Kyrsten Sinema Called January 6 Commission 'Critical,' But Missed Vote

Kyrsten Sinema Called January 6 Commission 'Critical,' But Missed Vote


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It’s astounding to me that elected officials can just “miss” votes. U.S. Senators make $174,000/year. In 2019, the Senate was in session for 168 days the entire year. Sure, while they’re not at the Capital they might be engaging in constituent meetings and other state-level work, but critically, it’s not required that they actually do anything when not officially in session. Also, they get a month-long summer break which is mandated by law and which they get paid for (roughly $16k of their total salary). The fact that they work about 100 days less than the average American and make about 11.5 times what someone working for the federal minimum wage makes in a year, means they have some fucking balls to miss a vote on ANYTHING. Straight up not showing up to vote without a legitimate reason should have far greater consequences than it currently does (which is absolutely fuck-all at the moment).


> it’s not required that they actually do anything when not officially in session What is a Senator legally required to do when the Senate is in session? I know they swear an oath to uphold the Constitution but it doesn't seem like there are any consequences to GOP Senators who break that oath.


We need a new constitution for several reasons but here is a clear example of one. These people should be required to vote. They are our voice in the government. If they don’t show, we have no voice. I am so tired of the “this is very important” grandstanding but it’s not too important for me to miss my spa day. 75% should be fired! Either for negligence or in the case of the GOP, operating in their best self interest only


Here in Oregon the Republicans don’t have enough votes to block a vote, but they have enough to block quorum by simply not showing up. Once they were ordered to show up, and we even sent state police to pick them up, but they completely fled to state. Really. https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2019/06/oregon-senate-republicans-leave-the-state-to-avoid-climate-bill-vote.html


This just makes me sad


It makes me absolutely fucking furious.


Me too. I am NOT scared, I am furious.


Channel it.




Fleeing to block Quorum has a long tradition, Dems did it to block gov Walker's madness, even Lincoln did it in his day (something about jumping out windows if i remember the story right). Not to give the GOP any Shade they wish to block and prevent the normal function of government. But lets not pretend preventing a quorum is something new or unique. Just that the GOP has gone full nutter.


These asshats did it to block environmental protections.


Yes, the GOP have actually become mustache twirling cartoon villians and their base loves them for it. People suck.


Some people suck. Other people are too intimidated to do anything about it.


Not to both sides you, but didn’t Democrats do something similar in Wisconsin? https://www.npr.org/2011/02/17/133847336/wis-democratic-lawmakers-flee-to-prevent-vote


That’s not new. Texas legislators have been playing that game [for years](https://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/bud-kennedy/article154738519.html) and [years](https://lrl.texas.gov/whatsNew/client/index.cfm/2016/5/26/The-Texas-Killer-Bees). But these absences aren’t legislators just blowing off votes; they’re doing what they think they’ve been elected to do, which is find a way to block the other party from passing unfavorable legislation. We may not approve of their methods (or motives), but I do think there’s a difference.


It's worth elaborating on that state police part. While they did flee, one of the Republican senators threatened to kill the state police if they came after him. Unreal that this was 2019 but it was and continues to be a harbinger of where our country is headed if we cannot hold domestic terrorists, regardless of position, accountable. “This is what I told the superintendent,” Boquist said, referring to OSP Superintendent Travis Hampton. “Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.” https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2019/06/oregon-republican-senator-issues-threat-to-state-troopers.html Democratic senators raised a series of questions and concerns during a caucus meeting before the floor session, including that Boquist might bring a firearm onto the Senate floor (which is legal). Courtney later asked Boquist not to come to the floor, according to his spokeswoman. Boquist was en route back to Salem in the morning, while for the evening session he was asked to remain off the floor because some Democratic members feared for their safety after comments he made last week. Tension was high on the Senate floor when it convened at 7 p.m., with at least 10 uniformed and plain-clothed Oregon State Police officers positioned on the floor or in the wings. "I felt much safer with those officers on the floor," said Senate Democratic Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/06/29/oregon-republican-senators-end-walkout/1610781001/


Consistently missing votes without a reasonable *and urgent* excuse (e.g. “I’m having surgery”) should trigger an automatic dismissal from Congress.


