Republicans want to criminalize teaching students about racism. Here's why

Republicans want to criminalize teaching students about racism. Here's why


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> *We do not demand that our young people think like us. We do, however, demand that they THINK for themselves once armed with complete information. How is that bad?* It's not. However, this person has to recognize that the modern conservative isn't about free independent thinking. They want everyone to basically believe the propaganda and follow whatever message they are pushing. Look at when Trump tried to push that 1776 commission. The document put out was just a huge slew of propaganda, and had no evidence to back up anything. They don't want anyone knowing about the real history of this country. They want everyone to believe that the United States can do no wrong, and that any liberal or independent thinking is the enemy of the state.


should we tell 'em that their precious second ammendment has it's roots in fear of slave revolts, and not the stated reasons ie. the gubbermint


The funny part is a lot of Conservatives always say things like *"you want people to be ashamed to be an American"* or *"you want people to hate our country"*, when it's far from the truth. I want people to know the real history, the mistakes made, and we as Americans own up to them. I get more "ashamed" when people act like slavery and injustices to minorities in the past didn't happen...or *"it was a long time ago, move on"* when we still see the socioeconomic effects of those mistakes play out even now. Conservatives like to play things as *"we're Amercians! we rock! we are awesome!"* while folks like me more like to say *"we're Americans! we've done good and bad, but we can do better!"* In the end, as much as Conservatives keep yelling that the rest of us shouldn't paint them as bigots, this push to "whitewash" history out of some sense of morale and pride is bigotry. Own up to the past, proclaim "I am not my ancestors" and try to do better. The hard reality though is too many honestly deep inside want to live in the past...so it justifies when people critique them as bigots.


I think a lot of that sentiment is wrapped up in perceiving any mention of societal issues as implying that they aren’t actually “good enough” to have earned where they are. They’ve been told to tie their self worth to their monetary or societal status. So they are quick to jumping into a defensive stance of “I’m not racists, I’m smart and worked hard that’s why I have money” and that can snowball into thinking “Poor people are dumb/lazy, that’s why theyre poor”. A lot of people I met in college were initially shocked to find out that some of our classmates were just as smart and hard working as they were, because they were told their entire lives that they communities those classmates were from were “dumb” and other racists shit. We’ve got to find a way to divorce self-worth from money earning in this country.


>They’ve been told to tie their self worth to their monetary or societal status. You'll find the evidence for this in all the Conservatives fleeing wealthy states to go act like they're rich somewhere with low property values.


I think the funniest thing are conservatives in states like mine who hang on and take advantage of things like the public schools, because the red state they want to move to and live princely has horrible schools. *"I'm waiting till my kid graduates high school, then I'm moving"* Really it just says *"yeah, they have super low taxes, but their public school system is worse than here, so I will take advantage of the system that I have here, but then pack up and move so I don't have to help future generations with my tax dollars."* I always tell them *"now imagine if childless people like me were to basically fight to have it that the school system is 100% paid for by parents. You seem to have no issue with my tax dollars helping your kids get an education."*


You just described most New Jersey people that move to Florida.


I never really thought that way, very interesting


That would probably only strengthen their resolve to know that the second amendment had its origin in oppressing black people.


You could try, but the Federalist papers suggest otherwise. Gun control, however, is rooted in racism and is racist to this day.


Have anything to back that statement up? Because I’m going to call bullshit It is true that a lot of gun control is rooted in racism. Fear a slave revolts may have been a factor but to claim it is the main reason for the Second Amendment is asinine. Nobody wins when people spread false information.


>once armed with complete information. I find this a particularly cynical lie given the party that's been trying to ban entire topics for my entire life, including when I was in school, has exclusively been the Republican party. They've attempted to neuter sex education completely, including removing STI and non-heterosexual topics. They've attempted to eliminate the teaching of the theory of evolution by natural selection. They've attempted to keep climate change out of the classroom. They've attempted to make it impossible to teach about the transatlantic slave trade. Republicans want our schools to teach American exceptionalism in a specifically white, christian bent. Full stop. This isn't about "complete information", it's about propaganda. Always has been, and always will be with these people.


I agree. I honestly though think many of this isn't so much on a "misinformed" and "easily manipulatable" society as much as it's smokescreen topics. So they fight sex-ed to please evangelicals, or CRT to please bigots, then behind their backs they pass a big tax break for the rich or kill a program those two groups likely use...but deny they don't.


Because racism is a core value of the Republican Party.


Not every republican is a klansman, but most klansmen are republicans.


Not every Republican is a Klansman, but every Republican decided that they’ll stand next to the Klansmen.


I guess not paying taxes are more important to them than the rights of their fellow human beings. Now that's what I call greed.


I don't know if Republicans see people of other races as human beings in the first place...


