Jim Jordan Trips Over His Own Asshole Trying to Debate Anthony Fauci

Jim Jordan Trips Over His Own Asshole Trying to Debate Anthony Fauci


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Gym Jordan looks like dirty feet smell


He looks like he chose the wrong Holy Grail two or three seconds ago.


This is top notch.


Yes, I’d say he chose ... poorly.


There’s a bunch youngins in here that think this is a How I Met Your Mother joke.


LMAO. Such a good burn.


I always thought he looks like meat sweats. And has skid marked tighty whities, where the cotton has a hole separating it from the elastic, towards the backside. Plus bonus persistent coffee breath.


*Dennis Hastert has joined the chat* Did someone say sweaty meat?


FBI has joined the chat, detaining Dennis Hastert in the process


Gross. And accurate


It’s the reading glasses that give him the coffee breath look for sure. I would like to add yellowed pit sweat stains to the list.


I always hear that Americans are fanatic about dental hygiene. I've seen old mountain men with better looking teeth. Five different colours in bottom row, alone. Yech. Shut that mouth, indeed.


I am a poor American. Can I get the name of your mountain man dentist friend? Care for five teeth is around my price range.


Not a dentist, a logger/mechanic. So, brush your teeth and floss every day, and find a good dentist in Mexico for major work.


Floss first, then brush. That's counter to what I grew up with, but the idea is by loosening or outright removing the gunk first, it gives the brush and toothpaste a better chance of actually reaching the tooth surface in the hard-to-reach places.


Off topic: the teeth thing is a pet peeve of mine. They either get porcelain veneers or they bleach the motherfucking hell out of their teeth so that they are jarringly, distractingly white. Their teeth look completely separate from the rest of their bodies. It looks fake, which seems like it should be the exact opposite of what they're hoping to achieve, and i think it looks terrible. Guys: stop. There's a limit. * *Not talking about ppl who have to get veneers or implants for medical reasons.*


Just remember that in America healthcare is a luxury and dental care is a status symbol.


Our dental used to be included in our health insurance. They changed that this year, which is a bummer because I've already hit my maximum oop and really need some dental work done.


those pearly grays don’t do him any favors 😖


That's what happens to your teeth when you've been kissing too much ass, I guess


Or Slurping…


that is the most disgustingly accurate thing I have ever heard.


Solid r/suspiciouslyspecific bro lol


And Velcro shoes.


You’ve really thought this out and you are probably correct.


i call it cocaine skin.


people always joke about how Donald Trump didn't age while in office, but his lackies sure the fuck did.


Multi-day damp perineum smell


That’s hilarious... I once said of Mike Pence that he looks like wet socks feel... we may be on to something here.


That’s hilarious.


Can you imagine being his barber and having him sit in your chair and say “Can I get uhhhh a #4 on the sides and back and can you also run a #3 guard over specifically the left half of my bangs? Thanks. I also like to use possum fat to grease down the five remaining strands of hair on the top of my head.”


Butt . . . he is SO macho!


I am tired and read that as nacho. Thought, Gym Jordan is no where near a tasty morsel to be labeled nacho.


How many athletes have to get sexually assaulted before administration has to step in? I'm looking for a number here.


How many sexually assaulted athletes do you need to ignore before you take them seriously, Mr. Jordan? How many underage girls does Matt Gaetz need to rape (statutorily or otherwise) before you stop defending him, Mr. Jordan? How many failed insurrections need to take place before you form a conscience, Mr. Jordan? How many Capitol police need to die, Mr. Jordan? Give me a number. What specific number or benchmark? What’s the limit? Rep. Clyburn, the American people want to hear from Congressman Jordan. Give me a number, answer the question! What a jackass.


[https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/kwl82k/whats\_up\_with\_representative\_jim\_jordan\_of\_ohio/](https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/kwl82k/whats_up_with_representative_jim_jordan_of_ohio/) Absolutely savage comeback.


'While Fauci has continued to have to deal with the likes of Jordan, Paul, etc., last January he was unshackled from the burden of working for the world’s most ignorant moron, i.e. Donald Trump. Days after Joe Biden was inaugurated, Fauci giddily told the press corps it was downright freeing to work for someone who actually wants him to tell the nation the truth about the pandemic, and not just pretend it’s going to “miraculously” go away.' Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this quote. Dr. Fauci I salute you sir.


