Trump praises Manchin for keeping filibuster after telling Republicans to get rid of it for years | Now that Democrats hold slim majority, former president calls filibuster ‘very important’ despite calling on GOP to use ‘nuclear option’

Trump praises Manchin for keeping filibuster after telling Republicans to get rid of it for years | Now that Democrats hold slim majority, former president calls filibuster ‘very important’ despite calling on GOP to use ‘nuclear option’


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Trump is a moral compass that points due south. If he's praising you, you fucked up.


Come on, his compass isn’t that consistent. It just points whatever direction makes him the most money.


Well based on how profitable he was as a business man i can only conclude that trump doesnt actually know how to read a compass


The dude just grifted probably a $1b from his campaign and the US government in 4 years. Why the hell wouldn’t he continue to run for President, it’s the easiest and most profitable business he ever ran.


Im sure a lot of that money is going back to russia to pay off significant loans.


That and nose candy for the kids.


Right. His compass always points due $.


No, it just spins around like Jack Sparrows compass. trmp steaks? trmp vodka? Yeah nah, his compass is broken.


Must be dyslexia causing him to lose so much money and fail businesses. Cant read the compass.


Or dementia.


We should be so lucky. It points away from where his ego is afraid to go. He'll go broke if it means he doesn't have to admit he went broke.


It points in whichever direction gives him the most press coverage to stroke his fragile tiny ego.


Yes but also the News needs to stop caring what Trump thinks- giving him a headline is a shit move.


You can’t disregard a former US president, even if a lot of people dislike him.


You absolutely can. See, i'm doing it right now!


A lot of people? it's not just a lot of people, it's the majority of people in the entire world. Except possibly in Russia.


And in Russia he’s only liked for being a useful idiot.


So you are thought policing?-How ever are you going to stop the Americans, who are sick of the clown, from disregarding him!?


Not sure if I’m policing. I think Trump and his enablers are awful people, but he is (was) an elected president and very influential still. Just like Obama etc. But if disregarding Trump means ‘all of Reddit’ still griping about the ‘orange turd’ at every possible moment, then I fail to understand the term.


-sigh- You aren’t policing and I do apologize. I think, I’m just so tired of the News using the outrage he generates as click bait while simultaneously giving a voice to his destructive narrative. Seeing his conduct reported over and over and over again with no repercussions in sight is depressing and infuriating. I’ve become very judgmental of any mention of him as a result.


Good comeback. Yes, he gets thrown in at any opportunity. Just lock him up and get it over with.


No, it means you're in his pocket. Someone look for dirt.


It actually points straight down.


When Trump singles you out for praise, you can be certain AF that you have committed multiple crimes. That’s without regard to party. It’s just how it works.


He's also a huge troll and knows it will piss democrats reading that off.


Will it piss off manchin, or will he just smile to himself? Gggrrrr


Nah, Manchin is cashing checks left and right. Dude is a legit republican.


Well, it worked


I wish her well!


Like when he praised Bernie Sanders?


Bernie does have an arrest record, fwiw.


Being arrested for protesting civil rights is a badge of honour. “Under a government which imprisons people unjustly, a just man belongs in prison.” - Henry David Thoreau


“Wear it in silence or I’ll honor you again” Bobby B


Yeah being arrested for protesting for civil rights.


You should write for CNN, seeing how he was actually arrested for resisting arrest stemming from warnings about disorderly conduct.


And you write for Breitbart I take it? Oann maybe?


Well, seeing how what I wrote is actually what even a simple google search also says, you should add theblaze to your list.


When people assemble peaceably to protest a policy that is popular with cops and authoritarians, it is labeled resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct. Source: former law enforcement and unapologetic liberal. Go lick boots in r/conservative.


Those are euphemisms for protesting to protect civil rights.


They’re actually what the legal record indicates that Bernie admitted to.


Lol that's the same damn thing, he resisted arrest because he was PROTESTING FOR CIVIL RIGHTS, BotanyBay is correct. Do you really think they wrote 'protesting civil rights' on his arrest form lmao?


When someone who goes to McDonald’s too much dies, do they write patron of McDonalds as cause of death or myocardial infarction? Change the context all you want, what actually happened doesn’t change.


K bro


Ain't worth shit




This is all such an obvious preamble to Joe Manchin's political dreams. He doesn't give a rats ass about Democrats. This is a fuckton of political capital of unknown quality at the moment. If it turns out to be really poisonous, he doesn't run for Governor and takes the big money in DC for lobbying. Just another example of shitty, self-centered politician. Everything I've read says there are 10 other dems that feel the same way although no one is named. The Democratic machine is riddled with the same type of power hungry control freaks as the Republicans.


He's 73 years old. He peaked a long time ago. Whatever his play here is, I really have a hard time believing it's for his career in politics.