And with Trump, under someone who acts a hell of a lot like one, and tried to get the Central Park 5 killed after they were proven innocent.


Not every Republican is a Klansman, but because Klansmen vote Republican and votes are important and most Republicans aren't black, better not to rock the boat....


Not every klansman is a Republican, but there are no Democrat klansmen.


The Republican Party is racist. Period


Robert Byrd comes to mind what a horrible republican


Robert Byrd was in the Klan as a young man in the 1940s and later regretted it and apologized for it. He's also been dead for over a decade. Try to catch up to the 21st century with the rest of us or maybe google David Duke.


John Lewis eulogized Robert Byrd because Byrd changed. Many of us wish the GOP would change. Nationwide Jim Crow resurgence shows they haven't changed, they've just gotten more blatant.


Do you imagine that 1 is equal to or greater than 100? ​ Do you imagine an outlier and an average are the same thing? ​ Do you know what "average" or "outlier" mean? ​ Is there anything you do know?


It's funny too how they're talking heads will say, historically, the democrats were the racist party. As if nothing really changed around when Kennedy and Johnson were president.


The ole, Lincoln was a Republican argument


As they wave Confederate flags and rally around Confederate statues.


So true, they have no self awareness, I swear.


I think their core value is getting money. they're willing to employ forced ignorance, theft, sedition, violence and murder, state sanctioned or otherwise. they're happy to adopt white supremacy/nazi tactics to further their goals.


Those two concepts (money and racism) are not mutually exclusive. They may be twisted differently in the minds of individuals, but greed and racism are both rampant in the GOP. They don’t even hide them behind policies anymore.


Money is the ultimate goal. Racism helps get there.


Money and power.


Money without doing any real work contribution


*now that's what I call capitalism*


no I completely agree.


Yeah, just like the Civil War was about states' rights and not slavery and white supremacy...


Their core value is that some groups of people are more worthy and valuable than others. The rich are more worthy than the poor, white people are more worthy than people of color, Christians are more worthy than people of other faiths, straight people are more worthy than queer people, and so on and so on. It's perfectly fine to help people in your worthy in-group, but a horrible violation to help people in the unworthy out-group.


yes, that 'some group' is them. and they're paying themselves exactly like they're 'more worthy and more valuable.' their metric is money.


The core value is self interest. The compounding effect is anti-social tendencies. ​ Thus varying degrees of ends justifying the means. ​ They want something and they will have it. They are entitled to it because they want it and society is just something to be used to get it. They have no other obligation.


No racism is as American as apple pie. But they don’t want to acknowledge that because it would hurt their case against addressing and trying to get rid of racism. The best way not address racism is to just deny its existence.


Because most Republicans are spineless ignorant assholes.


It’s what their beloved country was built on


Not really. Did you know that it was the Democrats who actually supported slavery? Not the republicans.


Did you know the civil war was a 160 years ago?


Tell me GOP again about how "CONSERVATIVES' are being CENSORED?!?! Free speech only applies to Republicans form of speech?!?!?


I'd ask for you on r/conservative but I've been banned for asking questions on r/conservative


But if someone says something violent and racist, they’ll defend “free speech.”


This is the Dorian Gray moment. They can’t bear to see their true selves.


How long before the book burnings start?


So I don’t know how recently anything like this has happened (but I’d wager to guess it still does): I remember when I was a kid, at the height of the Pokémon craze, there was a group in Colorado Springs burning Pokémon cards with a blow torch and beheading stuffed pikachus with a katana. Their ostensible reason was that the term “Pokémon Master” puts children above god. Naturally, as an 11-year-old with an extensive collection of Pokémon cards, I was incensed. I certainly remember this any time somebody complains about “cancel culture.” [Edit: Found it!](http://archive.thegia.com/letters/l9908/15.html)


Well have to take down all the civil war statues to be in compliance.


GOP are scared of Education


An educated electorate is dangerous to the Republican party.


Always have been.


From my point of view, the Jedi are evil.


*Then you are lost!*


If you stand on your head, up is down. ​ They are sophist. The fallacy of choice is flexible perspective.


Bounty hunter?


Episode 3 quote


If we're going to start criminalizing the teaching of certain theories and viewpoints can we do creationism?


Here’s why… they are racist snowflakes


No, they’re against all white people being told they’re inherently racist. All children play together and don’t see race. They’re taught.


This is the underlying message of CRT, and I am totally against teaching any kid that they are A) at fault for the circumstances of their birth; B) implicit in their racism merely for existing in a racist world (even though many lack the ability to try to act out of the system or change it); or C) try to promote any mentality that makes children believe they are different from their peers based on race. It’s funny how people went from wanting education to impart “treat everyone equally” to “feel bad for existing as a white person”. They’re f\*cking KIDS! Stop trying to force racial bias on them.


