Trump's PAC, Save America, is opting supporters into extra 'surprise' donations for his birthday

Trump's PAC, Save America, is opting supporters into extra 'surprise' donations for his birthday


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More cult behavior from the Trump team. It is all about celebrating and pampering the leader instead of pushing for policies. The GOP loved to mock Democrats about liking Obama. I don't remember people sending Obama a bunch of money for his birthday.


I signed up for the email list to see what they send and almost every single email reads like one of those email scams from a Nigerian prince.. Like it really does. The headlines in the subject and just the overall tone of the email seems like they're trying to trick people into donations.. I guess the marketing team figured out that that's what works considering most of their base our old middle American that are the demographic most susceptible to those kinds of email scams..


Good luck ever getting off that list. I had to just block all the email addresses because unsubscribing was apparently impossible.


If they truly don't offer a way from unsubscribing from the e-mails then that's a violation of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, you can report them > The FTC can seek civil penalties of up to $16,000 per e-mail that violates CAN-SPAM, with no maximum penalty


Like they'll ever face any penalties from the FTC...


Step 1. Create bot to sign up emails to email list. Step 2. When emails get that email auto-unsubscribe. Step 3. When received another email from same source, mass report from all emails from bot list to FTC.


I wish I knew how to make scripts/bots and shit. Like, where do I even big in 😢


Learn python. It can do a lot of stuff fairly easily and the skills are transferrable to other languages. I'm sure this bot wouldn't be too hard in python


> languages. I'm sure this bot wouldn't be too hard in python Famous last words when starting a new project.


It would take less then ten lines I think. I’m not extremely proficient though, and I’m hopeful that someone more experienced can do it in eight.


Post this shit to fiverr


Look at this fucking guy who still thinks laws apply to anything Trump-related


Can-spam is actually a pretty serious thing. It's incentivised by companies who make money blocking and restore their privileges so they don't really miss a beat jumping on violators like a pack of parahnas.


Are political fundraising solicitations not exempted? That seems like something that would have been legislative carve-out number 1.


>then that's a violation of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, you can report them Wait, so you're saying that Trump ***committed a crime***? ThE pEopLE nEeD tO kNOw!


IIRC there was *technically* an unsubscribe option but it conveniently always seemed to stall out. In any case I'm not about to hold my breath that they'd actually be held accountable if reported.


CAN-SPAM only covers commercial communications. Political messages are considered protected by the 1st Ammendment (convenient, huh?). Good luck ever getting or the list.


Tell me about it. I donated lots of $$$ (for me anyway) to my favorite Presidential candidate not named Trump. I bet I got emails and texts from over 100 groups and organizations affiliated with my favorite Presidential candidate not named Trump. It was nuts. Sometimes 2 or 3 an hour from candidates not even in my state. They all clearly let you stop the texts or unsubscribe but it gets annoying. I still get them from groups I've never heard of.


Someone should create a script to sign millions and millions of inactive email acccounts and increase the cost of sending mails for the trump team. Add in like 50million accounts or more. It’s gonna cost them more to email every time increasing their costs and also create a declining turnover rate for donations which should make him cry for a second. Edit: new additional idea Add emails of every executive board members and management of fortune top 500 companies in the us. Let’s have the wealthy see what their money goes towards.


Then all we are going to hear is “look at how MASSIVE our email list is. There is no way Trump lost the 2020 election!!!”


> Then all we are going to hear is “look at how MASSIVE our email list is. There is no way Trump lost the 2020 election!!!” In fairness, we are going to hear that regardless. These people don't live in the same reality as the rest of us.


Today, like 5 minutes ago, a dude I'm paired with at work said.... " the election was rigged. Theres no way trump lost the election . Theres no way that many people would vote for a child molester." Smh. I 100% believe he is one of those people who would point to the email list as 'proof' that trump has more supporters than Biden. Despite the fact , that trump lost the popular vote 2x . ** also I mentioned how many times the election results were taken to court . He said " biden is the president, so he has all the power. Which means he could have forced them to rule in his favor." Holy shit dude, biden wasnt in office the 60x the 2020 election was taken to court.


Past Pedophilia Allegations: Trump: 1 Biden: 0 Trump wins again!


reality has a bias against idiots.


Don’t forget to mention it was a bunch of Trump appointed judges that denied the suits as well. And if either of them are child molesters, my money would be on the one that was great friends with Epstein… but that’s just me.