If I had to guess he's playing to get his corrupt piece of shit daughter lined up to run as a Republican for his seat.


This very well could be. And for those who don't know, remember the Epipen pricing controversy a few years back? Yeah, that was Manchin's daughter's company that was trying to gouge people for all they were worth.


This is very telling of his own true character.


I can only imagine the filibuster not being touched until the Republicans take the potus and the majority and kill it immediately and laugh


As their rush to appoint Amy shows, there is no principle too strong to switch sides on.


Ain't that the truth, sigh


Manchin: since both parties have said they want to abolish it now then I'm for it. That is what bipartisanship is about after all. So I will be voting with my fellow Republ... Uh.. I will be voting to remove the filibuster.


Republicans have no desire to legislate. Their goal is always, as ever, to obstruct. Their ethos is the antithesis of progress. Apart from their thrill for hypocrisy - which is great - they would have no reason to kill the filibuster.


Good point, they use just one reconciliation to pass a tax cut for the rich and call it a day


>pass a tax cut for the rich and call ~~it a day~~ call for at least a week's recess and laugh like loons on their way out the door.


No, they legislate like a motherfucker, because their policy positions are aligned with the donor class they serve. But the dems serve the same donor class, but the policy positions their voting base favors are simply forbidden by those donors (aside from culture war stuff like gay cakes that are ultimately costless to capitalists), and so they don't do anything of substance, like min wage, health care, etc. For example, right now, control of exec, both houses, and won't pass bupkiss. Party discipline is a thing; the GOP exhibits it, but Machin, Synema, and the fucking parliamentarian (!) run the show. It's auto-kinbaku, the dems love to tie themselves up and complain that they're helpless! Just helpless. Give today for a fillibuster proof majority!! $$$$ They want office, but not power. They have office but will not wield power. It is the dems who refuse to govern, legislate.


Exactly the way they did with the SCOTUS Garland appointment. The GOP is provoking civil war every way they possibly can.


This is all I can think about. Like, as SOON as they have to or need to, they will do it. No questions asked. What will Manchin say then?


They had the White House, the senate, the house and the courts and they didn’t get rid of it during Trump’s presidency, in spite of Trump asking them to do it.


Will Democrats who support removing it now join them?


Damn straight. That is exactly what we will do.


So all the democrats are pissed and the republicans happy. This is the unity that this asshole was looking for?


Backwards pants guy contradicts himself again.


Who's this backwards pants guy? Is he the same as tiny hands "man"?




I saw the snopes article later that day correcting the claim, feel bad for those investigators. He does wear adult depends though or otherwise has an extremely large FUPA


Its both lol


Trump's pants were not on backwards


They weren't but it looked like he was wearing mermaid bottoms.


Yeah. Trump is an idiot but I wanted to be precise




I am willing to bet all the stimulus and unemployment money I’ve received that if the Republicans take the senate back Manchin will switch sides and kill the filibuster.


You know what, you're absolutely right that this could happen. Ugh.


It doesn't benefit them until they get a trifecta again. Which will probably happen at some point. And then I would bet $1k they will kill it on day 1.


If they take the House and Senate in 2022, they can guarantee themselves the trifecta in 2024, regardless of who wins the real election.


0% chance of that happening.


Anyone that doesn't know with certainty that the Republicans will end the filibuster as soon as it increases and/or enables them to hold power -- the same as they reversed their opinion on seating a SCOTUS Justice in an election year -- has their head up their a


Didn't they already have that chance? Trump repeatedly demanded they nuke the fillibuster and Republicans wouldn't. The reason they didn't do it is because they feared the exact situation we are in now where they are in the minority. It's basically what has kept the filibuster alive for so long, both sides want to it when they are in the minority. It's possible the Republicans could get rid of the filibuster in the future, but if dems do it now they won't have to.


MMW: When ending the filibuster is in the best interest of providing and/or maintaining power to the Republicans, it will be ended by Republicans. If Republicans gerrymander their back into way to power in Congress in 2022 and then use all those state laws to take the White House in 2024, there is little doubt in my mind that it will be ended in January 2025.


Why didn't they do it in 2017?


If Democrats don't end it now to put voter rights protections and election integrity and security protections in place via federal law, you can expect that Republicans WILL take congress in 2022 and Congress and the White House in 2024 and Democrats will be out of power for a full decade -- plenty of time for cult of "45" Republican era fascism to "legally' become the American political reality indefinitely into the future. The state laws Republicans are pushing actually enable not only partisan gerrymandering but political state houses to void the choices of voters and send their own loyalist to the Electoral College. Absent federal voting laws in place to prevent it, that is what will happen. The cult of "45" Republican insurrection did not end on January 6 -- it is an ongoing effort . https://www.salon.com/2021/06/08/guess-what-the-trump-coup-against-american-democracy-never-stopped/?utm_medium=browser_notification&utm_source=Pushly&utm_campaign=1069207


He thinks you did good Joe! How do you feel about that?


