we're so cynical? ;)


You're not wrong.


Gerontocracy is the word you're looking for. It's a thing.


It didn't help that there was so few of us by comparison to the generations before and after us.


I wish I could upvote this more than once


You aren’t wrong. Not trying to sound rude but most jobs force old people to retire way before the age of half of the politicians running the government. My parents and my in-laws are both in their 80s and they both show a lot of signs of losing faculties. My dad had to stop driving a few years back and my father in law drove to the barber shop and couldn’t remember where he was. People there had to call random numbers from his cell phone to get someone to come get him. Most old people that age are told to go sit down and stop repeating themselves but here we are letting these fossils dictate morality.


I think class is more important than age. What kind of Congress do you think would be more likely to pass universal healthcare, a Congress of working class 70 year olds, or a Congress of 30-40 year old millionaires?


Yeah, class is important, but we have had a go at geriatrics, let's go with working class younger people


I upvoted, but it’s actually two generations: Boomers and the Silent Generation of which Feinstein is a part. Both are overstaying their political welcome.


If you're not allowed to drive or your kids take your car keys, you need to fucking retire. Because yeah, they aren't dieing off like they would in the good old days.


The nation is about 30 to 40 years late with that headline


I'm still mad about her blowing the Night Stalker case and that happened before I was born.


Agreed. I just watched that documentary and her actions were unconscionable.


What’s the name of the doc?


Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix


Don’t worry though, she bought a gun to protect herself from that madman. Damn any of us plebes that want one.


Yup, watching it now. That press conference she held where she divulged sensitive information was just jaw dropping stupid. Now consider she chaired the Senate Intelligence committee…


Hi Edit lol glitch- How about a competency test to hold office, and we have old timers retire at about 65 to stay in Washington and help people understand process? It's the institutional knowledge of cloiture and parliamentary procedure that has people stay so long. That stuff is bonkers confusing.


That system is really easy to rig. Think about who writes the test. Such a test could be used to easily exclude people you don't like.


Because that’s not a democracy. You don’t get to exclude people based upon arbitrary metrics. The knife cuts both ways.


I prefer 55. That way, there is no old guard of 70 and older politicians making decisions that benefit them, and the consequences of their actions they will never see.


55 really isn't even that old, though... someone in their mid-50s may live for another 30-40+ years, and it's quite possible that they have teenaged children. They're definitely thinking about the future. IMHO, the age of Congress is less of a problem than the *wealth* of Congress, and the undemocratically limited size of Congress. I could see *maybe* implementing a low age limit on the state's junior senator.


Wealth of politicians is absolutely the problem. You know why college debt hasn’t been solved yet? Most of the senate, I would guess, (not sure on statistics) would have gone through college when student debt wasn’t a problem or had their parents pay for them AND none of their children have ever had to deal with debt because of the absolutely wealth of most senators. Can’t solve a problem you have absolutely no idea about.


It's definitely both, but you are absolutely right. It's so many messed up things that is, imo, by design. Have people squabbling about the best way to fix congress/our government, and get less done than uniting, and all the while those in power keep getting bribes...I mean keep being lobbied.


The vast majority of adults are still sharp and quite able minded at that age. Personally, I’d say you can’t be any older than 65-70 to run for office and you’re done at age 75. I’d also place term limits on the Supreme Court and Congress. Individuals serving in Congress for 30-40 years is part of our problem as well.


Congressional term limits is a Heritage Foundation/Federalist Society ploy to get great Dem representation out. The difference between Dems and Republicans are that Dems actually want to govern. Republicans don't want to govern. So a revolving door of Republican congressman do not affect their agenda as they just nominate people who will follow party orders. Dems want to govern and removing a great congressman who makes solid policy and listens to constituents is a win for Republicans. Allow Democracy to run its course. If a congressman is consistently voted in by their constituents, allow them to represent the people that want them to represent them. How is it democratic to remove their eligibility on some arbitrary number of years served? This is why I believe the presidency term limits is a joke. Allow democracy to decide, not some bullshit artificial rules that end up being just another minority party protection in a government full of minority party protection.


That is a good point, but I am still for Term Limits on Presidents.


There are a lot of problematic democrats that take dark money, too. Don't just assume they're all golden. Manchin and Sinema are just the vocal ones.


