Matt Gaetz says he will run for presidency in 2024 if Trump does not

Matt Gaetz says he will run for presidency in 2024 if Trump does not


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Because he needs the immunity too!


He already has it. He's a republican politician.


It’s like real life Plot Armor. Sigh.


These days, accusations from women seem more like something you need in your resume to become a Republican president or supreme court judge. It's almost like it's too weird for conservatives if you haven't tried rape at least once in your lifetime, because they don't know what you're hiding. But now it's like, "Ohhh, he's just a pedophile. Well as long as he cuts taxes for rich folks, takes photo ops with bibles, and bans abortions, he's a-ok."


"You have a clean record to this point... How can we be sure you won't try to help the poors?"


"We can't blackmail a guy with a clean record. We'll take the guy who does coke with 17 year old prostitutes. Now that's a guy we can rely on to do our bidding."


The real reason is honestly worse. Which is "How can we tell our voters theres a democrat plot to take you down if you haven't done anything you should be taken down for".


"Witch hunt" and "deep state" have become like Manchurian Candidate keyword triggers to mobilize conspiracy theorists to go to voting booths. Can't let the "deep state" win.


Meanwhile a photo-op meant as a prank while you were a stand-up comedian is enough to censure and remove a Senator if you are in the other party


This is depressing accurate. If I was a slimeball I would join the Republican Party. Claim any attempt to hold you accountable as a liberal conspiracy and have thousand if not millions of people supporting you. That is my plan if I ever commit a crime. Claim I’m conservative against abortion and that’s why I’m being unfairly targeted by the liberal mob.


The Market works sometimes, like in this example. If you have a party where you can do crime and the rest of the party shelters you- guess where all the people who want to do crime go?


But that’s how white supremacy operates, right? Their adherents are willing to vote in any fail-upward monster as long as they push forward their project of caste system. It grows by selective enforcement: if you’re white and male, we’re willing to forget your misdeeds, assuming you progress our cause.


He's almost certainly just trying to draw attention away from the mounting investigation against him, it's probably seriously picking up steam and he's doing everything he can to draw eyes away from that fact and onto literally anything else about him Wouldn't even be surprised if some big news breaks about him in the next few days, gaetz is just a trump wannabe and loves using tactics like this to draw eyes from the real news


He can also say "the derp state is trying to stop me running for president" if this investigation goes anywhere, and claim it's a witch hunt or a smear campaign. Republicans will believe him totally.


Does anyone remember when sex scandals were disqualifying, even those not involving minors?


Sex scandals? People used to get dragged through the mud for spelling “potato” wrong


I mean, fox attacked Obama for the color of his suit...


Trust me, it wasn't the color of his *suit* they were mad about.


Little did they know it was His birthday suit they were mad at.


Oh, they knew. They just couldn't outright say it.


Obama: *has 2 daughters with his wife of 15+ years* Republicans: what savages are they Trump: *has 5 children with 3 wives he’s all cheated on* Republicans: what a perfect Christian family man


Don't forget Trump's 25 sexual assault cases, including one under age, and that's just stuff that went to court that's public knowledge. I can't fathom what we don't know about. Also as a fun side note, the under age one was dropped, after the child and her family's lives were threatened, basically drop the case or everyone dies. I wonder how many times that conversation had happened... Dozens? Hundreds?


Let's not forget Carter and Regan either.


Carter: Builds houses for the poor well into his 90s, has had one wife his whole life. Reagan: Married Nancy because she sucked dick really well, justified treason with the quote “In my heart I didnt feel it was treason”, proposed Reaganomics that have since fucked us into two of the worst recessions since the great depression. one of them is worshipped by roughly half of americans and it isnt the dude building houses.


["I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes."](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_begin_bombing_in_five_minutes) Somewhere in my bookshelf I have [this book](http://www.theclotheshavenoemperor.com/). Sort of about the 80s, but really about Reagan and the time that saw a bunch of America say "let's screw stuff up". Spectacularly depressing given how things have turned out, but terrible regardless. I came into university in the mid 80s and my roommate & I discussed the long lasting effects of that period. Despite pretty dire predictions on both our parts,I have to say things turned out worse than we thought. Yay, go us, optimists...