Not even. Just let them vote early if they're going to have a known absence. We figured this shit out for regular voters and school children, we can do it with the government.


Or god forbid let them vote remotely.


Joe Rogan has a joke about what Thomas Jefferson would think about still using the Constitution... “You guys didn’t write any new shit? Dude, I wrote that with a feather. I did it by fire! That’s the only way I could see what I was writing! You lazy fucks! You guys have phones in your pockets and spaceships! ‘But the wisdom of the scroll shall not be adjusted.’ What the fuck does that even mean? Who told you that, bro?”


Thomas Jefferson famously wrote in a letter to James Madison that he wanted the constitution to last only 19 years and then it needed to be amended and ratified again. >["I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living: that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it."](https://jeffersonpapers.princeton.edu/selected-documents/thomas-jefferson-james-madison)


Terrible idea, to be honest. Imagine writing a new constitution in 2002, the PATRIOT act was bad enough.


His better idea was to prevent the elderly from making decisions on things that have nothing to do with them (because they would be dead).


The literal dumbest thing about America is how they've deified the founding fathers as some kind of spiritual geniuses who can never be questioned. Name me one other area where we simply accept that a 18th century interpretation of the world is the right one and can't ever be challenged. *"Antibiotics?? Fuck that shit, just drill a hole in my skull!"*


Religious scriptures have entered the game


Also, a bunch of founding fathers openly straight up *hated* each other. It's a miracle that they ever managed to even get them in the same room together to sign the damn thing. Aaron Burr (sir) famously shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. A bunch of them owned slaves, and fucked them and really anything else that moved. A lot were some shit ass people.


*sigh* As you were (sir).


> > Name me one other area where we simply accept that a 18th century interpretation of the world is the right one and can't ever be challenged. We have a large group of people who believe that a Bronze Age interpretation of the world is the right one and can't ever be challenged, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.


Ha, yes, you're right that I shouldn't be surprised. But, yet, I am...


>Antibiotics?? Fuck that shit, just drill a hole in my skull!" I hate to break it to you, but that's not far off from the anti-vax/"traditional" medicine/anti-gm foods/paleo diet crowd. There's a large and growing group of modern regressives that think anything after the development of agriculture is an unholy abomination, and they'll tell you all about it on social media using their 21st century smartphones.


The most ridiculous thing is that the document was INTENDED to be adjusted and rewritten all the time… we have things in place like the ability to write amendments or hold constitutional conventions… yet because we’ve set in stone this idea that the constitution has some type of dogmatic reverence, we don’t use those tools. On top of that, in times where they’ve been necessary, you run into the issue of outsized power in minority rule.


I get the spirit of what he’s saying, but we did “write new shit” a bunch of times. They’re called amendments.


If by "we" you mean every generation born before Nixon was last in office, then yes. The most recent amendment in terms of being proposed that actually became ratified was the 26th amendment (first proposed in 1971). The most recent amendment to the Constitution (the 27th), which was ratified in 1992, was actually first proposed in 1789. That means you'd basically have to be about 70 years old today to have really had ANY input in actually shaping our Constitution (since people that age were the ones young enough to be drafted into 'Nam but not old enough to legally vote). Our Constitution has essentially been frozen in time with no new ideas added since General Motors was the largest company in the US with over 50% more revenue than the second largest company (Exxon Mobil). GM ranks 18th today with almost 50% less revenue than Exxon Mobil (ranked 3rd) which itself has almost 50% less revenue than the largest company which is Wal-Mart (not even in the top 100 back then). Joe Biden wasn't even a senator yet!


It’s a funny bit, but I can’t imagine Joe Rogan wanting to update the constitution in any way, since it was crafted specifically for people like him. He’s also prone to spreading white supremacist dog whistles on his dumbass podcast, so y’know. I know you were just talking about a joke, and I find it funny, I just fucking hate Joe Rogan.


If he was just a comedian, I'd probably like him. But as you say, he's gathered a little sect and he entertains that sect with the likes of Alex Jones.


Unfortunately I think it’s all gone to his head and he has simply lost touch with reality.


He's had some good points & jokes in the past. The one mentioned above is a good example. It's just the last year and a half he's descended into a gigantic sentient piss stain. And sentient might be a bit of a stretch. Fuck that loser.