How the fuck does Jim Jordan debate Fauci? They operate on levels. More like Jim Jordan vomitting Republican propaganda while Fauci tries to explain concepts 5 year olds should understand.


There is no debate. Gym Jordan just keeps shouting till someone tells him to shut up.


That is accurate haha He doesn’t want a debate or even to know the answers to what he’s asking. It’s a performance to drum up conservative droolies and scare them. Everything he does is an act.


"Jim Jordan Destroys Fauci" - Faux News


That is 100% how my Faux viewing family members are seeing this. They think Gym totally "owned" Fauci and claim that Fauci didn't answer ANY of Gym's questions so there must be some kind of conspiracy going on. They just keep saying "what is Fauci trying to hide??"


Yup... Whoever talks the most and the loudest is the righest,you can fuck right off with your fancy store-bought logic and civil composure. it's like they live in an entirely different dimension.


No, just in a perpetual state of adolescence.


Do they know what Gym Jordan actually hid? The kids being assaulted? That whole thing?


They sure do. It's all "Deep State" to them or they throw out some whataboutism regarding some YouTube video they watched.


Ugh. This is really all going to end in a fight, isn't it. 😕


Multiple fights, probably. Most of the conservative backlash will be guerilla warfare shit that their chief clowns can claim plausible deniability for instigating via stochastic terrorism. It’s not going to be like punching the bully in the nose. It’ll be more like watching the school bully and your best friend getting shot by a “lone wolf” gunman while you hide in a closet and hope it’s all over soon. Shit, I got dark in a hurry.


I get angrier and angrier every day, and at a certain point will welcome it. It'll almost be cathartic. Like when you finally have enough and punch the bully right in he nose.


> This is really all going to end in a civil war again, isn't it.


Oh okay, so you think we should just get rid of all the guns and let the government take our rights. Okay. Got it. Sheeple. Oh? You don't see how Hunter Biden is a POSTER CHILD of nepotism and corruption? Got it. If you think raping kids is bad. Just wait until there are so many abortions that we won't even have any kids to diddle. Trump Dynasty - 2022 - forever **/S** This is my best impression of a moron. I have been deep in method acting for *years* living my life as a moron for this moment.


There are many things keeping me out of Congress. Not being able to resist punching this dude in the face is somewhere on that list.


Run for governor of Montana. That isn’t a disqualified there now


Oh yeah, I forgot he's governor now. When he's not slamming reporters, he's shooting GPS wolves.


I read American Wolf recently. ... I was not emotionally prepared for that book.


That thing is the governor now? Jesus.


Maxine Waters ftw


Gym Jordan thinks everything is shower wrestling


Maxine Waters in this case


The Conservative MO: Talk faster, talk louder. If proven wrong, say something along the lines of "Well, that's what they told me./I haven't read too much about that to confirm."


That’s basically Ben Shapiro in a paragraph.


Nah. Doesn't have enough baselessly asserting opinions are facts or ad hominem attacks over false equivalencies he set up ahead of time.


Not enough self-owns either.


Don’t forget to throw in the words “freedoms” and “liberties” for the cretins


I’ll take my medical advice from Dr. Fauci, thank you very much, and leave Jim Jordan’s expertise for things like how to make sure my elderly pedophile donors get to keep their coaching jobs.


It wasn’t so much a debate as Gym constantly talking over any potential reasonable answer Fauci made. Every time Fauci began speaking calmly about the numbers, Gymbo just decided he would prefer to hear himself. Likely why he never came forward about the wrestlers - too busy hearing himself to hear the problems around him.


[Pigeon chess](https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Pigeon_chess): > Debating creationists on the topic of evolution is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon — it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory. Seems like that's what he did. Fauci was, as usual, more generous than he had to be. He *gave* Jordan that number he was whining about.


"When can Americans regain their 1st Amendment Rights?" or however the fuck he phrased it. Beat it Gym Jordan.


"Debate." When regressives say debate, they mean argue at best. It's for propaganda sound bytes.


Stupid fuck never completed a Puzzle as a kid, he just ran around knocking other kids work to the floor, while insulting them!