Can someone give me a realistic non right wing explanation of what critical race theory actually is in lamens terms? The waters have become so muddied it's hard to understand.


Theres so much bullshit out there that it's starting to get hard to tell the nonsense from what it originally was, but to so my best: It's a study of how the system, and not just individuals, can be racist. How concepts like codifying into the law the right to own a certain race of people makes the system of laws in of itself racist. Its seems to revolve around the idea that a "non racist person" who takes part in a racist system is complicit unless actively taking steps to change the systemic racism they benefit from.


Can I try to refine that a bit for you? You're right about how the system is racist, but it's not just about laws and slavery. It's about recognizing the historical circumstances that produce the current material circumstances for a given group today. We don't even have to go back as far as slavery. Red lining and Jim Crow laws significantly inhibited African American families from developing generational wealth that provided advantages to Caucasians. The federal reserve [published a study](https://www.federalreserve.gov/econres/notes/feds-notes/disparities-in-wealth-by-race-and-ethnicity-in-the-2019-survey-of-consumer-finances-20200928.htm?fbclid=IwAR2svWv_qGdeZkdXpQnruTe6_UgWSOldQw1tCUj_WzbZe-fbVI1JvLDy4R8) last year. Whites tend to report getting help from inheritance, help from friends and family for emergencies, help making down payments to buy a house, help with education, to a much greater degree than minority families report. That is largely because of the ability to tap the last generation for resources stored to a decent extent in home ownership, though there are some other things. So why do whites have this advantage of generational wealth when African Americans don't? My dad says it's because African Americans don't know how to save money. Critical Race Theory says that's silly. There's something in the structure of society that inhibits some groups from producing generational wealth while assisting other groups to produce generational wealth. That's one example; you can apply the question to other problems, like incarceration rates or single parent households. Is that any better?


Also worth noting that due to the lack of generational wealth, you see a lot of children needing to send money *back* to their parents, rather than the other way around. If you're the first in your family to get a degree, you're the person people turn to when they have a sudden expense, or can't make rent, or run out of food. And you can say no, but your parents, or your brother, or your grandma, will be homeless or go hungry or lose their job because their car broke down if you don't help them. There is an entirely different set of responsibilities for people who are the first people in their family to escape poverty.


That is an excellent point I should have thought of, because I know some of those people, but I didn't. A couple of my best friends at college were twins, both of them were working full time jobs in addition to full time school to support their mother. I don't know how they did it. They both work in public service now. I really should have thought of them when I wrote that other post.


In terms of historical analogies, it as if the US created an entire caste that were effectively displaced peoples and has failed to deal with the ramifications of that for centuries.


Like Native Americans? I'm not sure why we need an analogy here.


You're angry that someone grokked what you were saying??


Not angry, just confused.


I was really hoping not to offend anyone by making parallels, so I sincerely apologize for offending you like that. It was clearly out of line and I am sorry to have upset you in any way.


I wasn't upset, just confused. I was talking about the US creating a caste system, though not in those words, so I don't know what you mean when you suggested a historical analogy.


> though not in those words Paraphrasing is a form of active listening to demonstrate you are paying attention to what is being said. Its not intended to be disrespectful, and in this case it may even be instructive to your intended audience.


Personal example: My first car was basically a hand-me-down from my parents. A '86 Subaru GL wagon (I think I got the year right). This was after my parents paid for about 2/3rds of my B.S.M.E. degree.


My first and second cars were both handmedowns from my great grandmother and my grandmother.


Good brief breakdown (professor here)! Interestingly, by making policy against teaching CRT, they’re demonstrating precisely the point of it. It’s administrative evil in its finest, most despicable form. They’re eliminating an entire sector of education that will allow for them to perpetuate systemic oppression because people won’t know otherwise. “Colorblindness” will be the only “not racist” contingency people can claim, and although that’s an okay starting point (one step away from actually being racist), it isn’t good enough to eliminate systemic oppression inherent in our structural foundation.


But the racists actually try to claim the mantle of Dr. King's "Dream" speech by saying that they're "colorblind" and anyone who wants to have a conversation about race are actually the racists. It's the weirdest example of projection.


Oh, yes. I know this very well. I get this pushback daily. In fact, the last thread I was active in on a Facebook group inspired 189 people to call me a racist. It deeply dismayed me. We need to find a way to get the people who are swayed by colorblind logic to see what’s happening. I mostly ignored the comments for a while because they were badgering, but when some people seemed open to conversation, I tried; unfortunately, many (a majority) said I was the problem, that I was teaching people to be racist, that I was the indoctrinator, and that I didn’t understand that my logic was skewed by “woke” principles. Many told me they hope my job is taken away and that I’m left penniless. It’s quite interesting to see how minds interpret information.