> Married Nancy because she sucked dick really well Your source on this? Asking for a friend.


> Trust me, it wasn't the color of his suit they were mad about. EXACTLY! I've been saying the same shit for years. It's the color of his mustard that's the real scandal.


And for Dijon mustard on a burger. Pretty scandalous.


I mean, how dare he tho? what is he saying? that he hates the all American ketchup? /s


The dumbest part was they were trying to say Dijon mustard is pretentious and used Grey Poupon as their example. Grey Poupon is owned by Kraft and was made in Pennsylvania at the time...


Also, they had dijon. It's not like he was asking for some exotic condiment that they hadn't heard of.


FWIR, he asked if they had spicy mustard and Dijon was all they had. The manufactured outrage was so transparent.


So you're telling me that dijon wasn't fancy enough for him? (jk)


And yet nobody batted an eye when it was made known Trump likes his steak well done with ketchup. Fucking barbarian.


Remember the outrage that [Obama wore a bicycle helmet](https://www.swisscycles.com/obamas-bike-helmet-the-worst-scandal-in-presidential-history-the-daily-show/) and didn't look heroic like Putin?


Strong is giving zero fucks what anyone thinks about your bicycle helmet. I’d say weak would be those staged shirtless pics of Putin on a horse, but who are we kidding? That was gay porn, made to order for the closeted conservatives. Don’t know if I’d try and put a weak/strong label on that TBH.


Ahh the good ole days. Remember Dukakis and his driving a tank?


Howard Dean's presidential campaign was ended by a scream.


My family are all democrats or further left than that, but my Father always felt bad about Dan Quayle spelling potato as potatoe. He was judging a spelling bee, and the card he was handed said "potatoe". He went with the information he'd been given. Neither my Father nor I can spell well, so we give him a pass on that. That could have happened to us.


I know damn well that potato is not spelled with an e. However, if I’m handed a card by a literal spelling bee that spells it “potatoe” then I’m just going to assume I’m a dumb ass and that a literal spelling bee knows better than me. Poor dude.


The "potatoe" incident was just one of many that cemented the image of idiocy. The accumulation of late-night jokes about the USSS ordered to shoot quayle in case bush sr fell ill was not for nothing. Listen to the man speak and it won't take long for him to say something dumbfounding. He's not as idiotic as cheeto jesus, but he's still scary.


I remember hearing all about this and they never mentioned he was going off of a flash card. That changes the story massively. He trusted that a professional in education knew how to spell it. That is what you are supposed to do.


Gary Hart remembers.


So does Jerry Springer. Although he got reelected after his scandal.


So does John Edwards.


As does Eliot Spitzer


I'm old enough to remember when Howard Dean's campaign came to a literal screeching halt.


I remember when the GOP cared about men who cheated on their wives. Oh wait, that was only when Democrats like Bill Clinton and John Edwards.


NJ here, our Mayor resigned for being gay. Jim Mcgreevy 2004 (It’s true that he has an extra marital affair and gave him a position he shouldn’t have. But at the time it seemed like he resigned because of that revelation.) edit: Governor, not Mayor


Then he was shortly followed by Chris "All you can eat" Christie, who used tax payer dollars to take a helicopter to his son's little league game, where he met a tinted black car which **drove him 100 yards** to the field. What a fat sack of shit. And I say that as a fat guy myself


And shut down the bridge between New York and New Jersey because the city dared to vote in a Dem mayor.


and marooned himself on a NJ beach while it was closed off to residents.


That was my favorite. It was so giving the finger to lowly proles. Then there was Bridgegate. I do not know anyone who does not think that he signed off on that, the petty wad of cheese that he is.


And here I thought it was a beached whale.


The sea was angry that day my friends...


Like an old man try to return soup at a deli.


Yeah let’s not forget about 90s newt. Republicans have always been vile hypocrites at the absolute best.


You're too old for Matt Gaetz




And, Dukakis for riding a tank and looking like a dork.


You used to get run out of politics if people found out you cheat on your wife for fucks sake.


Now, it's a prerequisite for the Republican party.


Trends seem to indicate than in the future pedophilia will be their prerequisite.


future..? it already is. Their last President actively boasted about sexual abuse and that his daughter was/is fuckable.