I am not an American, but your conservatives all seem like a bunch of ignorant assholes


They don't just seem that way


"Assholes in mirror may be more ignorant than they appear."


Often times they just act like ignorant assholes to create an ignorant asshole base that will buy any dumb shit they spew.


Which seems worse, somehow. They're not stupid, they just want power and will do and say anything to get it and stay there.


Take my upvote and go away.


They seem that way because they are exactly as you describe. Look no further than Trump for an perfect example of the modern day conservative Republican.


The problem is, every American conservative who watched that only heard that Dr. Fauci did not give a metric for reopening, not understanding that their selfishness in resisting the recommended measures to protect us from the virus are what is prolonging the pandemic.


The B-117 variant now has a solid foothold in the US. By all accounts it's more contagious, could possibly be linked to younger hospitalizations, and I can't help but think that idiots who opposed even the incredibly minor restrictions we've seen in most places like "wear a mask" and "stay inside more" are at the very least going to kill thousands of more people as the vaccine rollout races the variants. Then of course the anti-vaxx people, and congratulations if you're not getting the shot you're anti-vaxx now, will continue to spread it and allow more variants if we can't introduce vaccine-assisted herd immunity, and before you know it next year or two we see an even deadlier resurgence like with the Spanish Flu. If these people allow it to mutate into an even deadlier pathogen than that, and if it even happens, humanity no longer deserves to exist. But fortunately now we know it won't as we know it very soon, because if we can't all wear a mask together the planet is fucked on climate change.


This is it right here. Those who are screaming the loudest about wanting to reopen are doing absolutely nothing to get us there. Wear a mask? No I’m not a sheep. Socially distance? No I’m not a scaredy-cat. Get a vaccine? No I don’t want that stuff injected into me.


It's been quite disheartening seeing how much of our communities are just full of selfish, stupid, babies.


It's a problem here in Canada too. All people had to do was stay home for Xhristmas, New Years and Easter and we could have had it mostly beat. I missed my son's grad...and now my daughter's convocation. People have made sacrifices and other selfish pricks are just "....but muh freedumbs" We could have been looking forward to summer but now we are in a 4th worse wave.


At work, a coworker's sister in law is a nurse at a hospital (we're all working from home) and she told him that they're sending ICU patients from Toronto since there they're completely full. The beds are filling up fast. And most of them are 20-30 year olds. This is worse than ever.


Imagine catching it for the first time after all this and going to the ICU. My heart goes out to all those people not getting the care they need, especially in cases where beds are full and their deaths could have been entirely preventable if only people weren't selfish. I know the chances of it being serious are slim, but I just can't wait to get a vaccine.


“We can’t wear masks forever” my co worker two weeks into the pandemic.


What do you mean “seem?” If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck. Seriously, they aren’t just ignorant assholes, they are malignant too


If it looks like a duck, and covers up sexual assault allegations like a duck, it’s Gym Jordan


Racist too.


I'm American and that doesn't go far enough. Conservatives have spent the last six years spending every day determined to prove to the world that they are in fact worse people than they were yesterday.


As an American I’m afraid it’s even worse. Deep down I think much of the ignorance is just willful grandstanding in a way that appeals to the voters. Assholes for sure. Possibly fully aware, devious assholes at that.


Oh, don't understate. They are far worse.


Glad that it's apparent to people on the outside of our political system, yet we still have millions of people barraged with American politics for their entire lives who flip flop between conservatives and other politicians every 4 years like they're amnesiatic.


They are assholes. They yell to maintain their equally ignorant base of voters. They beg behind doors for corporate donations and then tell the same donors to ‘stay out of politics’.


millions eat their BS up religiously


That's the disguise... they are actually just cruel bigots who care more about the most minor inconvenience in their lives than the deaths of thousands of their countrymen. Stupidity is their defense... but in reality, they are just cruel, mean spirited selfish pricks. Don't get me wrong... they ARE stupid... just not so stupid that they don't know they are being cruel and selfish. They know.


spoiler, it's not just american conservatives


Reminder that they're basically the ideological descendents of the unsufferable twats that got the boot from England because nobody wanted to put up with their puritanical bullshit. 300 years later they're still thinking they're morally superior to everyone else.