Not to mention that during election years, they also get October off to campaign as well.


And they get virtually nothing done


Not even virtually, the senate is so broken that they get absolutely jack shit done.


I don't understand the Senate's purpose when the House is capable of doing it all.


The Senate original purpose was to appease slave-holding rural states.


I think you might be thinking of the Missouri Compromise or the 1850 Compromise, both of which involved making concessions to slave-holding states that were afraid of losing the right to own slaves. The Connecticut Compromise is what resulted in the Senate we largely have today, and was a compromise between large states and smaller states, which were afraid of losing their sovereignty under a federalist structure.


So rather than removing the filibuster, let's just remove the Senate


removing the filibuster requires 50 Democrats and Harris, removing the Senate requires changing the Constitution or a new constitution


New constitution would have to be approved by a supermajority of state legislators. State legislators are largely GOP controlled. There is a reason Empires failing is predictable. The American Empire is definitely in decline.


Yep, we're basically following the death of an empire playbook to a T. It's kind if unbelievable how obvious this is yet so many refuse to even acknowledge a problem


Its to give a minority obstructionist party more power. (Literally the reason).


I contacted her [HERE](https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten), and left this message. "I'm unbelievably disappointed at your absence for the January 6th vote. Nothing aside of a personal life and death situation is acceptable since this is a life and death situation for the rest of our nation." Edit - Spelling


How does the US not have whips that can make proxy votes?


Because it's a shit system that glorifies individual obstinance while perpetually pitting two ineffective governing parties against each other, turning everything into a lowest-common-denominator "debate" where the obstinance mentioned above can really shine as the wrench in the gears it is.


They more or less sit on their ass while many of us barely strive to make minimum.


Don't forget, [Sinema took $4000 in lobbying money](https://latest-news.ca/kyrsten-sinema-gets-4000-from-banks-debt-collectors-after-nixing-15-minimum-wage/) to vote against the $15 min wage.


What a cheap shill. Thats all it took, huh?


the lobbying bribes paid by Comcast alone were pathetically small, considering the stakes are billions in fees. many reps on both sides took less than 10k, so they were able to bribe congress for just a few million, their ROI was easily 100 times that.


No. It took $0. She thinks it would hurt her ability to get re-elected. We have to stop understanding Congress as this simple machine where a lobbyist inputs cash and the politician spits out a vote. She could raise that $4k in an hour from any number of places (and probably does, near daily. When the lobbyists came up to the hill I’m positive they said nothing to Sinema about campaign cash, because it’s both illegal and kinda frowned upon to talk straight cash in that setting. Now, she knows that cash comes with a “no” vote, but understanding her vote as being swayed by $4k is a massive oversimplification that fails to understand how the extremely complex system actually works. Banks and debt collectors have myriad interests on the hill so it’s absurd to think that was “payment” for a vote. And don’t get me started on how reporting and the fetish Reddit has for Opensecrets dot com. If I work at Exxon, or a defense contractor, but I’m a good lefty who just needs to put food on the table, my contributions to Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren will be grouped as coming from the oil and gas industry or defense industry. So if there are ten people like me in the country and we each give $400, I can write a story, “Elizabeth Warren says she is for the little guy, so what did she take $4k from the bankers!?!?!” Money in politics is a massive, complex, multi-faceted problem which requires holistic solutions, we do ourselves a disservice to understand it as simple pay-to-play scheme. It’s a pay to play scheme dressed up in 200 years of legitimacy conferred on it by they politicians themselves who, kinda like the money, but don’t really want you or I to see it happening, so they set up rules legitimizing it.


Arizona voted for one of the highest minimum wage increases in the country by a landslide. She put a stake into her political career.


WTF is her problem?


I read a pretty interesting article about her a couple of days ago. A lot of her old activist colleagues and people who busted ass to get her elected are asking the same thing. Long, but worth the read if you’re so inclined. [From Radical Activist to Senate Obstructionist: The Metamorphosis of Kyrsten Sinema](https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2021/05/from-radical-activist-to-senate-obstructionist-the-metamorphosis-of-kyrsten-sinema/)


I am one of the people that busted hump getting her into Congress a decade ago, and I have no idea who the fuck this person is. She has betrayed virtually everything we fought for. It’s so goddamn demoralizing. At least Greg Stanton hasn’t turned into a piece of shit yet.