*newborn daughter*


Not only that but trash like Newt Gingrich will point finger in outrage at a Bill Clinton even though he had cheated on at least two of his three wives.


Newt was screwing his assistant while his wife was dying of cancer in the hospital. And he had the nerve to point fingers at Bill Clinton...


Al Franken resigned over a picture that was a throw away joke in bad taste. That's it. Gaetz is literally involved in sex trafficking.


Only applies to Democrats.


I remember when wearing a hat looking funny in a tank was diqualifying.


"If the asshole seditionist I adore doesn't run, wait till you get a load of me."


No one wants his load, that's why he has to pay for it.


That’s why *his campaign has to pay for it


I wish i could let every one of his donors know they helped pay for this alleged pillar of American values to rape a child.


Money aint enough. He had to bring drugs into the mix, too.


Smokescreen, some bad news is about to come out, bet


"They're just trying to stop me from becoming president!!" - Gaetz on Fox news in a week once he's charged with trafficking


This, right here.


I would put my money on smokescreen


So the Presidency is just gonna be a thing you do to hide from legal problems from now on? Trump really starting something, huh.


In all honesty. I thought we should just rotate citizens as representatives in my state to give them free healthcare for life. Everyone does it for a few months then resigns. Lol


We each take it in turns as a sort of an executive officer for the week. But all the decisions of that officer 'ave to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting...


Trump prefers DeSantis, ya pedo


Ya can't have two pedo on the same ticket, DeathSantis brings 'diversity'.


Finally the Republicans are beginning to diversify! "A rapist, a pedophile, and a murderer all walk onto the Republican 2024 ticket"


> A rapist, a pedophile, and a murderer So Donald Trump


Trump was asked what he thought of Desantis as a presidential candidate a few weeks ago. Trump said that Desantis would make a good running mate for him (so VP candidate). Maybe he slapped Desantis down as part of a shake-down or maybe he is running. Either way, I lol'd.


In 2015 a deeply absurd potential Republican candidate made noise about running for President. My response then was "oh please, this will be hilarious." It was not hilarious. I had no fun. I did not enjoy it.


This one doesn't have decades of carefully crafted "businessman" mythos behind him, at least.


He is a pedophile trying to dodge the law which Republicans seem to love though.


Seems to be their brand.


Remember how being a pedophile only **just barely** cost a Republican an Alabama senate seat? A surprising percentage of Republican voters are either ok with this shit or absolutely love it.


Save the children!! For us


A literal nazi was the Republican candidate for US representative in my district in 2018, running against Dan Lipinski, one of the most conservative democrats in my state, Illinois. He got 25% of the vote. Literal nazi.


This country is so fucked


And the state GOP had to pretend like they didn't approve of his platform. The cognitive dissonance of that party is astounding.


And the Republican response to that wasn’t to field better candidates, it was to make it even harder for black people to vote since they were the only reason the pedophile lost anyway.


He clearly wants the opportunity to pardon himself.




Well I can offer some perspective: I was only vaugely aware of politics for most of my life, I found it stressful and annoying and was subject to a steady stream of conservative drivel from my father and uncle, whom I worked with. I knew Donald Trumps name and that he was a somewhat weird dude with lots of money and various businesses. The platform I was handed was he would be the anti politician and I figured that he may not be the most qualified candidate but maybe we would benefit from someone who wasn't going to play the games everyone else was. I didn't vote at that time, though I have since started getting involved and trying to do my part pissing into the wind here in Florida. I didn't think it was a great thing that a reality TV personality had made it into the white house but I wasn't terribly surprised. I chose to remain optimistic. Then everything starting going well and truly off the fucking rails and I began to actually educate myself on who Donald Trump was and slowly realized how completely obvious it was that this was going to be a total shit show, and how my willful ignorance had made me complicit in his rise to power because it was inconvenient to pay attention to politics. I still hate it, but I hate mowing my lawn too and sometimes that's just life. I don't know how representative I am of any percentage of the population, but it's my anecdotal explanation to give you some context as to how it could happen to someone.


That’s one odd thing about this, Donald Trump is responsible for a whole new breed of voters, including the ones that hate him. Thanks Donald Trump, for motivating me to become politically active and help vote your ass out of office.