It may seem that way, but don’t forget that assholes are actually very useful and important. The GOP is not.


This is circulating on Facebook as a crushing defeat for Fauci. Reality has become subjective, and it will be the end of us.


Facebook is the worst fucking thing ever invented. I said it years ago, and I stand by it today.


I’ve been off of it for almost 5 years. Don’t miss it at all. It’s the biggest enabler of many problems, all of which are self defeating.


I still check it but maybe twice a month. It’s so nice not being on there just scrolling through random bullshit that always pissed me off. Now I pop on and see if anyone messaged me or invited me to something then I close it for another 2 weeks.


Same here, its basically just a messaging service and event organization platform. I dont really care about scrolling through a bunch of people posting propaganda just find a post that some random person ate a taco last night


It's either Facebook or people who sell extended car warrantees.


This is our last courtesy call.....


You have *ignored* our repeated attempts to contact you....


Extended car warranty fraud is pretty annoying, but it didn't nearly cause a coup


Its a cesspool. I deleted it 7 years ago. Life is better with no Facebook.


The minute they let our parents join


These are the people that think "No puppet. You're the puppet" was a great comeback for Trump. They post videos of themselves getting kicked out of wallmart for not wearing a mask like they've made a difference. They nod their head when someone tells them a banana is an atheists worst nightmare. It's playing chess with a pigeon.


What banana thing did I miss?


it was a christian video years ago where the guy held up a banana and said something like "the fact that it perfectly fits my hand is no coincidence. god designed it for us, and therefore this proves god exists" and it went viral for two reasons: people who ate it up, and the rest of us


And what's extra hilarious is that bananas are man-made, which really just blows their argument away completely. They didn't exist in the wild. We literally designed them to be the way they are. We took an awkward inedible fruit and turned it into something delicious and edible that comes with its own easy-peel wrapper Most of what we eat is man-made. Like corn for example. Corn is another man-made food. We took literal *grass*, and over several millenia tried to get it to sprout fruit, and we eventually did, and that fruit was corn. And then we bred it over even more millenia to produce more and more of the fruit until eventually it was producing whole ears of the fruit. Makes you wonder if we could get normal grass we see today that people use for their lawns to turn into a new kind of food. Now we can do I'm decades what used to take millenia, because of advances in science. Everything we eat is already genetically modified.


It’s also hilarious because we eat a ton of stuff that would seem very poorly designed. Pineapples? Is the hard pointy exterior somehow evidence that Satan made pineapples and we’re not supposed to eat them?


I mean at 4 o'clock Satan has to shove pineapples up Hitler's ass, it is the fruit of the devil


He also said that a banana won't squirt you in the face. Which is an interesting concern to have.


He also said "it has a point at the top for easy entry". If I didn't know Ray Comfort, I'd say this is masterclass trolling, but he believes this shit.


[I'm sorry for doing this to you.](https://youtu.be/BXLqDGL1FSg?t=1m12s)


What in the world... And on YouTube one of the recommended videos on my browser now is "Try believing in evolution after this!". No, I did not click. But it's sad how the internet and these algorithms designed to promote "engagement" can quickly trap someone inside a bubble.


Ray Comfort, my friend. Ray Comfort. Yeah, and it's super aggressive. I clicked on a video earlier about some woman getting jail time for a false rape allegation, and the recommended videos were absolutely filled with stuff about false rape allegations and such. Nope. Not today.


Grown ass men yelling and throwing ignorant tantrums at level-headed, well-informed adults _is_ winning by the standards of the modern GQP.


>Reality has "become" subjective No. They were always like this. The Bush Jr. administration, in 2004, coined the term "reality-based community" to describe reporters who relied on facts while the GOP, in contrast, made their own fake reality. They were always like this. Their arguments were fantasy bullshit. From "positive good" to "trickle down", conservatism hasn't changed, everyone else has.


Shit I haven't seen the usual culprits post it yet, but its good to know its coming. I don't see how they could think Gym could out debate anyone. My 3 yr old nephew could pin him in a debate.


I love this title, Jim Jordan is a terrible human being.


But he is a huge asshole.


You mean he makes a better *asshole* than human.


Ted Cruz takes notes, "They are not questioning the subject's planet of origin. Interesting."