It should've been Schapira :_(


David was and is a great guy, but at the time he had a light resumé and Sinema was more progressive. I'm glad that he has done the work he has as an advocate for education, especially in a state like Arizona that is constantly on the verge of trying to kill public education entirely.


Which is sad considering Arizona has some of the best colleges for teachers or nurses but then to turn around and kill public education, it’s literally written into state constitution that our budget for education is to always be a certain amount or higher and to cut it illegal yet every year we get more and more budget cuts to public education and their response seems to be “well just put them in private school if you’re so worried”.


Yeah, there has been an especially troubling pivot towards charter schools over the last 15 years. They’d really rather direct education funds towards private, profit-oriented entities with no public responsibility or accountability. It’s dangerous.


Yeah, selfish wealthy pricks will pay to give their kids a good education and connections but don't wanna anyone else to have a chance at a decent life. "Those people" shouldn't have been born poor in their minds.


Don't you remember? The state senate gave us prop 123 in a special ballot in a general election year to say they would maybe fund education if we the people relieved them of their constitutional duty to fund education. They did that so fast the no campaign didn't even have time to educate the teacher's unions and they only started campaigning against it instead of for it in the last week or so before the vote.


It must suck to know you got duped by a Right Wing operative cosplaying Dem.


It's genuinely baffling. There were some votes early on that were a little off-kilter (Glass-Steagal being the weirdest and, in retrospect, a portent of things to come), but for the most part she kept to the platform. Since she was elected to the Senate though? Off the rails.


Bleh, that sounds demoralizing. Hope you've found a way to keep your efforts going to good causes.


It sucks knowing that if republican voter ever got duped by a liberal catfish then at least their lives in general would end up better off.


> Democrats expected such intransigence from West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, a conservative from a state Donald Trump carried by 39 points, who once shot climate legislation with a gun and whose wife cuts his hair with a Flowbee. Lmao


This article is REALLY helping me form a much more coherent picture of her. It's mostly just biographical info about her political career, but it puts her actions in perspective.


She was never a radical activist. She used progressivism to grift people into voting for her. Then, when she had any power to actually enact such progressive ideals, she became a Republican.


She’s bought off. She’s literally GOP in dems clothing.


But her clothing is so quirky!


I haven't seen someone sell out this fast since Jeff Goldblum's character in the Great White Hype. It is completely transparent and she seems totally unapologetic about it.


I don't think she is selling out. She has a solid backstory of just wanting to be the center of attention. Driven by no morality or integrity, but pure opportunistic grabs at power. Activist groups on both sides of the political spectrum are ripe with such almost psychopathic personalities.They delight more in the uproar than the cause. And they all have in common that as they actually rise in position, the veneer of integrity is stripped away, as accountability increases and can actually threaten their position. You can be 100% sure she did not miss the vote, but actively avoided it, so she can only be held to account for her words, but retaining optional deniability by avoiding being accountable for any actual action. So no, she has not sold out. She did not have anything to sell.


I am one of those described. I used to give her shit about it but now I don't bother. She betrayed us all, useless pos.


This is my question. I’m just kind of stunned. Yes, the Senate is broken. Yes, politicians bad. Yes, Sinema is uniquely tone-deaf to the historical moment we’re in. But still, WTF is her problem? She has constituents who wanted a “yes” vote. She has constituents who wanted a “no” vote. She has absolutely no constituents who wanted her to skip the vote. Filibuster aside, her weird ideological shift over the years aside, everything else aside, WTF is her problem??


By not voting she gets to play both sides. Republicans get to think "She's secretly one of us, but can't vote that way because it'll anger the Dems." To Dems she can say, "The Republicans were blocking it anyway even if it were one more vote, so I was hard at work on working for you."


Y'know, they'd be more inclined to believe her if she hadn't joyously voted down some very important stuff while literally doing some stupid fucking dance.


Don’t forget the Mitch shoulder tap. It’s very clear who she’s playing for.


[She's personally assured McConnell that she won't ever remove the filibuster.](https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/535887-mcconnell-sinema-told-me-she-wont-nix-the-filibuster)


Corrupt or compromised. Who knew there were so many sh!tty people ready to fight democracy here?