Joe probably asked him to compliment him publicly, Trump won the state with 79% of the vote in 2020.


Joe isn't running again. I will note that if anything can get Manchin out of the corner he backed himself into, it's probably Trump's praise. That's enough to make almost anyone think "Maybe I'm wrong..."


Joe isn’t running for senator again it’s rumored he’s interested in running for gov again.


That would explain a lot if true.


The GQP is thinking it already has 2022 and beyond locked up thanks to all the ridiculous voter suppression measures they've managed to ram through in the various swing states. They might be right.


If the gop take the senate, the first thing they do with get rid of the filibuster and Manchin will act shocked.


Manchin's (D) is so tiny it's non-existent.


Republicans absolutely WILL change their stand on the filibuster just as they did their stand on seating a SCOTUS Justice in an election year -- if and when it will gain or keep power for them.


Former president? Oh, you mean the twice-impeached former president.


I mean, this is all I need to know that my initial assessment of Manchin was on point. If Trump agrees with what he's doing....wtf


Trump praising Manchin is not a good thing , Manchin is either on the take or he is fucking delusional or both!


He is a democrat in a red state. His constituents voted for him at the same time that they voted for Trump. If he was not running, a Republican would have his seat. At least Manchin sometimes/often votes with democrats, if he wasn’t there you would have someone that never does.


Manchin can't win as a Republican and misrepresents himself as a Democrat. Bought representation is no representation...and all States with minimal population should have a collective Senator that represent a total population number not 2 equal votes per State/misrepresentation. https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/joe-manchin/summary?cid=N00032838


What the hell are you talking about he couldn’t win as a Republican? The State he is from voted over 2/3 GOP in 2020. Manchin only runs as a Dem because his family has been tied into West Virginia politics as Democrats since Democrats were the party of Jim Crowe. If Manchin ran as a Republican he’d have gotten 70%+ of the vote instead of just eeking out a win in 2018


I got in an argument about someone about the same thing earlier in a different thread, I completely agree with you. Trump is the most popular republic in modern history, if not ever. If he endorses Manchin for GQP candidate, all the maga-heads will definitely fall in line and vote for him. He and Sinema obviously made a deal with the orange guy or the turtle at some point.


Are you on something? If Manchin changed parties he'd get 80% of the vote in 2024 lol


If Trump (a known traitor to the United States) is praising you, then you are every much on the wrong side of history.


*...and scene.* Manchin can now wipe Trump's jizz off his face knowing the hillbillies and drug addicts that make up his constituency have gotten the message that Joe is one of Trump's guys and it's now acceptable, if not outright patriotic, to send Manchin back to *own them libs* regardless of its effect of not getting any work done in Washington. Congratulations America, we're all now just a suburb of Grafton...


Proof that manchin has his Man-chin buried on tRump's nutsack


This is all a crock of hot sh!t.


Boy does this speak to what an idiot Manchin is.


Hope he’s proud of getting kudos from King orange stain! Manchin’s an idiot!


Trump is pulling a Putin. Publicly praising his subservient underling so that the whole world can see who is the master. Exactly the way Putin did to him.


because of course he did. trumps a dipshit. manchin's a slightly smarter dipshit. they're both fucking worthless trash.


Damn Manchin...fucking Trump is giving you praise. That is 100% proof that you’re a slimy coward.


This is why it is so stupid for the Dems to keep it. Republicans went 'nuclear' last term on Trump/McConnell's wish. They don't give a flying fuck about bipartisanship. Keep it? Repubs will just go nuclear again when it suits their purposes. For Fuck's sake, Dems, if you want to keep the Senate, you had better start doing bigger because if not you are going to lose it in 2022 just like Obama lost the House in 2010 by naively trying to work with Rs. " the 2010 election resulted in the highest losses by a party in a House midterm election since 1938" REPUBLICANS DO NOT WANT BIPARTISANSHIP. STOP PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS! P.S. Biden - just because McConnell did something nice for your fallen son does not mean he plays fair. This is all part of his game. Don't you see this? They are enemies to democracy.


Manchin must hate this, if he truly is being “honorable”. Getting praise from someone like he who shall not be named is never a good thing. I’m happy he who shall not be named did that, it pressures Manchin even more.


If you look at the last few elections you'll see that there is considerable overlap in their constituencies.


I remember when South Park did a bit on this, the KKK supporting an anti-racist message so people would oppose them and the message.