Boehner, from Ohio, had some choice words for Cruz the other night on Colbert! He was speaking *very carefully*.. some of Carlin's seven were in there!


Listening to Boehner's book (read by him) and it's not leaving me with a better impression of the man. He comes across as a sincere but amoral guy, or if you prefer, a guy who doesn't think that morality applies to realpolitik. He's all for calling out the GOP crazies that've flourished in their patch but avoids the fact that guys like him cultivated these fields for *decades*. Also seems he's drinking a bit while recording.


Oh, I detest Boehner.. inept at leading his party... But Cruz truly got a roasting.


He really, *really* hates Cruz. I'm just waiting for the part where he admits that the GOP's methods made guys like Cruz inevitable. Only part-way through the book but I'll be surprised if he admits any such thing.


Nah.. these guys are not, in their own eyes, *ever* wrong!


He’s such an embarrassment of a human being. “WhEn WiLl AmErIcAnS gEt OuR lIbErTiEs BaCk!” —Motherfucker, you’ve had your liberties all along, which is why nearly 600k Americans are dead you sack of putrid bile. And you want to complain about it being almost a year. If you’d done a single thing to encourage mask wearing we could have been done MONTHS ago — the audacity to cause the problem then complain about it. I’m so ashamed to be an American. Seriously, why couldn’t I have been born in some future America where our government isn’t run by absolute morons. I understand that we’re about an America for the people and by the people - but can we at least have a litmus test for basic decency, I mean what the fuck.


Except Gym doesn’t “debate” he just yells talking points. Fuck him forever and a day.


>I love this title 9/10. Would have been 10/10 had VanityFair used Gym.


If he were a lawyer, his full-time practice would be defending known child rapists. I mean, that's what he does as a congressman anyway, but if he were a lawyer, he'd do it too.


A lawyer who defends child rapists are, seriously amazing people. Their faith in the Constitution and due process exceeds their own moral convictions. They dont agree with the rapist, but they do firmly believe in the need for these individuals to have adequate representation. Nothing like Gym Jordan.


I've represented more than a few of these people over the years. Thank you for recognizing what it entails and actually means.


From a family law mediator and civil litigator, I always had immense respect for criminal law guys. Criminal law deals with bad people acting their best;family law is good people acting their worst


I did one divorce nearly 20 years ago. I decided then and there that dealing with murderers and rapists would be better than dealing with divorce clients. I feel your pain.


It's also worth pointing out, and just remembering in general, not just in the specific example of pedophiles, that accusation is not guilt, and that everyone is owed at least SOME benefit of the doubt. Though I will avoid mentioning specific names, I recall a number of cases where there was this HUGE to do about the case in the court of public opinion and, even after the defendant was found not guilty by a jury, that person's life is basically over. We have this weird dichotomy as a culture. We gobble up and cheer like hell for narratives (real or fictional) of the wrongly accused, but if the crime is heinous enough, we respond to the slightest whisper of someone's name in connection with it with calls for them to be thrown away for all eternity. I am not innocent of this. Lord knows there's a LOT of folks who've never been actually convicted of a crime I've made some pretty damning decisions about off varying levels of evidence. A lot of it on this very subreddit, but it's important to remember that even the heinous deserve a day in court, and even the blatant deserve reasonable doubt. A 'clearly' guilty person getting acquitted is not a flaw of the system, it is a failure of the media (pushing a somewhat flimsy narrative for ratings), or the prosecution (pushing for a conviction on a big, sexy, career making crime when the best they got for anything beyond a lower charge is 'implications')


Some of them are like that. Others of them are like Alan Dershowitz. I.e., unprincipled people who help the guilty walk free, using underhanded tactics, because they’re getting paid a buttload of money.


I love that it really _is_ the title


For real. I know this story has been posted a couple times today. [This one posted 8 hours ago is currently on the front page of the sub.](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/mrj99b/jim_jordan_told_to_shut_your_mouth_after_ranting/). But that title?! That deserves a share.


> human being. I don't know man, that Hapsburg jaw suggests a genetic makeup so inbred it might just have become a separate branch on the larger hominid family tree.


More inbred than a sandwich.


Maxine Waters: "Will you SHUT UP, Sir?" Lol.