The one that admitted to walking in on teen pageant contestants dressing rooms? And sexualized his daughter at an extremely young age?


millions added to the list adds pennies to cost. there is a reason it is all done by email, it costs almost nothing no matter the pool size.


If the bounce rate from a specific domain goes past a certain threshold, that’s when email servers flag it as spam. Plus it will skew their TAM numbers and make it harder for them to effectively do targeted marketing.


This guy emails


Bingo. God I love it when people know about skewing TAM.


These guys amateurs at digital marketing, making a killing because their target demo is even less sophisticated than they are. I want a bunch of left-leaning digital marketing gurus to absolutely ruin what Parscale described as a “juggernaut”. I know enough to know it can be done, but don’t know enough to know how.


I know how but I don’t have the time and funds required to do so but boy do I want to launch a big digital marketing campaign that shames these morons on every facet of online presence.


Hosting? Storage fees?


basically don't scale. you might have a slight increase as you go from thousands to millions, but the actual data usage for spam lists is miniscule. every email address in the USA might fit in a 2Gb database. once you are set up to automatically send 1 email, you are setup to send 10,000


just looked it up globally there are 3.8B Email addresses. the median length is 16-33 characters. 1 Character is 1 byte. using a csv standard format you add in 2 characters per address (a comma and a space). so every single email in the world is only 133Gb of data max, most likely closer to 103Gb Modern servers are measured in Terrabytes, and are pushing into the Pedabyte range.


I made the mistake of signing up for one of those MAGA lists just out of curiosity. Don't ever do this. They shared/sold my email to literally dozens of other lists, none of which were opt-in (hence, they violate CAN-SPAM laws, but hey who cares about laws right). I still have to keep blocking and reporting new ones on a regular basis.


I've tried that too, but then it turns into a game of whack-a-mole with all their different domains. Just glad I I signed up using a burner Gmail.


My wife signed up and its constant. Like 3-4 a day still. All from Don Jr or Eric saying how dissapointed they are that one of their top donors (my wife, a staunch leftist) is no longer supporting their effort to stop the evil socialists and their clear cut plan to bring communism to America. Emails are filled with references to "Crazy AOC" and "Sleepy Joe". The addressee is a "true American" and a "patriot" who, if they donate, can enter Trump's inner circle of VIP donors. There's no policy discussed, no plan to stop these so called "socialists". Just 100% scare tactics aiming to empty the pockets of pearl clutchers, old people, and plain ole idiots. It makes me so sad that this is what passes as political campaigning in this country. No surprised, just sad.


They’re doing it because it works.


It really shows you the difference between the constituents of each party.. Republican emails sound like Nigerian scams.. almost designed to trick people into donating because they're the exact type of people that would fall for email scams.. Democrat emails are very open about their donations and rely on activism.. talking about the issues and about how they're going to "fight" And then asking you to donate to help them fight.. it shows the difference in the two voter groups.. Republicans never really talk much about fighting in their emails.. I think it's because most of their base are old people that are too lazy for such things and turned off by talks of upending the status quo.. and it's much easier to send email scams with misleading statements trying to get them to click your link that would take them to the donate fo


They talk about fighting and defeating in their emails - but it's always *who,* not *what* (except when the "what" is made up, like fighting the fraudulent election.) Democrats talk about fighting inequality, homelessness, low pay, fighting for trans rights, for safe neighborhoods, against pollution, for the planet, etc. Republicans talk about defeating "the left" and "the Democrats."




I agree with you to am extent, but remember a lot of Trump supporters love militant language. Just look at Jan 6.


That was a small group of proud boys Most republlcans are very old and lazy rednecks in kentuckissipii They love complaining. Emails whining about biden and his "radical agenda" resonate with them..


Yeah for sure. But make no mistake; conservatives love the military and guns. They love the idea of "cowboys" taking things into their own hands. They are also more recently viewing themselves as "under threat." To be fair, they kind of are. But that's because their views are consistently being proven wrong and they are losing members left and right.


The Fat and the Furious 45: Alabama Grift


The nigerian prince scams were the basis for donorhea dumps email campaigns.


I also signed up once. When I started getting multiple emails every day, I started sending replies with things like "Trump belongs in jail, he's a criminal' and 'Quit your grifting' and other like replies. After a short time, I no longer received any emails.


Did the same during his campaign. I have never seen an audience treated with such ignorance and lack of general knowledge!! Then when the foolish smucks don’t cough it up they get threatened or talked down to like a child. Ended up spending a fair amount of time unsubscribing, another way they keep all their misinformation and lies coming...