Sinema is a corporate shill. She doesn't give a shit about reelection. She is going to lose the next election and take a fat paycheck for life. That's her whole plan. Kyrsten Sinema IS lazy. Don't get me wrong. But in this case, it's more that she hates progress, and loves helping corporations get rich. Kyrsten Sinema is just another Republican. I won't vote for her again. I don't give a shit what that does to a democratic majority.


If she would act like a Democrat she *could* win re-election. Arizona is trending blue and as icing on the cake our state GOP is nominating clowns that couldn’t win state-wide anyways.


Yeah, for sure. She could win easily by being even a boring typical Democrat liberal. I vote for liberals all the time, to keep conservatives out. Sinema is a conservative. She's to the right of 40 elected Republicans in congress.


> I won't vote for her again. I don't give a shit what that does to a democratic majority. Primary her for sure, but if it’s between her and a cyber ninja supporter, we’re gonna need to you get over it.




She’s a fucking child


She fits right in with Republicans.


Only if you move the “a” before child.


John McCain was a terrible politician for all sorts of reasons, but the moment he shut down the ACA repeal vote was spectacular. The kicker was that John McCain [*wanted to repeal the ACA*](https://abcnews.go.com/Health/analysis-john-mccain-hated-obamacare-ultimately-saved/story?id=57423435), but not like that. He considered it a higher priority to throw a wrench into the Trump-train insanity of blowing up America’s infrastructure. His thumbs-down had significance, and he was vocal about the serious reasons why he did it. By contrast, Sinema’s [thumbs-down](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/kyrsten-sinema-thumbs-down-minimum-wage_n_6042a4b2c5b613cec15d9f41) was an absurd, grandstanding mockery. Her vote was totally unnecessary as the bill was set to fail anyway, and her manner had zero significance. And unlike McCain, Sinema didn’t even bother trying to explain herself. She’s a fucking awful politician.


She’s legitimately a traitor to the policies and promises she ran on as a democrat. She is 1000% a right wing conservative in McConnells pocket that thinks being bi and sassy means no one will notice. Fuck her completely and utterly as a human bring.




She just seems like a spoiled petulant attention seeker, who tricked people with her apparent “wokeness” so people made assumptions and are dealing w that now as she isn’t what she seemed.


I heard McConnell considers it a personal favor to vote against the commission. Based on all her little signals to McConnell lately, I think she is just into him.


A republican in Democrat’s clothing. She’s climbing up the “worst ever” list with a rapid pace.


She's an asshole.


She's been bought? I'm waiting for the party switch. I think it's coming.


She should be primaried in the very next election.


Yep, Arizona ain’t West Virginia. We don’t have to settle for this kind of clown behavior because she’s the only one who can win.


Az voting blue is pretty recent so I’d be careful to think it’d continue.


AZ will *definitely* keep voting blue if it's representatives continue to be this shitty


But... the shitty one they’re talking about is literally blue


I'm definitely gonna try and primary her out. See what I can do with my 1 vote.


Just checked out her Twitter feed, it doesn’t look favorable to her


Must be cool to get paid more per year than most of us would see in several years and be able to miss doing the one thing your job actually entails.


Plus, once you win a senate seat its like winning the lottery. You become a millionaire after the 6 year term and you aren't required to do shit when in office.


Plus you get a pension for life and free healthcare for life.


And you get to meet billionaires who will offer to buy your soul for a few grand.


“A few grand” That’s the most fucked part. They sell themselves cheap.


I was so surprised how little money it takes to persuade a senator or congressman. They will literally sell out their constituents for a $12,000 donation to their slush fund. I wish ppl would look at money that has been donated and realize these twats will take a month of free breakfast to ruin lives.


You're *still* overestimating. They've done it for *hundreds* before. It's not uncommon for it to be 1 to 5 thousand.


Why can't we crowd source corruption? Just start a go fund me to pay Mitch McConnell to be a democrat


A few grand here, a few grand there, it all adds up. Plus they have a lavish expense account. They've got it made in the shade.


And you get inside information that you can use to trade stocks to your advantage and never see any consequences.