Olive her!


You mean the jim jordan that allowed kids to be raped in front of him. That Jim Jordan. The dewd who would allow your kid to get raped if he was the coach? Thanks republicans.


He demands the right to free speech except when he's allowing kids to be raped in front of him


THE Gym Jordan


I believe they’re talking about Jim Jordan, the OSU wrestling coach who was in charge when >1000 of his students were sexually assaulted.


That is the very same Jim Jordan.




I wish someone would explain to these assholes that the United States has 4.25% of the world’s population, but 19% of the world’s reported COVID deaths. At 570k+ deaths, we are leading the world. We have more COVID deaths than the next two highest countries combined. Our immediate neighbors to the north, Canada, has about 1/10th of the population of the US, at ~0.48% of the world’s population. They have 23,500 COVID deaths, or about 0.8% (not even 1%) of the world’s total. This is due to responsible government making policies to ensure the public’s health. It is also due to responsible people making the necessary sacrifices to ensure the public’s health. If these “but muh freedoms” dipshits could have just worn a mask & stayed home for a month, we’d all have the liberty to do as we please. Instead, we’ve dragged this on for over a year with no end in sight, over half a million dead, and who knows how many more. It sure is a good thing that WW2 happened before our time. Could you imagine a big wet baby like Gym Jordan sacrificing anything for the Allies?


The answer will be "But we test more." Implying other countries have as many or more deaths they just don't share the info or call it a pneumonia death. Oh also don't forget at lot of "covid deaths" are people who would have died anyways so shouldn't count, or car crash victims or whatever theory is on fox and Facebook now.


Trumpism broke a lot of people's brains more than we could ever know. They dug their heels in on all his bullshit. We have no shortage of morons who can't think for themselves, but if Trump just let the COVID task force do it's job and just endorse them and reiterate the value of masks and not use a god damn global pandemic as a major political wedge issue we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today. Remember Trump patting himself on the back for 'only' 10k, 15k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, 60k, 70k, 75k deaths all because the total was 'way below' the 100k-200k lower estimate which he figured meant he did a great job. Every couple weeks he played that card, that at least it's not N + 10k or something. And still he had more than 70 million glue huffers show up to vote for him.


> Trumpism broke a lot of people's brains more than we could ever know. They dug their heels in on all his bullshit. While it exposed it to a degree never before openly seen, this is so completely wrong. The GOP has been cultivating this for decades. They have basically taken the lessons from organized religion and slowly applied them to the political arena. The end result is that you have a massive group of people that do not need to have facts, logic, or reason not align with their beliefs, because they "know in their hearts" that they are "on the right side". I used to be on some other political boards, years ago, and this same shit was going on then, but the pool of people that you could almost reason with was larger. Now, instead of a pool of people that you could have a good faith argument with and possibly come to a reasoned, middle ground would fit in a Smart car. It's been there since Reagan and it hasn't just magically gotten worse, it has intentionally and predictably gotten to the point where the dumbest in the room, Trump, Jordan, Johnson, Boebert, Greene, etc., are now yelling like their opinions are actually valid. The sad part is, they aren't valid, but they have now been legitimized.


Trumpism made it far worse, since he validated that as a line of thinking that should be publicly embraced and they should be proud of. At least before Trump people were mostly reclusive racists and science deniers because they felt proper shame, but it wasn't until Trump came along that they all become emboldened to unite and wear it all proudly. I made no argument that the rot wasn't there before Trump. I'm saying he made it worse.


Every other week at work, I hear different people complaining about how the numbers aren't real. That so many hospitals are over inflating their numbers and ruling deaths as covid related when "they're not". And I never know how to respond to these people.


Let them know that hospitals (even in our shitty, late-stage capitalism for-profit healthcare system) are filled with doctors and nurses who’s jobs are to keep people alive and healthy. That is what they are doing with their lives. They’re not “fudging the numbers” to make Trump look bad. They’re watching patients die alone, often from a completely preventable virus. They’re exhausted, frustrated, and would love to never see another COVID death. There is no incentive to add false COVID deaths. It’s not like the “elite doctors” are pushing hoax cures and snake oil. The decline of critical thinking in modern society is going to drag us back into the dark ages.