Is it just me, or is Facebook skewed to the right? For instance, if I call someone on Facebook an idiot, I get banned. If a Right-winger calls me an idiot (this just happened last night), it's not a violation of their Community Standards.


Facebook has become increasingly censor/ban happy recently. I know everyone on reddit claims they dumped it years ago or never had it, but I've had it since 2004 and it's really kind of gone downhill even more than people think. I'm all about cracking down on crazy shit like what led to Jan 6th and qanon groups being wiped out, but their algorithm is almost too strong. It has been removing random shit from my profile posted years ago. Most recently removed a photo of that Pepe the frog sticking a fork into an electrical outlet wearing the jersey of my favorite team. It removed it as offensive and asked if I needed help in regards to suicide lol...and it was like a 6 year old post!


“Interesting”... well chosen wording


This literally just happened in my town. A local lunatic (a former teacher! That claims children shouldn't be taught to read until they are 12, because that's how long it takes for their eyes to develop) started a gofundme and put up (illegal) signs all through the town advising people to vote against CRT being taught in the schools. People voted against CRT (she claimed that CRT says that people are born racist). Now she has (more illegal) signs up telling people to insist that their kids not wear masks. And this is in a blue state.


That's basically gaslighting.


Paging Dr. Bullshit


I appreciate the explanation. But I still don't understand what the problem with that is? What I really don't understand is why it's a huge problem now? Hasn't it been taught in schools for a long time?


Really depends on the school district, because we dont have a national education plan so much as state and community ones, but specifically in much of the south a lobbying group called "Daughters of the confederacy" has ultimate veto power on anything that makes it into the history books, because they have bought so many local education board elections that they get to set the standard for what textbooks are allowed. As someone from Southern California this is most certainly what I was taught. However I recently read an article that hunted down the history books used by the members of Congress speaking out against critical race theory, and many of them where unironically taught that slavery was a good thing because it's better to be a slave in a Christian country then a free man in a heathen land with no chance at salvation, they are taught that the civil war was fought over tariffs. The entirety of the civil rights movement is skipped. Its absolutely wild.


> However I recently read an article that hunted down the history books used by the members of Congress speaking out against critical race theory, and many of them where unironically taught that slavery was a good thing because it's better to be a slave in a Christian country then a free man in a heathen land with no chance at salvation, they are taught that the civil war was fought over tariffs. The entirety of the civil rights movement is skipped. Its absolutely wild. This is absolutely insane. Would be interested to read this article you mentioned if you can find it again.




Read the wikipedia page on it. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical\_race\_theory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_race_theory) and most importantly: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The\_1619\_Project](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_1619_Project) The academic (**not** the political) critics of CRT appear to be strongly in favor of education on racism, just not the way CRT presents it. When some academics oppose it and a crapload of racists oppose it, no one is going to talk about the academics or whether they are in fact right or wrong. The sides have been drawn.


>some academics and a crapload of racists You say that like there's no such thing as a racist academic. Also, I suspect that a lot of the academics are pointing out flaws with particular implementations of CRT teaching, not necessarily the entire concept.


Yeah. People who want a boat to sink will point at groups that have different ideas about how to get the water out of said boat as proof that the whole idea is folly. >Look, even the people who agree with this "sinking boat" nonsense can't agree. Here's Dr. Bilge taking issue with plugging the holes. He's a doctor! Let's stop all this silly "sinking" talk and just sail on.


Redlining is a perfect example. There was quite the scandal with regards to racist application of farm loans. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-farmers-pigford/black-farmers-win-1-25-billion-in-discrimination-suit-idUSTRE61H5XD20100218


The essence of critical race theory, as i see it, is that neutrality doesn’t erase racial disparity (e.g. on average, whites have more wealth than blacks), rather, it reinforces the current initial conditions (e.g. a black kid is more likely to be born into a family with less wealth than a white kid). So it opposes the “colorblind” approach, which empowers whites to deny the existence of racism, and embraces a “multicultural” approach, where we try to consciously empower groups that might otherwise be under represented. One reason the “colorblind” approach is so flawed is that our brain makes use of categorical relationships without our knowledge or consent, called “similarity bias”. If you’re hiring someone for a job, you might see one applicant that went to the same college as you, and therefore give them more consideration than what they might have otherwise received because they are “like you”. Some of this influence can occur along racial boundaries without you realizing it. So there’s a few hurdles, one is that, is racial disparity actual racism? Is it racist for black kids, on average, to be born into families that have less money, to parents that have less education, to attend schools that aren’t as good, to be fed food that isn’t as healthy, to breathe air that isn’t as clean, to drink water that isn’t as clean, and so on? If you sufficiently isolate just *one* of these factors, it might not be so bad, like if you just talk about how clean the air is, you can find lots of poor white families who live near industrial zones and breathe shitty air. But when you acknowledge the whole picture, it seems like we can and should do a better job to make sure every person is given a fair shot to succeed. Is it racism if blacks don’t do as well? I guess, to me, we see unequal outcomes, blacks have less wealth; so either society gives them less advantage (external cause), or blacks are inherently inferior (internal cause). The disparity is a cold, hard fact, it exists without doubt, and it must be caused by at least one of those two factors. Personally, i do see a some flaws with aspects of critical race theory, but the essence of it rings true. It is not my field of expertise, so i would defer to academia. However, if my daughter came home, distraught and crying, because of all this white guilt or what have you, i would certainly have a problem with that. We are not personally responsible for these problems, we are only personally responsible for our own actions. Do your best and let go of the guilt.