Yes, but I believe that worked both ways. He also energized the whackadoodles to come out from under their rocks and vote. I suspect from here on out, the republican hold on power will be directly tied to these "people", and the GOP candidate will be an over-the-top used car salesman first and politician second.


I commend you for your self-awareness


> racist grifter with ties to the Russian mob. and? -(R)


How did it go from red scare/cold war to this?


American conservatives will abandon democracy long before they abandon conservatism, so shared interests with the Russians I guess.


When you're used to privilege, equality will feel like oppression. I think these Far right Americans really do feel their ideology will make them more 'free' than the alternative.


I mean it will make them more free. More free to be racist awful xenophobes and abuse everyone else. Four legs good, two legs better is what they seem to want.


Same way it went from “back the blue” to attack the blue on January 6. Violent people gonna violate




0/10, do not recommend here as well.


C'mon, there were definitely small parts that were fun and hilarious. Do you remember the Four Seasons press conference?


It always felt like Arrested Development meets House of Cards. Except terrifying.


The whole thing would have been a real hoot if it was just a fictional TV show like Veep


No one would watch it. It would be far too unbelievable. Each month you'd have enough material to fill a season.


Sean Spicer acting that way as the press secretary would have been unrealistic.


the reality of Trump and everything around him has been crazier than any fiction.


Spicy hiding in the bushes was funny too. As was Trump’s hissy fit when he was told he couldn’t buy Greenland. And he did gift us the time unit known as a Mooch. Actually, there were quite a few funny moments. But they were funny in an absurd, I-can’t-believe-this-is-the-fucking-presidency sort of way. The kind where you laugh to cover up the dread.


Here are some to remember: * "*[No puppet, no puppet. YOU'RE THE PUPPET!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaVWRetR4jg&ab_channel=BloombergPoliticsBloombergPoliticsVerified)*" * Trump wanted to buy Greenland * "*Biggly*" ([or "big league"...no one was sure](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meNOKSyDFRk&ab_channel=CNNCNNVerified)) * Trump claimed “fake news” over a [picture of his tan line](https://twitter.com/photowhitehouse/status/1225909811851780096/photo/1) * "*[He will never, ever give up. And, most importantly, he will never, ever let you down](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1UMe7mrW9A&ab_channel=oneup)*.” * the very first press conference was about.....[the inauguration numbers](https://youtu.be/PKzHXelQi_A) * ["covfefe"](https://twitter.com/MerriamWebster/status/869782666572443648) * "hamberders" * saluting a North Korean General * Trump [asked a seven-year-old girl whether she "still" believed in Santa Claus](https://youtu.be/3hH7bT384hM) * [Trump yelled at a boy mowing the White House lawn](https://twitter.com/rachelaxler/status/908786809823420416/photo/1) * Trump [stared at the solar eclipse](https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/901d7c5566b3b4b4e6a3387f9eeff678c46cc0be/0_0_2704_1803/master/2704.jpg?width=620&quality=85&auto=format&fit=max&s=4a3a2cf3a5cf809fb6613e70c23b8dec) * Anthony Scaramucci was fired after 11 days as White House communications director * Trump waxed poetic about a steelworker’s late father... [who was alive](https://youtu.be/orHBX5zd8Bk) * [Sharpiegate](https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2020-02/3/16/campaign_images/0d86e5b48acc/help-internal-sharpiegate-emails-show-government--2-2454-1580747053-4_dblbig.jpg?resize=1200:*)


To be fair, Giuliani was clearly the comedic relief so most of the scenes involving him are a bit more light hearted.


hamburger party was amazing


One star. Do not recommend.


Nah. If Gaetz was really interested in running for President, he would have done so in '16. We all know 24 is too old for him.


He likes his women like he likes his campaign ads: paid for by the matt gaetz foudnation


911 I’d like to report a murder


Be careful. Noun, verb, 911 is how you summon Rudy.


Hi. It’s me, Rudy. I heard you talking trash. I’m at the 2 Seasons Sewage Treatment Plan. I challenge you to Trial by Combat. Be here, tomorrow, at 9:11 am. I do my killing after 3 drinks.


Youngest first lady...ever?