Christ, according to these people, is there anyone out there who isn’t conspiring to “make Trump look bad?” For fucks sake, he doesn’t need anyone’s help, he does a good job of that all on his own. Boggles the mind how there are so many who honestly think the whole world conspired together to create a hoax pandemic, killing millions of people, all to bring Trump down.


It’s really the only way they can justify supporting such a sodden hairball.


Tell them about the increase in deaths. Excess deaths over average in prior years shows that yes, there are a lot more deaths, and this isn’t an exaggeration. The economist is a reliable and traditionally conservative source. It shows the US on par with the UK and Brazil for excess deaths per 100K (183 people increase/ 100K = over 600,000 excess deaths in the US due to CovID). It also shows countries that address CovID head on, where excess deaths decreased, likely due to lower pneumonia/flu deaths (ie New Zealand). https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/coronavirus-excess-deaths-tracker?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6-SDBhCMARIsAGbI7Ug9Iy2aFnNQw7fp0050VudUD9YQR_hiXh4B3UnucQeoxfK0XD7Udo4aAo0-EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds




My grandmother died from covid My uncle is constantly upset about masks Literally his own mother dying from covid isn't close enough to him to make him believe it exists There is no getting to these people, they are in a cult, so attached to holding on to their white privilege and racist beliefs that they will personally suffer for it to continue the lie It pains me to say that the world will be a better place when these people die


Man, these titles are getting weirder by the day.


Jim Jordan really is the ass-hat arguing with the teacher over when the rest of the class can go out and play. Shut the fuck up, you are actually making things worse by arguing


Sadly conservatives will likely applaud him for this, so did he really trip?


That's correct, I was shocked by the number of pro Jim posts on YouTube, it was a Reuters news clip. I couldn't believe everyone watched the same video


It's really bewildering. Like they are living in an alternate universe. This is our biggest problem as a nation; there is no longer consensus on objective reality.


Yes. A Republican relative and I had a week long email exchange about the TX power outages. She blamed wind turbines and solar panels. I told her the TX power grid wasn't properly winterized and she said it was ok to have a different opinion. I told her we weren't talking about opinions and she stopped replying. It's like one person pointing at the horizon, saying "Look at that beautiful sunset" and another person pointing at the same horizon, saying "Look at that beautiful sunrise". One of those people is dead wrong.


I was debating someone about a non call in a basketball game. They claimed the player stepped out of bounds. I showed several images from different angles showing they didn’t. They got mad and said we could agree to disagree and they were entitled to their opinion. Denying visual evidence to hold onto their opinion about something that visibly didn’t happen.


Alternative headline: Jim Jordan Trips Over and Falls into His Own Asshole


Immediate nomination for **Headline of the Year**.


He made a complete goatse of himself


VanityFair killing it with the headline.


The most insane thing about this is the fact that there are people in the conservative subs and on FB who think gym jordan destroyed Fauci here and that Fauci is genuinely one of the dumbest people alive. These people are too stupid to even realize they’re stupid


Man I wonder what Trump said about this on Twitter. Someone got a link to his comments?


Jim Jordan is an asshole. He lost all due respect when he ignored the kids being molested. He has no right to be in that room.


ITT: too many people spelling Gym Jordan incorrectly


Gym Jordan is a piece of shit with legs that just spews more shit out of his shit hole.


Somebody needs to drop either Senator Gymnasium or Mr. Gymnasium on him in a hearing


What a fucking giant shit stain of a human being this guy is.


>Trips over his own asshole Ngl that might be the funniest shit I've ever heard


Amazing title


"would you shut up, man?"


I just don’t get it. These are not good people. How selfish and awful do you need to be to fight against doctors and scientists that are just trying to help people.


He’s doing it for his voters who were stupid enough to vote for him. He’s a reflection of what his voters think. Blame them.


Him and Rand Paul


what a sad sack of shit gym jordan is.


That mofo should be in prison for aiding and abbetting/allowing the pedo perv from molesting boys and discouraging the boys from reporting it.


Jordan is an ass and Trump’s mouthpiece. Had Republicans listened to medical guidelines instead of Trump this past year, perhaps over 565,000 Americans might still be alive.


"Personal Freedom" until it comes to LGBTQ and minorities rights