I didn't even recognize it for the projection it was but I remember in the run up to 2016 before Trump was the nominee and *so* many conservatives said that Democrats "worshipped" Obama and that "the left is a cult." Turns out they were vocalizing their projected innermost sacred desires.


Every accusation is a confession.


Which makes their blood libel claims more concerning.


Yes, this is how projection is characterized, as a defense mechanism to cope with hidden urges, desires that are negative, externalize them so when you recognize them they are external to you. They also very frequently project the notion onto others that others are ‘remaking America so it is becoming unrecognizable’. I take this as another subconscious confession. Projecting also has the added benefit of when they actually do the thing for real that they invent that others are doing, they can say look when the Democrats were doing it you didn’t say anything now you act like you care, they have whataboutism to compare the imaginary bad thing against their actually doing it, and everything is now morally subjective.


Feel like you're massively down playing Democrats' love for Obama. I seem to remember one time he had the audacity to look good in a tan suit and Democrats didn't call his immediate resignation / execution.


It's only a matter of time until Trump goes starts preaching and goes full televangelist.


Does that mean there will be a Jonestown moment?


Democrats like Obama the "I cant so it by myself, everyone needs to do their part" president. The GOP liked Trump the "I can do anything, so you better get on my team" president. They mock because they think that bullying people is essential to politics.


Don G. Trump ---- G for GRIFT.


All I can read is "Dong Trump"


What do they stand for anymore policy-wise? I seriously don't know. Besides a wall. Removing abortion rights. Removing voting rights. Is security the message? Certainly not fiscal security so...what is it actually....vapor.


It seems like the main vein is trying to vilify and blame the nebulous "other." They believe immigrants are the cause of economic problems, they don't focus on systemic factors. They are more interested in blaming China for COVID-19 than looking at the failures of the US response. It feels like the purpose is to deflect from problems rather than solve them.


> The GOP loved to mock Democrats about liking Obama. I don't remember people sending Obama a bunch of money for his birthday. "Obama for America" wasn't on the same level of shadiness, but it did cause the party problems in the same way, by siphoning donations that would have gone to local and state parties into one huge, centralised pot associated with a popular national candidate more than the party. They seemed to regret that when they got repeatedly trashed in the midterms. Although Trump seems to be doing this as a way of taking over the GOP - making it so that he decides what candidates get funding, and so he can destroy any who cross him. Also, he seems to just really like money.


For a "gazillionaire" this guy sure needs a lot of money.


I can't believe his supporters still believe his supposed wealth considering how much he begs them.


And he's cashed every presidential pension check.


While I’m inclined to believe you, do you have a source for this? I’ve got a Republican coworker still holding onto how great he is cuz he declined the paychecks.


So his $1.8 million salary over 4 years offsets the more than $140 million dollars he cost taxpayers while golfing? They had to mobilize the Coast guard every time he golfed at Mar-a-Lago.


I absolutely refuse to believe trump actually returned his presidential salary. The guy charges like 3 bucks for a glass of tap water at mar a lago. He grubs for every cent he can.


I'd believe it only in the sense that it was a calculated move designed to get his followers to donate significantly more money to him.. although like you say knowing Trump he found a way to pocket it anyway and that info will come out 10 years from now.


Like donating to his rainy day slush fund... errrr 'Trump Foundation charity'


[The guy literally cashed a $0.13 check](https://patch.com/district-columbia/washingtondc/donald-trump-once-cashed-13-cent-check-incredible-true-stories)


[Business Insider broke the story.](https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-donated-salary-presidential-pension-payments-2021-5) Edit: I previously had three links that all cited Business Insider's reporting.


The source is that Trump fucking lies about everything. Especially when it relates to money. Your co-worker won't believe it even if you had a video of Trump endorsing and depositing the check in-person.


That’s just the bell curve… can’t fix stupid


But he donates his pay! /s


You know, was there ever actually proof of this?


I vaguely remember him writing a check to a department for like part of his pay... I remember cuz they cut the department by a lot then gave it a pittance.. Maybe that was a fever dream though


They held a press conference with his check, written out to a department whose budget he cut by millions, yes. They showed photos of the check which... still had all the routing and account info, visible in the press photos. LOL. So we know he at least wrote checks. Of course, government agencies aren't legally allowed to accept donations like that; they have to be funded by congress. So we don't have any idea if those checks were cashed, or how, given the funding laws. But to Trump supporters, a picture of a check is complete proof, in a way that a picture of a birth certificate just isn't.