If you benefit because of the detriment of someone else, are you still without guilt?




Check out this NPR [1A](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/1a/id1188724250?i=1000524696241) podcast for an in-depth explanation from educators


"Critical theory" was (poorly) defined by neoreactionary online right wingers (think 4chan, stormfront, etc) to mean the schools of thought in the social sciences that sprung from the Frankfurt school that pointed out systemic inequality and how it is codified into social and economic systems at various levels. They of course came up with how it's equivalent to Marxism and a bunch of crap about Jewish intellectuals purposefully undermining "Western civilization" because that's like a bingo card for them. By trying to outlaw the teaching of this, they are quite literally trying to outlaw the practice of a philosophy and it's academic application simply because it explicitly calls their bullshit out. It's both the most egregious violation of the first ammendment I've seen in my lifetime and utterly ridiculous end stage totalitarianism.


Critical race theory is a critical theory with regards to race that has roots in the Frankfurt school of postMarxist German philosophers of the Frankfurt school and postmodernism. Boiled way way way down, it bases itself on an oppressor-oppressed Hegelian dialectic where systems of power are based on cultural hegemony, i.e. dominant culture, with respect to race. So the dominant culture in the US historically and currently is the oppressor, the non-dominant oppressed, and systems reflect this. For race, that means white culture, or "whiteness" holds power systems that oppress non-whites. Critical race theorists view the world through this lens and seek to subvert or dismantle the power system through critique and activism. What that means is that CRT ends up being hella racist and a strict form of neoracist identity politics. Ironically, activists end up quoting the same philosophers as right wing identitarians, rubbing philosophical shoulders with neonazis.


In layman’s terms: everyone is racist (literally everyone, racism is natural), race is a social construct, and racism seeps into law/policy making, often unintentionally, which is where racism *really* hurts minorities. I think it’s got a good goal but I personally don’t care for CRT because it so often turns into anecdotes and personal story time, which isn’t a particularly scientific approach. The conservative arguments against CRT are almost 100% made up, though.


Not only are they 100% made up. If you read a lot of the bills being proposed, they don't actually specify critical race theory, rather they put blanket bans on teaching a lot which is factually true about racism in this country. Like banning teaching that America was founded on principles of racism. Which I mean, calling Natives savages, and the 3/5 compromise were in our founding documents, so denying that kind of racism is literally denying reality.


Confusion is on purpose. You can never call it wrong.


They don't want the next generation recognizing their tactics? Same reason magicians shun other magicians explaining how their tricks work


Because it's been made a culture war issue. Also I like that most of the comments here are people not reading the article and just guessing their own reasons. I did that too.


Because... they’re racist and they don’t want students to realize?


Part of it is racism. Another part is that Republicans are more and more embracing nationalism. With patriotism, you can love your country but still criticize it. I can say that the US is great in some areas, but completely horrible in other areas. This doesn't mean I now hate the US. I want it to be better and am willing to help get it there. Nationalism, though, insists on no criticism. If you love your country, you must declare it as perfect and without need for improvement. Any criticism at all means that you now hate your country and are a traitor/enemy. Teaching about the US's history of (and present day) racism is seen as criticism of our "perfect country" and thus "teaching our kids to hate America." (Of course, if a flaw in our country affected the rich white people, it would be immediately lambasted and fixed without the right questioning those folks' love of America.)


I’d buy this argument pre-trump, but not now. It’s not nationalism that we are seeing. It’s an allegiance to trump, not the country, which is why they applaud him when he shits all over the troops and our allies. Allegiance to the country wouldn’t allow for that.


These people fucking HATE America and want to burn her to the ground. And they'll do it waving the flag.


I feel like nationalism and patriotism around here are pretty conflated now. For instance, [from the OED according to CNN](https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/30/us/patriot-definition-trnd/index.html): >In the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the oldest in the world, an entry of patriot was revised in 2005 to say: > "An opponent of presumed intervention by federal government in the affairs of individuals, esp. with respect to gun and tax laws. Frequently in the names of right-wing libertarian political and militia groups."