Oh I know. There are a lot of people on the take. I don't know if allowing them to hit a term limit changes anything, though. The next in line will already be set up by the corporate overloads. When it comes to dark money, we have to go with the supreme court ruling. We need legislation to make it illegal. This is also the point of a free press. They should report on these conflicts of interests and the parties and voters should then decide if it is a disqualifying feature. Term limits doesn't prevent dark money and grifter congressmen. Democracy should stand on a free press and informed voters.


> Oh I know. There are a lot of people on the take. I don't know if allowing them to hit a term limit changes anything, though. The next in line will already be set up by the corporate overloads. Also, a lame-duck Representative who has to worry about their next job is definitely more likely to vote in favour of corporate interests than they normally would.


I think that suggested age limit is for them not being affected by their decisions as much as it is the mental competency.


Wait what? You honestly think Gen X is too old? Kind of offensive, dude- people in their 50s aren’t dinosaurs. 65-70 seems reasonable, as do term limits.


Way too young.


All of that is supposed to be handled by elections. Competency tests are undemocratic and would just be used against progressives in other states.


She’s too old. Let her tired brain retire


Her brain retired about 10 years ago. That's part of the problem.


They keep emailing Diane to urge her to retire, but she forgot her login password 19 years ago.


Her brain retired before 1994


It's not Feinstein's brain as much as it's her narcissism. If she wasn't a narcissist, she'd recognize long ago she wasn't fit for the Senate.


anyone remember her hugging and congratulating Lindsay Graham over the supreme court confirmation process of Amy Coney Barret.


Yea, she always refers to them as “her friends” while they continue to screw us over, yet she’s such good friends with them!


We learned from that


She was never punished, or anything. If Schumer or Pelosi had any brain, they would have actually obstructed that process even if it was in vain. Made it look like the sham it was. Clog the senate with protesting democratic personnel. Nothing. And after the fact, they would have demoted her.


We, apparently, didn't. She's still here.


>We, apparently, didn't. She's still here. [Feinstein last won reelection to a 6-year term in 2018](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_history_of_Dianne_Feinstein#2018). The ACB/Lindsey Graham fiasco didn't happen until 2020. There hasn't been a chance yet to vote Feinstein out of office - she doesn't go on the ballot again until Nov. 2024.


I don’t care how old a politician is as long as they listen. Bernie obviously listens to his continuants. Feinstein was rude to some student climate activists though so she needs to go.


I voted for her younger counterpart in the primary but she still won by a landslide. people just get stuck to a name but forget it's not the sixties anymore


By the time voters realize it’s not the sixties anymore, it’ll be the sixties again.


There was a lot of fear mongering about splitting the vote and letting a Republican in. Really we need someone more compelling to make or a no brainer


Not really. CA just puts the top two vote getters from the primary on the ballot in the general election. So the only split was between Feinstein and another democrat. But name recognition won out over having someone who still knows what decade they're in.


Also, Obama and Pelosi endorsed her over her primary opponent fervently and publications gave it full spread treatment.


That sure aged like milk.


CA has an open primary system. The field do a vote and the top two advance regardless of party, last time it was Feinstein vs another D. There is no reason in the first round to not just vote for who you think is a best and whomever you like more the 2nd time.


Just wait until OP hears about the time she staunchly defended flying the Confederate Flag outside of a federal building in SF..


That she did. It was from down multiple times, but she ordered it put back up each time.


Just wait until OP hears about the time she released info on a serial killer in the 80’s thinking people would help identify him. The guy just changed his tennis shoes and kept on murdering.


She undoubtedly is suffering from dementia or something. Everyone has forgotten the Reagan cover up by his wife and his supporters when he too was suffering. Why is this ok.


It’s ok Because everyone forgot the Reagan cover up when he was suffering. You answered your own question.🤓


"Senator Dianne Feinstein, holder of one of the safest, most powerful, and most lucrative Senate seats in the country..." this upsets me so much. The senate seat is considered *lucrative*. For shame.


People her age are just hoarding power, the government should not be this old.


We have to demand better. Those in power will always assist those they are familiar with above someone that better represents their constituents. Party politics in the dem party has not changed since 1994. Progressives must assimilate the Dem party.


As a California voter, this is old news. Machine politics suck.


[Bernie Sanders Is Hurting Himself by Playing the Victim by Joan Walsh.] (https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/bernie-sanders-is-hurting-himself-by-playing-the-victim/) Joan Walsh pulled out all the stops to prevent the one guy who *might* be able to change the current party's bipartisanship dynamic, and now she's crying because she got what she wanted. Dianne Feinstein is a problem, and so is Joan Walsh.