Everyone was too exhausted at that point to really look into it.. A lie nestling inside 20 other lies on that day.


Not that I know of. lol to his worshippers his word is proof enough.


Nope. We're supposed to take his word on that.


Not his pension.


Donating to himself doesn't count


His loan payments to Putin must be coming due


More like "guzzle-ionaire".


Hi, I’m a successful billionaire. Please donate to my cause today!




Jesus Saves, but he sure seems to need a lot of money...


What kind of billionaire pays $750 in taxes?


"He FiGhTIng THe EsTaBliShmEnT!1!1!"


They also donate money to church. So these are the same people who think *God* needs their money ...


Hey, you can't expect those evangelists to fly commercial like some sort of plebeian, mingling with the unwashed, demonically possessed masses. They _need_ those private jets for, uh, spreading the word of God.


Just like God. Always needs money


When he was president I remember getting a bunch of YouTube ads begging me to sign his virtual birthday card. I have no doubt that would have also turned into strongly suggesting donations had I clicked the link. I get they're probably trying to create and/or expolit parasocial relationships with this birthday stuff but it's becoming increasingly weird to me that I've never seen the same for actual holidays. If I was the sort of person to use the birthday angle, I'd also ask for Christmas presents and Easter presents and Father's Day presents and try to co-opt Presidents' Day while I was at it. Or has all that been happening and it just didn't reach me?


> When he was president I remember getting a bunch of YouTube ads begging me to sign his virtual birthday card. I got one recently, so it's continuing. He must need constant reassurance to bolster his fragile ego after losing.


Maybe because those holidays exist outside of him and he doesn't like that. He's absolutely the sort of narcissist to be weird about a holiday because "I don't know if you like me or it more".


"I don't know why they would put Santa on the Christmas card. I'm the one they're sending it to, so shouldn't I be on the card? Without me, there would be no one to send it to."


yeah, I got a text message from someone asking to sign his card. replied with he's a fucking piece of shit and doesn't deserve a birthday card or any money. never heard back


I have zero sympathy for anyone donating to Trump. May they all go bankrupt.


It's like sending money to a "Nigerian Prince" except instead of promising to send you more money in return, he just promises to hurt people that you don't think of as people.


I want to start a super pac that uses all the right wing talking points and call it Save The American Republic. There are people out there right now trying to use the courts to rig the election! Donate to STAR PAC now to stop them! We can’t let special interests carve up our congress to keep a stranglehold and force their ideology on you! Save our Republic, STAR PAC is on the front lines! And then donate the money to Democracy Docket and fair districting groups.


Yeah, this is well-deserved for what they've done to this country. It doesn't make up for it, but it feels right. The fact that it's being done to them by their hero is hilarious.


I admit I get a little giggle thinking they are paying for his hairdo’s and spray tans! Edit: word


Oh they have. They’re just donating their government handouts now.


Hell, I hope Trump keeps taking their money. It's preventing it from going to someone else who will take the money and actually try to do something with it.


They deserve every "surprise" they get.


Didn't one of his PACs (or his official campaign) *just* get in hot water over default recurring donations similar to this? EDIT: [So I looked it up](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/03/us/politics/trump-donations.html) and it sounds like this related to a huge uptick of SEC complaints and the Trump campaign having to issue over a $100 million in refunds. They even did this same "birthday donation" trick last year lol


If by hot water, you mean a public scandal that RWM refused to report on so therefore the few worshippers who heard about it were easily able to dismiss it as “fake news”... yeah. Something like that. IIRC it was his official campaign and they not only used tiny checkboxes that were enabled by default to sign donors up for recurring donations but also to increase the size of the donations. “Check here to add $100 to your donation to help keep America great!” Or some shit like that. The result is that his campaign ended up taking his donors for more than it was even allowed (there is a cap on how much money a single private donor can give as an official donation) and was required to pay them back the excess. And since this is effectively grassroots funding, that’s a LOT of “little loans” he needs to keep track of and pay back. I’d be amazed if he has or ever will tho.


At the peak, the trump campaign was responsible for generating 2-3% of all credit card fraud complaints in the US


That seemed crazy to me, so I looked it up and found [this:](https://www.motherjones.com/mojo-wire/2021/04/trump-recurring-donations/) >According to insiders interviewed by the Times in credit card fraud departments, complaints about unwanted and unexpected charges from Trump donors accounted for as much as 3% of all traffic for periods during the campaign—a stunning number when compared to the massive amount of non-political credit card transactions the companies process. “It felt,” one victim tells the Times, “like it was a scam.” That's an absolutely crazy amount of fraud complaints from one source.