Wear same dress to prom and Inaugural Ball


Well that's just good economic sense there. It's unlikely that they'll be much overlap between the attendees.


"Unfortunately the First Lady won't be attending this evening's dinner event due to unfinished homework."


It will be depressing to watch him campaign from prison as a convicted sex offender who took advantage of human trafficking and yet still get a ton of votes.


Watch the GOP siphon presidential votes away from each other until the nominee is the one least likely to win the popular vote.


And then they win the whole thing anyway because of how the electoral college works


I swear, if it come down to not being allowed to hand out water bottles...


Given how little repercussions any other major name has faced for... basically anything they've done in the last four plus years.. I'm not as optimistic.


It’ll be more depressing that he won’t be in prison tbh… R’s don’t get held accountable.


In the Republican party corruption does tend to fail upwards.


Can your run for President from behind bars?


“Eugene Debs ran for president in the 1920 election while in prison in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. He received 919,799 votes (3.4%), slightly less than he had won in 1912, when he received 6%, the highest number of votes for a Socialist Party presidential candidate in the United States.”


He was imprisoned for speaking out against the US involvement in WW1.


Debs was absolutely a political prisoner. Lyndon LaRouche also ran one time when he was in prison for regular crimes, too.


Yes, technically you can. The only qualifications are Natural Born citizen, over 35, and having lived in the US for 14 years. Nothing says you can’t be a doper, pedo, kiddy diddler… oh wasn’t that the Orange guy? So there you go.


Republicans down in Alabama voted for Roy Moore who is a pedophile. Pedophilia is a part of their platform.


Roy did lose in the end at least. Barely


Not because Republicans voted against him, but because those who couldn't stomach a vote for him just stayed home.


"We're really looking for a mediocre football coach with no political experience or interest in actually, y'know, governing..."


"Any Republican can win in Alabama, they just need to not be problematic, like being (openly) white supremacist or a pedophile. Who do we have?" Um....a football coach who has never participated in politics. I think he passed civics in high school. Might need to double check that. "Ahaha. Good one. No, but really. Who's on our bench?" Aside from the supremacists and kiddy didlers? Um...I think we have a black accountant who offered to come in on Saturdays and holidays if we needed. Perhaps he'd be ok with running for senate. But that could be a problem with part of our base since, they're, well, you know...'confederates' and all. "...Jesus. Fine, we'll go with the football coach. You were just joking about maybe passing civics, rights?" [Unfortunately, not](https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/11/alabama-senator-tommy-tuberville-blockhead-interview-wwii-socialism-american-government.html).


He got more votes than he should have, but even Alabama went "eh, maybe not" for him.


There were plenty of people that said "Even if everything said is true, better him than a Democrat!" Others took the position "Well if course he had to date insanely young women. All the women his own age were taken!" "All of the ladies, or many of the ladies that he possibly could have married, were not available then, they were already married, maybe, somewhere," said Benham. This meant Moore had to look "in a different direction," said Benham, such as pursuing his wife, Kayla Moore, who is 14 years younger than the judge. Moore first took an interest in her at a dance recital when she was 15 and he was 29, Newsweek reported." He did that because there is something about a purity of a young woman, there is something that is good, that's true, that's straight and he looked for that," Benham said. https://www.newsweek.com/roy-moore-liked-young-girls-their-purity-and-vietnam-war-719654


I swear the GOP can't decide if they are crusaders against baby-eating immortal democratic vampires or the pedophile anti-defamation league.


I want to say there isn't a chance in hell Matt Gaetz, soon to be convicted sex trafficker, could win, but 2016 taught me I do not predict goodly. And he's probably a lock in Florida, especially as a federally convicted sex trafficker.




It’s funny how people have this idea of American exceptionalism but have no clue our entire history is marred with smacking down dissidents in order to establish the status quo culture. We had a war and won our independence only to then be ruled by minority rule ad infinitum.


Your entire independence movement was conceived of and pushed by that same moneyed elite; why would it be a surprise that they stayed in power afterward?


Actually, yeah. There’s no constitutional prevention for a convict running, and there’s actually likely a successful legal argument to be made that you’d be forced to commute the sentence of an inmate should they be elected to the Presidency so that they could fulfill their duties. Crazy stuff.