Joe feels this way because he knows which side of the bread is buttered and we know who is holding the butter knife. That would be Trump. Man him is a Trump boy


I think collectively those who can should completely ignore Trump going forward.


An ignored danger is impossible to plan against


Imagine that, a duplicitous Traitor changes his tune...


I can see the bronzer dripping from the corners of Joe “I look like a failed assistant high school junior varsity coach” Manchin’s mouth after his ball licking session at Mar a Lago. Fuck this impediment to our progress.


This level of republican hypocrisy is par for the course


If they didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards


This is the praise he was seeking. Manchin loves him some trumpy.


So you're telling me that politicians flip flop their stand on issues depending on what currently benefits them?


Not all politicians.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, if Trump was pushing for getting rid of it until recently, maybe we should reconsider getting rid of it. The guy's not known for making good decisions.


The Vote Blue No Matter Who troll farm built this dysfunctional Senate.


I bet this mofo is going to use it in his campaign ad, with Trump praising him.


Trump is a piece of shit. How is this news? We know.


I'm liking Manchin less and less.


“If it’s legislation I support, it should require just 50 Votes in the Senate. If it’s legislation I don’t support, it should take 60 votes.” - Trump


pats from trump are like poo sticks for everyone else, he better watch his shit this weasel or he risks alienating the dems who put him there no?


The repugnants have something on Manchin..


Can you say Hypocrisy kids?


Manchin has to feel good about making *someone* happy.


Didn’t the gop use the nuclear option for the 2017 Supreme Court nomination?


The fuck is the nuclear option?


To keep it simple, changing the rules of the Senate without supermajority. ​ See, normally you need 60/100 senators on board to change the Senate rules. However, the majority leader can call for a vote of simple majority, 51/100, which is referred to as the "nuclear option" as it's the most extreme option the Senate can take. ​ It's only been used twice. Once in 2013, by the Democratic party, so to prevent Mitch McConnell from blocking Obama's judge picks, and again in 2017 by that same turtle bastard so Trump could get his SCOTUS pick (Gorsuch).


Republicans will nuke the filibuster and that will be all she wrote... It's that simple.


It's pure and simple,Manchin is an unmitigated piece of shit. He's probably not running again so he's going to make a grand exit by taking a runny dump on his "fellow democrats" as rips off his mask and reveal himself to the republican he so clear is.


Manchin is not a moderate Democrat. He was waiting for his dog bone from Donald. He got it.


Who cares what Trump thinks


The filibuster benefits the party out of power. That’s why it exists. Trump wanted it gone when he was in power just like the dems want it gone now. To call trump a hypocrite for this is to call the dnc hypocritical as well. There are no two ways about it.


No shit. It makes no sense for the party in the minority to remove it while they don't have power, because you obviously want the first crack at pushing through an agenda without the filibuster. Democrats have the best case scenario to remove it, but of course Manchin and Sinema torpedoed it. Moderate Republicans and Conservatives don't care either way, because they can pass tax cuts and nominate judges without it. Trump is just a grifter running from the far-right. It's just going to flip flop. If Democrats lose the Senate, then they will not want to remove the filibuster. In 2017, there was a bipartisan letter to McConnell to preserve it and it had the approval of 61 Senators. https://www.collins.senate.gov/newsroom/senators-collins-coons-lead-effort-preserve-60-vote-threshold-legislation Of course, Manchin was one of the Democrats to endorse it. Klobuchar, Gillibrand, Feinstein, Kaine, Duckworth, Whitehouse and other Dems also endorsed it. Dems need to increase their majority to have a path to remove it, assuming that doesn't involve more establishment Dems like Manchin who are going to protect it.


So won't the Republicans simply kill the filibuster the first chance they get, the next time they get a 'majority' after they've suppressed the vote?


"Former president." Obama or trump? Because they are equally shit on the filibuster.


Racists will always stick together.


I see a lifetime golf club membership in his future....


Manchin is a terrorist sympathizer. What's the penalty for treason?


Like we needed any more confirmation that he is an utter piece of shit turn coat. He is a wanna-be member of the GQP.


Just another wolf in sheep's clothing. .


Why is that orange piece of shit being quoted anywhere? I was happy without having to read or hear anything he has to say. What a fucking trash pile


Manchin must be so proud. A democrat with Trump’s backing. I don’t think you can sink much lower.


Traitortrump praising him? Jeez get this loser out o there. What a turncoat. He is no democrat. Expel him from the party and he can run on down to florida and hang out with his boss


Don/GOP REALLY wants this guy to win WV next time. He'll be more beneficial to them than getting him replaced with a GOP senator. It's pretty clear now, right?


So tired of hearing about this failed blogger


Is this any different then Schumer wanting to keep the fillibuster when Republicans had control of the Senate, and now that Democrats are in control he wants to remove it?