That is a myth. Congressman get the same healthcare and pension as federal employees once they are no longer there. Eveb while a current congressman, they get good insurance but still have to pay 28% of the total premium.


Not quite. They get a pension if they're 62 and completed 5 years of service, or age 50 with 20 years of service, or any age with 25 years of service. So Sinema has a ways to go.


One could almost explain Sinema if she was a member of the House but a Senator for Christ sake.


One of 100 human beings with that much power, in a system where 35 beat 54. Let that sink in


If we want to keep the filibuster, but stop shit like this, we should just make the rule 60% of the people who vote yay or nay to end the filibuster. It would prevent missed votes and present votes on things like that.


No, the correct way is that the 40% who are filibustering must constantly be present to do so. If 43 want to filibuster, they can only leave 3 at a time to go to the bathroom, get food, sleep, etc. Each Senator gets one stint talking during the filibuster. Once each Senator leaves the podium, they're done. If you stray off-topic, any other Senator can call for a vote, and with 50% of those present you are deemed to be off-topic, you're done. That will limit the total length of a filibuster to about 3 weeks, assuming each Senator is capable of a 10-hour shift speaking, and that they can maintain a 40-person presence in the chambers that whole time. In reality, it'll limit a filibuster to about 4 days, as they'll all be itching for a real bed by then. That's enough time for everyone to hear real arguments, deliberate, and then move the fuck on despite the protest of regressives.


That is better


Sinema needs to be primaried. She's right up there with Moscow Mitch as one of the most cynical of politicians. VOTE HER OUT!


How the fuck did Schumer fail so hard at whipping his votes and ensuring all Dem Senators were there?


What a fucking dick.


Never forget that gleeful thumbs down.


So quirky


Such a bi centrist queen


In order to ensure that our poorest workers don’t receive their largest raise in 50 years no less... how despicable


People focus on the blithe thumbs-down and curtsy, but just moments before she did that she *also* walked up to Mitch McConnell and tried to get him to watch her as if she were about to do something her daddy would be proud of. He fuckin shugged her off like she was nothing. Senpai did not notice.


Oh, I'm an AZ voter and I'm gonna remember.


Why do we still pay taxes if these clowns don’t show up to work.


yeah. because she fucking sucks.


Like getting an ice cream cone and then getting kicked in the face.


I've never been so motivated to vote somebody out of office.


I email her that constantly.


Just make sure you do it in the primary, not the general.




Here's hoping Democrats have a much larger Senate majority that we can comfortably exert an effort to punt her outta office.


Here’s hoping there’s still legitimate voting in 2026.


I'd really appreciate if she didn't run for Senate again.


She’s the best gift the Democrats ever gave the GOP. The buyers’ remorse from people I know from Arizona that voted for and also contributed to her campaign (money and time) is beyond the pale.


I definitely have buyer’s remorse, and I promise I will not be voting for her again. She’s the worst!


She's got to go. Dems shouldn't be giving her any money they should be funding challengers.


At this point, I think we know everything we need to know about Krysten Sinema.


This absolutely blows my mind because this is *her safety* we're talking about. Not following up on how this happened and why will lead to more violence *at the place where she works*. If she can't be induced to care about a topic such as this, what hope is there for the rest of the USA?


I think it will be revealed she had a Memorial Day weekend barbecue or something equally important to rush off to.


"I would have voted in favor, but I had to take my dog to the dentist".


The citizens of Arizona need to be all over her ass expressing their displeasure. Unlike Manchin she can be easily replaced with a new, more reliable candidate when her term is up - and unless she seriously changes her tune that's EXACTLY what needs to happen.


Sinema is a ringer dude. She needs to get primaried hard.


Ever since this clown struck down raising minimum wage by doing a curtsy in her cutesy wootsey little skirtsy I could not have any less respect for her.


She's your typical Arizona wacko.


I can’t help but feel like Sinema is some kind of Republican plant. She’s not voting with the dems and seems to think it’s funny. Can you Recall Sinema? Curious.


Well she is from Arizona


She didn't do her job! Shame on her!


The Democratic Party needs to primary her. She’s got to go. I’m so sick of hearing her name. It’s never good when I do. I’d say the same about Manchin but I don’t see us getting anything better from West Virginia.


Manchin sucks, but he at least does the bare minimum of showing up to vote.