Honestly I’d disagree with part of your analysis. I’d say one of the biggest reasons Republicans are turned off by CTR is that individuals perceive it as “minority groups have it bad and everyone else is well off” without really trying to understand the topic. I 100% agree there are racial disparities that negatively affect minorities and need to be addressed/better understood but from other individuals perspectives it ignores the problems other Americans directly face, especially in areas where the demographics are drastically different (rural America, predominantly white areas). I’d almost argue the biggest reason for the rise in white supremacy groups is driven predominantly on the fear/anger of being ignored by general society.


This. I mean is there any doubt? If they wanted things to change, they’d: 1) Recognize what was done. 2) Apologize. 3) Seek retribution. But by wanting to continue to hide the past, it’s because they want to continue it.


They don't even need 2 or 3 if they weren't fucking racist lol. No one thinks a 40 year old white guy is responsible for slavery that happened 200 years ago. They're telling on themselves.


The raw deal BIPOC have been dealt in this nation is more than just slavery. Extends to many different races and time periods and still continues to this day. Nobody coherent is expecting revenge just for recognition, justice and for it to stop.


The more you consider why things are the way they are, the more likely you are to vote progressive (at a high level this is what all critical theory is about). The GOP can't have that, if you have teenagers considering why the majority black school has way worse programs than their majority white school, they might endeavor to fix that.


No, they want you to realize it and have it rubbed in your face. They want you to know it, so they can rub salt in the wound about the fact that they’re in charge and can’t be challenged.


Seems like republicans are going to fuck this misguided effort up by overreaching. I noticed it's not just K-12, it's colleges too. Two separate first amendment fights. You may have some leeway in education of minors, right or wrong, but for adults it's a fight Larry Flynt could have won from his grave.


Actually I have noticed a lot more people have become racist because of racism training. Pretty interesting really


Well, if you say so, then it must be true lol


Your annacodtal evidence will be taken with all value it deserves.


They're racist. And fragile ass white people.


I thought they wanted to ban what they call Critical Race Theory. By which they mean teaching about confronting one's white privilege, the concept of 'Anti-racism', the iniquity of color-blindness and embracing a series of frameworks and phraseology associated with all this? Becuase this stuff is worth jettisoning. But teaching kids about slavery, reconstruction, 1876, jim crow and civil rights is an essential part of american history. Balance is the key!




It’s call white washing👍🏿💯🇺🇸


Criminalize? Seriously?? *CRIMINALIZE???* It’s one thing to remove it from the curriculum but to actually criminalize it? That’s outrageous.


"In reality, we are simply exposing our students to America’s truth — both the good and the bad, the light and the dark. We do not demand that our young people think like us. We do, however, demand that they THINK for themselves once armed with complete information." Republicans want uninformed constituents. People who just don't know any better. Ignorance is a virtue to them. It also creates a plausible deniability for any racists, as "they just don't know any better". Their larger goal is aggressive ignorance.


Because it's harder to get away with something when more people call you out on it, and the more people who recognize it, the more that will call them out.


I believe there could be a Streisand effect here. I bet a lot of people hadn't heard of critical race theory until Republicans decided they wanted to suppress it. I know I hadn't.


I am seriously considering teaching this, and then turning myself in.


Because the uneducated tend to vote red.


*It’s truly scary that people like them have political power. It’s even scarier that many other politicians and citizens support them. All people of good conscience should join us in resisting their attack on education — for our children’s sake.*


Teaching Critical Thinking courses has been illegal in Texas for years.


Because they are racist AF and don’t like it when people can spot it.


Republicans don’t suppress minority votes because they’re racist, they suppress them because they don’t vote Republican. The racism is just a bonus.


The Republican Party is literally trying to make teaching about racism, a crime. Racism isn’t a side effect, it is 100% part of the ideology.


Makes them mad when people say that. More people should say that.


TL/DR: It's because they're racists.


The thing that just gets me is how Republicans love to complain about political correctness when this is exactly what they are pushing for: They want a politically correct version of history taught that doesn’t make our country look bad and doesn’t make people feel bad.


Good for them...cuz teaching hate and bigotry under the guise of "CRT" ain't gonna fly.


....Did the U.S. have slaves?


Of course, I was taught that in school. What I wasn't taught was to hate my fellow man based on the color of their skin.


how do you teach someone to hate exactly?


For one, trying to shame white children for being born white...they're "oppressors". Racism like that is hate personified.


Ok - so without pointing to some random ancedote or worse case crazy teacher - show me one policy or ciriculumn description that states anything close to teaching people they are 'oppressors'? I'm white, and don't feel shame for being a certain way. Also - racism isn't intrinsically about hate - that's bigotry. Racism is believing in the biological superiority of one 'race'. You can be bigoted but not racist; racist but not bigoted - both, or neither (I recommend neither).