It would be hilarious if the GOP nominee for president was actively in prison. I wouldn't put it past them.


Well, if Trump lands in jail before 2024, we would likely see this scenario play out.


I'm imagining the 2024 National GOP convention where all the candidates appear via video link from jail.


Hilarious thought. I imagine that we would finally see real prison reform if that was the case. Lol


Rich people don't go to the prisons that need reforming. *Maybe* Gaetz would, since his crime isn't white-collar, but definitely not Trump.


Live from San Quentin it's the 2024 Republican National Convention


"Party of Law and Order"


Wait so in America you can run for president behind bars but you can’t vote?


First time hearing of this argument, something tells me it won't be the last


As mentioned, Gene Debs in 1920, but no greater injury could be done to that great man than to be associated in any way whatsoever with Matt Gaetz...


Eugene Debs


But but but pizzagate..... fucking hypocritical fucks. They go bat shit for a conspiracy theory based on pedophilia, but a GOP card holder who is under investigation gets a pass. These ppl are scum, if you vote GOP.....you are too.


Gaetz wants to employ the Trump Defense. You can’t prosecute me if I’m President.


I guess he meets the current Republican qualifications...


Maybe wait for the child sex trafficking charges to blow over before announcing this...


But now he can claim the child sex trafficking investigation to be a leftest political attack to prevent his eventual campaign. I really wish this was sarcastic.


That is why i believe if Trump is indicated he will annouce his campaign the same day. Then it becomes the 'deep state radical left' is preventing you from voting for the 'greatest president ever' and only you can stop them from taking away your vote.


Someone Trump friendly in LE (there are many) will tip him off the indictment is coming. He'll announce he's running with much fanfare. For 40%+ of the country, the indictment will then be proof positive that the Deep State has gone rogue.


Another champion of the GOP low lives.


Would that make Nestor first cabana boy?


I'd imagine the tennis pavilion can be modified into a cabana of sorts.


Will he have to go around to all the neighbors of the White House to let them know he’s a convicted sex offender when he moves in?


Ooh, school tours of the White House will have to sign waivers...


It doesnt matter. Every time a Republican Loses from now on, its voter fraud. No evidence? Voter fraud. Landslide defeat? Voter fraud. Republicans will never accept another defeat again. They will just incite another insurrection.


A frat-boy for a president. And you thought Trump was bad…


There’s already one on the SC bench, so…


Blurgh. Yeah, I’d forgotten to mention ‘Boofer.’


He's going to have to commit a lot more sex crimes if he hopes to catch up to Trump.


he's definitely running for 20-24 years in prison


Al Fraken resigns at the mere hint of a minor scandal. Matt Gaetz runs for president with potential criminal charges looming. Both parties are the same!


Does the gqp have any nonpedophile candidates?


Not enough comments talking about how this guy is a PEDOPHILE SEXUAL PREDATOR who was caught in 4K venmo-ing high schoolers for sex and hotel rooms, all with the help of an ACTUAL PEDOPHILE PROSTITUTION RING.


If Gaetz wins the presidency in 2024. I’m leaving the US. No bullshit. Not sticking around to see how it pans out.


Are we a joke? Cause it's not funny.


Lol. Great, another sexual predator wants to sit in the Oval Office.


haha. Jesus, these guys are fucking stupid. My grandpa, a lifelong republican would cry if he saw the state of that party today.


My dad - a lifelong Republican - has told me several times over the last five years that he’s so disgusted by Trump and his enablers that he’ll never vote Republican again, not even local offices where he knows the candidates personally.


I've heard this so many times over the past year and it never gets old.


My dad hated Trump running and said he didn’t uphold the constitution. It’s May 2021 and he still has his Trump/Pence sign out, fucking moron.


I’m sorry for your loss 🪦


It just fuels me to be better than him


Give FoxNews enough time, and your grandpa would be proudly flying DeSantis/Gaetz 2024 flags and unironically posting QAnon memes on Facebook.


It's really sad how true this is, the older generation really does not know how to deal with propaganda how it is today, they have always trusted the people they shared beliefs with because they never tried to take advantage of that trust like they do now. I should specify we didn't have the tools to take advantage of that trust like we do today.