I think they got a lot of media scrutiny over it, but I'm not sure there were any real repercussions.


People who donated to his campaign unwittingly signed up for recurring donations, complained about it, and the Trump campaign was forced to issue refunds. But don't worry! Those same people will fall for it *again*


IIRC it was his official re-election campaign. Seems like it is a cut/paste of the same scheme. Trump supporters who got scammed initiated lawsuits but dropped them when the Trump campaign gave their money back.


As I recall last time, they interviewed a few of his supporters and the supporters blamed his people instead of trump. I wonder if they'll do the same here.


The grift continues.


Trump can't help himself. Well, no, that's not exactly true - he's helping himself to people's bank accounts.


He can’t help himself from helping himself?


Is this not literally the same scheme Trump pulled during the campaign that his own supporters filed lawsuits against him for but dropped when he gave their money back?


The grift that keeps on grifting.


He is very attentive to his flock, he makes sure they are regularly fleeced.


>By pushing donations through his PAC, Trump is trying to siphon donations away from the Republican National Committee and into his own fund, Insider's Julie Gerstein reported. Neither the Save America PAC nor MAGAPac is directly affiliated with the Republican Party. [...] >Insider's Oma Seddiq reported that there weren't many restrictions on how the donations to the PAC could be spent, so Trump could use the funds for himself, though he can't directly use them for his own future political campaign.


Sounds like another possibility for extortion. If he has all the Republicans money they have to help him in the coming legal battle he's going to be facing.


I mean, what’s the point of having a cult if you aren’t going to just rob them blind for your own personal benefit? Magacult demands they be abused


true though. Two types of people: "power is the ability to abuse people with it" and decent people.


Magacult hates the idea of decency. They call it woke and laugh about it. Terrible folks who are proud of being horrible


My favorite part of this is when Trump threatened to sue the GOP for using his image. Pretty sure he sent them a cease and desist notice. "That's MY grift! You can't have it."


> Trump is trying to siphon donations away from the Republican National Committee and into his own fund My guess is that he is more so stealing money that would have gone to televangelists rather than the RNC


Surprise! You've been opted in, to giving me more of your money. Happy birthday. To me.


Happy birthday to the ground!


I won't be a part of your SYSTEM!


He keeps stealing from them and they keep cheering for him. I've never known people to completely, physically lack a brain, but here we are.


"Sorry son, maybe we can start saving for college next year. But it's Donald's birthday again. We need to show how much we think about him. We have to show that he means more to us than life itself! Think what Jesus would do."


Every time i hear crap about this guy taking peoples money, I am reminded of my relatives making fun of me for donating to the Bern. They always joked that Bernie would be on tv saying, “ i am once again asking for your donations “. At least he asked for donations, and not steal from my bank accounts so nakedly


Surpise... we are stealing more money from you!


~~Political Action Committee~~ Personal Activity Cash


Privately accumulated capital


A fool and his money are soon parted.


Yea, did you guys know that his birthday is also apparently on the the alleged target dates for him coming back, or something? At least, that's what Jonathan on facebook thinks. To him, 'it's no coincidence that they are taking away the mask mandate on June 14 which is the exact same day that Donald Trump's birthday...!' These donations are surely a part of that, right? lol


Two scoops for Donald, poverty for everyone else.


You know what? I'd rather his voters be parted from money they need in exchange for nothing. Stupid tax.


Fraudster. Anybody that gives him money deserves to lose it.


It's insane what huge suckers these people are. They are paying out of their pocket to support a millionaire who couldn't give a shit about them. In fact, he does everything in his power to rob them blind and they worship him. I just can't understand it. He also doesn't give a shit about christianity, has had several affairs and most likely paid for abortions. Yet for some reason he's the guy the religious right loves so much.


I agree with his whole hypocrisy around Christianity. Is there any meat to the idea that he paid for abortions? It would not surprise me at all.


Solid proof as in a confession from him? No- but we know he had sex with several women outside his marriages and 2 of them stated that he did not use protection. Those same 2 women were paid well over $100,000 in hush money. When asked if he ever slept with someone who had an abortion, Trump refused to answer. So like I said, do we know 100%? No. But we probably know like.... 90%.


Still grifting his cult. He'll do it until the day they die, and beyond.