I would take issue with your premise that racism and/or bigotry isn't rooted in hate. Having said that, it seems many who support it have not done their homework with respect to CRT. No need for anecdotes...it's a subset of Marx's Critical Theory which goes against all the freedoms And ideals our country fought and died for over generations. Try reading Ellie Krasne, an American Jew who has done deep dives into this harmful ideology and penned her thoughts. https://www.heritage.org/civil-society/commentary/how-leftists-critical-race-theory-poisons-our-discussion-racism https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/03/12/critical-race-theorys-anti-semitism-problem/


For the uneducated: >Critical theory (also capitalized as Critical Theory)\[1\] is an approach to social philosophy that focuses on reflective assessment and critique of society and culture in order to reveal and challenge power structures. With origins in sociology and literary criticism, it argues that social problems are influenced and created more by societal structures and cultural assumptions than by individual and psychological factors. Maintaining that ideology is the principal obstacle to human liberation,\[2\] critical theory was established as a school of thought primarily by the Frankfurt School theoreticians Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, and Max Horkheimer. Horkheimer described a theory as critical insofar as it seeks "to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them."\[3\] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical\_theory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_theory) ​ Marx didn't invent Critical Theory anymore than Ford invented the automobile. He was just the person who just popularized its use. Critical theory has no political bias - And the idea that everything marx critiqued in his works goes everything 'we' fought for (in the U.S.) is laughable if you think about if for more than a few seconds. The U.S. was at the vanguard of the union movements during the era of reconstruction, which were central to worker's rights we enjoy today. ​ Also, how do you expect to convince anyone with articles written by a "Public Program Manager" - how is their experience authoritative?


I feel the rewrite, banning, and whitewashing of some of the less pleasant elements of our history is very Soviet-esque. It makes me very uncomfortable because I worry about the U.S. becoming more authoritarian.


They'll teach you how to be racist though. They want you to be racist. It's their core value. And any opposition to it is criminal, apparently. I'm so glad that I'm elderly. I'm not going to have to live through the real shit storm that's coming. It's gonna be fucking ugly. Sensible people should probably stop having children. Unless you want them to be Nazis.


>They'll teach you how to be racist though. They won't call it racism though. They learned well from 1984.


This is an egregious lie. CRT is far more than "teaching about racism" and everyone who has an ounce of intellectual integrity understands this. That's why the bills that have passed are explicit in banning collective-guilt and other neoracist doctrines. Telling a 1st grader that they are culpable for racism because they are white or oppressed and a victim because they are black is neither helpful nor honest. Viewing the world as some sort of unfalsifiable Hegelian dialectic of oppressed-oppressor is moronic and often is racist.


Go read the Texas bill for example. It doesn't ban Critical Race Theory. It bans a lot of teachings about institutional racism in general. It's much more broad than attacking Critical Race Theory.


No teacher, administrator, or other employee in any state agency, school district, campus, open-enrollment charter school, or school administration shall shall require, or make part of a course the following concepts: (1) one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex; (2) an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously; (3) an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment solely or partly because of his or her race or sex; (4) members of one race or sex cannot and should not attempt to treat others without respect to race or sex; (5) an individual's moral character is necessarily determined by his or her race or sex; (6) an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex; (7) any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex; or (8) meritocracy or traits such as a hard work ethic are racist or sexist, or were created by a members of a particular race to oppress members of another race. There's the text. Institutional racism as CRT describes is far more broad and would be banned by a number of these, but institutional racism as most everyone understands it, i.e. racist policies enacted by institutions (like Jim Crow laws), would be acceptable to teach. For CRT, any disparity is due to systems (hence systemic racism) and they are inherently racist due to the oppressor-oppressed dialectic with the oppressors unable to see the racism (i.e. "internalized dominance") So yeah, teaching white children that they are oppressors and always will be until the system of oppression is subverted and even if they don't think they're racist they actually are they just can't see it because they're white is racist af and shouldn't be taught in public schools.


That law means that teachers can’t read Texas’ articles of secession word for word since it says stuff like: > We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable. > That in this free government all white men are and of right ought to be entitled to equal civil and political rights; that the servitude of the African race, as existing in these States, is mutually beneficial to both bond and free, and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator... But all that aside, I thought the GOP was against censorship? We as a nation are expected to tolerate and entertain literal Naziism but talking about systemic and generational racism is too much?