He is stopping progress, but you’ve seen what a WV GOP person can and will do. Manchin isn’t great, but whatever he does is better then someone else who will follow along blindly to their party.


Who is paying her? There must be a money trail somewhere...


So she’s terrible. We’ve seen her betray the ideas she claims to hold before and now she’s just abdicating her responsibilities. Get rid of her.


You mean “skipped”. Not missed.


Gosh you know, I'm beginning to think that our elected representatives aren't acting in good faith...not sure though


Many are. Many also aren't. Political party is a good indicator of which is which but it's not absolute.


Another fucking idiot in Congress.


Sinema and Manchin need to get with the fucking program, they can't blind to the fact that when republicans gain back control, republicans will do away with the filibuster. republicans have the double standard of outright lying and creating their reality that is meant for the loonies in the insane asylum. The QAnon wing is quickly replacing the tea party and the tea partiers are now the moderates of the republican party, democrats (and the entire country) have a short window to beat back fascism.


Is she the one who voted no in a childish way to the $15 minimum wage?




I don’t know what’s worse, a Republican Senator or a pretend Democrat one.


> Sinema was not present for the roll call vote in the Senate and hasn't yet explained why but a spokesperson said on Friday that she would have voted yes if she had been there. Unbelievable...


so she lied


Her constituents need to pound the hell out of her e-mails. Given the dire situation we're in, she did an unforgivable thing.


But the 15 minimum wage. Bounced to the front dressed like a school girl just to give the vote a thumbs down ?!


It’s almost as if she’s dishonest.


Sinema is running a clinic on how to be a 1 term senator and quickly ruin the advantage we had of having 2 dem senators from az. Just a colossal fuck up.


Is this woman a sleeper agent for the GOP or something?


Kyrsten Sinema is kind of an asshole


I mean this lady is a republican masquerading as a democrat, right?


More concerned with being the cool aunt then she is with actually doing her job.


She is pretty useless.


It’s almost like she and other senators make a lot of noise to gain favor, but then do nothing when the time comes. You know? Like every other waste of space in congress.


Seriously?! She didn’t even show up to vote? Wow, I remember her winning a few years ago was a big deal for Dems, now she’s behaving like a Republican. She needs to go.


You'd think that the $174k salary would motivate these Senators to actually show up to vote on one of the few days they actually have to work.


No vote on minimum wage and skipping work. She is not good at her job, and she does need to focus more on the people and less on herself.


An important note is there are senators who NEVER miss votes Collins has never missed one, Grassley has been in the senate since dinosaurs roamed and missed his first vote in 27 years when he got COVID.




Yeah I am so sure you just accidentally missed the vote. As if it wasn't on her to do list to not vote on it. She is a rat republican on the dem ticket. She has shown this time and time again. Just like Manchin.


Was the vote critical? Yes! Critical and important to show up and vote? BIG THUMBS DOWN! Fuck her and her reasons.


We all know she’s Moscow michs puppet, need anymore proof watch the downvote video you will see her desperately trying to get his attention before she dose it and makes a show of it. Hell you can even argue she’s a traitor.


Democrats have really got to look at primarying her and Manchin and get them out of the way. ho knows why - the REAL REASONS - they are being so non-progressive.


Change rules making absentee=yes.


Sinema has betrayed the trust of the people of Arizona and must be recalled.


We're gonna primary her. The fucking rightmost Democrat in the Senate


She's being paid by republican operatives or she just really doesn't care. I can't tell which but both her and Manchin will let McConnell shoot down any legislation without two shits about the protection of our elected leaders


She’s really starting to piss me the fuck off. They barely do anything and she has the nerve to miss it! Arizona needs to get rid of her!


Goodbye Democracy


Unless they have a provable health or family emergency, fine them for missing out on votes. edit -- actually, the more I think about it, the more the "family emergency" thing can be abused and faked. I could see scummy Ted Cruz and other GOPers using that excuse all the time (look how much he lied about fleeing Texas). How about get their vote on record no matter what. We have the technology. If you cannot be present, you will give your vote on a webcam. It's not ceremonial but that is preferable to just skipping out as you please. Absolutely ridiculous that this can happen with an unlimited amount of Senators with zero repercussions.