Moderate, centrist etc are just labels for those whose self interest is vested in the status quo. They are upper middle class to above and life has been good to them. ​ They rationalize doing nothing because they need nothing. And the suffering of others due to the system that has rewarded them is the problem of others until it affects them personally. ​ Humans haven't evolved enough empathy as a species to maintain the level of civilization our population requires. A third have virtually none, a third have just enough to have empathy for those they can "see" and the other third just watches in despair. ​ Climate change is reality telling a social animal that pursuit of self interest is a recipe for extinction.


> Humans haven't evolved enough empathy as a species to maintain the level of civilization our population requires. A third have virtually none, a third have just enough to have empathy for those they can "see" and the other third just watches in despair. This is a very succinct way of describing what I see in the lack of empathy most people seem to have these days. Thanks for this.


I was going to make a post myself acknowledging that bit. Damn. It. That is so powerful it burns.


The correct term for moderate and centrist is conservative. Many of the conservatives who were off put by the southern strategy joined the Democratic party. Meanwhile the Republican party started its slide into fascism. (Advocating for an authoritarian, minority run, ethno-state)


This is some exceptional anti-centrist praxis. You accurately expose why American centrism is such a lazy and immoral position. It's the path of least resistance, generally devoid of any conviction. It's the choice of people who would put their own relative comfort above the lives of the persecuted and downtrodden.


She's been an embarrassment for a long time. Remember when she tipped off Richard Ramirez by publicly telling the press all the clues that police were using to track him and it lead to him evading arrest and killing more people?


I remember! https://www.thewrap.com/night-stalker-dianne-feinstein-richard-ramirez/


>> “If democracy were in jeopardy, I would want to protect it,” she told Forbes on Wednesday. “But I don’t see it being in jeopardy right now.” Then you’re fucking blind, lady. And you should retire.


It's an open and not well-hidden secret (if you can even call that a secret) that Feinstein is in the throes of dementia. Her family, advisers, and staff need to deal with the issue for the good of the country.


It's not even a secret [The New Yorker](https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/dianne-feinsteins-missteps-raise-a-painful-age-question-among-senate-democrats) published an article describing Chuck Schumer confronting her multiple times over her mental capabilities.


This 100%. Well need some kind of age or term limit. As health care increases or life span we are going to continue to see folks who try to hang on into their late 80s and 90s. I dont care what side of thd aisle you're on this is not good for the country. I remember watching Robert Byrd try and speak his last few years and it was an absolute embarrassment that he even tried. It was sad beyond words that he actually had a vote in the Senate at all. Sadly having any hope that politicians in America will put any kind of constraint on their own ability to weild power indefinitely is a fools game.


"Back in 2001, the 98 year-old Senator Strom Thurmond, plagued by health issues and a diminishing mental state, was wheeled onto the Senate floor to cast his votes—regardless of whether he fully understood what was going on or not." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/opinions/wp/2014/11/20/the-double-standard-in-congress/


From Thurmond to Lindsey Graham. SC is just sending their brain dead mindless senators aren't they?




Pls replace with Porter, Schiff, or Lieu.


These are my favorites to replace her as well.




Senate minimum age is 30. Time to implement a maximum age of 70. These dinosaurs won't live long enough to see the impact of their votes. Which makes them more likely to sell their votes, like manchin.


I agree. If there was an age limit or term limits we wouldn’t be stuck with Moscow Mitch blocking everything in the senate.


She has always been terrible at her job.


We seriously need age limits..


As are Ron Johnson, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Rafael Cancun Cruz, Marco Rubio and several others in the Senate.


Did not need to read article to know that


She's been an embarrassment ever since she was a huge advocate for the traitor flag in the 70s. https://allthingscomedy.com/podcasts/330---feinstein-and-the-flag


She's a dinosaur who yells at kids and also loves the confederate flag. Can't wait until she's replaced!


Didn’t she fuck up the night stalker case by releasing the details early to the media?


Holding a news conference, she held up a police sketch of the killer, and also went on to describe the evidence from all the cases throughout the state — crucial information that hadn’t been made public. And by then, investigators knew Ramirez was watching the news, because he told a surviving victim, “I am the Night Stalker.” Feinstein gave up the caliber of gun, his type of shoe, and the fact he left foot prints.


> "We have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds. And yet it's legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines." - Dianne Feinstein


Dianne Feinstein plays the most dangerous game on the weekends. Edit: or does she *hunt* the most dangerous game? Either way works, I guess.


She only uses a small clip though. She's not a monster.