Nothing in the law says they can't read the articles of secession, they simply can't teach that those statements are reality. Big difference. The GOP sometimes is against censorship, almost always when it comes to private individuals. Remember, this is PUBLIC school and PUBLIC dollars. The same way you would oppose your tax dollars teaching kids that abortion is immoral or Christianity is the One True Religion™ or that homosexuality is a sin people are opposed to public schools teaching racist dogma to innocent kids using tax dollars. You can talk dogma all you'd like, just like the Nazis can talk Nazi things all they like, the Christians Christian things, etc, just can't teach it as truth in public school. The bill also doesn't ban teaching about CRT, just teaching CRT as truth, just like how schools teach about Christianity but cannot teach that Christianity is superior or true.


Wait just because you merely say there is a difference doesn’t make it so. Was slavery not a reality? Does that article of secession not really exist? The south didn’t let the KKK run rampant? The black codes and Jim Crow weren’t laws specifically meant to keep minorities disenfranchised and the white race advantaged? Those are all ways that the words manifested into reality. And you must not live in Texas because for the longest our tax dollars have funded public schools that make you pledge to God and abstinence only sex education.


> an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously; So politicians are mandating what be taught in schools, despite the fact that what they want banned is objective reality, because they don't want people to feel bad. And you support this. I see.


That's not reality, that's dogma. It's a unfalsifiable pseudo-reality. If you disagree, please prove that someone is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive purely due to their race or sex.


Sure. [https://repository.law.umich.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2413&context=articles](https://repository.law.umich.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2413&context=articles) There you go. Federal and state judges are part of systemic oppression, and their whole job description is to be neutral. If judges can't even escape it, what hope do you or I have? Done.


This, 100%.


Yeah let’s fuck up the educational system more by telling white kids that they’re super racist by default and that all other races are oppressed by evil white men instead of teaching children how to fucking adapt and succeed in life. Great fucking idea we should put into our education


Lmaoo stay in school, kid


He’s speaking facts man


People pooh-poohed me when I said 10 years ago that we were heading towards a new dark age. It's looking more likely every day.


Because as long as you can keep poor people fighting each other, they don't focus on the rich, and the inequalities in our system that make sure they stay poor.


Here's why They are racist. ​ end of article


This is a misleading article. Republicans are not trying to criminalise learning about racism. They are trying to stop Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is unscientific post modern gibberish and does not belong in schools, much like creationism.


There’s already sufficient history taught in schools about the perils black people had gone through in this country, and the accomplishments they’ve made. CRT isn’t really about relaying historical facts, but instead encourages blacks to have a victim mentality. It teaches them that because of what happened in the past they’re allowed to underperform in school, riot, loot, and be criminals. It’s actually very counterproductive. A better solution would be to teach kids the history of what happened, that yes America has done wrong. But they should also include that pre-19th century you wouldn’t be able to find a country that did not participate in slavery to a large degree. Also we should also be truthful and expose the understated fact that it was primarily Africans themselves who sold other black people to whites as slaves. So students should understand the historical context that slavery was an accepted reality at that time. But instead, CRT simply states whites are simply evil colonizers without explaining this context. Additionally, we should not exascerbate the divide between whites and blacks through CRT. We should explain to students that yes the US had a messed up past, but that that doesn’t have to hold them back from accomplishing their dreams and being who they want to be, free from racial boundaries.


If you make racism illegal to teach then you essentially block educators from teaching about the party switch when the Dixiecrats went Republican. Republicans could still be the party of Lincoln and get to pretend they were always the party of Lincoln


Neither the democrats or the Republicans have your best interest at heart. It's rich vs poor and We're not rich.


Uhhh…cause they’re racist?


Because republicans hate education and racism is a core tenet of the Republican Party?


Morgan Freeman so properly said, “The best way to remove racism is to stop talking about it.” Republicans are trying to criminalize conversation. They are trying to stop a Marxist program that is trying to teach white kids they are evil because of the color of their skin. CRT is so offensively racist it shows what utter tiny IQ anyone who promotes it has. No one has ever not continues to fight harder to help the black community then the anti slavery race, Republicans.


Sounds kinda snowflaky...


Morgan Freeman actually seemed to change his mind on that statement last year during Black Lives Matter protests...js


Wait a minute. Before I read this article let me see if I can figure it out on my own...... Ok. I give up. What is the reason?


Because the tenets of CRT are hella racist and kids shouldn't be told they are oppressors and responsible for disparities simply because of the color of their skin.


I don't think thats quite how it works. Learning history doesn't make you complicit in it. If you saw a crime reported on the nightly news do you immediately feel shame because the criminal was white like yourself?




Mrs Krabapple and Principal Skinner were in the closet making racisms, I saw one of the racisms and it looked right at me.


Because they don’t want educators talking about Republicans. How can you teach racism without talking about Republicans. Being a racist is a requirement to be a Republican Especially if you are an evangelical Republican.


Because they are fascists.


So we are going back in time. Just great.


Because the are fascists, plain and simple.


I know why without reading the story.