He's discovered the next best thing other than a charity. And he and his kids are not allowed anywhere near a charity.


No surprise there. Trump and his associates have made their living on grifting people who don't read fine print. He was pulling that shit during the last election campaign.


Let the gullible idiots do with their cash what they want. It’s not like articles like this will change that.


>There aren't many restrictions on how the donations to the PAC could be spent. Surprise!


remember when he said that he would only take the $10 donations from old ladies, other than that he was self funded. After all he's done and yet so many people still support him, it really feels like living in the bizzaro world.


If you still trust this guy enough to donate to after all the various scams and ways he’s taken money by essentially hiding check boxes and auto opt-ins then it’s on you


How about Trump goes and shuts up once and for all, like wth is he still doing in social media.


No one reads the terms of service…


Fuck Trump and his morons too


The clownery really never ends.


These are my favorite Trump stories. These people are absolute morons.


Nothing I need to worry about.


They absolutely deserve losing every dollar stolen from them by this clown.


Complete grifter and criminal con man, traitor and probable rapist ugh.


Can't fix stupid. As long as the grifters grift, the dumbass tRump supporters will keep giving, even at the expense of their own families. Serves them right.


I know I'm a terrible person, but I absolutely love this shit. These stupid yokels are getting fleeced left and right, hand over fist, and they just beg for more. They're the biggest group of suckers on the face of the Earth and I love watching them get played. I'm honestly a little jealous that I haven't figured out a way to fleece them, too, while still being able to live with myself.


Thus proving yet again that trump fans are little more than a bunch of suckers, scammed by a conman.


Reminds me of scientologists throwing money at the church for L Ron Hubbard's birthday


Fuck em.


Looks like trump is defunding the maga crowd lol. I love it!


Fleece them for what they're worth, I can't blame him and they deserve it.


Oh, he means Obama Day.


Is he going to jerk off onto the tablet that shows the amount of donations he received for his birthday in some sort of big mac saucy narcissistic Scrooge McDuck-ing?


The qultists will rarely, if ever, admit they were fooled, despite being fucked over daily. It would be amusing if it wasn't my country.


He’s *still* fucking doing this? Wasn’t there any lawsuits from when he did this before? He’s scamming his own supporters out of their money and they still support him. Fuck him and all of them.


I get 10 texts a day from these c*nts and I never gave them a penny.


Save America? Didn't he make it great again?


If you are a Trump supporter I assume he needs the cash more than you.


They deserve to lose their money. Change my mind.


Barnum was right.


As Bugs Bunny would say ‘What a bunch of Maroons’ I’d like to say more but I digress.


This money grab by Trump is what all of this bullshit is ultimately about. Trump is saying whatever it takes to keep his gullible hoard of supporters in the hook. He’s getting hundreds of millions with a disclaimer that he may use 75% of those donations however he sees fit. Trump’s hold on his base for money reasons is forcing the GOP to appease him in order to keep Trump supporter votes. Hence the continuation of the Big Lie with the many anti-voter laws, the comical but dangerous audit(s), opposing the Jan 6 Commission, and the crazed vitriol. It’s all because Trump knows he needs cash for his looming loans and pending legal fees. He’s found an easy way to get a lot of it.


Remember when scams were considered a 'fringe' thing?


Good. Anyone who donates to him deserves to get fleeced.


Tell me again why a supposed billionaire who brags about his wealth and promised to run self-funded needs to raise millions from his supporters. In some cases even emptying their savings accounts.


What billionaire has to beg & steal money? Oh, all of them.


Common guys you know you want to donate extra for his birthday how else is he gonna pay that porn start that looks nearly identical to his daughter to sleep with him


Bullshit, Trump supporter know he’s scamming them and they are thirsty for it.


Actually, not all of them know. That's why his campaign uses shady tactics to sign people up for recurring donations.


Read the title and burst out laughing, wondering how much he will make this time.


Made me smh sadly....


A fool and their money are soon parted


He’s not worth a fucking Hallmark card, and Hallmark cards suck.


"The Big Grift"


The grift never stops




This guy is a broken record


Lets call it what it is: Stealing their money.


Idiots will be grifted. Trump will shit his fascist diapers. Magamorons will not care.


Grifters gonna grift.


Donations for his birthday?? guys come to senses, what has he done for your kids while being a president...infact his kids are richer by many factors. I cannot believe how good republicans are falling for these crazy stunts to further enrich these people than using it for larger good.