I didnt realize hunting humans was legal. Someone get Ice T and Dr Cox on the phone, we have the most dangerous game to hunt...


I think when you do that you're called a bounty hunter.


Damn I've been disputing my Comcast bill all wrong, who knew I could just get the strap this whole time


it's not just Manchin and Sinema. > Senator Dianne Feinstein, holder of one of the safest, most powerful, and most lucrative Senate seats in the country, the senior senator from the most liberal state in the union, on Thursday reiterated her unwillingness to vote to torpedo the Senate filibuster that lets Republicans veto President Joe Biden’s popular agenda. > “If democracy were in jeopardy, I would want to protect it,” she told Forbes on Wednesday. “But I don’t see it being in jeopardy right now.”


This idiot plans to run again. [https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Sen-Feinstein-87-files-paperwork-to-run-for-15866190.php](https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Sen-Feinstein-87-files-paperwork-to-run-for-15866190.php)


Last time she ran, her health hadn't quite deteriorated as much as it has now and her reputation hadn't been so thoroughly tarnished by her own stupid actions. Only people closely following California politics knew something was up. If she runs again I suspect she will face the most difficult primary and general of her career.


IIRC that's a pretty standard thing to do whether or not she intends to run.


Feinstein is a true DINO. The last good she did for liberals was call an ambulance for Harvey Milk.


Lady go spend time with your grandchildren you are like 90 years old. If she runs again, they should primary her with a Black woman.


or with a competent politician like Katie Porter


I am SO ready to vote for Katie Porter for literally anything.


that would work too, I like Katie Porter, but my primary reason for suggesting a black candidate was b/c of exit polls from the last Feinstein Senate race, where from the looks of it the only reason she won is b/c she got carried by the black vote. Kevin de León carried or was dead even in every other Democratic party constituency.


Or just fucking anyone that can win. I don't care who. Just make her go away and replace her with someone that doesn't *still*, fucking *still* whinge about bipartisanship.


Political parties are antithetical to the entire idea of American democracy


George Washington has entered the chat...


I actually just watched "Night Stalker" on Netflix (docuseries about Richard Ramirez). When she was mayor of San Francisco, she even almost fucked up that investigation.


i don’t even live in CA (im in NY) and sweet shit this is insane. no wonder her approval rating has crashed to a level only seen around 1992-1994. god i hate establishment dems so much


She flew a confederate flag in San Francisco in order to appease southern democrats to get the vp spot with Walter Mondale


Interestingly, I am currently watching the Netflix series “Nightstalker” in which it was mentioned the Feinstein was mayor of San Francisco during the time murders were being committed. Once she caught wind of the connection between murders there and in LA, she held a press conference during which she blabbed derails about the cases that were not public knowledge. My take away? She’s never been terribly smart.


She kept in power to fire up the anti gun shit as soon as the voting bases get too chummy...you can count on it every time. As soon as the Dems start seeing progress on issues Feinstein runs a massive anti gun thing that gives the right wing pundits raw meet to feed their base.


Egotistical dementia geriatrics are really fun to deal with in general. Who the fuck is stupid enough to keep voting for her?


She sure is. So is The Nation, who spent years defending Putin and his land grabs


I had no idea they were supportive of that. > The only 'news' organization that I wouldn't put it past is Russia Today, for obvious reasons.


>I had no idea they were supportive of that. Because it's made up. Can't find anything matching that description here.


So the only thing I can find is an article talking about growing anti-ukrainian sentiments in Crimea. No defense though, more like backstory for why it was so easy to seize. > [The Endgame in Crimea](https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/endgame-crimea/)


How the fuck she is still in congress instead of a retirement home is befuddling.


California voters overwhelming reelected her in 2018 over the other candidate who was also a Democrat.


She’s a class traitor and a racist. That makes sense.


I mean she’s not really a class traitor. Pretty sure she’s the richest senator.


> Pretty sure she’s the richest senator. She isn't, it's Senator Rick Scott


That’s true. She does protect her capitalist class.


Give me someone to vote for other than Kevin De Leon!


Oh hell, you're only a couple decades behind the curve on this one. Try to keep up, eh?


No shit lady is old as dirt


And hell will freeze over before San Francisco fails to vote in her animate corpse.


Just another example of why we need term limits


Not for much longer we hope, when is she retiring?


I’m not even a Democratic but this old miserable hag needs to retire already. Times have changed and she’s a dinosaur slowing down progression.


Can Feinstein even name the year and who is president of the US?